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Tdec Notice Of Termination Form : Customize, Finish and forward

[Music].and welcome back employment hour and 30.your first time joining us while we're.here to talk about employment law your.workplace rights and severance and your.boss maybe you are the boss all kinds of.what we're chock-full of information.every week on this show you want to.reach out 185 5/8 to 150 900 it is a.help at employment lawyers' ei lots to.get through in the show today including.working notice of termination what you.need to know we'll get to that and the.severance pay calculator all in good.time my friend but first we always start.with the other wait that was Lee or.what's going on pal I spoke a lot of.people that heard the show this past.week and they saw the show heard us on.radio were all over the place and they.told me I help them not which was great.I love doing that I like the good.feedback I like the fact that people.hear the show and that they connect to.it they remind them of something that.they may be going through or at least.gives them some hope that there are.solution to workplace problems and that.is the theme of the show there are.solutions there are always solutions to.workplace problems sometimes they're.simple sometimes they're not but they're.there so we're here to talk about those.solutions how to solve workplace.problems how to recognize your rights.how to make sure that your rights are.always protected that's what the name of.the game is so we'll talk about that on.this show on every show and I always.like to start off John for those that I.have not seen us before a week there was.a situation came across my desk and this.is from a someone that seen us our show.last week right here and it was a very.close call from that was the first time.they saw the show they had been let go.the Wednesday before they saw a show on.the weekend and they had a severance.offer in front of them and that offer.was set to expire that Monday day this.if this person had worked for the.company for five and a half years in a.fairly senior role and he was off for.ten weeks of pay two weeks per year - he.didn't think it was fabulous but he.thought it was over hey it was good.enough it was normal so he had actually.signed the letter it hadn't sent it in.yet he was going to send it in on the.hooker then watches our show learns.about the severance pay calculator.dot-com website and uses it and realizes.his holes are oh I'm owed eight months.pay eight months pay so he calls me on.that on the Monday.and he says the or is that right they.might really owed this amount of money I.was literally just about to send over my.acceptance for my ten weeks severance.offer I said yes it's right don't send.that in and he's not and I'm working.with him right now to get him his full.severance but this was a close call.and you know I it's because he saw the.show but because we're trying to provide.that information to people and the.reason John he was going to accept that.is there so many misconceptions when it.comes to termination of employment if.you lose your job you're gonna ask.around what am i owed a lot of people.are gonna tell you it's a week's pay per.your service it's two weeks pay per year.service that is wrong it's not even.close we'll talk about that on this show.like we do on every show but thankfully.for him and mint he was old much more.for most people most people when they're.let go there a lot more than what.they've been offered usually can be two.three five times even more so don't ever.sign without getting some advice don't.assume don't be worried about that that.deadline on that severance offer if you.do you'll find out when it's too late.they can't do anything about it you did.mention there though you mentioned the.the expiration was about to go off on.that severance letter can I assume he.waited two years or this is an.expiration date that means absolutely.nothing.oh no the severance deadline was they're.gonna expire on Monday said we're gonna.offer you ten weeks to accept that you.have to sign by Monday so no he had.plenty of time my god it was not nowhere.near just let go a few days earlier but.he thought okay better accept that.they're asking me to sign this by Monday.and by the way every severance letter.every severance Keller has a deadline.and I'm sitting here right on on TV.telling you you can ignore that deadline.that deadline is meaningless your legal.rights don't expire Friday at five.Monday at five you have two years to.pursue those rights get advice go to.severance pay calculator calm like this.person did John eight months pay instead.of ten weeks come on employment our TVC.that is the website you go to to find.where you can catch our radio show that.we'd be doing for about seven years lots.of phone calls on the show we got some.of the good ones.we played them back here and we dissect.him on the TV shows over to the first.call of the day right now I worked for a.financial institution as a commission.sales person for fourteen years I was.asked to leave the firm it was somewhat.of a political thing now.there was no severance there was nothing.that was offered at all it was just.thanks very much off you go is that.something that I might be entitled to.receive something they considered you to.be quote unquote an independent.contractor yes that was their.interpretation how long ago when did.this happen.but seventeen months ago mmm few things.to unpack there oh ski was asked to go.so right off the bat if you're asked to.go the answer should always be no thanks.I'm not leaving why because if you don't.want to go why should you be resigning.let the company let you go so that don't.avoid paying you severance so right off.the bat but here's the interesting thing.he worked there for fourteen years I.think he said and he says that over that.period of time it was an independent.contractor no you do not work somewhere.for fourteen years and be an independent.contractor it doesn't