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show.everyone he knows the lyrics.he has a fancy color can i just say he.has fancy clothes and everything.but i feel like that guy.is enjoying himself he's enjoying his.own.company so i'm like you know.i i applaud that can i just say one more.thing.uh the guy driving the car is the white.guy that thinks.that eminem is the greatest oh no no no.no no no no no no no.no no no let's not even go there.it's like i think it's.i love i love i love it wait it has.happened to us.when you meet more than one white guys.that have only listened to eminem.and they go on and on about how.eminem is the greatest rapper of all.time.when they've only listened to it i.actually want to beat my own face when i.hear that you know i just have to bite.my tongue.so hard and it's also like oh come on.when we met that guy we laughed at him.yeah.i mean it depends on how you judge it i.just find his voice.so extremely annoying that he is noise.pollution.anyway i want to say like uh that guy.i don't have a problem with i mean i.have a problem with him saying if he.says that.if he's into hip-hop and says that.eminem is the greatest.rapper of all time i'm like this guy.needs to be cancelled.taken off the streets but long story.short yeah you're getting to the.to the the nice to me yeah yeah.so uh if you're on purpose.put the most annoying noise possible.on the street and you do it early in the.morning.you do it late at night so you know that.every person i'm driving by here.can you imagine if you're out for like a.40 minute drive how.many apartment buildings will you pass.and in one of those apartment buildings.how many people will be sleeping and.knowing that you have woken.all of them up yeah are you happy now no.do you feel good about yourself.i don't would your mama be proud no no.she would not stop i think there should.be a law.restricting the decibels of.car engines and motorcycle engines yeah.i'm just saying.you mean the ones that like.they pop like yeah like it's supposed to.like it's.feel it sounds like it's it sounds like.it's dying yeah pretty much yeah.and it's just meant to make noise yeah.it's like oh come on get over yourself.we don't need you no one thinks you're.cool talking about cars.i recently went to the post office.to get a new i i did this.for jenny so jenny you have a.german driver's license yeah yeah you.you.you took your test in sweden we moved to.germany.and your uh your your driver's license.was about to expire your swedish one so.then you just exchanged it for a german.one yeah.and now we needed to exchange it again.for a.british one because of brexit you never.know.that might be a good idea yeah if jenny.wants to drive in the future it's.it's annoying if you're like oh i have.to take the test again so it's easy now.when we're.still kind of in europe does that mean.that i might not be able to drive in the.eu.later yeah oh yeah yeah of course.so um so we've.filled everything out and we took a.photo of jenny for.horrible for the driver's license.and then i'm supposed to.pay for the driver's license it's like.you don't have to go to.like in the u.s you have to go to the.dmv and you have to be in line and.for five hours and people say it's the.worst thing in the world here.i just have to send in this form.uh and my and jenny's driver's license.and your passport and it comes back a.couple of weeks later.hopefully um so you never have to go in.super simple.but there is like sometimes in this.modern world.you stumble up on something that is like.are you.serious and this is this is one of those.things.uh i i look on the form.uh at home and i'm like okay i have to.pay.43 pounds to exchange your driver's.license.yeah not that expensive um.and i i did this myself.many years ago i think it was the same.amount then i think it was.good good job um anyway uh what was i.saying.um you're paying for it yes i'm paying.for it so i'm like okay where do i pay.probably on a website probably on the.dvla.website so you you pay it there and then.it's fine.but no they only take checks.and no one has a check anymore like.like an actual cashier's check yeah yeah.who who has ever.like a checkbook check yeah and it's.like you know it.in sweden it does i've never even seen.one.and in the uk i don't think anyone has.ever seen one yeah so you can either pay.with that.or a postal order what is a postal order.a postal order is something you go to.the post office.and then you pay for it there so pretty.simple.uh why so instead of paying online you.go to the post office you send it off.and you pay for the postal order then.you get a number.that you have to put in to your form so.you.you go there you say i want to send this.postal order.and then you put it in and then you.close the envelope so it's it's it's.like a proof that you've paid or what.yeah exactly so then they can check.that number to see that you you paid so.i go to the post office and like okay.it's weird that i have to pay here.so i'm like okay i'm paying for this.it's 43 pounds it's going to this.address like uh and.she's like okay uh so that's 43 pounds.i'm like great.take out my card she was like oh it's.cash only.and it's like just to get your driver's.license.you have to pay with cash and i'm like.oh oh okay uh on i checked my wallet i'm.like oh.like who has cash so then why.because you're only paying to get a.number anyway it's not like you're.putting the cash in the envelope.so she's like what you can do is pay by.card.here and then we take the money.and pay for it kind of so i'm like okay.so you're paying for the cash and the.cash is