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in america everyone counts and the 2020.census is how that great promise is.kept respond today online by phone or by.mail and help inform.hundreds of billions in funding for.education.health programs and more shape your.future.start at 2020census.gov.just 45 days before the election 45 days.before the election but voting has.already started.as you heard senator kamala harris say.there 50 000 votes have already been.cast in north carolina.the problem is according to report by.538.in north carolina absentee ballots have.uh already been sent back.and the state has been updating.statistics on those ballots daily as of.september 17th.black voter ballots are being rejected.at more than four times the rate of.white voters black voters.have mailed in 13 747 ballots.with 642 rejected or 4.7 percent.white voters have cast 60 954 million.ballots.with 681 or 1.1 percent rejected.in addition 434 ballots cast by white.voters 127.ballots cast by black voters were marked.spoiled which can mean literally.spoiled for something as simple as a.voter informing the election office.if they that their address if they.requested a ballot is wrong joining me.now to talk about what's going on in.north carolina is allison riggs chief.voting rights council.interim executive director of the.southern coalition for.social justice allison glad to have you.uh on here.now this is one of the greatest concerns.in fact i was just reading the story.where chris wallace of fox news was.saying.that the greatest concern with bail in.voting is disenfranchisement because.you have to follow every single.procedure when it comes to mail in.voting is that.is that what's going on in north.carolina.well so since that 538 report came back.we have over 70 000 absentee ballots.uh that that have been returned i want.to clarify one thing that was in a.footnote in the 538 report which is that.technically no absentee ballots have.been rejected yet.what 538 is counting in that category.are voters with witness information.missing.and um and spoiled ballots i do want to.note that there's a federal court.injunction.in place in north carolina prohibiting.the discounting of absentee ballots.when voters haven't been given adequate.notice and an.opportunity to be heard if there's a way.they can fix that.those ballots so these numbers are.concerning it is.absolutely the case that we seem to have.a very significant.racial disparity in black voters um not.having.access to witness uh witnesses and.witness information.um being incomplete and i think that's.very likely a consequence of the.socioeconomic.uh and health disparities we see in.north carolina and across this country.um but there are going to be.opportunities for voters.um in that group to correct their.ballots and we will be doing targeted.outreach in the counties.um that we are seeing the biggest.numbers and i can tell you right now the.four biggest counties where we're seeing.ballots.not being accepted are durham cumberland.um and pitt counties uh and brunswick.county so we'll be doing targeted.outreach to those counties to make sure.those counties.are informing voters about what they.need to do to get their ballots accepted.and if there is a problem.making sure those voters get get the fix.in their hands as soon as possible.so walk folks through this because again.rules are different in.in each state what does north carolina.require.if you use a mail-in ballot what must.you do you mention a witness.yep north carolina has one a you either.have to have a witness or a notary.sign your absentee application your.absentee application.is the envelope in which you put your.secret ballot.so we have and it's thank you for asking.because there's a lot of.misunderstanding north carolina doesn't.mail absentee ballots to anyone.um without a request being made so it's.a two-step process.a voter requests an absentee ballot um.the local election officials mail the.absentee.application and ballot to the voter the.application is the envelope.the voter fills it out uh things that.the voter needs to do on that envelope.they need to sign it.um missing that signature it's.folks forget that they need to sign the.envelope and and you heard senator.harris mention that.um on your show just now they also need.to get a witness the witness needs to.sign the absentee envelope and.print their name and their address um.for that.application um to be completed so so.so who can be a witness anybody um.so the witnesses there are a few.restrictions on who can be.witnesses um but largely um it it there.there are very few um uh exceptions to.that.that if you live in an assisted living.facility as of right now you generally.can't have anyone who works there.political candidates can't be witnesses.what i want to distinguish is though.there's not a lot of restrictions on who.can be a witness there are some.significant restrictions on who can.request or return an absentee ballot.for you north carolina law wants you to.keep your hands on your absentee.um materials so you have to be a near.relative in order to essentially take.possession of someone's absentee ballot.okay and and that's the thing that we.have been cautioning people you need to.understand the rules in your state.because they vary from state to state.and.if you skip any one of those things that.can.invalidate uh your about so so what's.happening is.somebody doesn't sign the back somebody.doesn't spell this out whatever.so they're sending it back allowing.those folks an opportunity.to correct that correct yes in north.carolina.it's not necessarily the case in every.in every state.so some other state you might screw up.and you never know you screw up.your ballot gets tossed that's right and.and we want folks to be keeping an eye.out for phone calls and mailing from the.county county boards of elections.because we don't want you to.accidentally miss a notice that there's.been an issue with your absentee ballot.i mean that that all that you're.describing.frankly gives folks a headache um and.this is also why what you're seeing i.mean look virginia today began early.voting.there were massive lines there are a lot.of people who are really saying.look if you want to bounce trump look.forget.donny play the game with the melon.ballot take precautions stand in line.i i can tell you that in north carolina.i'll be voting early in person i've.already made my plan to early vote i'm.voting on monday october 19th.if in