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[Applause].oh.what a crowd what a crowd get those.people over here see me again.come on let him come over what is a big.crowd is always.big we want to win we got to win we want.to save our country from.the radical left erratica left crazies.thank you very much and hello north.carolina hello.north carolina we love you.i'm thrilled to be in fayetteville.with thousands of loyal hard-working.american patriots.and you know what's going to happen in.45 days from now.and you're watching those polls they go.up up up.45 days from now we're going to win.north carolina we're going to win.four more years in the white house.as we meet tonight our nation mourns the.loss of illegal giants supreme court.justice ruth bader ginsburg.her landmark rulings fierce devotion to.justice and her.courageous battle against cancer inspire.all americans.you may agree you may not disagree with.her but.she was an inspiration to a tremendous.number of people.i say all americans.[Applause].justice ginberg's close relationship.with.a friend of ours a friend of mine.justice scalia.is also a powerful reminder that we can.disagree on fundamental issues while.treating each other with decency dignity.and respect.our thoughts and prayers are with her.family thank you very much.thank you thank you.so article 2 of our constitution says.the president shall.nominate justices of the supreme court.i don't think it can be any more clear.can it.i don't think so i don't think so what.do you think tom tom tillis i don't.think it can be any more clear.this can only happen in north carolina.uh.i hope you hear that back home look at.all that press that's a lot of press.that's a lot of fake news.a lot of thankfulness well i hope they.hear so the chance this is a new one.fill that seat this is the.this can only happen to me phil that's.it.no it says the president is supposed to.fill the seat right.and that's what we're going to do we're.going to fill the scene.i love that we hear more chants.there's a lot of genius in those chants.half the time.you said it better than you can say it.you can read a speech.but what's better than those words fill.that seat.you know what you do you come up you say.fill that seat you leave and you've said.everything you don't have to vote.there have been 29 times a vacancy.opened during an election year.or prior to an inauguration 29 times.that's a lot.every single time the sitting president.made a nomination that included.did you ever hear of george washington.did you ever hear of.thomas jefferson or how about.the great abraham lincoln when he wore.the hat especially.with a great hat i want to try one of.those hats i love that.now think of it 29 times.every single time nobody said oh let's.not fill the seat we won the election.now then we have some senators that you.know forget it.we think of it i won't say it i won't.say it susan.i won't say it susan.but tom tillis is with us i can tell you.that right.great we have great republican senators.we have great people.and we have a great country that's.really we have a great country.and we're going to keep it that way.so we win an election and those are the.consequences you know it's called fill.that seat.and that's what we're doing the supreme.court was a very.central issue in both the 2016.presidential election.and then the 2018 midterm elections.where by the way i didn't run.you know we had a lot of people a lot of.people said oh.he really took a little bit of a shock.and not nearly as bad as others in fact.we gained seats in the senate but they.never talk about.that right they don't talk about that we.gained two seats nobody talked about it.but we didn't run and i had a lot of.people that sir.will never vote in 2018. i said no no.vote everybody vote.they just did i think we were like nine.million.people decided they wanted to wait and.they've waited and you see what's going.on you see what's happening you see the.enthusiasm.that we have which by the way we set a.record in 2016..the bad news for the democrats is we are.more enthusiastic.now not even close than we were in 2016..i mean we are getting crowds and this is.pandemic and we're rounding the turn.we're rounding the corner of the.pandemic.okay but we're having them outside and.we shouldn't say this is some kind of a.rally.from now on it's called a protest we are.protesting.you know we're gonna we're gonna call.all our rallies up because you know if.you have.you see a lot of these uh let's call.them.blue states we want to be nice we're.gonna call it a.protest against stupidity so we are.going to have.protests against people.[Applause].because you know a lot of the.people like in michigan and other places.we love michigan but the governor's got.them shut down.i hate to say it your governor's got you.shut down it doesn't look it here but.uh your governor has got you shut down i.don't know you're not breaking the law.by being here otherwise if you are.if you are we'll have to do something.about that because.now there's a hell of a shutdown.i think your governor has to let this.state open up.and pennsylvania look what they're doing.in pennsylvania a great state where.that's actually something very special.is going to happen here in pennsylvania.that's a commonwealth.we always have to remember pennsylvania.commonwealth got two of them and you.better remember you get in trouble.but we love pennsylvania and it's shut.down the governor's got it just shut.down nice and tight.and you know what on november 4th it's.going to be opened up.[Applause].because they're trying to hurt our.numbers but our economic numbers are so.good they're staggering they're the best.we've ever had.jobs retail stock market.everything and this is with a lot of.shutdowns by democrats that's all.they're doing.on november 4th they'll announce we've.decided to open up one of the.teachers uh groups said actually one of.the unions and one of the politicians in.california said.no uh we're not going to do it we need.to do it we should be open by.november 4th that was not a good thing.for them that person i think was fired.i think was fine in both the 2016.and the 2018 elections the american.people chose.a president and a senate majority.united in their commitment to selecting.nominees who believe in applying the.constitution as written.right both the white house and the.senate majority.have a moral duty to fulfill the.promises they made to the voters.and that is exactly what we're going to.do we said that if for any reason.we have a vacancy on the united states.supreme court.we will fill that vacancy we're not.going to say.and by the way we have plenty of time.there's a lot of time you know you're.talking about.you're talking about january 20th right.[Applause].so we will uphold equal justice under.the law for citizens of every race color.religion and creed.i will be putting forth the nominee next.week.it will be a woman.it will be a woman unless wait.okay let's do a poll oh there they are.how many of these have you come to.speaking of women how many of you what.is this.number one like 90.they're great north carolina though.right.i see them all over the place they're.great i hope your husbands are okay with.it are they okay.they're okay you have good husbands but.we're gonna do a vote.okay so i said you know i love these.free polls.because pollsters and you know most of.the pulses are corrupt as far as i'm.concerned.if we believed in posters we wouldn't be.here right now.but we're actually getting very good we.just had a 53 from rasmussen which is.very good.considering we won uh four years ago.with a lot lower than 53..history has shown that when you're 53.you can't lose an election.has anyone ever lost an election with a.53 the answer is yes when the other side.cheats.that could happen that could happen that.could happen you saw what happened in.pennsylvania.right some state supreme court justice.just ruled.that they can take as long as they want.to count the ballots that means.i'll be leading and winning pennsylvania.like we did last time.yeah yeah we'll be leading we'll be.winning pennsylvania we're going to win.it.easy we're going to win your state.easily.you know i just came off the plane with.by the way.our great chief of staff mark.meadows did anybody ever hear of mark.[Applause].and deb what a great she's doing such a.good job but you know mark.just a few months ago i've been trying.to get him for three years to leave.and we have a great person running as.you know.really i mean really great does everyone.know madison yes you're going to vote.for madison.he's great he's a great guy but mark had.a beautiful head of black hair.and i just noticed that hair's turning.white very fast.but we're doing the job you know we're.very close to a great deal with.tick-tock.tick-tock but nobody cares about that.anymore all they care about is.fill that seat right that's all right.until about uh 24 hours ago that's all.they talked about is tick-tock tick-tock.well we have a deal worked out i think.with walmart is going to buy it along.with oracle.larry ellison uh it's going to be an.incredible combination.and i said you know do me a favor could.you put up.five billion dollars into a fund.for education so we can educate people.as to.real history of our country the real.history not the fakers.we're getting very close to that deal.and uh all of the technology will be.maintained here.they're going to move probably to the.great state of texas sorry we've got you.a lot of businessmen.but they're going to move into the.united states which is what's important.they're going to move it to the united.states.unbelievable company they're going to.have 25.000 jobs if it all goes i gave them the.preliminary approval.but they're putting up 5 billion dollars.and my only problem is they did it so.fast i should have asked for more.you know what happened is when i.suggested they should put up.a lot of money everybody said senators.congressmen women everybody they said.you can't do that that's ever been done.that's the problem nothing's ever been.done.and we had other companies a lot of.people wanted it.and they said you got to put up 5.billion either to the treasury of the.united states maybe or.into some education fund or do something.and they were sort of agreeing with me.they thought it was okay.and then i went to the legal eagles here.and i said they're gonna put up five.million dollars give it to the united.states.so you can't do that there's no.provision i said how the hell can there.be no provision.we're making the deal possible why can't.they give us five.billion dollars that's a b with a that's.a lot of money right.now watch the crazy democrats they'll go.they should have gotten more money right.it's never been done before.they should have no matter what you do.they should have gotten more schumer.and nancy pelosi crazy nancy.but i'll tell you and i said it last.night we had a great rally last night.you saw that right.in a place that we're going to win we're.going to win minnesota hasn't been one.since 1972.and they're all saying well we did give.them back.the big iron ore range it was obama took.it away with the stroke of a pen he put.everybody out of work.we gave it back but i'll tell you what.uh we're going to have a victory.on november 3rd the likes of which.you've never seen.now we're counting on the federal court.system to make it so that we can.actually have an evening where we know.who wins okay.not where the votes are going to be.counted a week later or two weeks later.but in just three and a half years under.my administration we've secured.america's borders.rebuilt the awesome power of the u.s.military think of that.[Applause].and i shouldn't say this and the fake.news keeps going oh.he's giving away classified information.no i'm not.we are building and we have built.weapons.the likes of which this world has never.seen before.and i said that a week ago and it was a.headline in one of these fake.newspapers where he's given away.confidential.information these people are crazy no no.i'm just telling you that president.putin and president xi of china.russia china north korea.everybody uh they are so envious of what.we're doing.they can't even believe it if they know.they perhaps don't know.you know under obama they knew.immediately okay.under uh us but we have uh we are.building.weapons all made in the usa the likes.of which no country.has ever seen before and hope to god.we never have to use them let's see key.i don't ever want to use him.remember i was supposed to be a guy that.was going to get us into a war in the.first week remember that.where's the war we're taking them out of.afghanistan we're almost finished with.that.working along well there we're taking.them out of syria other than i left some.behind for the oil we kept the oil is it.okay that we kept the uh.is it okay we kept the uh.let's go back to my poll ready so.we're putting i think it should be a.woman.because i actually like women much more.than i like men i have to say.i do i do i like women more.so i have to make a decision to.fill the seat as we say we should have a.new campaign let's make a t-shirt.fill the seat okay what.my people are so good tomorrow it'll be.all over the place phil this.that's a good idea.