paying for the postal order.yeah or something like that so i'm like.oh.so i'm still paying by card she could.have just said let's do my card but.so i did pay by card there wasn't a.problem at all it's just like.when you meet something that's like oh i.can't pay online and then when you get.there it's like oh it's cash only.what for a driver's license which is.pretty.you know modernist yeah like a normal.thing to pay for.but how is this safer than just paying.online like i don't see the reasoning.behind.anything i think it's just not updated i.think it's just a system but what for.30 years yeah 70 years.like how how long has like credit cards.and debit cards been.around like for normal people.40 years i don't know yeah 50 i don't.know.when when i started working at the.supermarket.in sweden in 2000 barely.anyone used cash yeah 20 years ago.and then when you move to another.country it's like oh it's all cash like.but i don't understand cash especially.now corona times you know.true so should not touch cash that's my.driver's license.uh story yeah but um maybe you need to.explain.why you paid for my driver's license i.think.probably people are wondering what's.going on here why isn't jenny doing.this by why are you filling in the form.and paying for my driver's license oh.because i.take care of like everything that's.going on in our lives that's like.you you do content and you write and you.do.a bunch of those things and i i just.take care of.of life yeah so yeah david that's why.david is actually like i could we could.joke about it but.like for real david is my manager that's.his role.but you're also like my house husband in.a way because you do the.laundry and you buy food and yeah i take.care of a lot of stuff.yeah jenny is just and also i think it's.weird because like.i wonder like if you look at that like.um very traditional dynamic of like the.housewife and the.working dad yeah.i wonder if the working dad.always has some vague kind of.guilt okay about it.because i feel uh not even a vague i.feel like a very.apparent like in my face guilt about.like you doing more of the housework.because it's not.like uh in a way it's not like um.what's it called relationship that is.equal yeah what's it called when it's.unequal no what but.you know what i mean equality yeah well.you know that that equation.yeah so we have a relationship that has.gone from being.equal to not being equal because we have.just.decided who is gonna do what yeah but.if you count like sweat and and blood.and hours we spend.as much time doing work or like.housework or work but it's still not.equal in how we divide it.no and i feel guilty about that yeah you.should.and he's like and i wonder if.if we ask that housewife person yeah.if you're the housewife person of this.dynamic do you feel.guilty is there guilt on both sides no.not at all.i'm not guilty at all i'm like okay you.feel like.you are doing more than your bit.uh i don't know i feel like i'm doing.something.yeah i feel good about it yeah yeah yeah.so.you never feel guilty about like i want.to know if anyone is listening.has been in that dynamic where one.person.do more of the homework and one person.works more for money.if it's a good situation for you yeah.for me it's it's.guilt for me yeah i i get that i'm not.that guilty so.i'm i'm good yeah do you remember a.couple of days a few weeks ago.i got shampoo in my eye yeah.[Music].what do you mean do i remember oh my god.i mean okay let me start the story i'm.in the kitchen.cooking my food and i i hear the.neighbor or someone out on the street.going like.and i think it's like a kid playing or.something and then after a while i'm.like wait is it actually in the flat.and i'm like here like i go in the.bathroom david is in the shower.i'm like what's going on did you call.for me yeah you can go ahead and tell.the rest of the story.okay so basically we had this new.shower yell with one of those pumps and.it's it's made in a way.that is not your regular pump it's it's.very.designed this whatever brand it is.so when you push it down it really.sprays out.yeah and like a squirt yeah and it.like you really have to like catch it.because it's like it.slides it goes it like.because uh on the bottle.after you used it once there's some.left that dries up just then the lump so.yeah so then the next day.the spray will go left the next day he.would go right.and and the pressure will be really high.so we'll really have some force.so i'm like i'm putting my hand in front.of it pressing it down.towards me and it sprays the whole.spray comes straight into my eye nothing.missed my eye and i'm like it flies.straight up.yeah it flies straight up into my eye.and and first i'm.i'm like oh like you don't think it's a.problem yeah i'm like.oh it's fine i'll i'll i'll just i'll.i'll just rinse it so i have to start.rinsing it.and then the pain starts and it's like.it's.super duper painful this is i have to.say it's also like.organic supernatural products but.it's like it hurts an incredible amount.so first.i'm like jenny and then i start.screaming more and more like.jenny like because i you know i'm.panicking.and i have to be at the dentist.in 45 minutes so basically i have a.dentist appointment in 45 minutes.i'm just jumping in the shower and this.happens.so i walk in there and i see this.such a like a soppy wet sad.mess of a person who is like the shower.is still running yeah.she's like kind of panicking but also.kind of huddled in the corner like.covering his eyes and like.like really like looking like so.dejected and so depressed.and what i find so incredibly cute