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youtube video

Get Your Cms Oxygen Signed In an Instant

hey how's it going everybody welcome.back to another oxygen tutorial video my.name is Jonathan and today I'm going to.teach you how to build a website from.the ground up using oxygen and integrate.the plugin learn - to create a fully.functional learning management system in.this particular case our site is going.to be teaching someone how to play a.guitar like a professional and we're.going to charge one hundred and forty.nine dollars for someone to take this.course so this could be used to package.and sell your own online course it could.be used for a school or university or.really any kind of online course that.needs to have some kind of lesson a.topic include maybe some quizzes at the.end and be able to charge money for that.course if you'd like to so what we're.gonna do is start off by showing you.exactly what the site is going to look.like when we're done and then we're.going to go step by step through the.entire process and by the end of this.video you'll have a fully functioning.LMS site of your own just briefly my.name is Jonathan and I have a channel.called premise log you'll find all kinds.of topics there related to WordPress.website design and freelancing so I'll.hope to see you guys there but let's go.ahead and get started with the tutorial.[Music].so this is what the website is going to.look like once we've designed it in.oxygen and set up our course using learn.- let me show you how learn - functions.and what you can expect when you're.setting up a course so this course is.titled learn to play guitar like the.pros we're just focusing on one.particular course for this tutorial.and it shows you your course status.right off the top which in this case has.not started this automatically updates.everything that you see in this whole.section right here is all added using.the WP content box so any headings or.images text that you want to fill in.this gives you a really good insight.into what you're going to be doing in.this particular course from a user.perspective and then there's also the.option which is course materials you can.tell people what they need to be.prepared for maybe pen and paper in this.case of course you need to have a guitar.to go through this tour tutorial and.then from the course content underneath.that you have each lesson each lesson.contains a series of topics and they can.be as plentiful as you like in this.particular case we have just a couple.set up and what you can do is click.inside the topic you can see the content.inside the course once you've decided.that you're ready to move on you click.more complete and it takes you to the.next topic in the progression so.- makes it really easy to navigate.through these courses the hierarchical.flow is kind of really easy to navigate.and it makes it easy not only to set up.but also from a user perspective to.navigate back and forth between.different lessons and different topics.so overall it might be a little bit.daunting once we switch over to the.admin side once you see how many options.exist in learn - but once you sort of.understand the correlation of how.everything fits together it's not hard.at all so let's go ahead and get into.the backend dashboard so this site we're.building from the ground up at this.point I only have my media items the.photos uploaded that we're going to use.for the site and then also the plugins.that are going to be necessary for this.particular tutorial so I am running.WordPress 5.03 and so I have the classic.editor installed contact form 7 learn -.LMS the base plugin and then also the.stripe integration which is actually.free very nice and then oxygen 2.1 - so.really what we're gonna do to start off.with is go right into learn - and as you.can see this probably makes more sense.now how these courses lessons and topics.all kind of correlate to one another so.your course is effectively your.top-level item underneath that you have.all of the lessons and then you have all.of the topics for each lesson so what.we're gonna do is go ahead and just.start by adding a course and like I said.this is going to be titled learn to play.guitar like the pros and once again.anything that you put in this WP content.box is going to appear underneath the.title and right below that item that I.showed you that said course progress so.let me just copy in some example text.here and then we're gonna scroll down to.the learn - course builder so this.function here is really powerful and it.actually is probably the best way to set.up the rest of the flow underneath this.course what you can do is kind of add.everything in bulk and then you can go.edit the content of each lesson in each.topic from you know their their.respective screens over here so I'm.gonna go ahead and add in a couple of.lessons we're gonna do amplifiers and.then go ahead and add a couple of these.actually make it really easy and then.let's do frets.and then reading music and our final one.is going to be tuning and from here what.you can do is to get this lesson applied.to this course you can't just leave it.here what you have to do is actually.take the lesson itself and drag it over.to this screen here and then do the same.thing for all of the lessons that you.want to be included in this course you.can change how they appear in the list.so how you have them ordered in this.screen right here is how they're going.to be ordered on the front end then.moving down to each topic once again a.topic is underneath a lesson so some of.the topics are going to be you know like.treble and bass clef I'll just do this.as an example and then what you're going.to need to do is find what lesson you.want it to be included underneath go.ahead and expand that item and then drag.it into that that color-coded section.there so you can see they all kind of.correlate if I expand quizzes that has.that yellow box there and that's where.it could fit in this particular section.again if I expand frets then you can see.the red section here is for your topics.and then that yellow section is going to.be for your quizzes so I'm going to go.ahead and add in the rest of the topics.for this particular one and then arrange.them and we'll move on from there now.the next thing I wanted to do was add a.quiz to the very end of this course so.you can have individual quizzes that.fall under each lesson you can see it.says drop lesson