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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Vt Act 250 Disclosure Statement 2008 Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Vt Act 250 Disclosure Statement 2008 Form

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[Music].[Music].so I'm your way the CEO and Founder.right of fortress credit yeah that's.right nice to be here with you nice to.be here Ronnie so we have a we have a.long a long history remember when we met.we were kind of like getting the started.we weren't where we are today yeah and I.remember you and we went we went through.a few changes but uh what what has.changed in the last for you was it four.years when we met or five years I think.it's been probably three years or so.because we met through Brad yeah yeah.I've been in Vegas now it'll be three.years in a couple months since then I've.hit the Inc 5000 list twice you know in.that three-year period and I went from.12 employees to 50-plus employees and.sales been going good and you know got.some personal stuff going on my life but.other than that man things been great.yeah.Bandon building you also apartment.complexes since I met you actually about.three partner complexes in the last 12.months can you explain the how well.you're doing with the apartments and how.that's been growing yeah I started doing.syndication so my partner and I find the.deals and then ice indicate them I go.out and I find people with money whether.it's a Roth IRA a simple IRA a 401 K.cash home equity line of credit.refinance in their house whatever we.take their cash and we use their cash to.buy our apartment complexes on average.we look at a thousand apartments before.we buy one and then we pay our investors.twelve to fourteen percent returns and.then when we sell that property in five.years we split the profits 50/50 with.them yeah and does it help you a lot.that do you have any credit uh credit uh.techniques that you that help you get.these properties or is it just basically.like the same financing that everybody.gets yeah on the apartment complexes as.you know you know there's no personal.guarantees there's no record there.non-recourse loans it's easier to buy.and we disclosed three weeks ago on a.thirteen million dollar apartment.complex that thirteen million that well.we put five million dollars down so the.eight million dollar loan for that.apartment complex was easier than me.going out and trying to.an $80,000 condo yeah I mean it's just.easier to get apartment complex money.than a single family once you're in it.yeah but that's the thing it's a good.old boys network you have to be invited.in by someone but once you're in you're.in yeah yeah and before we jump into the.credit I want to cover this topic a.little bit mark see I know you know a.lot about taxes and like are you.planning on are you buying buildings.right now before the years over to help.you with the taxes or is that something.you're looking at yeah I meant paid.income tax personal income tax in like.over a decade part of that is because I.understand the tax gain and then part of.it we I purchased 33 million dollars of.apartment complexes in the last 12.months and with cost segregation which.is cost segregation allows you to.essentially depreciate rapidly.depreciate every site everything inside.that building within a five-year period.most of it your very first year and then.there's some other plans that you can do.I know Bobby talked about it driven.which is part of the Trump plan that you.can appreciate the whole thing all at.once so yes we do that for taxes I mean.that's one of the ways that Donald.Trump's son-in-law.I mean he's purchased 450 million.dollars of apartment complexes in real.estate over the last ten years.personally made almost a hundred million.dollars in income yeah and is paid zero.tax yeah and it's all part of the tax.game a lot of people don't believe that.like when when I mention how you could.make a lot of money and not pay taxes.like what's what's like how much money.do you think you could make and not pay.taxes is there a limit there is no limit.I mean here's here's how it works if you.do what the government wants you to do.you don't pay taxes the government wants.you to invest right now and it changes.they want you invest in renewable energy.they want you to invest in oil they want.you to provide jobs and they want you to.provide housing if you do one of those.four things or all of those four things.you don't pay.income tax if you don't do that then you.have to pay so it's kind of your reward.and they look at it is you as an.entrepreneur business owner investor if.you're going out and you're putting your.name on the line and you're investing.your hard-earned money the reward is no.income tax so I don't think there is a.limit to how much you can make without.paying taxes because there's other they.call them loopholes but they're not.loopholes but there's other programs out.there you just keep buying more.apartments and that's the crazy thing is.you can buy apartment complex or any.other kind of business real estate or.whatever depreciate it you can get a.loan using the bank's money you get the.write off and then you can refinance it.and pull your cash out and if you.refinance and pull your cash out.it's non-taxable because it's a loan.yeah it's not income and so that's what.a lot of investors doings and Robert.Kiyosaki talks about this go buy your.houses refinance it pull out the money.let your tenant pay it off wait five.years refinance and pull your cash out.and it's never taxed because it's not.alone yeah I mean it's not income it's.alone now with the next year and year to.come in do you see a recession or.something happening are you preparing.for it in some way I hope so I've been.wanting this damn recession they've been.talking for like five years yeah you.know and Trump's screwing it up and what.I mean by screwing it up is our.economy's now the strongest that ever.has been or unemployment rates the.lowest it's ever been I think though in.2020 2021 that we will see a downturn I.don't think we're gonna get like what.knocked you out last time yeah what.knocked me down what knocked out.thousands if not hundreds of thousands.millions of people I it's not gonna get.like that yeah but I think it's got to.come down a little bit because you're a.millennial yeah you know you think about.the Millennials that you know not.necessarily you and so but the.Millennials that you know and not people.work for you how difficult it is for.them to buy a house like in California.yeah the Millennials can't and so.they're forced into renting a lot of.Millennials don't.- but I don't know that it's they don't.want to buy a home I think they say they.don't want to but it's because they.can't yeah and it's because the housing.market has just gone up eleven years now.it's gone up and over time if you look.at it the real estate market corrects.every seven to ten years we're past that.10-year mark so if you go back a hundred.years.it literally resets every seven to ten.and we're 11 years right now almost 12.years right now since it's actually gone.down so it's got a reset I think it.needs to reset for our younger.generation and as the baby boomers start.to die which this is already happening.in Florida I read an article yesterday.on it as the baby boomers die off there.is in Florida right now there's more.inventory than buyers because the baby.boomers are dying or they're being put.into retirement homes and so they're.losing their second third homes so as.that happens I think we will see a.decrease in our economy as the baby.boomer stops spending as much money yeah.you're gonna see a decrease as the baby.boomers are forced to take their money.out of the stock market because of the.law that Nick's Richard Nixon signed.into law in 1976 it was you have to.start taking your money out at seven and.a half years old as those things start.to hammer in or come together I think.we'll start seeing a small recession not.a crash but actually recession I hope so.because I want to buy some real estate.other than apartments yeah so so for.example if the recession happens in six.months what what do you do and what.would be the