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hello everyone today we're going to be.creating the same console game that i.made before.which is an rpg game where you can uh.you encounter an enemy and you get the.ability to select a.attack or a multi-hit to heal yourself.it's like a rpg final fantasy 7.style original final fantasy 7 not the.remake um.where and we're going to do that instead.of inside of windows console where it's.all text-based.uh inside of a windows forms app so.instead of just having the black console.with all the white text we're going to.have a windows form where you have in a.little interactive gui.with buttons um etc.so what i did is i opened the visual.studio 2019.and in the top here after hitting create.a new project i type in forms to see.windows forms app which is the.net.framework.a windows format with a.net core i'm.going to select.net core because that's.the newer one of the two.um what i'm going to be showing you.today will work in either because it's a.basic c sharp so we're going to call.this.the rpg game um.uniforms and we're going to create that.and i already already named it that so.i'm going to put it too.because i was testing it before so the.project is being created.so for this uh first tutorial we're.going to be showing.uh how to create the user interface.which is essentially the windows forms.uh part and then the next session we'll.talk about the code to make it work.so at this point what we want to do is.we want to have a window come up that.displays.the game title and.the a button to start the game once you.hit start game.all the the label output.is going to appear on the screen the.four buttons to attack are going to.appear on the screen.and then you can do um what you want to.do with the attack and such.to put take action inside the game so in.order to do that.we first the project is first started so.over here you'll see.inside here solutions uh with this is.the project that we just made.and it contains one form and then the.program.the program uh file which if you open it.up you will see.it's pretty basic you don't really have.to change this at all this is all.the typical uh.boilerplate code that it makes for you.and this part here.it says application run so it starts the.form.1 application or file which is over here.form one file so in that form one file.you'll see if you open.this down here you got the form1.cs.which opens up this designer view and so.in this form.if we click on this form right here like.like inside the form designer we click.on the form let me say form a lot.and during this um we go over here to.the lower right you'll see properties.now properties allows you to change.certain things on the form.so for example the text property on this.form is form one.which we can see in the upper left here.it says form one here so we're going to.change that.to say rpg game win forms.so now you'll see up here in the upper.left when we run this program.it's going to say rpg game win forms so.i'm going to hit f5 on my keyboard.which is the equivalent of hitting the.play button up here.and we're going to launch the.application.so this is just from file new project it.doesn't necessarily do anything right.now so it's just going to appear.on the screen and you can see how it.looks.so here's the the application it's got.my title here.you can expand it shrink it and close it.so we're gonna close it so for now i'm.going to leave it.the size of this and i'm going to add in.a label so in the upper left over here.you'll see tool box.if you click on that it'll expand the.toolbox of items that you can add.into a windows form now if i click off.of it it collapses.so i'm going to hit this little pin icon.here to pin.the toolbox here so i can just easily.drag and drop here.so i'm going to go see like here we you.can have all windows forms.but i'm opening up common windows forms.right now and i'm gonna grab a label.and drag it on to the windows form so i.can see this is a label and this is.where you would put text.so i'm going to place it here and go to.the text property of the label.i'm going to change this to say rpg game.when we'll say windows forms.and then we're going to go here to the.font property.and i'm going to click on the little.dots over here.to change the font size because i want.this to be a little bit bigger.so i'm going to change it to 24 make it.a little bigger.and we got that right there we have the.windows uh.form title i want to have a part where i.can display.the uh output of the game so.if you remember from the windows console.game uh you entered your name.and then you encountered a giant enemy.crab and that's what you fought and all.that stuff was displayed in the screen.we're still going to have that displayed.here so we need.to have a means to display that so here.we have.a text box.yep i can put my text box here now this.text box here.can go left and right can't go up and.down.however in this text box.i want to make it like a text area if.we're thinking of programming i want to.make it be able to go down.so here uh we can set multi-line.property here.instead of false to true in this case.now it could be.expanded like so now if i run this and.you'll be able to see it.it's basically a big text box that.i can type in and.it can go to multiple lines.so that's pretty pretty good we're going.to make it so you can't type into it.but you can read it so it keeps going.down.and you'll notice now when i go.down past these lines i can't scroll up.i can i can drag here and slide up and i.can get there but i can't i can't scroll.there's no scroll bar.i can't really go down and and scroll up.to see what has happened in the past.so we're going to handle that next if.you go over here.to scroll bars i'm going to set that i.only want.to allow scrolling in the vertical sense.i don't want to be able to scroll.horizontally.so at this point i have uh placed the.text box to the left and right it is.it's got the scroll bars now i'm going.to put a start.game button right below it and this is.the button i'm going to want you to hit.when you start the game so start your.game.and this is going