quizzes here but I want.one that's going to be a global quiz at.the very end so this quiz is going to be.summarizing what you learn and then once.again I'm just gonna take that and drag.it over to the global quizzes section.and then there you're done so what we're.gonna do now is scroll down to the.course materials I think I said you just.need a guitar that's all earlier and I.want my course type to be by now because.we're going to configure some payment.options later on and this course is.going to be a hundred and forty nine.dollars so now I have everything.arranged so let's go ahead and click on.update and then what we're gonna find is.that will automatically arrange all of.our lessons and topics in their.respective places based on the.arrangement that we set on this.right-hand course builder so let me show.you what I mean specifically underneath.lessons.what you'll find is that they're all.attached to the correct course and then.under each topic they're all going to be.a client applied to the correct lesson.as well so what we're gonna do here is.go into a lesson and actually edit the.content inside of this lesson and you.can see there's a couple of options that.look really familiar now so anything you.put inside this WP content box is going.to automatically appear on the front end.so let me just get some example text.again and then our lesson materials can.be something like make sure you have.some sheet music in front of you so I'm.just gonna go ahead and click on update.and then I'm gonna go into a topic and.do the same thing so the lesson we were.just working under was reading music so.let's go underneath the scales option.here once again I'm gonna put in some.example text in the WP content box the.topic materials as far as scales go is.going to be practice one set of scales.every single day and click update and.now we have our topic and our lesson.filled in with some course content I'm.gonna go ahead and add in a couple more.pieces of content to a few more lessons.and a few more topics and then we'll.move on from there so now we have all of.our topics and our lessons filled in so.what we're going to do now is move into.the quizzes section and setting up a.quiz is actually gonna feel really.familiar now because of the the course.builder that we were using earlier the.quiz builder is incredibly similar so.what you can do is just create a couple.of questions and this will actually be.the title of the questions so let's say.something like did you learn something.new and click that check mark and once.again you have to drag it over to this.right-hand side of the screen so that.way it actually applies to this.particular quiz go ahead and click on.update and we're going to go to one more.step which is then moving down into our.questions options in the learn -.settings here inside of each question.you have a ton of different options.which include a number of different.answer types you can choose multiple.choice free means that you have no wrong.answer or anything that they select is.going to be correct we're just gonna do.single choice for now I'm gonna make two.answers the correct one is yes I did.learn something new and the incorrect.answer is no I did not you do actually.have to put something in the WP content.bar.here so you might just briefly explain.what exactly you're looking for out of.this answer we want to make sure this.course helped you and then just click on.update so now that we have our course.pretty much configured all the way down.to our quizzes and questions what we're.gonna do is go into the learn - settings.and actually configure our paypal.settings and our stripe settings the.reason why is because of course if you.remember we set our course to cost one.hundred and forty nine dollars and it.won't let somebody take the course.without paying if you have set the.PayPal and the stripe settings if you.have not done that then it will let them.take it without having to pay even.though you've set the course to cost.money so you definitely want to come.into your PayPal settings enter any.valid paypal email and click use PayPal.sandbox the same thing is true under.your stripe settings what you need to do.is come in here and click on either test.mode or live I would definitely.recommend starting off with test mode go.to your stripe dashboard and pull your.test secret key and your test.publishable key and click on update.options okay so now we have our payment.options setup so we're going to go ahead.and start setting up the site itself so.under oxigen go to templates and the.first one we're going to create is going.to be the template that covers all the.pages on the site and it will almost be.kind of the baseline template so we'll.call this all pages for now I'm just.going to go singular and choose pages.and click on publish and then click Edit.with oxygen so what we're gonna do here.is click on add go to the design library.under design sets I'm going to go to.atomic and then I'm just gonna choose.one of the pre-built headers here which.all look pretty good so we'll go to.section go to headers and let's do.something simple like the centered one.here now you'll notice we have just an.example menu on the site for the time.being which is totally fine once we.create a menu a little bit later on it's.going to automatically update here for.us which is great I am going to go ahead.and swap out the logo real quick to the.one that fits our site a little bit.better and then I'm gonna take off some.of this padding on this section here on.this header row so that the menu lines.up to the bottom of the header row there.the next thing I'm going to do is add in.an inner content element I gotta go back.here under basics scroll down to inner.content.and what I like to do is set the size of.the the inner content to a minimum.height of like 65 V H which is viewport.height so that way like for instance on.our profile page later on or a page that.doesn't have much content your footers.not floating in the middle of the screen.it's pushed all the way down to the.bottom ideally at a minimum from here.let's go ahead and click on add go back.to our library design sets and atomic.this time we're going to choose a footer.once again it's going to be really.similar footer centered with socials.it's going to be perfect that's all we.need and also once again I'm gonna.change out our logo just like I said the.menu down here is also going to.automatically update