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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Irs Forms 941 Schedule B 2017 2019 Online

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The Definite Guide to Irs Forms 941 Schedule B 2017 2019

youtube video

Instruction of Irs Forms 941 Schedule B 2017 2019

[Music].right so we are almost coming to the.closure of the fourth week thor's our.preparation from UIC May 20 2009 and I.just want to share with you a couple of.things that I think you should be doing.so far if you're gonna position yourself.to pass the examination now so far a.couple of things are taking place and.we've done a couple of things so far.something like management accounting we.are currently on budgeting and budgetary.control but really next week we're going.to be finishing with that when it comes.to the financial reporting we've covered.a couple of issues and our conceptual.framework under ethics then we start.with accounting standards you know my.focus law is on the accounting standards.so we've done some issues in relation to.the accounting standards assets today I.think we've covered about six four seven.accounting standards in addition to the.issue about ethics and also the issue.about conceptual framework a regulatory.framework then also when it comes to.public sector.currently we are done with almost.everything in the section one and next.week from next week we are headed on off.with budgeting in the public sector and.from there we're gonna be looking at a.hip size and then we look at the.preparation of financial statements that.we conclude on public procurement and.then public/private partnership.arrangements in relation to that so.these are the three things in these.three subjects issues of our strategy.case study we started just last week so.this week we're going to be continuing.with our discussions on that we looked.at the overview on the syllabus we look.at a key modules that we have to be.looking at and expecting and we look at.introduction to strategy so certainly.this Saturday we're going to be.continuing with a discussion and start.with some of the cost fatigue options.that.let's have by looking at embarrassed.modules and discussing various issues in.relation to that then corporate.reporting also we've dealt with the.issues about ethics conceptual framework.or military from where we are the.standards just like how we understand.that in corporate reporting for.financial reporting the same thing is in.copy reporting in relation to that now.why am i sharing this with you an.opening of some of these things we knew.because if you are preparing for the.exams it means that at least you should.be able to cover some of these things so.far in their respective subjects that.you are writing so if you are doing.management accounting by now you should.be done with profit statements.absorption costing marginal cost in.activity-based costing should be done.with all of that under standard.principles you start with what's the.issue of imagine if a public sector by.now you should do the rules of the key.public offices understand key issues in.the public financial management acts.2016 acts 9 to 1 then she be able to.understand a few issues about.government's revenue and expenditure.management you should be able to.understand the Treasury's main accounts.the public part of Donna all of these.you should be able to understand in.relation to that by now.now like I say all the time preparing.for the examination is not an overnight.thing so for those of you who are still.waiting to for two weeks or three weeks.to really start doing something I must.tell you that you actually going to be.setting yourself up and have a lot of.problems for yourself it is there is.going to be a lot of pressure on you.during that two weeks to the exams where.you are going to be preparing for the.exams in relation to that so what I want.you to do is this what I want you to do.basically is this make sure that you are.studying.make sure that you have a past.time to make sure that you are doing.something on your own it's very.important now if you're not attending.lectures then for those of you who don't.even attend lectures you are actually.setting yourself up already on a.negative track because if you don't.attend lectures you are actually not.preparing for the exams you're actually.not working about all right now don't.freak me out and say shear are not some.stats and the lectures and so I just.need some few touches that you go but.you don't know anything do you.understand it you don't know anything so.don't freak outs to do anything about.the fact that oh I know everything.already I just need some time you don't.know anything.you just have to animate it because if.you knew you would have passed the exams.why is that important because if you.think you know everything and you just.need some final touches if you are not.careful you go to the exam oh and fail.again in the exams that is why you must.pretend as though you don't know.anything you must pretend as though you.do not study the subject before and.start all over again from scratch now.this is the sweet spots why do you.pretend and start all over again from.the scratch that is where when the teen.is being taught and you are learning the.teen you starts to get that aha moments.then they're like okay so this is what.this means okay this is what this way.huh okay now I get this on so now I get.it that is how you can t understand it.but if you just walk in your mind.thinking that you know everything you.understand everything so you don't need.as much work as possible or you just.need some final touches you are Charlie.setting yourself up up for failure.now one thing you must also understand.is this.