work that way if.you're there for fourteen years for four.years for that matter you are an.employee in the eyes of the law so he.was let go he didn't quit they told him.to go and because he was an employee not.an independent contractor he's owed.severance this is a common situation.people are misclassified I spoke to.someone recently were his employer.decided to all of a sudden or overnight.just to turn them into an independent.contractor it doesn't work that way.doesn't matter what you call yourself.your if you have a job you are an.employee's as simple as that.so we know he's been let go we know he's.an employee.he's own severance despite what this.employer may think so to find out how.much severance I've already alluded to.it let's plug the information into.severance pay calculator calm to see.what he's owed you can see that on the.screen right there he's in a sales role.he's been there for fourteen years.remember he's an employee not an.independent contractor I picked the navy.that say he's 47 years old he wasn't.paid any severance all because he's an.independent contractor of course he's.not.well the severance pay calculator com.correctly assesses them as being old 14.to 16 months of pay now depending on.what his income is that could easily be.into the six figures that he is owed.it's as simple as that it took me.seconds to to do that so remember as.well if you're having a regular job you.have a regular job you've had for a.while it doesn't matter if you have your.own company it doesn't matter if the.company calls in you an independent.contractor believes you're an.independent contractor the law decides.what you are and you're an employee now.we just mentioned a few min.to go that you can generally ignore.deadlines on severance offers but he did.say seventeen months ago so was the.clock ticking on him thankfully it's.still time you have two years to pursue.your entitlement so if this was instead.of 17 months if this was 24 months in a.day he'd be out of time right so.thankfully he called he called me and.this is an older called we got a few.weeks ago on our radio show and I have.since spoken with this person I'm.helping him I'm working with him but.thankfully he called me on time if he'd.called me a few months later it would.have been too late and he could have.walked away from six figures worth of.severance employment our t v-- dicey.again is the website you want to go to.find out all things about this show and.to find a radio show call number two.right now my wife works for used to be a.large company in Canada but now I'm.downsized she's been there for 25 years.the company that she's worked for has.been sold off to a third party and she.now has the option of being part of that.third party or just being let go.completely so we're trying to sort of.figure out the option 25 years one time.long long time so so very important.question this happens often in a sale of.a business most people that have a job.for a long period of time at some point.during the course of their employment.they're gonna experience the sale of a.business when the company changes.ownership so in support to know what.that means so if your business is being.sold and you're offered a job by the.buyer if you accept that job your.seniority carries through so that's very.important because if you're let go by.this buyer down the road the severance.they have to pay you is gonna account.for your full entitlements for your full.years of service so you're not losing.anything now if you're not offered a job.of course that's a termination your own.severance but even in the situations.when you're offered a job if that job is.different maybe it's less pay or a.lesser role maybe they're gonna relocate.you as part of this sale well in that.situation you don't have to accept it.and you're still are terminated in our.own severance full service full.severance finally the last thing I'll.say is if despite the fact you've been.offered a job and it's the same job if.you decide not to accept that job from.the buyer you're still gonna get your.severance just not your full severance.you're gonna get your minimum severance.which depending on the situation could.be as little as two weeks pay per year.of service but.either way you're gonna get severance so.you have to decide what's best for you.but remember if you accept a job with.the buyer your seniority carries through.so on day one on day 1 with this buyer.you have full credit for the service you.had with the previous company two quick.things who pays the servants the buyer.or the seller number one number two if.you do decide do not sign a contract.that would limit that correct absolutely.so if you're not accepting a job with.the buyer then your employment is.terminated by the seller so the seller.pays you severance if you do accept the.job with the seller and at some point.they let you go that company has to pay.you severance but to your point which is.an excellent one if you're going to.accept the job with with the buyer and.they offer you an employment agreement.the written document to sign you want to.pay close attention you want to make.sure there's nothing in that document.that limits your future severance that.eliminates your past service because if.there is you're taking a huge risk.bottom line though any time you're.offered an employment agreement to sign.be very careful if you're not sure what.it means or what it does.contact me send it over to me I'll be.happy to look at it help an employment.lawyer see a one eighty five five eight.to one fifty nine hundred as mentioned.earlier the topic for today everything.you need to know about working notice of.termination.the first question off the top is the.obvious what is working notice of.termination.so working notice is usually something.an employee may not be to found of fond.of I should say and and what I what I.mean by working notice is a situation.where you've been told that your.employment is being terminated but it's.not now its terminated in