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L 8 2018 2019 Form Inquiry Instruction

This is the large-scale music reality show that has attracted the most attention of Chinese globally.\"Sing! China\".2020.Since 2012.\"Sing! China\" has been with you for 9 years.Every year will bring you a different surprise.This year we ushered in new mentors and a new lineup of players.And new sponsors as well.Come on!.Ok.My first song, I just want to show them I’m a song writer.The second song, I want to show the plasticity of my voice.I just want to show them more about myself.Are you sure he is not from Mongolia?..It seems that I heard the voice of Tengger, it was Tengger!.And there was a little bit of Tuvan throat singing.Kind of surprise.I have a different opinion.He teaches kids..So he can use his voice to create a lot of images.I think the kids will listen to you.It’s a heartwarming teaching method .It can also bluff your students..Right.For Tian Li, I personally think .This song is not as impressive as the first one.What impressed me more is how you control your voice.Like.A solo musical.Solo musical theatre.So refreshing.So thank you for bringing us a different voice.By the way, Gao Rui’s performance was exactly what I expected.You are always stable.Your musical expression can be considered as a traditional way, very flexible.The verse section, chorus section, the melodic motifs along with lyrical transited so well.You did all these very well.You are a good singer in the traditional sense.Very rare.Thank you..Li Jian, tell us the name of the student you want to stay.I want to congratulate..Gao Rui..I want to congratulate Gao Rui.Yes, she finally settled down in Jian Ge’s team..Next.Let’s count down. Ten, nine.Eight, seven.Six.Five, four.Three.Two.One.It is very, very hard for mentors to turn around.Still need to PK again.I think.It's actually not easy.Yeah.Ok.We continue to request songs now.Ok.Then I request \"exaggeration\" of Zhou Pin..I'm sorry that there was no mentors turned around for you, you were supposed to sing it well.Maybe just because you were nervous or stressful.A lot of notes were a little lower than they should be..Pay attention to how you control your voice.Thanks for your performance.Thank you.They are so strict..I'm nervous.Another song, \"The Ugliest Man in the World\"...No mentor turned around for you.Thank you.Actually no matter how many spots there were.In the end, the tutors were very struggling.They were very sorry.In fact, when you sang, actually you were comparing with the 20 contestants here.First of all, you have to be better than the 5 people in our team.Then we probably turn around.Correct.During this time.I don't have any spots left.I just want to protect my students.It may be more difficult for the tutors to turn around now.Unless he is particularly good.Like.Kind of outstanding.Someone I really don't want to miss .I might turn around.Unfortunately no mentor turned around.Keep going.Thank you.None of them turned around.Fewer and fewer contestant was here.We originally had 4 football teams now only 2.The people in our row have already gone.You know.The atmosphere is quite depressed and tense.I seemed to have lost all my confidence.Dozens of students.We are exhausted just by watching.I can't imagine how their spirit and body can endure this pressure.I request a song called \"Glimmer\".OK.Come on.To be honest.Looking at every contestant.I think he came here for challenging me.I started to hum, I started to warm up.I was so nervous.I was really scared...When I was called.I was about to open the door of the room.My two hands were shaking.I tried to calm down.In fact.I prepared for such a long time.On the stage, the most important thing is to let the mentors and the audience hear my song.When I opened the door.Everyone was cheering.I had an illusion.Like.The feeling I used to have while performing in a theater.So when I heard their support.I was standing in the middle of that stage.I knew I can do it.There was nothing to be afraid of.My name is Cao Yang.I’m from shanghai.28 years old.Graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, majored in musical theatre.The musical that I have performed the most times in my musical career is.\"Secret\"..I play the leading actor, Ye Xianglun.Through this musical, Jay Chou’s company found me...And now I am an artist.In fact, I was on the stage of “Sing! China” in 2017.As a guest singer of Jay Chou’s team.Seeing Chen Ying’en standing beside him.I was somewhat envious.Because I think.If I can choose.I hope I was a contestant.I hope through my own effort.I can stand on that stage.Withstand the test and judgment of mentors.Because singing behind the 4 chairs,.Voice is the only thing that can prove that I am a good singer.Especially this time I want to sing a song written by myself.The song \"Glimmer\" represents my past two years.A journey.Come on.If a mentor turns around.This proves my improvement and hard work in recent years.Are not in vain.I didn’t expect that Jian Ge turned around too ..Congratulations on becoming the first one in the 20 contestants to make us turn around..Otherwise it will be a concert this afternoon.Right.In fact.Actually you should introduce yourself first..Hello everyone.My name is Cao Yang.I come from shanghai.28 years old.I graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music majoring in musical theatre.You are from shanghai.You are from Shanghai, majoring in musical theatre.In the lyrics, I think I’m imagining the scene.Like.I am a tiny light that can reach less than a meter.I think it’s more like a musical.Exactly.But he didn’t sing it in a musical way.Not so rigid.Relatively comfortable.He sang very \"casually\".No longer obsessed with it.