[Music].one thing you must also understand is.that irrespective of where you are and.what you do you must notice that you.must know that there are three things.that makes life successful for everybody.now one of the people I follow a lot.about the effectiveness of my brain is.Jim quick if they follow of my work you.know that I share a lot of things about.him about the effectiveness of the brain.and he is coming out with a new book.that is limitless I'm gonna put it on.the screen there limitless and you can.pre-order it and limit best books that's.come now in that book he's sharing three.core things that drives the success of.every human being and causes every human.being to become successful I want to.give you a sneak peek into the those.three things the first one is mindsets.the second one is motivation and the.third one is methods so mindsets.motivation and methods your mindset.tells you about what you are you think.it's possible what do you think you must.do what do you think you can do there.are some of you you have a very strange.and psychic understanding for the ICA.Azam's and you think the idea is that.it's difficult it's difficult and you.don't want to let it go it's difficult.there are people who say the enzymes is.difficult no matter what you do I see a.you feel no have you thought of it this.way do you know some people pass the.exams some people pass the enzyme so in.case you don't know some people pass so.the same paper that he said I see a.failed you some people passed now do you.think you are so important that now this.is not for any offense but that is how.it is that's how you must look alike you.will really want to become successful do.you think you are so important that the.ICA will fail you if you have passed the.exams no because if somebody passes the.same exams and that paper was murdered.by the same group of people and the.present past and you failed it simply.means that you did not went up towards.the expectation so your mindset is very.very important that is the first step.what do you think it's possible what do.you think you can do what do you think.you cannot do there are some of you you.think that the exams is difficult and no.matter what you do it's not going to be.done well because I see a the structure.the question that something a question.will be in such a way and sometimes when.I hear some of this quest this statement.from students I'm like oh if you speak.like that you are setting your mind up.for what failure okay if you speak like.that you must set in your mind half of.failure yes it is not that my god I.don't see it to be difficult but it has.its own challenges and then the only way.you can overcome the challenges is to be.able to study very well so what is your.mindset about the paper what do you.think it's possible about the paper some.of you think furniture a protein is.difficult some of you think financial.management is difficult some of you.think that corporate protein is.difficult strategy case that is.difficult if you think they are.difficult and it's true because that.might that is our mind work whatever you.think is true is true if you think you.are poor you be poor if you think you.will reach your rich if you think you.will succeed you will succeed if you.think you you are broke you will be.broke do you get the idea so what about.you tell your mind it's truth now why am.I saying this because 2020 is a new year.you know this 2020 is a new decade you.cannot have that mindset you may have.been previously in 2019 in 2018 in 2017.in 2015 in 2016 14 whatever it is you.cannot have the same mindset in that.previous decade in this year in this.decade because this is a new decade this.is a new period this is a new year and.if you are going to become successful.you must set yourself up with the right.mindset so that is the first engine.quick share shares all you need to have.the right.it's critical it's fundamental if you're.gonna become successful as a person.that's it.so what is your mindset what is your.mindset there are some of you think that.oh you need two weeks no you pass the.exams you will fail you will fail.actually because the mind doesn't work.like that there are some of you think oh.I'm just looking for 50% Charlie one.week to the exams we do some shabu shabu.egg no Charlie will go into it laughs at.least I did the sentence of showers upon.or I passed Oh wah Oh wah Oh wah Cara.you are you are you are just give.yourself pressure that you don't want to.by now you realize that no this is what.I tell my students I taught my students.like this that as the exams get closer.you must cruise towards the exits what.does that mean it means that he don't.have to be under pressure when exams is.getting closer but a reason why a lot of.students are at the pressure one week to.the exams two weeks to the exams it's.simply because of what they are lack of.preparedness and they are not prepared.for the exams so the weights generally.that that is happening.February nothing is happening much.nothing is happening after all two weeks.to the exams then they start and I like.always say they attend every revision or.whatever intervention class Kofi's doing.in Dooku.am i doing it new antibodies do we need.a book Joshua is dually Dooku KK is.doing it little book everybody do we do.move you will just find yourself.unnecessary pressure you just find.yourself unnecessary pressure you've got.to sit down and have a plan for your.life.you've got to sit down and have a plan.for your self.that's what am i doing and how am I.seeing this paper because if you see the.paper as it is difficult and you.this is the finest fellow this is the.father space you see that they brought.to be difficult but you don't take it.serious.there are many of the students that fail.the exams they don't take the enzyme.serious but they know that they know in.their mind enzyme is difficult but they.don't take it serious.how can you say something is difficult.then you don't take it serious because.if you take it serious you want to wait.one week to the exams and stop being.serious.you won't wait two weeks to the exams.and start being serious you will be.zeros from the very first day that class.commences till the day you write the.exams that is the deal so the first.thing has to do with your mindset the.way among thinketh in his heart so is he.then the second thing has to do it your.motivation your motivation motivation is.about purpose what motivates you why do.you want to become a chartered.accountants why do you want to pass the.ica exams there are some of you you.don't have the motivation because we.need if you have the motivation that is.what you'll be able to close all the.dogs that you need to close that is.where you'll be able to build boundaries.around you for them for for things that.you're not supposed to do that is where.you decide where to go where not to go.where to be and where not to be so there.are many of you you don't have that the.drive because your motivation is your.purpose why do you want to be a.chartered accountants why should you.pass that exams in this trunk because.the strong kind of purpose the strong.kind of motivation the stronger your.actions the stronger a drive because.wishes unknown cannot get you day I know.everybody wishes that he or she passes.the exams but wishes alone cannot get.you there my sister wishes alone cannot.get you there my brother you've gotta.put in the work you gotta put in the f.and you gotta put it as sacrifices.because that is what is gonna get your.day that's it that's it that is what is.going to get you laid so Jim quicks said.the second thing is what's the purpose.the purpose what motivates you so what.is motivating you.