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welcome to Oklahoma gardening on today's.episode host Casey hinch's looks at a.couple of drought tolerant plants with.multi-season beauty we visit with the.Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Jim.Reese about a unique gardening at the.Department of Agriculture Food and.forestry building while their market.coordinator Micah Anderson shows how.they use some novel tools and techniques.in their garden extension turfgrass.specialist Dennis Martin has tips for.identification and control of crabgrass.an assistant extension specialist Shelly.Mitchell has a great garden activity for.children.Oklahoma gardening is a production of.the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension.Service as part of the land-grant.mission of the division of agricultural.sciences and natural resources at.oklahoma state university dedicated to.improving the quality of life of the.citizens of Oklahoma through.research-based information underwriting.assistance is provided by TLC Oklahoma's.leading garden center southwood.landscape and nursery pulses source for.great gardens and the Oklahoma.Department of Agriculture Food and.forestry helping to keep Oklahoma green.and growing.there are about 20 species of the genus.am Sonia and I want to introduce you to.a couple of them this is am Sonia who.Breck di it gets about three feet tall.and about three feet wide maybe a little.taller and this one is well known for.its foliage it's got a very fine foliage.to it its common name is needle leaf am.Sonia or blue star the other common name.Blue Star comes from these light blue.star-shaped flowers that it has it's a.great drought tolerant plant very.upright perennial it will tend to flop a.little bit later in the season so after.it blooms we're going to cut it back.about six inches now in the fall it'll.have this beautiful golden tone to the.foliage and it's a great plan to add to.your garden here we have another ansonia.this is a cultivar called blue ice while.the parentage isn't exactly known and.it's very similar and was actually.discovered next to am Sonia tab earn a.montana it has a very similar look you.can see that the foliage isn't quite as.fine as the other am Sonia it's got a.little bit more of a lanceolate leaf to.it it does have the same star blue.shaped flower this one is actually a.little bit darker though so that's the.nice thing about this cultivar blue ice.it also stays or tur only growing about.a foot to a foot and a half tall which.makes it really nice for a border plant.again both of these am Sonia's are very.drought tolerant they do well in rock.gardens and this one because it's.compact it won't flop on you as much as.the other and Sonia these are both great.plants and I'd highly recommend them for.your garden.today we're here at the Department of Ag.and I'm with secretary wreath you are.the Secretary of Agriculture here for.the state of Oklahoma and I appreciate.you joining me and we're in the.Department of Ag trial gardens here can.you tell me a little bit about this.garden and how it got established well.in 2011 it's the you know the cost of.maintaining the grounds and we had some.decorations and some different plants.and things out here but nothing really.productive it was all just landscaping.and for the eye and we said no we'll go.ahead and take it over we'll take care.of it for you and will grow some.demonstration gardens grow some crops.that we grow in Oklahoma and grow some.gardening items and it's just been.outstanding it's been fun it's been.educational we have frequently have.international groups come visit our.building and an hour on what we do here.mm-hmm and we get to show them all the.crops we grow plus go to the whole state.of Oklahoma well pretty much I mean.during the summer you can't show them.winter wheat or canola okay for the most.part we show them the Milo in the corn.and the soy beans and and things that we.don't grow a lot of but we can show them.what a plant is right and for those that.come from other countries they just like.seeing that yeah they don't have to.travel the entire state to see go down.to LA south west or north central to see.cotton you can see cotton here right and.so it's it's very educational.educational for people who even here in.the building who haven't seen all the.crops that we grow no.right it's a fascinating garden and I.think it really highlights the intensity.of how much food you can grow in a small.garden you guys have a lot of crops.growing here behind you and you're about.to add one more cumin we're going to try.cumin this year we have a spice company.out of Chicago that came and visited.with us and said you know we'd like to.know if we can grow cumin and a large.scale in in Oklahoma uh-huh and so we.said sure we try it nurse we have some.farmers that will try it but if you give.us some seeds will put it in this garden.and so we're going to try some growing.some cumin and you know who knows it.might be a future cash crop Michelle.spices certainly probably be a higher.value crop than done a lot of the.commodities that we grow so we're all.for it right i mean this garden is very.diverse and i appreciate you sharing it.with us and taking the time Thank You.secretary wreath thank you.it's early May in Oklahoma and many.people's thoughts turned to caring for.their lawn whether you've got a cool.season grass like tall fescue or a warm.season grass like Bermuda grass.crabgrass can be a frequent problem in.both of these types of lawns here we'd.like to show you some crab grass