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Tips on completing the Car Show Judging Sheet Form

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Get Your Car Show Judging Sheet Form Signed Quickly

hi this is Melissa Solis with premium.productions we are here today at the.city of Gulf ports fourth of July.celebration Car and Truck Show.this annual event includes this car show.street vendors live bands and in the.evening a fireworks display.in this video one of our judges Judy.Peres so we'll be explaining how premium.productions judges the vehicles.attending our shows Judy will be taking.you through the finer points of looking.at the subject vehicle not with the.proud owners eyes but the trained judges.eyes searching for what's possibly wrong.as this is how the judges separate cars.so close together in scores our judges.often comment after a show that if only.that owner had just detailed a little.better or done something about a worn.place on the driver's side seat and yes.it often comes down to something that.seemingly trivial which can subtract the.vital point or two from the final score.so now let's meet our selected vehicles.and their owners we're here with CJ he's.got an 84 El Camino and he's going to.tell us a little bit about it I.understand that this is an everyday.rider yes I Drive this every day of the.week I'm maintenance man at the Willows.condos and I haul dirt and flowers and.plants and stuff in it and I put a towel.down first but this is a daily driver.yes and so how long have you had your.daily we've had this for about three.years now.three years we bought it on eBay well.that's interesting is this the first one.you've bought on eBay.no the second one I bought in Lincoln.one time but we always had El Caminos in.our life and we found this one on eBay.and you only go around once so here we.go flew to Tulsa Oklahoma signed the.paperwork on the hood and drove it.straight homes never skipped a beat so.what brought you to the car show I've.been down here last year to the one in.Gulfport and we were at the show in.Pasadena and I this is no plug but I do.like going to the premium production.shows because they're fair they do a.good job and they put on a good show.so here we are you meet a lot of nice.people good people.I belong to an El Camino Club national.El Camino owners association and just a.good group of people in Florida alone we.go to super Chevy with 25 El Caminos and.it's just good group of people so.something to do all right very good CJ.I'm gonna have you step back with these.gentlemen I'm going to introduce myself.first as Judy with premium productions.and I'll be judging your vehicle oh.thank you I'm gonna begin with your.engine compartment do exterior and then.interior and when I'm finished I will go.over any little toy super I've always.wanted to talk to people all right well.we're here for that reason.okay so I'll do my thing when I get back.I'll talk with you great.okay I will tell you a few things I.found on your vehicle we'll begin with.the engine Department okay good.and I take into granted the year of the.vehicle understand that okay your frame.has a lot of rust issues of course down.here on the lower frame unit and see by.the block here down here your main.mounts are okay they're your firewall is.good your houses are pretty good you.might want to use a little black up on.those that's all I noted yeah I'll do.that for lawyer - yeah now what you need.to do that all the time okay okay and.around your battery you're good here you.might want to clean up you've got a chip.here in your covers we don't know if.said and you've got maybe clean out your.pan vent and this area here is good for.the edge of the vehicle a little.spotting in here you might want to take.a little black paint and touch that up.and that's good you scored good under.there that good okay exterior of the car.your chronic course given again the year.of the vehicle you've got the couple of.dents on the side panels where the.chrome comes down over here down here.your misfit on your alignment of your.chrome from panel to panel okay and.windows your glass is very clean but.your rubber seals that go around it and.so you might want to take I used black.to ban my mother's something put some of.that on there it gives it that moistness.sure it i might i better there grand and.yeah if you start with it now then it.won't really further and i know they're.bad but around hearing your chrome on.the interior I was thinking of replacing.them yeah you might want to do that cuz.it's gonna be hard to bring them up.unless you use down um wall stuff on the.little brush yeah yeah but that's all.under there it's easier to replace them.I think so your interior is immaculate I.know the seats are new you might want to.look at replacing your seat belts I just.found a place online that taught me how.to wash them okay do that it's minimal.but it is right it is a judging item.with us.sure and other than that right down here.if you look didn't vacuum in the corner.a little my wife's job that's hurt you.but your matting and your foreign cars.everything is good.- is good council steering wheel.everything is awesome so you scored very.well on well thank you okay any.questions for me well you've answered.just about everyone I had because I've.been curious I've watched the people who.walk around and work and everything and.it's I was going to ask today until.these guys came up and offered holy cow.perfect I love you both Thank You CJ it.was a pleasure yes it really was.we're here with Mike Sherman from.Bradington he's got a 97 Lincoln and.Mike wants to tell us a little bit about.it well it's all redone started off as a.plain white car and I took it and.repainted it we rebuilt the engine the.transmission the exhaust the wheels will.put lambo doors on it redid the hood and.just about everything you could think of.we've done to this car how long have you.had it about three to four years and.what made you decide to change the color.of it well we had trouble matching the.Pearl on the bumpers and because we.couldn't match it where it meets the.front of the car here it would be two.different colors so I always like black.and yellow and decided racing stripes.out of Lincoln who else would have it.you know so that's what I did it was a.good choice good choice now I did notice.that we've got some champagne in the in.the car and I was just wondering are you.willing to share it all depends I'm the.lady and we have to wait till tonight.I noticed we have a Cobra theme going on.can you explain a little bit about that.well the car came with a Cobra engine.it's got the 4.6 Cobra engine just like.on the Mustang we just upgraded it we.put a supercharger on it I've got an.intake from a Cobra I have a cobra on.the ground that matches it and it's just.my Lincoln Cobra