the future a.month two months six months and for that.period of time though you're gonna.continue working so we call it working.notice because the employers is gonna.make you work for that period of time.that notice period usually employees are.not gonna be too happy simply because if.I know I'm not gonna be here I'd rather.just have a clean break and leave now.and get my severance one thing we want.to talk about for people to understand.is that that notice John that notice.that you get whether it's two months six.months does count towards your severance.so we want to people to understand how.that works what happens and what your.rights are if you get working notice.well you kind of you kind of alluded to.it there what if the employee hears.about this coming down the pike is this.huh I don't want to continue working.here what do they do well especially if.you've got long notice can you imagine.being told we're letting you go but.twelve months from now.and the meantime you're gonna continue.working now the problem is this the.problem is if you simply say I don't.want to do it I'm leaving you can do.that but you're gonna forego your.severance because you're quitting so a.better approach may be to go to your.employer and simply engage them in a.discussion.it's the employer I'm gonna be very.uncomfortable continuing to work for the.next six months 12 months because you.know I know I'm leaving everyone's gonna.know I'm leaving so how about we have a.clean break right now how about I leave.you pay me some severance and we work it.out this way so you're engaged your.employer in that discussion and many.employers are going to be reasonable and.accommodating if your employer refuses.no we're not changing it you've got.working notice at that point if you do.leave before your last day you forego.your severance trunk does the employer.have to pay additional severance at the.end of the notice period or it depends.right it does depend so remember that.notice that you got counts towards your.severance so if you're out 18 months.notice and you got five months sorry if.you have 18 months of severance and.you've got five months of notice that.five months counts towards your 18.months of severance which means at the.end of that notice you're still all the.difference in that example 13 months so.in most cases most cases if your.employer lets you go with appropriate.notice they would still owe some.severance on the back end okay so very.important and if you leave before that.severance is paid if you leave before.your last day you give up on that.severance so how much severance do they.get I mean does it does a combination of.say working notice and severance change.the math or it's still through the.calculator it's still through the.calculator so to find out it's again the.main factors to decide how much you.wrote if your let go based on your age.position and length of employment and.the easiest way we've talked about that.we'll talk about it again severance pay.calculator comp so if when you use a.severance pay calculator com website for.example if it tells you your own twelve.months severance if you get 12 months of.notice then the employers complied with.its obligations if you only got three.months of notice then they have to pay.with the difference the balance as.payment as severance so the same factors.apply just remember the notice the.working notice does count towards your.severance talk to you on the broad.strokes of working notice and what it.all means how about while you're still.working during the notice period can.your employer.change the terms of employment at all so.remember the general rule is your.employer does not have a right to change.your employment or to change the terms.because if they do that could be a.constructive dismissal same thing that.happens in the same thing applies during.their working notice period so just.because they gave you notice of.termination does not mean that they can.change your job does not mean that.during that period they can give you.different responsibilities pay you less.if they do you don't have to continue.working if they do you can treat that as.a constructive dismissal right away and.leave which your severance so the same.rules apply can't change the terms of.employment regular whether it's regular.time or during the working notice period.within that notice period can an.employee be constructively dismissed or.terminated for cause so same rules apply.so if you do something bad during that.period of time then yes you could be.terminated for cars remember it's very.very difficult to terminate for cause.it's the death penalty of the employment.relationship but if you do something.that bad you can't be terminated for.cause what your employer cannot do is.find the reason to try to push you out.to come up with some excuse to say that.it has cars to try to trip you or to to.manipulate you and to and in putting you.in a situation where now they say that's.cause the same rules apply employment.laws apply in the exact same way whether.you're working regularly or you're.during the working notice period coming.up can the employer refuse to pay you.overtime we'll tell you all about that.we'll get to that and the severance pay.calculator after we take a short break.one eighty five five eight to one fifty.nine hundred employment hour and thirty.stick around come right back.[Music].you lost your job they only gave you two.weeks of severance per year worked but.where can you find out what you're.really owed I'm going to severance pay.calculator comm find out how much your.road right now severance pay calculator.com insurance companies deny long term.disability claims all the time they give.lots of excuses don't give up I seen it.all they've ignored your doctors they've.ignored you you're angry and you're.frustrated but there's hope we resolve.disability claims all the time we.forcing sure's to pay what they owe.we're in your corner call Savannah and.his team one eight five five eight to.one fifty nine hundred or go to in your.corner dot CA you lost your job they.said they had a good reason.but you think you've been wrongfully.dismissed now what are you going to do.I'm going to employment lawyer dot CA.always check with the employment lawyer.first at employment lawyer dot CA.