is.like i'm like.did you call for me you're like yeah i.got soap in my eye and i'm like.really did you call me for that like i'm.thinking that in my head like.what am i supposed to do about it like i.find it so cute that like when you.realize how painful it was.your first instinct was like maybe jenny.could help.let me get her in here but you could.help because i'm like.you know i'm trying to rinse it and.everything and it's like it's just not.working like.and and you need someone to tell you.what to do yeah but.you went you got uh a bowl of.water basically so i just dipped my face.in there and just like.uh opened my eyes and closed it and like.rubbed it and stuff.uh and you know the the severe pain was.there for like.probably 15 minutes like really bad and.it became better and better and better.i i made it to the dentist and but your.eye was like completely.bloodshot like so red yes look at your.pink eye.yeah and at the dentist.they were fixing a tooth that.is very problematic because it's so deep.the whole.the the cavity well no well the.tooth is actually super deep so when.there's a small cavity that they're like.it's really hard to fix this so they.might have to do a root canal or.something later.but so i was in there for an.hour and a half of her just trying to.like.fix this she did like a bunch of.different things it was like the longest.time i've ever spent at the dentist my.uh like the corner of my mouth is like i.have like this big rash there just.because it like it.hurts so i became super dry and it hurt.so much when she was like going in and.out with.stuff all the time yeah and at the same.time i'm having pain in my eye.it stayed like that for like 24 hours.when i woke up the day after.my eye was like completely you know.yellow.oh [ __ ] sake and stuff.david it is monday morning people are.having breakfast yeah but it was.much better day after but it really the.whole for the whole day.it was painful i mean when you come in.from the dentist you were like i'm just.gonna go.and sleep for a bit to close my eyes i.can't even keep it open.you have to take a a nap for the eye.yeah oh terrible.shampoo so you had like the eye you had.like an extreme cavity and she said like.oh this is really the dentist said like.oh this is really going to hurt for you.when the when the what's it called the.anesthetic what is it called yeah people.know what we mean.i think so when that comes off it's.gonna start hurting and then your lip.got this like.sore thing it's like it was not your day.was it no no.i i also went when i when i got home.from the dentist because i.i went i was like i need a nap.and it was partly because my eye was.so much in pain but also because i had.my mouth.wide open for an hour and a half and it.was like pain in the back of my head.from like lying like this and i was like.i was exhausted.from like you know physical pain started.screaming.three hours earlier and then being at.the dentist for an hour and a half and.then coming home i was like.i'm so tired that was not your day david.it was but you ended that day with.eating two.cupcakes from whole foods you ate a.burger.you ate sweet potato fries what else did.you eat.i was like i need to i need i need some.meat you ate chocolate.you hate crisps so i mean i think you.yeah i think you ended that day on a.high note.no you know what we have a little.question of the week.from one of our patrons over on patreon.it is from molly kanwen uh i.i'm guessing welsh last name.maybe kenwood kane.win yeah maybe irish irish i don't know.molly hey molly gainwin kenwood.so she has a question for us.how do you deal with rejection i'm an.artist and currently applying for lots.of.exhibitions and prizes etc and got a.rejection today it wouldn't normally.upset me so much but it was a themed.exhibition that was something i pride.myself on in my work.she also goes on saying i'm trying some.i'm trying out something similar to my.friend's.new year's resolution she did a few.years back where she aimed to apply for.at least 100 things and aimed for 100.rejections.this was because in theory there is a.percentage where you will be accepted.however throughout applications you can.own the explanation of your practice.work and get used to rejections.so how do you deal with rejection.what a great question molly and i love.this idea of.aiming for 100 rejections it.it it's similar to when when i was a kid.i used to go to.like horse riding schools which is.horrible i don't.like i am not pro horseback riding.yeah um i think it's it's not something.we should do towards horses jenny was a.much.worse person back then yeah i even went.fishing when i was a kid david.i have killed a fish oh my gosh.jenny's going to hell i'm i'm i'm.repenting.okay every year repenting more and more.so anyway when i.used to go to horseback riding they used.to tell you that you're not a real.rider i'm not sure what that word is.called in in.english equestrian i'm not sure it's.like so you're not a real rider until.you've fallen off a horse.100 times yeah and it's okay so it's.horrible that it has to do with horses.but if you like delete that bit of it i.just love the idea of that you have to.go.through failure to be a success yeah um.and i think it's the same with rejection.like you have to.go through rejections as kind of a rite.of passage.and i listened to this interview with.kylie reed.the author who wrote um what's her book.called.you want me to google it uh such a fun.age okay.uh it's become like a really um big.seller this year.and i just did an interview with her and.this in this interview.always ends every episode