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How to put to use The Bc 600 Form ?

part eight a 600 BC Phoenician ship.sailing to America is there evidence for.such a thing.absolutely and I'm going to talk about.it in this video.but there are some other things that I.need to mention first to lead up to it.so there was a documentary on the.history channel called who really.discovered America it mentioned the.Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day.saints and how the Book of Mormon says.that Lehigh's group sailed from the.Arabian Peninsula to America at.approximately 600 BC the documentary.estimated that it would have taken.Lehigh's group over a year and a half to.sail in a 600 BC ship from the Arabian.Peninsula across the Indian and Pacific.Oceans to the west coast of Central.America.the documentary then suggested that the.ship could have arrived there but that.the people on it probably would have.died before arriving now with God.anything is possible but where did the.History Channel get the idea that Lehi.sailed to Central America by crossing.the Indian and Pacific Oceans well ever.since the 1830s there have been people.in the church who have believed that.Lehigh's group landed on the west coast.of Central or South America even though.there's no record of Joseph Smith ever.saying that one source comes from a.piece of paper during the Kirtland era.this piece of paper had notes on it from.Frederick G Williams one of the notes.said that Lehi landed on the continent.of South America in Chile 30 degrees.south latitude people then assumed that.Joseph Smith must have told him that but.there's no evidence that Joseph ever.said that in 1845 a year after Joseph.Smith's death the exact same statement.was written at the end of a copy of.Joseph Smith's translation of the Bible.some people in the church have assumed.that Joseph wrote that statement but he.didn't it was John Byrne Heysel who had.that copy and wrote the statement as.many more of his own personal notes in.that copy another source is the.September 15th 1842 edition of the times.and seasons newspaper during the Nauvoo.era there's an article in this edition.called.facts are stubborn things it says that.Lehi went down by the Red Sea to the.Great Southern Ocean and crossed over to.this land and landed a little south of.the Isthmus of Darien which is Panama.some people in the church have assumed.that this was either written by Joseph.Smith or at least approved by him but.there are a few important points that.strongly suggest otherwise first.whenever Joseph wrote an article in the.times and seasons he always included his.name at the end of the article this.article has no name at the end of it.second the ideas and wording in the.article match the ideas and wording of.Benjamin Winchester who wrote several.other similar articles in other.publications third in early September.1842.even though Joseph was currently the.chief editor of the times and seasons he.was constantly on the run in hiding at.that time because governor Boggs of.Missouri had accused Joseph of his.attempted assassination also John Taylor.and Wilford Woodruff were very sick at.that time which left the responsibility.of the times and seasons newspaper to.Joseph's younger brother William Smith.who at times in the past had opposed his.brother Joseph and been involved with.other apostates William was also friends.with Benjamin Winchester and agreed with.his beliefs about the Central American.ruins being the ruins of the Book of.Mormon people which is another topic.that needs another video in and of.itself but I'll briefly mention that in.600 BC the Mayan civilization in Central.America was already well-established but.Lehigh's group came to an uninhabited.land they did not meet and assimilate in.with any other culture and the Mayan.pyramids which some church members get.excited about even as far back as the.1830s are not estimated to have been.built until a few hundred years after.the Book of Mormon is over and their.structure is against the law of Moses.anyways whereas the Hopewell mound.builder temple sites match the structure.of the temple site in ancient Jerusalem.also the Mayan pyramids and many other.Mayan artifacts are nearly an exact.match to pyramids and artifacts found.over in East Asian countries the Mayans.are not Book of Mormon people I'm sure.they're included in the other sheep.category that Jesus told the Nephites he.was going to visit because cultures all.the way from Alaska down to Chile have.stories of a white God who visited their.people but the Mayans are connected to.East Asia not Israel anyway so those are.the main reasons why some people in.church have assumed ever since the 1830s.that Lehigh's group