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hello and welcome back this is Chris.with marksman shooting sports in.Westfield Indiana today we're going to.be talking about three of the most.probably the most popular what I would.call entry to mid-level range ar-15s.they are the ones that we sell the most.of here in our store and it's probably.one of these three that we get the most.questions about so today I'm going to do.a comparison between the three and an.in-depth look at what are some of the.differences those three ar-15s are the.rigor a r56.the cementum wesson M&P sport 2 and the.Springfield st. just to give you a quick.idea the Ruger MSRP is at about $7.99.the spent the lesson in peace or - MSRP.is about seven thirty nine and the.Springfield st. 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three again MSRP is.about 739 you will usually find these.anywhere between about 590 to 650 and.most gun stores respectively that's as.of February 2017 jumping into this I'm.going to go ahead and open the box just.a nice standard cardboard box and it.does come with.phone line top insert I'm gonna go ahead.and move it out of the way and we will.reveal your rifle I'm gonna go ahead and.take this out here and flip it over you.do have a chamber flag here so I'm going.to go ahead and pull this to the rear.remove that there's an indication that.the firearm is clear okay I'm gonna go.ahead and close that and then this is.our firearm of course it does have these.websites and we'll get into that a.little bit later okay moving the firearm.out of the way going through the rest of.the box contents I'm going to tilt this.up here for you a little bit if I remove.the second panel here on the body we do.reveal all of our instruction manual.warranty information card for you to.register the firearm this 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some Ruger this is removable.it's just kind of click clamped on there.just a little Ruger emblem there I guess.advertising purposes okay we'll go ahead.and set this one to the side here okay.you do also have your Ruger instruction.manual and your warranty information.documentation here in this manual this.one comes also with AP mag a generation.2 just like the Smith & Wesson did ok.coming on over here we don't have our.gun safety lock as well and this does.come with an ar-15 sight adjustment tool.ok and I believe there's anything under.the phone here there is not so that's.everything that will come with the AR 5.5 6 out of the box now moving along to.the Springfield st. you will notice the.does come in a very nice hard case.definitely an upgrade from the M&P and.from the Ruger a really really nice.packaging really really nice carry case.does have Malik latching clocks here we.can go ahead and open just to remind our.MSRP on these is about 900 dollars but.you usually find them between about 8:30.and 950 respectively depending on your.area again that's as of February of 2017.this as of now has just released and hit.the market so the prices might be a.little bit higher now than they are.gonna be you know a couple years from.now go ahead and open this one up.inside you'll find a lot of the same.types of contents you found in the.others so we'll start over here with the.firearm okay it does come with.advertising information here and a nice.little red st. rubber band here that you.can pull off the front or just cut with.scissors.also has a loaded chamber indicator flag.I'm sorry not a loaded chamber to get.our guns with a clear chamber flag so.that it's in there pretty tight there we.go.I was in there pretty tight I'm gonna.sack we're clear I set that over to the.back this does come with a generation 3p.mag remember the others came with the.generation 2 so it's a little bit of an.upgrade their best coming with your.instruction and warranty information.booklet here don't believe there's.anything under film other than a gun oil.extreme duty lubricant a little sample.packet here and of course we do have a.gun safety lock just like we saw in the.others ok now I do have all three rifles.out of the boxes again MMP 15 sport here.at the top the Ruger AR 5 5 6 here in.the middle and the new Springfield st..here down at the bottom now I'm going to.start at the barrel end and work my way.to the rear and do an in-depth.difference or comparison between each of.these 3 a ar-15 platforms alright we're.going to take a look now at the barrels.just looking in this area here and I do.have you zoomed in again st. here at the.bottom a are five five six in the middle.and then the M&P 15 sport around the top.so the again st. is a 1 and 8 twist the.Ruger AR 556 is also one an eight twists.and the Smith & Wesson M&P support to.travels at a1 and 9 twist.so the original sport was also one in 8.smith & wesson decided to go to a 1 & 9.on the sport - not exactly why they did.that not exactly sure why they did that.but they did nonetheless a 1 in 8 or 1 &.9 twist is really optimal for most of.your basic off-the-shelf.five five six or two to three ammunition.which is going to be usually at about 55.frame okay so that's basically the.developers concede obviously that they.would.potential purchaser would be