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Tips on completing the Form 2848 Me 2007

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Steps of Customizing the Form 2848 Me 2007

this 2848 now this is one of the forms.that is in conjunction with that 88 3288.22b and all of the other tax lectures.that we went through with the 456 is in.the letter of appointments okay now this.is the IRS power of attorney form all.right you know you remember when you did.the 456 and you have the substitute.fiduciaries from the Treasury and the.IRS and things of that degree.okay so along with that comes the 2848.which is the power of attorney and.declaration of Representative because.even though that we appointed them we.didn't give them power of attorney via.the IRS okay.now the reason I brought up this.instruction form is for one read it for.two it's telling you where you would.file this at okay now where you would.file this form would be by your birth.state not actually where you live okay.so if you were born in Massachusetts as.you can see right here then you would be.sending it to Memphis all right now I.would mail it certified tracking and I.would fax it okay so and that is how.that would go by the birth state that is.where you would mail it to okay now.let's get into the form and start.filling this out so that we have.understanding on that I'm gonna fill it.out as we go along so that you guys know.how to do it and then we're going to.cross-reference to make sure that the.fiduciaries what the representatives are.the same ones that are in office because.it used to be Cheryl Morrow which was.the Commissioner but I believe now it.skims somebody so we're going to pull.all that up to make sure we're accurate.and what we're doing okay so.28:48 power of attorney and declaration.of representative.all right caution of power of attorney.caution a separate for 2848 must be.completed for each taxpayer for.28:48 will not be honored for any.purposes other than representation.before the IRS all right taxpayer.information so what do we put here this.is when you put your all caps name which.is your straw man's name all right now.you are going to put your care of.address so care of your PL box the one.that you are using right here that's.where you would put that so the address.that you are using.okay so care of two upo box however all.right you would put your city city your.state and yours it okay and then of.course you would put or however you.would like to phrase it on your own okay.now when over here is this taxpayer.identification number now we know also.that our taxpayer identification number.which is also at ten if you look up what.it's 10 is going off of the IRC you will.know that that is your social security.number so you would enter your social.security number with the dashes right.here okay now right here is where you.would enter your UCC your UCC regional.regional file number all right so you.would enter that here right there now.you can put your telephone number here.if you wish that's fine it's up to you.that's what you want to do there all.right now now we're going to get into.this now when you do this form.completely you will get a CAS number.which is a centralized here let's look.that up because I want to get y'all.confuse with that they're gonna have to.wait okay.so that we can have some understanding.to what this is all right a centralized.authorization file number okay this is.what the goal is when completing this.form a a CAS number is a unique nine.digit identification number and is.assigned the first time you file a.third-party authorization with the IRS a.letter is sent to you informing you of.your assigned CAS number use your.assigned CAS number on all future.authorizations so you guys this is when.you start to receive this is when you.start to see why things are not panning.out because this becomes that new ten.that new social identification number so.that you've already using this number.that's already connected to your.representatives okay so let's get back.over to our form because that is the.objective now representative number one.let's go and make sure that we are.saying the same person okay so who we.are looking for here is going to be the.Commissioner of Oh Commissioner for the.bureau.let me type this in right.okay the Commissioner of for the Bureau.of fiscal service okay now you see right.here it says that her name is Kimberly.McCoy there they go.all right so she is the Commissioner all.right so now that we understand that we.need to go and put that on our form okay.so right here we're going to write Kim.early McCoy all right and she is doing.business as the Commissioner for the.Bureau of fiscal service all right and.then let's do the address is Liberty.Liberty center building all right.it is 401 14th Street Southwest.Washington and DC the zip is two zero.two two seven time and then you go over.here and their phone number is 202.- 504 - 3502 okay and so that's exactly.what you would put for the first.representative okay through which is the.Commissioner of the Treasury okay.now number two would be the director of.Puerto Rico Treasury so of course we.have to fact-check because they are.ever-changing around here so let's see.who the director yes this is who I want.right here yeah because I haven't knew.he wasn't correct but anyways let's copy.this name from here because they used to.be Raul but he's no longer there so now.drag this down paste this on here all.right now he is doing business as.Secretary of Treasury all right for.Puerto Rico all right go down the.address there is Jin SEO leave me alone.guys I'll leave a loud ok I'm going to.type this in really quick.zip code 0 0 9 0 1 and that is.rhetorical all right and that's what you.would do for the second representatives.a third representative will be Stephen.Turner moochin all right of course we.now he's doing business tab and.Secretary of Treasury time and then the.fad dress is 1500 Pennsylvania.a bit.I'm Sylvania Avenue.miss Northwest Northwest Washington.District of Columbia and then let go.this to zero two two zero okay and then.the fourth is going to be the IRS code.on yeah it's going to be the IRS.commissioner so let's make sure that we.have the same person was John okay so.David