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[Music].together.we are here.hi hello hey happy to meet you can you.hear me now.hi yeah i can hear you now i'm alright.[Music].i don't know how to answer it but the.things are getting very tough it's a.critical moment of human history this.pandemic brings to bear the stuck.realities.in which we have lived in for a very.long time.current system has facilitated this.crisis.this crisis didn't need to be this big.it's like crumbling and the kind of.existing fault lines are being exposed.the rules are being rewritten but who is.writing them how.and for whom this.is a lock down we are on a saddle point.ready to tip in either direction.that forces us to think about our.connections it's an opportunity for us.to reflect on.what are the most important the vital.things in our lives.to rediscover the sense of community.the solidarity togetherness unity this.is something we've been yearning for.together.we hold each other we move forward.rebuild forwards.imagine forwards organize forward.think 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democracy.we need progressive forces everywhere to.act quickly.and decisively this weekend we're.convening scholars.policy makers activists and movements to.confront this central dilemma of our.time.internationalism or extinction we're.inviting movements to share their.struggles and shape the future of this.initiative.to collectively envision 21st century.internationalism and share strategies.about building power during covet 19..we have an incredible lineup of speakers.today including keynote's features from.noam chomsky hyanniswarafakis and naomi.klein.along with panel discussions on the.prospects for post capitalism around the.world.and the future of democracy in latin.america.and we're of course also joined by you.members of our public.who've reached out to us from around the.globe and are joining us live today for.this broadcast.we're so honored and so excited to be.together today and thank you all for.your support.and solidarity for those in our audience.who'd like to follow along.in other languages you can find the.links to translations in the event.description below.so let's get started i'm varsha.randikota littler from the secretariat.of the progressive international.and for our first session what comes.after capitalism.i'm joined today by members of our.council our keynote speaker.is yana swarovakis janis is a member of.the hellenic parliament.and co-founder of the democracy in.europe movement.our panelists include vijay prashad who.is the director of tri-continental.institute for social research aj tamil.karan holds an award-winning novelist.political commentator.and journalist from turkey and necessity.is.scholar and activist who co-founded the.red nation.and indigenous resistance organization.i'm so honored to be sharing the stage.with you today to discuss.what comes after capitalism the horizon.of post-capitalism is coming into.clearer focus.but it remains to be seen if the.post-capitalist economy will be.authoritarian and oligarchic.are democratic and social syrian.sarifakis will kick off this discussion.with.opening remarks on how we can win the.fight.for a post-capitalist future janus is.the secretary general of the european.realistic.disobedience front the co-founder of the.democracy in europe movement dm 25.and the former finance minister of.greece he's the author of several books.including adults in the room and the.weak suffer what they must.janis thank you so much for being here.today and you have to flow for 30.minutes.varsha thank you so much and thank you.to all the extremely hard members of the.secretariat.to which you belong for managing to.stage this magnificent event i wish we.were all in reykjavik or somewhere.around the world where we were planning.to have a.face-to-face meeting but this will have.to do for the time being.it's an incredible incredible.opportunity.for a launch of or relaunch of the.progressive international.the the question i'm going to be uh.asking today.uh has two axes one is why.a progressive international why do we.need a progressive international.and the second part of the same question.why does the progressive international.need to think about post capitalism.the era we live in will be remembered.for the triumph of what i call a twin.authoritarianism.in whose wake the vast majority of.humanity.experience unnecessary hardship and the.planet's ecosystem.suffers avoidable climate change.but i want to take you a bit further.back for a brief period.what eric hobson referred to as the.short 20th century.the establishment forces were united.in dealing with challenges from.progressives for from a variety of.progressives.you'll recall that they were the.original social democrats who sought to.redistribute power.from capital to labor within capitalism.they were the soviet-linked regimes that.experimented.with non-capitalist but centralized.modes of production.there was yigozlavia trying its hand out.very interestingly with self-management.they were the national liberation.movements in africa.there was the original radical green.movement.in places like western germany back then.the establishment was united against all.those progressive challenges.to its authority personally i grew up in.this.town in athens uh under a right wick.wing.fascist dictatorship that was instigated.by the united states administration.under lyndon johnson which was you know.paradoxically.uh the most progressive administration.within the united states when it came to.domestic policies to the great society.to the civil rights movement.and yet they did not hesitate to carpet.bomb vietnam.and to prop up fascists in my country.indeed what we now call the liberal.establishment.used fascists and local despots.liberally.to prop up the so-called western.way of life the fear and loathing.of right-wing populism which today can.be found on every page of the new york.times.was simply simply absent back then only.the progressives were portrayed by the.liberal establishment.as a threat to western civilization.never the papadopoulos or pinochet.monsters.now things changed remarkably after 2008.the year the western financial system.imploded following.25 years or so of financial.financialization under the guise.and the cloak of ideology called.neoliberalism.global capitalism in 2008 had its 1929.moment that nearly brought it to its.knees the immediate reaction.was to use the central bank's prison.printing presses but also to transfer.huge losses for the bankers onto the.shoulders of the weakest.citizens around the world in order to.float financial institutions and markets.this combination of socialism for the.very very very few.and stringent austerity for the masses.did two things.first it depressed real investment.globally.firms could see that the masses the hypo.lawyers americans say.just didn't have the money to buy their.wares so they did not invest.at the same time the printing presses of.the central banks were creating huge.quantities of cash.savings liquidity for the for the rich.primarily.the result was this discontent amongst.the many.and the stupendous riches amongst the.oligarchy.secondly the second thing he did it gave.rise initially.to progressive movements uprisings you.will remember.occupy wall street in the united states.in britain.the indignators in spain the argentines.many here in syntagma square in greece.uh various left-wing forces that even.managed to get their hands on.some government leavers in latin america.but they were all one after the other.dealt with efficiently either by the.establishment directly think of the way.they crashed the athens spring the greek.spring here.in the summer of 2015 or.indirectly through the stagnation of.global capitalism.think of latin american progressive.regimes that effectively were undermined.as chinese demand.for their exports collapsed as a result.of the imbalance between global savings.and global investment as progressive.causes.were snapped out one after the other the.discontent of the masses had to find an.expression.it was then that a post-modern.mid-war period emerged.mimicking the rise of mussolini who.would.remember mussolini promised to look.after the weakest.and to make them feel proud to be.italian again.our generation witnessed the rise of.what i call a nationalist international.the rightist expression of brexit.remember the slogan.we want our country back.donald trump we're going to look after.those that.wall street left behind.bolsonaro modi le pen salvini.orban it is thus that.for the first time sin since the second.world war.the great political clash was not.between the establishment.and assorted