that's.germinated and will soon become a.problem for us one thing that I'd like.to emphasize and early May is that if.one serious about getting crabgrass post.emergent control that is control the.plant after its emerged now is really.the time to act unfortunately in many.years folks will call the extension.service members in the middle of summer.and the plant is already several feet.across and there's very little that can.be done at that time so if one is.wanting to take action against this.voracious summer annual weed now it's.the time to do it here we see crabgrass.at just the first tiller stage there's a.daughter tiller coming off the main.plant but as we look at this area of.thin turf we can also see crabgrass at.just the two leaf stage or even at the.one leaf stage so the point being that.crabgrass continues to germinate.throughout the warm period of the summer.frequently you'll hear people saying oh.it's too late to put down a pre-emergent.herbicide throughout most of Oklahoma's.growing season nothing could be further.from the truth because once the crab.grass is germinated at least the first.part of the population it grows and.covers over an area so if you want to.control the existing plants you use a.post emergent crabgrass killer however.once the crabgrass that it germinated is.killed out there still more seed in the.soil so we do need that pre-emergent.herbicide in place thus if you've missed.the optimum timing for the first.application of what we call the split.program you can still get some measure.of success for later germinating.crabgrass so in early may consider doing.a post emergent crabgrass application to.kill out the existing plants that have.emerged and then also do a pre-emergent.application to guard against additional.crabgrass arising from seed now the.consumer hemp has a couple different.products that can be used for post.emergent control one.is a mazza qin the active ingredient in.image and then also quinn claw rack the.active ingredient in a product such as.drive or in some of the major box store.three-way mixes of both post emergent.broadleaf and also post emergent grass.herbicides now with any of these the.addition of a nonionic surfactant can.help in post emergent control when we.say nonionic surfactant that's a.specialty type of surfactant that.usually can be bought from a chemical.company distributor but you typically.will not find it in the box store a.nonionic surfactant is not the same as.dishwashing liquid in fact dishwashing.liquid sometimes will inactivate the.active ingredients in a post emergent.herbicide so if you don't have a.nonionic surfactant it's oftentimes.better to even skip the soap addition so.think about now is the time in early May.to do post emergent crabgrass control.and also have that second application or.maybe in your case even the first.application of pre-emergent for.successful crabgrass control in the lawn.we're here at the Oklahoma Department of.Agriculture in their demonstration.garden and joining me today is Micah.Anderson the marketing development.coordinator and also the man responsible.for planting the demonstration garden.Micah we've got some sweet potatoes that.you have planted here can you tell me.about the process that you went through.well we made a raised bed with a little.tractor and made the raised bed and then.we lay down irrigation tape and a drip.irrigation we put two lines in because.we made a fairly wide bed and then we.overlaid the the bed with plastic and.their different width of these plastics.this one is a we use a five foot because.we needed a wider bed and we rolled it.out and shovel the dirt off and by hand.okay and this is fairly thin plastic.molds nicely to the raised bed that.you've created how did you decide how.did you actually go about planting the.sweet potatoes in there well use a.pretty nifty tool there well we use the.little paint stick that you know you.that I cuz I I'm old body technician.that paint cars or whatever but we just.made the whole that way the other way it.makes a smaller hole but you use the.stick to kind of punch it in loosen the.dirt up and then you take it and push.the root down into the soil and then.press the soil against it that way you.got a very minimum hole in the plastic.it's there it's going to give you the.weed control the bigger hold in more.weeds that you got chance of coming in a.smaller to hold less week so we want to.make the hole smaller can so that's what.we did and then you also use that.measuring stick or that paint stick as a.measuring stick yeah because it's just.about the right size it's about a foot.long and so it gives us a good spacing.you plant potatoes you can plan on my.foot part you can find them foot in half.court how thick you want how big you.want them to get and how long you're.gonna leave them in the ground and why.did you choose the plant sweet potatoes.in plastic well because they are.tropical and they lack a lot of heat in.this black plastic really warmed.all up and this is the year that I've.never seen it being this cold but with.the black plastic they won't suffer.nearly as much still they'll start.growing a lot faster because with the.black plastic it's like getting in a.black car and the Sun hits it and really.warms it up and it'll warm this all up.and bring the temperature up really fast.right yes so it'll bill take off okay.and and you've got several different.crops that you're growing in here and so.explain a little bit how would you water.each bet differently yeah most of this.stuff here we water close to the same.with that