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good morning welcome to to-the-point.this past week in lansing two major.issues were dealt with and they were.high priorities for many legislators.both passed in a bipartisan way one had.to do with taxes as we told you that new.tax plan in Washington changed the.exemption here in Michigan because at.the federal level it did away with the.personal exemption and because Michigan.law follows federal law the same.happened here lawmakers wanted to.reinstate it and they did and the driver.responsibilities fees this morning we'll.talk to two legislators about both of.those issues and more starting with Kent.County Republican Thom Albert.representative let's start by talking.about what the legislative part of the.investigation into Michigan State.University is going to look like I know.that the speaker asked those committees.germane look into msu find out as much.as you could from the perspective that.your legislators you aren't necessarily.investigators so you have some limited.abilities but what is it that you and.your committee are going to look at yeah.I think just to be clear this this is.not an investigation this is an inquiry.I'm by no means a prosecutor but from my.capacity as a legislator you know what I.think the goal is is looking through all.the information we can find and trying.to identify what the problems are and.letting that take us to two solutions.because what we you know reading through.all these reports and listening to the.survivors tell their stories it's.gut-wrenching and it's absolutely.terrible that this type of evil was.allowed to happen for decades and we.need to look at at the root causes to.these problems and try and make sure we.can avoid the same problems in the.future it is a little difficult on one.hand as you say you're not a prosecutor.on the other hand there has been.conversation about the.whay this state might react some have.called for the governor to step in and.do something about the board others have.said that there should be purse strings.that were withheld because of activity.but you point out that as of this moment.the legislature doesn't the public at.large doesn't the Attorney General's.Office doesn't know exactly what.transpired how it transpired we may know.a lot of what transpired we don't know.how it was allowed to continue or or why.it continued for so long so there really.are a lot of more questions that have to.be answered before you get to that next.stage which is fixing it or in the case.of the attorney general's office perhaps.prosecuting so I think one thing that's.just overwhelmingly clear is that there.were failures there were failures for.decades and you know I think the most.recent failures Michigan State just.didn't say I'm sorry I'm sorry to the.survivors that this happened and you.know I think that's something we need to.look at and we need to make sure the.survivors know that we're looking out to.make sure at least from whatever we can.do in the legislature that there'll be.some type of justice for them and make.sure that you know I'm a father you know.there's a lot of fathers out there and a.lot of parents who don't ever want to.see this happen to their children making.sure that that doesn't happen.in the future again when you think about.the scope of what you have to do.everything you have to look at this is.going to be a process that's going to go.on for awhile I assume yes absolutely so.you know if you look at the Attorney.General's Office they received it was.like over 40,000 documents that they're.gonna have to review I'm very glad to.see that Kent County's former prosecutor.Bill Forsyth is leading that.investigation he did a great job for.decades for Kent County and I have all.the confidence in the world that he's.doing this for the survivors he's doing.this to make sure that we can bring.justice to them and I think he's going.to a tremendous job there have been.concerns raised and you can't separate.them necessarily from the political.environment but the lieutenant governor.has continued to suggest there should be.somebody more independent there are a.number of inquiries or investigations.whatever you want to call them that are.going on do you think it is sufficient.to have the Attorney General with mr..Forsythe looking into it what the.legislature is doing what no doubt.governor Engler and the the folks that.he brings on board are you satisfied.that there will be enough transparency.and all of these investigations yeah I.think there's definitely calls for some.people to politicize this and you know.I'm not going to be part of that you.know my number one priority in this.inquiry is to gather all the information.review it and try and identify problems.and try and find solutions and that's.what my goal is let's move on to some of.what the legislature has been dealing.with you and I talked before we sat down.here and I expressed a bit of surprise.that there was pretty broad agreement on.two really big issues that the.legislature wanted to deal with as I.talked to people as they were coming.back in January both of these items were.identified as something that needed to.be dealt with the first had to do with.the tax plan passed in Washington it did.away with the individual exemption.largely because it raises the standard.deduction and because the tax law in.Michigan is tied to the federal tax law.that meant that the exemption was gone.in Michigan - so this week you and your.colleagues dealt with that tell me how.that process went and what it means yeah.bottom line it was great for Michigan.families that's that's what we got here.so two pretty big reforms that went.through one address that the issue with.the federal tax reform with the the.personal exemption Michigan going away.so we brought that back so you still get.the personal exemption here in Michigan.but we actually increased it so over the.next four years will increase it to.forty nine hundred dollars an individual.from forty five hundred so it's great to.be able to help support tax relief for.families in Michigan the other part of.it was driver responsibility fees so.there's about 300,000 Michiganders who.are caught in the cycle of having fees.loom over over their their family