progressives but between.different parts.of the authoritarian establishment one.part appearing.as the stalwarts of liberal democracy.the other are.as the representatives of illiberal.democracy of course this clash between.the liberal establishment.and the nationalist international was.utterly illusory.mr macron the president of france needed.marine le pen.without marine le pen macron could never.be president.and marine le pen needed macron and the.liberal establishment.whose austerity policies were fanning.the flame of discontent.which made le pen a political player.nevertheless the fact that the liberal.establishment.and the nationalist international where.in reality accomplices.does not mean that the cultural and.personal clash between them.was not real was not authentic the.authenticity of that clash.between hillary clinton and donald trump.as an example.despite the lack of any real policy.difference between them.yeah what did trump do when he moved.into the white house.he took you know people from wall street.instead of.draining the swamp and put them in the.treasury.so despite this non-existent.policy difference between them the.authentic clash between those characters.made it.next to impossible for progressives.to be heard over the cacophony caused by.this clash.this is i submit to you.friends why we need the progressive.international.because the fake opposition between the.two variants.of the twin authoritarianisms of the.liberal establishment.and of the nationalist international.threaten humanity.and they threaten humanity by trapping.us in a business as usual agenda.that destroys life prospects and wastes.opportunities.to end climate change how can.how can we break the stranglehold of.these twin authoritarianisms.look at our defeats in greece in july.2015.when a promising progressive rebellion.against austerity for the people.and bailouts for the oligarchy took.place or look at the successful.undermining of jeremy corbyn and of.bernie sanders.within their own political parties.corbyn.and bernie sanders.very much like popular progressive.leaders in brazil.bolivia and ecuador were driven out of.the political contest.look at the way a veil of silence is.drawn.over the courageous struggles of for.self-determination.by countless communities in asia and in.africa.look carefully at this multitude of.defeats and i think you will agree.that the only one thing that could.prevent them.is a effective well-organized.progressive international.has the time not come friends for.progressives to emulate.the bankers and the fascists in one way.in utilizing deploying and energizing.internationalism is it not time to.follow their example.to unite across borders behind the.common agenda.to create a common narrative to press.our capacities.into the service of the same agenda in.favor of the many.deploying a joint investment plan into.saving the planet this is the time.i submit to you i think the time has.truly come.now is the moment when either we form an.effective successful progressive.international or.we share the blame for humanity's.failure.to serve people and planet.but what does the progressive.international entail in practical terms.i hear many of you ask.what does it mean in practice while such.a grand project.cannot be based on anyone's blueprint.and must be constructed organically and.democratically.through crowdsourcing of ideas if you.will.at least one thing is clear and clear to.me.the progressive international cannot.succeed if it simply emulates.efforts like the world social forum or.the brilliantly open discussion format.of occupy wall street of the ganache's.men in sydney square of the indignados.which gave a platform to everyone to.express themselves we need.something that these earlier attempts at.bringing progressives together together.lacked a common program and a collective.action plan.i've already spoken in favor of.confronting the internationalism of the.bankers and the fascists.with a progressive internationalism the.fascists and the bankers.lest we forget do possess a common.program.whether you speak to a banker in chile.or to a banker in switzerland.you will hear the same narrative the.same story how financial engineering.provides the capital necessary to invest.in everything we need blah blah blah we.know why privatization is a must.that only fools and.irrational thinkers dispute the need to.offer investors certainty against.local legislatures and populists and you.know parliaments and courts.similarly every time you speak to a.member of the nationalist international.you'll hear the same story how.electrified border fences are essential.for sovereign democracies.the threat to our culture and to our.social welfare system.from migrant labor the importance of.looking after the natives while making.the life of those.deemed less than loyal or worthy.citizens.or of the wrong religion make their life.harder.my point is we progressives also need a.common problem.we must also speak with one.humanist programmatic voice across the.world.talk of course is cheap unless backed by.action.the liberal establishment do not have.this problem they're in government.almost everywhere.and even if not in actual government.they are certainly.in power their politicians bureaucrats.and bankers act upon the world.every second of the day always and.consistently.in a manner that promotes their own.collective common program.the nationalist international also act.upon the world.where the whether through violence on.the streets of portland.or perez or through the policies of.trump bolsonaro modi.they are never short of a series of acts.in total harmony.with their misanthropic xenophobic.reactionary.common agenda we need to emulate them.in this regard we need to pla to plan.and carry out.collective actions so in summary the.progressive international needs.in my view two things a common program.and an uncommon collective action plan.now what collective action plan should.we envisage.you remember chris smalls who used to.work in an amazon warehouse.somewhere in new jersey i believe.he showed momentarily to fame when he.was revealed that after having fired him.for staging a protest against the.unhygienic conditions in the amazon.warehouse where he worked.amazon's uber powerful directors.spent a long teleconference planning.his character's assassination even.though a considerable number of public.figures spoke out in the.increases defense the fuhrer had no.effect.amazon emerged from the lockdown richer.stronger and more influential than ever.as for chris once his five minutes of.fame were over.he remained fired and vilified.now what would it take for the.progressive international if we had.already established ourselves properly.as an organization back then what.would it take to make a difference.imagine.that we were to call globally.a day of inaction a particular day of.the week.of a month when we call upon citizens of.the world.not to visit the amazon website just for.one day.now it costs nothing not to visit.amazon.com.for one day even if you are a heavy.amazon user but the cost to amazon would.be.very significant this could be a start.identifying multinational companies that.abuse workers.locally and for us to target them.globally utilizing the great disparity.between the costs to participants in.such action and the cost of the targeted.firms.would be a good start then in a.follow-up.phase a second phase we could combine.these.consumer days of inaction with trades.union.days of action at the local level aimed.at the company.and its affiliates the prospect of such.global action in support of local.workers or communities.has immense scope with some clever.communication and planning.such acts and campaigns can become a.popular way.people around the world can embrace to.get a feeling that they are helping.make the world a freer and fairer place.and what should our common plan be what.should we.striking for well the good news is that.we now have an array of different green.new deals to choose from.however while each one of them contains.useful ideas.i think we need to synthesize them into.an overarching.coherent internationally coordinated.plan an international green new deal.that is common to all progressives.we know what we must do what must be.part and parcel of this international.grid we need power generation.that shifts massively from fossil fuels.to renewables.we need land transport that must be.electrified.while air transport shipping must turn.to new zero carbon fuels like hydrogen.meat production needs substantially to.diminish.greater emphasis on organic plant crops.strict limits on physical growth.for anything from toxins and co2.production to cement.we also know