to ask you for your.name.and and then i'm going to put four.buttons.um into for your for being able to do.the attacks.attack multi-attack heal and guard which.is what we did in the last tutorial for.uh the console game rpg game however at.this point.i need to before i get to that i need to.show.what kind of like an idea of what we're.doing here.so rpg game windows form what i want to.happen is be able to see this title and.this start game button.and that's it so if i click on this.text box here i'm going to make it so.it's visible property here is true i'm.gonna make that fall so this is not.visible when the.when the app starts and i'm also going.to make it.uh you're unable to type inside of it.and to do that we're going to do that by.setting the read-only property.to true so we set the.rpg game forms text box to read only so.this allows us to only read what's.inside of there but not type anything.so if we run this right now we'll see.that when we start here.the text box is not visible as we set.this to not visible.and if it was visible i would not be.able to type inside of it so now i only.have.the title and start game now.if i go here to start game.i want to make it start game do.something when i.uh click on it so first if i scroll over.here to the properties.you'll see here the name property.is button one now whatever this name is.allows us to refer to that in the code.behind.so if i'm inside this code and i was to.make a just random function.so i'm going to make a private void.test just so i can get auto complete.you'll see button one here.and this allows me to refer to that.button in the code.behind so now i'm going to change that.to something that i can better know.so typically in windows forms in order.to easily find or.type what you're looking for you want to.follow a certain naming standard.so for example in this case if i.have all my buttons i'm going to put btn.like button short and then i'm going to.say start game.so in this case whenever i come back.here in the designer.i can always say like button start game.or whatever and then if i want to handle.the label.lb for label and i could do something.like that um.to to refer to it now if i double click.it inside of here.it's going to automatically create.excuse me i'm going to delete this real.quick.it's going to automatically create a.function here button start game click.which is going to get called when the.start button is clicked.so in this case we're going to load up.the new form.that is going to be a modal form on top.of.our current page which allows us to type.in our name.and we're not going to let you continue.the game until you enter the name.so uh before we do that we're going.before we type anything code wise here.we're going to have to create a new form.so i'm going to right click here say add.and then new windows form.and i'm going to say this is name form.so name form is now displaying here i.want this form to be a lot smaller.i want this to contain a label which.just says.enter name.i want a text box which is where you're.going to enter your name.and i'm going to align that here.like so and i'm going to have a button.that says submit name.i'm gonna put it here and then shrink.this a little bit just to make it yeah.yep i'm gonna say.submit name.and there we go okay.so right now this uh.this form is called name form.so if i go back over here to the button.start clip when we have this i'm going.to.create an instance of the name form so.i'm going to say.create the form we are.going to load.and this is a name form.equals new i'm going to call this name.form.this new name form so now i'm going to.display this form as a modal.and we're going to do that by saying.name form dot show dialog it's called.dialogue here.because we see as you can see is a.dialogue.uh it shows the form as a modal dialog.box.so if we do this and just to kind of.show we'll come over here to rpg game.forms we'll load it up.hit start game and you'll see this form.comes up here.and i can type in my name and hit submit.name right now we haven't don't have it.doing anything so it's not going to do.anything.so i'm going to close that and leave it.here.and then just to kind of show something.real quick if we hit start game.since this is a modal form that requires.this to be back here i can't click back.here.because you have to handle this before.you can interact with this again.so i have to close this before i can.close the application here.so here we're going to make the minimize.maximize and control box disappear so if.you see here control box.will determine whether or not this has a.control box at the top we can remove.that.which makes all this option disappear.but you also want to.make it so you can't minimize or.maximize the box so here.minimize box if the false maximize box.set the false.i missed on this one so now you'll see.when i start the game.or the application i come here and i.have to enter the name and submit i.can't.i can't shrink minimize or anything like.that.which right now i it doesn't do anything.so it breaks so for this.name submit name i'm going to get this.button call i'll call i'm going to say.button submit.name and this button submit name.allows me to access this button and then.for this text box i'm going to say.text name and this is how i'm going to.refer to.the text box that has your name so.when i double click this submit name i.get button submit name click.i'm going to check if the player.supplied a name.so we're going to say if string that is.no or empty.or in this null or right space i'm going.to say text.name dot text which is what gets filled.in when you type it in.and so if it is given then we're going.to.the name was given pass.it back to the caller form.else the.name was not entered.and then now we're going to alert to.user so now.i do not have any label here to display.any errors so here i'm going to put a.label in between.uh right below here and we're going to.remove the text on this label but.actually before i do that i'm going to.go over here to.uh font color i believe it's four color.here.and i'm going to make it custom i'm.going to make it red.so it's