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Tips on completing the Used Car Sales Receipt Form

youtube video

Used Car Sales Receipt Form : Customize, Finish and save

hey everybody Jeff here from car buying.tips calm and welcome back to the.channel since 1999 our team of consumer.advocates has been both protecting and.educating you the American car buying.public in all areas of buying cars new.cars used cars leasing financing and.avoiding scams well today we've got a.great video for you here for those of.you who are interested in selling your.car yourself so if you're trying to sell.your own used car yourself instead of.trading it in at the dealer then we've.got all the best top 10 tips here for.you okay now selling or trading in your.used car can be a really daunting task.for a lot of us there's so much involved.and then trading it in at the dealer.you're going to be spending hours and.hours there negotiating with them and.negotiating and not knowing how bad.they're gonna rip you off and all of.that but let me just say that on average.from what we've seen over 20 years of.doing this is that most dealers will.give you about three to six thousand.dollars below current market value for.your used car they have to take that car.turnaround condition it a little bit and.resell it and make a profit so they.typically will try to make about $3,000.profit on a used car so that's why.you're going to be low-balled like that.so I just want you to make sure you know.about that but we are here to guide you.through this so here now is our top ten.tips for selling your used car tip.number one determining the correct.selling price for your used car this is.the public the toughest part that most.people blow it and drop the ball but.we've developed a pretty good scientific.approach to determining what is the.correct selling price for my car we've.been doing this for years and years and.years and and here's the approach that.we have a lot of people like to go into.the car dealerships either with like.Kelly Blue Book values or with Naida.book values but see the problem with.that is that no matter what book you go.in there with the dealers will say oh we.don't use that we use this so they.immediately discredit your data here but.what they can't do.as they cannot discredit recent sales on.eBay in the last couple of weeks.especially because many of those sales.on eBay for used cars are from other car.dealers because car dealers are the.biggest number of sellers on eBay for.used cars ok so selling your used car.here in 2020 starts right here on eBay.we're trying to figure out how much your.car is worth so here for example we're.going to assume that we have a 2017.Toyota Camry that we are trying to sell.so you'll come right down here and we.will pick Toyota and then Camry and.we're going to choose used and then find.a vehicle and it will come back with all.of these vehicles here and a lot of.times you can easily identify which are.the car dealer ones here because they.look very professional but there are.photos here so now what we want to do is.we want to concentrate only on the ones.that are sold so a lot of people don't.realize that you can go in and find out.how many were sold here and you do that.by scrolling down here until you get to.the show only area here of the window.and when you see that you can click on.completed items and sold items so when.it comes back up here let's see if it.tells us how many had narrowed it down.to 759 results and I want to do sold.items because that will tell me exactly.the ones that actually sold and so you.can see these green numbers here are.indicating the final selling price here.for you so this is really what you need.to know here and then from here so it's.showing a hundred and seventy two.results here now on the unnies so from.here you just go through here and you.find one that's close to yours and I'm.actually gonna assume here actually we.can do it here we can check off 2017 so.there's six of them that's sold in the.last few weeks so if you look here you.can see that I mean the prices are kind.of all over the map here but they are.mostly in the teens the low to mid teens.as the final selling price of these here.and so what you want to do here is find.one that has the mileage closest to.yours here right so you just click on it.like this and this is what you want to.do you.want to print this page out right here.that way if somebody tells you oh your.car's not worth it you could say yes it.is because here's what somebody bought.for on ebay just recently here so this.one here ended on April 22nd here we are.in mid May right now all right so what.we do here is is try to find more of the.cars here that are pretty much around.the same specs and model number and trim.level and all of that as yours and the.mileage and everything and that's what.you used to to put an end to any of the.low ballers that are going to come now.you're going to get a lot of low ballers.that come to look at your cars now you.are going to get a lot of low ballers.that come to look at your used car that.you're trying to sell and so having this.type of printout that you can put right.in their face and show it to them.that's mightier than the sword so you.can see how the written word is very.powerful here this is mightier than the.sword