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Steps of Customizing the Nevada Declaration Paternity Form

You may be seated..Hello, Your Honor..Hello..This is the case of. Andrews v. Corbitt..Thank you, Jerome,.good day everyone..AUDIENCE: Good day..Mr. Andrews,.you and your mother.are in court today.suing your ex, Ms. Corbitt.for paternity fraud,.because you claim she forged.your signature.on the birth certificate.of her five month old son.Quinn Andrews Jr..Who you believe is not your.biological son,.is that correct?.Yes, Your Honor..Miss Corbitt, you say,.Mr. Andrews.is doubting your son.because he.does not want to be.a responsible adult.and because he has.a meddling mother,.is that correct?.Yes, Your Honor..Mr. Andrews, why do you.believe your signature.was forged on Quinn Jr.'s.birth certificate?.I don't know, Your Honor,.I didn't sign anything..And somehow my name still.manage to get put on the.birth certificate..I have a copy of it.right here..Let me see that.birth certificate..So you say somehow.your name just appeared.on the birth certificate?.Yes, ma'am. Yes, Your Honor..Quinn Andrews Sr.,.name of father,.right underneath..JUDGE LAKE:. But you didn't sign it?.ANDREWS: No ma'am..JUDGE LAKE: Take me back. to that day..You believe somebody.put your name on there?.Yes, Your Honor..JUDGE LAKE: Explain..Day of the birth,.I cut the umbilical cord,.I requested a blood test,.I stayed at the hospital.for 24 hours.. And the following day,. I ended up leaving,. to retrieve a car seat.. I didn't sign nothin'..You claim, somebody.put your name.on the birth certificate?.Yeah, obviously..Ms. Corbitt, did you.put his name on there?.No, there's no way possible.for me to just put his name.on a birth certificate..The only reason why he sayin'.that he did not.sign the birth certificate,.is because his mother told him.not to sign my.child's birth certificate..I mean, anybody that has kids,.and she should know,.because she has enough....Knows that in order.for the birth....And all eight of them is well.taking care of, baby..I told my son not to sign.a birth certificate until he.get the blood test.to prove that.that is his child..He's lying and saying.didn't sign it because she.told him not to sign it..And he didn't even.want a blood test until she.put hard to assist it..Did you witnessed him sign it?.I was there..JUDGE LAKE: So you were there?.You saw him sign it?.Not just me, the lady who.signed off underneath....JUDGE LAKE: The witness?.Yeah, she saw him too..So what your saying is,.he didn't do what his mother.told him to do,.so now he's saying.he didn't sign it?.CORBITT: Exactly..Excuse me, Your Honor,.if he signed.the birth certificate,.his name would actually be.signed on that form..So you're saying there is no.cursive signature?.Not at all..It's only his name..Name. That's it..What was the nature.of this relationship..Take me back..We were in a relationship,.but I can never say it was.actually a committed one..Because, every time we hit.a bumpy road.in our relationship.or we get into argument.about anything,.it could be simple..Quinn is out the door,.right back to his mama..I won't even call it.a relationship, Your Honor,.'cause she slept.with the whole damn city..The whole neighborhood..She wouldn't know....If you want to go there, baby..Let's use respectful language.in the courtroom..You said you believe she was.sleeping with....She slept around.with everybody in our.neighborhood..If that was true, I would have.slept with her husband,.'cause he wanted me too..Oh, Lord..SMITH: That's a lie..Okay, let's stay on track..So you say, Ms. Smith's.claims are incorrect?.You were not.sleeping around....Ms. Smith does not know.anything about me. Period..How long did this.relationship go on?.CORBITT: For about two years..JUDGE LAKE:. And so Mr. Andrews,. you haven't said much. about the relationship..ANDREWS: She was possessive..She was verbally abusive..He says I was possessive.and verbally abusive,.this is the same one.that is a cut there,.walks to the candy lady.right through our house.that's two minutes away..Every time I'm.walking through,.he has to stand to the door.and watch me like.I'm a 2-year-old..ANDREWS:.Negative. Your Honor....He didn't want me to.speak to anybody,.I was not allowed to.talk to anybody,.I was not allowed to even.befriend females..'Cause he said, \"There was.gonna be used as an excuse.