best advice you would give.people to do to prepare for whenever it.happens yeah I would say get your credit.right now get your get out of consumer.debt as fast as possible and start.stacking Iraq in cash you know get as.much many hours you can if your w-2.employee if you're a business owner just.crank it out you know start grinding.even harder to get as much money in the.bank as you can.and be ready you know be ready for blood.in the streets and then when when.everybody's scared that's when you start.buying like going back to o8 when the.recession happens due credit due.creditors get a little bit of a more.conservative like let's say if you have.high credit lines or they're gonna lower.them and then yeah they're gonna lower.the credit lines they're gonna start.canceling credit cards like they did in.2009-2010 they're going to start.restricting how much money they'll.completely freak out they lose their.mind which then causes more problems.yeah because the bank stopped issuing.money so then people that are used to.using the money to live they stop.spending it and they start freaking out.and the whole thing just starts to.collapse and I think they call it the.you know the house of cards but we're.seeing that now with our business with.the credit repair business that it's so.easy to get a car loan it's so easy I.had a guy call me today he's got a 560.credit score yeah he wants to buy a.house and he's like all I need you to do.is give me 20 points cuz if I have a 580.I can get my loan I'm like dude you want.to get a 747 6th he's like no I only.need a 580 and he doesn't need to hire.me to get 20 points all he's got to do.is pay off his damn credit cards and.he'll have you know 40 50 points so yes.I think what will happen is is the.recession hits if it hits and when it.hits the banks will reach will tighten.up their guidelines on lending how do.you see them right now are they really.aggressive right now are they're really.dressed yeah very very loose how easy is.it to get a high credit card limit and.what FICO score do you need I don't know.it depends on what cards I mean most of.the people that I deal with want the the.cash back the reward cards mm-hmm and.most of those cards want to see a seven.forty or higher however the capital one.venture card they don't really have a.minimum credit score it you know minimum.as in like six hundred yeah but you know.the credit card things that they're just.throwing that money away and especially.on the business side you know on the.personal side because most of people.that come to me.are in the 400 500 600 credit scores and.they're just starting to rebuild so.they're not trying to get those big.cards most of them just want some type.of credit card my business owners though.they come in and they're getting 20,000.30,000 50,000 dollar credit limit yeah.and the banks are just very aggressive.on businesses giving away that money but.they are a lot more aggressive now than.they were even two years ago with cards.what about going back to two thousand.seven or six when before it happened.before the 2008 crash well before the.2008 crash I was in that you know that.real estate market just like you if you.could fog up a mirror you know they gave.you the money if you could sign and you.didn't have to sign as you know someone.else could fake sign your car contracts.for you yeah that was crazy the banks.are nothing like that right now okay.nothing like that but they are.aggressive they're more aggressive today.than they were say five years ago so.let's say if like using myself as an.example let's say I have ambience Realty.corporation I have mortgage guys.corporation they have driven corporation.I could get a huge credit line for each.corporation yes yeah are they good how.does that work do they run the.corporation.I am Plus they run your social or do.they just run or is it based on their on.if you build business credit for those.corporations sometimes they will look at.so for credit cards for example they.will look at your personal credit report.but they don't do a hard pool.you actually just give them a username.and password to your Credit Karma.account or your credit check total or.credit mojo account just your monitoring.service they'll just look at it to make.sure that there's nothing crazy going on.sometimes there's personal guarantees.sometimes there's not personal.guarantees but like we have a program.right now that if you have a business.that is profitable as in you make at.least a hundred thousand dollars a year.you have two years of tax returns it's.not on the restricted list which is.primarily just porn other than that.we can get you three hundred fifty.thousand dollars in cash ten year.10-year loan in about ten days ten to.twelve business days 350 grand then we.have another program on that we.despondent our first one week ago we got.a twenty five million dollars twenty.five million dollars it did take six.months to get it but they are very.aggressive on businesses right now they.loan out money so they lent 25 million.25 million dollars to an IT company and.how much was this IT company generating.he's generate about three million.dollars a year in revenue and he got 25.min and that's is that top line or is.that net that was top line top line top.line is net to know where his net was.like 1.5 I mean so somebody that's.making 3 million could get that high of.a of a credit limit yeah the guy that.brought you down here our friend I.literally could go and get him a hundred.million dollars right now what he did.because he wants to build it up and sell.it yeah there's some other reasons him.and I have talked about it he's a funny.guy as you know he wants to control.things and when you do that you lose.control and there's you know a.stockholders that now have control of it.and he'd be put the CEO and anyway but.yes you can get that money but our SBA.program no collateral as you know with.when you do SBA loans they want your.house they want your kids they want your.cars they want everything with this.streamlined SBA loan it's literally you.fill out the application on Monday two.weeks later we're depositing three.hundred fifty grand into your bank.account with no collateral now there is.a personal guarantee but there but.there's no collateral on it and then.some of these loans are no personal.guarantees but generally speaking they.want to see what's going on with you as.the founder or the CEO of the company.the owner just to make sure that you're.not on the verge of bankruptcy trying to.get an unsecured business loan to pay.off personal credit cards so what.happens if let's say this person gets.the 25 million and then they can they go.spend it in Mex.and then they come back and then like.what happens well is there any is there.like some sort of limitations or there.is some limitations in there because the.SEC is involved you're actually taking.your company public so there is some.restrictions and some guidelines and.things that you can do and things you.can't do but it's a hundred times easier.to go public than it is to sell your.company much much easier yeah.and you still your semi in control.versus selling it you know when you sell.it a lot of times when you sell these.these guys will sell their companies and.they'll have a two to five year contract.they got to stay onboard and the new.owners will let run it into the ground.or they'll fight with the new owners or.there's things that go on with it you.don't actually get all your money and.you got to still now you become a slave.to the new owner you know you can't come.and go as you used to go yeah but yeah.of course there's some restrictions to.that but it's still worth it yeah so.would want to go if you want to go big.so what do you say the the best the.busiest less risk one is the $350,000.business loan oh that was your secretary.yeah that was super easy even realtors.actually can get it so for you as a.broker you uh your wife can get that.real estate agents can't get those loans.because their salespeople mm-hmm but if.they own their own LLC and like I'm sure.you encourage your real estate agents to.become LLC's and you pay the LLC the LLC.can actually get the loan yeah so what's.better Corp or S Corp or LLC like.depends for agents depends on what.they're doing so LLC's are for asset.protection mm-hmm.corporations for tax planning yeah like.if they're selling if they're just.selling mortgages or selling real estate.so they would most likely in California.is different and you should always talk.to a tax professional and legal counsel.on this stuff but I can tell you what.I've done and what most of the people.that I've advised to do is they set up.LLC tax as an S Corp yeah so you get the.asset protection of LLC but they get the.tax planning and benefits of a.corporation yeah so LLC's taxes s Korps.generally speaking you never want to put.real estate inside of a corporation.because of capital gains you always want.to do that in an LLC but for a sales.person like that LLC taxes and escorts.usually the way to go.yeah and California's got some crazy.laws with the Franchise Tax Board and.again you got talked to a professional.in California yeah.