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yes all right we're gonna just get.started here the presentation we're.going to jump right in and do the.indigent defense expenditure reporting.we're gonna go through a few items in.the IDE our manual then we'll jump over.to our reporting website and we'll.navigate a little bit through that and.then we'll discuss how to prepare the.report and I have sample information.that we're going to use nobody.volunteered their county's information.but a week ago I had a county call me.the auditor was no longer with them and.the county judge needed some help so he.had his assistant call me and their.information was really just two pages.there wasn't a whole lot there so there.wasn't really hard to actually help them.with that data but I thought it was also.a good size to just use their data and.then show you how the report ended up I.thought it was a good little sample for.everybody else to look at then we will.go and discuss some common errors when.we certify the reports you know after.all of y'all actually submit your.reports than the staff here at T IDC we.have to go through each one of them and.certify them we are trying to make sure.that the information is as accurate as.possible so there are some red flags.that we look for so I'm going to share.those with you so that you can start.looking for them yourself and maybe.prevent anything else.on and if we miss them you know then.that's just information that is wrong as.we go forward anyway and then at the end.I'm gonna we're gonna look at some data.sheets that are derived from the.indigent defensive report that you.report on and I want to I think it's.important that you know how your.information is being used the website.that we would do all this reporting is.public information and we get people.from all over the United States that is.actually looking at it I don't you know.we do have reporters that call and want.to look at it you've got your.legislators that want to look at it we.try to point it out to County judges.with those situations so the information.is actually being looked at and so we.want to make sure it's accurate as.possible and at the end we will have a.question and answer session because my.intention when I started doing this.training was really to tackle small.groups and let you use your information.and actually ask questions that pertain.to you but as I can't get across the.whole state just right before that IDR.is due we're just starting to do smaller.group versions so I do have one meeting.going on in the hill County Thursday and.then the second one in Midland County on.Monday so all it just right before the.report is doing but we'll try to answer.your questions I will tell you that.everybody on the IDE our staff our UT.IDC staff here were more than happy to.answer any questions that come up as you.are working on your report set them.first thing I'm gonna pause here and let.you write down this web link this is the.link to our TV IDC website and we're.going to go straight to the manual now.Edwin just prepared this manual it.finalized it and it was sent out I think.to all the County auditors are at least.the county official the financial person.listed for the county so if you end up.being somebody on staff that really.didn't get the report.you got tasked with doing this report.you might not have gotten this report.but this manual but you can you have.access to it and it's it's got a lot of.data that if you have questions you can.get answer it right away so this is the.front page of our website.and you've got grants and reporting.highlighted we're gonna go down this.front line online submission by the.county financial officer is due November.1st and we have manual this is the IDE.our manual for 2018 right below it is a.supplement if you've got a public.defender office and got the supplement.and there's additional information you.need to know for that so just click.that and it takes you directly to the.manual that and you can find it it's.only 28 pages but it's got a lot of.information now I'm gonna jump over I.saved the manual and in a separate file.and highlighted some spots I didn't want.to highlight the manual that's actually.available for everybody but let me go.over here and jump to it but I wanted to.make you aware that you have access to.this this manual you can get this.information front page this manual was.issued for fiscal year 18 we issued it.just this last this month the report is.due November 1st 2018 every year is.their due on November first first step.is to collect case and expense.information for each court from the.county's general ledger or invoices for.payment made to represent an indigent.defendant or juvenile respondent that's.kind of key information we just collect.the data that can be tricky for some.counties but that's the first step then.you're going to review the information.we need to make sure that the.information you're looking at does not.include data for civil cases or any.general government cost you got to.exclude all that next step would be to.log in to the Commission data website.which is what the website link is right.here and we start entering the data we.will go from there.we have attorney detail for each court.it's kind of separated out it's the.still part of initiating the report but.for a long time we had just a court.report and a few years ago the.legislature asked us to start counting.attorney caseloads and so we have this a.tourney detail report that's now.attached to it after you confirm to all.of the information that you did you.entered was what you wanted to enter and.then you click Submit and print the.resulting confirmation page that's this.process in a nutshell the table of.contents we've got four areas.we're gonna look at but I'm not going to.go through all of it because you can.read it as well as I can and it's kind.of boring to have someone read it to you.but there are a lot of things I want to.eat to point out to you this.introduction page has a lot of detail.that I think is important so I am gonna.read some of this all Texas counties