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How to Fulfill the Zone F Lair Hill Resident Application in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

CocoSign supports each user to simplify the workflow and foster work productivity by having a better management of the files. View the below steps to have a better understanding of how to revise Zone F Lair Hill Resident Application more proficiently.

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we'll.get to those in a future video as well.taxes and tolls this is the classic.traveller thing of what is here in the.world.to soak away the player-character is.money this falls into that category and.that's the end of this article so let's.take a look at to shool and remember six.pages originally you will notice if you.look at the bottom of this screen that.the new version of this article runs 270.pages now the prints bigger but there's.also a significant amount of additional.material in here but other than it's.also full-color and super pretty.so we've got the basic information we.have history of this the the city of.tishell including a timeline see how.much we have again Robin Crosby Edie.King John D'Amato and Richard Luce check.and then plans by Jack Anderson Tom dog.leash Patrick Wilson and Bill bean and.I'm not going to read all the.contributors but it says here some.material in this harness urgently.published in cities of heart and son of.cities so son of cities was a book just.like this except to give you additional.pages in the city articles that.additional building descriptions and.stuff like that so we're still in the.history here here is a player is a.non-player character who is present in a.shawl here is the politics of the town.this is the specifics of the government.of t'ish all deeds the details of the.town government in the cities and towns.article is generic it generally applies.this will explain where it is different.into shawls specifically here's a cool.little thing the toxin bell hanging in.the highest tower of care Ln is used to.mark the passage of the day so that's a.little bit of local colour there which.is pretty cool.here are the the city alderman that.handles civic administration and you.have information not a huge amount of.information and not a crippling amount.of information where you have so much.information that you have to memorize or.you get it wrong and mess it up there's.there's enough here to let your.imagination run with actual play in this.place and that's generally true of horn.there's some economics information.that's particularly important for it to.shool because it is on the the.crossroads of multiple major trade.routes it even says here the salt wrote.the salt route the fur road the silver.way and the gin and trail.even though it's a landlocked city I.think there's a stream but even though.it's a landlocked city and not a big.port it's on these four major land trade.routes plus we have here we have some.taxes information we have the buildings.in this city by building type so we have.this toll house we have gates we have.Carol End which is going to be the Royal.citadel of the King in to show the.bunting house and greeneries which is a.civic administration thing harbour.master and sheriff guards we have all.the guild halls here you'll notice that.we do have no less than three different.buildings marked as part of the guild of.arcane lore for those who feel that horn.is an irreparable élow magic place we'll.talk about that when we get to it.we do have temples we have temples to.seven deities here which is a lot of.these the Church of Nava is going to be.prescribed because it's prescribed.basically everywhere on harm that might.not be true in the third Achra public or.a theme although it might be but it's.always underground even if it's not.illegal but we have the temple of Leah.that a temple of ill vert there's a lot.of different little clerical orders of.ilver that aren't unified or over is.weird we'll talked about it or when we.get to the deities apart LaRon II who is.the sort of lady of paladin's peony who.is the harvest and mother goddess.serene who is sort of the Viking god of.battle and rage and savage nor who's the.Donovan date sort of indifferent god of.knowledge there's there's multiple.orders that the churches of these.deities are not necessarily unified I'm.getting a little too far into this now I.should save this for the the gods of.current video so we'll we'll set that.aside for now it doesn't mention that.the city has no temples to aggregate or.same and worship of aggregate or Nava is.published by punishable by death so we.have a great summer fair this is the big.trading fair because Tisch all sits at.the Nexus of these four different trade.routes so we have a big discussion of.that and there's a whole bunch of things.going on here it's a it's a big festival.type thing as well there's even a random.encounters table for the fair and.accountant an actual calendar so here we.have the the city locations these are.the districts of the city we have Carol.and which is the district is dominated.by the castle in royal government maven.L is sort of the temple district.Harrogate is a district craftsmen.laborers and Freeman and manual trades.Cala bean is skilled artisans and rich.merchants working poor live in East Side.man guys square is going to be the.Commerce Center the manga is sort of the.overall guild council Meldrick was.bustles with the middle-class nobles and.wealth and guilds vain' live in Hall.Donna this odiferous section of the city.is dominated by the clothier skilled.this is Weaver town odiferous because.probably there is a