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Steps of Customizing the 506 Nevada Real Estate Division Red State Nv

what happened in august.well we're here to tell you and we're.starting right now.[Music].hey everyone welcome back to my channel.i'm angela o'hare.your favorite las vegas realtor and i'm.rob howe.the rockstar realtor if he says so.welcome to our september issue of my.monthly market update.and today we're going to be talking.about august.2020 numbers all right yeah you ready.so rob and i had this vet and our show.yeah um how august ended up and.actually surprisingly it took a dive.sort of i don't think that's what i.would call it but.yeah you know sort of sort of um i think.maybe because july was too hot and.people just did not want to shop here in.this desert.ah no if the market if it's hot outside.the market's hot.i don't think that's what happened okay.i that's my this.that's me but you know we we kind of we.split we split we had.two bets or had two bets and we split on.those two bets.so last month for august we had 2910.single-family homes that sold which is.down 12.5 from july.and down 8.1 from year over year.so that's huge yeah so i lost that bit.yes i said that our numbers would be.within three percent.margin of the of the previous month's.numbers and i lost that but but really i.should have known.and and uh because you know our.inventory has remained low so.if you don't have enough homes to sell.well guess what what.you're not going to sell a lot more.homes true so.since we had less homes which brings to.the next point.the median sales price went from 3 30 in.july.to 335 000 in august wow.that's like the the most record high.that we've been sending record highs.this year that's chunky.yeah chunky for sure and i was right.about that one yes he was.but it goes like he says hand in hand no.inventory.um means higher prices because people.are bidding for the homes that are just.phenomenal yeah right absolutely no.there's just.you know when the good ones come out.they're gonna get snatched up and uh.you know multiple offers yep so this was.that 1.5.from july and up 9.8.from the prior year so we are cooking.and rocking and rolling from last year.during this whole crazyness that's.happening across the world.right there's reasons for it there's a.lot of reasons for it we can talk about.those all day long till the cows come.home.uh you know so it's it's a wonderful.thing that we're experiencing that the.market is holding up and there are good.reasons for it.one of those reasons would be that i.think people really are looking.they're they're they need that solid.home they need to be.really stable and and vegas is a market.that kind of hits in between.uh i think some of where people want to.go people are kind of getting away.from the more populated areas right and.the more expensive areas.and going to places that are less.populated and less expensive.well vegas happens to hit kind of in the.middle of all that.and uh you know you can still have your.city life but you also.don't have the expense of being in a.place like maybe california.right and a lot of people that are.relocating from.the most high-end places or expensive.places.they're checking out arizona they're.checking out new mexico they're checking.out.colorado however what we have to offer.that these other states don't have to.offer is no state income tax.yeah and i think that's why a lot of.people come here is because.of the relief of not having income tax.and then working from home.so they're working from home and they.don't have to spend so much money.living in say california for example.where the taxes are crazy high.yep and that is probably going to.continue.the faucet is on for vegas when it comes.to that.there's a number of other things that we.can get you into i probably we won't.need to get into detail right now about.that because it does.you know there's there's a lot of.projections i think that we both have.that we can make for the future.but that is one to really keep an eye on.how much.of that influx how much the faucet stays.on.for las vegas and having new people.coming here.we'll see we'll see you can always watch.the robin and real estate show.we always go into more detail about.what's happening with the las vegas real.estate market.even some predictions from some guests.yes and that airs every thursday.11 a.m pacific standard time so stay.tuned.we will be creating a channel on that.and it's just a fun show right yep.channel coming soon very own channel and.man i just think we're gonna keep.cranking away there is.real if real estate is one thing right.now it is interesting.because there's so many factors so many.changes that are constantly happening.and we really feel like we have a beat.on what's happening and that's why.we're doing this that's why exactly the.reason why.we're starting and we've started doing.this and in in more frequency because.this there's just constant information.that you need to know.exactly we have a message and