because the car dealer will give.you something like this when you go to.buy a used car that has the the value.already written on there but that's all.bogus material here what you go in with.is something like this this is what you.will show the buyer of your used car.here - something like this that shows.all of the research on what the.completed listings are on eBay and.they'll either buy it or they won't but.if they're trying to lowball you you can.use this against them to put that tactic.down tip number two for selling your.used car yourself and that is don't.trade in your car at the car dealer now.a lot of people think oh that's what you.do you go to buy a new car you trade in.your real car but they don't realize.they don't stop to think people think.that trading in your used car you're.going to lose the most amount of money.possible so most car dealers on average.from what we have seen over the years.they will give you between 3000 and 6000.dollars below the market value for your.car as we've mentioned before but here's.where it gets worse folks remember.things always get worse right before.they get much worse so if your car is.over say.four or five years old that becomes.harder for the car dealer to resell.because it's very difficult to get.financing on cars that older and then of.course the interest rates are higher too.so it's harder for people to qualify so.all around has a harder push for them so.if your car is that old the dealers are.going to give you one quarter of the.market value and let me just stop and.let that sink in again folks one quarter.of the market value we've seen it.firsthand before because years past.we've traded in a car too and that's.what happens that's what they do because.they'll come back and say look the car.is basically worthless to us even though.I know you think it's a whatever number.of thousands of dollars they go it's.it's worthless to us so if you want us.to take us this is all we can do because.they'll cry on your shoulder and they'll.say we have to take it to the auction.and dump it off there because we're not.going to be able to sell it so that's.the problem there so simply by selling.it yourself online like eBay Craigslist.you know cars calm cars direct all of.these other you know online sites here.you're going to get probably $3,000 more.minimum then you would get by trading it.in at the dealer okay step number three.make sure that you know some pretty.decent negotiating tips here for selling.your used car here to combat lowball.ores now you're going to get a lot of.tire kickers and low ballers that come.and especially you know when you're.dealing online and you know virtually.every item we ever list on Craigslist we.always get contacted by some low baller.who shoots for the 50% mark so whatever.your you're asking they want to offer a.50% those type of people I don't even.dignify them with a response just let.them sit there wondering you know maybe.they'll move on to another one but once.they come and haggle the price of your.car here use the things like we showed.you before and step number one here this.type of stuff here that sets the value.don't let them set the value let this.set the value and they'll use other.tactics though look all over your car.and find every teeny tiny scratch and.dent and this dimple and this car is in.horrible shape compared to the cars I've.been.they'll try all sorts of tricks on you.and you can say hey no matter what this.is a normal wear and tear on this car.this car is worth this amount of money.even with the wear and tear that's on it.it's par for the course otherwise it.would be a new car and we would be.charging thousands of dollars more.another excuse they'll tell you is oh I.don't have much money you know I've only.got a little bit of money and you just.shut them right back down.look the value of my car it's still.worth what it's worth no matter how much.money you have in your pocket and just.because you can't afford it it doesn't.make my car worth any less money so.these are the things you need to do to.to shut them down those are the the.common things you're going to get so.we're making you smarter than the car.salesman here today because the car.sales mean they they do this day in and.day out all day long they know how to.negotiate with tough people and now so.do you okay now back on our car buying.tips calm website we have a fully.detailed article there which is what.this video was based on with a lot more.details for you on selling your used car.so I'll put a link for that for you down.in the video description below so make.sure you check that out after you see.this video - okay selling your used car.tip number four is to eliminate any.fears that the buyers have against.buying your car so what are the two most.common fears that the buyers have here.well first of all they're worried that.your car was in a wreck you need to let.them rest assured that it wasn't if your.car is indeed with a clean title and no.accidents and then the other thing.they're worried about is is there's.something major wrong with it that I'm.gonna buy the car and a week later it's.going to die so those are the two things.you need to head off you head off the.first one here by doing this you can.provide them with this vehicle history.report here and this tells