[Applause].that's a good that's a good idea fill.the scene.okay watch this so good tomorrow you see.them all over the place fill this thing.i don't know how the hell they do it but.they get it done fans remember i said.where's hunter where's hunter the next.day it was like one of the biggest.selling.t-shirts where is hunter what the hell.ever happened he took the money in iran.i think.where's hunter he took the money he went.to china he took 1.5 billion he had no.experience.he didn't have a job until this guy.became vice president that he went to.china got 1.5.billion dollars i asked the head of a.great company blackstone one of the.biggest in the world.i said steve let me ask you a question.is that possible now.that never is never done china doesn't.do that.but how did a guy with no experience do.this he said very simple his father's.vice president is that what you want.and then and then ukraine 183.000 a month and a three million dollar.upfront payment.for him and his friends think of this.with no experience and no job.and they said do you know energy it's an.energy company that paid it.do you know energy no i don't i've uh.not familiar with the subject.right a great congressman right.how the hell does this happen i think.it'll be brought up in the debate i.think.where's hunter where is hunter.you know where hunter is he's probably.in the riviera having a very good time.he's given some great energy advice he's.learning he's taking a night class on.energy for 180.where is hunter corrupt remember joe.with the prosecutor.one billion dollars i'm not giving it to.him until they get those prosecutors.away from my uh.my son or whatever the hell he said that.crazy company over in ukraine.one billion dollars i'm not giving it.you get them out and guess what they got.them out.here's your billion dollars now that's.called quid.pro quo right that's the real deal.with us there was none they made it up.remember when schiff made the phony.speech.eight times he said the same thing.except that's not what happened.fortunately we had those wonderful.people that write every perfect word.every word oh i'm glad we had them.because we're dealing with a bunch of.thieving bad people so women.and men ready would you rather have a.woman on the super.supreme court or would you rather have a.man ready a woman or a man so.would you rather have me choose.this very scientific poll actually it's.a lot more accurate than these polls.that interview like.97 people have been interviewed then you.know they charge you a million dollars.and they probably don't interview the.people they sit behind their desk and.just say.would you rather have a woman.on the supreme court yes woman yes.tom tiller says yes so would you rather.oh would you rather have a man on the.supreme court.[Applause].what's going on.let's give it one more quick chance this.is a free paul.this fall and this is a lot of people.this is tens of thousands of people.there's a lot of people.you know the fake news they'll say he.had a smattering of people you know.there was.if bernie sanders had a crowd oh he had.a massive crowd it was so big with me.my crowds are five times bigger than.bernie's and they'll say here's a.smattering of people.they would be they were in the middle of.an airport that nobody ever heard of.right.thousands if they if those people come.on bring them over what the hell at this.point.might as well let them come on over come.on.thousands of people behind these people.i would imagine the sight lines aren't.too good you have stands in front.okay so one more time who would rather.have a man.on the supreme court.well you hear the minutes who would.rather have a woman or the supreme.[Applause].now tomorrow like fake news cnn.he was playing games with the united.states okay.it is a terrible thing he's done no i'm.just taking a poll.please and by the way that's a very.accurate focus that's the way i feel.it will be a woman a very talented very.brilliant.woman.who i haven't chosen yet but we have.numerous women on the list.i built this incredible list of.brilliant people.and uh we're asking for biden's list he.can't give it you know why.because if he ever gave a list he'd.either put somebody in the left middle.which would be okay you could get votes.or it put one.somebody which is what he's going to.choose so far left.now if he did the left middle he loses.his entire left coast right.and if he loses the left coast that's.the end of his election.and last time remember how many people i.got from bernie because of trade.a lot of the bernie people vote for us.because bernie's right about one thing.trade.but bernie took a bad defeat didn't he.it was a bad loss.he's one of the most gracious losers.i've ever seen he is.all elizabeth warren pocahontas had to.do is leave.if she left before super tuesday bernie.would have won every one of those states.but they split up that vote that's too.bad but we have uh.sleepy joe we'll see how that works out.i think it's working out pretty good.you know we were winning so much we.didn't even have we could have called.off the election we were winning by so.much.and then the plague came in from china.and in many ways i had to go back to.work but i had to go back to work on.this one too.and now we're going up and up and up and.we're winning and we're winning all over.the place.because i happen to think i just say.what i want and you know they make up a.lot of false stories.they will make up a lie like what i said.about military can you imagine no.animal would say that they make it up.and then they put it in ads.so once they did that the only good.thing is i can say i said.now i can say anything he is the worst.candidate.the dumbest of all candidates but he was.dumb in prime time as told to me by.a senator from long ago said who's the.dumbest in the senate who's the smartest.in the senate.the smartest is i won't tell you.but the dumbest is joe i said who's joe.he said joe biden that was 25 years ago.that was in prime time.he is the worst candidate in the history.of presidential politics.if i lose to him i don't know what i'm.going to do i will never speak to you.again.you'll never see me again now how do you.lose.he is honestly jeff i go up and these.guys are grilling me.all the time stephanopoulos grill grill.it's okay it's all right.it's okay i think it came out very well.it's always it comes out well you have.to be able to answer.they're they're very weak compared to.some of the foreign people that we deal.with from foreign countries and leaders.of foreign countries.but i say he's always using a.teleprompter.i don't care if he uses a teleprompter.you know what bothers me that means.the fake news is giving him the.questions.because they're giving him so that's.what really they never gave me the.questions.if i ever said i want in fact i'm going.to say it now.i want from now on you to give me the.questions before you ask me.and i'm going to read the questions off.the teleprompter.and the the questions are so easy did.you see anderson cooper he's a nice guy.he's interviewed me over the years a lot.but he's a tough interviewer did you see.those softballs.what do you think donald trump is a very.bad human being do you agree with that.yes i do anderson.i've never seen softballs and actually.they're getting hit by it.they're getting hit by it it's just a.terrible thing.i mean you know this is a guy i used to.call him one percent joe because he ran.numerous times that he could only get.one percent in fact he actually had one.percent with an arrow.pointing left that means less than.now he's shot he's like got half of his.head left and.and he's out think of it.he's totally shot and he ends up getting.the nomination he couldn't get it in.prime time.what the hell is going on with the world.today.what's going on what's going on with the.world mark meadows.unbelievable meadows oh boy.he's a smart guy matters great great guy.north carolina in just three and a half.years.we obliterated the isis caliphate.remember when i had it down to 99.they said you got to finish it i said.let somebody else finish it.and we waited we finished it we fixed.our disastrous trade deals which we have.china's now paying us billions and.billions of dollars.but you know i view it differently now i.view china much differently now after.the plague came in i view it differently.and we brought your jobs back home to.north carolina and our conference.in three years of president trump real.median household income rose by almost.seven.thousand dollars now think of that three.years three years.right achieving the highest median.income in the history of our country.this is in three years.under 16 years of.presidents barack hussein obama.ladies and gentlemen as president barack.hussein obama.or his russian by the great how great is.rush do we love russia.as rush limbaugh would say barack.hussein.obama you ever hear rush barack hussein.obama russia's great he's doing well too.he's great he's a tough guy.we love rush we love you raj he watches.every one of these earlier.you know he supported me when i came.down with our great first lady i came.down the escalator.i made a speech i didn't even have a.speech right i had to wing it.the winging speeches are the best ones.like last night.[Applause].but rush said i like that guy i never.heard that before i've never heard we're.going to build a wall we're going to.have secure borders.we're going to make new trade deals that.are like sane we're going to do all the.things we're going to rebuild our.military we're going to have a strong.country again.we did so many things and rush heard.this i didn't know russia i mean.maybe i met him once twice for two.seconds.and he became an instant fan.of trump and he was for a long time.before i even got to know him.and he's been so important you know he's.the king.39 million listeners there's nobody like.him try.sitting down for what is it three hours.and.talking just talking with everyone like.39 million people.often try city we love rush i love rush.too but listen.try sitting down with a radio show with.millions and millions of people.listening.and talk for three hours without phone.calls you know phone calls are easy hey.what do you think of this what do you.just talk talk and everybody finds it.fascinating and it is fascinating.i wish i had time to listen more often.it's a little tough as president.but everybody finds it fascinating and.we gave rush.because he's such an important person.and done such an incredible job the.presidential.medal of freedom in congress.and catherine his wife is great what a.couple.a lot of great but russia has been.unbelievable he's so on our side and he.was from.literally day one right from the.beginning and we don't have to mention.sean.and laura and so many others we don't.have to mention lou.the great lou dobbs right i mean lou.dobbs said you know lou started years.ago.and he liked us from the beginning he.said donald trump is.going to be a very good president okay.that was the first little time.then he went donald trump donald trump.i love donald trump but he's the best.since ronald reagan.then he went donald trump.is an even better president than ronald.reagan so that was.about a year and a half into it then the.great lou dobbs said.donald trump may be the greatest of all.time greatest of all time.