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okay let's take a look at making some.calculations for depreciation once we.have our numbers then we can fill out.the form 4562 so here I have put this on.an excel sheet and we've got ABC company.and that their business income is.$40,000 okay and we're gonna say that in.2010 they purchased ten thousand ten.thousand dollars okay now we need to.take a look at what recovery year is it.now and we're gonna say that we're in.2019 okay so we're gonna say 2010 was.the first recovery year 2011 was the.second 2012 was the third 2013 was the.for 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 okay.you can use your fingers no problem with.using your fingers if you want to.so we these is ten years we're in the.tenth recovery year when we're in 2019.now this was ten thousand dollars of.equipment and we're now in the ten.thousand ten year recovery year we have.to say well how many recovery years are.there total well this is equipment so it.is a seven-year seven-year equipment.okay and so we know that with the half.year convention we actually get a little.bit of depreciation in the eighth year.this is the tenth year okay and so we've.already.taken all the depreciation from this.okay there's nothing there it's a big.fat zero okay and so if I multiply ten.thousand times 0 I get 0 depreciation on.this I have taken all the debris she.ation I can take okay.fully depreciated so I do not get any.more even if I'm still using this.equipment well that's fine and dandy for.you you got to use it for more than 8.years that's good okay but it is no.longer can provide an expense on your.tax return okay let's say in 2014 let's.say I have two different things let me.in Bert column here and okay so in 2014.I have let me make another row here.total recovery period okay so for in.2010 that was equipment so that was.seven-year okay so let's say in 2014 I.have two things I have a computer so the.total recovery period there is five.years and I also bought some furniture.and the total recovery period for.furniture is seven years now I got that.office table seven point one we saw in.the YouTube video with the PowerPoint.depreciation part one exactly how to.figure that out and and then how to look.up the amounts okay all right now what.recovery year are we in now.in 2019 okay so this was five-year.property and 2014 was the first recovery.year so 2015 was the second 2016 was the.third 2017 was the fourth 2018 was the.fifth and now 2019 is the sixth recovery.year so both of our things were in the.sixth recovery year okay so let's say.our computer was $1,000 and the.furniture was $2,000 okay so we need to.get the table the percentages off of.table seven point four or seven point.two.whichever table seven point four.actually let me change that because.we're working with personal property so.there'd be table seven point two seven.point four is the table for real.property okay so if I take a look at my.table okay my I need the sixth recovery.here okay here's recovery year I go down.to six and I go across for the five year.stuff that's five point seven six okay.so here for this computer 0.05 seven six.and here for the seven-year property.okay sixth recovery year we go across.but we're going to go to the seven year.okay that's eight point nine two and so.we have point oh eight nine two okay.okay now I've copied my little formula.that I had put here in the first column.to snake see ten times c11 so we're.taking our cost times our percentage.that we got from the table and we put.those two things in and we're just.multiplying them out okay all right so.you see that we're getting very small.amount of depreciation now also I need.to round this to the nearest dollar.there we go alright so we have 58.dollars and a hundred and seventy eight.dollars on those things from 2014 now.this is the last year okay for the five.year stuff this is the very last.recovery year if I'm still using that.computer in 2020 I would have no further.depreciation I could take on it although.I still have a little bit more to go on.the furniture.okay let's say that in 2018 we purchased.equipment okay so first I had to say.well what is the total recovery period.well that would be seven years for.equipment okay it was an office.equipment and what recovery year are we.in now.well 2018 would be recovery year one and.we're in 2019 so we're in recovery year.- okay and let's say that that was $5000.now I need to look up in my stable seven.point two so I find the table okay this.is seven-year property I'm in the second.recovery year so that's twenty four.point forty nine percent that's point.two four four nine and my formula.calculated it out we're gonna get this.year 2019 we'll 49/4 form 4562 we'll get.one thousand two hundred and twenty five.dollars of depreciation on that asset.and we still have some years to go all.right now in 2019 we purchase two things.we purchased a new computer and we.purchase some equipment the computer is.going to be five-year recovery period.property and the equipment is seven-year.property what recovery year are we in.now well this is we're doing 2019 taxes.so we're in the first recovery year okay.let's say the computer was fifteen.hundred let's say the equipment was four.thousand now I have to look up my.amounts.okay the first recovery year for five.years 20% and the first recovery year.for seven your property is 14 point two.nine percent okay so I would get three.hundred dollars of makers from the.computer and 572 from from the equipment.now let's say that we want to take.section 179 on the computer okay well in.that case we're not going to take this.makers okay.zap that out hey we'll just put 