going to have a red red error.text.and we're gonna call this label error.text.or i'll just say label error and then.this is it visible we're gonna set it to.false.because i don't want to see it on the.screen.so if we go back here we're going to say.label error.we're going to make it visible again.so we can see it we're going to set the.error text to be.no name was provided.please enter one to.continue.and uh that will make it show this.visible text here and it will set this.text here.um we also want to make it so that.uh if you come into this uh application.that we hide the the text.make the text hidden.for the error enable error.visible equals false.so basically we're going to come in.every single time we click it we're.going to hide the error because now.we're going to check now.to make sure is it okay and then if not.we'll put it otherwise we're going to.hit it.and while it's processing the the the.name it's going to come up and be like.yo.you've you got an error that's if you.entered it first and you were wrong and.then you put in afterwards.so now we're going to pass it back to.the caller form so in order to do this.we have not.set this up exactly yet so we're going.to do that now this public name form.this is the constructor where it.initializes the component.we're going to add something in here.where we're going to pass in the.form one and we're going to call this.caller form.so now this this application this form.cannot be made without being passing in.a form one caller form we're going to.create a private variable.that's a a private variable to this.class.of a form one and we're going to call.this the.caller so i'm going to.save the reference to the caller.and that's basically our caller.equals the color form that we're passing.in so this this uh.private variable here is inside of class.and for every instance of this class.right here.we're going to have whoever was called.saved so since it's here i can access it.in this function.i can access it in this function any.function in this class that's saved.so when this constructor gets called i'm.saving the one that was passed in.into the one that i'm saving for this.guy because well after i leave.these squiggly brackets this caller form.is not.available to me anymore.so i'm saving it so it is so.you'll see now that i get an error.message uh which.involves the fact that i.uh did not i created this constructor.now and it needs.uh the caller form now this i'm inside.form one and i'm inside this class like.this is the class that i.am that i want to return and in this.case.i'm saying this a lot and that's spoiler.alert.if you use the word this the keyword.this which comes up blue.you're referring to the class that i'm.currently in is what i want to pass in.so i'm passing in this.instance of form 1 into this.so i've just now passed in into this.constructor.this caller form which is the main game.and saving it here.so at this point now i can now do.do stuff with that caller form so in.that caller form.i'm going to create a private variable.here.and it's going to be a string it's going.to be a player name.so when this starts it's empty.so now uh over here in the player name i.mean inside here we're going to call the.caller.and we're going to say player name oops.hold on this has to be public.so this is kind of an example of the.whole public private thing that i.discussed in the previous tutorials.if this is public other classes can.access it this private only.ins you can only access it it's in.between these squiggly bars but since.it's public now i can access it.out here so caller.player name equals.text text.dot trim and what trim does is if there.if i typed in david's space base base.base.like five spaces afterwards let's just.say four four spaces afterwards.uh david fourth floor spaces would be my.name but i want to get rid of.the spaces at the end so by saying trim.it cuts out all white spaces so it.literally just has david.if this text here was null then this.would crash.and it would say give you a null.reference but since i already checked.right here if.text name is not null with not.no then i can use trim because i know.that this is not null.so now i've just assigned the player's.name and now i'm going to.close this form.so this dot close which will close this.form.okay so at this point.this form right here has a has a player.name but it is not set.so if i hit start game uh and i hit.submit name.it says no names provided please enter.one to continue.i probably need to just shrinked out.that please enter to continue.um so now i'm going to enter david.submit name.and as you see it goes it goes away and.it was set inside the code.so as mentioned i'm going to just shrink.this to make it.look a little better okay.so at this point we have successfully.asked the player's name.by creating new modal window and now.we're going to.uh display this.uh form now i want to have buttons.a container so here over here for.containers i can have.a table layout panel i'm going to put.that right here and this will allows me.to lay out.a table and.what that means is it's it's a table and.the fact that it's.it's laying out things in rows and.columns so this is just a container this.isn't isn't going to show up on the.screen.if i run this right now which i'll run.it right now you'll see it's empty i.mean it's cutting off the.start game because it it's gone up it a.little bit so i'm gonna i'm gonna shrink.this down a little.or expand this i guess and we're gonna.we're gonna move this down.and we're gonna put this right there.um yep and then i'm going to bring this.back up.about there i think that's good now in.here i'm going to put.four buttons inside of this container.but but and now this button.is going to be button attack.button attack the text on it it's going.to be attack.we're going to uh click on the.uh container here that i have i'm going.to shrink this down here and we're going.to make this.not visible when we start and then.therefore.when you when you open it you'll see all.the buttons.will be gone so it's not visible when.the.game starts so we have to get this name.this container i'm going