that all this is going to.cost at least eight.trillion dollars a year so we.we need to find ways of creating.or imagining envisioning planning.institutions that.will coordinate the various works and.distribute the costs and benefits.between the global north and the global.south now the task.seems enormous and and that.and undoubtedly in a world where even.the modest paris agreement is in tatters.it sounds like.an ominous undertaking this is precisely.why we need.a new deal narrative at the planetary.scale the reason why roosevelt succeeded.in 1933.because it was because it came his new.deal came at a time.when the graves of wrath were filling.and growing heavy for the vintage.its singular achievement was to address.people who are given up.and to inspire in them the hope that.astonishingly.there is an alternative that there are.ways of pressing idle.resources idle cash huge mountains of.cash doing nothing.into public service the new deal's.success.was to present a plan that made sense to.the disheartened.and offered opportunity to the.entrepreneurial.a plan that changed the frame from which.a majority of people.assessed their collective circumstances.and capacities the key questions of.funding and distribution.can also be answered through this new.frame.the eight trillion dollars that i.mentioned.can be easily financed both from public.and private sources.public finance just just like that of.the original new deal.must involve transnational bond.instruments.and revenue neutral carbon taxes so that.the money raised.from for instance taxing diesel can be.returned to the poorest of citizens.relying on diesel cars.in order to strengthen them generally.but also allow them to buy.an electric car meanwhile.how do we defeat tax evasion without an.internationally.minimum corporate tax rate.that is internationalism in action say.25 percent.minimum corporate tax which can then be.redistributed around around the world.taking into account the geographical.distribution of the sales of the.multinationals.to plow these resources into green.investments we knew.we need new organizations how about.a new organization for emergency.environment cooperation o eec.the namesake of the original oeec.which was used in the 1950s to channel.marginal plan.funding into europe for the purposes of.rebuilding this time we would not be.rebuilding it could be building up.brand new green technologies the green.transition.not rebuilding the brown polluting.industries the oeec.could pull the brain power as well of.the international scientific community.into something like a green manhattan.project.only one that aims instead of.mass murder it aims at ending extinction.even more ambitiously the progressive.international.can propose an international monetary.clearing union of the type that john.maniat gains proposed at bretton woods.in 1944.including well-designed restrictions on.capital movements.by rebalancing wages trade and finance.at a plantar scale.both involuntary migration.and involuntary unemployment will recede.therefore ending the moral panic over.the human right.to move freely about the planet.friends the need for a common agenda and.a collective.action plan for us all means that the.progressive international.needs to feature an international.organization.the great question for all of us.involved.in this magnificent.initiative of the progressive.international the great question is how.can we create.this essential organization without.falling prey.to the usual organizational pitfalls.like exclusion.bureaucracy power games within.organizations.this is a difficult question that.members of the progressive international.must address it's not a question i have.an answer to.but you know not having an answer to it.is a good thing.this is an answer an answer we must come.up.with together we must crowdsource it we.must crowdfund it.we must co-create it but the one point i.want to make at this juncture.is that the difficulty in answering this.question about how are we going to get.organized.is no excuse for not proceeding the.bankers and the fascists.have found answers okay it is harder for.us progressives.because we have a natural aversion to.hierarchies to bureaucracies.to the encroachments of patriarchy and.maternalism.it's harder for us to find a way of.organizing ourselves at a global scale.but we have a duty to find answers.friends some say that the time for a.green new deal.has come and gone that this is too late.that capitalism cannot be civilized.tamed or rendered compatible with.humanity's survival.i have to admit that i agree with them.an international gringo deal is.necessary.on this i have no doubt but i do believe.it is not.sufficient now consider what happened.about a month ago on the 12th of august.20-20 the day the news broke in london.that the british economy had its.greatest slump in its history more than.20.down nationally minutes later.the london stock exchange jumped up by.two percent.similarly look at wall street look at.the financial centers around the world.financial markets are doing pretty well.thank you very much.at a time when workers and.industrial capital are suffering.massively.in other words the world of money and.finance is decoupled.from the world of production capitalism.has undermined itself to such an extent.that maybe we have already stepped into.what i call.without realizing of course not the post.capitalism that.as progressives and socialists envisaged.one circle.well once upon a time.our progressive international need.seriously to take into account.the possibility that capitalism is not.only worth terminating for good.progressive socialist reasons.but more pressingly that capitalism is.going through a spasm.that is giving rise.yielding a dystopic post-capitalism.as we speak if i'm right on this even.members of the progressive international.who still entertain hopes of civilizing.capitalism must consider the possibility.that.the progressive international has a duty.to look beyond capitalism.indeed to plan for a decent.humanist post capitalism.while this is not a moment to plan for.post capitalism.it is useful to begin imagining what it.might be like.without the capacity for imagining what.comes after capitalism.that we mix in with our realistic.international green new deal.our progressive international will fail.to inspire.either us oldies in need of a boost of.hope.or the generation of youngsters seeking.a vision worth fighting for.in a book that came out just last week.called another now.i try to do this imagining to imagine.for instance imagine that.my generation our generation back in.2008.responded to the collapse of financial.markets.creatively imagine we staged peacefully.a high-tech revolution that led to a.post-capitalist economic.economic democracy what would it look.like.now to be desirable at least from where.i'm standing.our cost capitalism should definitely.feature markets for goods and services.the alternative to having markets for.you know potatoes.is a soviet type rationing system that.vests.arbitrary power in the ugliest of.bureaucrats.to dreary for my imagination.but to be crisis proof.and not misanthropic there is one market.that post capitalism.must definitely do without the labor.market.why because once labor or labor time if.you want.has a rental price the market mechanism.inexorably pushes the price of labor.time down.while commodifying every aspect of.people's work.even of people's leisure during the.you know the epoch of facebook.the greater the system's success in.doing this in pushing down the rental.price of labor and commodifying the.labor process.the less the exchange value of each unit.of output.the lower the average profit rate for.capitalist firms and ultimately the.nearer the next capitalist crisis.can an advanced economy function without.labor markets.you bet it can amending corporate law.so as to turn every employee into an.equal partner.with the same share one employee.one share one vote doesn't mean that.they are remunerated equally.but they are equal partners.that could be as unimaginably radical a.move today.as universal suffrage was in the 19th.century.by granting every employee one share one.vote.the idea that was initially proposed in.1920s if you recall by the.anarcho-syndicalists.the distinction the tug-of-war between.wedges and profits.ends and with a new digital.collaborative tool standing by to remove.all inefficiencies.that would otherwise hamper the.prospects of a democratically-run.corporation.the possibility of a democratized.economic life.production process becomes distinct.that would bring immediately the demise.of share markets.because then shares would simply not be.tradable.and the moment you have