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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Filling in Vita Basic Exam Answers Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Vita Basic Exam Answers Form

youtube video

Tutorial as toVita Basic Exam Answers Form

hey everybody this video is going to be.all about how to approach your.certification test for Vita I'm gonna.break this up into two parts the first.couple minutes are simply going to be.how to access the certification exam.website how to get into an account.create an account or get into yours and.then the second part will be.conceptually how to approach the test.how to use the resources that are.available to you to take the test and.and go from there so you may only need.to watch part of this video special to.your veteran volunteer you may only want.to watch the first part here okay so.starting with actually working with the.certification exam website and getting.into your account I am currently on the.certification exam website here that's.what we're looking at the link to this.is WWE link learn certification com.there is a link to this in the email.that you received where you found the.link to this video once you're here.veteran volunteers first veteran.volunteers you should have your login.name and password from last year now.this is a different username and.password from the practice lab and from.tax layer live okay so totally different.from the practice lab and different from.the username and password that you use.to get into tax layer when you're.volunteering on site this is a different.password it's also another password that.Jackie Michelle and I do not have any.control over.we can't reset it and we don't know it.unfortunately I wish we did.so what that means is if you're a.veteran volunteer you should have this.information from last year if you do.great type it in.hit login if you don't hit forgot.password um.and follow the prompts follow the.prompts to enter your email and get.reset your password and username that.way okay new volunteers you're gonna.create a new account and you can use.this create account button here to do.that first thing you want to do hit by.to volunteer if you're a site.coordinator hit yes if you're not a site.coordinator hit no nobody here is an.instructor an IRS territory manager and.then everybody is going to say yes that.they plan to volunteer with Vita your.training source will be publication 44.91 fill in your first name last name.nobody Nick needs an SE ID create a.login a username create your password.put your email address in put your your.home address in select your time zone.for new volunteers the number of years.you volunteered is zero if anybody would.like continuing education credits if.your if you're a CPA and ei or an.attorney and you would like continuing.education credits for volunteering with.Vita you can enter also non credentialed.other tax return preparers can get.continuing education credits as well so.pick your your professional status if.you have a p10 put that in and you can.get continuing education credits for.doing this once all that's entered hit.register and that will take you into.your account make sure.you write your username and password.down you'll need it and I'm just gonna.stress this again this is a different.login password from the practice lab.okay I'm gonna go ahead and log in.alright so once we are logged in you're.going to default here to the basic.sequence okay if you are going for her.advanced simply click over here to the.Advanced tab if you're doing basic stay.on basic if you're doing advanced switch.over to advanced everybody regardless if.you're doing basic or advanced we'll.start with two two tests that you have.to take the first is the volunteer.standards of conduct you can think of.this as the ethics part and then the.second one is the intake and interview.and quality review exam so you have to.do this sequential you have to do FX.first then the intake and interview.before you get to the tax law part of.the certification you're gonna see one.thing that I have that will be different.for most people here is the site.coordinator training if you're not a.site coordinator you will not see this.and you will not have to do it if you.are a site coordinator you should see it.and you should do it and then the next.piece will be either your basic exam or.if I click back over here to advanced.you'd have standards of conduct intake.an interview and then advanced and you.do need to do those sequentially okay.now starting to think about this kind of.conceptually how to utilize the.materials that you have available for.you we're gonna start with the standards.of conduct exam.so everybody received this publication.this is the paper copy of the.certification test publications 6744 we.recommend doing and answering the.questions on paper first so what do I.mean by that I'm going to scroll down.here and I'm going to go to my volunteer.standards of conduct test questions this.is the ethics part this is the first.thing you need to do what we recommend.is going into your book reading the.questions here you can see the first.questions in the ethics part is prior to.working at a vitae site all vitae.volunteers must and then your options.there do we recommend answering it.circle your answer in your book go.through answer questions one through I.believe there's ten questions yes.there's ten questions use your book go.through answer them before you log into.the website and enter them but do that.first now you might be