wanting to.use a standard weight ammunition that's.most available in the cheapest okay now.we've moved up here into the sights so.all three systems utilize a fixed front.post in gas blocks set up basically you.can see ar-15s where this front sight.post is gone you just have a flat gas.block a lot of people one of their main.reasons that they stray away from going.with one of these platforms is if you're.interested in running an optic like a.long-range optic on a 16 inch barrel.platform I don't know necessarily I say.that there's a huge use for that there.are a lot of people who want to do that.and it's totally fine the front sight.base can get in your way if you're not.using a riser to elevate your scope.which means you'd also need a cheek.riser to elevate your cheek bone be able.to kind of align your eye with that.raised up optic if that's not a concern.for you then that's not really a huge.issue on these three site bases of.course the front sight bases on all.three or elevation adjustable by raising.and lowering the post using using a.sight tool which we know comes with the.Ruger you do not get one with either of.these two the AR five five I'm sorry the.MMP 15 support were the same but they.can be purchased relatively.inexpensively on the Internet.moving down here you do have of course a.bayonet lug on all three if you're.interested in running a bayonet on your.firearm that's more power to you that.option is there for you okay now we're.going to move on back to the hand guards.first of all all these are a 16 inch.barrel and they utilize these to utilize.a carbine length gas tube this one.actually uses a mid-length gas to the.st. does doesn't really mean a whole lot.in terms of performance necessarily does.give you a shorter profile up here on.the barrel other than back here on the.and that's probably out of frame but you.do get a little bit of a shorter profile.because the site is moved forward.a little bit kind of a sleeker look and.it gives you a longer handguard and a.longer gas - just to give you a little.bit more you know options or a little.bit more room to put your hand so that's.kind of cool if that's something you're.into the hand guards in general these.are a nylon plastic standard a two style.not really like a CE ar-15 a little bit.much thinner actually than what you'd.get like on a military rifle so a lot.that are a lot lighter or not as bulky.which to some people is a good thing.obviously I'm sure it's cheaper for them.to manufacture so that's why they throw.these on here easy to replace though.your M&P 15 uses a standard ultra ring.that's under spring tension so you can.just push that to the rear you probably.might need a tool to help you with that.but not necessarily a necessity if you.don't have one pull this to the rear pop.these off throw on a carbine length quad.rail or anything else very easy to.customize not a huge deal you do get.basically there's really no heat.shielding in here so this could kind of.warm up on you but actually I've shot.one of these couple hundred rounds and.the he'd never really became an issue.same thing here same style here and very.easy one cool feature again this is.Ruger being a little bit innovative as.they did add a screw so this Delta ring.here instead of being under scrutiny.I'm sorry under spring tension can.actually just screw off here so you can.see I can just start unscrewing that you.can unscrew it to the rear pop your your.forward hand grips off pop on a new set.of quad rail whatever you want to do.again anything standard carbine length.which is fit right on there and then.you're ready to go so pretty cool pretty.standard but again easy to change out if.you want now the st. change things up a.little bit this is a Bravo Company or a.BCM keymod rail BCM this is known as the.PK MT rail system that they have again.standard Delta ring under spring tension.if you want to replace this you'll have.to remove that.the rear keep in mind this is now a.mid-length handguard so if you want to.replace that you will need a mid length.it does use keymod attachment points.which is different from a standard.picatinny or an M block or anything like.that so if you are interested in this do.a little bit reading do a little bit of.research on keymod attachment points and.just make sure that that's something.that you're into again it's not going to.be a standard picatinny and this is not.a rail on the top this is heat shielded.so you do have nice heat shielding in.here again to mitigate the risk of this.warming up on you this is a plastic it's.kind of a it's a nice sturdy plastic I.probably call it a polymer I'm not too.sure exactly what plastic they use but.I'm still nice sturdy and a great great.option really if you're getting into the.ar-15 market and a firearm under 900.bucks it's not bad to have on there so.that's pretty cool.so now we're up here into the receiver.let's talk real quick about the finish.the Springfield st. and the Ruger AR 556.use a type three hard-code anodizing.finish what that basically means is they.use in a little aluminum oxide layer.that they put over the receiver halves.which allows it to seep into the metal.then they put it in a sulfuric acid