-Very well.-So natural.Because from the beginning of school.To graduation..I always met the audience on the theater stage.I .Dreamed about one day I can let go of my role.My script.I can sing whatever I want.I can play Cao Yang on this stage.I always have this dream.Let me say something ..If you come to my team.I want to make you sing better.For example.Your chorus, “I am a tiny light”.In all fairness.I think “your light” can be “brighter”.There could be different repetitions.There should be different timbre changes.I may technically be able to give you more..After all.I won a lot of singing competitions.Ok.And I think he looks good too.The way he looks.It seems very fashionable these years.Especially small eyes have become popular over the years..Exactly.I think he has a sunny personality, I like him.I heard you said that you were majored in musical.Worked in the theater.I am actually quite curious.Because I played a role in an 8-hour drama before.I'm wondering.Is it 8 hours of continuous performance?.Yeah, every day.If the 8 hours were split into three years, I think he didn’t even bother to mention it.Then, I am actually thinking.Maybe on this stage in the future.Some of your experience in this field..Can be interpreted in your song.Make your singer's image more \"three-dimensional\"..We all think you sang very naturally.Maybe because.All the experiences you got from musical.We all have been actors and singers.We can share.Since both mentors have talked about musical theater.It seems I can't fall behind.Yeah.Because my father was a Peking opera actor.I grew up in the theater..I was a kid who grew up in art school.So three mentors.You should pay attention to what he said.-He said he came to this stage to leave that theater.-Really?.You forgot.I always dreamed.One day I can let go of my role, my script.I can sing whatever I want.I can play Cao Yang on this stage.He wants to sing in a stadium.Because you wrote this song by yourself..Did you write a lot of songs?.Yeah.My song for PK is also written by myself.Hey, he has already thought of the PK part.Who do you want to PK with?.Ok.Can I see the people in the teams?.On the left.Mentor Nicholas has a special chorus called “A capella”.I think they have too many people.PK, they are outnumbered.Ok.There is one from Chunchun’s team; he already won a PK yesterday.So .He just can't be selected again.Ok.I've decided.Ready?.Bring it on.The tutor I want to choose is.Nicholas Tse..I want to know who he chooses.Yeah.I also want to know who he will choose.Okay.Please select a student from the team who you want to PK with.First of all I am not willing to choose girls.Because I think PK is between guys.Just find a guy to PK.So my choice is relatively simple.Cao Yang is a very good contestant.He is not only handsome but also talented.He happens to have a voice that our team lacks.If we PK with him, it's hard to tell who will win.It doesn't matter if he chooses me.Even if I lose.At least I can know.Why I lose.Or why you are better than me.I want to choose.The guy in the back row.Exactly.Come on.The one from Anhui who sang \"Song of the Head\"..Cao Yang wants to challenge me, I am very happy.Because I feel.He came to challenge me; I think it is a kind of respect for me.Ok.Do you have a declaration of the battle?..I want to listen to your song again..Thank you.I think there is no declaration.That everyone takes what they should do seriously.I think it’s the way we treat this society.It is also the way we live in this society.Come on.It's your turn now.He started talking about “famous quotes”.Come on.Thank you.Sing \"Love Song 1980\" with Mu Su.Now when I think about my decision.I think.It seems that this decision was pretty bold.But I still have confidence.Ok.Thank you for your support and demonstration.Mu Su, right?.Right.Even for a professional singer, there's hardly another way to interpret this song.It is just.One octave, 6/8 time song.But I think when Mu Su sang this song.It was the best version of this song I heard.Thank you.I still had a feeling.He said to treat this society with sincerity.This also means.He has a very independent personality, very stubborn.Exactly.Mu Su’s song has this storytelling feel.It must be very teary.I think it is really the best version.Cao Yang, I also think.Actually in PK.He can pick this song.All the skills and.Such a slow tempo.The transition of model voice and falsetto was actually very good.Your own psychological quality.I also think you handled it very well.So it was not comparable.I like you two very much.But.The reason .I hope you understand.In the Nicholas Tse's team.I think.The voice of Mu Su.Is similar to \"Tiger Head\".Is relatively