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Advice of Fulfilling the Lllfill Blgi Form

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main thing that I learned through.this entire like series of videos and.hundreds of games like 100 plus games.played of although is it if you fell.intentional.your team can still be all phone which.means that not only are you at a.disadvantage because you have an.auto-fill person you're a double.disadvantage because you have photo so.you fold yourself you see you're not in.your main role which i think is like.completely ridiculous like it doesn't.make much sense the whole point I did it.was so that people didn't get the rules.like people got all the rules or there.was a higher chance if people get all.the rules he wanted but I swear to god.there was just so many people that are.actually yeah so many people that are.actually and the rules they didn't want.whilst I was sitting on like support or.jungler top or something I was just like.right okay so yeah that I don't quite.understand how the system works which is.upset and I like my intro for that.series which surely was I hate the old.phone system and I'm gonna fell so my.team don't get it and exact completely.defeat the purpose so yeah but that was.kinda Liam to learn and it happened at.least like two dozen times in 100 games.like easily two or three dozen times.isn't like it's a rare occurrence I.guess is what I'm trying to say oh yeah.that was like the first thing I learned.mostly the second thing that I've.learned and it's kind of something that.I've learned only after finishing this.series I came really close to getting.diamond in that season and now in that.series I probably could have got it if I.just played normally instead of filling.to be honest like I was I was pretty.much just playing support at that point.so I think the most important thing I.probably could have learned in terms of.like actually helping me like get over.the hump that I really see now and say.when I was doing this series the closer.and closer I got to Diamond the more.that I was getting inside my own head.and I feel like that was a big thing.coming to the end of the season a big.reason why I didn't end up getting a.diamond so I got like plot 174 LP and.then at that point I was just like going.into brain overdrive mode and things.just start going badly and I kept.pushing it and pushing it and pushing it.and pushing it and yeah I think a big.part of that was that I put this like.this this like this rank at such.high regard but honestly it's really not.all.like a deal and a half of the players.and and the rank that I was trying to.get I was trying get diamond five and.that season and half the players in that.right in fact pretty much all of them.are like to some degree absolutely.terrible like is actually you speak to.an a diamond player and a diamond player.and a diamond five player and they will.tell you that diamond five is like one.of the worst places on earth and I like.would wholeheartedly agree I played.probably over half of the games I played.and I'd be duel with a friend who was d5.or higher and so I either d5 or key for.probably was the only two that I could.actually do it with and we played most.our games at d5 level like or above and.yeah it was bad it was really bad.people are something else but like as I.say like mice as I said earlier my Smurf.is named like a similar MMR if not.higher than I mean but the difference.between the two of those is that I just.been playing on my Smurf I'm not being.like grinding to try and get higher.you'll I've not been like trying too.hard.I've just been playing the game and like.I feel like I've been performing way way.way better than I ever could be on my.smart on my main sorry and it's just.it's just the attitude that I've taken.it in the games so this game it doesn't.look like I'm doing all that well but.thanks snowball pretty hard at control I.end up going like 22 and 3 this game but.I'm just playing I'm just like enjoying.an ADC if you guys wonder if I might.have my ADC Charney's are going by the.way gone pretty well.yeah the Smurf is almost like like plop.like I'm like I'm like I'm gold 199 LP.which is which is fine and it's higher.MMR than my main so everybody in this.game is like plat for quad 3 I think.another major thing that I learned that.I think is like kind of important and I.died here another thing that I think I.can't even for it I this was something.that I realized just after and feeling.my first pro most two platinum so I feel.my first pro most apply and I made a.video a while back and that was a good.really like disheartening thing for me.and I got really kind of upset about it.and then if any like.I look like I want today I do I look.really really upset about the whole.thing and I was because I was put into.jungle and I I was just like my name.jungles had been banned out and I was.just like I had mainly lost that whole.thing because in my head these people.were better players than me and my head.and my head I didn't deserve the rank I.was