the the it's.called.write writing writer's room writing.chriselle writing google hattie crystal.writing.so this hattie chrisall she always ends.the.the episode asking everyone she's.interviewing like what are you most.proud of like what's your most proud.thing i'm writing with hattie chriselle.on writing i in writing in writing.in writing with hezekille kylie reed was.on that show.and she asked hattie kristel asked kylie.what's your mo what's.what are you most pro proud about.because she always ends every episode on.that uplifting note.and kylie really said something that i.cannot stop thinking about and i think.it's.so wonderful she said that you know i'm.paraphrasing but she said something like.i'm most proud about all my rejections.yeah and the interview was like.wait what do you mean like how can you.be proud of your rejections i was like.have you talked about this on the.podcast before but it's just.you talked to me about it i told you.about it because i found it.empowering she was like yeah i'm proud.of.getting all these rejections during.years and years and years of my life and.still not giving up learning how to take.something as horrible as a rejection.and then still stand up you know dust.yourself off and keep on going yeah.so her proudest moment wasn't you know.all this.my book got a great review here or got.on this list over there or this prize.the the success wasn't her proudest.moment it was the failures.it was keep going after the failures.and the rejection and people telling her.that she can't do it.and i think that's such a wonderful.sentiment that like.being proud of believing in yourself.although.people tell you that like because when.you get a rejection it's easy to take it.personal and be like oh they don't like.me or they hate my work or i'm not good.enough.but it like rejection of course is very.but especially when it comes to the arts.is so subjective and also it might be.that.you know your work is amazing it's just.not right.for that publisher or gallery or.whatever it is that you're applying for.so i think that just looking at it as a.writer.passage as it seems like molly is.already doing but also.when you do get a rejection and you stop.doubting your own work.it's so easy to get extremely depressed.by that you're extremely depressed and.i've been there myself.many times in this line of work but what.always helps me.yeah go ahead no you can jump in but.also you're not.in that uh like in one way you have your.own company and you.you haven't got rejections from going to.um uh to to like apply.for jobs or things like that what you.uh what you get rejected on.is a video not.having enough views i don't see that as.rejection i see it more likely.but but it's like it's it's a similar.thing to at least be like.hmm this video was a failure was a.failure.compared to the last video yeah hmm.what's wrong and it's it's.usually like title and thumbnail yeah.that's like 90.of it but but that's not what i mean i.mean like more.you know that clients that you want to.work with turn you down.or if you have a project that you want.like.someone to sponsor or help you with and.you get that turned down.or like you want to get into a specific.you know.event or something and you get like.actual rejections or like.applying for literary agents and getting.rejections from that.like i've been through like the normal.type of rejections as well a lot.so what i really when when i get when i.start doubting myself because of that.and i feel like my work isn't good.enough.what i always do and which always help.is to.turn to the people who are the opposite.of rejectors.okay and that is my own community like i.go to my.instagram my facebook group my patreons.and i just hang out with people who have.already chosen me.yeah what's this the opposite of.rejection dejection.subjection ejection ejection.i go to the people who have ejected me.elected elected me that's it that's it i.go to my electors.yes and i just let them tell me how.great i am in every type of way yeah.like if we go to the masters facebook.group it's always going to be.it's going to make a good time nice.friendly and people are going to tell.you that you're amazing.if you go to our patrons discord yeah.it's like.the most amazing place ever i have to.say.one thing there with our discord i'm.there i'm writing.more than anyone in in those groups.jenny has been there once well you lurk.i like it but you you rick then once.and everyone was like oh jenny's here.oh no did you feel like you weren't.dishing any time.like the queen uh gifs.like the queen is here ooh and i'm like.who the [ __ ] am i well you can be the.prince babe.you're not the queen you're not the.queen of stadia i am.you're not ashamed so when i'm around.you they.they discard you as a broken toy sweeps.in and just.waves a bit with their hand yes.and that's a lovely thing to be able to.do of course.not everyone has been elected online and.has a.you know a community of of patrons like.i do but.i think most people have some kind of.electors in their lives people who can.just fluff their.confidence a lot so floppers fluff.fluffers are great we all need fluffers.to tell us that we are amazing.but the thing is like if it's your best.friend or your dad.you might not trust that they are the.best like.you know uh judge of your professional.artistic work so i think that the best.way to be.rejection proof no one is rejection.proof but at least.rejection safe is to.find a group of people who you trust.their judgment of your work.so a lot know a lot of authors like way.before they're ever published they have.like