tannery there and.tannery tanneries are notoriously stinky.oh and Liron village this is actually.located out here outside the walls and.our cohan which is also outside the.walls up here so there's actually a.little bit of somewhat urbanization just.outside the city walls the entire.contents of the city is not necessarily.contained in these walls although it's.fairly clean in that respect in the.cases to show in particular so let's.keep going we have we're getting into.building descriptions here so here's.here's some information on the bridge.here's the castle we'll see what we have.what else we have here but you can see.the section a is like the government.building so we'll scroll back up here.it's kind of a long way up yes ego.ruined buildings our section a or is.that district that might be district it.is but there is some correspondence.between district and function of the.building so let's see still in here.we're still we're looking at the castle.now.so there's a floor plans of the castle.and you'll see this in a lot of hard.product store are quite detailed floor.plans.there's no grid on these but that's.because like actual buildings they don't.necessarily conform to a grid you can.see that one of the towers here is sort.of offset from the rest of the the.castle so we're getting quite a lot of.detail on this now how useful I think is.natural to ask is this floorplan of the.royal castle of the king of call door.well I mean maybe I'll use it maybe one.but we'll see that there's other floor.plans that make me might come up more.often we're still in Royal Castle here.here's the roof so a lot of details and.they were here now we're in the Maven L.district I'm specifically looking here's.the temple of Saavik nor has collected.dozens of books and artifacts from the.time of Lutheran you might recall that.loathe room is loathe room the foul.spawner he was an evil sorcerer who.opened up a gate to some other place and.brought the garden to Hearn I have since.been a scourge of the entire island.enclave of the holy oak will be the.College of heralds and we have floorplan.for that.here's a quick large and elaborate.temple of peony here is the Harrogate.district now we do have I want to go.through this a little more slowly.because see three companions of the red.to Griffin let's see here so looks like.this is a mercenary company that has.like an office here this looks amusing.their antics have drawn the attention of.a sir haldar a venera constable of.Carroll and so they're basically who.they've set up shop here because they.expect fighting to break out at any time.you may recall from the called or video.that there is an elderly and somewhat.sickly king of called or who it is.thought will drop dead at any.moment he has thus far not dropped dead.for like 20 years but when he does die.he does not have a legitimate heir so.there is expected to be a fuss about.what happens when he does pass.let's see looking for a guild of arcane.lore there's a tutor poet I thought.there was one under see here now maybe.not well rest assured that there are.multiple facilities of the guild of.arcane lore here in the building now.those are not magic shops but there are.nevertheless their yield of arcane lore.places that doesn't necessarily mean.there were wizards either by the way.they may just be researchers of actual.arcane lore and and not actual wizards.but there is an actual Chantry of the.chekov are here's the temple of sorry.there's a temple of ilver this is the.order of the yellow hand the order.believes that loathe room had a sacred.tome the scant illumination of visit.vision and Kalapana news and have sought.it for more than five centuries okay.that's interesting.so again plot books on every page here.you like literally step in randomly to.page 33 here and read about the temple.of ilver and there's a plot hook here.picking a different one the iron Bell.has long been considered the I let's not.do it let's not doing it in zoo boring.let's go to the locksmith her reign her.reign of fest halt mostly builds.padlocks jer of Marylyn recently.approved her reins franchise which is.sort of a certification by the guild.that says you can go into business now.and since simpler work to him her reign.has one apprentice a buxom niece named.Nessa who likes to tease customers when.her reign is absent innkeeper Perla.plans on recruiting Nessa to work as one.of her prostitutes there's a plot hook.right there.that's generally about we this so this.is like that is generally a feature of.horn that there are that the whole text.is riddled with plot hooks that you can.use in your adventures so here we have.what looks like an entire life.little neighborhood of shops and stuff.we have a Salter here a perfumer a.mercantile ER who's like a general.merchant general store type person more.mercantile is Alexa Griff.like Sig refer lexographic potters glass.workers locksmiths here's just some.market stalls the litigants though.there's a guild of litigants who are the.lawyers guilds which is kind of an.awesome thing.there's alexa collects lexographic.Salters hide workers so we've got like.literal plans here of all these.different shops and stuff and this you.know can be used these can be used.generically for whatever shops wherever.even if we don't necessarily have floor.plans for the building your players are.in at the moment this is what this is.the mercantile lers hall so this is the.mercantile arrggh guild probably the.most influential and prosperous guild.hall on Harn which is perhaps not.surprising considering the trade routes.and all that to get complete floor plans.of this place a lot of businesses