0 okay.and instead this section 179 we're going.to take the whole thing 1500 in 2019 for.that okay so we can figure out our grand.total.okay.and of course for section 179 we have.1500 okay so we're expecting a grand.total 35 32 on our form 4562.so if you take a few minutes and you do.these calculations you'll know what you.should have on the forded form 4562.so let's go ahead and fill out our form.4562.okay the first section of the form 4562.is going to be this this section 179 we.have to know two things we have to know.how much we're taking of section 179.which is 1500 and we have to know what.is the grand total of all the assets.that could have been used on section 179.well I could have used both the computer.and the equipment I didn't have any.buildings or anything so I could have.used both of these for section 179 if I.wanted to so the total I could have done.is 5500 okay.so we'll need those.okay so we are gonna also need some.information some years they put line 1.and line 3 okay where it says C.instructions some years they pre print.those numbers right on the form and they.did not do that this year so let us get.those numbers first we need I need to go.back here this is the IR a search box.and I had put in 4562 but we need the.instructions for 4562.okay the max maximum section 179 expense.is 1 million 20,000 okay and 2,550,000.so this is the same as our PowerPoint.okay so line 1 is 1 0 2 0 and line 3 2.million 550 okay name shown on return so.maybe that's John Doe the business.activity is Schedule C and we'll say 1 2.3 - 4 5 6 7 8 9.ok so we have our top part filled out.remember on your exams don't get all.caught up in doing these numbers and you.know.or put in this stuff on the top then you.end up with a zero for the form after.all your work so don't let that happen.to you make sure that gets done double.triple check that social security them.the total cost of section 179 property.placed and services line - so this is.how much of the stuff we bought in in.this year 2019 that we could have put in.section 179 that doesn't include.buildings does include anything that's.for rentals okay and so we had 5500.total that could be put in okay.the reduction in limitation line four.it's a subtract line three from line two.at zero or less and our 0 so it's 5500 -.2,550,000 it's definitely a negative.number it's less than zero and so we put.in the zero line five it says dollar.limitation for this tax here subtract.line four from line one if zero or less.an or 0 so line four from line 1 so 1.million 20,000 minus 0 is 1 million.20,000 okay description of the property.that we want to take section 179 on is a.computer and it's good if you also put.what class a property it is it's five.five-year property okay the cost of it.was fifteen hundred and how much the.selected cost means how much of the.fifteen hundred do we want to take in.section 179 you don't have to take all.of it of course normally you do okay so.we're gonna take the whole fifteen.hundred line seven is any section 179.that we're.non-listed property which comes from the.back from page two of the form and we.don't have any listed property so we.don't have to worry about that line a.total electic cost of section 179.property add column C Line six and seven.so fifteen hundred and zero is fifteen.hundred okay tentative deduction enter.the smaller of line five or line eight.line 5 is 1 million twenty thousand line.eight is 1500 the smaller of those is.1500 line ten carryover of disallowed.deduction from line 13 of your 2018 form.4562 so last year's depreciation did you.not get to take all of your section 179.that you wanted to take because your.business income was too low and so you.can only they are limited but that by.that but then the extra you can either.take as makers or you can carry they.have forward into 2019 and take the rest.of it then assuming you have enough.business income in 2019 okay and so we.don't have any carry forward so we're.gonna leave line 10 blank line 11.business income limitation ok enter the.smaller of your business income or line.5 well our business income limits that.we had on the excel sheet was 40,000.okay set line 12 section 179 expense.deduction add lines 9 and 10 but don't.enter more than line 11 so nine and ten.is 1500 + 0 but don't enter more than.40000 okay well 1500 is less than 40,000.so we take the whole 1500 if we couldn't.if our business income was only 400.then we could only take 400 on line 12.and the other 900 could be carried over.to 2020 and that would go on line 13.okay but we could take it all this year.so we're good to go.okay now the special depreciation.allowance and other depreciation don't.include list of priority okay we're not.doing any of that so you can just leave.that blank okay.part three makers depreciate that sauce.okay makers deductions for assets placed.in service in tax years beginning for.2019 okay so this is for everything we.placed in service in other words we.bought it and started using it in years.beginning before 2019 so this is our old.stuff nothing we purchased this year.goes on this line just all the old stuff.so let's you know is this will go to our.so this includes all of this up here but.not this 572 because that was purchased.this year so it's just all the stuff.that was purchased before 2019 which is.2018 and back so if I want line 17 okay.then I would let's see we would have.everything from 2010 to.20:18 okay if some something I didn't do.something right here with my formula see.I didn't have okay I'm sorry I'm messed.up here.okay so that's 1461 and that is all of.our makers that we had calculated for.all the years before 2019 that's gonna.go on line 17 of our 4562 