landed somewhere on.the west coast of Central or South.America and therefore that's what the.History Channel had to work with for.their documentary but in reality there's.no evidence that I'm aware of that.Joseph Smith ever said we're Lehigh's.group landed now this brings us to the.question is it possible that Lehigh's.group crossed the Atlantic Ocean instead.and the answer is yes and there's real.non-lds evidence to back it up so let's.get into it.first there are Native American tribes.that belong to the Iroquois family who.say they have ancestors who came from.the Atlantic Ocean in boats and arrived.somewhere in the Florida Georgia area.this area also contains the oldest.Hopewell mound builder ruins dating back.to nearly 600 BC the Mohawk tribe who.are Iroquois and currently live up in.New York will sometimes have an.alligator on some of their artifacts.because it is a special animal to them.the reason why the alligator is special.to them is because they say the.alligator is the first animal their.ancestors saw when they got off the boat.are there alligators in Florida and.Georgia definitely.and as mentioned in part one the next.oldest Hopewell mound builder ruins are.found in Tennessee that also date back.to the 500s BC and if you remember from.the Book of Mormon a few years after.Lehigh's group landed in America and.Lehi died the two oldest sons laman and.lemuel wanted to kill their younger.brother Nephi because they were angry.that he was the new leader of the group.so God warned Nephi to take whoever.would follow him and leave that land and.travel north the Algonquin family of.Native American tribes also say they.have ancestors who came from the.Atlantic Ocean into the Great Lakes area.I'll get more into this later in the.video but right now I want to stick with.the Florida Georgia area and talk about.the 600 BC Phoenicians ship that sailed.to America basically twice using two.different routes the first time was in.2009 and the second time was just.recently in 2019 this ship is called the.Phoenicia expedition and a documentary.on it was made by the BBC in 2009 the.ship was built to test the validity of a.statement that the Phoenicians had.written around 500 BC which claimed that.the Phoenicians had been.circumnavigating Africa for 100 years.which means since about 600 BC so in.2007 a group led by a man named Philip.Beale began building the ship by hand in.Syria in the exact way that Phoenician.ships were made around 600 BC and by.using traditional Phoenician methods and.raw materials from the area everything.was built by hand even the sail so they.left Syria sailed down the Red Sea and.eastward to Oman on the Arabian.Peninsula and just for a side note Oman.is also a possible location where.Lehigh's group set sail because the Book.of Mormon mentions that after they left.Jerusalem on foot they traveled.southeast along the Red Sea until they.reached a place called nay.home which archeologists discovered that.nee home was actually a real place then.Lehigh's group left nee home and.travelled eastward until they reached a.very fertile land on the coastline that.would put them in the Oman area where.there is very fertile land on the.coastline anyway so the Phoenicia.expedition left Oman on October 26th.2009 just after harvest season and at.that time of year.the winds in that area blow southwest.and because the indian ocean currents.also go that direction it was easy for.them to sail down along the east coast.of africa after making several stops.along the east coast of Africa and Cape.Town South Africa they left Cape Town on.March 22nd of 2010 and of course the.plan was to go up along the west coast.of Africa and into the Mediterranean Sea.but what happened was that the natural.southern Atlantic ocean currents and.winds took them Northwest towards the.Gulf of Mexico and no matter how hard.they tried to get the boat to go east.back to Africa they couldn't do it June.12th 2010 was when they reached their.furthest west point before finally being.able to get the ship to go east again.that point was about 350 miles away from.Puerto Rico so they could have continued.to go right into the Gulf of Mexico if.they wanted to but their goal was to.circumnavigate Africa and so they headed.back towards the Mediterranean Sea and.landed in Lebanon on October 12th 2010.so from the time the Phoenicia.expedition left Oman to the time they.got to their most westward point was 229.days so that's about seven and a half.months but 71 of those days they were.docked and staying at their various.stops so it was really a hundred and.fifty-eight days on the ocean to their.most Western point which is a little.more than five months The Book of Mormon.says that before Lehigh's groups