even at I just in my head I just.assumed that it was just a of the.coin and I accidentally managed to get.up to that you'll and you know like.somehow you managed to get into a game.with people that are far higher you.allow me which means that they're better.players which is completely untrue like.if nothing else I've already proved that.wrong by getting an account to almost my.exact rank I was in ed West in 100 games.so yeah I don't know it just my.headspace was just all came to messed up.in that and I think it's really.important that you go into a game with.the intent like with the intention of.winning and with the mindset that you're.gonna win you can you can obviously be.like oh yeah well we can't let these.people scale or we can't wait we had.currently this happened we have to shut.this person down but you got like you've.got to think proactively you go I think.proactively in your games rather than.like thinking negatively about how bad.things are gonna go like if you're gonna.lane against AI kog'maw Lou or something.yeah you can be like oh this game's.gonna be over if we finish this if this.goes on too long we're gonna be in.trouble but just think about how you're.gonna shut that cog down like get some.jungle help think proactively train.movement over around the map try and.find angle your way in or something that.you can get that cold killed like just.things will work like it like I think.like that the number one killer of.you'll number one killer of LP is.autopilot in League of Legends and it is.hard to think proactively is really hard.to think proactively sometimes like I've.even even on my Smurfs like I just had.some games where like bad things have.happens like one bad thing after another.has happened and then my brain just.switches off but like you really if you.want it if you want to actually carry.just think about things like what you.want to do in the map like it's not all.about kills and bells and whistles dude.like if you get a kill walking you pull.over.can you pull Taraki you get dragon can.you get like rift out is there anything.you can do can you rotate to med.if you get I guess is football when I'm.sibling you get pellet kills here can.you go like maybe help secure their.enemy jungle or maybe like will med.they'll never suspect it do a three man.on two men or take dragon or route like.bah-bah-bah take turns swap with top.lane but there's so much you could do.from balling like that isn't just.setting in farming but right now I'm.going into every game like feeling good.at least on this account I'm going to.every game like with the assumption I'm.on equal grounds and there's a lot of.Smurfs as well that I get put against a.lot of people that are like clearly much.higher you will than me actually on.their means and my means but like what.he do what should we all you can really.do is like practice and play as hard as.you can try your down best and like if.that ain't good enough and you're.playing against players or Smurfs.wherever there are much better than he.or your are planning it's people there.bear that you take as a learning.experience man trying to figure out.something you can take from it that is.like gonna benefit you so for me.personally I think my main concern on.ADC is a lack of understanding when have.it point four main so I'll often feint.aims were mostly this is mostly I read a.realization the last like few days but.I'll like I'll go I'll get behind in.lane maybe I'll like get a couple kills.and then I'll start falling mind and.then I'll start like my CN some stuff.for a bit so maybe I'll be like 10 20.CCS behind but if they manage to take.terror I have found on what attains like.it's really difficult for me it pick up.any CS even after terrorists gone cuz I.had one game we're like night Mike.jungle decided that he would just like.push button put push bot side push boss.it up to this terror with we have no.vision our med was Sandra she was.pushing in med Jax was talking was.pushed on top and I was literally left.with absolutely zero CS like I couldn't.take CS because I wouldn't do a LCS a.center of all characters I was just like.no this is not gonna happen and.basically yeah I couldn't get any CS so.I like Wes 100 CS like 15 minutes out of.the game because I just had like no way.of getting any and it was really really.disheartening and I couldn't like I.couldn't do anything I was trying I'm.like make things happen but I didn't.have two CS to like back up.and that's like one of the things that I.figured out from like that particular.game is something I need to work on and.it's something it's just like I'll make.dumb please even when I'm behaved but.I'm trying up everybody I think.everybody does it to be honest I mean.nobody's perfect certainly but I'm.certainly like trying to improve but.yeah like it's just try and identify one.of your flaws and then figure out how.you can work on it all but that's like.the main thing else yes.and I'm saying I'm like I'm giving all.this advice as if I'm even what we are.you I like to think that the fact that