whenever we have.set it change the logo heighth real.quick gonna be more like 75 and then I.personally like to set the social icons.to use brand colors and to be circles so.that looks totally reasonable that's all.we need to worry about for now so click.on save and then return back to the.WordPress admin panel now what we're.gonna do is add another template that's.going to apply to all of our learn -.archives and all of our learn - pages.themselves so let's just call this one.learn - and then what you're gonna do.from here is inherit design from other.template choose all pages which is our.template we just created under singular.there's quite a few different options.here but if you look all of these things.towards the bottom are going to apply to.learn - so we're gonna want to set our.course lessons topics quizzes questions.certificates transactions is actually.going to be underneath your profile.which is when somebody's paid for your.course we're going to go to submit.essays assignments in groups and all of.those options that you see there those.are all learned - pages so what we're.going to want to do then is close this.section click on archive choose post.type and then you're pretty much gonna.do the same thing again it looks a.little bit different but you can see it.says courses lessons etc we're gonna go.through an ad every single learn - post.type - this archive section as well quiz.question certificates transactions.essays assignments.and then groups see essays and then.groups is the last one so all of these.post types and all of these singular.items are going to be covered by this.particular template which basically.makes it so every single element of.learned ash is rendered using this.particular template here so click.publish and then we're gonna do edit.with oxygen once again so what we're.gonna do here is just a little bit.different from what we did just a moment.ago we're gonna go ahead and add in a.section and then go back to add and.choose inner content but this time.you're going to take the inner content.and actually drag it into the section so.that it's contained as page-width as.opposed to full width and as you can see.because we are previewing the best.strings post which is underneath learn -.now that content is rendering just like.we want it to as you can see though it's.a little bit hard to know what lesson or.topic you're actually on so what I'm.gonna do is add in one more section and.let me move this up to the top here I'm.gonna set the background color to.something just like a light gray and I'm.gonna add in a heading double click this.headline and choose insert data and then.you're gonna choose post title insert.and now what you have is the actual post.that you're on it displays the title at.the top of the page that makes it just.really easy to understand where you are.in the course flow in my opinion so now.what we're gonna want to do is go ahead.and click on save and then return back.to the WordPress admin dashboard from.here let's go ahead and add in our pages.on the site so we're gonna start with.our home page of course and we'll just.call this one home click on publish and.then we're going to edit it with oxygen.the first thing I'm going to do for this.particular page is add in a section and.I'm going to go to advanced background.and choose that guitar photo that we.were using earlier which is this one.right here and then I want to set an.image overlay color of kind of like a.dark black and set the opacity to maybe.something like 65 percent I'm gonna add.in a heading here and we're gonna say.learn to play guitar like a pro and our.text color we can actually configure by.going to the section itself if you want.you can go to advanced typography and.choose the text color here and that way.it applies to everything.inside of that section that's something.I personally like to do a lot let's take.this font size up to something like 55.that looks good and then we'll add in a.little bit of sales text here something.like that this text we're gonna increase.the size of as well maybe something like.28 25 and we want to just Center this.content here I also want this section to.be a bit bigger so we'll go to size and.spacing and set the height to maybe 350.pixels 400 something like that I also.want this content to be centered so I'm.going to go to stack vertically and.choose Center and then the background.image isn't fitting exactly how I wanted.to so go to advanced background and then.you're probably familiar with options.like background positions center center.or center left something to that effect.and what you can do is achieve that same.result by switching both of these.options to percentage and you can go.left 50 and top 50% and that basically.makes the photo in the center center.position which makes it super easy from.here what I'm going to do is go ahead.and add in once again the atomic design.is set and we're just going to add in a.standard kind of homepage general.content page go to pages and then let's.see it is this one right here general.content number to kind of fill out our.site really nicely.and what I want to do is change the.colors of these buttons and these little.icons here to match the blue that's in.our logo up there that blue is this.royal blue here so what I'm gonna do is.click on this element and change the.color what I can do is paste in that hex.color and click this global option and.I'm gonna call this royal blue and now.we have our own global color set which.is royal blue also what I want to do is.change this button color to match as.well so I'm going to select it I'm gonna.change to the atomic primary button.class and as my background color I'm.going to switch it to my global blue.that we just created same thing is true.over here I'm gonna switch to atomic.outline button the text color we'll just.do our global blue and then under.borders let's do global blue as well so.now they all match that looks nice just.click on save and then let's go ahead.and return to the.WordPress admin dashboard so we're.really only going to need to make two.more pages and both of these are going.to be very straightforward the next one.we're gonna do is the profile page which.is the one that allows users to modify.their account change their password see.what they've subscribed to how much time.left they have on a course for instance.so we're just going to call this page.profile and then in the WP content box.here all we