are.required to submit the IDE are we do it.annually and we have government codes.every 9.03 six that requires us to do.this this report includes all eligible.indigent defense expenditures case.counts attorney information for each.court sorted by the level of case type.of expenditure and attorney so that in a.nutshell is the report that we're trying.to to generate here we capture the.expenditures for attorney fees licensed.investigators expert witness and other.direct litigation costs we have four.categories and case information by.attorney and we counties must track and.report expenditure case counts and.attorney information separately for each.court so I thought that was the.information you need it the due date is.November 1st 2018 this year and it's.covering October 1st through September.30th.now that's usually the typical fiscal.year for most counties but not all.counties follow that fiscal year but.that's what they are reporting on you as.the county auditor are the reason the.main person responsible for filing this.report sometimes the county does not.have an auditor it usually then falls on.the County Treasurer but the court the.county can weep or require anybody that.they deem necessary to report this um.changes for FY 2018 gonna bring this.several counties in Texas now provide.defense representation article 1517.hearings all these are often referred to.as a magistration court this is shortly.after the defendants arrest counties.that fund this defense represent a.Nastasia track the number of defendants.represented and amounts expended a week.ago I had a county call me because she.didn't know where to report her her one.case that had magistration written on.the invoice okay at this time I think.there's only three counties that we've.actually added like a magistration court.on their own for their County so this.isn't going to affect most of you if you.see in the words magistrate on an.attorney report you need to identify.which court was at the county court of.the district court that the case maybe.would have been charged in and then just.put the case at that level because you.are going to pay an attorney at that fee.but if if it didn't go further just stop.that registration we still pay for the.attorney so we need to report it.somewhere but we are talking on this.change is really for those three.counties indigent defense defined.indigent defense refers to the legal.requirement under the US and Texas.constitutions and Texas statute for the.government to provide an attorney.another defense cost on behalf of an.adult defendant and juvenile respondent.whose life or Liberty are at stake and.who are financially unable to employ an.attorney or payout or defense cost this.is your this is your Sixth Amendment.right everybody has the constitutional.right that if they are accused of a.crime that they have an attorney present.to help them walk them through the the.procedures and so if you can't afford an.attorney one gets appointed to you and.this is everybody's right to have this.counsel available to them to help them.in this situation so that's the cost.that we are trying to gather is just.what it's costing the county to defend.somebody as I mentioned earlier we've.got a lot of people looking at the.indigent defense information so we want.it to be as accurate as possible and.then we.also calculate the formula gram based on.the information partly based on that.total dog.our amounts that you'll reporting so.it's important on that level as well um.I'm gonna drop down here identify.eligible expenditures okay we're looking.at attorney fees investigation expenses.expert witness expenses and other.litigation expenses these are for.defending defense cost only you can have.these kind of categories in the.prosecution cost but we are only looking.at the cost for these four categories.when defending somebody we do need it.sorted by case types so you've got the.capital cases non-capital felony.misdemeanor juvenile and then all the.appeal levels for those four as well.right here we have some information.stricken like they're changing this rule.it said attorneys fees paid by the.county or managed to sign to represent a.defendant for contempt of court charges.arising from the civil action are.allowable as the representations limit.to the loss of Liberty and not the civil.action that is no longer the case it has.been kind of defined that if if a case.starts with a civil action it if it.started out at civil we're not going to.count it on the criminal side so I.mentioned that because that's changing.so if you had somebody I think the.situation is if they're in contempt of.court on the child support they might.get caught in that situation it started.out as civil it's no longer going to be.allowable generally unallowable costs.are general government cost prosecution.cost cost of operating a court system.court reporter court interpreter I.highlight these because these are some.of the areas that I still see issues.when I go out and look at counties.information general government costs at.this point we're done identifying.competency to stand trial is a general.court expenditure and is not considered.defense related expense.is the responsibility of the judge to.not prosecute anybody that's mentally.unfit to stand trial the prosecuting.attorney cannot prosecute somebody that.they know has mental is not mentally fit.to stand trial and neither can the.defense counsel so all three parties.involved in trial they cannot allow.somebody be prosecuted if they're.mentally ill so it to do the test to.find out that come goes under mental.health and is considered general.government cost so that's where I'm.seeing issues.the prosecution costs you would think.that's pretty simple because your.prosecutor's office usually has their.own set of general ledger accounts but.what happens in what I've seen is the.special prosecutor is a point this is.usually a defense attorney that's.stepping in and filling that role.conflict case or whatever well then when.you go to pay this attorney.he's already coded to be an attorney fee.and it goes to the court