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How to Fulfill the Qualified Dividends Tax Worksheet 2015 2019 Form in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

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How CocoSign Can Let You fulfil Qualified Dividends Tax Worksheet 2015 2019 Form

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Qualified Dividends Tax Worksheet 2015 2019 Form : Personalize, Finish and share

what's up everybody Mike the CPA here.back with another diffident investing.video for you this time we're gonna.cover the tax implications of on.dividends and how you can calculate how.much tax you're actually paying on your.dividends when you're investing in a.taxable account what's been where's all.your money gone honey couple things real.quick this video is not has nothing to.do with whether or not dividend.investing is a good strategy or bad.strategy nothing to do with that.whatsoever.secondly this video has nothing to do.with putting your dividend investments.in a Roth IRA if you have your.investments that pay dividends in a Roth.IRA good for you because they you're.gonna be charged no tax whatsoever but.as you probably figure it out you could.only put a little bit of money every.year in your Roth IRA so if you want to.do more investing we have to invest in a.taxable account and that is what we're.gonna discuss today as we're gonna look.at the tax implications on dividends and.those accounts you may have heard that.dividends can be taxed at a more.favorable tax rates under certain.circumstances and that's what I want to.talk about today the different tax rates.you might pay on your qualified.dividends include 0 15 or even up to 20.percent or more that we're gonna cover.and we're gonna cover this in three.different examples now the examples are.hypothetical but I've put together real.tax calculations for you so we're gonna.look at these examples probably in more.detail than you ever have before.and I want to give you enough detail to.be dangerous but hopefully not enough.detail to put you asleep so let's go.ahead and move over there now to the.first example and I hope you take a lot.away from this video all right guys.let's do this.now I apologize if there's any outside.noise there's dogs are barking right now.there's people playing basketball in my.Cola sack so hopefully you guys don't.hear all that the first example we're.gonna look at we're in this just pretend.this is you okay is now don't you only.need to know a few things here one you.to calculate this you need to know your.different sources of income your total.sources of income and how much you'll.make in dividends that's pretty much all.you need to know now when I talk about.dividends and taxes in this video I'm.specifically talking about these.qualified dividends right here.only the portion of your dividends that.is qualified get the special magical tax.rate treatment which is lower than all.other rates attacks of course and so.that's the one you want so the more.qualified dividends you have the better.if your dividends are not qualified well.then you're kind of that a lot because.you're they're gonna be taxed just like.wages and you're gonna get no additional.benefit the other thing you need to know.is that qualified dividends and if you.were to let's just say not dividends but.if you were to actually sell a long term.investment at a game well that also gets.capital gain rate treatment where it.could be the zero percent fifteen.percent or twenty percent or more and so.that's just what I want to lead off with.and now let's look at this example so.with this example that I've put together.first is going to show you when a person.can pay zero in tax and this is for a.person filing single now you'll notice.that now I'm filming this in 2020 but.your so you might be saying well Mike.why the heck are you using 2019 forms.well a big shocker 2020 forms are not.available yet so we're gonna look at the.actual tax calculations as if we're.doing this in in 2019 because those.forms are available and I will share.with you what the the qualified dividend.limits are to get those special rates at.some point in the video later on but.these are the 2020 capital gain rate.income limits shown on screen feel free.to pause the video to check them out the.concept is exactly the same so that's.why we're gonna look at it with 2019.forms.[Music].[Music].okay so in this example Willie we have.you are making $35,000 okay that's just.from the job secondly you start making.six thousand dollars a year in dividends.good news for you six thousand dollars.of your dividends are also qualified.okay so altogether what's your total.income is forty one thousand dollars in.the next step to calculate this is we.have to back out let's just pretend in.each of these examples the persons this.gonna do take the standard deduction.which is a given amount to you every.year okay in 2019 that amount was twelve.thousand two hundred dollars and the.amounts a little bit more in 2020 but.you guys get to get the concept the main.idea is to show you the concept so we.know in this example if you made.forty-one thousand dollars we take away.or subtract the standard deduction which.lowers your taxable income your end up.having twenty eight thousand eight.hundred dollars left over okay so that's.your taxable income is twenty eight.thousand eight hundred dollars the.amount of income that you actually have.subject to tax.the way you find out how different taxes.are calculated is actually there's a.thing called the capital gain tax rate.worksheet now you can actually Google.this and find this for yourself and I'm.not gonna go line by line by line that.would put you all to sleep put me to.sleep trying to read this to you and.trying to make sense of it but what you.need to pay attention to in this first.part of this worksheet is if you come.down here this line right here line.eleven it says subtract line ten from.line nine this amount is taxed at zero.percent