[Music].[Applause].[Music].so let's say if if you have a $80,000.credit card and you're late once and and.then they close that account what's that.what's the best thing to do because then.because then now that now that the.credit card wants you to keep paying it.but you can't use it anymore because.sometimes you know you'll you'll uh.especially people that make more money.they'll use 70 grand and then pay down.pay down fifty use it again pay it off.and use it again but sometimes they'll.just close it well what are you doing.that in that case you pay it you know.you can get I've seen this many many.times with my entrepreneurs where they.rely on that on cash flow and they got.hit where the bank you know they paid it.off and then the bank closes it and they.were planning on using that for next.month yeah.for whatever purchases but if you missed.a payment and they closed it on you or.if they just closed it then you just.keep on making payments on it it's not.really it's not really detrimental to.your personal credit if it's a closed.account versus an open account with.balances that really doesn't apply much.in the algorithm it does a little bit.but it's not something like you know.your credit score is gonna take fifty.points because they closed a credit card.on you and generally that doesn't happen.with those type of limits now if you got.brand-new credit and they closed your.brand spanking new credit card yeah that.could actually be very detrimental to.your credit score but in your scenario.you asked about an $80,000 credit limit.that's not somebody that's got brand new.credit yeah you know so it's most likely.there's not gonna be any hit whatsoever.you just keep making the payment and.what I would say depending on interest.rates and everything else is is a.business owner that credit card just.went to the back of the list that credit.card is now making minimum payments and.you're conserving your cash for future.business purchases or future credit.cards to make sure that those the cards.that you're going to need to use they're.staying open and.yeah accessible and let's just say.somebody already went into collection.now they have like an $80,000 collection.what do you do then now that it's in.collection what's the best case about.like how can you help people with that.yeah so I looked at one the other day.the guy had $100,000 credit card almost.almost the same scenario with one.exception and that was that he wasn't.late so he had $100,000 American Express.card American Express decided that they.were just gonna close the account and.they demanded full payment because it.was a platinum card from the Platinum.cards the payments are due in full when.the American Express says they're doing.full it's usually within 28 days but.Amex on this this client actually said.we want all our money tomorrow yeah and.and we're closing your account and so.this entrepreneur just said well if.you're gonna close my account I'm not.gonna pay you so they got in that pissy.match yeah I did go to collections and.that hundred thousand dollar credit card.now is with a collection company called.nationwide and nationwide is offering.him a settlement of like $38,000 so to.answer your question what should that.person do I would try to negotiate.something in the collection company.because there's one of two things if you.pay $100,000 back to Amex or whoever.generally you can get back in their good.graces and you get back to the rewards.but in this person's case he probably.will never get $60,000 worth of rewards.or free flights mm-hmm and so I told him.man worked out a payment plan on that 38.grand and pay off the collection company.you know pay him three grand a month for.the next 12 months or whatever and then.then you go and you dispute it with my.company and we get the late payments and.the collections and all that stuff.deleted because the collection companies.and the banks almost always screw up.somewhere with their reporting in fact.today we have the Federal Trade.Commission and the CFPB had an.eight-hour hearing in Washington DC on.the inaccuracies of credit report so.it's very common for them to make a.mistake my company looks for those.mistakes.and then we get the item permanently and.legally deleted from the credit report.so I would say work out a payment.arrangement with the collection company.yeah.and then move on now if you is there.Ezra is there gonna be like are you.gonna be like on the black list with.American Express like if you like it's.it's gonna be off the credit you're.gonna be let's say you pay off the.collection a company but then let's say.in a year when you have a 785 score.again can you go back to Amex and.telling me I want to open up another.Platinum Card you can go back and say.you want to open it up they're gonna ask.you for money they're gonna say no but.here's a beautiful thing this is.business credit yeah this is not.personal credit so you don't let's just.say it was you yeah you don't go out ask.him you have silh go and ask him yeah.you have your CFO go and ask them you.have your receptionist go ask them and.so the way it works with business credit.is after twelve months so I could go and.have our camera guy I could put him on.right now is our CFO yeah he could apply.for American Express Platinum through my.company they're gonna look at his.personal social he's gonna do a personal.guarantee and in twelve months as long.as we make the payments on time we can.remove him as the primary or responsible.party and put someone else on there and.so that removes him from it puts you.back on it and now you got the credit.card.so with personal credit no you can't do.this but with business credit you just.assigned a new CEO so this is after.twelve months after twelve months yeah.and it could be this it could be under.the same corporation or the same County.and you just have to have somebody else.or start another company you know go to.what go on line yeah and set up a new.LLC in Wyoming a new marketing company.in Wyoming which you don't have to file.tax returns they're still gotta do your.federal and then put your mom or your.dad on as a CFO and founder of the.company now you build business credit.under the Wyoming LLC and you're up and.right is there something special about.marketing because they know a lot of.people put marketing for their.corporation that or business it's just.easy that's it yeah it's easy I.generally will if you purchase my.business credit course or went to any of.my business credit building.programs or seminars I'd always tell you.do management services versus marketing.but most people don't know what.management services is and most banks.don't either it's kind of like the.catch-all phrase Bain Capital for.example Mitt Romney's company is a.management services company they provide.services and management to other.companies yeah so marketing management.services you just want to stay out of.the restricted high-risk like real.estate construction seminar business.those are gonna raise some red flags so.you stay in the marketing consulting.management services so for example for.me or for let's say like a grant cardone.type of guy and they're they're doing.seminars what what's the best the best.thing they could do for to get credit.for the seminars and because I know