messages.for you guys.right that's right yep either that or.we're just talking to ourselves.so last month in the luxury market we.had another increase.we sold 69 homes last month compared to.july.64. i mean a five home increase.but the most shocking part about this is.that the medium.price on luxury homes increased by a.hundred thousand it went from.1.35 mil to 1.45.mil so that's like huge i mean we've.been saying.that these sellers are like accepting.whatever type of offers they get but it.looks like they're selling.for more than what they're asking for.well i think the increase.is is driving that so you know that you.have more i mean we talked about it.earlier these buyers are selling more.expensive homes in other places.and they're coming here and they're.chunking down some money and.and down payments and uh on on much.nicer homes than they would be able then.would be available in those price ranges.right where they're at so i think that's.probably what's driving that big time.at 69 it tells me a little ying yang in.there though.you know so we'll see what that all i.guess 69 touching i'm just kidding.that's your sign i'm just kidding i.won't add that to the thing.it's fun okay it's my birth sign.we like power to them we like double.long times we like being a little edgy.yeah that's right we're not afraid to.say.69 makes an eyebrow race.that's right he's a pisces so he has the.yin and yang.i do i i do actually yes i don't know.which way i'm going.but i'm coming and going so that's great.exactly.so for august we have total 3 87.new listings which is up 5 from july.which is.really good but still down um from the.prior year.way down yeah way down i mean here's the.thing.you're getting the message sellers a.little bit.but you're not coming out in droves uh.this is the time to sell if you have it.in mind to sell.just just plain and simple get your home.on the market as soon as possible.uh that is my advice i think that's the.advice as well that's our advice for the.last what three four months.we don't know how many times we can beat.it over the head but i realized.yeah i realize there are some of you.that cannot sell.that is that is part of the issue in.which why we are in the situation.you can't sell because you can't buy.right now if you lost your job or if you.were furloughed or a number of things.that have disqualified you for now from.getting a loan.you're in that pickle and you're part of.the reason why we're not getting more.inventory on the market right so that's.that's that's the insight that's a.little insight as to why we're.continuing to stay low.inventory wise well my other insight.though is because of the.um the renter moratorium sure absolutely.i mean you can't you you got to get.some of our inventory that's out there.are investors that are just.putting their property on the market.even though it can't be shown with.tenants in there.exactly so that's another hidden part of.our market why again we're getting.you know you look at it go well there's.many homes but then you disqualify.several of them because they can't even.be shown like almost like a third or a.fourth there's about.over a thousand yeah i mean that's a lot.of home and last year.at this time we had a lot less of those.types of homes available as far as.tenant occupied homes the reason why is.because they're sitting they're not.selling.i mean that's a pretty thick skin thing.that purchase a home with a tenant in.there now you got now you're buying into.a problem so.not a lot i'm not a lot of people want.to do that and uh it makes no sense.right so there's definitely uh again.some projections that we'll be making on.what's coming and.what how that's going to affect our.market in the future we're definitely.going to want to talk about that some.more yeah yeah.we'll cliffhanger that a little bit to.the antarctica.we have answers yes that's the truth.we don't know if they're correct or not.but we do have answers.you have questions we have answers so.there are 4.639 homes listed without.offers for the month of august which is.down 3.5 from july and also down.40.3 from the prior.year meaning last year that number was.around in the seven eight thousand range.we had a lot more listings on the market.than we do now and we are.very very um we're anemic.anemic yeah we're anemic and i mean but.this is this is an interesting thing and.because i think.right now it is sort of saving the day.it is a supply and demand if we were.if we were over supplying the demand.then we would.potentially see values go down so this.is what we have to pay attention to as.time goes on here it do we continue with.in.a relatively anemic market which.actually helps us.stay stable i disagree with that how.does it make you stay stable when the.median price keeps on going up that.makes it.unaffordable to the lane man that you.know the average joe they can't.it's buying them out of the market they.can't afford it so this is stabilizing.those people well this is true uh i i.think that's.that's definitely