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How to Fulfill the Form No 233 in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

CocoSign supports each user to simplify the workflow and foster work productivity by having a better management of the files. View the below steps to have a better understanding of how to revise Form No 233 more proficiently.

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  1. Access to the vacant form and click to look up the whole document.
  2. Run over the whole document and figure out which part you need to fulfil.
  3. Put down your personal figures in the blank form.
  4. Pick a form field and write down a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Peruse the whole form once again to see if there's anything you fail to include.
  6. Select the sign tools to write down your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by picking "Done" button.
  8. After revise the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any misunderstanding, please communication with the support team to acuqire more details.

By deploying CocoSign, you can fill in Form No 233 and write down your digital signature soon. It will definetely foster your productivity and make your life much easier.

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um.[Applause].before i start george and trevor thank.you very much for inviting me.for inviting the united liberty alliance.because the reality is.we're a civil rights organization that's.basically.doing secession purely based on.international law and our biggest job.yeah i never thought that i would say.that but at the moment.is informing people.firstly what jack did earlier to say.what secession is because most people.don't know and secondly that we have the.right.to secession and.it's very sad that in terms of cessation.which is not.only our south african right.but also our international right.people don't realize it people still ask.the same questions over and over.because they don't think that you may.have it.i though that asked earlier jack do you.have.an army to defend yourselves iron do you.have an army.i want to actually start off with that.either.firstly you may not have an army.while you are busy like the kai party or.the united liberty alliance in afrikaans.foreign people that's exactly the same.as.united liberty alliance.you may not form an army of course you.may form.civil defense groups that's also.international law.that's a basic human right but you may.not form an army.in fact article 199 of the south african.constitution.forbids you to form an army and.because i'm basically going to talk.about.succeeding in secession jack.put the foundation perfect he.actually helped me not spending time on.that thank you.so i'll talk about the law what does it.mean.to succeed in secession it's got a.couple of legs.but the one leg is the very.important legal position.legally it's not only your right.but the most important of succeeding in.cessation.is that you want to want it.what is the will of the people for.political party the will of the people.are votes to say i want jack miller in.parliament.or the kai party or karen whoever you.want in parliament.in terms of secession it's irrelevant.which party you belong to.totally irrelevant which group you.belong to which whatever.you must say i want secession.again there's a lot of legal stuff into.that.but i want to start at the beginning.if you decide you want to succeed and.there are two routes that you can take.you can either take the political.route or you can take the pure.de jure process the pure legal.route which that's what we are doing.we support the kai party but we are.taking the purely.legal route if you want to succeed.you've got to obviously.make yourself known who do you make.yourself known to.from a legal point of view believe it or.not not to the people that you want to.succeed with.you've got to legally make yourself.known to the world the international.community.who's the international community.international community.are basically defined as the.embassies in your country and believe it.or not it doesn't have to be all that.all the embassies.but the majority of the embassies in the.country where you want to succeed to.because don't forget and i will come.back to this later again.secession was not written as a law.for south africa.who can tell me who was the first.countries who said to successfully.seceded who knows you may not answer.1776 does it make sense.america they were the first country to.successfully seceded away from britain.after that i'm not sure the exact amount.i think we're standing at 253 countries.that i've successfully seceded the last.one.was south sudan now.not one of those 250 300 exactly about.the amount of countries not two of those.countries.did it in the same exact the same way.the reason why i say that is because.when you want to secede on the one hand.you must follow.the legal route 100 percent.the legal prescription in terms of.international law.for succession on the other hand it's.extremely flexible.no two countries are the same everything.differs.in each and every country in south.africa funny enough.we are totally different again because.our total demographics socioeconomics.everything is different in south africa.than from the other countries that have.seceded.the reason why i say that is you've got.to take the law.and follow it to the point.where you can't anymore and then you've.got to use your i want to say.basic common sense for your.specific situation.what are required for you.to succeed firstly if you've made.yourself known to the international.community that you want to succeed.then you've got to determine who are the.group of people