and so these.costs are sneaking into the attorney.cost on the ID er and you have to have a.way to pull those out if you've got a.special prosecutor throughout the year.so I have seen that Court Reporters you.have to have a court reporter in the.court in the courtroom whether the.defendant is indigent or not so that's.not allowable.although when a court reporter has to.transcribe a trial our hearing we can.clean those especially if you've got an.appeal case when you have to we get a.transcript prepared then that cost is.allowable on the ID our court.interpreters are the same you need an.interpreter in the courtroom whether the.defendant is indigent or not because the.judge is going to need them and so is.the prosecuting now if and the defense.attorney needs to have an interpreter.let's just say for sign language or.whatever just to help them prepare them.to.fence that will be a cost that we can.consider so I bring those because I have.seen those cost as allowable and this is.just that mental health evaluation not.all of them are eligible they are if.they're directly assist the defense.attorney and preparing a defense but.like I said the compensate to stand.trial those are not eligible case counts.we do want to count cases at the time.they are paid try to pay them at the end.of the case there are some in two.counties that pay interim payments but.we try to capture the case just one time.and if we all do it at the last payment.then we're capturing the correct data.for public defender offices their.accountant when they're disposed now.we've got a highlighted counting cases.should not be confused with counting.attorney fee vouchers or payments you've.got to actually sometimes those vouchers.have more than one case on their so you.can't just say count your vouchers all.up and then say that's the number of.cases you've got to actually have a way.to track the the number of cases on each.voucher now I do have some counties that.require that a separate voucher be.submitted for each case I've had.counties actually put in the description.line parenthesis the number of cases on.that voucher so then then they sort that.description they can pick out pick out.that information so sometimes you just.have them enter two lines or however.many cases are they'll Center a separate.line for each one even though nobody the.same voucher so bring that to your.attention the definition of a case for.purposes of the IDE are you want us to.bring that to your attention.if a single indictment or information.names more than wonderful.there is more than one case so the.example here is if there's three.defendants that are named that's three.different cases if you've got the same.defendant and they're charging more than.one indictment then there's more than.one case and then lastly if an.indictment or information contains more.than one count well that's one case see.I've seen vouchers that have eight.counts of this or whatever it's just one.case so I just brought that to your.attention if you have any questions on.how to count a case you can go here and.look that up there's some more.information here total cases um when we.get to the next step.cases with multiple attorneys appointed.will report it as one case on the court.portion of the report but then each.attorney will get counted in one case on.the attorney detail report so that may.not you may end up on the attorney.detail having more cases listed than you.do on the court report just some more.data here the attorney level detail I.think it'll be better once we start.looking at that data that you'll.understand this so we'll go on highlight.real quick the amounts reported on the.attorney level detail portion of the.court expended should tie into the.attorney fees portion on the court.report and you're only paying for those.fees so I'll bring that up when we're.looking at the actual turning detail.report this information here is for.template information if you need to.upload your attorney report you need.data put in these categories and the.rest I'm just going to leave for you to.go through and find out I think I hit.some highlights and.really useful information and a lot of.questions can be answered if you just go.through and look at this manual so I.want to make sure you knew it was.available I think there was even a.section on how to actually go in and.file everything so anyway we're going to.step out of this and we're going to go.so what do I find that okay I don't see.any questions at this time okay okay all.right so we're going to log into the.reporting database so here's the the.website all right this goes straight to.mind I'm already logging in I'm going to.log in so once once you get logged in.there was information if you don't have.your password to log in in the manual of.how you can get that information so that.you can log in so follow that but anyway.this is what my screen looks like it may.be slightly different from your screen I.think I've got a few administrative.things that I can look at that maybe you.know not available on your screen but.this is basically what it looks like.here we don't have anything selected.here we do have the Select year 2018.here I'm pointing out a highlight.formula grant discretion and grant.information and down here imogen to ID.expenditure report this is where we're.going so first step I'm just gonna look.at this status report I can already see.we do have Warren County that I've.completed and we'll talk about that in a.minute 35 counties are in progress we've.actually that's 42 that have submitted.but they don't have any two of them.don't have any attorney details and that.may be an issue but anyway we're looking.at this when I say Andersen.Andrews have already there in progress.sir I don't want to touch there I'm.gonna go to Angelina County just because.they're the next ones on the list they.have not started so I'm not gonna.interrupt anything with them but I just.wanted to look at that so I'm gonna go.up here and I'm gonna put Angelina.County in we're gonna look at 2018 we're.gonna slide down here to the idea.expenditure report I'm