- Randy ICMA 2020s what is motivating.you to write whatever the time that you.are watching this video what about this.what is motivating you to write the.exams if your motivation is really high.if you know the purpose of what you are.doing you will sacrifice and do whatever.it takes.so the first in your mindset what do you.think it's possible the second theory of.motivation what is a peppers and then.the third thing is about your method.your method or your process how are you.going to achieve your goals how are you.going to achieve your purpose this is.where the success triangle actually.comes to me the first thing is that you.must understand the principles the.concepts of the subjects the second.thing is that you must understand that.you must get an examination analysis.documents these details out the areas.that the examiner has been examining on.the areas that we are expecting for the.examination sitting that you are going.into now once you understand a concept.you have the structure of examination.you understand the dominance of behavior.then you now come to the third step and.that is what practicing of questions.what many students do is this this skip.step one understanding of the concept.they skip step to getting an examination.analysis and then they come to step.three we are solving questions so they.can solve questions from 1932 to 2020.they solve all the questions but they.are solving and they don't understand.the new kind of solution they don't.understand so the Astros solving they.are still solving and they are giving.themself false hope oh hey Maggie field.theory by me feel silly money.Mia only me only you don't know that.thing but you are giving yourself.forceful.but if you understand the concepts then.practicing questions become more fun.practicing facts.become odds easy becomes more.understandable but you don't know the.thing you don't understand that thing.but you are practicing questions and.people solve a lot of past questions and.a lot of bad questions and they will buy.the past Western printed it out so and.what they are solving they know in the.understand it is the funnest thing I've.been in this field for quite a lot of.time not as much year that's possible.but quite a lot of time and I've seen a.lot of things that students do they are.solving a question they don't understand.they are referring to the solution is.not an understand but I give them self.also okay yeah and then I came in okay.let me go now if that same similar.question they see it they don't know.what to do why because of the methods.they are using to study why because of.the process they are using to study so.you must find out what process what.method how am I going to achieve my.purpose how am I going to make deposit.the thing that I think to be possible to.come into reality that is critical so.how are you going to study the first.thing follow the success triangle that I.share I I said it's very very critical.you can watch that on my channel I'm.gonna drop a link of it in the.description box you can follow that.understand the concept and that's that.financial reporting has a lot of concept.has a lot of principle understand all of.them corporate reports in the same thing.management accounting has concepts and.principles you must understand once you.move there you come to the second stage.and that is getting the examination.analysis document.understanding was the structure of the.exams what are the areas the examiner.examined on and one who's been the.behavior of the examiner in the past and.what is likely to be the examiners.behavior in the future once you get that.you now go to watch practicing questions.so before you start practicing questions.you understand the principles and you.will not be frustrated.you know maybe frustrated so this is.what it's not that I want to share with.you today very very critical.like I mentioned from a mentor Jim Craig.somebody that I I listen to somebody.that it's my go-to when it comes to how.effective I want my brain to where when.I come to how I want to achieve the food.I need to eat whatever it is to stay on.top of my game he's the person I go to.and this is three key things that he.shares in his upcoming new book that you.can get limitless so that limit men's.book tops comb and you can visit there.and get the book I'm gonna drop the link.in the description box and that is the.image of the book as well on your screen.in relation to that so three things for.you to do to be able to achieve your.goals.your mindset very very important your.motivation your purpose is very critical.and then the message and the process.that you are using for what you are.studying I believe that if you are able.to implement these in your life you see.your life going to another level.don't wait till one week two weeks and.start being serious if you have anything.to do do it today I'll see you in.another broadcast as we continue with.our discussion and me sharing with you.some tips that can assist you to become.successful and take your life to the.next level it's ensure a premium.subscribe to the channel and share the.channel with us remember to comment.below with your thoughts about this.topic and let's see how he goes.you.

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Irs Forms 941 Schedule B 2017 2019 FAQs

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