[Applause].and then somebody said could i ask you.little.when you say the greatest does that.include abraham lincoln and george.washington who said absolutely he's now.the greatest of all time so we love.ludov.lou dobbs is great go out and buy his.book his book is great.but we have great support we have great.support tucker's been very good lately i.have to tell you.talk about it cocker's been very good.tucker carlson he's come a long ways.actually uh you know the whole thing.with uh.faking around with our whole history.he's very strong in that we took care of.that very powerfully.very powerfully we signed an executive.order we fired a lot of people that were.talking about canceled culture and a lot.of fake stuff.that were getting paid a lot of money.that were here for a long time.under 16 years of presidents obama and.bush.the median income only rose two thousand.nine hundred dollars now think of that.so three years it went up seven thousand.sixteen years it went up less than 3.000..i'd say that's a big difference and.that's not including energy.because look what you're paying for your.gasoline now right.remember those days remember those days.of five dollars you said let's get rid.of that big truck.let's get now you're all buying bigger.trucks than they ever thought possible.because.you know why because gasoline is so damn.cheap.right remember the five dollar days now.you're below two dollars a lot right.below two i mean they're seeing numbers.that nobody believes it's all good stuff.and we're energy independent so many.things have happened.if you add four or five thousand dollars.so you're talking about.by eleven thousand dollars you gotta add.the energy i said to my people put the.energy in well i don't know if it's.right i said do me a favor just put it.in.okay in my first three years.we lifted 6.6 million people out of.poverty.the largest poverty reduction of any.president in american history.we built the greatest economy in the.history of the world.and now we're doing it again and we're.doing it very rapidly this is a super v.you know they said oh i don't know if.he's going to be very hard no.this is a super v we will deliver a safe.and effective vaccine this year.it's already in very good shape very.very good shape in a matter of weeks.[Applause].we will end the pandemic from china we.will end our.our plague from china next year will be.one of the greatest years of the history.of our country it's heading that way.we saw it.if you take a look automobile.manufacturing.housing retailing they're all setting.records they're through the roof hard to.believe actually during the.rounding the corner when i say rounding.the corner they go crazy.they want to keep it going as long as.possible if you say anything positive.they say.he's not telling the truth to the.american public i am actually talented.you know these people they talked about.because they said well winston churchill.was a great leader they said the other.night you said winston churchill was a.great leader.but he didn't lie because there's this.guy uh woodward right he writes a book.he's had it he's another one shot i.compare him sort of to.biden he's sharper than biden i have to.say that.but he's shot he's tired he's exhausted.i never saw a guy be able to do.so much television try doing a book on.somebody else see how much television.time they give you like that.but they said the other night it's and.it was amazing winston churchill.they said he didn't lie to the people of.to britain he didn't lie i said well.let me ask you this you know he stood on.buildings when.the nazis hitler were bombing london.and he was pretty brave because he may.have been doing a little drinking but.sorry he was known for that right he's.got a right to.but assume he stood in the buildings in.london as they were bombing london and.made speeches and made statements and.had everything and he'd sometimes have.press conferences.and the fake news wouldn't show up he.was standing there nobody was in front.of him.but he would stand there and he would.say you are safe.you are safe everything is okay.you are safe well that's a lie i guess.right.so i said oh i never thought of it that.way i guess he lied no he's a great.leader.and he was leading and he was a great.great prime minister he did a fantastic.job.not live no.we love our country we want to lead our.country and we can't let a thing like.this this is a.horrible horrible thing that happened to.the world that happened should have been.stopped in china.they stopped it from going into the rest.of china should have been stopped in.china.to defeat the china virus we launched.the largest.industrial mobilization since world war.ii.somebody said what grade would you give.yourself i said a plus.but i would give myself a d i would say.i would give myself and my whole group.because mike pence is great.mike pence really was he worked so hard.and it's unfair he worked so hard the.ventilators the vaccines.the therapeutics now we have look at.what's happening when somebody gets very.sick look how we bring them back so.often.compared to what it was originally i.mean the work that's been done and wait.to see what happens.over the next few weeks with what's.going on but the democrats don't want.the vaccine.they don't want to you know that first.they wanted a vaccine because they.didn't think it could happen.now that we have it they're going like.wow we don't wanna you know it's the.craziest thing.think of it you want to get a vaccine.and they're willing to.hurt people let people die for political.reasons think of it.i think it's a i think honestly i think.it's a disgrace.but we surged rapid testing kits we have.more testing.than any all other i mean practically.everybody.you look at number two is india they.have 1.5.billion people we are up 50 million.tests.more than india in fact we're about to.crack.100 million tests and when you test.then you have does this make sense and.you have cases so we do all this testing.and i come home and i turn on.nbc news it is so it is so.bad i think.nbc that's.not only msdnc i think nbc.with lester holt there's another beauty.hi lester.how do you feel being in second place.lester.he surged from first place to second.place.but nbc news is so i mean it's just.terrible you know.they use free airwaves and then they.give you fake news right.free airways they should pay a lot of.money for this this is not right.nbc it's owned by a company called.concas c-o-n.con cash they're khan the con men.it's a disgrace you know they spend.fortunes on public relations and then.i get up and make a speech like this.with television blazing all over the.world i guess.yep the world it's all over the world.and i say comcast and immediately.there goes their public how's your.public relations doing nbc not too good.but they're just they don't tell the.truth our country would be so much.better off if we had honest media really.really would.and you see what their approval rating.has gone to.i think it's one of my greatest.achievements.[Applause].hey look it's a saturday night we have.all night.this happened last night in minnesota.you know i have these teleprompter.people they're great they're genius.and i was about 45 minutes into the.speech and i realized i was only on line.two.and he was like what do i do.but we have more fun hey you now have a.president.that doesn't have to use a teleprompter.isn't that nice.and i said last night i said so and yeah.your friends were there the congressman.by the way is the media now and i'm.pretty sure it's getting close.i think they have a lower approval.rating than congress congratulations.no but it's hard you know when you.you're sitting there you're in.businesses you're.in construction you drive trucks you do.a lot of things you're in offices.you don't realize because you know you.don't know what's up i know exactly.a true story and then it's written to.totally bend the truth to make.a good thing into a bad thing like can.you believe it in one week they.nominated me not for one but for two.nobel prizes.[Applause].and they didn't cover the story now.obama got his the first week you know.very liberal group.and nobody knew what the hell he got it.for and he didn't know why did you get.it i don't know remember i don't know i.have no id.ah but you know you have a president you.love your president.and your president gets honored because.i'm not being honored you're being.honored.with the nobel peace prize for israel.what we did with israel.me.i went home and i said to the first lady.darling she's very popular she made a.great speech right.and ivanka made a great speech right.right.but i wanna say darling i have big news.tonight let's turn on the television.you know we don't use wind we use.actually.we actually use petroleum.we use petrol so because you know we.like it to be on like.a lot we don't like to have.lots of open gaps when the wind's not.blowing we can't watch president trump.i go home i say first lady.a great thing happened today i was.honored.nobel peace prize nominated this is a.big thing first lady.and then i went home two days later i.said first lady.you're not going to believe it i was.honored again.nobel prize that's kosovo israel.kosovo i said first lady this is great.news.let's turn on the television this is.going to be big this is gonna be big.tonight.we just got honored this is big a nobel.peace can you imagine you grow up in.brooklyn queens.and now you're getting enough first lady.let's turn on the television let's turn.on to that fake nbc news.and i see we have a storm okay first.lady don't worry about it the storm.mistake we haven't taken care of fema's.down there.florida alabama georgia we got fema down.there it's being taken care of we always.take care of it we take good care of.them.texas louisiana we took good care of.them two weeks ago.all right first lady don't worry about.it it's uh next story i'm sure it's a.nobel prize for peace.with stopping mass killings.between kosovo and serbia they've been.killing each other for so many they're.gonna.stop killing i said fellas let's get.together you know they've been doing it.for hundreds of years frankly.under different names i said that's.great and with israel.uae and bahrain signed a deal with.israel.everybody said couldn't be there.i said all right first lady that's the.first story on nbc but don't worry.that's a big story you know the floods.are big.well i got i see it and then there was a.second story about something.and then a third story about something.with me i don't know something bad they.found out.that there was a fourth and a fifth and.a six i said first lady i'm a little.embarrassed i thought we'd do a little.bit.and then they looked at the screen and.said good night.and i wasn't covered i got the nobel.priest prize.nomination a peace prize.nomination and they didn't cover it and.then the following day i watched a.certain show that does like us.and they said would you believe would.you believe.that they covered and they mentioned.like five subjects that were nothing.that was 18 minutes and the peace prize.nobel version zero time for president.trump.thank you very much fake news media we.appreciate it.and when obama got it hear the headlines.president obama gets.the nobel prize.we need an honest media.the free airwaves they lie over the free.airways they use them and they lie i.don't know we're going to have to look.at it they're a bunch of scoundrels.[Music].they hate it when i say it but you know.honestly they are the enemy of the.people when they lie.they are the enemy of the people you are.the enemy of the people.oh damn it the red lights just went off.one.two three there's one back there.there's one back there probably oh.it's oan thank you.every time i get on this subject you.know they cover me not because they want.to but we get great ratings so we get.ratings soon.we got these little deals that we have.here come on in folks come on here look.at these people.but you know what i'll tell you what.it's true they cover it because of.already.but anytime i start talking about the.fake news media.you see them getting a little tentative.the camera starts to shake a little bit.and you know there's another thing like.look at these crowds like as far as the.eye can see it's a big crowd right.they never cover it i said to my wife.tonight.last night we had this incredible crowd.a lot of people thousands and thousands.i mean like 25 30 000 many people.outside couldn't get in it was like a.sea of people.my wife said was it a large crowd.i said did you watch yes but they only.show your face.and i saw people they never show and.that includes fox which has changed a.lot.changed a lot sad it's just somebody.said what's the biggest difference.between 2016 and now you know what i.said.fox biggest difference.biggest difference i don't know what's.going on with them.but we have some great ones too and fox.we surged rapid testing kits to every.nursing home in america you know we.learned a lot.through pioneering therapies we reduced.the fatality rate.by 85 since april think of that 85.