to call this.um table layout so table layout.uh actions container.and this way now so when i go back to.befo i set the player's name and before.i close it i'm going to start showing.these things.so i'm going to say display the game.controls.and hide the start game button.so at this point i'm going to try to.access the button start game.so i say button start game you'll see.it's not coming up.why is it not coming up because this is.made by the windows form system these.buttons are private to.to this so i can't access it so to get.around this.i'm going to create a public function.that does nothing i'm going to say.uh start game.and when this gets called i'm going to.start the game and in here i'm going to.pass in the string for the player name.and i'm going to change this back to.private so we're doing this a little.differently.now from the way i had it before because.this way it allows us to.compartmentalize things better in in the.form.so here private player name cannot be.set externally.but we can call start game so start game.you pass in the player's name.so here i'm going to just say.uh let's start the game.in the caller form so i'm going to say.caller.start game i'm going to pass in.the name.uh text trim.so now this is all set and i never.really have to touch this again.uh we're gonna touch it one more time.but but i'm just saying for code wise.um so here in start game.i'm going to assign the player name.so here the player name equals player.name.and then we're going to.uh just display.the game controls and hide.the start button so now we can say.button start game.not visible equals false.the table layout actioncontainer.visible.equals true.which makes all the button appears and.now we want to text.i i don't think i actually gave this one.name before so this guy.is going to be our textbox.game log.so xbox game log.visible equals true.so what this does now is going to hide.the buggy uh.hide the start button display these.buttons and.uh displayed this visible form and i.also uh i should finish setting up these.buttons here just so you.remember what they were before the multi.from the previous game.multi attack so i'm going to say.button multi attack.uh button heel.heel this is button guard.so now when we start.you should see when you enter the game.going to submit no name is provided i'm.going to say david.submit name start game disappears i have.the.form i can click on here but i can't.type and i got attack guard.multi and heal so uh.yeah everything's everything's coming up.pretty pretty decently.um one thing that i don't.particularly like is over here when i.hit start game.and i get to this here i'm going to type.in david and i'm going to hit enter.and nothing's happening um this is just.a little pet peeve of mine i just for.speed i kind of like the ability to.to make it do things programming it.nothing is.most of the stuff you're going to do is.not.already given to you which is kind of.interesting to me because i never really.occurred to me that.people really have to program every.single component of a program.like for here i hit the enter key it.doesn't know that it wants me when i hit.the enter key when i'm focused on this.box.that i want to submit that.name form like you have to say.everything like like if i wanted to.make control c be a command to do.something in this application i don't.have to program that.like like nothing's really necessarily.giving you just it doesn't assume that.oh.you want to hit enter so that makes it.submit this form.it doesn't know that so in order to do.that.i'm going to solve this we're gonna go.back to our name form.and inside the constructor.i'm going to create a event um for.on key down for the text box.so uh create a key down.event for when a key.is pressed in the text box.so here we got the text box name.um i gotta call a text.yeah text name um so so just saying.i just realized that i've been.calling it this one here i have the text.boxes txt and the other one i have it as.tv so technically i'm not even following.my own name conventions.but don't do that make sure you follow.the right naming convention so actually.just to fix that.we're going to go over back to.i'm here we're going to change this.instead of being a tb game log we're.going to change it to.text game log and it should.automatically go through the code and.change every part.that has that already and fix it.so here we're going to go to our key.down event.which you can see is an event because of.the uh lightning bolt.and we're going to subscribe to that so.in order to.add yourself to an event you have to hit.plus and then equals.so you're signing the the function on.the right.uh to the key down event and now i'm.going to make an anonymous function.inside uh the code right here.and that's going to take in the sender.and args which is typical for an event.and we're going to do this so i'm gonna.i'm gonna have to go back over this.because this is new syntax that i've.been showing you guys yet.so everything inside these squigglies is.going to be the code that runs.when the key down is pressed so every.single time i type this like david.d this code's gonna run a this code is.gonna run v.this code is gonna run i'm gonna hit.space bar this code is gonna run.etc so i'm going to check.if the key that is pressed is the enter.key.so here in the arguments that are giving.us we check the key code.and we're checking if the keys are enter.the enter key and if so we're going to.uh click the submit.name button so button submit name.dot uh i think this is perform click yes.perform click.okay so.going going back to the beginning if we.go back here.to events on or click on the text box.here you can see over here on the right.these are properties.that's here and then we have events if i.click on events.it shows me what events i have access to.so i can.i can click here and then make.um make a whole new event and name it.here and hit enter and it would make it.for me.but i did it in line but you can see.that.when the controls added you can have.something code run when a dock is.changed and when you double click it.something happen when you.drag