I.am I am an average player like I have.always been terrible at this game like.like I've played this game for years and.years and years and years years I've.never improved at it except in the last.like few months where I've actually.tried so with an F I'm terrible the game.everybody like show jokes some terrible.the game Weber like if I can't improve.like well we're at the point where I.actually think I might be like close to.Dimond at least in terms of skill level.you know anybody can do it with like a.little bit of like effort a little bit.of like proactively thinking about it so.what this side face doesn't come from a.high you will player by any stretch of.imagination it comes from something he.was like slammed it in the depths for a.long long time who's like played it like.I don't know who's been like gold for.multiple seasons I've been average as.hell hasn't shown in any department I.think finally one of the major things I.want to see as if you want to cranial.don't fell though number one thing that.I learned about all filling the number.one thing that I learned about filling.and and league on right so it's a.terrible idea.don't do it I I thank Philippe had like.a lot of experience and all the rules I.was playing anyway except for jungle but.like when I go at jungle dude it was.unless I got like sejuani back when she.was like pretty strong or like a tank.jungle exact or something I was very.much like dude I was like that I was not.doing well I was doing really really.tragically bad it was like it was not.even worse no confirmation.it was so so so terrible but like I can.assume that like all our players don't.have a lot of experience and every.single role like or don't have like they.have a very small shampoo at least you.want to keep your champ pool fairly.small like you can mix you can mix up.the rolls I guess but like keep it.between 1 and 2 rows max and also your.shampoo like 3 pair roll I'd say that.you know well one one that you're really.strong on and one that like and two more.that you can like you can competently.play assuming that you know counter.picks coming or that gets bad the thing.for me that I've noticed is that like.pantheon right now he's Canaan man right.he's not like the best he can get like.he can be countered by more people he.generally he's catered by more people.than he counters and also like he is.very easily shut down by jungle pressure.I feel if your f your jungler doesn't.want to help you out because they don't.see any potential in the lane for like.carrying or whatever or just fair enough.because it's Pantheon but like I think I.think for the most part I played.Pantheon so much there I can either go.even or I can either when Elaine or just.not lose versus most med top most top.winners pretty much any top laner I.thought um I you will not be able to.like it right beat me without jungle.pressure are you gonna straight 1v1 even.if they're playing tanks and stuff I can.survive I can see ass and I can go even.and lane the issue is obviously gonna.come where I rent the game when like.they're become more team-oriented and.team orientated and like they're gonna.have more like you know if I'm planning.a Sion who's a really hard cutter you.know he's gonna be able to like have a.big team Ollie and team fail we and.stuff like that but and like learning.your matchups is like super duper on an.underrated thing that I hear people talk.about and I think it's probably like one.of the most important things like I.played Pantheon against pretty much.every matchup you can have like from.like lock stops like Lux is to to orange.to to Saiyans to ribbons to Pantheon.like sorry to them not to other factors.too like yeah souls to whatever what.have you like I've put against pretty.much all you can play.the top side and as such like it cannot.be stressed enough how underrated it.seems like that that knowledge is for.players wait if you really want to get.there a role you all we need to do is.like wearing your matchups wearing first.of all wearing what your character can.do like where he can kill from or like.where he can what you can do from.certain positions and like what the.enemy job wait what your what your.common matchups can do it to you and.when you can fight them and where you.can fight them and like how off and you.can win that fight and if you're ever.you are never gonna win anyways how you.can survive the most important thing is.nobody can kill you if you know it's.coming like if it's like final.destination dude if you see it coming.then you can just avoid it and it's Fame.so if you know that like Renekton has a.strong level to wait or Pantheon has a.strong level to don't go near every.level to just back off a little bit let.him push to your terror like just show.and then like deny him of like snowball.on the way that's it so many people just.don't respect the Pantheon it cannot be.stressed enough how like hey we're all.people respect the Pantheon by the way I.will click on script in here for sure.that would that would take straight-up.scripting this is