the demise of.share markets you have the demise of.mergers and.acquisitions throw into the mix.central banks that provide every.resident.in their country with a free digital.bank account they're already thinking.about.doing this under capitalism once.debt leverage from mergers and.acquisitions.linked to share markets have now become.extinct.once they disappear what is the point of.banks.banks disappear too goldman sachs and.the like become extinct.without even the need to ban them.legally.now what if we take this idea a bit.further proposing that the central bank.credits everybody's central bank digital.bank account.with a fixed monthly stipend a universal.basic dividend.as everyone would use their central bank.account to make domestic payments.most of the money would be shifting from.one part of the database.of the ledger of the central bank to.another.additionally the central bank can be.instructed.to grant a certain amount of money to.every.newborn baby a trust fund for every baby.which they can use when they grow up.when they're 18..therefore persons in this system market.system.but socialist market system.post-capitalist market system would have.two.forms of income one is money that comes.in.as a social dividend and money that.comes in.in the form of profit shares.income from participating in the corpus.indicalist economy.market economy that i mentioned before.in this economy how does the government.get funded.no more income tax is necessary no sales.taxes are necessary.imagine just three forms of taxation one.is you tax every.company which are of course all.cooperatives.it has just tax five percent of their.revenues.that's the first tax secondly a carbon.tax we will always need a carbon tax.until we go to.you know a zero carbon emitting economy.and thirdly.proceeds from leasing lands land which.belongs.it's in its entirety to the community.it is list for private time at limited.use.and the rental goes to the community.now once we have.imagined these changes suddenly a market.socialist blueprint has almost written.itself.freed from corporate power and shackled.from the indignity imposed upon the.needy by the welfare stage.and liberated from the tyranny of the.clash between profits and wages.persons and communities can begin to.imagine new ways.of deploying their talents and.creativity.friends summing up faced with the honors.task.of fighting against the twin.authoritarianisms.we progressives need a plan.we need a common organization and we.need a common will to envision post.capitalism.together our progressive international.is a unique opportunity to satisfy.these three historic needs across the.world.we can do it.thank you so much thank you so much.janice for.setting the speech with those powerful.words i understand that you have to.leave.the office because a hurricane is.reaching greece.certainly or hopefully not a sign of the.dark side of the times but.we'll connect with you later in the.session thanks so much again.for your opening remarks i'd like to.turn to our panelists now.to deliver their remarks and sort of ask.how they might agree or disagree with.this vision of post-capitalism.and how we get there i first invite.vijay prashad.who is the director of tri-continental.institute for social research.chief editor of leftward books a.publishing house in new delhi.and chief correspondent of globetrotter.he is the author of.30 books most recently washington.bullets it's a terrific book i've just.begun and can't quite put it down.and it has a preface by eva morales the.former president of bolivia.vijay you have the flow thanks rasha.thanks janice.essie and nick um it's a pleasure to be.with you all.although of course it would have been.even more delightful if we were together.in iceland uh if we could hug each other.really.that would have been great if we could.march shoulder to shoulder.down the streets of reykjavik to.announce the necessity.of a system other than this catastrophic.one.but here we are at least we are here.as the lebanese marxist madhyamal.used to quite frequently say as long as.you are resisting.you have not been defeated not only are.we resisting.we are also imagining something other.than this.this mess of the davos international.as yanis put it and its uglier twin.the nationalist international twins of.the bourgeoisie.twins who control the fate of the planet.but have no positive ideas to deal with.the real problems.that grip us the pandemic immediately.of course but then deeper than that.terrible crises of hunger and.hopelessness.the plagues of war and displacement.hungry bellies confronted by bullets.rather than by food the twins speak in a.different.tone but say the same sorts of things.about economics and politics denying all.of us.all of us a future.this denial of a future is a genuine.thing.these twins have told us for at least.100 years.that a future is impossible.so certainly no one denies that we have.a past.or a present you'd have to have a.delusion to.say we don't live in the present or that.we haven't had a past.what they deny us is a future.telling us that this present is to.remain.eternal that no real change is possible.only incremental reforms if the working.class.and the peasantry are willing to forgo.immediate improvements.and forego their modest savings to.finance this or that change.the wealthy bondholders and their.cousins.refused to part with their money to.finance.any improvements in the world least of.all.to finance the green new deal.if there is any improvement to be.financed in this system.they say it should be funded by the.theft of wages from the workers.and the peasants and from debt that will.eventually be paid.by regressive taxation.ghastly are the ways of the owners of.property.and the monopolizers of privilege.ghastly.is the way they have organized the world.janis has laid out the problems well but.there is one aspect that i'd like to add.to his analysis.and that is the centrality of.imperialism.to the structure of the world system.what is imperialism few countries.which built up their wealth through.colonialism.and enslavement of human beings have.built.enormous militaries and control.international systems of.trade and finance in order to plunder.natural resources.exploit workers and increase and.consolidate.profits and power these countries.controlled by their corporations bully.the rest of the world.to do their bidding at their center.is the united states of america.the united states military budget at 1.6.trillion dollars a year is larger than.the next seven.largest military budgets combined.there is much human cry about the.chinese military.but bear this in mind for every one.dollar that the chinese spend on their.military.the united states spends nearly three.dollars.the united states has a staggering 883.military bases.in 183 countries in contrast russia has.10 bases eight of them in the countries.of the former ussr.china has only one overseas military.base.there is no country in the world with a.military footprint that replicates that.of the united states why does the united.states have such a large military.presence.not to keep the world free for democracy.as they say.and as mike pompeo is going to be saying.in brazil and as the brazilian people of.course are saying.fora pompeo no pompeo get out pompeo.they are not spending this money to keep.the world free for democracy.but rather to suffocate any aspiration.for sovereignty.by the world's peoples war crimes.are legion which is why the united.states sanctions.international criminal court judges who.want to investigate the u.s.war on afghanistan and why the united.states and the united kingdom.are going after julian assange what was.julian guilty of.to reveal thanks to the bravery of.chelsea manning.the terrible war crimes of the nato.militaries.if a poorer country tries to stand.upright.seeks to exercise its sovereignty a full.arsenal of power is used against it.financial diplomatic and military power.this is known as the hybrid war.the united states has imposed a hybrid.war.upon iran and against venezuela.and most dangerously against china.china's scientific and technological.advances.have seriously threatened the western.technology sector.which unable to compete on commercial.grounds.seeks to use the hybrid war to undermine.chinese companies.and china itself it beggars belief.to accuse chinese firms such as huawei.of violating the privacy of their.consumers.when we know thanks to edward snowden.that the united states-based silicon.valley firms.already sent consumer data to the u.s.government.this attack on china as the united.states.attacks cuba and as we saw the u.s.back crew against bolivia this attack on.china.is not about facts