north carolina we have more early.voting sites and hours than we ever.had before and our grassroots groups.have worked so hard for that.um if you go an early vote not on the.first couple of days there's lots of.excited folks.wanting to wait in line on the first.couple of days but if you go during the.week.especially monday through thursday mid.morning or mid afternoon.uh you're almost certain to avoid lines.i'll be wearing a mask and gloves and.bringing my own pen but i will feel.100 safe voting in person and then it'll.be.done and i know i will know my vote um.didn't get lost in the mail or didn't.have any issues.allison riggs chief voting rights.council interim executive director.of the southern coalition for social.justice we surely appreciate it thanks.for all of the good work that you and.you're doing there and and yes.grassroots organizations fought.republicans in north carolina.who for the last decade have been.screwing over people there.uh it was an arduous fight uh repairs of.the breach naacp.democracy nc so many others have been.fighting.to make it fair for everybody to have.the right to vote so we certainly.appreciate it.thank you all right thank you so very.much let's go to our panel folks rob.richardson is the host.disruption now podcast michael brown.former vice chair democratic national.committee finance committee.dr leon bay carter howard university.department of political science michael.i want to start with you.uh look this is this isn't this is.unlike anything that we've seen before.we've had hurricanes in the past we've.had tornadoes we've had floods we've had.natural disasters hit.areas we've never had frankly.a natural disaster hit the entire.country.and so a lot of people are looking at.voting by mail and we just got to keep.pounding.every single day follow every single.step because.even greg palace was on before he said.even in a normal election.you know 20 i think was 22 percent of a.million ballots get tossed and so.it's probably gonna be a lot higher that.could very well be the difference.between who wins and who loses in the.state.absolutely now you know for someone like.me who lives in a.very very traditional blue state here in.the district of columbia i still tell.people when i.when i speak to folks you know what.there is nothing wrong with if.everyone in dc for example is going to.get a.absentee ballot they do not have to use.it they can go and vote in person they.can go early voting.but what i've told folks two things uh.wear two masks if you want to protect.yourself even further.wear a set of gloves if you need to and.that and request.a paper ballot i know folks like the.technology.i get that but the one thing you can't.well of course you can mess with.anything.but what limits it is a paper.ballot and of course going in person of.course some folks don't want to take.that risk.but roland you and i have talked about.this before that's why when you were.just having that conversation.about what's going on in north carolina.that's why there need to be.uniform federal regulations relative to.elections.not one state can do this another state.can do that.and why is an election day a holiday.so there are several things that can be.done i know we're dealing with this now.and those aren't the rules.but folks need to follow as you just.mentioned step by step.if not go to the polls it's too.important.if you have to stand in line for a.couple hours stand in line.people are walking through again just.trying to.get walk folk through the dots like okay.if you do this you got to do this if you.do this you got to do this.because this is unnatural for lots of.people which is also why i've been.saying to many folks look if your state.has early voting so for instance north.carolina does.texas does south carolina doesn't if.your state has early voting.forget november 3rd don't even think.about november 3rd.get it done through early voting correct.absolutely yeah completely different no.no one want to do.that oh i'm sorry i was just going to.say you know the thing about it is.you know we hope that people only have.to wait 30 minutes or a couple hours we.know that people are waiting.seven hours eight hours they're making.this painful.for people to participate in the.electoral process um and i think what we.what you were all just talking about.with north carolina but we saw it in.florida as well.um is that you have a lot of people who.are inexperienced.with mail-in ballots they don't know.what to do with them because they're.in-person voters traditionally.so i'm i'm with you um michael and with.you roland that if you can go early vote.go early vote.um don't take the risk on the mailing.ballot if you don't know how to use that.particular modality and and and you know.hopefully it'll only take you an hour to.but on election day we know it will take.hours and we know.the folks who are most on the margins.are the most likely to get discouraged.and give up and we don't want that to.happen so if you can early vote do that.and if you can't use or you don't know.how to use the paper ballot.um if you're not comfortable you know.it's okay to switch.and go vote in person well and the.reality rob is that again uh it it it.varies.it varies at what time you go it varies.into look if you decide to go early.voting.and you do it after 5 pm that's what.other people are getting getting off of.work and so so you got to figure out.again.uh the right time also in your.particular uh.place find out the rules because you may.be able to vote at any early voting.location in the city.as opposed to one particular location.that you're assigned to.yep it depends i actually know in ohio.it's you usually have to go to your.board of elections but it varies.everywhere but you.you can do it like three or four weeks.earlier no know the rules in your state.each one of them are differently i agree.they shouldn't be but we have to operate.in the world as it is not how we wish it.would be.and but we can get it we can push it.that way but we can only do that if we.actually vote and participate.and everyone here and all the audience.knows how important this election is so.i would tell people this.uh for those listening you likely know.the rules if you don't make sure you do.then get five people that you're.responsible for because there's.i can guarantee you that some of us know.all of us know five people that.may or may not vote but for our.intervention.and so we got to make sure that the.people that sometimes