close.Oh no..His style is a bit like \"Tiger Head\".I think he won.So.Really sad.Because.Mu Su and I .Are very good friends.When I heard this .I just felt.A good voice, a very powerful soul singer.Is leaving again.He won't be here any more.It will come sooner or later.I am ready.Nicholas Tse, please take the hand of the student you want to keep.Ok.Do you have any thoughts?.Ok.I always think of Li Jian.Has the best chance.Press.Mentors.At that time, he told me that he didn't have any thoughts.You have to choose.Ok.Thank you.At the moment he took my hand, I wanted to tell Nicholas.I won't let him down.I think we are a.A very strong team.Sorry..Cheer up.Don't give up, come on.Thank you.Really.Can I say a few words.Oh wait a minute, Cao Yang please go back to your team first.Well, tell us.I think this time.The trip of Jiashan is a romantic journey for me.I believe all the players are the same as me.Then I am very grateful to our program team.And our 4 mentors.And backstage staff.Hardworking staff.Sound team, lighting team.The logistics team.Thank you very much.I love you.Come on.Mu Su.Thanks I love you.I understand very well.Because it is true that the Nicholas’ team needs.Greater possibilities.If any mentor wants to keep Mu Su in his team.Please press the red button in front of you within 10 seconds.Now countdown starts.Save him.Save him.Save him...Save him..I actually have a glimmer of hope.I think other mentors should choose him..I don't want Mu Su to leave this stage.He is an excellent singer.Excellent musician.Save him!.-Just now I.-You hesitated too.I'm okay.But I want to say that I saw another thing.What?.Just the one.When Mu Su was leaving the stage.I found out that.Feng Ge's team actually acted okay.But Jian Ge’s team were lachrymose.You know..Then I found out that Jian Ge was also very decisive and pressed this button.Proving that they were well connected.But I want to tell you a secret.What?.Nicholas just now.Before taking the stage.He covered his microphone and said to me.“Do you have any thoughts?”.At that time I said cruelly.No.At that time I didn't have any thoughts.But then.I kept on thinking about this contestant..I can't just let him go.Wishful thinking, isn't it?.I'm joking..He thanked everyone.And he showed the kind of sincerity, indifference and calm beyond this age..I think this is a contestant whom we should give another chance.OK.Wow.Thank you.No need to thank mentors anymore.Next, you have to get ready.Look at our team.We now have.Two boys and three girls.They seem to be vulnerable..So there is no way to pick from that feature..I have to interrupt, sorry.I think.I think each of them .Everyone has greater development possibilities than me.Do not be humble.I do not know why.I don’t know if it was just because I’m a female.At that moment I felt very strongly that he was going to give up.It’s better to give them a chance.I can leave.But I don’t want them to face this.You say you think they are more likely to do better than you.Do you want to give up?.Correct.Then.Do not give up.I think Chunchun is right.Let me say something, it's very important.This is not what I said, but Tolstoy said.Life is not a game.There is no reason for anyone to give up voluntarily..Come on kids, come on..Will he choose me?.It doesn't matter.If he chooses me.I think it is also a kind of affirmation for me.Otherwise he won't choose me.Bring it on..I have no regrets when I lose .I choose Su Wei.Our little \"Harry Potter\".Su Wei.The one whose voice sounds a bit like that of Qingfeng.The reason I chose Su Wei is that his singing skills are very good.I want to fight against such a person.Come on.He chose me to PK.I think this should be mutual appreciation among friends.I have to do my best.Sing well.One’s voice is very high and the other one is very low.Next song I want to sing..Can represent part of me.Because I think people are very complicated..Mu Su.You are a folk poet.Thank you.It surprised me too much.Because.I think this type of music hasn’t appeared on our stage over the years..Yes.-Thank you .-Su Wei's voice, his high note.The transition from the model voice to falsetto, beautiful.That syllable \"Shao\".Perfect.A very impressive song.At the beginning, the low notes of Mu Su's song were no longer audible.Because it was too low to vibrate.Was that low C?.Lowest Do.I think both of them are great.One person controls so well in the high pitch.The other is so good bass control.To be frank.Because this stage.We, as mentors, are sitting here.It does not mean.We are better than all of you.Every contestant, at least has one or two aspects that exceed us.The so-called mentors.Though we sit here.We also learn from the students.We also learn from each other.You all have a good starting point.You are all closer to dreams.So.The people who might leave this stage.Do not be discouraged.That’s it..Then I apologize to the students mentioned below..I hope it is a temporary result.I also hope that.I can only hope you two..We have three people.Aren't we three?.I'm confused.Good.The one I have to say sorry to is….Mu Su has a musical viability.He can rely on himself.On his own.Blaze a trail.And Su Wei, he needs guidance or even training.It means he needs