set.sail they collected much fruits and meat.from the.and honey in abundance so if flea highs.groups set sail in October just after.harvest season to collect enough food.for the journey and then made none or.very few stops along the way which the.Book of Mormon doesn't mention whether.they made stops or not they could have.made it to Florida in about six months.maybe seven if they did make some stops.along the way to resupply this would.have put them in Florida around April or.May just in time to plant the seeds they.brought from Jerusalem to grow crops.which the Book of Mormon says that's.what they did when they landed and their.crops did grow exceedingly another.interesting thing is that the oldest.Hopewell sites which are in the Florida.Georgia area are nearly the exact same.latitude as Jerusalem is and you'll find.some of the best soil in the world in.the eastern United States so their seeds.from Jerusalem would have no problem.growing in Florida and I'm actually.really glad that it took me this long to.finally get around to making part eight.because now I can talk about the.Phoenicia expeditions 2019 voyage this.time they actually wanted to sail to.America but this time they took a.different route they set sail from.Tunisia on September 29th 2019 stopped.off in Spain Morocco the Canary Islands.and then sailed across the Atlantic.Ocean arriving in the Dominican Republic.on December 31st 2019 New Year's Eve.after they left the Dominican Republic.they sailed up to Florida and arrived in.Miami on February 4th 2020 so could a.600 BC ship get from the Middle East to.America definitely and it's been done.twice using different routes and as.mentioned before both the Iroquois and.Algonquin say they have ancestors who.came across the Atlantic Ocean in boats.now I could just end the video here and.be satisfied that a lot of cool.information was shared but I've got more.to share concerning what the Algonquin.say about their ancestors so I'm going.to do.now keep in mind I'm not saying these.are the only ancestors of Native.Americans I've heard people from various.tribes talk about the yellow race who.came from the West.meaning Asians I've also heard people.from other tribes talk about having.ancestors who were on this continent.when it split away from Europe and.Africa creating the Atlantic Ocean which.the Egyptians call the false sea anyway.that's all stuff for other videos but.the Book of Mormon is specifically about.the ancestors who came from the east so.I've talked about what I believe is the.route and landing for Lehigh's group in.America which corresponds with what the.Iroquois say about their ancestors from.the east and with the oldest Hopewell.ruins but what about mule X group and.even before mule ik and Lehi what about.the Jared i'ts who arrived many hundred.years before then so the Book of Mormon.says that the Lord brought Lehi into the.land south and he brought Mew lek into.the land north which is also where he.brought the Jared i'ts the Algonquin.story corresponds more with the Jared.i'ts and mule kites who both came into.the land north at different periods in.history now as for the land north and.the land south I'll go into more detail.about them when I make part 10 but for.right now I'll just mention that the.caught Ribe in Kansas says that the.lower Mississippi River used to be a.massive inlet coming off of the Gulf of.Mexico.that stretched as far north as st. Louis.Missouri but that after a massive.earthquake it shrunk into what is now.the Lower Mississippi River and I'll.also talk more about these massive New.Madrid earthquakes that happen every few.hundred years in part ten and also the.Great Lakes up in the northern United.States and Canada used to have a much.higher water level causing Lake Michigan.and Lake Erie to both stretch further.south down into Indiana the remnants of.some of these higher water levels.eventually became uninhabitable swamps.that weren't drained until the 1800s and.there are no ancient.or Hopewell mound biller sites anywhere.beyond these ancient shorelines so we.know that these ancient shorelines.existed during their time periods so.almost all of what is now the eastern.United States used to be surrounded by.large bodies of water or seas as the.Israelites would have called them anyway.back to the Algonquin they say they have.ancestors who came from the Atlantic.Ocean in what they call turtle boats and.as a side note the Book of Mormon says.the Jared i'ts came across the ocean to.America in boats that were tight like.unto a dish and they could be buried.under the waves and flipped upside down.and not have water leaked into them as.long as the doors were shut anyway so.the Algonquin say that these ancestors.came from