the sweet potatoes here at.peppers tomatoes a corn I've put.potatoes and then lettuce and kale in.the cabbage and kale but now if i had.okra out here i would definitely water.it different and will shut the water off.and not water nearly as much as i would.this other stuff but all of this is on.one's own and you've got ball valves on.the end of each zone so you could water.each row difference yeah you know.actually I'm probably going to shut.these rolls off over there and water.this by itself because it's not been.watered yet right to get it's open okay.so Micah and we're at the end of our.line here and a lot of times you'll see.where you my clothes caps in the.irrigation line you've got a simple tip.for us right here whatever well I just.we just tried not in the end of it and.you got tired double knot but if your.time out here and it will stop the water.and you'll still get a little leak at.the end but what's nice about that is.when i turn the water on and come down.here and see the water dripping if I see.water dripping at the end then I know.water is coming all the way through my.line but if it's not then I may have a.leak somewhere excellent and one last.thing you're adding fertilizer as a.water soluble fertilizer because there's.no way to get it into the soil right now.other than through the water right in it.just said and we added some amendments.to begin with and we had to saw test it.and we we run a little high pH here but.we put a little software down begin at.the beginning of the season but as time.to go along.every week we'll add a little fertilizer.and it seems to keep the plants lively.and growing really well excellent thank.you micah for joining us today thank you.it's good beer.okay when you're planting seeds.sometimes it's hard to see the actual.seeds and you might lose your place so a.lot of people do is either by a seed.tape or make a seat tape so one thing.you can check on the packages on the.back it tells you how far apart to sew.them so like this is six inches apart so.rather than take these little seeds.which are tiny and black and drop them.into dark soil and lose where you're.planted them you can just glue them to a.seed tape and then you can take them out.to the garden and not worry about it.because the spacing it will be fine so.what you have to do is they said six.inches apart so you can start one and.you can just use regular glue it's okay.it'll with them much there and then.measure 6 inches to the next one if you.want to you can plant a couple and that.way if one doesn't come up you'll have a.spare if both of them come up you'll.just have to trim the extra one so it's.not too crowded and you just go down as.far as you need planting your seeds and.then when this dries you can just take.it out to the garden so you can even.prepare these well in advance like if.you're if you're inside on a winter day.and you want something to do you can get.your garden ready just go ahead and.space it out and as long as you let it.dry out they won't start sprouting all.right and this is just newspaper that I.tore into strips you can bury the whole.thing and it'll all disintegrate the.glue won't won't do anything to hurt the.seeds so that's as many seeds as I have.or I want and I can just tear that take.that out to the garden and just put.however deep it says it says a half inch.deep so I put a half inch of soil on top.of this and then just water it and.they're already spaced out perfectly I.don't have to worry about dropping in.soil where I can't see the seeds and.that just use as many as I needed it's.also good with kids like if you're using.really tiny seeds like radish seeds or.the cool thing a cool thing you can do.with kids.if you don't know about it the junior.Master Gardener program has curriculum.for grades 3 through 8 but you can scale.it up or down and in the learn grow.eating go which is about getting kids to.grow some produce and try it it's a page.on garden planting chart and they.actually plant using paper towels and.this chart tells you how many of seeds.per paper towel to plant so it's.basically Square Foot Gardening so for.radishes 16 seeds per square foot well.the good thing is most paper towels are.approximately a square foot so that.makes it easy and if you've got like.third graders and they're doing math and.you're talking about fractions you can.talk about how we're going to space.sixteen seeds evenly in a square foot.well if you fold it in half that makes.two squares fold it in half again how.many does that make four fold it in half.again you've got eight and in half again.is 16 now when you open it up you have.16 equally spaced divisions alright and.so you can just put a drop of glue in.the middle of each one put two or three.radish seeds that would otherwise fall.into the soil and not make it nice and.spaced put a couple of seeds on each.middle and again it's okay this is going.to decompose in the soil if you've got.heavy clay soil that might actually add.a teeny bit of organic matter and help.things out and you just keep planting.and tape got the whole paper towel.covered and then when it's dry you just.take it outside and plant it in the.garden so you just put a little bit of.dirt over all this and then they're.perfectly spaced the other good thing is.if you have a whole classroom full of.kids wanting to plant and some want to.plant tomatoes and some want to plant.corn you can talk about the tall things.need to be in the back the back.being the north so they can find out.which way is north and that way the tall.things won't shade out the small