wondering how am.I supposed to know this there's note we.haven't talked about this stuff in.enough detail there's no training on.this you make an excellent point.you will find in the email about this.video and about the certification tests.you will find a link to publication 49.sixty-one this is the volunteer.standards of conduct and ethics training.so this is a short little training all.about the ethics of volunteering with.Vita so again you will find a link to.this there is no paper copy of this.unless you print it out you're gonna.find a link click on it and you can use.this publication to help you answer.the questions on the ethics test what I.would recommend is get your paper copy.of your test your 6744 get your paper.copy of this out pull your computer up.open the link to the ethics training and.as you go through the test utilize this.ethics training to find your answers.okay so I'm gonna go back to the test.back to the paper version of the test.and I don't know why my computer is kind.of minimize the screen a little bit but.back to the paper version of the test so.I can point.another important thing out here.volunteer standards of conduct test.questions we already talked about that.right we have this is the ethics test we.have questions 1 through 10 and that's.the test there are 10 questions in the.test now you may wonder if I go to the.next page here what's the retest.what's the what are they talking about.here the retype test questions the.volunteer standards of conduct retest.questions you'll see there's another 10.questions here do you need to answer.those well first thing I'd like to point.out is these questions are very similar.to the first 10 questions.they're just worded a little bit.differently it might be a true/false.answer instead of a multiple-choice it.might be flipped around a little bit but.they're very very similar so we suggest.answering them so when you do your.ethics portion do the first 10 and then.do the second 10 do the retest also you.might ask why you only need 10.questions well we go back here to the.certification exam website now this is.where you're going to ultimately enter.your answers so that they can be scored.when I actually go in here to enter my.answers the certification website is.going to pull questions half from the.retest and half from the first test okay.so you can think of this as kind of like.test a and test B where in the ethics.test you have test a you have test B and.when you go to enter your answers the.website is going to pull half of the.questions that you need to answer from.test a and half from test B so if you.already have all of your answers worked.out all you're doing is transplanting.your answer from your book into the.certification website and I'll show you.I'm just going to open this I've already.kind of started it I'm going to click on.standards of conduct I'm gonna hit.launch and I'm gonna hit start.assessment okay and here is my first.question prior to working at a vitae.site all volunteers need to this is a.question from partner test a the the.test questions the first set of.questions in your there it is there's.the that's the exact question.so if you have all your your answers.worked out this will be an easy kind of.just taking that the answers you have.from the paper test just putting them.online and you'll go through your answer.all of these and then you'll submit it.and get your grade you do need an 80% to.pass you need eight out of ten on the.ethics portion to pass that part okay.once you've passed that once you've.passed it you will then be able to take.the intake interview and quality review.exam yeah going back to the on my paper.version of my test going back to this.you everybody has this gonna navigate.down here to the next test which is the.intake interview and quality review test.and here are my ten test questions.you'll also notice there's another.retest there you've got test a and test.B again okay we recommend answering both.parts the first ten as well as the.second tenth and again you're probably.wondering how am I supposed to know this.well we included of another link in this.email a link to the intake interview and.quality reviewed training slides so.again what I'd recommend.pull up your the paper version of your.test get it out click on the link to the.intake interview and quality review.training on your computer as you work.through your test use this as a resource.to answer your questions okay.work through read through and use the.use this as you go through and answer.your test once you've done that once you.both sets of answers for the test and.the retest come on back here to this to.the website and enter your answers in.once you've done those two things you.will have access to start your basic or.your advanced exam again I'm gonna head.back to your the paper version of your.test and navigate to either the basic.scenarios or the advanced scenario so.I'm going to just go to the basic.scenarios and you will get a scenario.and some questions related to the.scenario this is where you need to start.applying your tax knowledge this is open.book you can use all of your resources.to help you here and you can go through.and start answering these questions.again mark your answers down on paper.circle your answers go through work.through answer the questions all of.these the first couple questions here do.not require that you do a tax return.they're simply applying tax law to some.scenarios however once you get to basic.scenario six.I'm sorry non-sex hanging in there.once