Crutcher kids the new IRS.Commissioner so that we also want to.make sure that we're doing this going.forward so that we know these people.worth change ok so put that there.now he is doing business as the IRS.commissioner IRS commissioner and that.address is 77 K Street North East.washing and Washington District Columbia.is two zero zero zero two.okay now that we can go over here you.can put the phone numbers too if you.want.it wouldn't hurt so put them in for you.here six nine and when I'm done filling.this out and I send it to you all of it.already filled out for you all you got.to do is go and enter in your own.personal information right so two zero.two six two two two one two three all.right two zero two eight zero three nine.thousand okay.now let's keep going now it says three.to represent the taxpayer before the.Internal Revenue Service and perform the.following x-3x authorize you are.required to complete this line with the.exception of Acts described in line five.feet I authorized my representatives to.receive and inspect my confidential tax.information to perform acts that I can.perform with respects to tax matters.described below for example my.representatives have the authority to.side any agreements consents or similar.documents okay so in this particular.form right here is the description of.material now this request is for return.to the source for settlement and close.sure in exchange for Treasury account.number but I have space and I have to do.it in a lower case.some source for settlement and closure.of Treasury account number and then this.is where you would put your SSN with and.dashes okay on the next box we're going.to do ten forty seven ninety-nine.- oh I see and 296 all right now you.want to do tonight at 9:00 as they go.back three years which would be even.though tonight nine is a lifetime type.of thing let's just keep it simple.all right so it's 1919 now so we would.be going 18 because I saw their fiscal.year ghost but we can't do this year.because it's not over so we're doing 18.17 16 okay.so 16 17 and 18 all right now this says.now this is where we're going to place.this is going to be some instructions.imma go over.all right now on the top of the floor of.the 1099 Oh ID forms okay you want to.click that box on the top they're saying.that it is corrected because it's been.corrected because now you've appointed.people to do so so it's automatically.going to go to their death for that to.be done so automatically just editors.arrest corrected any years in question.you just want to make sure that you.cover your tracks and give them that.authority or do any years in question or.do now we move on it's as specific use.not recorded or on centralized.authorization file if the power attorney.is for specific use use not recorded on.CFA so we don't have to check that all.right now 5a says additional acts.authorized in addition to the acts.listed on line three authorize my.representative to perform the following.instructions for 5a for more information.all right now authorize disclosure to.third parties held no we don't want that.access by IRS records visits your media.service provider no we don't want that.substitute or add representative we.already did that sign and return we want.them to sign it and return it okay so.this is where you're going to place your.Treasury account number which is a.social with the dashes all right now add.the account number on the bottom left.put instructions in here so when you're.reading it you know where things are.supposed to go because I can't sign this.online okay so where it says recipient.okay.mm-hm now out of these instructions are.going to be instructions with these 299.okay so let's make sure that we're.paying attention to that okay other X.all right.that'll all.all right keep on moving down you want.to basically closure and exchange what.you want to put in the sea I could fit.it in here.Oh mommy but you might be able to put it.down here when you do the actual form.okay so social no dashes so no - here.we're settled on a closure in exchange.okay exchange for that social with no.dashes all right.now let's keep going down now we're in B.it says specific acts not authorized so.this is what you are not authorized to.do but what they're not authorized to do.okay and that's going to be any act that.does not I just let me get down here.it does not identify identify.where this is where you would put your.name and upper lowercase right.as the sponsor my right for the credit.that funds the Treasury bill and proofs.free payment using is credited.consumption pad now six retention.revocation or prior powers apparently.the filing of this form to attorney.automatically reverb saw earlier flowers.of attorney on file with their revenue.center for the same matters and years of.period covered by this document if you.do not want to provoke a prior power of.attorney.click here alright so if you do not want.it because that would make any sense now.would it because there's already been.one done on your behalf of course we.want to remove it all right now number.seven is the signature of the taxpayer.alright so here you put all sign of your.all caps ting which is your at Vegas all.right.as you are the authorized rep.all right and then that's what you would.do there.all right now as we scroll down to part.two under penalties of perjury this is.basically going through us I agreed that.the digital digital a certified verify.all that job okay now hmm.what we're going to select out of here.is family member a member of taxpayer.meaning a family so I was family child.grandparents digit okay that is what.we'll be doing as far as this will put.that there and there was we don't have.to worry about this part you can put.these states of the regional filing of.UCC and then here would be that regional.that UCC regional file number all right.then your signature of course here in.the date of course there alright and.then that is simply how we fill out this.2848 all right i'ma save this and then.I'm come back take you guys off mute if.you have any questions but that is.easy-peasy what we just did there.so all right let me pull you guys back.up alright so we have simple we just did.that.

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