actually gonna do.this first one and this is the screen.that every county has a screen similar.to this that pops up oh let's see we can.you know if we had cases that closed.into that but were paid out if we had.cases that closed in 2018 but were paid.out of the 2019 budget after October 1.do we report those on 2018 year if you.paid it in 2019 and it's in that budget.I would count it in 2019 I know there's.a lot of people at this point that are.accruing their expenses just so you just.have to be consistent on this part so.when they're putting it in it's an 18.expense and they're trying to put it.into the expenses for that we're paid in.in 18 if you haven't cut off you're.still paying some stuff for but I think.if you're going into 19 budget you want.to count it in 19 but I have some people.they're trying to capture all those.expenses and 18 in like October and they.actually get them paid out but they're.still applying them to 18 they're.counting them so it's just be consistent.each year if you accrue them and you.count them don't count on the next year.but if you're gonna switch them and then.put them in a different budget here then.just count them in the budget that you.paid him in okay what was that second.question thank you the second one is.well okay you know there was one run.after that I think I said do win you say.oh I don't know where that is.all right oh can you go.sorry this is questions I'm with DeWitt.and i submitted our ID on through so i.think it's complete.okay we'll look at that one when we when.we look at some of these i'll pull yours.up we can look at it how do i get rid of.those questions okay thank you anyway so.we're in angelina county.so the fiscal year used by the county.most of you are going to be like I said.October 1 through September 30th and.there's a couple counties that are.different but the reporting period is.gonna be for October 117 through.September you do want to go to this.drop-down menu and select whether your.akashic whole modified accrual or other.the financial officer is already in.place here I don't mean to call her out.and I don't think that I am this public.information okay but anyway if you're.just somebody in the office that gets a.tasked with doing this report please go.ahead and put your name and your email.address and phone number here we will.contact you directly if we have a.question on it and that way it just it's.a middlemen out so looking at.reimbursements right here we've got.three categories of reimbursements the.first one is if you're if the judge has.required some defendants to pay back.court cost you need to capture those and.this is the amount that this is the box.that you're going to report that in in.most counties have some cost that.they've collected from defendants so.they fill this in these other two.reimbursements rarely do we have anybody.fill this in but it does happen total.amount we see from the state comptroller.for 11 point oh seven one wins of habeas.corpus not very many but sometimes it.does happen I don't get me two lion ribs.there's somebody returns it rinse it.does everything but sometimes they have.a conflict case and the county has to.have somebody do it and so the state.reimburses them for that that's what.that is but this other reimbursements.for amounts received for indigent.defense con.indigent defense costs from other.private or government grants we have.quite a few people that put the formula.grants that we give them in this box so.when we say other private or government.grants we're not talking about T IDC.grounds okay and I think last year there.was one County that we knew that didn't.receive some other grants funds for.indigent defense but mostly this is.empty the next group of boxes this is a.regional indigent defense programs and.we've got several going across the state.the one most counties are included in is.the regional public defender's office.for capital cases and so most counties.are included in that trauma is another.one we've got some counties that are.involved in the trauma report so we've.got a couple of things here we've got.three boxes total funds received from.participating counties so this is gonna.be for the host county Lubbock County.will be one of them and I don't know.beat County I think might be one so.they're gonna put information like the.dollar amounts that they're receiving.from the other counties there so that.does not pertain to most of us most.people are gonna be doing this second.line total funds paid to the host County.for the regionally different defense.program so every year if you are a part.of the RP do the dollar amount that you.paid for that year to be included in.that program you want to put in the.second box and then money that the.county is holding for fund balance I.think there's trust fund money for.Lubbock County when they go out and.they've got a capital case they might be.holding some money that's not expended.yet they'll report it there but you're.mostly concerned on this second box and.if you're part of both trauma and RP do.you combine the two amounts and put it.there.okay so then we get down to the court.report and this is a little different.this is the same set up on every County.but every County's got the different.courts in there on their system and it.just comes up this way.so for Angelina County they've got the.two district courts and tick.County Court at law this court ID number.each court is given that number assigned.that number and so you can look here.when you need that number to fill in.that template for the attorney detail.report that was one of the items that.they need it so that ID number is right.here.but either way so here we are at the.first of the court report so how do we.get to the court report well I'm just.going to double click on this first one.the 159 district court and this is what.the page looks like it's got the.district court the expenditure so we've.got four county of four expenditure.categories attorney fees investigation.expert another so you just have your.boxes then we've got assigned counsel.contract counselor managed to assign.counsel