[Applause].we've come up with things that way do.you see what's coming over the next few.months in terms of.therapeutics which to me is even more.important than the vaccine.you go into the hospital you make people.better you give them a shot.you do a transfusion you make people.better they walk out that's to me.even better but uh ultimately long term.those vaccines are going to be great and.they're really working out well and it's.going to be really soon they're trying.to.the the people in certain groups are.trying to hold them up as long as.possible.as long as possible they're going to try.and get sleepy joe the credit.he doesn't even know what a vaccine is.europe is almost 30 percent higher.excess mortality than the united states.does anyone know that they don't report.that right europe europe's had a hard.time i'm not looking to hurt them.but they have 30 percent higher our bold.and early action.saved millions of lives and our decisive.economic response saved tens of millions.of jobs.including 1.3 million jobs.in a wonderful place called north.carolina.when i banned travel from china in.january.sleepy joe biden called it us hysterical.that's xenophobic what does that mean.tell me what xenophobic means sleepy.jail.[Applause].who said that i mean you're my friend.[Music].[Applause].all right what a voice have you ever.tried opera.voila voice and everybody has to i.wouldn't say it.she said he has no idea where he is but.i would never say it i won't say it.i refuse no but don't underestimate look.he's been doing this for 47 years.and i got a debate coming up with this.guy.no it's true you never know you never.know.they gave him a big fat shot in the ass.and he comes out.and for two hours he's better than ever.before you know.the problem is what happens after that.now we're gonna ask for a drug test we.are i'd like to have a drug test.both of us i'll take it he'll take.because i watched him in the debates.with uh you know with all those people.those democrats.the one who treated him worse was kamela.she was the one actually also she was.the one that treated you know that she.was the one that treated him so badly.and she treated kavanaugh very badly too.nobody was ever rude her.nobody ever suffered like justice.kavanaugh suffered.in the hands and the mouths of those.horrible people the way he was tortured.was disgrace.and they had nothing those women that.was all made up most of them have.already admitted.it was all made up lies false.accusations.and they made him suffer and the leader.of the pack i would say was.kamala was the worst and pocahontas was.a close second.how's pocahontas doing since she.destroyed bloomberg.how about bloomberg did he get killed.now he's trying to come back he's trying.to buy his way back into the.democrat party i'm gonna put up a.hundred a hundred million dollars in.florida.we're gonna go we're gonna go he wants.to be back so badly.did any man here's a guy he spent like.two billion dollars it's almost two.billion now they're finding out.he had some of the dumbest advisors.people i know some of the dumbest people.you know if he would have just kept.spending a couple of hundred million.dollars a week on ads he could have won.he could have won unfortunately he said.no i wanted debate he went and sued to.get into the debates that was not a good.lawsuit.they settled by saying we'll let you in.the debate.the first question he was destroyed.you would think that the way the.democrats treated him he would really.come to me and.say i want you but his hatred.and jealousy you know he wanted to be.president but he doesn't have the.capability of being president.but he's going down now to florida he's.going to spend a hundred million dollars.how good i have to say this i'm nev not.a fan of.elizabeth warren i gave her the name.pocahontas i thought that was he.remember i used to say about her she has.you know it yeah i would just look i.said this is not an indian.she said i'm an indian do you remember.when i said i have.more indian blood than me i have more in.me.than she has and i have none.unfortunately i'd like to have stuff.i would like to have son i think it.could help it might make me better.but i have none and i said i have.more than she does and then she went out.and she choked you remember that.and she went out and she took a test and.it found out that about 700 years ago.there was a possible event.1024th right wasn't that good memory.very good memory trump has a good memory.good moment not for that but for a lot.of.the one thousand twenty fourth when she.went you know many many many centuries.ago.there could have been a hookup somewhere.along the line.but she choked we forced her into a.choke she went down like a rock and then.she started coming up.up up up up then she totally destroyed.mike bloomberg.we call him mini mike remember mini mike.he wants that platform i want a platform.damn it.i don't mind oh boy he was pathetic.but now he's going to try and buy his.way back into the democrat party who was.the other guy the other rich guy.he uh he was he just kept spending money.what was his name.you remember that guy great.environmentalist.except he made his money with gold which.is okay i think gold is good clean call.i like clean go.if we had listened to joe biden hundreds.of thousands more americans would have.died.you know that he was way behind this was.months later.and then i watched him last night.reading something saying that.i opened i closed it up one week late.one week two months later he was talking.about the fact that i shouldn't be.doing that to china i shouldn't be.banning china because i was xenophobic.and and it's just unbelievable and now.they will say anything.it's called disinformation they will.make up a lie they will make up a story.and they go with it it makes no.difference whether or not it's true.and they'll take ads it's the worst.group of people he's surrounded by bad.people dishonest people but they're very.smart.he's not smart they keep him from.talking.it's actually you know if he wins it's.the single most brilliant campaign in.the history of the world.because they took a man who's got.nothing he's got he didn't have it.but he's got nothing and i will give.them credit.the single greatest campaign in history.if he wins but you know what if he wins.north carolina is screwed and so is.every place else and you can forget your.tobacco industry.you can forget your farmers i gave the.farmers 28 billion dollars thank you.very much presidency.28 billion because.you were targeted right you were.targeted by china.and i said how much were the farmers.iowa nebraska you.all of them you were targeted i said how.much sunny perdue i said how much.secretary.12 billion and 16 billion you were.targeted i took it out of the tariffs we.charge.we never took 10 cents in from china now.we're getting billions and billions and.billions of dollars.and i took just a small part of it 28.billion dollars.that's a lot of money but it is a small.part of what we've got.they can't believe it so who do you.think china would like to see win.sleepy joe that never gave never took.anything or trump he's judging him so.much ago.we're driving him a little crazy they.don't like trump too much but now biden.is.recklessly campaigning against his.vaccine his campaign's really reckless.and.all it is is for political reasons it's.political reasons biden.his whole deal is catastrophic.shutdown he wants you know we're getting.better we're really coming along and.he's talking about shutting down.you're not we're not doing any shutdowns.we don't need shutdowns.maybe a little area if it starts to.spike we understand we have to take care.of our senior citizens.this guy talked he said well i'll do.whatever my medical people want i want i.believe in science he doesn't know what.science is.i believe in science no we're not doing.any shutdowns we don't need we're.rounding the turn without the vaccine.we're rounding the turn.with the vaccine it'll just speed them.up.that's another one will be controversial.they'll say he's saying that it's.happening yeah without the cam.without the vaccine it's going along.with the vaccine even better it'll be.faster.biden's own chief of staff said when.they.manage the h1n1 that he calls the n1h1.right.he goes the n1h1 and that's an easy one.because h comes before.and but he always gets it wrong it's.like seven times.it's great to be with the great people.of iowa.let's say sir you're in i don't know oh.i've never made that mistake so far but.i always say if you do just leave the.stage because you can never recover you.can speak as well as i mentioned winston.churchill you know he was a great.speaker he was a stutterer.and he became one of the greatest.speakers ever you could be winston.churchill if you make that mistake just.leave the stage you can't recover.but he's made it often times right new.hampshire and it was vermont.the worst i think was i think there was.one.he was in ohio and he said he was in.florida right but he couldn't find any.palm trees we just got a poll from ohio.through the roof great state.of ohio good governor.great state of ohio but when they manage.the h1n1.swine flu this was from his top person.that ran.it quote we did every possible thing.wrong.60 million americans got h1n1.in that period of time and it was just a.total disaster.he basically said we didn't know what.the hell we were doing.and this is the guy that's gonna tell us.what to do with something that's.much more lethal much more lethal this.is much more.lethal than the swine flu if h1n1.had the same fatality rate as the china.virus.over two million people would have.already perished.they didn't know what the hell they were.doing and the guy admitted it that guy.could not be very popular in democrat.politics right now right.but just remember and he's telling us.how to do things.we're building ventilators we're the.ventilator capital of the world now.think of it.we're sending them to other countries we.have so many.and we have made a lot of governors look.very good.and they all admit it until the press.comes in front where they say oh it's.okay.but we took care of them we took care of.governors we took care of the states.on november 3rd north carolina will.decide.whether we will quickly return to record.prosperity.or whether we allow joe biden to impose.a four trillion dollar tax site.ban american energy.confiscate your guns these are all.things.shut down our economy.destroyed the suburbs you know they were.saying that.women in the suburbs they're not sure if.they like me they're starting to like me.a lot lately because it's law and order.they want law and order thank you.a suburbanite thank you.thank you no it's true i don't know but.i heard the same thing four years ago.remember.women will not vote for them then we win.the election it's like.they're all in shock well what took.place well he did very well with women.what the hell was that all about right.did very well.women were great hey we were way above.everything african-american we did great.hispanic we did great have you seen.african-american and hispanic american.numbers.if it holds true we will have set a.record for a republican which.well a lot of jobs a lot of jobs.a lot of great thinking.but he wants to give free health care to.illegal aliens now what that's going to.do is destroy our country.because two things happen number one we.can't afford it number two.everybody is going to come pouring into.our country if you do that.you know right now they're saying.wherever they are when you say we're.going to give you free education.we're going to give you free health care.we're going to take care of you.everything's going to be perfect we're.going to give you every single family.now watch they'll print this.we've checked it out and he lied about.this every single family.is going to be given a brand new silver.cloud rolls royce.now i said that and cnn went.he lied about the fact that they're not.getting a real source.remember when i said russia if you're.listening in front of this ambassador.russia if you're listening find out.where her emails or whatever.and then everybody laughed i laughed.where they actually.play it all the time when he spoke to.russia do you ever see it.and they cut it off before the end they.don't see any i said russia if you're.listening ah these people are sick.he wants to erase your borders.yeah that was supposed to be a joke.right it was a joke it was a joke.everybody was laughing but they refused.to go to an extra quarter of a second.he wants to indoctrinate your children.with poisonous.anti-american lies in education.to combat the toxic left-wing propaganda.in our schools.i am launching a new pro-american lesson.plan for students called.1776 commission.it's already done.it's true your kids come home and they.tell you things.how many of you the kids come home they.tell you things it's a disgrace.what they're teaching them is a disgrace.we're ending it in fact we're taking.we're taking school funds away from.these these crazy schools that are.teaching.horrible things bad things actually.we will teach our children the truth.about america that we are the most.exceptional nation.on the face of the earth and we are.getting better every single day.