1461 and again.it's our makers deductions for assets.placed in tax years beginning before.2019 okay all right now we go down here.to Section B assets placed and serves.during 2019 tax years using the general.depreciation system okay so what did we.have here we had we had two things we.bought during 2019 the computer for 1500.but we've already used that up here in.section 179 so we cannot also take.makers on it okay we also bought.equipment that was seven-year property.that we did not take section 179 on so.here we're gonna take the makers on it.okay.so we're gonna beat we're gonna be on.this row 19 see seven-year property okay.the basis for depreciation okay that.means the cost okay which was $4,000.okay.the recovery year was the recovery.period is seven-year okay the convention.is hy stands for half year convention.and the method you could put two things.here you can put MACRS okay or you can.put d DB because makers is based on the.double declining balance system okay so.you could put d DB there and that's.acceptable as well okay if you wanted to.use that straight line option you could.and you would put the SL there for.straight line okay how much depreciation.are we taking for this year on this.piece of equipment okay and we're taking.five hundred and seventy two is what.we're taking for this.okay so now we add that all up and.our grand total was the 1500 plus the.2032.and so that is 35 32.okay.that should equal your 1500 plus your.1461 plus your 572 should all equal this.3532 line 22 total and amounts from line.12 line 14 through 17 line 19 and 20 and.in column G and line 21 line 21 is for.listed property okay.enter here and appropriate lines on your.return partnerships and S corporation.see instructions okay so we're not that.so we appropriate line if you return is.line 13 of Schedule C we would go to the.Schedule C line 13 and put 35 32 now we.also have page 2.okay if since we are filling out the.4562 if John also had use of his vehicle.he would go in this this listed property.section here okay.and 24 a do you have evidence you better.say yes 24 d if yes is the evidence.written better say yes okay here we have.20 line 26 property used more than 50.percent or property use less than 50.percent okay so we can just put in if he.had if he had 80 percent use okay the.type of property okay so so whatever his.car is you know Chevrolet.whatever you know it is okay the date.placed in service maybe it was placed in.service at the beginning of last last.year 2018 and what is our business use.it's 80 percent okay now you don't.really need to pull in all this rest of.this stuff that's based on if you're.doing the actual cost method and we of.course are not doing that we're gonna do.the standard mileage method but if you.were gonna do the actual cost then you.would have to put in the cost of the.vehicle back when you bought it okay the.basis for depreciation would basically.be their cost times the 80% okay.the recovery period would be five years.the method or convention would be.probably half year convention and you.would calculate out the depreciation and.you would remember that there are limits.so you have to make sure you don't go.over the limit and the limit has to be.also be multiplied by the 80% okay you.can take section 179 and if you decide.to do that but that can't go over that.limit either so most likely you're not.going to be able to take section 170 not.all right either way you're gonna go.down here line 30 okay this is section B.information on use of vehicles line 30.total business miles okay so if he drove.15,000 miles for business okay that.would go on line 30 line 31 is commuting.miles again that's miles back and forth.to the store shop okay your office okay.and so let's say that he had 5,000 of.that and total other purse.all such as going in the grocery store.or whatever and let's say that he had.ten thousand of that okay and he would.have kept all of this this mileage.information would be all on his app or.in his in his little booklet okay total.miles driven to the Year ad line 30 and.30 to 30 through 32 so the 15 and the 5.it's 20 and 10 is 30 okay at 30,000.miles total on the car and these three.should a equal up to that total line 34.was the vehicle available for personal.use yes or no okay we'll say yes was the.vehicle used primarily by a more than.five percent owner.well that means owner of the business or.was this just some employee who doesn't.own the business but the employees the.one using the car then you would say no.okay in this case John Doe is using the.car himself okay line 36 is another.vehicle available for personal use and.will say that yes he had another car.okay so those can you can say no on any.of those you know just you just say the.truth and whatever it's these ones at.the top about the evidence that half.that better be yes or you can't take.this this deduction okay you better keep.track of your mileage okay now at this.point we are done you only need if you.do provide vehicles like you have a.fleet of vehicles that you allow.employees to use and you have to use.these you have to do these questions.here in Section C okay we don't have.that in our class so you for class you.don't need to work all right so here's.our section our forum 4562 we are good.to go.oh and again we would take our business.mileage fifteen thousand times I.

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Do I need to file a form 4562?

go back and have the preparer fix her own mistake. This should be done free of charge. she should also pay any penalty and interest due to the error, not additional tax as that is your responsibility.

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