and then you do have a public.defender but we've got a separate.addendum for that reporting so that.would not go here but you've got these.three levels that most counties fit in.there and so you're also breaking each.court down whether they here Juvenal.capital felony misdemeanor and then the.different appeal level cases and this.front part is the dollar amount will be.reported here we just go on down a.little bit and we've got this is where.we want to count the cases for each.level and we're just putting the number.of cases and so you're probably defender.does follow you know it'll be reported.here because they will tie to your your.attorney detail report so this is it in.a nutshell we will show you some data.here and fill it in I'm going to click.right here this is one way to get to the.detailed attorney detail report here we.go there's only one line available.nothing's filled in at this time I don't.really want to change her report at this.time but if you reads in this.instructions you'll see this click on.load previous you can click on a.highlight right there if we clicked on.it.it's going to auto populate the bar card.and an attorney names for last year so.all that data is already done for you if.you need to add an attorney because.they're not on the list they were added.to here just go to the bottom of the.list and start filling out the.information and once you get click.another line will appear so we've got.two things we can also upload this.information if you fill out a template.which is was outlined earlier in the.manual there so I'm not going to upgrade.that but we'll look at one that's.completed here in a minute so I'm going.back to the firm front page I call this.the first page and this is court and.they've got a pencil here it takes you.to the attorney detail report as well so.there's two ways to get into that report.and you just double click on these and.you've got your county court at law so.you're breaking down these expenditures.by court and so that's the general.information that you need to have this.other information is addendums that most.people are not responsible for the.attorney practice time you're not.responsible for that is just there right.this time so you can ignore it at this.time all right I think what I'm going to.do now is I'm going to go show you this.data that we got now Hansford county was.the county the assistant to the judge.sent me the information I try to redact.some of the information because I didn't.want to really get it out there but it's.all public information there's nothing.it's really simple stuff so I'm just.gonna use it anyway so um they say if I.can explain this.okay that's going alright so like I said.she had two sheets this first she was.the district judge she said so it's her.district court cases and all of her.expenses.fit on one shape so there's not a whole.lot to count here oh let's look at this.one question where should we report.funds received from tea IDC for an.extraordinary disbursement grant that.helped pay defense cost on a capital.case let me hold on would we include.grant funding received for the.discretionary grant no you don't include.funding for the grant on that first page.where we were talking 40 IDC you don't.include it any of that there but what.you would include which is having going.on what do I do.the expenses that you actually incurred.will be included on on on your report.but the money that we gave you no we.don't want you to include that anyway we.actually know how much we gave you and.it's part of the formula grant it's.calculated in there so we we have that.information we don't want to be.duplicating those expenses so I hope.that the counting match um no no you.just have to include all the expenses at.this point and and then if you include.all the expenses and then we have the.amount that we give you then we're.already kind of including the county.match because it should be part of the.expenditures I hope that helps you.alright so let's go back this.information is real simple here but when.I took a look at it I know this case.number cv cv cv cv you had a couple.minutes something then we finally get to.see R and C R and in my experience.looking at some of these cases C V.stands for civil case and the CR is for.criminal there is a JV here.for juvenile he had an unindicted case.but I did ask the this administrator if.the CV was for civil cases and she said.yes that her district judged.here's civil cases so I said well we.have to back all that information out so.she had twenty nine thousand seven.hundred and eighty dollars told you it's.not a whole lot of money it was just on.one page go to where we rotate this view.she also had a list of the attorneys and.how much each attorney made and it tied.in but now that we had civil cases we.have to find out what gets taken away.from these amounts but that's the.information that she had easily.available to her that she provided to me.and then the county judge the county.court all these cases since CR and it.was $250 eleven cases so 2750 not really.hard information to look at and then and.decide how to do this and once again she.had listed all the attorneys and how.much each made for doing those.misdemeanor cases we had to go through.and kind of manually because there.weren't very many cases we manually went.through this and counted only the cases.that were considered criminal we had 19.cases like I said one was juvenile JV.