their.writing group where you discuss your.work you get.good criticism like great feedback on.your work so that you.both get fluffed but also get critiqued.on how to become better.and hopefully getting fewer rejections.in the future so i'm.pretty i'm hoping that there are similar.groups for.artists musicians whatever you kind of.creative industry you want to break into.um so maybe using the internet for what.it's for.which is connecting to people and.finding other people that you can.discuss your work with.and with any type of art uh it's so.subjective.so it's like i if i get.a rejection on something that is very.subjective.um i'm like i i don't know how serious.i'm supposed to.yeah yeah how big of a deal is it yeah.so for instance like i've gotten.critiqued on.my writing we need to go to break any.second.all right let me say this find a bit.done i think i i've gotten critique on.my writing.that like some person might critique the.plot.another person might critique the.character and love the plot.yeah and love the plot so you're like.who am i supposed to trust here.the only thing i've never been critiqued.on with my writing is my actual writing.my language at least that that conflict.like confidence in myself yeah it's.intact yes that's great anyway moving on.thank you.molly for the question wonderful.question if you're one of our patrons.go to our discord and leave questions of.the week.we love it and uh thank you for that and.now it's time for a little break.molly please show us your work in the.patreon so 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profession.i i don't want to single out molly again.but.molly's become like the symbol of this.whole episode but molly.check out skillshare yeah they offer.classes designed for real life.and all the circumstances that come with.it creative self-discovery and.expression can settle your mind and.spontaneous acts of creativity can help.break up the routine of a day indoors.so skillshare's short classes are a.perfect fit so.go to skillshare.com mustards.where you get two months for free of the.premium membership that's two months for.free at skillshare.com.mustards let's go learn something yes.finally.always a big thank you to our patrons.yes thank you for supporting us on.on patreon you guys are the absolute.best i can't believe how many of you are.there now i know right not talking to us.in in the discord and just.supporting us every morning every.morning i have a mail.in an email from patreon saying like oh.these are the things people.are discussing in the discourse on.patreon so i just the first thing in the.morning i just read.whatever you guys are talking about on.that and it just oh it's just the.loveliest community but you had.something there.on patreon yes so basically a few days.ago i.posted a short story of on patreon.because it's actually the first piece of.fiction.that i i've ever posted and i wanted to.do.anywhere anywhere because i wanted to my.first.piece of fiction i wanted it to be in.like a small.closed group which is like with people.who are.very cultured yeah very cultured like.it's a very.bookwormy movie geeky cultural bunch but.also it's just like a very.small safe space because what i wanted.with this was to get.like early readers beta readers and just.get some feedback.how are you feeling about my fiction.writing uh so i wanted that from a small.group first so that i can like.yeah so go to patreon and check that out.if you want to read.it's a it's a romantic story i think.so if you want to read it go to patreon.and please do let me know what you think.i'm dying.to get your feedback on it yes and back.to the show.and we're back we are back uh netflix.oh yeah there's a new movie out on.netflix called.uh cuties i don't know if it's.out when this goes up or if it's go it's.out like two days after or something i.love that title.cuties what a great title for them it's.a french movie.uh it won a prize at the.sundance film festival this year and.it's about these uh pre-adolescent teen.girls that.are dancing basically in which city.france city.basically uh what what has happened here.uh there are over 200.000 people that want to stop this movie.[Music].so so what has happened here uh.netflix released a poster for the movie.so wait it's a french movie it's been in.cinema maybe it's not in cinema.but it's been released in france already.or is it not only netflix's.it's it's i think it's only only netflix.because it's um.uh because of covet so so it went.straight from uh.from sundance to netflix all right uh.netflix.but it had it at some point it had like.a french.poster already itself before yeah.so they have been like distributing it.or maybe not maybe just like going.through the festivals.yeah exactly so netflix.did a social media campaign and they.released this poster for this movie.and it's called cuties and on this.poster we can show it here for the.youtube viewers.on this poster there are four young.girls.dressed in in tight dancing clothes.and in sexually suggestive.moves maybe like they're posing in a.very.yeah yeah exactly so.i mean it's not like overtly you know.it's not it's not like for for for.karen's out in the countryside it.definitely is.i mean it is it is a very like like.very sexualized process and it's a very.weird poster.but it's not like they're having sex on.the poster or being naked.so what happened was that uh.immediately when this poster came out.and people said.this is sexualizing young girls yeah.yeah agreed i agree agreed i agree uh.netflix said the same thing they're like.really sorry we messed up.yeah we agree this was