something on it so in this case.we've added a function.for the key down event which is here.so occurs when a key is first pressed.then you can have it.when it's uh presses and releases key it.keys up.um when it means my key down it's like.so so you have the key.if you push it down it's like that.counts and then up.means you released and then the key came.up and then pressed would be.while it's down so so a key down.if i if i held d it would only happen.once but if i said keep press and it.held d.it's like d d d d d d it would continue.so that's like.if you're making a game and you're doing.like wasd to move.you would do a key press for w to track.if you want to keep moving.your character forward because if you.just did key down move him forward then.he would just move forward once.and then and then he wouldn't move so.you need like key press and then he's.like move forward forward because it.keeps reading the wwe.so if we go back here that's how i.figured out key down.is an event that's allowed you could.also just hit dot here and go through.the.cycle by events here and see what events.are available.if you like the code code approach and.then here.we have uh.the as explained before this is how you.subscribe to an event.so if you want to make an anonymous.function you can.make parentheses here to show what gets.passed into the function.then you show this this is called a.lambda uh.expression as you can see if i put my.mouse over it.uh which is equals in this and this says.everything.past this is the function that.uh takes these parameters then you put.the squiggly squiggly to say that.everything inside of here is that.function.and and then away you go so this is.technically the equivalent of what you.see here.private void and if i made a function.name the object is the sender.and then it has the arguments that are.passed in here which is the key event.ours.i'm just doing this shorthand so it's.it's all created kind of for me in line.because i didn't want to make this whole.new function.i has to type it all out and it's for.something that's so simple it's.literally just this if statement.so to kind of show that now if i come.here.and hit that code was run it's not enter.so it didn't do anything blah blah blah.but if i now hit the enter key it hit.the submit button and loaded it up.so now the last thing i'm going to show.for today.is that the.screen or the or the the view here.can be stretched and opened.and expanded and this this form.is not expanding with the screen.so i specifically made this uh.um table table out here because i.the table layout can can uh auto size.we're gonna set it to auto size.and here for for each button.i'm going to have it uh.where it's dock here i'm going to have.it dock.in the center of its container so by.doing that it's going to.fill by hitting this middle part we're.saying fill.it's going to fill every part of the.container it's in.so by here doc and we're going to say.fill.by hitting the center heel.uh doc center.and guard dock center.now this table container layout here we.want to have it so.i have this table container has as.anchor here we want to anchor it to the.right and bottom so we want to have this.anchored to the top of the form the left.of the form the right of the form in the.bottom of the form so when.either of those expand this is going to.expand with it.and then for the table view the last.thing we have to set is this auto size.mode.we're going to have instead of grow only.we're gonna have it grow and shrink.because we can you know expand or.shrink the view here so if i start this.now.you will see that this will.after i start the game if i expand this.it kind of proportionately grows since i.had it from the top here.it's going to proportionately take that.same amount of space.and attach the left and the right and.the bottom.and uh so you can see it kind of like.grows the buttons there and then shrinks.eventually if you go too small it's not.it can't fit in the screen so.you're kind of out of it at that point.but last thing we're going to do.is we're going to do that for the same.thing for for this.and and the win forms here so for the.text box we're going to click here we're.going to set the anchors.to be the uh all all four of them.they were already set up just clicking.them to kind of show so all four.here and then when i start this.you will now see that when i start the.game.this will now expand whoop with the game.so to conclude uh the first.lesson on windows forms where we just.display the actual forms part and the.next part will implement the code of the.game console game which will be very.similar to what we wrote for the.console game before um we have.the windows form which says rpg game.windows form.we it's blank hit start game we can.enter our name.so here i'm going to say david hit enter.and we now have the game.log here and then the attack.multi-attack.guard and heal button uh once we.so next uh time we'll work on making.attack.attack multi-attack guard heal we're.gonna hit this as opposed to.typing in one two three or four inside.of a console we're gonna click these.buttons here.do the same thing you're gonna see you.know we'll attach giant henry crabb.and big boss and then we'll end up.finding out who is victorious.and you'll see that most of the code.since the way we wrote it last time was.kind of compartmentalized into class we.should be able to just take most of this.game loop.and just stick it right back on here and.then instead of just writing those.console out.right lines out to the screen we're just.going to write it out to.this text box and it's essentially going.to be.perfect 101 code because you can kind of.if you if you write your code good.in a way that it it makes sense just as.a as a code base like.as functions and it does certain tasks.you can easily just move it to different.platforms and just like oh i want to.attach that result to this label.or i want to attach that result to this.this part and then.then you're good so thank you all for.watching and i will see you.in the next video.you.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Ss4444 Form online