$340 none of these cases seem to be more.than one case on listed though oh my.goodness okay.one on indicted case it still gets.counted you pay the attorney so we broke.it down we had 340 go into juvenile.twenty-one thousand six twenty two adult.total of two twenty one thousand nine.sixty dollars and then the rest was the.same so we broke down her District Judge.symbol so it was really pretty easy.because the first three only handled.symbols and we were able to delete those.we did how I think three attorneys that.had both the criminal and the civil so.we just separated them out and came up.with the amounts and then supported all.those totals so I am going to go over.here and we're going to look at Hansford.county and that is the one county that's.already been certified complete we'll.look at it so Hansard county it's put in.their information that was brenda vera.the county the court administrator she.went and found her reimbursements found.out how much the regional under vendor.indigent defense program cost them and.then we went to the 84th district court.and we have that 344 juvenile 21,000 624.adult felonies all in the district court.and there were no other expenses just.paying attorneys to do these cases we'll.click here and under juvenile you just.have the one attorney got one case and.then you had your 18 cases for the.felony so that all tied and then the.twenty one thousand 960 total tied to.the dollar amount of attorney fees point.out real quick you can go up to this.corner and do this drop down and you can.sort by attorneys last name I find that.to be very helpful you can do this.before you're doing the data entry in.the box.since hers has already been submitted.you don't have the little boxes anymore.outlined here but this was what it.looked like once we filled that out I.get confused when it's okay so go back.one more we'll go to the county court.and she had everything listed under.adult misdemeanors all of her cases were.listed under adult misdemeanor they were.11 of them went over here all 11 cases.listed on this.detail report under adult misdemeanor.and then the dollar amounts over here on.the side twenty seven fifty so this is.what that information looks like of.course when you're dealing with hundreds.and sometimes thousands of lines of data.it's not this simple but Excel is.wonderful but I just thought that.information was a good sample to look at.for this and so I wanted to display that.do we have any more questions okay all.right so that was simple what was the.next step.oh let me go back to the PowerPoint I.want to go through when we on call and.why we're asking call okay so like I.said all hands on deck so after November.first we're going to start tackling this.as a group and it takes us a good month.to go through all 254 counties but we.just we don't see your data we don't.know what it looks like but we can look.at these reports and so this is the.front page of a report I rejected it.this was taken two years ago I took some.screenshots because we kind of have to.be reminded every year what we're.looking for when we do this as well so.this is the front page and when I hadn't.saved it because this is the front page.that we're looking now and that same.sheet kind of highlighting here.what kind of highlight there's no.information in here for the regional.public defender's office and and we.actually kind of do know Lovick actually.does report it how much money they give.from each county but sometimes they miss.a County and they don't get it on the.list and sometimes so in most counties I.think there's over a hundred and eighty.counties that are in the program now so.we expect to maybe see that so.don't participate you're not gonna have.anything there but you know if I know.that you're on this other list and then.you don't report it here I'm looking so.I'm gonna call you and ask hey can we.include your regional public defender.office and this is because the money.should be there okay good all right.this next one like I pointed out we've.got people that will put their.reimbursements here this was somebody's.the formula grant they put it there.thinking that that's where they got this.government grant and it needed to go.there and so I'm just telling you don't.include the money that we give you we're.looking for other funding sources I look.at this front page and I see we have a.county court in a multi County Court at.law suggests no information in there so.I'm gonna call and I'm gonna ask they.might not have had any misdemeanor cases.in their County and we've got small.enough counties that don't always have.cases I think that was the case in this.this time I think their district court.is the only one that had any cases and.the multi County Court at lon was.actually logged there but it hadn't been.put in place I think the legislature put.stuff in place like January 1 so but we.may already have it logged and ready to.go so I think that was the case so this.was fine it's just that it caught my.attention that there was no data there.so here we are we're looking at no money.in the adult misdemeanors and then we've.got 24 cases listed here you'll see that.there are juvenile of Appeals money.listed for contract here but the 24.cases are not listed under juvenile.appeal and appeals are are not as common.as your regular misdemeanors and.felonies so it stands to reason that.maybe this dollar amount should have.been misdemeanors up here but anyway.weren't the question this next one we're.highlighting adult felony appeals we've.got a.roofies investigation expert other.litigation cost we have no cases listed.under appeals here they're all listed.under a felony case cases here so I'm.guessing maybe the adult felony appeals.was supposed to be adult felony.information so we made a phone call.looking at this one we're looking at a.district court up here and all the cost.included work for misdemeanors typically.your district courts here felony cases.and your county courts here you're.misdemeanor cases of course the district.court can hear misdemeanors because they.can hear all levels pretty much but in.this manner they just put it on the.wrong line and here we're looking at one.that's actually a county court and all.the money's listed under the felony so.we really want them to include that.under the misdemeanor court and that's.what what's going on there oops okay the.next one there's no data listed under.adult misdemeanors up here but we have.three cases here you have one felony.appeal there but what happened here.we had three cases listed but no money.and this actually was okay with us.because the misdemeanors were attached.to a felony charge so they reported.everything under the felony level.including the hundred percent of the.dollar amount paid to