me by the way this is.me and this is me this is Ross script.sucks right now the the rengar oh he.comes in wants all that damn baby oh the.jump the backwards dodge oh is that him.the only been the queue.ah there's been I got my Triomphe popped.off here we go baby she always I jumped.back she goes on a tower flash pop the.queue there we go.easy double kill let's go baby anyway.yeah wearing your match up dude like.really think about your matchups like if.you haven't done it already like if you.play the laning you just kind of.passively autopilot and expect one.that's just not gonna happen like the.only thing that's gonna change is if you.like think about what you can do in that.Lane like think about what you can do.what your character anomie does what you.can do how you can like how he can.impact the game and how you.yeah and like you can you can really.really dominate top if you just think.about how you're gonna dominate top like.is its it's really just a little bit.thinking and you may have to do a well.bear like research if you don't know.offhand and we the CUDA is your enemy.like the enemy top laner or the enemy.laner but doesn't see that long to wake.up and if you really think about it like.you play that way and once you think.about it really hard it's gonna become.second nature for you in the next then.you play it so yeah like wearing purse.bikes and stuff wearing like how much.damage somebody can do from what range.like everybody's gonna make mistakes in.his calculations like no doubt about it.but like you're certainly you're.certainly gonna have a bear Arsenal like.at your disposal if you just like if you.do what about research and like thank.you for your matchups and oh yes Skinner.this is gonna ramble down a little bit I.wanted it to be a little bit of a longer.uncut video and like I'm sure yeah it.probably you're not even watching at you.point yet it's probably in your.headphones err on another screen or.something like that or just like in the.background but yeah nevertheless yeah.that's that's been some advice I guess I.see like I see that like I have any.place to see it and honest to god I'm.not trying to be like oh yeah I'm so.good at the game no blah blah blah right.this is what's really just coming from.like a place of like I know that you.guys can do it like I understand it like.I've seen on stream so many times like.three five players they're just the.worst they're just terrible man.so many like like oh I've played master.yi one time in ranked and I had I got.four ACS and I went three four I guess.I'm playing mid and I'll go it's one in.seven like and these are people that are.like Platt these are people they're like.Diamond did you can get the rank you.want I believe in you wholeheartedly.like there's such a pedestal pull up on.this and I know there's a pedestal for.these ranks because I put it off there.myself.I put diamond up there to such a high.regard that I couldn't even get it cuz I.just mines main Frank to myself over you.know I'm saying like it didn't it didn't.happen for me because I wanted it to.happen too much instead of just letting.it happen naturally and an LP being a.byproduct of playing rather than being.the gold.like I should I should have just been.playing with the intention of winning.not with the intention of like they're.playing with the intention of playing as.well as I could rather than getting LP.as like the main plague the main reason.for playing you know I'm saying but yeah.you can you can do it season 8 is your.season undoubtably season 8 you're gonna.get the ranking that you want as long as.you think realistically like don't push.yourself too hard but like go for it you.know I hope that maybe you could derive.anything out of this this is as a state.coming from just your average player.this is somebody who's as good as you.probably this game who somehow managed.to stumble into eluded someone but maybe.other depths but they're trying anyway.oh yeah that was me that's what happened.that's what I learned after a hundred.games of all fill in the range of diet.plat 5 to diamond 3 that's why I learned.thank you very much for watching.gonna enjoy it it's very long video feel.free to subscribe and if you liked it as.well and only button I'll see you guys.tomorrow.take care.

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When do I have to learn how to fill out a W-2 form?

While I did not study physics this is something that relates to my field as well. One thing to remember is the scope of the field which you are talking about. With physics it might seem narrower than History or Archaeology but I suspect that when you boil it down it isn’t. It would be impossible to cover everything in a subject even going all the way through to gaining a doctorate. The answer you got and posted up is very accurate and extremely good advice. What a lot of it boils down to in education (especially nowadays) is not so much teaching specific facts but teaching themes and how to find Continue Reading

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