bath.for about I guess 20 minutes to an hour.that allows the finish like I said to.seep into the metal and really harden to.the metal going to give you it's.actually a really good way of giving you.a really long-lasting finish it doesn't.scratch very easily and is very improve.ease to corrosion it's a type of finish.that's mainly used on softer metals and.aluminum alloys which by the way that.leads us into the construction of these.is an aluminum alloy it's same with the.M&P 15 support the M&P 50s for smith and.wesson call it has a different term for.it I actually have a written down they.call it an armored white finish and I.did some research and what exactly that.meant and what I gathered was and by the.way sooth and Wesson is a little bit.secretive of their terminology and about.finding information so I actually kind.of had to dig deep into a Smith & Wesson.floor might have found some people.talking about that it's essentially the.same thing so it's a hard anodized.finish they just fit the West.just caught it something else per my.research that's not published anywhere.by Smith & Wesson that's just based on a.lot of speculation and people who have.said they've called spoken to Smith &.Wesson traps you basically confirmed.it's the same thing just with a.different name that they give it for.their own marketing purposes now I'm.going to talk about the pistol grips and.I'm going to start speeding this up a.little bit I think I'm kind of going.along on this one but MMP 15 sport.standard a2 pistol grip nothing really.fancy about it kind of a hard plastic a.two notches here for your middle finger.and your pinky and your ring finger here.here's our Ruger pistol grip not really.an aid to doesn't have that not sure.that we saw in the MMP 15th sport you do.have flipped us over here you are a.Ruger trademarks and again this is just.Ruger kind of sigh lysing the making it.a little bit different than everybody.else giving it their kind of Ruger twist.on it and again putting their logo right.down here again here we have the st..this is a Bravo Company grip really.really nice and comfortable with this.nice Czechs texturing here again one.difference is down here on the bottom.there is a trapdoor which can open and.you can put you know different things in.here for storage batteries for your.optic anything else you wanted your.tactical skittles or whatever anyway.that's just a good little feature to.have why not now we're going to take a.look at the triggers the st. does have a.nickel boron and polish to trigger as.you can see is kind of shiny and.metallic which you don't typically see.on standard ar-15 so it's usually.utilized the a to trigger a nickel boron.is a is a type of finishing technique.it's not like using paint or a direct.coat but it's actually a metallic what I.want to say an enzyme or it's a coating.it's a metallic coating again I'm not a.scientist so please forgive me the.terminology here but what it basically.does is it interferes with other.metallic surfaces because it is a nicely.polished.surface essentially it gives a nicer.transition and smoother kind of a.transition between the material that.it's interfacing with basically means.it's a lot smoother moves a lot smoother.more impervious to grime and like carbon.buildup as you're shooting the firearm.it's going to make a massive difference.probably not hugely noticeable unless.you're putting a lot of rounds through.it but definitely still an awesome.feature to have and it will definitely.do nothing but help you and your trigger.pull the Smith & Wesson M&P sport.utilizes a standard GI milspec trigger.just a two-stage standard trigger pull.weight on this is going to be anywhere.between about six to eight pounds and.there's really no frills or thrill is.about it not much to say other than it's.just a standard GI trigger now we have.the Ruger AR five five six again just.like the MMP 15 sport just a two-stage.standard GI trigger nothing fancy about.it same kind of trigger you're just.gonna get in a standard lower parts kit.or anything like that now we're going to.talk about buttstocks.okay up here on the top I have the Ruger.AR five five six MMP sport two in the.same all three utilized a carbine length.standard buffer - which is milspec all.three have a six position collapsible.stock okay.up here the Ruger nothing fancy about it.it is an a2 buttstock okay same here.with the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 sport -.just a six position collapsible a2.buttstock the one nice thing kind of.following the flow of the rest of the.st. is you do have a really really nice.six position Bravo Company stock really.really solid takes a lot of effort to.squeeze in that adjustment tab to be.able to push it in collapse it it's in.position and has a really nice firm hold.on it again really really nice addition.and definitely a really early nice stock.a little bit wider cheat boat here for.ya just a really overall comfortable.feel now we're going to talk about the.sights here we have the Springfield st..it does come with a flip and locking.rear sight so I do have to push a button.on the other.to unlock it to fold it but if I want to.race the site all I need to