maybe not the.best poster.they're trying to sell this as something.which is not they're trying to sell it.as a sexy.film no like like probably.like teething feel like a film that not.sex.i would say they're trying to sell it as.something provocative so that people.will say.oh my god what is this i need to click.it yeah and i mean to.like to be fair netflix have you ever.seen a single post on netflix.which isn't like overly sexy this was.12 year old girls though yeah that's the.difference that's that's the problem.there.but anyway well i mean it's a problem.that everything is overly sexualized.but uh change.org.there was some people that started a.change.org petition.to remove the film from netflix so not.the poster but the actual.film yes without the film even being.released or they don't even know.anything about the movie they're like.let's ban this movie.and i think it's the same people that.wants to ban.yeah the penis frozen penis fro the.frozen penis from a couple of weeks ago.and the.giggling truck the giggling troll doll.because this.this is are we back to penises again yes.this is what the change.org petition.is saying uh-huh this movie slash.show which means they haven't even.checked.if it is a movie alright series.this movie slash show is disgusting as.it sexualizes an 11 year old.for the viewing pleasure of pedophiles.and also negatively influences our.children.there is no need for this kind of.content in that age group.especially when sex trafficking and.pedophilia.are so rampant there is no excuse.this is dangerous content over 200 000.people.have signed it there's probably more.people now um.and netflix of course they they didn't.uh.like uh take down take.they just removed the poster and they.had.uh the previous french poster which was.much more telling of the movie yeah yeah.so first of all can you say i love the.i love the the expression the viewing.pleasure.of pedophiles for the viewing.so basically what they're saying is that.netflix puts.a film on their service.with the the sole purpose.of giving pedophiles viewing pleasure.exactly because if you're a pedophile.looking for viewing pleasure.you go to netflix you don't go to online.porn yeah.it's just like you go to you go to.netflix uh anyway but.so uh but but it's it's this it's this.whole.thing screaming again just like the last.time with with the dolls with the trolls.doll.that was like this is pedophilia this is.the.hollywood trying to sexualize everything.and it's the pedophile rings and the.pizzagates and.and everything it kind of feels like the.same thing yeah and.when you if you take five seconds to.read about the movie.um the movie is made by a french.senegalese black woman uh talking about.her own experiences.and the film comments on the.hypersexualization of pre-adolescent.girls.so it talks about the problem.that netflix then kind of does yeah.netflix kind of did here but and then.people are it addresses the same issue.the change.org thing immediately yeah if.you just read.what the movie is about but that's the.whole thing it's like but i.the movie band the movie because of this.poster netflix like.we're changing the poster and like the.movie is.something but the people who started the.petition.or the most like adamant petition.signers yeah.it's if they saw if they didn't see that.poster and they just saw the movie.would they feel like oh you went on.karen's yeah.yeah that's the thing but anyway like.would the.the people behind the petition if they.saw the movie would they be.on would they be on the same side as the.movie.would they be like oh this is great this.is the content we need.or would they still find stuff to.complain about in the movie do you think.oh the people that started.the uh the the petition aren't clever.enough to understand.any subtext in a movie i think also it's.french it has subtitles you know.yeah they will never watch it yeah i'm.just but i'm.just feeling so bad i'm feeling so.extremely bad for the filmmaker yeah.because here she is.she's talking about her own experiences.it's highly personal.and she does it in a way to criticize.the hyper-sexualization of pre-teens.and when she does that she pours her.heart and soul into it.when she does that netflix cooks up.and now she is being taken down.as a pedophile pleasure yes she has.uh closed down her twitter account.because she got so many threats.because of this oh my god people people.what's wrong and she she's she this is.her first movie.she she went to sundance she won the.award for.best directing in uh world cinema or.something like that.so it's like she's like yeah i've made.it.and netflix is gonna release it which.means you know a.movie like that will maybe have an.audience in france.but it's like it won't reach further.outside.of that sphere now if it's on netflix.a bunch of people will watch it yeah and.especially now.but yeah but also i feel like we hear.this story.over and over and over again of people.fighting really hard.to get their voice heard to get their.art.seen and to just like take something.that they've created and make it.mainstream enough so that a lot of.people will see it and enjoy.their work speaking of molly again be.careful what you wish for molly because.maybe.you will be a success and then you will.be taken down on twitter so you have to.delete your account.who knows you know but you know.yeah don't even try it no but but.seriously it's like i find it.so painful to hear these stories of.you know artists influencers musicians.whatever people who are just trying to.express themselves and they get so.