a boost from the show.I think more about their future.Ok.Ok.Mu Su..So at this moment Su Wei becomes an official student of Li Jian’s team.We want to congratulate these 4 students..Mentor Li Jian chose me.It is really a big encouragement for me.So from now on I hope any suggestions Li Jian gives me.I can use them in the next performance.Sing every piece well.The next 10 seconds.If any mentor want Mu Su to stay in his team.Please press the red button in front of you.The countdown begins, Ten.Nine.Eight.Save him.Five, four.Three.Two.One.Thank you.I request this song called \"Born to be Human\".Written and originally sung by Shang Shida.I am Fan Ru.I come from Xuyi, Jiangsu.I am now a webcaster.Although I now have almost 800,000 followers.But I can only be regarded as one of the just above average, non-famous influencer.I have to sing for about 10 hours every day.But I like my job.Because I can sing every day.I just want to sing good songs to everyone.Others sing by their talent and learning.But I rely on the training that these 10 hours have brought me.I may not be the most professional \"good voice\".But I hope the audience can hear what I want to express in my voice.“Sing! China” is the stage I’ve dreamed for a long time.It's where I want to sing with all my heart.I don’t care about the result.Being on this stage is a new beginning on my music path.I think her whole performance, her song .They both brought joy to me.I was immersed in her performance.Yeah.Oh.I was wondering if the style will change.She just stopped suddenly.I was a little panicked at that moment.It would be too late if I didn't press.I don't want to miss her.Especially when the blind election is coming to an end.I've been watching you, you know?.I was struggling..But I was still moved by her singing.Yeah.Great.Great.Ok.Please introduce yourself.Hello.Hello everyone.I am Fan Ru.I come from a small county named Xuyi, Jiangsu.You know.The \"Big Lobster\" thing.-Yes, crayfish.-Yes, I've been to the \"Crayfish Festival\".-I have been there too..I know. I didn't get the ticket.And then I am now in the field of \"We Media\".Also an independent musician.Ok. I thought we were going to snatch her.You had a “crush” on her too?.Of course.I like your mid-low frequency voice very much.I think this is very magnetic.Actually I have been waiting for a little bit more change.But it's okay.Our Mentor Chunchun still has a vision.Thank you.OK.Congratulations on joining Li Yuchun's team.My students.Sorry.Have you watched their singing before?.Yeah.Have you thought about it before?.-Never.-It's ok.We have time to think now.The guy behind, he is already an official student.So among these 4 people.This happened again.The scene of that day emerged again.I can't feel my scalp at that time, so nervous.Because I just went through this.For a moment, I didn't dare to imagine.I don't know if I can sit here anymore.In Chunchun's team.I have a hunch that Fan Ru will choose me.Because I'm similar to her in singing.Then I..I choose that beautiful girl with long hair.Are you talking about Pan Hong?.Exactly.Pan Hong.Come on.Ok.I was surprised.She picked Pan Hong.But.She chose Pan Hong?.The taller one.I think Pan Hong is also a \"seeded player\" in Chunchun's team.Come on.I didn't want her to choose Pan Hong.Because I like Pan Hong.I think her singing or performance.She has high potentials.Because I joined the team early.So i think I should fight.Like a warrior.Please tell me “the declaration of the battle”.I have the deepest impression of you in the whole team.So.Since I can choose, I have to choose my favorite.We can be friends offstage.We are opponents on stage.Let's get ready for it.So you know each other?.No, that's just a metaphor.Ok, sorry.I took it seriously.Bring it on.Ok.Please get ready for the performance.Come on.This student is really good at choosing.Pan Hong's performance made me feel that I did not choose the wrong opponent.Since I came to this stage.I just want to find the best opponent.To fight.Thank you.\"Light\" sings better than the previous song.Yeah.Thank you.Then Pan Hong, do you know what you did just now?.You sang the song that I wanted to choose for my students.Hey, you already have started helping Chunchun to PK with me?.Deciding on a sole contestant is always a dilemma.Yeah.I think they are the same style.The mezzo-soprano voice.Correct.Maybe Pan Hong is taller.Her voice is louder.More resonance.I personally prefer Pan Hong.Ok.Nicholas Tse.I have no opinion..He has no opinion.Didn't you listen?.I don’t think I want to disrupt Chunchun’s thinking.Ok.Then.What do the two students have to tell your mentor?.I actually didn't expect Chunchun to turn around.I think.I can sing two songs on such a good stage.And.Both songs are my favorite songs.I'm very happy.Thank you.This song is a song I sang to myself.The girl in the story is me.Because I miss the innocent me when I was a little kid.I sang this song to myself.I hope Chunchun can follow her heart.I will always like you, love you.You may not see it from this angle..Chunchun blinked about 600 times per second to ask me for help..I want to tell you that.I can't save you.Bring it on.Make a final choice..To be honest, .Such a duel