them.everything about the car if it's ever.been in an accident it's got all the.mileage updates on here and everything.like that and we have other videos on.that that you can check out as well on.vehicle history reports this will put.their mind at rest if indeed there were.no accidents on the car and if there was.an accident and maybe it was minor it'll.show up in here and it will say minor.accident.we'll say airbag not deployed and I've.bought two previously wrecked cars that.did not have airbag deployed which is.perfect because that's what you want it.means it's a minor accident the other.thing that you can do is you can bring.your used car with the buyer down to a.repair shop and have them put it up on a.lift and do their normal check out on.the car to put the buyers mind at ease.but don't pay for that service.let the buyer that's their.responsibility and if they ask you to.pay for it just say no because you could.pay for it and then they turn around and.walk away and not buy the car so let it.be on their responsibility and not only.that if they pay for it.chances are they're more likely to buy.the car from you because now they've.already invested in it.okay selling your used car tip number.five here market your used car the same.way that car dealers do now these people.are geniuses they know how to sell cars.okay so why not sell it the exact same.way they do how do they do it they blitz.all of the different online sites here.so you put it on eBay.you put it on Craigslist you go to sites.like you know cars comm cars direct true.car whatever the major sites are and a.lot of times I'll see the same car from.a car dealer listed on all of these.sites here because not everybody goes to.eBay not everybody goes to Craigslist.and by putting it in all of these.different sites you're capturing each.little segment of the market and getting.maximum exposure for your used car.selling your used car tip number six be.aware of the online fraud now believe it.or not there are ways to rip people off.that are selling a car online and some.of the common ways especially on.Craigslist for example the minute you.list a car online they'll start emailing.you within minutes and they'll say oh do.you have a CARFAX report or something.like that or an experienced at report.and you'll respond back to them and.they'll say oh here please click on this.link and go run this VIN report that way.I'll know you're serious and that I can.I can be confident in buying your car.the only problem with that is it's this.no-name little site that they're sending.you to and they're just getting money.off of the VIN report here they're not a.real buyer for your car and tonight she.is tracking the latest online scam with.the help of carbyne tips.com and this.one involves bogus vehicle.identification reports here is.Christina's report so he says hi is your.1997 jaguar xj6 you know Ford or Greene.luxury sedan for sale still text message.is a response to a straw sposta bout a.used car for sale sounds innocent right.nobody talks like that they would say hi.as your Jaguar still available but look.what happens next the buyer requests a.vehicle history report and sends Ostroff.a link that turns out to be an unsecured.website enter in credit card information.and they're just emailing it to.themselves so now they have your credit.card number it's a complete total.paradigm shift you think you're selling.a car and you're ending up walking into.the vortex of a phishing scam hofstra.also cautions of frauds using Craigslist.to gain your confidence there it is the.warnings there and they always ignore it.anytime you hear the words Western Union.cashier's check shipping company when.you hear those kinds of things you need.to run as fast as you can because.Craigslist is local use only so you know.don't fall for them the other trick is.is as soon as somebody tells you please.remove your advert that's how they'll or.take the listing down or something that.because I'm gonna buy it that's a fraud.too so don't do that.because they're trying to just get you.to get that thing off of line so now.that they're focusing with you back and.forth and what they're gonna do is.they're going to most likely send you a.check that's three or four thousand.dollars more than your asking price and.when you get it they're gonna insist you.put it in the bank you put it in the.bank the check will clear okay and then.what happens is they tell you to Western.Union cash back to them the the overage.that they sent you and then of course a.couple of days later the check will.pounce so you'll be in big big trouble.and in the past people have even gotten.arrested because their banks file.against them criminal charges even.though they were just innocent victims.okay so be aware of all of these frauds.and we also have a really good thorough.thorough article on car buying tips calm.about these frauds all of these online.frauds that you're going to see so we'll.put a link to that down on the.description and you make sure you do not.miss that one so don't think that you're.just going to come in here and watch our.video for a few minutes and think that.you're ready because you have a lot of.homework ahead of you over the next few.days you should really be spending a few.days studying all of this stuff here so.that you'll be ready for