it's.a high risk and I've been having.problems with like to the county yeah.like I we have like 10 of them then 3 3.cancel us to new wants to prove us now.they want to hold 25 percent 10% someone.to charge more someone to see you know.the statements and all that stuff so.like what what Stephanie and you know.about what's the best way to go up yeah.merchant accounts I mean I I'm I know.this pretty damn well cuz I want a.credit repair company and I was on the.restricted list for several years not me.personally but the industry yeah and it.wasn't not it wasn't because the.industry it was because of the clients.our clients generally do a lot of charge.backs and so you gotta be really careful.with this if you lie they're gonna keep.all of your money so when a lot of.people will do again is they'll do the.management services they'll do the.consulting but if you're running it.through seminar stuff you gotta run it.seminars and you got to pay the 25%.reserves yeah or you got to find a.company that doesn't care and there's a.few of them out there.but to to recommend what you should do I.mean it a lot of these guys for example.our taste syndicate I'm a member of our.yeah they are not registered as a.seminar business they're a consulting.company and I can't remember.the name of the LLC that shows up on my.on my statement for my membership dues.but they're not under seminars yeah it's.a membership type thing kind of like.your your life speed VT yeah you know.you're driven driven Academy driven.Academy right that's not a seminar.business that is an educational business.so you get your merchant account under.that now you can sell tickets to other.educational events but here's the thing.to that albert is if you go from not.processing anything to a million dollars.in a week or a month yeah there's gonna.be problems yeah and so you got to.slowly build that up or you have to get.with a merchant provider and you say.look we're gonna launch we're gonna do.250 our first month we're gonna do 500.our sec months so they know that upfront.yeah if you try to sneak through under.books books and marked whatever books.and products under Amazon and you go.from a 997 product to a $19,000 product.yeah they're gonna shut you down they're.gonna be amp your money and that's the.worst thing you got I mean that's a big.problem yeah what about like a.consulting business so I have five.different companies one is a consulting.and mentoring business and again my.merchant account provider knows that my.average ticket is $5,000 yeah so if you.go and say in the beginning my average.ticket is you know my credit I own.credit mojo com our average ticket is 25.bucks if I tried running a $5,000.purchase through credit mojo that would.immediately get blocked they'd probably.freeze my entire account and shut down I.have thousands of members I probably.lose all of that so you got to be really.really careful with that and you just.tell him upfront.our average tickets $5,000 and what's.gonna happen is you're gonna have bigger.reserves but here's the thing with the.reserves Albert you get that money back.it takes a year but you can start.applying for it to get some of that.coming back after your year yeah it's.kind of like a savings account it's.literally that's what it is it's a.forced savings account that you don't.get interest on and if you have any.charge backs there has.to give it back to you but they control.it but yeah it's a savings account you.know I don't know how many hundreds of.thousands of dollars I have in my.savings account yeah yeah but it's there.and the cool thing is if you shut down.it's cool and it's bad on the same thing.if you shut down the merchant account.six months to a year later you can get.your money back the bad thing is you got.to shut down the merchant account to get.your money back.mm-hmm you know because they're always.gonna hold generally what they're doing.is they're holding 25 percent or 10.percent in my case is 10 percent they're.holding that until you reach a certain.limit and that limit is what you're.processing on a monthly basis if you.have a growing company then every month.you process more and more like in my.case and like in your case with driven.Academy they always are holding more.money but if you go and you have.established business in doing 50 grand a.month and every month you're doing 50.grand.once your reserves hit 50 grand they.don't hold it any more.yeah but when you're growing and that's.one of the growing pains they're gonna.hold ten or twenty five or fifty percent.or a hundred percent I've seen them.literally I had a merchant account they.wanted to hold a hundred percent for six.months obviously I didn't sign a.contract on that one to use it yeah but.there are people are desperate.so let's say if you have a hundred.thousand there and you want to get it.back if you close the account or are.they required to give it back to you.required yes but in your contracts.somewhere I've never found it but.somewhere in there says they can hold it.indefinitely well really generally you.get it back after six months of zero.chargebacks but what I've found is.there's always a mysterious charge back.that happens at like month five in three.weeks in six days even though the bank.won't let you do a charge back after 90.days there's just mysteriously a charge.back you don't know who you can't.contest it and now they get another six.months before they give you back your.money.so is it legit I don't think so I think.it's the bank doing it but you know.that's the thing is banks.the reason that we have so many laws.governing bangs yeah for example in the.credit space there are hundreds of laws.that regulate the banks and the reason.why is because the government knows the.bank's play by their own rules and it.used to be the wild wild west like it is.in business credit in business credit.there are no rules they can do whatever.the hell they want to do in the personal.credit space they're regulated which is.how we're able to get late payments and.charge offs and collections and.bankruptcies and foreclosures short.sales tax liens judgments removed from.credit reports is cuz the law say what.they have to do yeah.but the banks break the law every day.yeah which which leads me to my next.question like how is your company.fortress credit different from all the.other credit companies that fixed credit.cuz I I use some in the past and they.weren't that professional yeah like they.would charge monthly fees and then six.months would go by and we're still.working on that we're still working and.then I would refer clients and same.thing and it was just like I was kind of.looking bad and then clients were.complaining to me I know you don't.charge you have a different way of.charging than how you fixed credit right.yeah so what makes us different than.everybody else is we get paid for.success the other companies get paid for.practice we're America's first paid on.results so if someone comes to us you.refer someone to us they don't actually.pay us anything unless we deliver a.result if they have a credit report a.real credit report we can do a free.consultation based on that report if.they don't we will pull one on our own.it's 25 bucks for three Bureau seven.year report which is 25 bucks is cheap.for a three Bureau report you know you.pull thousands of reports they're.expensive.at that point if they hire us they can.pay us 25 bucks to get started that's.pace for their audit we're gonna do the.audit and then build them later for it.and then in ten days we're gonna check.their credit after we send out our.dispute letters ten days later we check.their credit if we deleted a collection.or an account with late payments or.bankruptcy then we build them $125 if we.didn't delete anything there is no.invoice a month goes by we pull their.credit again if we deleted something we.sent him invoice didn't delete anything.we don't get paid.so all of these big companies out there.your Lexington laws you're blue skies.your credit pros your KC's there's so.many of them out there they get paid to.practice we get paid for results and.it's a lot like you if I come to you and.I want to use your real estate company.to sell my house how much do I pay