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Steps of Customizing the 16a Rejection Form

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then i received an email.from cambridge.so you know expectedly i was scrolling.through my phone and then.i clicked on the email i looked at the.first two words of the email it says.thank you and immediately my heart sank.i went to the toilet i locked the door i.silent screamed to myself.and i pinched myself because i didn't.expect that to happen it's something.that i poured my entire heart into.i worked on it the entire year and.cambridge is telling me that i was.rejected on the.sole basis of my personal statement the.one that i've worked for for more than.16 times.and to compare with the law application.in oxford before you get invited for an.interview.in oxford you'll be asked to do the lnet.and so you know if you are rejected for.the interview.you can say that okay you know you.haven't done so well for the ln but for.cambridge.it is literally only the personal.statement that you have submitted and.waiting for them to call you down for.the interview.and also to call you down for the test.so the test and interview are done.together and so it means that i was.rejected on the personal statement.and what i did was to get the landline.in korea.and call cambridge and i thought there.was something wrong with the application.because i thought they might have mixed.up my personal statement for my.humanities political science application.and for the law application i thought.they.might have mixed that up so when i.called cambridge the receptionist told.me that there was no mistake at all.in the application and that you know the.pool was simply too competitive.and that i you know i should accept and.just move on without saying.the whole courier trip was dampened and.i think i was kind of drunk for that.night.and of course getting drunk didn't.really help in any way and before you.know it.i was already in the uk and what was.more insulting was that i actually.booked a five days airbnb stay.in cambridge to prepare for that.interview that i was dead sure i'm.getting.and in the 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and at.least.it is not all for nothing at least my.trip to cambridge.gave me some answer and some closure and.perhaps more importantly.how can i improve on my application and.to know.what exactly i could have done and if.you are watching this video.and if you're rejected at the.pre-interview stage please don't feel.too bad.about it it is normal to feel sad about.it but there is an official.feedback site so you don't actually have.to fly up to cambridge to.you know see the tutor and stuff i only.go there because.i was already in the uk and i was.supposed to meet some friends there so i.thought you know might as well just.visit to the tutor and visit the college.that i would probably never be attending.so fast forward a few months in april.the next year.i received an email about the admission.feedback.so long story short the point is i did.not take a h3.and for my british viewer the h3 subject.in singapore basically is the higher.level of another a-level but it is in no.time.a fixed and 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you want.regardless how hard you try.and even though nvs law is not my first.choice.but i'm very proud and in fact i'm very.happy to have made the decision to stay.in nus law.even though i have had offers from the.london universities because.the people are amazing we have brilliant.teachers in nus law.and i think i have made the right.decision and two years on.after the failed application i moved on.i looked past that and i think it shaped.my character who i am today that i'm a.person who would never leave.any stone unturned if i'm actually.passionate about what i do.what matters to me is that i've tried my.very best nothing else.matters good or bad it is still an.experience.cherish and grow with it so let me know.if you have any questions or comments.about my uk cambridge law application.i'll be most happy to provide you some.feedback and if you want you can just dm.me on instagram.just show me your personal statement and.give a quick comment on that let me also.know what you think about this very.personal video it was quite hard to.produce.but i thought it is important to put it.out there that feeling is okay.that being vulnerable is okay and in.fact it is a normal part of life.and if there's one message to take away.in this video is that.don't stop trying i'll see you in the.next video.

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