[ __ ] harshly judged over and over and.over.she got threats so she closed on her.twitter like she.she she gets attacked there is this big.petition to take down her movie.because of uh uh misunderstanding yeah.that's the whole thing she has nothing.to do with that post on netflix it's not.like she's the photographer behind and.they also misunderstood what the movie.was about yeah just because they.saw uh they saw a young girl in.dancing outfits dancing outfits and they.were like oh my god if i'm getting horny.from this a lot of other people oh no.no david i'm not saying me i'm saying.the person that did.don't say that so what do you think.you're like i i've said everything i.thought um.no i think i think the the obvious.result here is that.netflix apologized and challenged the.poster that would should have been it.i find it like extremely sad that this.very cool brave woman is.like she got her dream her dream.happened.for all of it to just like you know.crash.and burn for her her name is my muna.de corey sorry for butchering.the whole name there i think you said it.beautifully yeah thank you thank you.uh yeah directed by her and so let's.support him look forward to watching it.yeah we're gonna watch it and hopefully.she will.make many more films for us to to see.we'll be back next week with our review.we're like that was.child pornography well you never know.yeah anyway that that was it that was it.about netflix and their new.movie uh can we move on to.uh aunt becky going to jail.yeah so okay.when was this even like you know it.seems like a while yeah yeah.last year i think it was that it all.came to light the.i'm talking about the uh college.admissions scandal in the us.which uh which what happened was that.a lot of rich and famous people.paid to get their kids into university.mm-hmm um and they.were it was a lot of people like famous.people.a lot of famous people but it's one.person that they have really focused on.is lori laughlin.who is aunt becky in full house if you.remember that.and and her husband mossimo giannuli.who is a fashion designer and.also one of their daughters olivia jade.is a famous youtuber.does fashion and makeup and she's like.what twenty.she's twenty i think oh twenty okay yeah.yeah and her sister is.21. so when she got out like when the.scandal happened.she had already finished school she was.in school she was in school they were.probably both.in school and they got kicked out so.their their parents.paid hundred thousand dollars to get.them both into.usc or ucla.i don't remember one of them university.of southern california usc.yes um and they.they were pretending to be recruits for.the rowing team yeah and that's how they.got them in.on a athletic something.uh so now laurie.the mother and father laurie and massimo.have been charged no i know have been.sentenced.uh laura is sentenced to two months in.prison.two years of supervised release uh.two years two months in prison and two.years of supervised release.mossimo got five months in prison and.two years of supervised.released release so it's it's not.five years or anything yeah did they.also get like a juicy fine.i doesn't say here actually.so i don't know what that.would be they paid 500 000.to a kind of like a a coach.person a person that is an expert in.doing these sorts of scams basically.they're cheating together it can be.anything oh so so now they're saying.that.uh olivia and her sister might also be.included in these like they might also.be uh.guilty guilty because.now it's come out that they knew about.this because they have to have known.about this.because they were posing for photos.pretending to be on a rowing team to get.in.so yeah guilty i mean of course.it's like they didn't have to know it.they might have thought it was like.halloween or something yeah exactly it.might have been.um so what i find.most fascinating about this story.because like it's.in one way a big story because it has.celebrities and everything.but it's a small story because who the.[ __ ] cares about these [ __ ] yeah.but what i found fascinating is what.happened after they got their sentence.a source adds that laurie and mossimo.are trying to serve their sentences at.different times.so the girls are never without a parent.they don't want to have any overlap and.leave the girls on their own.the source said they're trying to work.out a way.that one of them can be in l.a with the.girls while the other.is serving their sentence so wow.wow this this was probably this is the.most.privileged thing i've ever heard in my.life.of course i understand because this is.like a source said.that it's close to the family saying oh.this is what that might not be true but.no no but also even.even though uh.like behind closed doors of course you.would.have that conversation yeah yeah what.are we going to do about the kids.but looking at it so i understand why.they are discussing this yeah but.looking at it from the outside.it's disgusting how you can be like.uh okay so how can we how can we do.like every other week you take care of.the kids on the weekends excuse me judge.can i plan my own prison sentence around.christmas is really like christmas a lot.yeah i would prefer.to be like before what can we do.but then i'm going away from new york.and.maybe behind new year's i'm always at my.friend's christmas party.thanksgiving like so i got three weeks.there.and maybe let me check my schedule i.might have a couple of weeks in january.where i can do my sentence as well.so you know any poor african-american.family going to jail and.even thinking of the option of like so.who's going to stay.how do we plan this yeah how