gonna be but i think.with what we might be able to see on the.horizon.right some of those that might change.okay.so i think if it was if it's up to me.i would take the run while we have it.right take the run.take the upswing while we have it and.you sellers pay attention.take that upswing while we have it if.you if you're if you have motivation to.do it.and you have other you know reasons to.sell right now then maybe you should.think about this but also.take it while we have it because we.don't know the future.and what's going to happen next so i i.prefer that we're going up.because i also know that it may mean.that.there may be another side of this that.we we go down a little bit.in the future too that we flatten out.that are we can't hold up this median.home price uh range that we're in right.now right.i mean it's a double-edged sword uh i.always think of.always all sides to the story not just.trying to get the price up.for the sellers to make a profit but i.always look at it as that.you know there are other people that.can't afford the market now.and we're going to drive out the average.joe because of what.what's minimum wage well yeah no i mean.absolutely i mean if you're on minimum.wage unfortunately it's.you can hardly afford rent in vegas.right now right it's that's not that's.not even.but i i i know what you're saying i.agree that we i've said this since the.very beginning when i got in real estate.is that i don't want to see us going up.leaps and bounds i mean i.i remember when when we had the great.recession.years before that it was like huge.percentages.properties would grow in value right we.don't want to see that we want stability.stability okay we're we're doing a.little jumps now but.it all makes sense as far as why it's.happening.and i do agree with ange that at some.point we don't need to see this thing.keep climbing up now everybody loves to.have.have more value in their properties but.we want realistic.value that we can sell that we can have.buyers.available to purchase at you know yep.so and you know what's also driving the.market right now is obviously the.historically low.interest rates not only not having the.supply.but also the low interest rates yes and.that.that swings back to why i think we're.seeing higher prices as well because.people are coming out of.rentals that cost them 1500 and above a.month.and then they're finding out that they.can have a payment that's less than that.on a property that's around 300 000 or.350..and they are ecstatic to pay.less for what they're renting to own.right especially right now and stay.tuned i just did a video i'll be posting.it soon as three reasons why to sell.in 2020 and three reasons why not to.sell in 2020. so it's actually.some good point you know three reasons.why you should and three reasons why you.shouldn't.anyways um so i can't think of three.reasons why you shouldn't i'm interested.in it.there's three reasons absolutely great.reasons why.but you know i'll say that my feet are.concreted into my foundation.i can't sell so our monthly supply.dropped last month we went from 1.6 in.july.to 1.4 in august which is.we are very very very anemic and.we've been saying this till we're blue.in the face but you sellers.if you're ready to sell and you're able.to sell now.is the time to sell period and the story.yeah.right so this is making it a seller's.market.and a healthy market a balanced market.is when it's six months of supply.and i would say there's some there's.like we were talking about earlier.there's a little bit.uh less of actual supply in there.because some of our supply.is tenant occupied exactly i mean.and if you're a landlord and you're.watching this don't list your home while.you have tenants right now.i don't even show my clients those.listings so you're.just gonna be sitting on the market for.a long time you gotta have.full tenant cooperation and that means.that they've got a sign of documents and.i mean you gotta have a lot of safety.procedures and everything like that.which is definitely something that we.should be going over we're always.aware of the safety and the precautions.and we even when we have listing.appointments or.uh buyer appointments we're very safe we.we.constantly interact with each other so.obviously us sitting close together.is something that we do often but when.we're with our clients.and we're not out partying.mingle with a bunch of people we really.care about our business we care about.you.and so we understand exactly and if.you're in a situation where you need to.be safe.if you're a high-risk individual.we want to make sure that we don't have.any issues uh.involving that right now right it's.funny rob received a comment.from one of your friends yeah that asked.why we weren't wearing masks.while we filmed but you know and.obviously people don't understand.the situation you know like he said that.we're very cautious and.um it's not like we go out and party and.meet tons of people.all the time and if we are out showing.houses we