but about the.vulnerability.of the economic superiority of the.imperialist bloc.the managers of the capitalist system.are.quick to unholster their guns and point.them at distant adversaries.drive their tanks into our lands and.occupy.our homes it is easier for them to.provoke more.than to fill the bellies of human beings.with food.they would rather inflame people with.racism.and jingoism than to manage the fact.that a broken system has come to rely.more and more.on the unpaid care labor of women.more and more on the harsh working.conditions.imposed on miners and factory workers.the planet is on fire the virus.is on the march hunger stalks the land.and yet even in this mess we the vast.majority of the people on the planet.have not given up on the possibility of.a future.we hope for something better than this a.world beyond profit.and privilege a world beyond capitalism.and so a world beyond imperialism.our hearts are bigger than their guns.our love and our struggle will overcome.their greed.and their indifference we need to act.together.we need platforms like the progressive.international.as ernst bloch wrote we must believe.in the principle of hope a marxist does.not have the right to be a pessimist.comrades not for us the mood of.pessimism.not for us the slogan socialism.or barbarism for us the watchword is.clear.socialism there is no other alternative.as the poet kefi asme wrote.a hot wind blows tonight it will be.impossible to sleep on the pavement.arise everyone i will rise too.and you and yourself too.so a window may open in these walls.thanks very much.thank you so much vijay i want to now.invite.aj tamil kuran and nick estes to also.give.a few remarks ajay tamil karen is one of.turkey's best-known novelists and.political commentators.appearing in the guardian new york times.new statesman.and der schwiegel her recent novel women.who blew on knots won the.2017 edinburgh international book.festival.first book award she's a recipient of.the pen.translate award the new ambassador of.europe prize and has honorary.citizenship.from the city of palermo for her work on.behalf of oppressed voices.nick estes is an assistant professor in.the american studies department at the.university of new mexico.nick is a citizen of the lower brule.sioux tribe and in 2014 he co-founded.the red nation.an indigenous resistance organization.for 2017 to 18.s case was the american democracy fellow.at the charles warren center for studies.in american history at harvard.university.and his research engages colonialism and.global indigenous histories with a focus.on.decolonization oral history u.s.imperialism.environmental justice and the oceti.charcoal.thank you h.a and nick for being here aj.you have the floor.hello and thank you yanis thank you.marsha thank you vijay.for this wonderful introduction.uh first of all today is a joyful day.for me.and i hope the first and foremost.acknowledge and share this joy.of coming together as the progressive.peoples and the movements of the world.after all we are all here because we.believe that.the world can be a more joyful place i.am also delighted to come together with.all these people who.do not wait for hope to appear magically.we all know that hope is a matter made.of determination.we are also the people who believe that.understanding.and action are not two separate aspects.of humankind but they are inseparably.intertwined also i believe that good.majority of us.here unhesitantly will would call the.current.global danger which is fascism in a.different outfit.i am using and will be using words such.as.hope dignity happiness and joy because.when people's trust.in words are damaged it is always very.good to go back to basics.also the other reason is that when too.many leftists come together.sometimes uh the discussions are too.heated.and then it becomes easier to forget.that why we came together in the first.place.so i hope at the end of this summit we.will all remember that.being a progressive in its very essence.is to choose to trust in humankind.i personally was very much looking.forward to this commitment to.international solidarity.since 2016 i have think that the.right-wing populism is a global wave.and it will it's going to corrupt all.the democracies in the world in the.exact same way.what is perceived as a political.insanity in each country.has in fact a logic and a pattern.this is why i wrote how to lose a.country this is bigger than trump modi.johnson or le pen and as opposed to many.may think.it will leave a damage a permanent.damage politically.and morally unless uh the peoples of the.world.come together in action for self-defense.globally.this strange political fruit has been.ripening since 1980s.and it is the natural consequence of.unleashed neo-liberal fantasies.ripening populism is a structural.failure.of neoliberalism and natural consequence.of its damage.on democracy the lead figures of this.political wave.are only the last mercenaries of a.falling castle.which we call neo-liberalism it took too.many.too long to recognize these.figures as leaders gravitating towards.fascism.since this time they didn't come in.uniforms.and today they are running the most.powerful countries.in the world and we are here simply to.say that.the peoples when together can cure.this we as the progressives have been.through a lot.since late but they today.are not any more faster as the village.fools.and imagining a world beyond beyonce.is no more intellectuals capitalism.is in such a this in such a desperate.cul-de-sac.uh that intellectual strongholds are.looking for an.a power vacuum is.this is a time we come up with answers.and voice them.strongly and united enough so that the.words.of the humane and sanity are not.dismissed anymore we owe this to the.previous.generations who sacrificed their lives.while.fighting the brutality of capitalism and.to the young people.who found a crumbling planet on their.lap.janis after giving a thorough.explanation.for the way out left us with two.unanswered questions.what comes after capitalism and how we.are going to organize within progressive.international.what comes after capitalism is already.being answered.in action in words the life after.capitalism was already visible.as a glimpse on tahrir in yezi protests.and all occupy movements including black.lives matter.one of the commonalities of these.protests is that resisting people.did not want to leave the space even.after the planned demonstrations.were over they occupied the space to.create miniature lives.what they did not want to part with in.its.very essence was the joy of dignity.and the kindness of the new life they.created.and shared together these are.pioneering political organisms of the.life that will.begin after capitalism these are also.signs presenting us.with the fact that the question how to.organize becomes only manageable.when in physical action it is a little.bit ironic to say this in a virtual.summit but what will be.leading us to organizing is physical.action although youngness is correct.the time has come to learn from these.pioneering political organisms.and take it to the next level and we.will be able to show the world.physically.when these days are over uh that the.human.is capable of organizing itself around.kindness.love justice friendship solidarity and.dignity.in real politics we are going through a.time where the banality created its own.brand of evil.and shamelessness has become a political.tool that is paralyzing all political.mechanisms.thanks to the right-wing populist.leaders ruthless is now a badge of honor.for the for their supporters due to.these.severe political and moral conditions.several countries are living on the.brink of true violence.therefore the words such as joy love.or friendship might sound too fragile.for our times but we are also here.to reach the faith in humankind.and only reminding people that these.words.are our political and moral fulcrums.can refresh that faith.only then we can say i believe in you.and you can believe in me.we can do this together and we are doing.here.what we are doing here is today in fact.telling each other i believe in you.together we can do this better thank you.all for.your participation and i have to tell.you.looking at this screen i believe in you.thank you so much so much aj and you're.of course.all bound by that love and solidarity.that you spoke of i want to now.give the flow to nick for his comments.um.i wanted to begin my uh my remarks with.a traditional.lakota greeting because this in this.greeting we say.you know we greet all of our relatives.with an open heart and an open mind.and that's the kind of tone that i want.to set with the progressive.international and