anything that.comes your way okay.selling your used car tip number seven.make sure you use our used car bill of.sale form that we have over on our.website car buying tips com we'll put a.link to it down below it gives you a.nice professional write-up of the sale.to complete the paperwork between you.and your buyer and it has already been.successfully used hundreds of times.thousands of times all over the country.and we've used it for many cars.ourselves at the DMV so it is definitely.acceptable by the DMV and we'll put a.link down on the video description below.for you to go to our website to get it.okay.selling your used car tip number eight.fixing up your used car so this is kind.of a controversial point because a lot.of people can't decide should I spend.money and fix up my car fix all of the.things are wrong the AC is not working.should I dump two grand into fixing that.the transmissions bad should I dump.$3,000 in the fixing that and I always.tell people no my preference is no don't.spend a cent on it because no matter.what you do no matter how much you spend.on it.if my preference is to save all of that.money and spend it on your new car not.on the old car spend it on your new car.and that's the best way to do it now you.should certainly wash and wax your car.you know give it a little wax on wax off.clean it off vacuum then clean the.carpets make it the car as clean as you.can possibly make it inside and outside.and that's really all you need to do you.know if there's something major that.maybe you can fix really cheap yeah sure.go ahead but for the most part I.wouldn't spend the money on it selling.your used car tip number nine make sure.you have a good set of maintenance.records for your car this isn't just.rhetorical talk people we have three.cars and we have a notebook like this.for every one of our cars in every.single oil change that we do is in here.all of our papers from when we bought at.the window stickers in here the title.all of our oil changes are in here every.repair we've ever made is in here.receipts for the batteries you should.keep them in there because you need them.to get the warranty but this way here.this shuts down any argument that the.buyer has that you didn't maintain their.car well how do I know you did your oil.changes on time which one which one were.you talking about I got it right here.this is why you should always have a.good professional looking see like this.nice notebook all ready to go with all.of your maintenance records okay so on.your used car tip number ten here don't.be afraid to let buyers walk especially.if they're low balling you some people.may get intimidated didn't think oh this.is it I'm not gonna sell the car if I.don't give it to this guy for this price.no let that first second or third guy be.your practice you know so what you do is.you gather all of this intelligence.you're on listen to every word these.buyers are saying and find out why.they're not buying the car and use that.to better your chances on the next buyer.your car might not sell today or.tomorrow or even next week it might take.a few weeks it can take a month but.somebody will buy it so I am a firm.believer folks that when you know the.value of an item that you have for sale.there's no reason for it to sell any.less than that so let them walk fuels.like what you've seen so far and you've.learned.lot from this video hit go ahead and.give us a thumbs up just click on that.thumbs up button down below that tells.us that you like us and if you haven't.subscribed gift to the car-buying.tips.com channel yet hey why not go.ahead and click that subscribe button.down below there and click that little.gray Bell icon next to it and when you.do that make sure that you choose to.receive all notifications from this.channel that way when we upload a video.you'll be notified well that's it for.this week folks thank you so much for.checking in with us and we'll see you on.the next one.[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the Used Car Sales Receipt Form online

You must be drawn to a multifaceted solution to electronic signatures for Used Car Sales Receipt Form . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Searching for, a single online application that does not need any more installation.

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Used Car Sales Receipt Form FAQs

Notice answers to questions about Used Car Sales Receipt Form . Find out the most welcome topics and more.

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I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I change my address in the Aadhar card?

Ofcourse you can change your address in aadhar card online. For this process, your mobile number must registered with your aadhar card. Follow this guide. Visit Uidai official site Click Chane/update aadhaar details online Next screen click update aadhaar care details online Now enter your aadhaar number and mobile number Now you will receive otp on your mobile number, enter it and click login Next update options select “Address “ Next enter your correct address Again confirm it Next screen select address proof document and upload selected document. Next screen choose bpo provider, you can select any. Subm Continue Reading

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