An all comprising solution for signing Ss4444 Form is something any business can benefit from. CocoSign has found a way to develop a simple, acceptable-cost, and unassailable online system that you can use.

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Then you just need to finish the document signing and have it ready to be sent. The next step is up to you. You can forward the form to the receiver.CocoSign makes all the aspects of signing an electronic document easy and functional.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Ss4444 Form in Chrome

Chrome is probably the most liked browser lately, and it's no wonder. It has all the features, integrations and extensions you can call for. It's extremely useful to have all the tools you use available, due to the browser extensions.

Therefore, CocoSign has go alone with Chrome, so you can just go to the Web Store to get the extension. Then, you can sign your form directly in the browser. These are a few simple points to lead you through the signing process:

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After following the guide, you can either foward the document or share it to as many recipients as you need.

You will Hit on that CocoSign has made efforts to make your Chrome signing experience as satisying and glad as possible, by adding a wide range of handy features, like merging PDF files, adding multiple signers, and so on.

How to create an electronic signature for the Ss4444 Form in Gmail?

Email is the important way to hand over documents lately, and going paperless has a lot of edges, speed being the main one. You can sign a document and have your partner receive it quickly.

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How to create an e-signature for the Ss4444 Form straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are so evolved lately, that you can deploying them for anything what you can do on your laptop and PC. That's why more and more people are operate business from these mobile devices, saving even more time.

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All these points won't take long time duration, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant edge of CocoSign is that it's fitting with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal alternative, and it flexibles workflow, it's legal.

How to create an e-signature for the Ss4444 Form on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a device with iOS system is not at all tough. You can sign the Ss4444 Form on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will Hit on the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to use CocoSign.

These are the elements you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Include the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
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After completing, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and forward it. As long as you have a qualified internet connection, you can sign and send documents quickly.

How to create an electronic signature for the Ss4444 Form on Android?

iOS has countless of users, there's no doubt of that, but most cell users have an Android operating system. To satisfy the needs, CocoSign has developed the system, especially for Android users.

You can obtain the app on Play Market, install it, and you should start signing documents. These are the points to sign a form on your Android device:

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To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your others quickly. CocoSign is the best way to sign countless docs every day, all at a low cost. It's time to forget all about signing documents physically and keep it all electronic.

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