you.to try to sell my house you pay me until.I sell it I don't pay you anything.unless you sell it right if I want you.to do a loan for me how much money do.you make.trying to get me alone nothing nothing.we do the same thing and this is our.biggest hurdle is explaining this to our.clients because they have been.hoodwinked they're convinced that you.have to pay someone to try can you.imagine this in real estate.if the Realtors say you have to pay me a.thousand dollars a month why I try to.sell your house yeah how hard would and.you know this how lazy most real estate.agents are how hard do you think a real.estate agent would work if they got paid.a monthly fee for trying to sell your.home yeah they wouldn't work at all that.that's why I mean that that makes sense.why the these credit companies just take.month after month after month and no.results yeah and with us we get paid for.performance we get paid for the deletion.we don't want to take months we want to.take minutes two hours two weeks because.the faster just like in real estate just.like with your real estate company or.mortgage company the faster you sell.that house the more money you make now.you make the same amount of money but.it's less effort yeah we want to fix.everything in that first couple days.that you're with us and then bill you.later and sometimes it can be expensive.if you're if you have twenty thirty.collections at a hundred bucks a piece.it's gonna get expensive so we allow our.clients to pay us back at twenty-five.bucks a week so let's say let's say.Danny for example has three credit cards.mm-hmm.Chase Bank America and Amex and he has.one 30-day late on each of those of.those three cards that's gonna affect.him a lot on his FICO score right yes.and like realistically how much would it.cost and how much would it how long.would it take for that to get resolved.so he's late on all three credit cards.yeah 30 30 days late on all three of.them so it's gonna be we charge per.count not per late payment so if we had.one late payment or a hundred late.payments it's still 125 bucks if it's a.major credit card it's gonna be on all.three bureaus so it cost him basically.three hundred seventy-five dollars per.account so it cost him a little bit over.a thousand bucks to get that removal but.he doesn't have to pay anything until.it's removed correct he would not pay he.pays us an audit fee of $200 for the.audit yeah and we used to not do the.audit fee and you know what happened we.had thousands of people hire us and.never pay us because they gave us.nothing like they just wanted to see if.it would work and we'd literally call.him say hey we just deleted everything.like oh I didn't think this was.gonna work I don't have any money and so.now we charge of a flat fee of $200 for.the audit fee they can pay that at 25.bucks a week if they don't have the.money right now and then on the after 90.days if we don't like if Danny hired us.would be $25 for the credit report $200.for his audit in 90 days we didn't.delete anything we'd give them back the.200 bucks for the audit plus the 25.bucks for the credit report so we give.him back all of his money and we give.them the extra 100 bucks because we.failed and we will do that out of the.thousands of clients at higher s we.probably refund one a month yeah it's.maybe 10 a year I don't know it's so.little that I never I'm not even.notified of it there's going they refund.it it's done now these lates been recent.like recently - I obviously chased Bank.of America there those are gonna be on.all three right Experian Equifax most.likely they will be like how long more.or less does it take to remove a late I.recently it really depends on Bank the.time of the year so.as of this recording this is December.right before Christmas right now is the.best time to fix your credit because.people are in Christmas mode they're on.vacation they're you know they're.calling in sick they don't want to be at.work so the Christmas time of the year.it's easier to get people's credit fixed.January is easy come April May it's.gonna get a lot harder because that's.going into the home purchasing months.but so I've deleted bankruptcies in as.little as twenty one days I've deleted.late payments in a little of 72 hours.and then sometimes it's taken me six.seven months to get something deleted.how do you delete a bankruptcy it's the.same way we get everything else deleted.the Fair Credit Reporting Act states.that if the credit bureaus report an.item on a credit report they have to.follow the rules yeah and most credit.bureaus do not follow the rules when it.comes to bankruptcies and what's the.percentages of a mistake that creditors.made hundred percent really one hundred.percent of all credit reports have.mistakes.one hundred percent Mike my credit.report has mistakes on it here's a great.example your credit card so we were.talking about Danny's Bank of America.credit card yeah how many numbers in his.account number it's 16 mm-hmm if it's a.Visa it starts with a four if it's a.MasterCard starts with a five American.Express starts with a three okay these.are the rules mm-hmm American Express.has 15 digits in an account number.Visa Mastercard Discover have 16 digits.yeah when you look at a credit report.and you've looked at thousands of credit.reports do you ever see a full 16 digit.account number.never never why because the bank's say.they don't want to put all that.information on there the Fair Credit.Reporting says if you report it has to.have an accurate verifiable account.number not the last four but what you.see on a credit report is almost the.last almost always the last four or five.digits or the beginning four yeah.capital one there's millions of Capital.One credit cards out there they all.start with 4 1 4 7 millions of them so.can you see how millions of credit cards.can get merged.and 77% of all identity theft that our.government says is a fastest-growing.crime in America 77% is because the.credit bureaus merged someone else's.files together because it's a portion of.the number so how do we get it deleted.it doesn't have the full 16 digit.account number if it doesn't have a 16.digit account number they can't legally.report it yeah they can't legally report.it they can't legally leave the late.payment on there and so what we do is we.will ask them why are you not reporting.the full account number if you can't.report the full account number how can I.trust you the late payments correct I.don't think it is please fix the late.payment or delete the account so those.delete it.they don't you now have a legal right to.sue that that Bank.so what's easier delete it or now deal.with the lawsuit yeah and I'm sure if.this is not the case there's a bunch of.other mistakes hundreds of long yeah.hundreds of other things we're looking.at dates open next time we look at a.credit report look across the board.Equifax will have one open date Experian.TransUnion will have a completely.different date Equifax will say one.balance Experian TransUnion will say.something completely different.they'll have everything's different on.them and what people don't realize is.the credit bureaus are in competition.with each other.it's like Ford General Motors and Dodge.you know those are the big three car.manufacturers in America we got Equifax.TransUnion Experian they are competing.against each other they're trying to.take market share from each other and.whatever they can do to save money and.make more money they're gonna do it.including cutting quarters on how they.report well so that's how we can get.stuff delete like bankruptcy so let's.say if you have a Bank of America card.and you have a 30 day late and you.remove it now is Bank America internally.still gonna have that 30 day late on.their record or is it or and it just.comes off like correct yeah thank you.America will still have that 30 day late.record on theirs as will the credit.bureaus it's just it will not be on your.consumer disclosure otherwise known as a.credit report mm-hmm it won't be on the.credit report so your potential.creditors your future creditors can't.see it.Bank of America knows.there it's kind of like a car if you go.getting a little fender-bender and you.don't tell the insurance