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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Signing Job Hazard Analysis Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Job Hazard Analysis Form

youtube video

Check How to Enter the Job Hazard Analysis Form

job hazard analysis Jha introduction job.hazard analysis Jha welcome to this.training video on job hazard analysis or.Jha during this video we'll discuss what.a hazardous what a job hazard analysis.is and why it is important and will.provide you with a fairly detailed.roeser's of how to conduct a job hazard.analysis we'll also walk you through a.couple of sample Jha this training video.is intended primarily for employers.Foreman's and supervisors but we.encourage employees to use the.information as well to analyze their own.jobs and recognize workplace hazards so.they can report them objectives know.what a hazardous understand what a job.hazard analysis Jha know our Jha is.important now how to conduct a Jha be.able to identify several common hazards.be able to identify several control.measures now how to use a Jha know where.to find help what is a hazard a hazard.is a potential for harm in practical.terms a hazard often is associated with.a condition or activity that if left.uncontrolled can result in an injury or.illness later in the video we'll present.a list of common hazards and.descriptions identifying hazards and.eliminating or controlling them as early.as possible will help prevent injuries.and illnesses what is a job hazard.analysis a job hazard analysis is a.technique that focuses on job tasks as a.way to identify hazards before they.occur it focuses on the relationship.between the worker the tasks the tools.and the work environment ideally after.you identify uncontrolled hazards you.will take steps to eliminate or reduce.them to an acceptable risk level job.hazard analysis is also commonly.referred to as a job safety analysis or.JSA they are essentially the same tool.importance of a job hazard analysis many.workers are injured and killed at the.workplace safety and health can add.value to your business your job and your.life you can help prevent workplace.injuries and illnesses by looking at.your workplace operation.establishing proper job procedures and.ensuring that all employees are trained.properly one of the best ways to.determine and establish proper work.procedures is to conduct a job hazard.analysis a job hazard analysis is one.component of the larger commitment of a.safety and health management system.safety tip the order of precedence and.effectiveness of hazard control is the.following one Engineering controls two.administrative controls three personal.protective equipment value of a job.hazard analysis supervisors can use the.findings of a job hazard analysis to.eliminate and prevent hazards in their.workplaces this is likely to result in.fewer worker injuries and illnesses.safer more effective work methods.reduced worker's compensation costs and.increased worker productivity the.analysis also can be a valuable tool for.training new employees in the steps.required to perform their job safely for.a job hazard analysis to be effective.management must demonstrate its.commitment to safety and health and.follow-through to correct any.uncontrolled hazards identified.otherwise management will lose.credibility and employees may hesitate.to go to management.when dangerous conditions threaten them.what jobs are appropriate for a Jha a.job hazard analysis can be conducted on.many jobs in your workplace priority.should go to the following types of jobs.jobs with the highest injury or illness.rates jobs with the potential to cause.severe or disabling injuries or illness.even if there is no history of previous.accidents jobs in which one simple human.error could lead to a severe accident or.injury jobs that are new to your.operation or have undergone changes in.processes and procedures jobs complex.enough to require written instructions.conducting a job hazard analysis where.do I begin.involve your employees it is very.important to involve your employees in.the hazard analysis process they have a.unique understanding of the job and this.knowledge is invaluable for finding.hazards involving employees will help.minimize oversights.ensure equality analysis and get workers.to buy into the solutions because they.will share ownership in their safety and.health program review your accident.history review with your employees your.work sites history of accidents and.occupational illness is that needed.treatment losses that required repair or.replacement and any near misses events.in which an accident or loss did not.occur but could have these events are.indicators that the existing hazard.controls if any may not be adequate and.deserve more scrutiny conduct a.preliminary job review discuss with your.employees the hazards they know exist in.their current work and surroundings.brainstorm with them for ideas to.eliminate or control those hazards if.any hazards exist that pose an immediate.danger to an employee's life or health.take immediate action to protect the.worker any problems that can be.corrected easily should be corrected as.soon as possible do not wait to complete.your job hazard analysis this will.demonstrate your commitment to safety.and health and enable you to focus on.the hazards and jobs that need more.study because of their complexity for.those hazards determined to present.unacceptable risks evaluate types of.hazard controls for assistance in.identification of common hazards list.ranked and set priorities for hazardous.jobs lists jobs with hazards that.present unacceptable risks based on.those most likely to occur and with the.most severe consequences these jobs.should be your first priority for.analysis outline the steps or tasks.nearly every job can be broken down into.job tasks or steps when beginning a job.hazard analysis watch the employee.perform the job and list each step as.the worker takes it be sure to record.enough information to describe each job.action without getting overly detailed.avoid making the breakdown of steps so.detailed that it