vote.do vote and we take ownership of those.people we take agency.because this is this is just too.important period well again we also.can't assume well there are people who.follow who watch this show who are.informed voters.who because i kept saying go check your.status went back and realized they had.been purged.and so uh we need you to go to go to.vote.org.so a couple of sites you can go to folks.there are several sites you can go to.they're all tied into many of uh the.same databases vote.org is one of those.sites this is the.site right here where you can check your.registration to see if you've been.purged.if you have you can re-register if.you've not been registered to vote you.can do so right here you can request.your application.by mail you can also sign up for fill.out the form for the census.all of that as well uh there's uh.there's another site uh i will um.uh vote dot com you can also go to.iwillvote.com.another place same thing check if i'm.registered.register to vote vote by mail vote in.person uh you can go through all of that.and so.take advantage of the resources folks.and be.prepared that's what you must do in.order to have an.impact on this election as i said early.voting has started in some places.it's you know look not all places uh.have like for.virginia starting today texas doesn't.start until october 13th.uh and so it varies they also don't have.voting there.on sundays because they got rid of that.because they didn't want souls to the.polls.so just just understand exactly.uh what is going on and when we talk.about voting folks.uh they are being long lines look this.is a photo someone posted.uh right here in virginia on the first.day i'm talking about.folks in line uh all across.virginia uh they were there was some.video folks are posting and let me tell.you something right now.this is the thing that i keep i keep.telling people uh.michael that in fact somebody actually.posted this video is pretty cool so this.is a.they actually sped it all up so watch.this here go to my ipad so watch this.folks that's how many folks were in line.at one particular location.across the street down this huge path.across a second street it kept going.it kept going it kept going.to a third i mean that gives you an.indication.uh how where people are look we're going.to have.huge turnout michael we saw this in the.primary we saw this.where democrats were breaking records.all across the country.you've got a high republican enthusiasm.as well look.it's going to be uh i think i think this.is going to be a record election.and as the doctor just mentioned.patience.is going to be part of it because what.45 is telling his folks.is he's showing him the same kind of.video and saying i don't care what you.have to do that day.you do not leave do not get discouraged.you stay in line and vote.obviously for him presumably and our.folks have to have that same.tenacity on not just november 3rd but i.agree with you roland can't be just.about november 3rd it has to be.also related to early voting go in early.take care of it early then you don't.have to worry about november 3rd and.those kind of lines.but patience tenacity and understanding.the importance.of what's going on here in our world.that we are the best.armchair quarterbacks after elections.we as a people have a tendency to say oh.you know what my vote wouldn't have.mattered anyway.yes it would have oh they weren't going.to do anything for our community anyway.well when you don't vote they make.decisions on who they're going to help.so also one last thing when you're.talking about procedures.if you do get to your polling place and.for whatever reason you've been purged.or there's some confusion.ask for a provisional ballot.they have to give it to you you vote yes.it gets put in another box.but when your issue gets resolved then.it's taken out of that box.and counted so don't walk away well no.no no no.in some places because some places they.own some places they only.some places only count provisionals if.they're they're within one percent.uh of the candidates so that's that's.one of the issues.correct but still do it because you're.definitely not going to get.counted if you walk away take your ball.and go home absolutely at least make.sure it's in that box.yep yep um.uh yeah we actually had a race uh.decided here.way back was a judge running for uh for.a county position.and it came down to provisional ballots.and she won by i think it was like.15 or 20 votes like that happens a lot i.think virginia had it.had it had a case the coin flip tie.exactly which was determined.which allow republicans to maintain.control of that.uh particular house uh that chamber in.the general assembly.yeah would have made the difference yeah.well just uh two days ago.uh they had uh several progressives won.in the state of delaware.one sister she won by 30 votes over a.40-plus year.incumbent i mean so again folks every.vote does indeed matter.unfiltered video in just one moment our.community comes together to support the.fight against racial injustice.i want to take a second to talk about.one thing we can do.to ensure our voices are heard not.tomorrow.but now have your voices heard in terms.of what kind of future.we want by taking the 2020 census today.at 2020 census.gov.now folks let me help you the census is.a count of everyone living in the.country.it happens once every 10 years it is.mandated.by the u.s constitution the thing that's.important.is that the census informs funding.billions of dollars.how they are spent in our communities.every single year i grew up in clinton.park.in houston texas and we wanted to we.wanted new parks and roads and.a senior citizen center well the census.helps inform.all of that and where funding goes it.also determines.how many seats your state will get in.the u.s.house of representatives young black men.and young children of color are.historically undercounted.which means a potential loss of funding.services.that helps our community folks we have.the power.to change that we have the power to help.determine.where hundreds of billions in federal.funding go each year.for the next 10 years funding that can.impact.our community our neighborhoods and our.families and friends.folks responses are 100 confidential and.can't be shared with your landlord.law enforcement or any government agency.so please take the 2020 census today.shape your future start at.2020census.gov.

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