to think about.our relations not just as as comrades as.people in struggle but also.uh as relatives and you know who share a.planet together and.hopefully we can imagine and begin to.construct a future that is premised on.justice.um and in this current moment it's.difficult to imagine.uh what that future will look like and.as you know our friends have said in.this panel.uh the that future must be in my opinion.a socialist.it's there's no other way there's no.other path forward.and so to understand this current moment.um we have to.you know have to understand that there's.a desperate search for reason behind.tragedy in this particular moment and i.want to.focus my comments on on three specific.uh points.um just to build on what my friend janis.had talked about in his opening remarks.the first is ending the sanctions.the second is uh the this idea that has.been popularized among.indigenous movements around landback and.then the third one.is wealth back so the first one economic.sanctions.you know as as my friend bj had said.before.uh this is part of a hybrid war where.you know it's not just military.aggression but it's also the use of.sanctions right so economic sanctions.frequently hailed by politicians of all.stripes.as a humane alternative to war are.simply war by another means.u.s and european nations sanctioned.sanctions currently hit hard in 39.countries.or one-third of humanity causing.currency inflation.and devaluation and upsetting the.distribution of medicine.food power water treatment and other.basic human needs.a 2019 report by the center for economic.and policy studies.found that u.s sanctions on venezuela.for example accounted for an estimated.40 000 deaths.and a loss of six billion dollars in oil.revenue between 2017 and 2018.and as ira as iran began to experience.increased rates of coronavirus infection.just this year.the country faced medical supply.shortages because of sanctions.and while countries like china and cuba.themselves.both sanctioned by the united states.provided international aid to other.countries suffering from the pandemic.this country that i live in um actively.prevented other countries from.adequately responding to the crisis.through.through the use of economic sanctions.and to top things off this may.trump withdrew from the who in protest.shifting the blame to china for his own.country's failure.to stop the viruses spread and so not.only is.the united states failing to address the.coronavirus but has also attempted to.prevent the rest of the world from.addressing the cronovirus.and this relates to indigenous people in.the sense that the event is why the.venezuelan crisis in oil production.in north america is directly related to.the development.of oil and gas in both canada and the.united states.so since 2008 uh to now there has been.an increase in 80 increase in domestic.oil production in the u.s.this has come largely at the expense of.indigenous people and indigenous lands.many of these oil pipelines such as the.keystone xl pipeline.are are drawing down oil from the.dirtiest region or the dirtiest oil.in the world which comes from the tar.sands region in alberta canada which has.created a dead zone.with the surface area larger than the.state of florida.and this was this was partially due to.the united states.in canada effectively waging an economic.war.against venezuela to choke out its own.oil production.so we can trace the construction of oil.pipelines and the development of.oil and gas within the united states and.canada as a.as a continued war against uh venezuela.choking out its own economy.and we have to ask you know what would.venezuela look like without sanctions.what kind of society is the bolivarian.revolutionary uh.project building the second point i want.to make.is about land back and talking about the.possibilities of.of indigenous caretaking and stewardship.of the natural environment.so currently three-quarters of.land-based environments.and two-thirds of marine environments.have been affected by capitalist.development.but environmental degradation has been.less severe in places managed by.indigenous peoples and local communities.a un report recently found and while.only.five percent of the world's population.indigenous peoples.also protect 80 percent of the world's.bio.uh diversity indigenous peoples and.local communities.who have distinct cultural and social.ties to ancestral homelands and.bioregions.still caretake at least a quarter of the.world's land area.this includes places that are the lungs.of the world such as the amazon.rainforest.and where i'm from the missouri river.basin areas facing.existential threats of deforestation.damming.water contamination oil and gas.development and mining.indigenous peoples protect the land air.and water we all need to live.this is why indigenous environmental.activists are so severely criminalized.and targeted for assassination.in response to our organizing throughout.the world we are always in the way.and lastly i want to turn to uh when we.talk about.the conversation that's been you know.spurred up by the this idea of the green.new deal i think needs to be regrounded.in um the geopolitics of the world as it.stands right now.and specifically thinking about this.notion of imperialism.and what a future would a post-carbon.future and a post-capitalist feature.would look like.and to do that i want to turn.specifically to.um bolivia because.one of the most important expression.expressions of an eco-socialist vision.of a just future came in 2010 in.cochabamba.uh in what were known as the people's.courts the courts proposed not only just.relations with the natural world.but also upending the unequal relations.between entire nations and humans.themselves.and systems we know as imperialism and.capitalism under indigenous.uh under indigenous and social movement.uh leadership the movement towards.socialism.the people's accord infused traditional.ecological knowledge.with eco-feminism eco-socialism and.anti-imperialism.the indigenous andean cosmo vision of.vivir bien.or living well in pachamama or mother.earth.are central to understanding the.people's accords living well.is not anthropocentric or just focused.on human relations.it is earth-centric focusing on the.whole it understands that capitalist.domination.over nature is patriarchal and that.overconsumption.which is driven by the first world is.not the solution.but the problem if all humanity consumed.as.much as the average u.s citizen we would.need four earths to sustain it.we only have one planet to share and.just relations with the natural world.are impossible without just.equitable relations among humanity first.and so as we think about the green new.deal i want to propose.several things um several.key points that come from the the.peoples of.accord of 2010 that we could we could.use in this conversation.the first is to decolonize the.atmosphere restore to.nations uh developing countries on the.atmospheric space that is occupied by.the first world.uh by greenhouse gas emissions this.means decolonization the atmosphere.through the reduction and absorption of.their emissions.transfer technology the global north.must assume.all the costs and technology transferred.needs of.of uh the global south nations who have.lost development opportunities.due to living under the boot of u.s.imperialism or in restricted atmospheric.base.space the third point open the borders.because climate induced migration.has caused an increase in restrictive.immigration policies from the first.world.we have to address uh the needs of our.migrant.the the mass migration that are.happening because of climate change.the fourth is pay climate debt and this.is a conversation that needs to.be expanded within the green new deal.first world countries must.uh must be responsible for the lion's.shares.of adaptation debt related to the.impacts of climate change on developing.countries.by permit providing the means to prevent.minimize.and deal with damages arising from their.excessive emissions.and then and lastly we need to think.about mass land return or land.restoration.uh return land to its original court.caretakers within this hemisphere.it means indigenous nations or.indigenous peoples billions of acres of.uh territory have been taken out of.indigenous ecological.stewardship resulting in mass.extinctions and mass.displacement restoring land to.indigenous caretakers is a necessary.step towards ensuring any kind of future.on this planet and so lastly i will just.leave.with the um with the the kind of.the calls to action that the people on.this panel planet have.on this panel have already uh addressed.the first.from an indigenous perspective and you.know