becomes unnecessarily.long or so broad that it does not.include basic steps you may find it.valuable to get input from other workers.who have performed the same job later.review the job steps with the employee.to make sure you have not omitted.something.point out that you are evaluating the.job itself not the employees job.performance include the employee in all.phases of the analysis from reviewing.the job steps and procedures to.discussing and controlled hazards and.recommended solutions safety tip.sometimes in conducting a job hazard.analysis it may be helpful to photograph.or videotape the worker performing the.job these visual records can be handy.references when doing a more detailed.analysis of the work how do I identify.workplace hazards a job hazard analysis.is an exercise in detective work your.goal is to discover the following what.can go wrong what are the consequences.how could it arise what are other.contributing factors how likely is it.that the hazard will occur to make your.job hazard analysis useful document the.answers to these questions in a.consistent manner describing the hazard.in this way helps to ensure that your.efforts to eliminate the hazard and.implement hazard controls help target.the most important contributors to the.hazard good hazard scenarios describe.where it is happening environment who or.what it is happening to exposure what.precipitates the hazard trigger the.outcome that would occur should it.happen consequence any other.contributing factors rarely is a hazard.a simple case of one singular cause.resulting in one singular effect more.frequently many contributing factors.tend to line up in a certain way to.create the hazard here is an example of.a hazard scenario in the metal shop.environment while clearing a snag.trigger a workers hand exposure comes.into contact with a rotating pulley it.pulls his hand into the Machine and.quickly mangles his fingers consequences.performing the analysis to perform a job.hazard analysis you will need to ask.some questions what can go wrong.the workers hand could come into contact.with a rotating object that catches it.and pulls it into the machine what are.the consequences the worker could.receive a severe injury and lose fingers.and hands.how could it happen the accident could.happen as a result of the worker trying.to clear a snack during operations or as.part of a maintenance activity while the.pulley is operating.obviously this hazard scenario could not.occur if the pulley is not rotating what.are other contributing factors this has.it occurs very quickly it does not give.the work a much opportunity to recover.or prevent it once his hand comes into.contact with the pulley this is an.important factor because it helps you.determine the severity and likelihood of.an accident when selecting appropriate.hazard controls.unfortunately experience has shown that.training is not very effective and.hazard control when triggering events.happen rapidly because humans can react.only so quickly performing the analysis.how likely is it that the hazard will.occur this determination requires some.judgment if there have been near misses.or actual cases then the likelihood of a.recurrence would be considered high if.the pulley is exposed and easily.accessible that also is a consideration.in the example the likelihood that the.hazard will occur is high because there.is no guard preventing contact and the.operation is performed while the machine.is running by following the steps in.this example you can organize your.hazard analysis activities hazard.control measures use of one hazard.control method over another hire in the.control precedence may be appropriate.for providing interim protection until.the hazard is abated permanently in.reality if the hazard cannot be.eliminated entirely the adopted control.measures will likely be a combination of.all three items instituted.simultaneously risk assessment code okay.we've gone over the process for.conducting a simple job hazard analysis.now let's take a look at a method that.adds a little complexity to the process.but we'll refine the jha a little.further we'll do this by applying a risk.assessment code or RAC to the process.the risk assessment code is used to.evaluate both the severity of a.hazardous event and the probability that.a hazardous event will occur initial RAC.for each hazard ident.I determine the initial RAC note the.same process applies for the interim and.final RAC this is a qualitative.assessment of each hazard to determine.the level of risk high medium although.this gives us a means to prioritize our.actions a risk ranked this high will.require more urgent action than one that.is rated low interim and final RAC.you'll also want to develop interim and.final re C's in the process.interim RAC is based on interim.protective measures put in place until.the final corrective action is taken.final RAC is based on completion of all.mitigation measures including long-term.items this process allows us to.determine how effective our interim and.final controls are at reducing risk next.I will show the process to go through to.determine our RAC for each identified.hazard severity of hazardous event as.noted the first step in determining the.initial RAC is to determine the.worst-case credible outcome of a mishap.that could result from the hazard.identified this takes some judgment.however if the same person or persons is.aa assigning RAC s for a given jha the.results will tend to be consistent and.will produce the results that is.required let's look at the table see how.this works.you.probability of hazardous event the next.step in determining the RAC is to.estimate the probability of occurrence.of the hazardous event which is the.likelihood that an identified hazard.will result in a mishap based on an.assessment of such factors as location.exposure in terms of cycles or hours of.operation and affected population in.other words how likely is it that the.identified hazard will result in the.worst-case credible outcome for this.hazard again let's look at the next.table.you.risk assessment matrix.you.risk assessment matrix high risks