things.and if you do a paper towel gardening.and you find out that radishes need 16.per square foot so you plant those and.tomatoes need one for paper towel you.can put one in the middle make sure that.the kids who plant tomatoes have theirs.out back and so what you can actually do.is in the classroom everybody gets their.paper towel and whatever they want to.grow and you can lay them on the floor.and say okay all the short things need.to be in the front and the taller things.in the back and you can actually plot.out where things are going to go in the.garden and then everybody takes their.paper towel straight out to the garden.lays it down make sure that nothing is.blocking anything else and then cover it.up and you're done and everything spaced.perfectly and you learn fractions at the.same time.so my go you've shown us how to lay.plasti culture the manual way you've got.a machine here that is pretty nifty in.small spaces can you tell me about this.tractor this is a BCS tractor that made.in italy in this is a walk behind and.they they're the largest company in the.world that make walk behind farm.equipment in its if just it does every.pretty much everything that a big.tractor will do except if you know it.you can't get a front end loader for it.but actually plows this is actually a.plow that can plow side and then you.have the rototiller and this plow is.actually what we use just earlier to.make a raised bed and it's really nice.for making raised beds or just for.nishal initial calling is the soil up.okay so you you kind of made a windrow.going one side and then you made a.windrow the other side and that's what.made your raised bed right and so what.makes this obviously it's very small and.compact but how is it to maneuver in the.garden well it's just really a great.space saver and if you can see how now.this garden is is surely you know it's a.decent size going there be probably a.big for a backyard garden but it's small.for feel if I had my big tract in here.we would lose almost half the space.because you couldn't go to the end but.with this you can go all the way to the.end and it it you can get right up close.if you break for somebody growing inside.of a hoop house because you can get.right up to the wall you can utilize the.whole space in it and what's neat about.it is that it's the it can turn the.handlebars all the way around in a.it actually snaps into a little slot you.bring the these bars here back around.and you can go either way with it so now.you're ready to go back down the road.yeah and it's geared 3 forward 3.backwards so either way you got the.handlebars it goes the same speed either.way just have to be careful to know.which way you're going because it's when.you one way you're going you pull this.back and a little bit backs up another.way it goes forward hello when you got.the handlebars up opposite direction.it's the opposite okay so this is one.component you have to add on we've got a.couple of other first before you add.that we actually wrote it till so you.can add a rotor tiller to the yeah.router back of that and it has the PTO.it's a quick hookup you just flip this.little tab here and then you drive away.from it and then you you back up or push.come into this one and hook it up and.then just flip it and just hooks up to.it that's what and then finally we have.the actual pasta culture laying machine.and it hooks up the same way it's not.hooked to a pio pio but it hooks to the.same place it's got the whole there and.then you just roll the plastic out.underneath the wheels and the displaced.oh the dirt up against it it doesn't.make a raised bed so what I've done in.the past is I've used a rake to rake it.up a little bit and then lay it over it.makes a little nicer bed that way so a.fun little machine for a small farm.right um thank you micah for joining us.today thank you.you.you.Oh.you.you.you.next week on Oklahoma gardening.extension turfgrass specialist Justin.Moss joins KC the repair bare patches in.our Bermuda grass lawn and has tips on.how to choose between covering areas.using seed or sod and how to be.successful with each Barbara brown will.also have a tasty recipe so join us then.for more TV you grow to love to find out.more information about show topics as.well as recipes videos articles fact.sheets and other resources including a.directory of local extension office's be.sure and visit our website oklahoma.gardening ok state edu and we always.have great information answers the.questions photos and gardening.discussions on your favorite social.media as well join in on facebook.twitter and instagram you can find this.entire show and other recent shows as.well as individual segments on arc.oklahoma gardening youtube channel and.tune in to our ok gardening classics.youtube channel to watch segments from.previous hopes oklahoma gardening is.produced by the Oklahoma Cooperative.Extension Service as part of the.division of agricultural sciences and.natural resources at Oklahoma State.University the Botanic Garden at OSU is.home to our studio gardens and we.encourage you to come visit this.beautiful Stillwater jeweled we wish to.thank our generous underwriters TLC.garden centers southwood landscape and.garden center and the Oklahoma.Department of Agriculture Food and.forestry.additional support is provided by pond.pro shops Greenleaf nursery in the.garden debut plants in the Oklahoma.horticultural society.

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How many people fill out Form 1099 each year?

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