budget.and they have to make a choice am I.going to drive illegally to go support.my family.or am I going to stay home and you know.stay in public potentially just stay on.public assistance so what we did was.those those fees were put in in 2003.as a way to try and fill budget.shortfalls instead of actually trying to.fix the problem they tried to create new.fees to raise money that way and it's.just headed a tremendously negative.affect on hundreds of thousands of.Michiganders so I was really really glad.to see that we worked out a deal to help.get rid of those fees part of that deal.and I want to come back to the tax.exemption in a minute but part of the.deal and driver responsibility was there.was maybe what six hundred million.dollars out there on the books somewhere.that wasn't being collected and as I.explained it in a story that I did that.if you couldn't pay you'd lose your.driver's license if you didn't have a.driver's license potentially you.couldn't drive to work and if you.couldn't work you further limited your.ability to pay the driver responsibility.fees so it was a circle and it was.impacting people a number of people.particularly lower wage earners.disproportionately so those fees are.going to go away by the 1st of October.by the new fiscal year as this will be.done it'll be done these people will.finally be able to be productive members.of our society and I have to worry about.having negative consequences with that.let's go back then to the individual.deduction again because of that tax bill.in Washington that had to be changed but.as you pointed out this will be even.higher than a vegetable by 2021 I think.we'll go to $4,900 that's a sizable.amount and it represents additional.money that will taxpayers will be able.to claim at the same time it's.additional money that won't be coming in.to the Treasury so does that have any.impact on the budgets going forward yeah.I think one thing there's I worked in.investing before this job and I think.one thing people forget about is growth.I mean the economy is going to grow at.the same time state revenues aren't.stagnant they're not fixed over time.they grow with the economy and I think.especially with the federal tax reform.you know two years ago I thought we were.in a recession this year I'm actually.very bullish on the economy and I just I.really think that there's a lot of.Running Room here so why not share some.of that growth with.when you talk about the economy when you.talk about growth those are things.obviously that are positive.not just for taxpayers but for the state.government as well so as the economy.grows revenues can grow because of the.star structure that's set up but you.talked about the back in the mid 2000s.when the state was struggling mightily.because the the economy had gone so far.down are you concerned as you look out.of work given your economic background.that the budgets that you have.participated in and what Lansing has.been doing over the past few years make.Michigan a little more insulated I mean.the economy is nothing you can protect.yourself from but the the last downturn.here in the state was really really.devastating for families and people.could had to move out and leave their.families and find jobs elsewhere.is that something that has been dealt.with to some degree here well if you.look at you know what happened in the.Great Recession a lot of that was the.auto industry which obviously pretty.strong here in Michigan so and that gets.hurt Michigan gets hurt as a whole big.time you know kind of my philosophy as.an investor is you hope for the best but.you always plan for the worst and I.don't ever want to get complacent I.don't ever want to think that Michigan's.insulated from economic downturns.because economics are cyclical in nature.we will have a downturn at some point in.the future and what we need to do is.make sure we're planning properly and.you know one thing I think we've done a.great job with over the last seven years.is having balanced budgets done early.and that helps you know our schools make.sure that they can get their budgets.done ahead of time and you know just.having that aggressiveness and having.that foresight really really helps.Michigan as a whole when you think in.terms of this year's budget the.governor's laid out his priorities are a.number of things from maybe using lapse.funds for a new Grand Rapids home for.veterans to any number of other things.that are proposed in there you get the.sense that you're on track again as well.as a group to get a budget done by early.June I really do I really do that I'm.very optimistic that we will there's.going to be in the governor's proposed.budget there is a historic increase in.school funding.so I'm very optimist to get that I think.that'll be great for the schools.throughout Michigan but for what I care.about most in the 86 district you've.been here for long enough to get a lay.of the land now and you've got a better.sense for what it's like what do you.know about being a state representative.today that you didn't know when you were.sitting in my studio a while ago running.for state representative well I had the.opportunity to work on two really big.reforms last year I worked on the public.school Employee Retirement System reform.and that changed how new teachers when.they get hired how they're gonna get.their retirement income I also worked on.the local government pension and retiree.health care crisis really that we have.in Michigan so I guess you know it's not.easy it's so you don't you can't just.come in here with an idea and get it.through you have to convince you know at.least 56 or 55 other members depending.how many people are sitting here at the.time but in the house and then you have.to go to the Senate and get the majority.there and then you have to get the.governor so I mean it's there are a lot.of moving pieces there are a lot of.different interest groups in here that.can can make things difficult so I you.know I think you just from what I've.learned you have to stick to your guns.you have to keep fighting and if you if.you have a good policy you can actually.get something done in the end when we.come back we'll talk to another state.representative and get his take on those.two important