was not what I expected.So.It's so hard.It's just because.It's because I like these two so much.My final choice.It's not because of the one who is leaving didn't do well.It’s because the other one is too good.So.Fan Ru.A girl of this age.Her talent.And her stability.Almost invulnerable.She sang so well.Including her temperament on stage.I think both are very rare and unique.And I think .Even if I have been to so many singing contests, she is still the outstanding one.So.She just picked my favorite one.I can hardly give up that gem in my heart.I know.So I have to say sorry to Fan Ru.You shouldn't have chosen....Cheer up.You are great.Yeah.Awesome.You sang so well.Because I also feel the affirmation from Chunchun.I am really touched.Then I will sing every song well.Countdown starts.ten.Nine.Eight.Seven.Six.Five.Four.Three.Two.One.Next.Pan Hong is safe now..Feng Ge, you did not give advice.Did you just want to snatch my Pan Hong?.Isn’t it?.Of course not.I'm the honest one.So wait a minute, this is the last student of “blind selection” this season!.Correct.I remember, .The last of the last day of “blind selection” last season.Liu Junge, he chose you.Yes.She was.The last one in the blind selection.But in the end she also went to the \"Bird's Nest\" that year, with me.So there is still a great chance.Ok.Then we can start now..I request a song.Original singer is \"Rosewood Bullet\".This song is called \"Polaris\".My name is Yan Maolin.I come from Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province.I am an accountant who loves rock music very much.After graduating from university with a major in financial management.I went to work in a bank for a year.Because I like singing.So I decided to quit my job.Become a full-time live house singer.Many people say I don’t look like a rock singer.But I think rock is not about what you wear and what you do.Deep in my heart.I'm a rocker.This time I chose the \"Polaris\" of Rosewood Bullet.I think I have to find a life goal like Polaris.Have faith.And live my life better.We have to worry about the last one.He should be something.Exactly.And then.Hello .So then.Hello there.I think you worked too hard.-Introduce yourself first.-Hello everyone.My name is Yan Maolin.I come from Jiangyou, Sichuan .Now i am a live house singer.27 years old.Hello there.Hello there..The reason I turned is because I think your range is very wide.Although the first part was a bit unstable.But I also.I know that you was nervous on this stage.Even our tutors will be a little nervous.But I hope I can hear your second song.Thank you Nicholas.Welcome to Nicholas Tse's team.You can hear it, right?.Congratulations.OK..Please choose the opponent you want to PK with in my team.I choose.We have to start to PK again.I am used to it .Because I stood up.Five or six times..I finally got this spot.I might be eliminated again.It feels so cruel.I think Nicholas Tse can turn around for him.He already had his own thoughts.He knew.What kind of people he wanted in his team.I choose….Please choose the opponent you want to PK with in my team.I choose.Jia Yiteng.The song writer.That one.Walk to Zhengzhou.That one.It doesn't matter if you choose me or not.My purpose is not only to show myself.At the same time I want to learn from others.Please give each other a declaration of battle..Fighting.Bro, you too.Come on..The stage is all yours.I will sing this song with my soul.To tell everyone.Thank you.Both are high-energy rock voices.Do other tutors have some suggestions?.\"Tiger Head\" is very smart.The song itself has a very special humanistic spirit.He is so smart.He sang it again on one octave lower at the end.It should be as low as “Mi”..A note that almost discouraged all male singers.He was also desperate.I think he is a singer.Who can melt people into songs.Maolin's hoarse voice is also very impressive.You can’t have your cake and eat it.You have to choose.One's high note is awesome.One's bass makes people feel very \"frightened\".No.In a good way..\"Tiger Head\".So the charm of a person on stage.In fact, it can be brought in within a very short time.Like he played that guitar by himself.I think his dynamics were particularly good.He could be very quiet.That kind of quietness.Not only the calmness on the voice.You can feel his heart was also very calm.I prefer the performance of \"Tiger Head\".I know that every tutor has his own judgement on the scene.Of course I also have my own considerations .Some thoughts.But this is all about a holistic view..We consider a lot.Not only the immediate thing.My choice is..My choice is.\"Tiger Head\".Jia Yiteng will indeed caught his eyes more.He makes you think he is still very young.His rock yearning is very simple.He looks like a soldier.You know when he went offstage just now.Yep.There was something.Yeah..If you want Maolin stay on this stage.Please press the button.Ten.Nine, eight.Seven.Six.Five.Four.Three.Two, one.After 5 episodes of selection. “Sing! China” 2020.All 120 students have participated in our blind selection part.At the same time, all mentors' teams are full now.Ok.Then, please cheer up everyone.Look forward to our next part.Battle between Mentors.The \"preliminary battle\" is on now!.