we get to basic scenario seven for.Jacob and Martha Mills you're gonna have.some interview notes presenting the.scenario and then you'll see got some.social security cards you have an intake.form you have some w2 some 1099 s you're.gonna need to do a tax return to get.your answers to be able to to answer the.questions appropriately.you can see some of these questions here.reference the tax return for instance.how much of their Social Security is.taxable well you're not going to know.the answer to this unless you do a tax.return for that I'm a full tax return so.how do you do that well again get your.get the paper version of your test out.that's where all of this information is.then you're gonna need to log in to your.practice lab account and there's a.there's a separate video on getting into.your practice lab account that you can.consult what you're gonna need to head.over to the see where am I.head over to your practice lab okay and.the web address there is vitae tax lair.procom hit practice lab remember to.enter that universal password train Pro.web all capital capital letters log into.your practice lab account again this is.different this is different from your.certification website different username.and password log in there hit go to.practice area and start a new 2018 tax.return and then enter social security.number so what you're doing here is.you're going to do the tax return for.Jacob and Martha Mills that's why you.have social security numbers here you'll.enter Jacob's social security number 131.into.Social Security he'll enter 131 and then.you can make up any due to to to to any.of the last for what you're gonna need.to do the tax return you're gonna need.to use all of the information presented.in this scenario all of the forms to go.through and complete a tax return only.then will you be able to answer the.questions related to scenario 7 so.there's a couple questions like this.there's another one for Emily Clark and.I believe there's a couple more so.you'll end up doing a couple tax returns.in order to answer the the full basic or.advanced scenario test I'm sorry so.again get the paper version of your test.out pull up the tax layer practice lab.on your computer use the information in.the test to do a tax return then use the.information from the tax return to.answer the questions on the test and.again let's see if I can get back up to.the table of contents here again in your.test you will see if you're doing the.basic scenarios you're gonna have okay.so you have eight scenarios to answer.there and only the last two seven and.eight required a tax return again we.recommend answering all of the questions.in the test but then you're gonna have.this retest questions and again they're.very similar questions they're just.worded a little bit differently but we.recommend answering them having all of.the answers because when you finish when.you get through and you finish all of.your basic scenarios you have all of.them answered you've all of the retest.answered you're gonna go back to the.certification website and enter your.answers and remember the computer.program here is going to pull 50% of the.questions from test a and 50% from test.B which is considered the retest so if.you have everything already worked out.it's a very easy switch from having them.in on paper to putting them into the.computer and if you're going for the.advanced follow the same procedure with.the advanced scenarios the advanced test.questions the advanced retest questions.remember if you're doing advanced you do.not need to do the basics you just need.to do the advanced okay so one last kind.of run-through of what all these.resources are and you will find all of.this information in the email okay first.thing you have your the paper copy of.your test you have this already pub 6744.in the email you will find a link to the.ethics training standard of conduct.training pub 49 61 this is electronic.only this is going to help you answer.the questions on the ethics test okay.and take interview and quality review.training these are going to help you.answer the intake interview and quality.review test questions this link is in.the email this is electronic only we.have the certification exam website this.is where you enter your answers for the.certification exam you will find this.information in the email the link to.this the web address is link learn.certification com okay you have your.practice lab where you will do the tax.returns that you need to do that's vita.dot tex lair procom there's a link to.this in the email and there's a separate.YouTube video on creating or getting.into your account for the practice lab.okay so with all of that information I.hope that you found this helpful I know.it's confusing and knows you you have.some of this material in hand some of it.is just electronic there's a couple.different websites there's multiple.usernames and passwords hopefully this.video distilled some of that and.clarified some things but we do realize.that there will be some other questions.so don't hesitate to reach out and ask.us if you have questions so with that I.think I'm gonna sign off here I think I.I think I covered everything that I.would like to cover and we found this.helpful thanks for listening and.watching.

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Vita Basic Exam Answers Form FAQs

Follow the below common problems about Vita Basic Exam Answers Form. Reach out to directly if you still have other queries.

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