have to do is click on this.learn - short codes button the screen.that appears here gives you a ton of.different learn - short codes but the.one we're concerned with this profile.you don't need to change any options.here just click on insert shortcode but.you do need to change the page from.rendering as all pages to learn - and.the reason why is the learn - one if you.recall is set to section width as.opposed to full width like the all pages.template is so change this to learn -.click on publish and your profile page.is done we're going to go ahead and.create our contact page now what we're.gonna do first is contact form 7 gives.you the shortcode for your form really.easily so let's copy and paste that and.we're gonna add a new page which is just.going to be our contact page once again.we're going to paste in that short code.right here and then we're gonna change.our page to be restrained by the section.width as opposed to full width click on.publish and your contact page is now.done as well from here let's go ahead.and create our menu so we're gonna go to.appearance and menus this menu we're.just gonna call main menu click on.create and then let's go ahead and add.in the pages that we want add to menu as.you can see this menu is very basic but.it does get the job done one thing that.we're missing is how would somebody get.to the course from the main menu all you.have to do is click on screen options up.here at the top and then you can see.courses lessons topics quizzes are all.available available as menu items.without having to create them as custom.links so I'm gonna go ahead and add in.our course learn to play guitar like the.pros and because that name is so long.I'm going to switch this to something.like start course what you can also do.is something that I like to do just from.a usability standpoint is nest that same.link more or less underneath the menu so.that it has a drop-down that way people.aren't confused as you know start course.they might think well what course am i.starting now that's there for them.to easily be able to see go ahead and.click Save and then what we're going to.do is go to settings and reading and set.our homepage to the page we just created.called home click on save and then now.let's go ahead and take a look at our.site on the front end so as you can see.our site is learn to play guitar like a.pro we have our menu set up and as I.told you it does automatically update.for you not only in the header but also.in the footer down here at the very.bottom then let's go ahead and click on.start course and what you'll see is all.of the course content that we configured.earlier is there all of our lessons with.all of our topics underneath them are.ready and applicable one thing you'll.notice though is that because I am.logged in as an admin it doesn't ask me.to pay so that's one thing that you'll.have to keep in mind what we're going to.need to do is switch to an incognito.window so that way I can show you what.it looks like with somebody who's not.paid yet or is not registered for the.course because there's this nice big.button that says buy course so let's go.ahead and do that once again for.somebody that's not logged in and has.not yet paid for this particular course.this is what it looks like it has this.nice big green take this course button.and if you click on it you'll see.there's two options use PayPal and use a.credit card once again like I told you.guys earlier this take this course.button will not appear if you haven't.set the PayPal and the stripe options in.your admin dashboard and what that will.do is allow somebody that hasn't paid to.be able to take the whole course so make.sure that you have that setup even just.put it in the test mode which is the way.we have stripe setup at the moment so.I'm going to click use a credit card.this nice little pop-up appears and this.email that the person types in.automatically registers on your site so.this becomes their username and their.email for your site so let's just do.something like jonathon at gmail.com the.credit card number is going to be for.stripe the the test credit card is just.for two all the way down just like that.any expiration date in the future will.work and then any CVC code will work as.well click on pay and you'll see that.it's going to automatically accept that.and then you get this nice little green.banner that says you have paid for this.course everything is now unlocked the.transaction was successful check your.email and log in to access the course.well that email contains is.link to set your password and it also.takes you to your profile page in order.to show you the profile page I actually.need to switch back to the front end.over here so let me click on profile so.this is what the profile page looks like.to someone after they've they've clicked.that link in the email to set up their.password they can click on edit profile.if they need to change their password or.their email they can also see their.registered courses and how much progress.they've made in each one if you have a.lesson or a topic that's in progress.of course this progress bar here shows.you but there's also a way to click into.each individual lesson and topic which.appears here as you can see in a very.short period of time not only did we.design the site from the ground up but.we also built a fully functioning.learning management system using learn -.and it also requires that someone pay.ahead of time before they can take or.access the course content again as I.mentioned this site is built using the.oxygen builder if you're not familiar.with that you can find a link in the.description below and also this site.uses the learn - LMS plugin definitely.check that out.as well and we'll look forward to seeing.you guys in a future video thanks so.much for watching.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Cms Oxygen online

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How to create an electronic signature for the Cms Oxygen on Android?

At this time, Android gadgets are welcome used. Therefore, to aid its customers, CocoSign has developed the program for Android users. You can use the following tips to e-sign your Cms Oxygen from Android:

  1. Insert the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
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Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

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