the Atlantic in these turtle.boats down the Saint Lawrence Seaway in.Canada and they spread throughout the.Great Lakes area the Ojibwa tribes red.sky migration chart is one example of.this journey here's the original chart.which also shows the turtle boats over.on the right side and here's the.geographical interpretation of the chart.you can just pause the video to look.over it if you want now the Great Lakes.area is the main area where the Idina.mound builder of civilization lived.because information about them is so.sparse their civilization is loosely.estimated to have lived somewhere.between 2000 BC to 300 BC the Jared i'ts.from the Book of Mormon lived from.approximately 2200 BC to 600 BC until.they destroyed themselves in a civil war.their final battles were in the same.area where the Nephites final battles.were which is the Camorra area in new.york between Lake Ontario and the Finger.Lakes after the Jared dice destroyed.themselves a group called the Mueller.kites arrived in ancient America.sometime after Jerusalem was destroyed.by the Babylonians in 587 BC the Book of.Mormon says the Lord brought them into.the land north and they found the.Jarrid it-- survivor named cauri antemer.and he lived with them for about nine.months and was then buried by them so if.the mullah kites came into the land.north by the st. Lawrence Seaway that.would bring them down into Lake Ontario.and since the final Jared ight battles.were in the Camorra area just south of.Lake Ontario it's possible that that's.where the Mueller kites found Cory.antemer but the Mueller kites didn't.stay in that area because the Book of.Mormon tells us that the Lord led them.to settle in a land which they would.eventually call the land of Zarahemla.after King Zarahemla who was a.descendant of mulac and even though the.land of Zarahemla is further north than.where Lehigh's people landed the Book of.Mormon says it's part of the land south.so the Lord brings the mule ax kites.into the land north but continues to.lead them to the land of Zarahemla in.the land south where they settle and.their civilization grows and if you.remember from part one the state of Iowa.is the other area in the United States.where Hopewell mound builder sites date.back to the 500 BC and in Doctrine and.Covenants section 125 the Lord told.Joseph Smith to build a city across from.Nauvoo on the Iowa side of the.Mississippi River and to call that city.Zarahemla and another side note as I.mentioned in part one the Book of Mormon.tells us that the river Sidon ran along.the east side of Zarahemla the word.Sidon is related to fish in Phoenician.Greek and Egyptian the Native American.name for the Mississippi River is nama.sea sibu which means river of fish.pretty cool huh and the Mississippi.River is on the east side of Iowa and.the spot where the Lord told Joseph to.build a city named Zarahemla the church.actually owned more land over on the.Zarahemla side of the river than they.did on the Nauvoo side and some church.members lived over there but they lost.it all when the mobs drove them out of.Nauvoo and they went to Utah anyway so.again the.yulik Heights could have come down the.st. Lawrence Seaway to Lake Ontario.explored that area and found quarry.antemer the last Jared I and then to.Iowa where the Hopewell mound builder.sites dating back to the 500s BC are and.also where the Lord told Joseph to build.a city and collet-serra Hamlin in one.last side note mulac was a son of King.Zedekiah of Judah now the Bible tells us.that when Jerusalem was destroyed by the.Babylonians in 587 BC the Babylonian.king killed the sons of Zedekiah but the.name mulac means little prince or little.king some yulik must have been a baby.perhaps still in his mom's womb when.Zedekiah's other sons were killed.perhaps the mom escaped Jerusalem with a.group of people but one way or another.this baby mulac ended up in the mule.kite group that escaped Jerusalem and.eventually came over to ancient America.as the Book of Mormon says then mulac.this little prince grew up to be the.king of the mule kites because of his.birthright and then a few hundred years.later Zarahemla being a descendant of.mule ik was the king of the people when.the Nephites moved further north under.king mazaya the first and discovered the.mule kites or the people of Zarahemla as.the Nephites called them well there it.is I hope you enjoyed part eight and.stay tuned for part 9 in the meantime.here's a list of some people who have.helped me learn over the years and find.tons of non-lds sources that support the.Book of Mormon so go do your own.research and have fun.

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Bc 600 Form FAQs

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