understood unique but.very nice.these things I found on your car nothing.to pick you apart just you know next.time if you come to one of our shows.that what we're looking for how we judge.okay under your engine compartment you.have a lot of sound going on down here.in the body battery box string and on.the frame of the car here you've got it.here and here those are little things.that we see and it can be as you know it.comes off just so you know next time.same thing around here I don't know if.that can be repeated or a touch but you.got a lot of rock for just so you know.some of your hoses have a lot of dust on.them those could be just wiped off a.little better and you know a little high.myself use mothers back to black on them.a little glaze will never clean the.ruler there and then the hood underside.I know these mats are hard you know to.do anything with you might want to look.at replacing it but other than now your.paint don't mix and stuff you're good.there okay so you scored really well.under the engine compartment above.average for me okay okay outside you do.have some chips in your paint you know.existing water spots there that could.have been wiped out and that's just.human error and I do it myself and the.only other thing about a guy whose lab.that somebody was drinking a beer that's.a very good possible.there happens yes it does and I'll.there's an eyelet I know it's a pain but.up in your wheel wells here you could.just clean those out a little better.that would be great and that was all for.the exterior again you score it above.midline we've been there interior I know.a lot of stuff blows in so I didn't mark.your honor but there is some spotting on.the carpet going on that you might want.to address and on your driver's seat the.spot there if you see that there's no.leather I got so and other than that.that's all I wrote down there on the.interior your dash is good your counsel.is good your steering wheel is good.headliner is good which she's got you.know the open visibility and it's all in.excellent shape.all right are you scared very good and.that should get you hopefully in trophy.range I hope any questions nope thank.you very much.so I'm here talking with Caesar from.Venice Florida he does have a 2010.Camaro and the title of the Camaros is.quick silver so Caesar can you talk to.us a little bit about your car yeah well.I guess the Camaro concept I fell in.love with before came out and then I.started putting my pennies together and.finally when it when it came out I what.it wanted and I felt like I deserved it.after Hart years of work and this is.kind of a kind of a pet kind of a.companion whatever my wife knows where I.am when I'm not with her and with the.car so but I have a lot of a lot of fun.really just you know fixing it up in.whatever and then I fell in love with.car shows I started going to car shows.and really just talking to people who.love cars and it's amazing how much they.have in common so this is not your first.premium productions car shop no I go to.as many premium shows as I can in Venice.go down to Fort Myers Punta Gorda in.that area and you know a few up here in.this area my ultimate goal is to go to.the one in Plains Georgia because.originally from Georgia and they had.they helps to show in Plains Georgia.which is the only out-of-state show they.have so I'll get to that one next year a.schedule conflict this year I didn't.couldn't get there ourselves oh that's.okay that's okay they'll be there next.year so um you have been to quite a few.of the car shows which which one is the.farthest one you've gone to.I guess the further south I've gone to.was Asteria I think a stereo just below.Fort Myers and I went as far north is I.think up in Brandon and went up a.Brandon but in between I go as many as I.can talk to me a little bit about the.colors of your car they're a little.unique and I'm just interested well.that's good because I have yet to see.one on the road with this combination.and I when I was deciding what to get my.wife said absolutely not red so that's.crossed off my list.black has the little high-maintenance in.terms of keeping it clean or whatever.and I notice all the the promotional.pictures of Camaros were silver okay may.have something else so I kind of toy.with the strikes and everything and.can't finally decide on their infernal.orange relish trays I figured okay not a.lot of people can pick this out and like.I said today I have yet to see one in.this color combination and then I kind.of.have this affinity for orange to being.born on Halloween and you know loving.orange so I started to accessory with.orange and everything so if I lost the.matching pain and some of the decals.that a guy in brains in dust for me in.and went from there.under the hood just so you'll notice and.I found someone here and you can do it.anytime good yes okay right there are.coming off all right so just pay a.little more attention to houses that are.visible to you because you're dressed so.nicely but the ones that we can see.because the remainder are hidden with.your address we will look at them harder.okay okay and just a little bit under.the hood underside if you would.concentrate on removing these little.marks here yeah there's a wax out there.that takes it off it's called a formula.115 towel and it takes it off okay you.have any questions let me know and I'll.get with that later with you okay.exterior of your car is very beautiful.you do have a couple of chips yeah you.know about that on the rear side there.yeah okay just a couple of them yeah.when the garage door came down on the.nose and up front you got yeah one there.yeah a few on the side and here's here's.yeah just so you're aware that we notice.now him pay attention to that and then.also on interior probably blow in on.your mass but I do see some stops okay.okay and your other seat on that side.driver-side particular has a lot of wear.on the side where you slide in you can.see I mean it's not torn man my wife.pointed it out to me.yeah it's eventually going to become a.new shoot for years and that is.basically it on your car there's a very.very clean car and you scored very high.well thank you very much really.appreciate I appreciate that.oh just great feedback good this is.melissa Solis for premium productions.thank you to all of our participants and.to Judge Judy now that you have an.insight into how we judge our shows join.us at our next car show and good luck to.all.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Car Show Judging Sheet Form online

You must be devoted to a resourceful solution to electronic signatures for Car Show Judging Sheet Form. CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Looking up, a single online system that does not need any further installation.

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