company and you.pay cash to fix it you know got it auto.body shop knows insurance company.doesn't Carfax doesn't know but it still.exists and when you look at the car it.still it looks clean for the potential.buyer but you know that you had a little.snafu in the bumper yeah right so that's.how the credit reports work can I give.you cheat on your girl and she just.stays quiet and doesn't say anything.yeah she knows and the dude you cheated.on with yeah yeah.so yes it's kinda like that they know.but no the future doesn't mean now.future cutters now what's easier to take.off old stuff or new stuff where is it.decide well most of the time to answer.that question it's gonna be old stuff.more than 6 months old but that's not.always the case.generally it's old stuff and it could be.the other thing is a lot of these credit.card companies they make so much money I.mean we run hundreds of thousands of.dollars a year through our credit card.if I had a late payment because.something happened and I'm running.hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.through a credit card and I could call.up American Express and say look I know.it's late can you just remove the late.payment they're gonna say well according.to Fair Credit Reporting Act we got a.report accurate information bla bla bla.no so I know you got a report it.accurately but there's no law that says.you have to report it so could you just.like remove the data and that's why.you'll see no data or nd on these credit.reports no data that month mmm horribly.blank that's what happened they missed a.payment they called up and they removed.the data they're not reporting it was.paid and they're not reporting it was.late yeah so sometimes that happens on.the new stuff if you have a good.relationship with your credit card.company and then on the old stuff let's.say it's a collection company and it's.been sold three four times it's like.your car driven your prostitutes you've.used it over and over.over again nobody knows who owns that.prostitute anymore.yeah and so it makes it difficult to get.it removed but there's nothing on a.credit report that can't be removed.nothing yeah if it's placed on the.credit report it can be taken off the.credit report you know if you put your.shirt on you can take your shirt off.yeah right eventually it will fall off.on its own so if you put a shirt on you.never take it off as in the credit.report after seven years it'll wear out.and will fall off yeah you know and.that's how it works with with credit.reporting if you if they put it on they.can take it off it's just whether you.can force them to take it off now.personal credit compared versus business.credit what's what should you use each.for and what's the what are the pros and.cons of each so business credit is using.your business port your business profile.for business credit so when you have a.legitimate business you are issued.what's called an EIN number yeah.your employer identification number it's.the exact same amount of numbers as your.social security number the only.difference is it's your social security.numbers three digits and then a dash on.the ein number it's two digits and then.a dash that's your social security.number that is your what you use to.build business credit and your Dunn and.Bradstreet number which is the largest.business credit reporting software out.there Agency so anything.business-related you really should be.using your business credit the average.credit card right now on personal is.according bank rate.com is five thousand.dollar credit limit the average for a.business credit card is thirty thousand.dollars what would you rather have a.$5,000 personal credit card trying to.pay your marketing expenses or thirty.thousand dollar business credit the.other advantage to business credit is it.doesn't show up on your personal credit.yeah so if you maxed out your business.credit card your credit score your.business credit score goes up if you max.out a personal credit card your personal.credit score goes down so you should.always try to use business credit for.business-related purchases and personal.credit for personal can you commingle.yeah.if you get audited you could get in some.trouble there so if you're using.personal credit cards to pay for.business expenses like 85% of business.owners do separate it if you're a Bank.of America credit card is a personal.name and use it for business.don't put personal expenses on it just.leave it for business the IRS doesn't.care who's the personal guarantee or.guarantor they just want to make sure.that it's separated back to the whole.thing with your naam and I'm gonna go.there you just want to keep everything.separate business on one personal on the.other one yeah so for business credit.cards what are the top the top two you.recommend for somebody that's starting a.business can somebody apply for let's.say somebody with decent credit and.they're thinking about starting a small.company can should they is there two top.credit cards that you recommend for them.to apply for yeah the the one I'd.recommend most for business owners would.be the the American Express Platinum the.reason I like any of the American.Express series are great for business.owners if you are a business owner that.travels a lot then I'd recommend the.Platinum because of the benefits I.posted this the other day as in Miami.yesterday the line was insane I bet it.was a two hour long line to get through.that or through TSA I have TSA PreCheck.I just strolled on through you know it's.really cool in Miami right now I don't.know if lax has got this do you have to.show your boarding pass good TSA any.more.no at LAX or not not today.you just gave your driver's license yeah.yeah yeah they scanned it mm-hmm.so but because of that have TSA because.of American Express paid for that I just.scrolled right on through then I went to.American Airlines club and I had dinner.for free I had some drinks for free so.if you travel I like to use American.Express Platinum Chase has some great.Chase Sapphire has some great business.cards Bank of America has some good.cards there's lots of them out there.but for the most part any of the.American Express Series cards work good.for business especially like the plum.all of those are good which one's the.best the best B of a card for business I.don't know yeah I mean beg for America's.got all their owns I don't know which.one's better yeah they're all about the.same yeah I'll give you one for one the.nice thing with the slate cards you can.get two for one and then there's a there.is a chase car it's a chase slate you.get four for one on marketing yeah so if.you're buying a lot of Facebook ads like.we spend a lot of money on Facebook you.get four points for every dollar you.spend in marketing and this is what adds.up fast okay you know if you spend I.have a friend right now spend about.three million dollars a month in.marketing fair he's getting 12 million.points a month if he was using the chase.garden he's not he's using his merit to.express the nice thing with American.Express is there is no pre spending.limit so there's no credit limit as in.set it's a ten thousand dollar limit.yeah and but they do have a limit.[Applause].