the attorney but.they counted them the misdemeanor and.working with that this next one we're.looking this is the front page of the.report when you fill out data we're.doing the court report against the.attorney detail report and then the.difference is they're coming up this is.one count and like I said earlier your.attorney fees should tie to the court.report attorney fees and sometimes your.case amount may not be the same.but if it is gonna be different it needs.to be more on the attorney detail report.because if you have more than one.attorney that actually works on a case.we're going to account that case for.each attorney so that's what this was.but you see that one and so just looking.at that now we're looking at an attorney.detail report and we've got these huge.case numbers well this is actually the.dollar amount well someone was not.allowed to know okay so.2,600 cases forty-three hundred cases 11.thousand cases these amounts for these.case counts they're whole dollars only.our whole numbers only and and whoever.did this work there's a lot of work.allocating the amount per level of case.how much that attorney got paid but.we're actually looking for case numbers.so business was to be dollar amounts and.then they should have been in this the.last attorney fees paid column but they.were listing them and breaking them out.so they did a lot of extra work here.sorry to say that this was another.example where they got the attorney fees.listed here and they've got dollars and.cents here but then they split out how.much was juvenile and how much was.felony but this is supposed to be case.count not the dollar amount in those.cases.so yes the total amount paid to the.attorney but we're really looking for.the case number this is the front page.again the 31st district in the county.court they have no cases listed for the.court report so the difference is came.up with the attorney detail report.showed us hey there's differences here.so we look at this where there's.differences tourney fees paid on a.detail report entered the total.expenditure amount but the attorney fees.were 77 1 250 we want these amounts to.be the attorney fee amount to be the.same and so what I'm suspecting happen.here is that attorneys got reimbursed.from attorney fees and so.everything that was paid to the attorney.was reported on the attorney detail and.they didn't split out those.reimbursements.so total 300 495 and but we ended up.having to ask them to go in and put the.case count for the court report all.right down time um.same scenario we just have a difference.here on the attorney fees the amount.reported on the detailed ended up the.total expenditure when in reality their.fees were 178 dollars less so they're.including everything they didn't break.out those expenses and so that's why.that difference popped out this one.you've got money spent under the.assigned counsel but under contract.counsel you have expert witness and the.other litigation cost but that's under.contract counsel and it kind of.surprised me because it was that a.felony level one we're going to make a.phone call now we don't really have a.place for the our video if you've got.these expenditures that the RP do if you.got a capital murder case that's got.turned over to the regional public.defender's office they do come back and.ask you for the money to cover the.experts of the investigation another.cost that they're going to incur for.that case and since we don't really have.a line for kind of public defender we've.had to put those under contract counsel.but it would be under the capital case.usually so I called I didn't know what.this this was but it catches my eye that.it's not on the all under assigned.counsel it could very well have been.that it should have just been up a line.we've got felony appeals here what was.the difference here oh I think this is.the last one we have two felony appeals.here but we don't have any transcript.costs so all of your Appeals should have.a transcript submitted to it and so we.will cover the cost of that court.reporter preparing that transcript so.you can include it we look.warrant so it's just something that you.can't include versus I say no no no no.it's not allowable but okay I'm gonna.look at questions um the county match.okay the court in the case good if the.case is open and paid out multiple times.over the course of three years.do you count the case only once ever.argue you only count that case once in.that specified grandeur okay I've got.actually conflicting stories here in.this office.so personally I would like to see the.case counted only one time at the end of.the case but if you've got a capital.case and you're spending a lot of money.every year and the fact that we can't go.through every year see if you counted it.the year before we are allowing you to.count that case every year that you have.an expenditure I hope that answers that.question.especially if you've got a capital case.and you're spending money this year you.can count it but yes it does happen.because cases go over several periods of.time but if you were to just pay once at.the end you would be only counting at.the one time it was paid but something.like I said some of these get to be.really costly so we will allow you to.count it it is gonna skew that number.but it's not too much that as long as.it's not like every case that you.present that year we should be good on.on the trend line that that comes out of.that reporting let me see I'm trying to.answer these questions I'm sorry I'm.trying when we see the grand any week.the counting recording the case with.your neck our payments made to a.criminal defense consulting firm an.allowable expense.um Cathy I don't know what you're.referring to um possibly it depends at.the defense attorney is it something.that they're asking for expert witness.if the judge authorized the expenditure.I don't know what's all involved in that.I'm not quite sure I could be I don't.know if that's a good enough answer but.we can follow up if you have something.specific so the total funds paid to a.host county as where it should