that you want to succeed.with.because funny enough international law.does not talk about the full court of.nazi or.they don't they talk about a group.of people and how do they.define or want you to define that group.of people.they say that you've got to have one off.our constitution actually says two.you need two you need one of the.following.four points as a group of people.and you can succeed ethnicity language.culture or religion there are.a couple of other ones in that but it's.irrelevant that's for the polynesian.islands and.not relevant to us so you've got to.define.the group of people that you refer to.once you've defined that group of people.and let me.explain to you what we've said as the.united liberty alliance the group of.people that we have defined.in terms of that is all.the minority groupings in south africa.do you know who they are.no let me tell you.wake up guys.[Music].can't you hear me all right.the group of people the minorities that.we've defined.are basically in terms of those three.not for ethnicity we we used language.culture and religion.and any permutation of that in broader.terms obviously you will always have.individual or smaller individual groups.that also fall.into that is basically we've done.exactly the opposite that the anc.government have done.and we've said not in terms of ethnicity.we are basically the europeans.and the indigenous colored people or.brown people.koizen people whatever you want to call.it in south africa.so it's basically.all the european communities in south.africa.with all the koi sun or colored.communities in south africa.then the next thing you've got to do is.you've got to determine in terms of.international law.and that is a very serious requirement.of which most people talk about it they.never get to it.you've got to determine which area.now that sounds easy the reality is it's.not that easy.if you want to play games because.if you determine the area you've got to.have your.legal basis argument why.that area it's got to be.a defendable legal argument what we've.done is we've said.the western cape the northern cape part.of the eastern cape.which is basically the old cape province.the western half jack's map showed it.exactly.western off of the free state and a very.small bit.that includes pretoria in the transvaal.why do we say that what is our legal.argument for that.because according to the 2011 iec.statistics we the minorities.we are the majority in that area.that's the legal argument if you are the.majority.nobody can can can fight against that.right then.once you've got that now you've got to.start with your process.of exhausting all your internal remedies.this is one of the.the legal points in in law.that are actually totally open.because it says you've got to.use all your internal remedies all.but they don't specify what us all mean.and if you ask any sc or qc there are no.accuses of south africa left anymore.they will tell you no that's nonsense it.doesn't exist you can't.in law have all if you don't.determine exactly what they mean but it.says all.internal remedies must be exhausted.at the end of the day it actually means.two things.firstly the law of succession was.written.for the in this case the minorities or.for the group of people that are not.happy with.their they call it mother country.to try and exhaust all different.avenues and if i say all we are how many.people here and i can have.so many different ideas of what this all.means.it means all different things that you.can think of.including taking them to court.having meetings writing letters because.everything comes back to the paperwork.you've got got to talk to the government.because that law was.in a way actually written that they.don't want you to succeed.although article 1 which is the only law.thank you jack.for leaving that out for me article one.of the international covenant on human.and political rights for political and.human rights.states very very clear that.every and it reads virtually.word-for-word exactly the same as.article 20.of the african union um.law which read that everybody has got.the right for political and.personal and financial whatever the.right.to govern themselves that is.international law.now they don't really want you to to.succeed.and that's why they say all internal.remedies.because they leave it open.that you can you must try everything.possible because.as part of this all it also entails.a long period it entails years.of discussions negotiations fighting.begging pleading fighting again fighting.again.fighting again fighting again because.that's how it goes.and at the end of the day all of this.boils down to one thing.a stack of letters and paperwork like.this.to say my government is not.interested in even talking to me.they are not interested in giving so.much.back although we've got article.9 11.33 185.231 233 and article 235.there are lots of articles in the south.african constitution.that gives us the right to.self-determination.in one way or the other.at the end of the day we got to a point.now.where the 15th of december 2017..i wrote a letter asked the president of.the united liberty alliance.to let the president of south africa.then.zuma know that we.accept now that all internal remedies.have been exhausted and i mean that.believe me was a massive thing.because if not all internal remedies.have not been exhausted it was up to him.to say no no.no no come back come back to the table.you've still got to talk.he didn't why.because there's one thing in life.which is even worse when you're a.politician.that's why i told pete yesterday mustn't.become a politician.and that's arrogance now.if we are honest with each other.arrogance was the reason.why the national party came