\".Your Honor, that's a lie..JUDGE LAKE: What?.Your Honor,.she's a compulsive liar..She lied to my mother.and told mother I signed.the birth certificate..I was away. She told you that..She even told probably.everybody she know there..And you maintain you did not..Yes, ma'am..I wanna understand.why you doubt this child.carries your name is yours?.Your Honor, I doubt for the.simple fact that,.while we was together,.I happened to clean the house.one day where we stayed at,.I found an empty Magnum.wrapper under the sofa,.which she claimed was mine,.which is wasn't,.'cause all of 'em we use,.I throw away..It was his..SMITH: Tell her about.that day that you came home.from work,.and she had another man.running out the back door..Yes. Tell her about that..Yes, for example..CORBITT: That is not true,.somebody told him that.and I don't have to lie about.who was in my house.because of the simple fact.that we were not.together..ANDREWS: One of my.third cousins told me that,.and his mother stay right.across the street.from where we stayed at....Is this the diagram you.submitted to the court?.Come up here, please..ANDREWS: Your Honor....What is this diagram show?.This right here.is a two-story.apartment building.. This right here. is the driveway,. two feet from the driveway. is the front entrance,.and it's the same in the back..And right here is a slab,.like an empty field,.there's no gate around.this side of the house.but on this side.of the building,.there's a gate..And it's obvious,.my cousin mama stay.right across the street..And she could sit right here.and literally watch all this..And if somebody murdered.somebody over here,.it will be real obvious..So obviously,.the guy she had in there,.tried to creep around.and sneak on this side.of the building and come out..She even had an bike.inside of the house..And lied to me and told me.it was for somebody else,.which I know.that the bike was for her.but she didn't wanna tell me.who was on a bike..JUDGE LAKE: So you say this....And obviously watching emerge.from the back. So he knew..So go in the front.but then come out at the back?.ANDREWS: Yes, ma'am..But you were comin' in and.then they went out back.instead of comin' out front?.ANDREWS: Yes, Ma'am..JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Corbitt,.did that happen?.No, and I told him that..He asked me about that,.I explained to him that.that was not true..And we was together.after that..This was never an issue.till just now..ANDREWS: Ma'am,.she's an compulsive liar..Well, I tell you one thing..I'm not lyin' about,.and that's him.being the father of my child,.and that's all....Once we figured it out,.that's the game..None of this is relevant..All right, thank you, sir..Mr. Andrews, you can return.to the podium, please..Is this your only doubt?.ANDREWS: No ma'am,.I have more than one..What else?.I found messages on her phone,.where some guys.were telling her,.\"Leave the back door open.and be naked when I arrive.\".JUDGE LAKE:.You saw the message?.Yes, ma'am..She denied that in my face,.and I'm lookin' at the message.in the phone..That's one reason..The second reason,.I found the Magnum wrapper..The message said,.\"Leave the back door open.\".ANDREWS: And, \"Be naked.when I arrive.\".\"Be naked when I arrive.\".ANDREWS: Yes, ma'am..Ms. Corbitt....ANDREWS: That's the.third reason..The other reason I just showed.you on the diagram..JUDGE LAKE: Right..ANDREWS: And the fourth.reason is,.when I was working.on the oil spill.for six months,.I arrive home one weekend,.'cause I worked.Monday to Friday,.the weekend I was off,.somebody told me,.some guy I don't mess with,.she had in the house..Three for four of 'em.smoking out with her,.and they flipped her..What?.ANDREWS: Yeah..SMITH: Hmm. Tramp..And she denied all of that..Ms. Corbitt,.that is a lot of information..Quinn is lyin'.through the skin.of his teeth..ANDREWS:.What I'd lie for?.Because this is my first time.hearin' this..If somebody told it to him....Admit that she was a slut..So you've outlined.four pieces of doubt.as to whether or not Quinn.is your biological child?.Ms. Corbitt, so you are.saying that these allegations.are not true?.They are not true..The only reason.why he sayin' that.is because she is standing.on side of her..Any other times,.whenever I talk with Quinn,.I don't here none of these....You're a compulsive.habitual liar. Stop lying..All this he telling you about,.this happen a whole year.or somethin' ago..This was way before.my baby was born..So obviously, he had to.sleep with me before that.and after that for my baby.to be here right now..So now, is it true.or is it not true,.Ms. Corbitt?.It is not true, I'm talking.about the instances.when somebody runnin'.out of my house, when he.asked be about that..The rest of the stuff,.he never mentioned.to me at all..So the person did run out.the back