[Applause].and no party can lead america that will.not teach our children.to love america no party can do that.the sleepy campaign has joined forces.with those trying to tear down america.and our way of life.we have a great way of life and getting.better all the time look at what we've.done.biden's running mate urged supporters to.help.bail rioters out of jail including one.who attempted murder.that's right one who attempted to murder.a police officer.and a man accused of sexually assaulting.an eight-year-old girl.13 members of biden's staff donated to.the same fund.look that's where they're coming from.just you know he's trying to go a little.bit more right.like the fracking oh of course we're.gonna have for six months he's saying.there'll be no fracking.which i don't think the people in.pennsylvania are thrilled with you're.considering that.your taxes could quadruple i tell it all.the time texas right texas.they like oil they like guns right in.texas right.and they like god so he comes out with a.platform.no oil we don't want oil this is during.the.democrat deal there'll be no oil.there'll be no god there'll be no guns.this is not a good campaign.and then the fake news says donald trump.is tied in texas i'm tired.last time i was tired in texas until the.day of the vote.then they announced the second they.called the polls in texas have closed.donald trump has won the state of texas.think of it thank you he's against oil.he's against guns they're going to.confiscate your gun second amendment's.going to be destroyed i am holding up.your second amendment.if it's not me look what i've done you.think it's been easy.they want to get rid of the second.amendment they're going to get rid of.the guns right.and religion so look what they're doing.to religion.these states everything's closed except.you're allowed to protest that's why i.say everything we do is a protest.look at all those people back there look.at that look at they just formed.wow turn the cameras around please.they never do it turn the cameras around.please.wow thank you that's a lot of people.we're proud of you that's a lot of.people you ever notice they never do it.though they.i say turn the camera you know for right.from the beginning they never did they.don't want to give us.credit for these big crowds because you.know what when you see.crowds like this or in wisconsin that i.had a few nights ago or last night was.so incredible what we had last night was.just.incredible minnesota we're going to win.it 1972 we're going to win it.1972 it has it that's a long time ago.remember i think reagan won every state.except for minnesota we're going to win.minnesota what we've done for them we've.opened up their livelihood again.maine how about maine i opened up.5 000 square miles of ocean.obama closed it they said why he had no.idea.right off there sure.no fishing no no they called it a.monument right right off the shore.maine i mean if i don't win maine you.know maine traditionally is not.really very pop republican but i won.main two last time actually.those i love maine too i love maine too.but think of what i did i opened the.waters up for fishermen.and for lobster men and women.now they go lobster fishing and fishing.but.five thousand i said why did they close.it nobody was able to tell me but i.opened it up.executive order i totally opened it up i.did many other things then i got the.tariffs they couldn't do business.in european union they couldn't do.business in china.because they were charging tariffs to.maine.so canada would take our fish and.lobster.we'd sell it to canada for nothing and.they'd sell it to china and europe.because they didn't have to pay tariffs.so not only did i get the five thousand.think of what.000 square miles so you take one mile.square mile.multiplied times 5 000. that's a big.area even.in an ocean right it's massive and it.was the best area.the best i got rid of the tariffs i told.them if you tariff.our main lobster people and fishermen.and women.if you want to tariff them that's okay.but we're going to tariff your cars.okay which is a much bigger deal it was.amazing how quickly those tariffs were.taken off.i did that all from maine i did that.like in two weeks okay.it took me two weeks once i found out.about it.it's hard to believe it ever happened so.i did that for maine.and somebody said i'm down in maine how.the hell can i be down in maine after.what i did.i'll tell you what if i do that for.maine.and if maine doesn't vote for trump i.don't think i'm going back okay.i can tell you one thing the senator.never did it for them.joe biden and the democrats want to gut.police departments nationwide you know.that right.here in north carolina nearly 50.democrats state house members.and candidates have signed a pledge to.slash police funding.endangering your families.i was recently honored to be endorsed by.54.sheriffs throughout this state and we're.joined by many of them tonight where are.they.thank you sheriff thank you.thank you thank you folks thank you.[Applause].thank you.[Applause].we got to take care of our law.enforcement.we got to take care nobody can do the.job like them we have to let them do.their job we've got to stop this.nonsense this.this child's play we've got to stop.they're great you know i was endorsed by.think of this new york's finest it's.very tough you know de blasio is your.man he doesn't have a clue what's.happening either.i think sleepy joe's worse you want to.know the truth but.you know because this other guy is just.an ideology that's just terrible.but de blasio's here new york's finest.first time they've ever endorsed.a presidential candidate they endorsed.me three weeks ago that takes courage.you know think of it chicago.the police in chicago they could do that.job we don't even have to bring in the.national guard whenever we do it takes.about 30 minutes it's over right.like we did in minneapolis 30 minutes.remember that beautiful scene they lined.up they went down there was no social.distancing in between.these great tough guys there was no.social.distancing tom tell us they went down.and.they had but they had like 250 000.outfits they had more crap on their.helmet with.night goggles and these guys were sort.of you know wise guys right shouting at.him screaming at him.they were screaming at the wrong people.they went down they never had to stop it.was just forward.it all ended it all ended in minneapolis.it took.you all sort what a half an hour.remember they hit the uh cnn.reporter in the knee he went down ali.velchi he said.this is a friendly protest it's.wonderful to see such a.behind him it was all fire for black.it looked like berlin during the war.this is a friendly what are they doing.how does that help to be.like that how does that help we're.joined tonight by some really great.friends of mine and some warriors that.have been a fantastic help to me.one man who especially over the last.year he has been so great couldn't be.better.uh and i think he's doing very well i'm.looking at some numbers and you're doing.very well and i think your.opponent has some very big problems.senator tom.tellers thank you tom.thank you.he's been great smart guy and he's got a.couple of bills that he's putting in.one in particular i love it you got to.do it that if a sanctuary city causes.problems you can sue the sanctuary city.you can sue.will you get we got to get that one.moving right that's moving along right.that's a great one a man who i just did.a phone call for the other night and.uh the people love him he's in a rough.district but he's now leading i see.you're up in the polls.congressman richard hudson great guy.where's richard.guy he's a warrior.and two people i really like because we.fought like hell for them.like a year ago right and they had guts.and they had uh.what it takes they didn't choke you know.a lot of people choke.they choke they gag they can't breathe.oh.greg murphy and dan bishop they didn't.choke they're fantastic.they are fantastic people thank you look.they're they're friends.we're friends those two guys were.incredible thank you very much great job.really great job.and a man that should be your governor i.don't know he's doing well but.lieutenant governor dan forest everybody.thank you very much great job handsome.guy handsome.looks like cary grant.i hear you're doing really well look i.mean this guy's got the state totally.closed down it's ridiculous.it's when are they going to open what.are they going to open.dan i guarantee if dan this would have.been opened up a long time ago.and you would have done even better i.mean you would have done better.and north carolina republican party.chair.michael watley michael.thank you great job michael.how are we doing michael how's it going.are we up.i mean if i lose north carolina i'm.getting out of here this is not look.look at that this is not.just so you know the crowd of a man.that's coming in second.i say it all the time i said it when i.left.michigan 2016 the night of the election.we had 32.000 people hillary was there just before.me in a prime location.she had about 400 people and we had 30 i.got there 12 in the evening i saw her.speaking at one in the morning it's now.election day and i left.32 000 people we had 32 000 people.so it's now election day i start.speaking.i started speaking think of it one.o'clock in the morning we had 30 you.never saw anything like it i left i said.that doesn't look like we're going to.lose michigan and guess what we didn't.we won michigan first time in decades.and you know what we've done many many.car plants are now.opening up a great gentleman who's just.retiring.prime minister abi of japan i said.shinzo.please do me a favor we need more car.companies.you're selling cars into our country.please we want to build here not in.japan.please he said but uh we cannot do that.this is a free enterprise system i said.i know shinzo please i need some.car companies please do it i can't do it.i said shinzo you have to do it.next day it was a story five car.companies to open up in michigan right.so much for free enterprise but he's a.great guy he's a friend of mine.he's great he's great they're lucky he's.a friend of mine i would have been much.tougher it's hard you know what a guy's.a friend is hard but they did a lot.they did a lot they're helping a lot and.what they've done here by the way japan.and what they've done in michigan.ohio what they've done and by the way.we all love south carolina right right i.think you love it.