go if we.send payment to Lubbock County yes.that's that second box oh okay.we are a small County and we'll have.nothing to report in 2018 do we still.file the report with zero yes what small.county is that a loving County is the.only one that I know of but they still.have some expenditures um okay Regina.we'll be looking for yours with zero.expenditures but yes you would I am.having an issue gathering all the.information for juvenile cases.okay please call we will talk to you.about how how we can get that.information together for you um the two.cases we had were not paid until the.2019 budget year so we will add them to.next year okay when Gina so you have 0.for 18 uh interesting okay I am hoping.that they have this count to me by.Monday so that I can incorporate it into.my final point all right sounds good.yeah we can look at your juvenile.information um Kent retainer culture.sounds good all right I think that was.the questions answered I know we're.getting close to an hour and I did want.to go look at a couple of I wanted you.to see them from.that's coming out so let me go over here.to the website again I escaped out of.this okay let's see - wait Kelly he said.you were here so let's look at your.County um.do it I'm gonna look at 2017 since we're.still working on the 18 information.right here we've got County data sheet.so for DeWitt County we've got the base.year was 2001 that's when we started.keeping up with some of this information.then we get the latest five years of.data is put on here so 2017 yes twenty.thousand eight hundred eighty-four.people in your county your district.clerk reported to OCA that there were.three hundred twenty eight new felony.cases filed a year your report said you.paid out two hundred and eighty cases so.this is where it's important that you're.counting the cases like one time over a.stream and we're just going to let that.go I know that people are worried about.that but two hundred and eighty so.you're an 85-percent appointment wait.the state average is 76 percent when.felony levels anyway you're spending a.hundred and nine thousand dollars and.the code of total court expenditures was.125 this information at 280.109 125 comes from your IDE our report.your misdemeanor you're a county clerk.reported to OCA that there was four.hundred and sixty one new cases and then.you paid on a hundred and seventy eight.cases this year so now you thirty nine.percent and the statewide average is 46.percent and that's on missed misdemeanor.appointments and then juvenile this this.number gets skewed all the time I find.that a lot of times that we are.accounting every time we pay an attorney.on the juvenile cases every time they go.in for a hearing and that could be six.six times like there.they're gonna be reviewed so this number.is skewed you can see the whole state.29,000 new cases but there's 39 kind of.thousand that were paid for that number.is not obviously incorrect but that's.what y'all are reporting so that's what.that number is getting there if there's.a way that you can count just the one.case and find that it's been duplicated.however many times that'd be awesome but.we know that number skewed but this.comes from your report so the total ID.expenditures for 2017 was a hundred and.seventy five thousand dollars that's a.$380,000 three hundred a percent.increase from your base year so right.now your County spends eight dollars and.forty one cents per person on indigent.defense from two dollars and fifteen.cents and you're getting like.twenty-nine thousand on in Commission.grants and you got ten thousand.reimbursed and so this information this.is what I was trying to point out every.county has this data sheet and you can.look at your county and this is.information that's available anywhere so.I just think it's important that you.know where it's going and so yes your.district clerk and your county clerk are.reporting some information but the rest.of its from the IDR so that's all I've.got let me see if there's any more.questions if you use contract counsel.but one of your contract attorneys are.also assigned to an appeal case to.recount those under contract and then.under sign for the appeal case okay ah.Julie um seems to me the appeal case is.appointed and I would do it that is an.appointed attorney because the contract.is probably just to him a misdemeanor or.a felony level and and even though a.case it may be and you know sometimes.they appoint a different attorney on the.appeal level someone that has that.experience if it's appointed to do that.appeal.sometimes that case number is the same.but it's actually a separate case when.it goes to appeal at least that's the.way we look at it.um so I would count them as a point on.the appeal level and contract the.information for what they're under on.contract I would bet that the contracts.just for felony or misdemeanor cases so.that's when you can look at the contract.and actually answer that question from.there but I would suspect it would be.separate okay.are there any more questions if I didn't.answer if you still have some questions.just pertaining to something specific to.your county please please please call us.I actually don't have my phone number.but I don't call myself so I don't have.a number available to give you right now.you know what I do have it right here.it's five one two nine three six seven.five six one so comedy and well you know.anybody here at the office will be happy.to help you so that's it for right now.I hope you learn something I hope it was.a good refresher Oh.two more questions where do we enter the.magistrate it cost in the attorney.detail report okay so okay so is your.County one of the counties that reports.Magistrate Court if yours one of the.counties to just have something that.says magistrate we're going to try to.identify a court if it's County or our.district and then it'll be reported at.that level can you repeat that.oh repeat the phone number my phone.number is five one two nine three six.seven five six one all right.thank y'all very much.

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