[Music].yeah and I have a we have a mutual.friend and you help them get a black.card yeah I like how how hard is that or.what or or is it or is it hard at all or.what do you need it's not hard it's you.know for him it was easy he was spending.about three hundred fifty thousand.dollars a month in marketing and so in.order to get of Centurion card the black.card you have to spend at least 250.grand a month for 12 months you got.spend three million dollars a year and.some type of expense on a platinum card.or you have to have five million dollar.net worth so for him it was easy.he's got the five million dollars net.worth but he wasn't spending he was.spending three hundred thousand a month.three fifty but he was using multiple.different credit cards so all I had to.do with him was just put all of it on.the one card the hard thing was you.can't go from spending fifty grand a.month to three fifty mm-hmm because.American Express I think they had him.captain like a hundred and so I told him.you got to spend a hundred a couple.months later asked for an increase then.he spent two hundred and then he asked.for an increase then they they.ultimately raised him up to a million.dollars his pre spending limit and then.he spent like 350 a month and then once.that 12 months hit they he applied for.the Centurion card and he got it yeah.unless you do a lot of traveling the.Centurion card is really not worth it in.that in his case he does a lot of.traveling and so it's totally worth it.because it's like a seventy five hundred.dollar annual fee it was fifteen.thousand but I think they dropped into.seventy five hundred and the reason it's.worth it if you travel a lot is you.immediately get the elite status and all.the airlines all the hotels so like for.example I have elite status with.Marriott yeah when I go to Marriott I.booked the cheapest room I can possibly.get Marriott calm and when I check in I.ask for a suite and I almost always get.a suite and I don't pay for the suite so.I'll pay eighty bucks a night and I get.a $500 a night.sweet just like the Ritz when I were two.driven the first time yeah I paid the.cheapest room and I got a huge-ass suite.that night because I'm on the Ritz.Carlton's I don't even know what my.status is with them but they upgraded me.for me so that's some of the advantages.of these business credit cards they.don't show up on your personal credit.they generally have much higher credit.limits the more you use them the higher.your score goes and then you get a lot.of rewards and stuff yeah now I have a.few more things before we finish it but.uh I remember you said once that uh let.me ask you about this first three.million dollar limit that you could get.on credit card sigh I've heard this uh.this kid talk about about he makes it.seem so easy.yeah but he's telling everybody even I.was interested because because I was I.think it was like two years ago or a.year and a half ago I was doing my self.improvement in the morning listening to.a podcast it's 3:00 a.m. 4:00 a.m. and.I'm listening and then this kid saying.you could I could help you get a three.million dollar limit I have a three.million dollar limit I'm seventeen or.eighteen and-and-and three million.dollars I opened this business and then.blah blah blah I'm like wait a minute.three minutes I could use another three.million bucks so like is that is the how.do you do that so here's the deal with.him almost all of the stuff he's.authorized users yeah and I have a.friend a personal friend that I like to.have dinner with not just some dude that.I know on Facebook like a real friend he.has over fifteen thousand credit cards.yeah fifteen thousand credit cards.that's his business is putting so if you.want a hundred thousand dollar credit.limit I could text him right now you're.social and in 30 days you're gonna have.a hundred thousand dollar credit limit.credit card on your credit report as an.authorized user that's how this kid did.it mm-hmm.my grandson has fifty thousand dollar.credit limits he's eight years old how.because they're my credit cards Yeah.right you should put your girls on your.credit cards so when they turn eighteen.they'll have 18 years of credit history.and that's all it's going on with him is.most of his credit cards he's authorized.users on them which just means he has.access to the points he has access to.use them.he's not legally responsible to make the.payments how does that world work in the.business credit world here's how it.works you have let's say your debt held.your debt sixty and actually 71 so you.still working no no no good credit I'm.assuming good credit right yeah so let's.say that he was hard up for money mm-hmm.I could come to your dad and say look I.will give you five thousand dollars a.year to access your credit report all.you have to do is sign a couple.applications here and there and now he's.getting five thousand dollars for just.let me use his credit file and then I.take that and I sell it to people and.they're called authorized user accounts.and so that's how that world works as.this kid could literally go into a.retirement community mm-hmm and offer.everybody in their five thousand dollars.and the next thing you know he's got all.of these credit cards that's one way.they do it the second way does it inside.his course cuz he sells a course on how.to do all this a few minutes into it.he's literally telling you how to commit.a felony and I've watched it and I was.like I'm out at this point because it is.it's big big jail time because it's bank.fraud.sometimes it's fraud against the US.government sometimes it's wire wire.fraud because it's going via the.internet they could get you for tax.evasion when you lie cuz he will tell.you to put you make X amount of dollars.down so there's a lot of fraud stuff.going on in as application so it's.really scary yeah which is why I tell.people do not buy his program and if you.bought it don't follow as if there's.good information but there's some bad.stuff in there too.but on how does it even benefit you.though if you if you're getting.authorized user accounts because if you.get an authorized user account you now.have access to that card so you get all.the points and all the rewards it's just.you're not legally respawn but you can't.but you kept but you can't use those.limits right yeah yeah cuz you get a.credit card yeah like if I put you on.one of my credit cards as an authorized.user you're gonna get a credit card in.the mail but that's gonna swipe but.that's not like it makes it makes it.seem like he's gonna create three.million dollars so like it let's say if.you.you put me on the $300,000 a credit.limit card and I use it it's not really.my money it's like you put it and I.could use it but it's but I'm really.taking your money like it's not like I.created three million dollars that I.could use that's my money well if you.think about it this way.Bill Gates yeah the credit cards are not.the Microsoft credit cards Bill Gates.never signed an application when his CFO.did it Bill Gates is an authorized user.on every credit card through Microsoft.that so Microsoft is responsible for him.the CFO signed the personal guarantee.not Bill Gates and that's all he's doing.it he's getting elderly people to sign.up as a CFO for that that company hmm.and so he's using it through their their.social security number they're doing the.personal guarantee but if he gets a late.on those does it hurt other people yes.oh that is the scary part and depending.on if they want to or not they could be.legally responsible for everything this.what not if they want or not they are.legally responsible for everything this.kid spends yeah so if he goes out max.the mountain and there's a way that he's.doing this and I'm not gonna share it on.the podcast cuz as part of my business.credit program with gift cards how you.use a credit card you do certain things.which then you can rack up unlimited.points fly all over the world for free.like he's doing and it doesn't really.cost you anything yeah cuz of the way.the reward cards work and guards work.awesome so that there's another really.clear thing that I wanted to ask you.about because I know you mentioned it.before you I heard it that even if you.have no late and because you said lates.and collections are only a certain.percentage of your credit score that it.also like if you have cards that are.maxed out and even though you have no.lates know collections it affects your.credit maybe more and sometimes you.could of like let's say if you have a if.you have like a three hundred thousand.dollar credit limit card that's paid off.that you've added to clients or things.like that none of you want yes so 35% of.your credit score's based on payment.history yeah.65% of your credit score has nothing to.with payment history what people don't.realize when they look at that FICO pie.chart the five five things that matter.the most important thing on a credit.report and credit score is credit cards.and how you use the credit cards how.long you've had the credit cards how.much you owe on the credit cards whether.you make payments on time whether you.don't make payments sometimes it's all.credit cards mm-hmm and so that's why.people without credit cards