in.this entire district which should not be.surprising it's the bonding house then.there is a little bit of a port here so.this is River the called River but it's.not let's not get ocean board here's the.temple of Lea containing naked people.it's a big sort of is that a.seven-pointed feature it is which is.interesting if it were if it were an.octagon that would be more.characteristic of the the Church of.agric who is the evil god of fire and.war more floor plans.what is this facility okay this is.another in it looks like again we got a.lot of information on the ends which is.fine because you you know you can't have.too much on ends specifically here's a.chart cooler lorena and the mausoleum.once there's an act there's a like a.mausoleum here that's h6 that's over.here.so we're gonna keep going through here.we're on by page 50 of 70 there's a lot.more stuff going on here in this in the.city so as you can see we're gonna you.know kind of buzz through the rest of it.oh here's a cellar quite a labyrinth in.cellar at that point Hallam a of the.flesh here who runs this Inn is the.guild master of the LIA Kivar and to.shool the LIA caviar the Thieves Guild.of Horn so it's perhaps not at all.surprising that there's a labyrinth in.his basement here's the temple of.Laurent II as he spearheaded sorrow.there there one of the groups either.involved in or conferencing the the.nasty business that the Iranian Church.is involved in on the mainland in in the.Melbourne area actually more temple of.Laurent e most impressive temple of.Laurent Ian Hart was the dream of one.man Thomas of bequeath who came to harm.from prison in 408 as a young priest a.natural leader he quickly rose to the.rank of abbot of zu n and became saralyn.of tishell in 424 so one of the things.that you'll see in gaad's have Harnett.are the area and getting into that it.are the priestly ranks in the you know.native language spoken here weaver town.Dyer's ali wasn't sure if that was.somebody rockin on his chair or somebody.getting knifed there's the temple of.Nava which of course has tunnels secret.tunnels and stuff underneath it here are.the villages outside we have this.thespians guild or troop of thespians.anyway as even an article on the woods.or Gayle would this is one of the few.areas where towns folk may collect a.drop would filled with large rocks of.gnarled trees and mossy shadows.smugglers use the wood as a rendezvous.and some disappear that's where they the.gibbets are where they hang put the.executed criminal corpses and here we.have the underground so another.interesting feature of tishell is that.there there is an actual network of.underground tunnels under the city these.are used by the LIA kaveri these are.used by the temple of naã¯ve they're.used by smugglers and stuff like that.but they are not fully charted here we.get back to the maps this shows us the.tunnel system and we can see that here.are the sewer is here selective air.tunnels.there's the navien tunnels here's the.tunnels of the refugees of ilver however.that works.here's a royal escape tunnel there's.even an underground stream that comes in.from the call that's pretty interesting.also we can see where all these things.go and then it's up to you as the game.master kind of detailed the individual.features of these temples here we have.the the immediate environs of tishell.which is actually pretty cool this is an.excerpt from the Atlas hanukkah map j5.and we can see this this sort of yellow.I'm not really sure how well you're.gonna make this out of the video but.this sort of yellow is gonna be the.cultivated land but you can see that.there's a lot of settlement around here.okay Karina and Harry are gonna be keep.stirrin it's gonna be a keep all the.rest of these this little the hollow.squares and circles are going to be.manners the X there's a key for it for.this the X might represent a temple or a.religious stuff theif holding that is.possible uh here's a list of related.products which is also pretty cool and.then we have the player map so this is.the one that you are encouraged to.either hand out to the players or.photocopy and hand out to the players.more likely but these are in color.nowadays there were black and white ones.and in these old ones but that's the.city of the Shah as you can see there's.a lot here I don't know if this is the.longest of the of the articles or not.although I'm going to check corn on.because if any of them is longer corn is.actually a good deal shorter let's look.at the lavas 47 pages there's a lot in.this 47 pages okay so there's a lot here.too like this stuff is all again still.available through Dry three RPG and.through Columbia Games so.courage you to check check these out in.those places if you're finding this.interesting or you need a fantasy city.it's not that difficult to drop these.right in you might have to like replace.the heads of the city with something.more appropriate to your campaign but.otherwise you can absolutely drop this.right into whatever campaign if you're.not using harm but you should be so I.want to thank you for watching if you.have enjoyed the video please like it.leave me any questions below if you'd.like to see whatever you'd like to see.in the future please mention up.pertaining to harness pacifically but.whatever that's cool to leave a comment.below I would also like to direct you to.the aardwolf Slayer patreon which is.linked in the video description as well.so please check that out.consider becoming a patron if if that's.a possibility for you again thanks for.watching happy gaming I'll see you next.time.[Music].

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