do is grab.and pull it up and it locks and clicks.into place on this side we do have a.windage adjustable knob which you can.obviously turn left or right to bring.your when did you left or right of.course your elevation is adjusted on the.front post this is a Springfield made.site on the back and try and get this in.camera here for you we do have notches.along the bottom for your windage.adjustments we also have a 100 yard and.a 200 yard side aperture go strings I.repeat sign is what I should say you.have a wider aperture here and a smaller.aperture side here okay here I do have.the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport to these.also have a 40 site fold it to the rear.it locks into place I can push on a tap.here to raise my sights or there is a.tab on either side I can depress to.raise my sights as well I do have a.windage adjustment knob here which.changes your windage adjustments.obviously your elevation is controlled.by raising and lowering the front post.on the back I do have notches down here.for gauging my windage adjustments also.this aperture here and I'm going to try.and do this kind of stiff there we go.this aperture as you can see that can.fold down out of the way giving you a.larger aperture if that's folded down.where I can close it giving myself a.smaller aperture these are in besides.made by Magpul here on the Ruger I also.have a flip sight I can fold that down.and lock into place there is a button on.this side that I push to raise my sights.this is a Ruger made sight does have.windage adjustment knob here and notches.on the rear to mark my windage.adjustments of course elevation is.changed.on the front post now we're finally.going to end up on the bolt carrier.groups I have these st. here the Ruger.AR five five six here in the middle and.I have the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 sport.bolt carrier group on the top starting.down here with the st. you do have a.really nice in Springfield Center I'm.sorry Springfield Armory Louisville here.which you will see through the ejection.port when the bolt is closed just a nice.touch this is an m16 bolt carrier group.now see people say why do you want an.m16 bolt carrier group into some.automatic ar-15 well an m16 book here.carrier group is a little bit heavier so.you do get a nicer transition and.movement that extra weight helps a drive.through debris and carbon buildup and.the receiver giving a little bit of that.extra reliability these are not m16 bolt.carrier groups in fact you can see some.of Ruger's stylizing kind of these.squared off edges here on the bolt.carrier group kind of just a little.touch that Ruger added and of course the.MMP 15 Sport to is just your standard no.frills no thrill as bolt carrier group.now the Springfield st. in the Ruger AR.556 bolt carrier groups are magnet.particle inspected that is nice because.a magnet particle inspection I'll.basically go over that briefly not to.get too technical but it is a form of.inspection of a metal part in which a.electric current called a flux is put.through the part and the flux what it.does is if there's any imperfection such.as cracks or imperfections that are not.visible to the eye the current will arc.around that imperfection and it will.create sort of an iron dust that builds.up which is kind of like the colored.dust that will build up around the.imperfection which will then become the.support to the person inspecting it so.if that were to happen here around the.rear I would know that there was an.imperfection in the metal and I can.either fix it or.I cannot use the part just a nice added.test just to kind of give to the overall.rigidity we know that if it passes the.inspection that there's no microscopic.imperfections found inside the bolt.carrier group I don't know if Smith and.Wesson and bolt carrier groups undergo.the same test I looked and I cannot find.that answer so if you know that answer.go ahead and put that in the comments.coming up here to the M&P 15 sport - BCG.as well as the BCG of the AR 5 5 6.they are chrome-plated that would be the.bolt carriers the bolts and the fire.impetus again any type of chrome plating.or chrome lining will increase the.overall resistance to corrosion which.could start to build up inside your.firearm I searched I'm not too sure if.the springfield armory is also chrome.plated or chrome lined again if anybody.knows that please put that in the.comment section I would appreciate it.well that's about it thank you all for.checking in with us hopefully that.answered a lot of questions and will.make it a little bit easier for you to.make that decision if exactly which home.will fit into your needs as you get into.your first baby or first a ar-15 or if.not your first make your second ar-15.anyway if you have any questions please.reach out to us on Facebook or through.youtube we'd be happy to answer them.or if there's anything I left out please.just let me know maybe I can touch on in.another video thank you for watching and.please stay tuned for more.

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First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

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