pieces of legislation and.more it's next to the point welcome back.to to the point we just heard from a.Kent County Republican about some of the.activities in Lansing this past week now.to a Democrat from Muskegon County who.also likes the idea of putting money.back in the pockets of taxpayers but.worries about the effect it could have.long-term representative let's start.with some of what happened this past.week a couple of pretty big items that.got dealt with and I expressed earlier.in their show that I was a little.surprised that they were both dealt with.as quickly as they were nonetheless.there was pretty broad support for both.doing something about that personal.income tax exemption and the driver.responsibility piece let's start with.the ladder.first those driver responsibility fees.really built up particularly on folks.who didn't have the ability to pay them.love people without driver's license.without ability if you get to work and.that creates a cycle so tell me what.your take was on doing away with it.well I think it's a good thing because.you know I've seen so many people that.have gotten caught up with those.responsibility fees that cost them a lot.of money and it just snowballed for them.to the point where they would never be.able to afford to get their license back.and it just kept getting worse and worse.and worse for them so unfortunately that.was something that had to be instituted.many years ago to make up for some of.the other tax cuts that were happening.at the time but unfortunately a lot of.people got caught in that trap and and.hopefully now going forward they're.gonna be able to get themselves back.driving again legally and and hopefully.not get themselves caught up in that.snowball effect one of the things that.people who supported doing the way with.those fees said was that the money on.the books and I think it was somewhere.in the neighborhood of six hundred.million dollars that money was just.never going to be collected so you could.carry it on your ledger for as long as.you wanted to but it wasn't going to.come in so the idea was take that burden.off these folks and the folks who don't.have licenses now would have to in.addition to the original infraction the.driver responsibility fee if they lost.their license they had to pay a hundred.and seventy five dollars to have it.reinstated I understand that two is.going to be yes correct and again I mean.they're they're never gonna pay it they.just don't have the means to pay it but.they still have to get from point A to.point B and so now they're suddenly out.there driving illegally doing whatever.they have to do to get around and and we.want to try to make it easier for folks.to take care of themselves to get to.work to take their kids to school to do.those things so I think getting rid of.these responsibility fees are really a.good thing the other component was and.I've explained it a number of times who.was reinstating kind of an unintended.consequence from the federal tax plan.that was passed and that did away with.Michigan's individual.and so the legislators both ends have.sent to the governor the plan that will.not only reinstate it but it raises that.individual exemption to $4,900 by what.2021 to 20 was like that so again there.was some bipartisan support yeah you.know this was something that we had to.do as a state to really go back and fix.you know some of the I believe the.hastily passed income tax changes at the.federal level the things that President.Trump tried to push through I think it's.a we had to go back and fix it for our.residents here in Michigan to make sure.that they weren't going to be overtaxed.and and while I supported that bill as.well as those driver responsibility fees.I think we really have to be careful.going forward though because I have yet.to see any kind of fix on the other end.of how our state government operates and.the bills that we're gonna have coming.due so while I think it's a good thing.that we're putting money back in the.taxpayers pockets where I think it.belongs at the same time our government.still needs to function and we have.bills to pay and I have not seen.anything that's gonna address how we.make up for that money well let's talk.about that for a minute because you're.talking about substantial money even if.we agree that that driver responsibility.fee money was probably never going to be.collected it had been factored in as.something that you could count on to.spend same is true on this personal.exemption by raising it going above.where it is now that will change the.revenue equation so there are one of two.things that can be done you can either.find revenue somewhere else in other.words raise taxes on a different sector.or cut spending if the economy doesn't.grow to accommodate that's pretty much.the size I would agree yes now when we.talk about cutting spending yeah you.know we have to consider too that we.have roads that are still in desperate.repair we have many services that need.to be continually funded going forward.and and again we I am not seeing.anything out there that's gonna make up.for that revenue and I think that we're.heading down a dangerous path for future.of budget years and there's going to be.a change and in the governor's office.for sure.and unfortunately this is going to make.things difficult for whoever's coming in.not only for the governor's office but.for other state legislators to cope with.this these budget shortfalls were you.talking about Rose promises have already.been made more money is gonna have to go.into the transportation department if.you live up to the legislation that was.passed so that means that there's.further strain on that revenue stream.that's coming in and you're talking.about a new legislature largely to.because there are going to be a bunch of.new colleagues for you over in the house.and over in the Senate it's a wholesale.change 75% of them are gonna be gone so.you're gonna have new leadership all the.way around but the budget that they're.gonna be dealing with starting on.January 1 will be one that you'll pass.in the next few months so a whole bunch.of people are working on the budget now.are gonna be gone by the time it's fully.implemented and that new fiscal year so.what