[Music].and welcome back to employment our in 30.John Scoles Lee or Sam theory one eight.five five eight to 150 nine hundred if.you want to reach out anytime employment.our t v-- CA is well we've talked about.it in the first seventh and we always.kick off the second segment with the.severance pay calculator severance pay.calculator calm we have to talk about it.because it saved so many people.severance it's it helped people preserve.their rights and help people and make.sure that their don't lose money that.they're legally owed so very simple.severance pay calculator calm grab your.smartphone grab your tablet your desktop.whatever you want and go there right now.because it allows you to find out the.value of your entitlements what you're.owed if you lost your job now you may.think well I haven't lost my job but.it's not good information to have.maybe there's a change coming and.oftentimes you're not gonna expect it at.least you know you're armed with that.information it's free it's anonymous.it's easy to use you can't put in a.credit card number you don't you know.ask for your name or the company's name.simply go to severance pay calculator.comm and when you're done there takes.you seconds you'll find out whether.you're owed six months pay 24 months pay.anything else in between and definitely.if you're staring at that severance.letter you're reading it they've offered.you something is it good is it not no.need to wonder severance pay calculator.calm if you tell if you know someone.that lost their job tell them to do the.same easy-to-use you'll be happy you did.we could talk about it all morning but.sometimes it's good or all day for that.matter all night but sometimes it's good.just to take it out for a spin and see.how it really works so well we'll run an.example through the calculator 42 year.old Clark worked for a landscaping.company earned $54,000 after two years.he was let go his employer said that.because he worked for less than five.years fewer than five years he wasn't.owed any severance pay is that true if.it isn't how much is he owed yeah well.big misconception we started the show.because of misconceptions we started the.show because there are so many.misconceptions out there they were so.false and because people believe them.they lost entitlements they walked away.from their from their rights and in.terms of this five-year nonsense that's.another misconception the misconception.being that only severance is paid if you.work more than five years know your full.entitlements are paid regardless of.whether you've been there for five years.two years three months any employee that.lost their job has severance.entitlements and usually we're talking.about less than five years short service.employees are treated disproportionately.better than longer service employees so.you may have only worked for two years.two months for that matter you may have.significant termination entitlements but.proof is in the pudding we talked about.it let's see how it works for this.particular person severance pay.calculated our Komets input that.information a laborer working for two.years only 42 years of age salary of.54,000 remember he wasn't paid any.severance his employer said oh you.worked for less than five years nothing.nothing well is that right well you can.see right now on your screen he's out.three months of pay and his salary.that's $13,000 again forget about.nothing he gets three months of pay even.though he's been there for two years.okay and it could even be more than that.so that's how easy it works that's how.simple it is and that's why you should.definitely check it out if you let go.employment our t v-- CA to find a radio.show where we've been broadcasting and.doing that show for over seven years now.telephone calls from it phone call what.number three for this show we're gonna.talk about it after we play it right now.i've worked overtime many times and my.employer refuses to pay me because he.says it's a time management issue and.that i should be completing my work.quicker but i struggled with the work I.feel I'm doing it competently but it's.just taking me longer am I entitled to.overtime that's probably not a common.answer from a boss you're not you're not.handling it yeah you're just not working.hard enough yeah and but by the way I've.seen this happen to variations of this.questions often the employer says no no.I don't want you to work overtime but I.need to work overtime to get my job done.and if I forget my job then you're gonna.be giving me a hard time for not getting.it done so let's be very clear here if.you need to work the overtime hours in.order to get the job done if those hours.are necessary they're not made up you're.not slacking off if those hours are.necessary your employer has to pay you.the overtime it's as simple as that now.that's true by the way John even if the.employer hasn't approved that in fact.it's true even if is the employers asked.you not to do it really well.if the overtime is worked and if it's.legitimate the employer has to pay now.if your employer tells you don't work.overtime and you end up working overtime.anyway that could be a.disciplinary issue but it does not allow.the company to avoid paying you overtime.it's as simple as that.if you work the overtime and if that.offered overtime was necessary to get.the job done it has to be paid and.remember overtime time and a half four.hours over forty four hours a week.generally that's how it's paid same.thing applies to salaried employees I.had a question this week from someone.who was telling me that they never get.overtime because they're on salary.nonsense salaried employees works just.the same hourly salary part-time.full-time