do we plan.can we can we petition to to have it.postponed a little bit yeah maybe you.can do two months here i'll do five.months there and then we'll like.figure something out and then we all.have christmas together as usual.it's it's so yeah you know what i have.to say.to the the two parents who are actually.trying to get this to work for them i.say you know what.first of all their kids are [ __ ] 20.yeah whatever.okay even even so i feel like.fair play there's no harm in asking like.you can.if you're polite about it you can always.ask.but i just feel like it's such an.extreme.symbol of entitlement feeling that you.should be able to decide yourself.when your prison sentence is and it's.just like a.further kind of proof of why they're in.this mess to begin with.um but i feel like yeah you can always.ask everyone should.always be able to ask you and you know.the judge might feel like whatever.i don't care because it doesn't really.hurt them.yeah but still it's it's a little bit.rich isn't it yeah.like you've just been sentenced you've.been you've just been sentenced for a.crime.yeah and your immediate response is like.how can i play this for.like my own benefit yeah because like do.you remember.uh jeffrey epstein when he first got his.first sentence in florida.his sentence was that he had to be in.prison on the weekends.yeah monday to friday he did whatever he.wanted he couldn't leave the.the state or something like that but he.did because there were like photos of.him going wherever on his private jet.but it was like and he stayed in prison.on the weekends.how is that possible how is that.possible.it's it's so incredible and like this.this is a similar thing i.still like of course they are discussing.these things and of course.like of course this family.is is hated yeah uh they have been.like really punished and more than.anyone doing.like a thousand times worse crimes.this isn't the worst crime in the world.yeah but they're plastered everywhere on.on the tabloids.because of their fame yeah and so of.course they already paid a lot.like it's been a it's been probably an.excruciating year for them of course.they've had.olivia tried to reignite her.youtube career last winter i think.she was like okay i'll try to upload a.video.but people are like we remember.kind of in the comments so she uh she.was like ah i'm not gonna.go there like but she's been kicked she.was kicked.out of school she so she couldn't finish.her education right.and also she is like very hated yeah so.i feel like maybe.leave her alone now.like yes i know what you're saying.because we don't need that drama.yeah and she also she was underaged like.it's just like was she well maybe not.and i don't know.how old she was when yeah maybe not no.but still yeah.so not the worst crime in the world.but just the thing that they have to.discuss.so when when are we doing our sentencing.because our 20 year old kids.can't be home by themselves yeah.a bit rich but yeah that was a bit rich.yeah.but at the same time you know like you.said.it's it's not the end of the world they.haven't killed anyone.so yeah they will just be shunned for a.couple.[ __ ] hell mel gibson came back if mel.gibson can come back.and vicky can fosho yeah exactly.she just paid for [ __ ] her before.we're [ __ ] her kids.for for her kids going to school yeah so.uh.obviously terrible for us i feel like.we're a bit uh we're a little bit spicy.today.i feel like we're a little bit spicy all.the time yeah that's jew.that's true you just you just called her.an ad you called on becky an [ __ ].in public david can we get olivia on the.podcast.olivia jade is that her name um i don't.think we could.no um not after you're calling her mom.an [ __ ] yeah take take that back you.didn't mean it.you didn't mean that right well he's an.[ __ ] that's that's.nice but we i if you feel that on the.inside.doesn't have to come out your mouth.david you're better than that yeah she's.she's she's a dumbass.i think that's it for this week it is it.for this week it is.again a big thank you to all of you who.are supporting us over on patreon.and for those of you who have been.already been reading my short story.it's uh it's a really good feeling i.have to say.so go to patreon read jenny's short.story let us know what you think.and and thank you for all the support as.always.as always you make this a podcast go and.don't forget to give us a little thumbs.up.and uh review wherever you listen on the.podcast and see you.or talk to you already next week.bye bye.

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This is Lissa Bryan again, since Quora only allows one answer per question. Ona Judge I thought Ona Judge’s story, mentioned by another poster, deserved its full attention. In 1848, one of the last living people enslaved by George Washington died. Her name was Ona Judge, and she managed to evade some pretty underhanded things Washington did to try to recapture her after she escaped to freedom. It's difficult for modern people to fully grasp the horrors of slavery. Today, when the concepts of rights, personal freedom, and autonomy are so deeply ingrained in our psyche, it's difficult to appreciate Continue Reading

What is proof of ownership of a car?

V5 shows it is registered to you, but not that you are the owner. This may be the case where the car is on a form of lease purchase - you never actually own it. The best method is probably the original bill of sale showing the payment made, and that it is full payment for the vehicle, identified by car reg or VIN.

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