is it as you look down that path.those future budgets that this.legislature and the next legislature.atures needs to be doing do you need to.find more revenue somewhere I believe so.because we've we've put ourselves out.there to fix some of the things that.we've had go wrong over the last several.years under this current leadership and.in again we've we've spoken for a lot of.Road improvements I've yet to see it.happen I can tell you when I'm driving.around in the ski again and on the roads.that I travel it's it's really quite an.obstacle course to miss the potholes.that are out there are dry our drivers.are paying more and their registration.fees but yet we're not seeing that money.transfer over to the roads as of yet now.you know the governor has already.proposed to put another hundred and.seventy five million into the the roads.in the upcoming budget and while that's.that's good I'm anything helps but at.the same time it's not enough then we.can't keep up with the wolf as fast as.our roads are deteriorating what do we.what would you prescribe as a.legislature what would you prescribe.that we do because you've just said that.you agree with the fact that putting the.individual income that individual income.tax exemption hadn't been left undone.would have created a big chunk of.revenue back into the Treasury but as.you say you and others.thought it was more important to put it.in the hands of taxpayers but if you.want to do all of things that you've.talked about and fix roads to do all of.those things then you have to find.revenue so yeah we have to and in we.have that's one of the things that I had.mentioned is that while I think it's.important to put that money back into.the taxpayers pockets at the same time I.have not heard of any kind of remedy on.the other end so the the Republican.leadership I think has in a sense while.we've accomplished the fact of getting.that money back to the taxpayers we have.not accomplished how we're gonna pay for.different things and and that's gonna be.a big issue moving forward when you look.at the governor's proposed spending.there are a lot of things in there that.for some of us they're kind of out in.the weeds but there's some basic stuff.for example he is proposed putting more.money into every classroom as I read the.budget that would be one of the more.significant increases in per pupil.spending that I've seen since I've been.covering the legislature there again.that's more money but it's more money.going back into public schools something.that I assume that you probably identify.with well yeah you know any any amount.now this proposed increase was about.$240 per pupil if I'm not mistaken and.and while that sounds really good on its.face at the same time you know we've.been underfunding our schools for.several years upwards to $2,000 per.pupil in a recent study that came out.and so we'll take anything that we can.get as far as money going into our.schools to educate our children prepare.them for the future but but what's been.proposed is certainly not enough well.we're still lagging behind and and I.think that those things need to change.and we also have to remember while we.continue to hear about these record.numbers going into schools the record.dollar amounts we also forget too about.the fact that about a million are I'm.sorry about a billion dollars has been.siphoned out through our cyber schools.and the the charter schools these not.these for-profit businesses that are.supposed to be educating our children.and and the taxpayers have no idea of.where their money is going to be going.or how it's going to be spent so would.you be in favor of making.the per pupil funding the K through 12.funding would you be in favor of making.that only for traditional public schools.well I think that the biggest thing that.I look at it would especially when it.comes to the cyber schools is that.there's no brick and mortar there is no.transportation issues and and when we.look at our public schools we also have.to factor in some of those things some.of the other services that they provide.so we need definitely need to have the.public schools funded to a level that.they can support the kids they can.educate the kids properly and I think.that there is some variances there but.again you know number one is I think.that charter schools should really have.their books open as well to make sure.that everybody knows where their tax.dollars are going one of the things the.governor has started in the last cycle.the last budget cycle in this one is.putting in what I refer to a seed money.for some of the infrastructure repairs.that are coming they're coming whether.you fund them or don't fund them they're.going to have to come and that's going.to be a really big ticket item when it.comes to replacing water supply mains.all the things that may have to be done.with sewers things that have to be done.that's under ground that we don't see.that has to be fixed that's going to be.another big budget constraint.yeah and that's something that isn't.that isn't it any real big way being.funded now are we set up from your.description talking about schools.talking about roads talking about.increasing the deduction and taxes.looking at infrastructure needs going.forward are we as a state going to have.to reassess what either what we pay for.or how we pay for it.I believe so because you know the the.situation that happened in Flint a.couple years ago with the water.poisoning there I think that was an.eye-opener that we all need to be paying.attention to our infrastructure that's.underground and then we have the recent.pee Foss situation in the north of Grand.Rapids and the water system there this.is to me it's an indication of what our.overall infrastructure is like.underground and we better pay attention.to it and we better make sure that we.have the funding available to to address.those issues hopefully before they.happen instead of after.so that's something that we're gonna.have to really watch going forward our.thanks to representative Sabo for.talking to us and we'll have more to the.point we're out of time this morning but.we'll be back next Sunday with the.latest from Washington and Lansing I.hope you'll join us to the ball.[Music].[Music].