[Applause].now south carolina we're winning here.but south carolina i hate to say this to.you i don't want to make you upset.we're winning by about 400 points you.know.i spoke to a great person in south.carolina i said sir you don't have to.come here this thing's up by a lot.what the hell is the difference right.what's i mean we are up and we're up.good.but uh i'd love you to tie south.carolina what do we have to do.what do we have today but a lot of.activity in south carolina also they're.doing great.you had the best year you've ever had.they've had the best year they ever had.and you're going to go to a better year.we are going to have a better year we're.also.deeply honored to be joined by a.military spouse.amy williams who was reunited with her.husband.sergeant first class towns and william.at my state of the union address.everybody remembers that.everybody remembers look at that hi amy.hi amy what a great person.we had a great state of the union right.he was there good you're looking well.thank you very much.say hello to the whole family thank you.thanks to the incredible sacrifices of.our warriors and they are warriors.we're pursuing peace in afghanistan is.very close we're down to.we will soon be down to 4 000 soldiers.we're taking them out.they're serving as policemen they're.serving as policemen they've done a.great job we could win.we can win everything but i'm not.looking.to kill three million people to win.what to win what should have never been.in the middle east we're bringing him.back.we're bringing him back just so you know.we're bringing him back from iraq.we're down to 2 000 soldiers in iraq.and in syria we're all back we're all.finished except for one thing.but it's okay with you i decided to keep.the oil we took the oil we kept it.and we'll always support america's.incredible military families so thank.you very much thank you darling.really good thank you.in everything we do we're putting.america first unlike other.administrations and not just obama and.biden.this has gone on for many years we put.america first.and that's what we're doing and you know.what other countries for the first time.in decades respect us again remember.that they respect us again.you know all about nato 28 countries.we had six countries that were current.and the.the amount of current is too low okay.six countries.i went and i said you got to pay sorry.you delinquent.they said really yeah i said you.delinquent you got to pay obama would go.and make a speech i'd leave that would.be it.we were paying for it we're protecting.europe and they're screwing us on trade.so we protect them and this goes on.trade no good.no good can't do it i said it's unfair.and the.secretary general stoltenberg of nato.said i've never seen and you know the.fake news can call him up and check.he said he's the greatest that we've.ever seen for 20 years.we if the spending at nato went like.this right.and the america if we pick it up you.know every time it goes down they didn't.pay.i said you know we're supposed to.protect you you're going to be attacked.by russia somebody we're supposed to.protect you.and yet you delinquent you don't pay.your bills and that includes germany.they're paying one percent they're.supposed to pay two and two percent is.way too low.two percent military spending so.we got listen to this it never gets.reported by these fakers.we got 130.million dollars more more not.total more going to over three years.400 billion dollars so we're going from.130 billion with a b not million.to 400 billion dollars and they said to.me.they said to me a very nice guy head of.one of the countries at a table i can't.believe it never got released but now we.can talk about it.because it's uh three years ago but they.said sir.and this was a big private meeting of.all of the nations.does that mean if we don't pay because i.said you got to pay your bills we're.protecting you you're not paying your.bills.some did like poland and some others.but most didn't we had six to eight were.current and we were paying much more.than we should have been paying much.more.i mean it's europe we've got to defend.ourselves.and there was no guarantee that they'd.help us if we ever had a problem right.we're never going to have a problem we.got so much stuff now we're never going.to have we were depleted now we have.great.but they said to me they said to me does.this mean.and i had to give him this answer i.can't believe it didn't get leaked by.some sleazebag.we have leakers all over this place but.a lot of it isn't lynch you know a lot.of it's just made up by the newspapers.they make up phony stories they say.donald trump woke up today he was in a.very bad mood.according to sources there is no source.they just made it up hey i woke up.and i was in a bad mood it's true i've.actually had a.i've been in a good mood because we're.doing so much for our country for so.we've done so much for our country.but at the nato meeting one of the.presidents of one of the good countries.good all good.they said sir does this mean that if we.don't pay.does this mean that you're going to.leave and you're not going to protect us.i said yes that's what it means i'm.sorry.it was an amazing effect because other.presidents said.no we will always protect you we will.always protect you.even if you don't pay even if our.taxpayers paying for everything.even though you take advantage of us on.trade.you don't let our cars in you don't let.our stuff in but you sell us like crazy.even though you tariff our products even.though you do everything.and then you take advantage of us with.the military.they said we will always protect you so.they didn't pay why the hell would they.pay.they said boy these guys are stupid so.they asked me the question does this.mean sir.that you will not protect us anymore if.we don't pay i said.i'm sorry to say it does that's a big.story.you know three years ago that's a big.thing it was amazing how the money came.in.so we took in 130 billion a year.going over a three-year period to 400.just because i asked right.just because i am.they don't they don't report that so.that we got lightweights that i fired.and they write books about me that i'm a.bad guy oh he's a terrible guy he treats.our.allies so badly no our allies treat us.badly.our allies in many ways treat us worse.than our enemies i must be honest with.you.they take advantage of us everyone takes.advantage of your country.and we don't we don't put up with it and.you know what the funny thing we get.along better now because they respect us.again.before they thought we were stupid they.respect us okay.[Applause].i mean look at israel look what we did i.saw kerry the other day is this guy the.worst negotiator.gave around 150 billion plus 1.8 billion.in cash.he never walked you know sometimes in a.negotiation.when you've given everything and you.can't give any more.and then they want more you get up and.walk.remember the bicycle accident that was.the only time he had to ride his bicycle.in a race.73 years old i promised i said i will.never.ever i promise to you ride a bicycle in.a race or any other time frankly.i will never ride a bicycle during a.negotiation.and he broke his leg in his arm and he.was all screwed up and.that was actually a good thing because.it delayed the signing of that horrible.deal which.i terminated now we had some terrible.negotiators and they all said i saw him.the other day.this was him like a year ago mark my.words.you will never ever sign deals with.arab countries with israel it can't be.done well we just signed the two.great ones we've got about seven more.that want to come then.what a bunch what a bunch.and then they say bad things about your.president they don't like my foreign.policy i like my foreign policy you like.it.no we were taken advantage of by the.whole world is so stupid.so stupid we've spent the last four.years.reversing the damage that biden and his.crew.inflicted on us over a 47 year period.joe biden is weak he's supported and he.supported every globalist sell.out of north carolina the workers.what he's done and when i say him it's.him and people.in his little group that you've achieved.so much over a period of time he sold it.out.look at nafta how bad was nafta china's.entry into the.world trade organization tpp would have.destroyed our car.industry and of course he.joined and wanted to join the paris.climate accord that's another beauty.that would have cost you trillions and.trillions of dollars.that was actually i think designed to.put us out of business.you know literally binds repeatedly.surrendered your jobs to china.and other countries this state lost 43.of all manufacturing jobs after the.nafta.and china disasters you know that you.lost 43 percent.but i think the real number is 61 by the.way.biden says that this is an election.between.scranton and park avenue by the way he.left grant you know he likes to say.i was born in pennsylvania but he.doesn't say he left his father left.not his fault but they make it like he's.they know he went to delaware he doesn't.leave delaware that i can tell you.every time i see this guy wilmington.delaware i said.does he ever leave i'm in los angeles.i'm trying to work on the fires they.ought to.do some forest management a little bit.maybe.ridiculous the floors of the forest it's.got.20 years of leaves and trees that are.dry as a bone.matchsticks forest management actually.this is an election not between.scranton and wherever it is it's really.between scranton and china you know that.scranton and china.i'm with america biden is with china if.biden wins china wins if we win.america wins north carolina wins.pennsylvania.and the american workers win in every.single state.to save our auto industry i re i was.drilled.from this horrible tolerable deal.trans-pacific partnership.earlier this year i kept my promise to.north carolina.when i ended the nafta nightmare you got.hit so hard all those empty buildings.all over the place but a lot of them now.filled up because of us.they filled up when did they fill up.over the last three and a half years.i proudly signed the brand new u.s.mexico canada agreement into law.which will bring hundreds of thousands.of high-paying jobs back to the united.states.and it's already done.we invested 2.5 trillion dollars in the.u.s military.defense spending in north carolina has.soared by more than one billion dollars.a year congratulations good job.we launched the first new branch.of the u.s armed forces this by itself.would be a big achievement this is one.of so many different things right to try.the military the vets everything we've.done so much but.we 75 years right last one was the air.force.the army the navy the air force the.marines the coast guard they're so good.we have another one now after 75 years.space force.i never even promised that right one of.them said.recently that he's actually done more.than he promised in the campaign that.means i'm probably the only politician.in history.they will tell you these incredible.women up here from north carolina.they are stand up will you please these.are like the most incredible.people thank you stand up turn around.for the cameras so they can see how.incredible you are.thank you man oh man.what a life but we took care of the va.with.veterans choice you saw that what obama.passed was nothing it was nothing it.wasn't working the mission act.that's amazing and accountability where.we can fire people in the va.that aren't taking great care of our.vets.fired get out you're fired out.we killed the founder and leader of isis.al baghdadi.we took out the world's number one.terrorist and the mass murderer.of american troops and many others kasim.solomoni he's dead dead.i withdrew from last administration's.disastrous.iran nuclear deal i kept my promise.recognized the true capital of israel.and opened.the american embassy in jerusalem.and we got it built i was signing.a sheet of paper you've heard this story.1.1 billion dollars.i said what's this for they said sir.we're going to.with now that you've moved we're going.to build an embassy in.israel in jerusalem i say how much is it.1.1 billion.he got some friends of mine here they're.builders you don't spend 1.1 billion on.a one-story bill i don't know what's.going.on so i said so.does it have to cost so much yes sir.we're buying land.so i call david friedman he's our.ambassador he's one of the most.successful lawyers in new york he's a.brilliant guy he loves israel right.loves israel.i call him he's the ambassador he's.there i said david they want to spend.1.1 billion on a.damn one-story embassy it's crazy.i said would you take a look maybe we.own some land you know we own a lot of.land we've been there a long time.calls me back he said let me take a look.at it so he calls me back to the next.thing.sir we have a great piece of land a much.better location that we were going to.weigh over pay for.a much bigger piece we have a setback.building.that we can renovate and make it great.i said that's fantastic david how much.will it cost to renovate the building.i think we can do it for 190 000..phil so i said david it's the first time.i've ever done this.i said david it's too cheap you got to.spend more than that.so a friend of mine ron barron he's got.an office building.and he's got jerusalem stone on the.facing the elevators in this high-rise.building.jerusalem stoned and every time i go and.he goes oh you got to see jerusalem.still.this is he paid a fortune for it he's so.proud of it he doesn't talk about.anything but his jerusalem stuff.i said david do me a favor you're in.jerusalem right yes.do they have jerusalem stone they got so.much we don't know what to do with it.i said use all jerusalem