for the future of humanity.is that we need decolonization or.extinction.it's socialism or extinction.internationalism or extinction.and that to end the sanctions land back.but also wealth back to the workers of.of the world.and for all of these things to happen.and for all these things to occur.this means a future back for humanity.thank you very much.thanks so much nick and thanks again to.all of our panelists for these.articulate.and inspiring statements i want to kick.off these.uh last 20 minutes of discussion by.giving giannis an opportunity to respond.to the panelist remarks and then we'll.open it up for a conversation.janice i hope that you're in a place of.safety now and please feel free to keep.your video off we understand you're.dealing with a hurricane.the floor well thank you thank you so.much i hope you can hear me i hope.um the audio at least is working in the.midst of this disaster.uh if it does then i will continue okay.um well thank you vijay thank you nick.thank you all.uh russia uh.solidarity from a greek to a turk at.this moment.i think needs to be stated very loudly.and very clearly.and vice versa i'm sure a quick comment.that um you know started ringing in my.head.as i was listening to to all of you.comrades.uh i'm a socialist i i.think i was born and so suicidal.certainly will die a socialist.but i i need to say a few words which.i'm plagiarizing from my great friend.slavoy.who i think when he visited the.occupying.wall street uh square in new york city.back in the day he while he was.addressing the crowd he said to them.he want them not to fall in love with.themselves.to remain supremely critical.of one another and particularly of.oneself.because you know we socialists we cannot.pretend that in the year 2020.we can simply speak the word socialism.i have you know billions of people out.there.applaud um um enthusiastically because.we have in the name of socialism not we.as individuals.but others in the name of socialism have.done a great deal of damage to humanity.uh we cannot pretend for instance that.uh we live.and i don't want to pretend that i live.in a cold war situation like you know.soviet union versus the united states.when you had to take sides.at the moment of course we're going to.um you know.send our arrows.against the cold warriors who are trying.to create a new cold war between the.united states and china.but trying to portray china's and.imperialist power.who the united states and britain for.instance or the european union for that.matter.but at the same time as progressives and.as changing socialists we have to.acknowledge.that things are happening within china.that.are.this the stuff of cluster there is a.huge class struggle happening within.china.there is a lot of repression happening.within china we are going to defend.china from the imperialism of the united.states while at the same time subjecting.the chinese communist party to severe.criticism.for backing a vast class struggle.against the majority of the chinese.against minorities who are being.treated with a way in a way that.progressives cannot back it's very.important that we find.our own footing as a progressive.international of how to.push forward with a clear socialist.agenda a post-capitalist agenda.while at the same time not falling prey.to the old cold war um.trials and tribulations of the left that.felt the need.to you know support the insupportable.aspects.of um you know.of the soviet uh gulag archipelago.um i i know for for sure that if you.know if i lived in the soviet union.i would be in the gulag my father taught.me as a.somebody who spent four years as a.communist in a concentration camp for.communists that.uh had his folks his comrades won.the civil war instead of being on the.losing side he would end up probably the.same concentration camp with different.gods.so because this is the very beginning of.the progressive international.i think that what is going to give us.enormous.energy and an enormous capacity.to mobilize and to energize progressives.is.is is is you know what the.anarcho-cynicalists were very good at.in the 1930s yeah you remember the black.and red flag.in the spanish civil war of the narco.syndicalists read.for the revolution for the.power of love and humanity and optimism.and hope but also black to remind.ourselves of the dark side.in each one of us.thanks janis in opening up to the panel.if anyone wants to respond.sure uh i would like to respond uh.it's uh lovely to have these.conversations.um and i think it's important because i.i believe very much.at a time when war is not only there.in the south china sea but in the.eastern mediterranean where war is a.real possibility.a united front is very important on the.other hand.janis well knows that there's another.part of the cold war i don't want to.return to.and that's the intensity of intra left.wing.fracture side where the left just tore.each other apart.i'm not prepared for that either you.know remember that.from 1917 onward the left has had a.tendency.to split to disagree on things and so on.yanis and i will not agree on what's.happening in china we will not agree.in our assessment on the chinese.communist party we will not agree.in the nature of how to assess the.situation in china and that's fine.we don't have to agree on everything we.will agree that.the u.s imposed war on china is out of.the question.i think that's important we will agree.that.in all societies class struggles persist.that even in a socialist context it's.not perfection.there will continue to be contradictions.i'm.here to build unities i'm here.to find a place to advance the agenda of.humanity.i don't want to repeat the lessons of.the cold war but from a completely.different perspective.it's not the lessons of the cold war.being let's be silent about things.happening.you know in the camp of the left or.whatever i'm not interested only in that.lesson i'm interested in the other.lesson.let's not constantly tear each other.apart let's find a way.to build unities let's build unity in.action.let's see where we can act together.because the stakes.are much too high to focus on our.differences.thank you vijay.aj nick any response.uh solidarity from a turk to uh greek in.these.hard times um jan did not.hear me when i said exactly yes i do.that too.so now he may hear me um.i totally agree with vijay and.i use words very basic words such as.love.hope dignity you know kindness and so on.not because i am naive i don't have the.luxury.i never had the luxury of being naive it.is just.that i have turkey and i'm from a.country where.left or you know the leftists.told each other like in the most.merciless way possible and uh we saw.at the end that it doesn't work at all.um and it had it was really fast you see.it was only 80s that the left.being a leftist was a sinful thing and.it was only 2010 i was in a university i.don't know.probably harvard in united states giving.a speech and i when i mentioned the word.socialism.there was this strange silence.and tension in the room and all of a.sudden socialism is now a word that we.can.you know normally speak thanks to bernie.sanders and.thousands of people who made it happen.in the united states.so it is very new that we are talking.about these things.so i think we can also use this you know.this.little you know small period of time.falling a little bit.in low with ourselves because nobody.loves us we have to love ourselves.it is it is it is it is important.to fall in love with ourselves i think.and there is nothing wrong with that.um because we know what a realistic love.towards human.is we don't love human like a religious.evangelist person we don't.love human like a naive humanist.we love human despite the black matter.in him i think.everyone has uh said what already needs.to be said.i will just say uh one thing in that in.this particular moment in time.in places like the united states even.the the.advocacy for a tepid social democracy.such as.medicare for all has been met with uh.you know renunciation by all kind of.forces even uh even forces on you know.the so-called left here.and what we get instead are prisons.and more death you know we can't we.can't even.begin to talk about the conversation.around healthcare in this country.without facing armed fascists in the.street we can't even begin to talk about.the conversation.of police reform in this country without.armed fascists.in the streets and uh you know a neo a.kind of rise of a neo-fascism.and in that sense there's a lot of.danger in this moment in time.and instead i think it is important to.have these conversations around debate.uh.debating positions specifically as it.relates to imperialism.but nonetheless we have