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How can I fill out the COMEDK 2019 application form?

Go to homepage of COMEDK go to www. Comedk. org. in. then go register and after getting registered u will get a application number then u can proceed in the application form.

How do I avoid capital gains tax on property?

If you sell it for cash for more than your adjusted cost basis (original cost less depreciation allowed or allowable), you will owe taxes. Period. Others here are mentioning a Section 1031 exchange but any cash you receive will potentially be taxable. In other words, your choices are to not sell, exchange for a like-kind property, or suck it up and pay the taxes on a straight sale.

What is the short term capital gains tax rate for 2019?

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What is the tax bracket for 2019?

2019 Federal Income Tax Brackets | 2019 Tax Brackets and Rates Table 1. Tax Brackets and Rates, 2019 Rate For Unmarried Individuals, Taxable Income Over For Married Individuals Filing Joint Returns, Taxable Income Over For Heads of Households, Taxable Income Over 10% $0 $0 $0 12% $9,700 $19,400 $13,850 22% $39,475 $78,950 $52,850 24% $84,200 $168,400 $84,200 32% $160,725 $321,450 $160,700 35% $204,100 $408,200 $204,100 37% $510,300 $612,350 $510,300

How do I fill out the JEE Main 2019 exam application form?

Hi Folks. Since NTA is about to release the application forms for JEE Main exam to be conducted in the month of January 2019, many of you must be wondering how to fill the application form. As the application process is going to be online, it is advisable to all the aspirants to fill in your details and make the payment carefully. Keep your documents and required details beforehand so as to avoid any kind of delay later. Also, keep your scanned images of photograph and signature ready. All the best!!

For taxes, does one have to fill out a federal IRS form and a state IRS form?

No, taxes are handled separately between state and federal governments in the United States.The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is a federal, not state agency. You will be required to fill out the the necessary tax documentation for your federal income annually and submit them to the IRS by April 15th of that year. You can receive extensions for this; but you have to apply for those extensions. As far as state taxes go, 41 states require you to fill out an income tax return annually. They can either mail you those forms or they be downloaded from online. They are also available for free at various locations around the state.Nine states have no tax on personal income, so there is no need to fill out a state tax return unless you are a business owner. Reference: www.irs.gov

Does an online retailer based in Michigan have to collect and pay Michigan sales tax on customer purchases made out of state?

Out of state purchases made via the internet are typically the buyers responsibility to report to their state of residence. Known as “use tax”, those purchases are reported on a quarterly, monthly or yearly basis by the consumer. So no, you don’t collect and pay Michigan sales tax on those orders.

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