stone when.you're rebuilding the.building when you do your renovation.everything rapid in jerusalem stuff.so i think we ended up spending to fix.up the building like five hundred.thousand dollars can you believe.we're going to spend 1.1 billion and by.the way it would never get built.it would never get better it wouldn't be.built in 20 years from that.and they like it so much they gave up.the plan they think this is better it's.a better location it's probably a better.building.the biden agenda but these i could tell.you stories like that.all night long the aircraft carriers.that.cost 10 times more than they should cost.and then they use you know the electric.catapults you've heard that right.they don't want to use steam why because.it's too simple.because it works because it's better so.they go to electric catapults that.they're working on for years now.elevators that are operated by magnets.instead of hydraulic magnets it sounds.good.trust me it doesn't work one little.glass of water we're in the ocean.one little glass of water boom those.magnets are gone i could have told them.that.i actually asked the architect have you.ever built a ship before.it's unbelievable you heard the story.last night.about air force one you saved a lot of.money i said the boeing no it's got to.have a three in front of it they were.going to buy.air force one 5.7 billion 5.7 billion.it's a lot of money but it's it's like.it's a hell of a deal.it's a hell of a plane what can i tell.you i said how much is the new plan it.was signed by obama.5.7 billion sir i said that's a lot of.money.it's actually two players you know air.force one is two planes i'll give you a.little they're going to say that's.classified information well they've been.flying around with two planes for 30.years.so i assume somebody though and our air.force one is 31 years old right so you.know look it's time.a lot of the arab sheep sheik's come in.i see they're playing they have a brand.new one i say what do we have 31 years.and we're protecting them why the hell.don't we have a new one.so i said so they finally had it 31.years old the new one's totally.different 7.47 it's much longer bigger wingspan much.more beautiful you know it's modern it's.beautiful.5.7 so i said to the head of boeing nice.guy dennis.this was before they had their.difficulty which is terrible what.happened to him but.i said to him dennis i'm not going to.spend 5.7.billion on a plane i'm not going to do.it i won't do it.it's too much i said last night i told.this.first time i said it's got to have a 3.on it.he said we can't do it no he called me.up the following day we'll take 200.million off.i said somebody said well what are you.losing i said nothing in fact we're.gaining a generator i said you got to.build an extra generator.he said we'll take 200 million off he.said nope i said to the general in.charge.i said general can we break the deal yes.sir we can.we have a cancellations what's good.general execute your cancellation loads.we're not going to buy it.i'm not going to pay 5.7 billion dollars.for air force one.i'm not doing it he said yes sir i'm.very proud of this clause why.why because we have the right to cancel.well do we have to pay anything.yes sir 250 million dollars i said.general.don't cancel it don't get it take it.back i don't.just tell them we don't like the plane.okay.and i couldn't even say i'm gonna buy it.from europe you know my only the only.competitor is europe.i can't say we'll buy it from europe no.that doesn't work out too well.so i said don't do it i don't want to.send them a check 250 million for.nothing right we don't want to do it.so i said just tell them we don't like.it the price is too high we're not going.to buy but don't send anything.don't put it in writing don't please.general.yes sir thank you so about a week later.the head of boeing called me up he said.look we can get it down but you're.asking for too much i said you don't.understand.it has to have a three on it not a four.but a three.so another month goes by i forgot about.it i get a call from boeing.would 3.9 billion be okay i said yes.that's okay.true true story.true story and then somebody said it's.true that somebody said well it must be.a different.fine yeah i said yeah we have a much.nicer paint job.we have a much nicer paint job you know.that and uh.it actually got an extra generator put.on okay so it's actually.more which they said well we could use.an extra generator i said.sir anything else you need i said sir we.could use the next regenerates and we'll.get it for you we'll get it.so i had it included in the price you.know these people know exactly what i'm.talking about.it's called included in the price but.think of it there's hundreds of deals.like that.but you're one person and that's why i.got mark meadows involved.because he's from north carolina he's.from north carolina and he's.cheap as hell i need some cheap people.now there's so many hundreds and.hundreds of stores i could tell you so.much it's crazy.the biden agenda would collapse our.economy and destroy your country.it would destroy your social security.and protections for.pre-existing conditions they will he's.going to drain your medicare by giving.away your health care to.illegal immigrants and i will tell you.this you're going to have socialized.medicine that's assures you there.and obama lied 28 times when he said you.could keep your doctor he could.keep your plan it was a lie said it 28.times that we have.but it was a lie but now you're really.losing your doctor you're gonna have.socialized medicine eliminate private.health care insurance for 180 million.americans.who love their health care they have the.best in the world.his running mate sponsored the socialist.takeover.of health care you saw that he wants to.ban private insurance you lose 180.million people going to lose their.health care under this biden character.and he has no clue they're going to take.it away from him they're going to be.running him ragged.sign this sign us okay.what is it doesn't matter just sign it.president right now.i'm getting tired i'd like to rest i'd.like to let kamala take over as.precedent.that's no way to that's no way to.get into the office because we're going.to have a woman president someday but.you know what.it can't be kamala kamala.nobody treated him worse that he picked.her i i'll tell you how his.brilliant forecast he could never pick.her she called him.a racist right she.talked about me tooing him he was going.to be me too.right me tood a lot of bad things there.was nobody even.even think of it even pocahontas treated.him better she knocked the hell out of.bloomberg but she left him sort of alone.i think she felt sorry for him i heard.she felt sorrowful i don't want people.to feel sorry for our president.i want other people really to feel sorry.for themselves.because we have somebody that knows what.they're doing we can't have this.you know we can joke we can play games.we can have fun.you can't have this guy as your.president you can't have.maybe i'll sign an executive order you.cannot have him as your president.no but you know this everybody knows.this.and you know what people are going to.vote for him because they feel sorry for.him i feel sorry for him too.i feel sorry for him and maybe he'll.show up for an hour and a half at a.debate who the hell knows i don't know.but you know you see the condition he's.in you can't have him as your president.and you know what you can't have her as.your vice president.potentially going to be president and.that's why they're pushing so hard.because they know he's going to be out.very soon and she's going to take over.and she is the the furthest left person.of anybody she is rated rated not by me.she is rated further left than even.bernie sanders okay.he's second she's first and just in.concluding.over the next four years we will make.america.into the manufacturing superpower of the.world.and we will end our reliance on china.and other countries once and for all we.will make our medical supplies right.here in the united states.and right here in the great state of.north carolina by the way get out and.vote please okay.we will hire more police thank you.sheriffs thank you chefs i love this.shirt.you know we got the endorsement from all.the sheriffs in florida.everybody up in ohio and texas and every.we have.the the stuff nobody's ever seen.anything like it the endorsements from.law enforcement.we're going to increase penalties for.assaults and law enforcement.we will ban deadly sanctuary cities.we will defeat we will defeat.everybody that we have to including the.virus but we will defend.the dignity of work and we will defend.the sanctity.the sanctity of life we will uphold.religious liberty.free speech and the right to keep and.bear arms.we will strike down terrorists who.threaten our citizens and we will keep.every.you know this right it's okay right we.will keep.america out of these ridiculous foreign.wars.we will maintain america's unrivaled.military.and we will ensure peace through.strength it's about time we will.end surprise medical bill require.price transparency and further reduce.health insurance premiums and the cost.of prescription drugs which we're doing.an unbelievable.job on other than the fact that the drug.companies are spending a fortune because.they don't like me much.you will see drug prices prescription.drugs dropping 50 60.70 in a very short period of time.favorite nations clauses we will.strongly protect medicare and social.security.and we will always protect patients with.pre-existing conditions.america will land the first woman on the.moon and the united states will be the.first nation.to land an astronaut on mars.on mars we have you have to see what.we've done with nasa.it'll be the first one on mars i hope we.will stop.the radical indoctrination of our.students.and restore patriot education.to our schools patriotic education.we will teach our children to love our.country honor our history.and always respect our great american.flag.and we will live by the timeless words.of our national.motto and we will never change it by the.way we will never.change it you know they took the word.god out of.the pledge of allegiance twice.i said did they make a mistake did they.make a mistake.they didn't for them they made a mistake.for us we're not going to put up with it.but we will keep in god we trust.for years you had a president who.apologized for america now you have a.president.who is standing up for america and.standing up.for the great people of north carolina.this is the most important election.we've ever had remember it.we're going to be a socialist country.we're going to be a communist country.these people are further.they're much further left than socialism.these people are sick.so get your friends get your family get.your neighbors get your co-workers.and get out and vote.[Applause].[Music].and watch to make sure they're not.cheating which they will be.early voting has already begun don't.wait get out and vote we got to win this.if we win this state we're going to win.the whole thing this is a very important.state.if we win north carolina we're going to.win the whole thing.because we're doing well everywhere from.wilmington to charlotte from concord to.raleigh.and from greensboro to right here in.fayetteville.we inherit the legacy of generations of.north carolina patriots.who gave their blood sweat and tears for.this beloved nation.we stand on the shoulders of american.heroes.who crossed the oceans blazed the trail.settles.the continent tamed the wilderness dug.out the panama canal.laid down the railroads raised up the.skyscrapers.won two world wars defeated fascism and.communism.and made america the single greatest.nation.in the history of the world and you.haven't seen anything yet.[Applause].[Music].proud citizens like you helped build.this country.and together we are taking back our.country.we are returning power to you the.american people.with your help with your devotion and.your drive.we are going to keep on working we are.going to keep on fighting.and we are going to keep on winning.winning winning you hear that john.we are one movement one people.one family and one glorious nation under.god.and together with the incredible people.of north carolina we will make america.wealthy again.we will make america strong again.we will make america proud again.we will make america safe again.and we will make america.great again thank you very much get out.and vote.vote vote.