take the proper precautions.absolutely and our crew here is you know.very safe as well.yeah guys speak up.i'm not hearing anything so 61.3.of the closings for august was on the.market for 30 days or less.in july this number was at 59.7 and in.august 2019.it was 52.4 of the homes was on the.market for 30 days or less.so that picked up a little considering.last month it was at 59.7.however there are still homes sitting on.the market longer but.we can take this into a fact because of.one.10 occupied homes and two homes that are.outdated may need some work or.overpriced overpricing is i mean i would.i would definitely point that that out.for.last year why we had very similar it's.been consistent.right you know so you know basically.trash listings are trash listings and.they always move up our.days on market because really if you.list with and i i mean we don't have.properties that sit around for 30 days i.mean i.i can't remember when i had one that.even lasted that long you know.i think the longest i had was a couple.years ago for 21 days but most of my.listings are.under four days yeah we get them sold.fast.and it's not because we're not pricing.them well for our sellers it's not.because we're giving away the farm here.it's because.it's listed right exactly and.you know if you ever watch our channels.we have videos on how to get your home.ready.um all those tips and tricks for you as.a seller.when you're looking to list your home.yep it's a big focus of mine.rob howell rockstar realtor on youtube.you can check that out anytime of course.ange's channel she's really been.focusing on sales as well.because that's what we think.it needs to happen more listings and.we're not.doing this or saying this to be greedy.agents and these agents don't know what.they're talking about.we know what we're talking about and we.know how to sell and we're not being.greedy.and we're not being greedy trying to get.these listings we're just telling you as.real estate agents from our experience.and what these numbers are telling us is.that we need listings.yep straight up straight up and if.you're waiting around.if you think that uh you know it's gonna.get better later.i just wouldn't take that bet that's all.i hope things remain very stable but we.know.what we know right now exactly that's it.buy the rumors sell the fact.buy the rumor sell the fact i owe that.one to my uh put to my friend keith.ainsworth buy the rumor sell the fact.that's a great.uh little saying basically it means you.know.the rumor you can buy there's a lot of.rumors out there.but you absolutely sell the fact so when.you know it you know it and right now we.know it we know what's happening in the.market we know that.if you put your property on the market.you can get it sold for top dollar.and have buyers you know more than one.maybe even multiple.offers um so that's.and then you know there's less.competition now so if you do wait till.next spring.there's gonna be more competition.because everyone's gonna be wanting to.sell their home then so right now you.don't have competition.yeah this is this is that that's it in a.nutshell yeah what's your competition.like right now.and what can we look out in the future.and say it might be like.uh in the springtime when we would.normally traditionally see.a lot of people come out anyways right.because spring is a wonderful time to.put your home on the market.but you know hey people are going to.have to do what they have to do we.realize we're giving you the information.right it may not be.something that's uh viable for you right.now that's totally understandable.and uh there's no reason why you should.make something happen if it doesn't work.for you.but if it was on your mind it was.something you were gonna do anyways.you know yeah take advantage of it.you know and maybe you can't afford to.buy a new home now.maybe rent a place for a year when.everything.cools down hopefully yeah right i mean i.definitely have people that are looking.to do those timing moves.right i say be careful about that i mean.obviously.you just you want to make sure it's.something that you.can do that your resources allow you to.do.you don't want to put yourself in a.pickle because you were trying to do a.timing move which is basically oh i'm.going to sell now or the market's high.and then later i'm betting that the.market will go down and i can buy.at that point those are timing moves and.you know what some really intelligent.people that see things can.can do those and get away with it and.maybe sometimes they get lucky.but you know just be careful exactly.if you'd like to download the full.report provided by the las vegas.realtors i provide a link down in the.description below.as always if you like this video be sure.to hit the thumbs up button leave a.comment down below.share with a friend and subscribe to my.channel subscribe smash it.smash it thank you so much for watching.today.and we will see you guys on the next one.

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