of your house?.No, that never happened,.and I told him that..He was beatin'.at my front door,.after I locked him out,.turned off my breaker box,.so the lights go out..Compulsive liar..And that's what made me.come outside,.then she tells me somebody.told him that,.they were running.at the back door,.but the guy who he says.told it to him,.when I went to go.ask him about it,.he says he never said it..And then he came about.that the guy told me that.Quinn supposedly.slept with his girlfriend,.which she adamantly denies..Let's get back to Quinn now..JUDGE LAKE: Have you developed.a relationship at all.with the child?.Yes, ma'am..JUDGE LAKE: You do?.Yeah, when I have time..CORBITT: No, he does not..SMITH: He does..That baby was just.at our house a week ago,.and my boy brought milk, toys.and diapers for him..Because I gave him.the money to buy it..JUDGE LAKE: You all.going at it more than.Ms. Corbitt and Mr. Andrews..JUDGE LAKE: The two women..Because she is the problem..Your Honor,.she's telling lies..CORBITT: She's is the problem..I don't need to interfere.in my son's life..I let him....Yes it does. Quinn has told me.that she has told him.that if he come back.and talk to me,.and stuff like that,.then she was gonna.cut him off..So you believe his mother.is standing in between.the relationship he could.potentially have.with Quinn Jr.?.She does not want Quinn.to have his own children,.'cause that would mean that.he would have to.stop taking care of hers..That's a lie..He's not takin' care of.my kids, baby....You were never home..My kids are grown..So how in the hell.you gonna raise my child?.How could you tell me?.I don't tell you nothin'..Yes, you do..No, you're lying..Are you all still.sleeping together now?.No ma'am..No..She still tries to.seduce me though..I got messages.right in my phone..Where she trying to seduce me.every week..(AUDIENCE LAUGHS).All right, so how many times.have you seen Quinn Jr.?.Like... Over a dozen times..JUDGE LAKE: So you spent.quality time with him?.Yes, ma'am..He does not..ANDREWS: Your Honor....I have to beg him for to.come get my child,.he was there six days..I told Quinn,.I said, \"Quinn, you.have to come meet me..\"I can't drive.all the way down there.\".You know, what he told me?.He was gonna drop my child off.at a fire station..Your Honor....What?.I specifically told her that,.just to get her to move,.'cause she lied to me and told.me she was threatening.me with the police..When he get tired of my baby,.he will drop him off.at a fire station..You just heard him..This baby has been on Earth.for five months..This is not funny..We've got to get focused..We've gotta get it.together, you all..This child is five months old,.shouldn't be experiencing.these kind of things..This first few months,.few days,.he's had on this Earth..We gotta get it together..Now Mr. Andrews,.I don't know what this is..I don't know.what's goin' on here..What is that about?.Like I said....We got into an argument,.Your Honor,.I was trying to leave..Why didn't you just.take your child with you?.Your Honor,.I couldn't take him with me..You didn't have a car seat?.No, ma'am, I was walkin'.two or three miles..So he couldn't come with me..You can't carry a five month.old baby two or three miles,.that's yours.and got your name?.Come on, man..Now I'm done with it..Y'all silly now..(AUDIENCE APPLAUDS).Now this is about... Uh-uh..This is now about.you all playing.tit for tat with one another..You can't tell me an.able-bodied young man.can't carry a child three....I carried my 45 pound.child up a canyon..(CROWD LAUGHS).Yes, I did..We gotta focus..Let's deal with the.paternity first..Let's get those results,.and let's see how we can.move forward,.because we want to make sure.this child is okay..Ms. Corbitt, I need you.to ask you something..CORBITT: Uh-huh..Was there any other man.when you were with him.during the window of.conception?.No, and even if it was,.just like I said,.that's still his baby at the.end of the day. Point taken..But you're saying,.if it is....'Cause he's makin' it....No, I wasn't sleeping with.anybody else at the time,.but he's makin' it.seem like even if I was,.that's the reason why it is.not his baby..I don't give a damn what I do..If I had 1,000 people,.you know what I'm saying,.stirring the batter, I know.who icing the cake, trust me..That was an interesting.analogy, but....