okay zero percent now this is if.you're a file singing okay if you're if.you're married these amounts will.basically be double that but if I just.zoom in you can see here where the.different income limits are to get your.capital gain tax rates at 0% okay so as.long as this person has an income in.total of lower than thirty nine thousand.three hundred seventy five dollars for.tax year to 2019 then they pay zero and.tax on their dividends and as you can.see here on line eight it shows thirty.nine thousand three seventy-five.that is a given number these numbers.right here they're given to you they're.provided to you you don't have to.calculate those it's as simple as this.guy's is the question is is that amount.28,800 ollars lower than thirty nine.thousand 375 yes it is so in that case.all of those dividends the six thousand.dollars in dividends is taxed at zero.percent it's a little bit more detail.than that but if you want to pause the.video and read this thing line by line.you can see how that's calculated but.that's essentially how simple it is to.quickly determine whether or not your.dividends are gonna be taxed at zero.percent or not is just look at your.filing status find these numbers right.here and if your total taxable income is.below that amount then likely all of.your dividends are going to be taxed at.zero percent it as simple as that let's.move on to example two or it gets a.little bit more complex it is example.number two time ladies and gentlemen and.you're gonna see how your dividends can.be taxed at both zero percent and at.fifteen percent that's right I bet you.didn't know that if they could be taxed.at two different rates but they can and.you're gonna see that in this example in.example number two you're still making.thirty five thousand dollars a year at.your job.but this time your dividend income is.looking fly son it's looking pretty good.at your dividend income as now twenty.five thousand dollars which means your.total income is sixty thousand when we.take away the standard deduction.remember that number is given to you.that means you're left with a taxable.income of forty seven thousand eight.hundred dollars and now let's go to the.capital gain worksheet and honors as.we're going down the list here just real.quick and this is just kind of a bonus.tip if you're reporting taxes for.dividends it's really not.complicated but the first spot you would.put your dividends is on Schedule B okay.they would start here so let's just say.you made all your dividends from TD.Ameritrade for the year you'd put that.amount twenty-five thousand dollars on.Schedule B and they would then transfer.to the first page of the 1040 here if.you're using tax software but that's.kind of how the forms connect it's not.it's TD Ameritrade a brokered account.and that one line item summarizes all.the dividends from investments that are.held within that account there there is.no need to lift out each investment he's.able just to lift one line item it makes.it really easy for cash reporting that's.just a bonus tip okay so let's go to the.capital gain rate worksheet because.that's where we're gonna find our.answers right and you can see here in.line one is now forty seven thousand.eight hundred dollars and I'm not gonna.read this line by line so to help make.this a little easier to digest and you.can pause the video here if you'd like.but I want to move over to the Excel.spreadsheet and so you can see how I.broke this out to hopefully make this a.little easier for you to to study okay.so here we go once again filing status.is single and we're gonna come down here.and this is where the the calculation.begins so this is kind of how I would.suggest looking at this for yourself so.we we saw our taxable income was forty.seven thousand eight hundred dollars.right now in the last example we saw.that to get zero percent we had to have.our total taxable income under thirty.nine thousand three seventy five right.that's what we needed well in this case.right away we're already seeing that our.taxable income is over that amount so.once we have determined what our taxable.income is after we've backed out the.standard deduction what we then do we.need to back out the dividends from that.number okay so when we take forty seven.eight hundred we - to 25 thousand.dollars dividends that leaves us with.taxable income excluding dividends of.twenty two thousand eight hundred.dollars so now what we do is we look at.the limit of income for dividends to be.taxed at zero percent and we know.numbers given to us and it's 39,000 375.the amount of taxable income we have.expect out our dividends is twenty two.thousand eight hundred we subtract that.amount twenty two thousand eight hundred.from thirty-nine 375 and that means.sixteen thousand five hundred and.seventy five dollars of your twenty five.thousand dollars in dividends in this.example still gets taxed at zero percent.the other remaining amount of dividends.obviously we had twenty five thousand.total and these are all qualified.dividends of course otherwise we.wouldn't be having this discussion is.eight thousand four twenty five right.that's the amount left over.well that amount gets taxed at 15.percent right here and so the total tax.that you would pay in this example if.this is you on those dividends is one.thousand two hundred sixty four dollars.and your total tax bill altogether would.be three thousand eight hundred nine.dollars and that's with attacks on your.wages and the 15 percent on the portions.of your dividends that are taxable and.if we come to the actual tax form you.can you can see that here on page two.there's our total tax of three thousand.eight hundred and nine dollars in this.example and so hopefully you can see.that your dividends can be partially.taxed at one rate and parsley tax.another alright let's look at the third.and final example in this video and this.time you've made it ladies and gentlemen.your income is now and the 1 percent.that's right that's