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L 8 2018 2019 Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the L 8 2018 2019 Form are:

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Which ITR form should an NRI fill out for AY 2018–2019 to claim the TDS deducted by banks only?

ITR form required to be submitted depends upon nature of income. As a NRI shall generally have income from other sources like interest, rental income therefore s/he should file ITR 2.

Which ITR form should an NRI fill out for AY 2018–2019 for salary income?

File ITR 2 and for taking credit of foreign taxes fill form 67 before filling ITR. For specific clarifications / legal advice feel free to write to dsssvtax[at]gmail or call/WhatsApp: 9052535440.

Can I fill the form for the SSC CGL 2018 which will be held in June 2019 and when will the form for 2019 come out?

No. The last date for filling up of the form of SSC CGL for the year 2018 is already over (although the examination has not yet been held). So, you have to fill up the online application form for SSC CGL 2019 if you are eligible. The notice for SSC CGL 2019 will be published only after May 2019.

How do I fill out a CLAT 2019 application form?

How do I fill out the college preference form of the CLAT 2019? If you are AIR 1 and eligible for admission to all 21 NLUs, which one would you prefer? That is your first choice. Your first choice is not available. Out of the remaining 20, you are eligible for all 20. Which one will you prefer? That is your second choice. Your second choice is not available. Out of the remaining 19, you are eligible for all 19. Which one will you prefer? That is your third choice. Repeat the process till you have ranked all 21 NLUs. All the best.

How do I fill out the IIFT 2018 application form?

The IIFT application form process is in online mode only while to make the payment, candidates can opt for the online as well as offline mode. The end date to submit the IIFT application form has also been extended till September 15, 2017. Check the steps to register for IIFT Application Form 2018 .

Who Must File NJ inheritance tax return?

What is consolidated tax return? A consolidated tax return is a corporate income tax return of an affiliated group of corporations, who elect to report their combined tax liability on a single return. Who must file a consolidated tax return? Only entities organized in the United States and treated as corporations may file a consolidated Federal income tax return under Section 1501 of the Internal Revenue Code. The return is filed by a “common parent” and only those subsidiaries in which the common parent owns 80% or more of the vote AND value. An affiliated group can enter into a tax sharing agreement and file a consolidated group return with the IRS. This enables the group to consolidate the income, expenses, gains, losses and credits of all of the members onto one tax return to simplify the group's filing obligations and to enjoy various tax benefits. What are the major advantages and disadvantages of filing a consolidated tax​ return? An advantage includes income of a profitable member can be offset by losses of another member. ​ However, a disadvantage includes losses of an unprofitable member may limit deductions or credits of a profitable member. Do subsidiaries have to file tax returns? A subsidiary corporation can pay taxes separately or as a consolidated whole with the parent. Paying separately does not benefit the subsidiary because the taxes are figured on the total income of the entire related party group. Once a subsidiary has joined with a parent to file a consolidated return, consistency has to be maintained. That is you can’t switch back and forth from year to year.

What is an L 9 form?

My question was about child rearing, of all things! (sorry, I'm in the back of beyond right now, and the internet is sketchy - although the beach is incredible!) I haven't got it yet, so I have no idea where I will be. American customers are served first! TY for the A2A Volume 2, The Humanities, on page 291. Yeah! I have the help of fellow Quoran Leonid Knyshov to thank for the actual reference! TY Leonid

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