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  6. You can also fax it.
  7. Once you are done, save it. You can also fax it with other people.

CocoSign makes electronic signatures on your Nc Form 33 more adaptable by providing multiple ways of merging two documents, adding additional fields, invitation to sign by others, etc.

Due to our convenient features, CocoSign's eSignature tool can help users to eSign your PDF file well on all the electronic devices like mobile android or iOS, laptop, computer, or any other relevant operating system.

How to create an electronic signature for the Nc Form 33 in Chrome

Chrome has been more and more popular as a convenient browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to choose the form that fulfill your need without searching for it in a long time.

Using this useful extension feature offered by Chrome, you can add CocoSign extension to your browser and use it whenever you need to write eSignatures in your documents. With CocoSign extension, you will also get other features like merge PDFs, add multiple eSignatures, share your document, etc.

Here are the basic key elements you need to follow:

  1. Note the CocoSign extension on Chrome Webstore and choose the option 'Add'.
  2. Log in to your account if registered before, otherwise choose signup and register with us.
  3. On your Nc Form 33 , right-click on it and go to open with option. From there, choose CocoSign reader to open the document.
  4. Choose 'My Signature' and write your own signatures.
  5. Place it on the page where you require it.
  6. Choose 'Done'.
  7. Once you are done, save it. You can also fax it with other people.

How to create an electronic signature for the Nc Form 33 in Gmail?

Mailing documents is so useful that majority of businesses have gone paperless. Therefore, it will be a great selection if one can esign form online from Gmail in a straight line. You can do it by adding a CocoSign extension on your Chrome. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Add the CocoSign extension to your browser from the Chrome Webstore.
  2. Log in to your pre-registered account or quickly 'Sign up'.
  3. Open the email with the document you need to sign.
  4. From the sidebar, choose 'Sign'.
  5. Draw your electronic signatures.
  6. Generate them in the document where you need to.
  7. Choose 'Done'.

The signed file is in the draft folder. You can easily share it to your required mailing address.

Working with electronic signatures in Gmail is such a quick and cheap tool. It is specifically designed for people who work from anywhere. By CocoSign, and you will surely be among our hundreds of happy users.

How to create an e-signature for the Nc Form 33 straight from your smartphone?

mobiles are the most useful electronic devices used nowadays. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

What's more, with eSignature capability on your mobile phone, you can e-sign your document anytime, anywhere, away from your laptop or desktop. You can work with CocoSign electronic signature on your mobile phones by following these key elements:

  1. Direct to the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
  2. Click the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and choose the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Choose 'My Signatures'.
  5. Write your electronic signature and insert it to the page.
  6. Choose 'Done'.
  7. Print the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your Nc Form 33 on your mobile phones within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature tool, you no longer need to worry about the usage of your electronic signatures and use our app of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the Nc Form 33 on iOS?

Many apps have a more complex setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can esign form online safely with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below instructions will help you to e-sign your Nc Form 33 from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Add the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. Write your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, click the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and choose the space you want to place your signatures.
  6. Write your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and send your Nc Form 33 .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy effectively working on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the Nc Form 33 on Android?

These days, Android gadgets are commonly used. Therefore, to assist its customers, CocoSign has developed the app for Android users. You can use the following intstructions to e-sign your Nc Form 33 from Android:

  1. Add the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Choose on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to place your electronic signatures.
  4. Select the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Generate your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and choose '✓'.
  7. Save changes and send the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Nc Form 33 with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign helps you to write lots of electronic signatures at anytime. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

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