will never.have good credit they can have fair.credit but they're never gonna have a.seven forty or higher credit score and I.say never as in it might take them 30.years to do something I could do in.three to four months with a credit card.and so how much you owe in proportion to.what your credit limit is could be more.impactful to your credit score than a.30-day late and the reason why is FICO.is trying to predict the future of you.having a major derogatory item over the.next 24 months so is someone who has.maxed out credit cards more likely to.have a 38 than someone who only has one.percent utilization rate it's kind of.like the teenager that curfews at.midnight and he shows up at 11:59 versus.the other teenager shows up at 10:30.who's more likely to be late 11:59.teenager or 10:30 10 teenager 11:59.guess they're pushing it to the very.limit and so what FICO will do is they.look at it like that credit cards maxed.out every single month there's a high.likelihood they're gonna miss a payment.and they just maxed on another credit.card let's lower their credit score and.so they'll lower your credit score until.you pay that card down and that can hit.you hundreds of points because you now.go from a low risk score card and.there's over 4,000 different score cards.into a high risk score card yeah and the.way score cards work is their bell.curves so the traditional FICO score is.300 to 850 the real score is 400 to 800.because you've looked at thousands of.credit reports have you ever seen an 850.credit score.No No you've seen a few over 800 yeah.but not very many most number between.400 and 800 yeah that's the real number.well that's let's say that's the highest.score card you can get and that's where.you were and then you maxed out your.credit cards they're gonna move you out.of that score card to a 400 to 750 so if.you do everything right the most you can.get to 750 and then you max out another.credit card now you drop down to 720 and.this is where people that have never.missed a payment like the gentleman that.was in here earlier never missed a.payment and he had a low low 600 credit.so why because he constantly buys cars.and flips them and he had every single.one of his credit cards were maxed out.why were they maxed out because they.were small little 200 300 500 ollar.credit limit cards that he was using his.business credit for the big purchases.and the little credit cards was first.wife to go grocery shopping on and so.all I had to do was I got him to stop.buying cars and flipping them and his.personal name him started doing it.through the business and then get some.high limit credit cards he got a couple.credit cards at $20,000 and now he's an.800 that's all we did with him so how.you use your credit card is very very.important you want to do whatever you.can do to not make not miss a payment.and sometimes that means skipping rent.paying your rent late paint or electric.bill late but you got to make those.minimum credit card payments mm-hmm.because it's better to pay a late fee.meant to your landlord than it is have a.late payment for the next seven years.and then happen to hire me to clean it.up for you later yeah because you.mentioned you mentioned also that.there's 400 different credit score.calculator 4000 different score cards.yeah because I've noticed some sometimes.you run it under a mortgage credit.report and it's like 700 and then.Capital One says you're like at 560 yeah.and then like everything's there all.that was the mortgage credit report is a.mortgage model yeah Capital One is a.credit card model the car dealers car.dealership has a different model yeah.and then inside those models or lots of.different models it's kind of like at.the carnival you have all those little.gets and you throw a little ping-pong.and you try to get it in a different.bucket and levels from one bucket to the.next and that's what we call them.they're just buckets yeah and it could.be it could be that one credit cards one.month old and maxed out that puts you in.this bucket it's one month old and a.bankruptcy with that PO in this bucket.bankruptcy with the new late payment.that put you in that bucket and it's.because FICO is trying to predict the.future over the next 24 months and they.are extremely accurate yeah and this.explains because one time I had I think.I had like a 700 something credit score.in my mortgage report and I was like.really confident I went to a car.dealership they ran it and they said I.had like a 580 yeah and then I went to.Ferrari yeah and they said I had a 700.something yeah cuz they pulled Ferraris.gonna pull your consumer score model.which is based on credit cards the car.dealership pulled it based on your car.loan history so I had a friend that I.took down to the dealership she had.never in her entire life ever bought a.new car never had a car loan she had 800.credit scores and credit cards 788 Oh.183 when in she had like a 5 something.credit score.yeah she was completely losing her mind.I'm like Beth it's because you've never.had a car loan yeah you're still going.to get and they still gave her a paper.because they were able to pull her.credit and see that she had a high.credit credit card models but she'd.never had a car loan so she still got a.paper and said again 0% interest she.paid like 1.9 but that's what's happened.is they're using different models so in.your case when you went down to get your.Ferrari they're gonna pull the consumer.score versus a car loan score hmm.because you probably didn't have any car.loans on there for any time period.because you were living in you had your.Ford Explorer right that was your car.one of my first ones here right and so.then I got then I got I got the Maserati.then they got uh the roles that I.financed but that was the highest one I.got so when they got the Ferrari the.first one they asked me for 39,000 down.and my opinion was about 2,100 bucks a.month and they made me put more down.payment because they didn't have a.history of a car that expensive but then.a funny thing is Ferrari doesn't report.yeah the Ferrari payment which is kind.of cool and then when they went back to.get my newer Ferrari they only asked me.for I think five or ten thousand bucks.and it was a more expensive car we could.and exactly and it's because Ferrari has.their own money so they're using their.own money and they don't have to report.now why wouldn't they want to report one.cuz it's expensive in two the people.like you and I that are driving the.Ferraris and other people we don't want.it on our personal credit and where.they're almost all business owners not.always but they don't want it on the.personal credit report so for artists.looks that is our clients don't want it.there and it's expensive to do it so why.even bother doing it and that's the.other thing the Ferrari owners they.generally don't keep the cars forever.right yeah and if you pay off loans.early and that's what happened in this.other guys case every six months he's.buying a new car and if you do that you.will always have low credit scores you.need to go full term with your loans.four to five years on car loans or pay.them down in the way that I teach on how.to pay him down so you're not paying.interest no yeah but with Ferrari owners.they don't have on four or five years.and so they know that when that client.comes in to trade in the Ferrari new one.it's gonna hurt their credit if they pay.off that loan and report it so they just.don't report it yeah yeah interesting.good stuff well well Randy thank you so.much and I'm really excited you said.you're gonna be available January 19 for.the we kept yeah I'll fly in from.British Columbia I'll leave early I'll.leave a dealer really yeah awesome thank.you cuz there's a lot more things that I.want to cover but we've been over an.hour already and I just want to let let.the people know where they could follow.you like your favorite mr. Graham just.Ronde Lambeth are owen di la MBE th it's.really easy I'm the only Ronde on.Instagram so Instagram Facebook Twitter.Linkedin it's all Ron dealing a bit and.also put the information below so thank.you guys thank you Ron D alright thank.you.[Applause].[Music].

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