to a fall in.1994.if you believe that the anc will govern.forever.or for even many more years then open.your eyes the.arrogance have already caught up with.him.and in the meantime the arrogance.brought us to a point where we could say.we now accept remember we didn't say.all external internal remedies have been.exhausted we say.we accept that it's exhausted.so we give them another chance come back.if you want to talk come back to us.they didn't now that's important to.understand because.i said in the beginning succeeding at.succession.there are two ways not the political.party we are using the daedric process.we are in the process now of.following the route after session i.always explain it like this.here we start and here we've got a lot.of work.and letters and negotiations and.fighting.and begging and doing everything at the.moment we are right here.we're right here this process can go one.of two ways now.we are following at the moment and we.will always follow it as far as possible.the da juro process but it can also.follow this one i'll get to this one now.what do we need from a legal process.to finish secession now.well.when was it end of last year i think.we realized one of the things that that.we haven't done yet.is to have a so-called interim.government because that's one of the.prerequisites of a.cessation process.and we said well that's fine you know.sunny.maori claire you are all part of the.of the interim government but you can't.do it.because the moment you do it jack will.turn around and say that wasn't.democratic because he wanted to be in it.and i forgot about him.so what do we know i tell.i tell martin sorry you out.jack you are in you can't do it you must.have a democratically.elected interim government.and how do you do that to have a.democratically elected government.you have must have the majority.of the people in the area.they vote as a mandate whoa.big problem because then we looked at.the figures.and we saw working on the 2011.iec figures there are i don't know exact.figure 3.9.something million voters registered in.the area that i've.explained to you so.if you want to have 50 plus one.of their mandate you need.1.9 and i said make it 2 million.you need 2 million votes of people that.say.i want independence.now if you look at a political process.even a political party can't just do.whatever they want on a big scale.if they don't have a referendum that is.how these systems work in this case.you need those people to say yes i want.independence.doesn't matter which party they belong.to they must say i want.independence if they haven't said it.there's no vote you don't have the.mandate so then we started.trying to get the.mandate and i say trying to because this.is a massive problem.because of a lot of different reasons of.which money is won.to get that mandate because most people.don't even know about it.now let me explain the digital process.to you.completely if you have your mandate.of 50 plus one or in our case two.million votes.what do you do then once you have it.then officially you go to the government.again and you say remember.we're the guys that you're fighting with.remember.that letter from the sheriff letters.from the sheriff.we now demand a referendum.in that area now.every person that are registered legally.in that area may vote.once you do that then immediately the nc.government will say yeah of course sure.have a referendum we'll pay for it.no they won't but luckily.i don't know if they were guys with.thick glasses long ear white.shirts but the guys that wrote secession.had a lot of foresight and they made it.very clear.that part of your process you.must also have and i'm going back now.with the succession process.you must have contact.and direct negotiations with other.governments.that are part of the united nations.funny enough.it does not say that you must have.direct contact with the united nations.some people say it's not true.the united nations in terms of the.cessation law.is considered to be just one of these.international communities.and therefore it's good to have contact.with them obviously.the reason why that is important is.because and i'm.now jumping forward again.when you get secession because that's.going to come from.from either i know that it should.is that you don't two minutes.20..if you get secession international law.makes it very clear.firstly you may defend yourself i'll.talk very quickly.you may defend yourself in any way.possible.another one of these funny laws where.it's open that what does it mean it.actually means it goes against the.geneva convention.you may defend yourself in any way.possible but it.also says that the united nations.it doesn't say any other country but it.implies that all one of the other.countries.must defend you okay.now let me just quickly because he's.harassing me.if we don't get the two million votes in.time.and we take the other route excuse the.pun.what is this.it's a civil war what are the chances.percentage-wise of a civil war in south.africa according to.a lot of surveys that's that was done i.can give you the exact figure but i will.i would make it very soft on you.much more than 50 so we can't.ignore this.if a civil war breaks out because of the.route that we've got the paperwork that.we've already got.we can immediately secede it's as simple.as that.the reality is to go and vote to say.yes you can go to one of two websites.write it down www.ulacongresswith2ss.com.or voteforselfdetermination.co.js we're.not asking.ascent we're not asking your wife or.your husband.or your car or anything just don't say.if that's what you want yes that's all.you've got to do.thank you very much.you.

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