gonna be used.someday right is your you're no longer.making that thirty five thousand dollars.a year I McDonald's no I don't know now.you own McDonald's okay and now you're.making four hundred thousand dollars a.year which would put you in the one.percent of income earners in the world.or at least in America but no not only.are you making a lot more in wages but.now your dividend income has gone up as.well and people are starting to look at.you and they are jealous of your juicy.lucrative passive income and of course.with this great passive income you've.made sure that if you're investing in a.taxable account all of your dividends.are going to be able to be qualified at.some point so how does this play out for.you well right away we know our total.income is four hundred and fifty.thousand dollars your filing status.single ok still single we want to be.used a consistent example here we're.gonna back out the what the standard.deduction and that's gonna leave you.with a taxable income of still four.hundred and thirty seven thousand eight.hundred dollars whoa oh that's beautiful.beautiful so how does this work tax wise.well it gets a bit more complicated and.so let me go to the capital gain.worksheet or the qualified dividends and.capital gain worksheet and initially in.the first two examples we only had to.worry about these limits right here.right the 39,000 375 now.our income is so high we don't even get.to have any of our dividends taxed at.that rate we now have to instantly go.down to this amount your income can be.up to four hundred thirty four thousand.five hundred fifty dollars if you file.single and you would still have your.dividends taxed at 15% now I'm going to.just slowly scroll through this real.quick if you want to pause the video and.study this line-by-line be my guest but.I don't I don't think you need to see.this line by line let's go over to the.Excel worksheet and I'll explain to you.basically how this works okay so I've.summarized this right here and let's go.down to the dividend calculation part.you'll notice here first of all the.limit of income for dividends to be.taxes zero we're way over that were so.far over it that none of the dividends.are allowed to be taxed there because.our income at a are 0 because our income.is just far too high so now we have to.go to limit of income for dividends to.be taxed at 15% okay so we know our.total taxable income if we back out the.dividends if we saw our total taxable.income was 437 eight hundred we back out.the 50,000 dividends that leaves us with.three hundred eighty seven thousand.eight hundred dollars in taxable income.that is not from divits okay so what we.do is we go down to this limit now of.four hundred thirty four thousand five.fifty we're gonna we're gonna less a.taxable income excluding dividends that.means that.that's forty six thousand seven hundred.and fifty of our dividends are now taxed.at 15% okay so which means the remaining.amount of the fifty thousand of.dividends the three thousand to fifty it.means it's taxed at a rate of 20 percent.so all in all our total tax on dividends.the this this amount is taxed at 15%.this amounts tax at twenty gives us a.total tax of seven thousand six hundred.and sixty three dollars on fifty.thousand dollars of different income but.wait there's a twist there's more taxes.to be paid and that is because yes a.part of your dividends get taxed at 20%.but once your income goes over $250,000.a year then you also have to tack on the.net investment income tax that was put.in place during the Obama administration.and that's another three point eight.percent and so and that is tap is.calculated on all the dividends so to.get that we would take the fifty.thousand times the 0.38 and that's.another nineteen hundred dollars in.taxes that we would have to pay do the.net investment income taxes so seven.thousand six sixty three s from capital.gain rates and then the other nineteen.hundred dollars is from net investment.income taxes in which you can see that.if we look at our actual tax forms in.the example there it is right here it.shows up on schedule two on line eight.is that nineteen hundred ollars in the.actual form if you guys want to see what.this form looks like if you start making.lots of money this will be you if you.have investments like guarantee it is.here it is so it's the form 8960 and you.can see here that the $50,000 is subject.to this net investment income tax that's.why there's additional taxes to be paid.of course how does this turn out if you.make four hundred fifty thousand dollars.in total with dividends what's your.total tax you're gonna be sick when you.see it but the total tax if this was.your income would be a hundred and.twenty thousand four hundred eighty.seven dollars just FYI so if if anybody.tells you that the the poor is paying.all the tax well you better think again.it's people who make a lot of money pay.to the boss of attacks in America but.that is this lesson today I hope you got.a lot out of this just I have a lot of.other videos around investing in taxes.so be sure to check them out I will link.them down below in the description.section of this video and comments.section and if you like this video.please do me a favor guys and support.the channel by dropping a like leaving.the comment below make sure you're.subscribed and if you subscribe you know.make sure to hit that little Bell.notification icon so I'm gonna have more.content coming out like this in the.future around investing taxes finances.and all that good stuff and that's my.focus here on money life TV is to help.you become fiscally fit well thank you.so much you've been a wonderful audience.I always enjoy making these videos for.you guys live life on caged have a great.week and I'll see you in the next.episode love you all peace.[Music].[Music].

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Qualified Dividends Tax Worksheet 2015 2019 Form FAQs

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