to acknowledge.our position uh.within you know like i live in the.united states and within the global.north.um that we have a special obligation you.know we can criticize.uh all of these you know these socialist.projects uh.as much as we want to but those.conversations might as well be happening.on the moon if we're not doing anything.to prevent.our countries from implementing.sanctions or implementing imperialist.aggression towards them in the south.china sea.uh we can do we can have all these.conversations in the world.but they might as well be happening on.the moon because they don't impact the.actual policy that's being implemented.by these aggressors and by these.imperialist countries.and so i think that's our that should.always be our primary focus is a pivot.to peace is a instead of the pivot to.asia is a pivot.towards uh just relations amongst.uh the the nations of the world and to.do that.people in the global north movements in.the global north have a special.obligation that they have to take.seriously.thank you nick i should convey a message.from janus who unfortunately doesn't.have access to his.uh microphone right now but he is in.complete agreement.uh with vijay so that seems like a good.note for me to ask.all of you here on so the theme of post.capitalism for which we convened this.panel today.any final words on sort of how you see.how you approach the theme.and what your vision is for post.capitalism.okay somebody.i was just gesturing to my.um look uh i'm i'm a.marxist i believe only in socialism i.don't have any faith in the capitalist.system.let that be said um but.i'm actually very worried about the.situation now.um half the world's population is.struggling with hunger.um i don't think any socialist.anybody from our tradition um.must turn their eyes away from this.immediate calamity.uh you know because of the the.catastrophic way.catastrophic way um that the.countries like the united states brazil.india.um you know most european countries.catastrophic way in which they've dealt.with the pandemic.patriarchal violence has increased.hunger has increased.employment has collapsed in most of.these societies.i mean we really need to dig deep into.the question of hunger in india for.instance.people in the communist movement are out.on the street.in brazil the landless workers movement.out on the street.feeding people you know that's what is.necessary at this time we have to tackle.patriarchal violence in this moment.we have to tackle hunger the road to.post-capitalism the road to socialism.is not built without an engagement with.the present.and in the present this is our.catastrophe and unless we are.there feeding people fighting against.patriarchal violence.there is no road into the future.thank you.um um.so it has been very short.that we started to think i i don't mean.we as in people here.the you know scholars have been thinking.socialists have been thinking and so on.but the mainstream people uh.the normal people ordinary people.it is very new to them you know to.imagine.what's after capitalism actually it came.they came to this idea first with uh.the you know climate action and then now.during corona they are.you know new into this business so.i think if we want to enlarge.this progressive international uh.you know to an extent that ordinary.people will join as well.uh we have to think about that uh.you know they haven't been following all.these things that we have been following.in terms of politic politics and in.terms of history you know near history.so that is why i do believe that.making them believe in themselves.so that they can imagine a world alive.beyond capitalism is pretty important.uh the londoners you know ordinary.people who are not socialists who are.not politically.engaged they are seeing in their own.lives.that they can actually come together.and resist to the landlords this is so.new.uh please let's remember.that there was a uh you know night there.was 1980s and 1990s.where all the memory of the left.globally.was erased from the face from the face.of the earth.so we are actually reminding people that.our ancestors are you know the people.the generations that came before us.did this they tried it uh but the.the time was not right and now the time.is right.because there is no other option than.socialism democratic socialism.i i just want to emphasize you know what.other others have said.have said but i also think we need to re.turn to the social movements.those who are experimenting in the.streets those who are creating the.future those who.are looking beyond just the limits of.electoralism.and actually sowing the seeds and.building the institutions.these things don't i mean they do arise.organically and spontaneously but we.actually need institutions to sustain.them from struggle to struggle.and that requires learning i think and.looking to the examples.of those who have dared to try and those.who have dare to struggle.and the consequences that they've paid.for envisioning the future you know.especially.if we look at at bolivia and the the u.s.backed.coup and the way in which you know.a lot of our friends fell easily into.the narratives that were promoted by the.state department.specifically to demonize somebody like.evo morales.or to demonize indigenous people who had.grafts.who had for the first time in the.history of their country.for 13 years 13 short years had grasped.their own destiny and began to develop.and to do.and not just for indigenous people it.wasn't a particular struggle it was a.universal struggle.right and that's and and that's.something that i want to impart is.indigenous issues or not.they're not just like oh it's an.indigenous identity issue you guys do.your little spirituality thing over here.that's fine.you know we we look as as people in the.north we're jealous.and we look to the the leadership of.especially our bolivian comrades like.whenever morales became president i said.that man looks like my uncle.and and we need we need we need that.kind of leadership and development.because we understand that.when they you know when the humble.people of the earth.shrug you know the entire world moves.and we saw that.and that's what made uh the the movement.towards socialism that's what made the.project in venezuela.and cuba such a threat because that cold.war.that we were you know debating about.earlier was actually a decolonization.movement and it continues on into the.21st century.uh and we have to look to these to these.uh to these struggles.especially in the global south that are.daring to struggle but also.winning and we can't be afraid of.victories as well and so i think this.moment.in time is you know as much as there's.great.uh great and terrible danger that's.confronting us.there is a great opportunity for.possibility.um and that means you know yes for me.it's as.it's socialism is the future but also.this great challenge of taking these.ideas to the street.but also using the knowledge that has.been produced by other.uh movements that have been successful.and thinking about.the leadership and the the areas of.struggle that we need to focus on.in other parts of the world and so with.that i think this is a great opportunity.with the progressive international to.bring bring together.a diverse group of people scholars into.intellectuals.but we have to oh we owe it to our main.theoreticians.who are those who are in the streets.those who are producing these new.knowledges.we're just refining them and and.hopefully we can produce the confidence.to continue that struggle.to build that future.i see the panel agrees nick thank you so.much for those words i think a note of.courage and learning from each other is.exactly.sort of the ethos of the progressive.international movement.this was an absolutely incredible.discussion and a terrific start.to the inaugural summit of the.progressive international i want to.thank.our speakers once again for being here.today and also for.guiding the work of internationalism as.members of the progressive.internationals council.thanks so much also to our audience i.see that we're connected to people from.around the world today with this.broadcast.we invite you to join us to donate to us.support us.let's continue to mobilize progressive.forces around the world in a common.front.next up we have a keynote by naomi klein.followed by a panel discussion.with tasmim essop venasana and aruna roy.on the years of repair.they discuss how we can use this time.for reparation on multiple fronts.climate race economy and the.infrastructure it's going to be.wonderful so do stay tuned and we'll be.back in 30 minutes.thank you.[Music].you.

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