are.raised to management's attention and.corrective actions are taken immediately.on issues requiring long-term.Corrections the hazard or hazards are.abated by an interim method medium risks.are reported in the established systems.and interim corrective actions.instituted until the issues are.corrected low risks are reported in the.established system and corrective.actions are taken as resources permit.using a job hazard analysis how do I.correct or prevent hazards after.reviewing your list of hazards with the.employee consider what control methods.will eliminate or reduce them the most.effective controls are engineering.controls that physically change a.machine or work environment to prevent.employee exposure to the hazard the more.reliable or less likely a hazard control.can be circumvented the better if this.is not feasible administrative controls.may be appropriate this may involve.changing how employees do their jobs.short and long-term controls hazard or.mitigation controls may be short and/or.long-term short-term controls can be.implemented immediately.for instance PPE long-term controls.require more time to implement for.instance redesign the work environment.to eliminate the hazard frequently short.and long-term controls are used.catastrophic events should never occur.as the result of a single failure.discuss your recommendations with all.employees who perform the job and.consider their responses carefully if.you plan to introduce new or modified.job procedures be sure they understand.what they are required to do and the.reasons for the changes what else do I.need to know before starting a jha the.job procedures discussed in this video.are for illustration only and do not.necessarily include all the steps.hazards and protections that apply to.your industry when conducting your own.job safety analysis be sure to consult.the OSHA standards for your industry.compliance with these standards is.mandatory and by incorporating their.requirements in your job hazard analysis.you can be sure that your health and.safety program.federal standards OSHA standards and.regulations technical information are.available online at www.osha.gov why.should I review my Jha periodically.reviewing your job hazard analysis.ensures that it remains current and.continues to help reduce workplace.accidents and injuries even if the job.has not changed it is possible that.during the review process you will.identify hazards that were not.identified in the initial analysis.why should I review my Jha it is.particularly important to review your.job hazard analysis if an illness or.injury occurs on a specific job based on.the circumstances you may determine that.you need to change the job procedure to.prevent similar incidents in the future.if an employees failure to follow proper.job procedures results in a close call.discuss the situation with all employees.who perform the job and remind them of.proper procedures.anytime you revise a job hazard analysis.it is important to train all employees.affected by the changes in the new job.methods procedures or protective.measures adopted when is it appropriate.to hire a professional to conduct a Jha.if your employees are involved in many.different or complex processes you need.professional help conducting your job.hazard analyzes sources of help include.your insurance company the local fire.department and private consultants with.safety and health expertise in addition.OSHA offers assistance through its.regional and area offices and.consultation services use the same link.to the OSHA document which provides.contact numbers near the end of the.publication www.osha.gov slash.publications slash OSHA 3071 dot html'.even when you receive outside help it is.important that you and your employees.remain involved in the process of.identifying and correcting hazards.because you are on the worksite every.day and most likely to encounter these.hazards new circumstances and a.recombination of existing circumstances.may cause old hazards to reappear and.new hazards to appear in addition you.and your employees must be ready and.able to implement whatever hazard.elimination or control measures of.professional consultant recommends final.words review and approval process before.we finish up let's cover a last few.items there should be a review and.approval process in place for Jha be.sure to record who originally developed.the Jha Jha should be reviewed by.someone who was not involved in the.development the person who performed the.review should be listed finally an.approval signature must be added to.denote that this is the official Jha for.this job pitfalls to avoid Jha can.sometimes be difficult to sell to.management there are thousands of jobs.performed and not enough resources to.perform this type of analysis for all.jobs answer get started and cover them.over time properly defining the job and.job steps can be difficult and.time-consuming again get started you can.always revise and divide or combine.their initial jobs defining a complex.job in two or three steps may not work.add enough steps to get the job done.completing a Jha just to meet a.requirement and then never using it is a.waste of time make sure there is enough.follow-up to ensure implementation.establishing a requirement with no.oversight to ensure that the expectation.is met is another pitfall to avoid.manage the process to ensure this.doesn't happen completion of a Jha and.never reviewing or revising remember.jobs can change over time constant.review is a must thank you feel free to.share this video on Facebook Twitter.Google Groups and whatsapp you can also.share it with your professional network.on LinkedIn if you like this video hit.the like icon to support us subscribe to.the channel and hit the belacan for.updates.thanks for watching.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Job Hazard Analysis Form online

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Job Hazard Analysis Form FAQs

Check the below common problems about Job Hazard Analysis Form . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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