(CROWD LAUGHS).We're actually not.talking about icing the cake,.we're really talking about.making the cake..And if there's a lot.of spoons in the batter....Which it wasn't..There was nobody else..If you were sleeping with him.unprotected,.and you are also sleeping.with someone else unprotected.during that time,.then they both.potentially could be.the biological father..Quinn was the only person.that I was sleeping with.unprotected..Point blank. Period..Was there anyone else you were.sleeping with that you were.using protection?.No..So at that time,.it is your firm testimony,.that you were only having sex.with Mr. Andrews during.the window of conception?.Yup..JUDGE LAKE: Okay..ANDREWS: I don't believe that..SMITH: Excuse me, Judge,.she was saying it was.Quinn's child,.she was sayin' it was guy.named (REDACTED) child..That's a lie..I never said my baby.was for anybody....So you never slept.with (REDACTED) same time.you're sleeping with Quinn?.How would you know.who I slept with?.JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute..Wait a minute..Heard it on the streets..JUDGE LAKE:.Who was the other person?.JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. Hold on..Who was the other person?.CORBITT: Name somebody?.Someone I went to school with..Oh, I know he was.talking about..That was somebody.who I was dealing with,.when me and him was on break..But, no. That was way before.I even conceived my baby..How much earlier.before the window.of conception.were you having a relationship.with this other guy?.CORBITT: Way earlier..He know that..He knows that. He know when....I told him it happened,.and he came right back..I'm done. I'm done with it..Jerome, the envelope, please..(CROWD APPLAUDS).SMITH: Your Honor,.before you say somethin',.I hope and pray.that this is not my.boy's baby, but I know....Well, you can stop.hoping and praying..I know he's gonna be hurt,.if it's not his baby,.'cause he's spent.a lot of time.with his baby, but....I pray to the Lord.it's not..You can stop prayin',.'cause he's not gonna.answer for your baby..JUDGE LAKE: These results..I am praying to the Lord.right now for this baby..SMITH: Hmm..ANDREWS: 'Cause her mother.need help..Ah ah, listen, I'm done.taking testimony..And all I want to know is....I'm done taking testimony..Ladies, ladies....Ladies, let the judge speak..Please, both of you..(SIGHS) These results.were prepared.by DNA Diagnostics..They read as follows..And nobody forged them, Quinn..In the case of. Andrews v. Corbitt,.when it comes to.five month old,.Quinn Andrews Jr.,.it has been determined.by this court....It has been determined.by this court....Mr. Andrews, you.......are the father..(AUDIENCE APPLAUDS).Let it be known..Now, let's talk about that.child support payment..No, no..I'm done with the drama.and the nonsense..I've heard too much testimony.today, that makes me.sincerely nervous..This child's five months old..If you had doubt before,.that's done now..This is your child..Your child..So, you both have a hand,.and a responsibility,.to raise this child.accordingly,.but you got to figure out.how to do it..You got to know what it takes..Your child is gonna be.a product of the environment.that you create for him..And that's what I tell him.all the time..If this is it....He don't stand a chance..It's gotta be better.than this for him..You can keep operating.from this position.of neck-rolling,.and lip poppin'.and eye rolling..You can do it all day long..Your baby gonna miss out..He will hurt..No, I believe Quinn is.gonna be a good father..And that's my point..You've gotta give your child.every opportunity.to experience the fullness,.of what comes along.with his father,.and speaking of that,.Mr. Andrews, now is your time..You're a young man..Is this your first child?.Yes, ma'am..All right. So look....It's gonna take.some co-operation.and some communication.on your part,.if you operate.from negativity,.that's all you're going.to breathe..I want you to take advantage.of the counseling.and the resources,.and more importantly,.I want you to protect.and take care.of that baby at all times..I wish you the best of luck..Court is adjourned..

How to generate an electronic signature for the Nevada Declaration Paternity Form online

You must into a adaptable solution to electronic signatures for Nevada Declaration Paternity Form . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Finding, a single online app that does not need any other installation.

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Nevada Declaration Paternity Form FAQs

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On the face of it, I would say no if you go to court and prove what you're saying. Or rather if the grandfather goes to court. Whoever has custody of that child now needs to see a lawyer yesterday.

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