forty-four hours a week.anything over that is time and a half.you know if someone's hearing this.they're thinking back well you know what.I've worked a lot of overtime and I've.been paid for it how long can you how.far can you go back to claim it you can.go back two years so that's not bad and.recently I spoke with someone that's for.14 years didn't get paid overtime.unfortunately I can't do anything about.the first twelve but you can go back two.years to collect overtime unpaid wages.on page vacation pay usually certainly.unpaid severance anything you can pretty.much go back two years resignation in.the heat of the moment it happens and.we'll talk about it after a short break.185 five eight two one fifty nine.hundred four hundred thirty continues.don't go anywhere.you were being harassed and when you.said something about it you're the one.who lost your job now what are you gonna.do I'm going to employment lawyers' ei.always check with the employment lawyer.first at employment lawyer dot CA you've.been denied long-term disability you.think you're powerless but you have a.lot more power than you think I'll tell.you a secret it's a numbers game for the.insurance company they're betting on you.walking away from money that they owe.you don't make that mistake we resolve.disability claims all the time we force.insurance to pay what they owe we're in.your corner.call Savannah and his team one eight.five five eight to 159 hundred or go to.in your corner CA you thought you had a.secure job you didn't see it coming now.what do you do I'm going to employment.lawyer CA always check with the.employment lawyer first at employment.lawyer CA.[Music].welcome back to employment hour and 30.John Scoles Leora same fear employment.our t v-- CA the resource to find one of.many radio shows that we've been hosting.and talking about for years and almost.countless phone calls on the show people.they got a note they want the.information so we had cherry picked some.of the good ones and we play them back.here as you know and we discuss so a.phone call number four for the day is.coming up right now my sister she has.over 20 years experience in doing the.job that she's been doing training many.people on the job three end up sugar.replacement the property ended up just.making her life miserable waited we're.in a meeting and she got up out of the.meeting and said I'm out of here when I.tried to cool down came back in in the.afternoon and they said no you quit.think she was there securities 5354.service advisor for car dealership.that's common no no you quit man you.stormed out of here yeah yeah I heard.you say the word I quit no so it doesn't.work that way this is a classic example.of what we call a heat-of-the-moment.resignation a heat-of-the-moment.resignation suggests you're not thinking.clearly you're not acting rationally.you're you're reacting to something bad.that's happened and you've calmed down.and if you've calmed down and you.realize wait a second I didn't really.mean to quit I need this job I actually.like this job you can take that back and.if you take that back your employer has.to allow that to happen and if they.don't allow that to happen John that.becomes a termination so even though.you're the one who said I'm gone you're.the one that said I quit if you take it.back quickly and you can only do that.you know probably within a couple of.days if you take it back - no no here.the moment didn't mean to your employer.won't let you that becomes a termination.the other thing I'll say here is this.clearly this person is being harassed.mistreated I would contact someone over.and above the the over the head of the.person that was mistreating her and tell.them just so you know I was mistreated I.was yelled at I was berated I couldn't.take it so I quit but I don't want to I.don't want to quit then and once you do.that not only do they have to take you.back they also have to deal with the.person that was harassing you.investigate that and take measures.against that person never ever take.harassment as a given that shouldn't.happen you should be always addressing.it internally with the company with HR.if you can't address that internally.talk to me and I'll help you deal with.that.if this boss is insisted of.taking your biases no no I'm not taking.you back doesn't now become a.constructive dismissal it becomes a.regular termination actually so because.she tried to take back heat at the.moment termination and that she wasn't.allowed.she's she's been terminated she's out.seven so let's actually talk about that.separates let's plug that in the.severance pay calculator comm because it.also works in the heat of the moment.type of a situation so in a technical.role six years of service in the age of.54 obviously she didn't get anything.because her employer said she resigned.even though she didn't really severance.pay calculator comm correctly assesses.her as being owed eight months pay eight.months pay whatever income she makes I.don't know it's gonna be a lot of money.so very important lesson to remember.that if you've been put in a situation.where you feel like you have to resign.and it's heat at the moment as long as.you take it back within a couple of days.or so that becomes a termination if your.employer won't let you another good.resource for you anytime to ask some.questions when we're not on the error if.you're tuning in to the radio show.termination questions calm we'll get to.one and I know a lawyer your ally are.you gonna answer it says is a company or.business exempt from paying severance if.they are based in another country yeah.cuz the states would be the puppet the.states and sound oftentimes it could be.Europe you couldn't even be you know in.Asia so no the reality is the laws that.apply are the laws of where you work so.if you work here in this province the.laws of this province are going to apply.doesn't matter if the company is based.out of the US Europe another country.it's not the laws of that country that.apply now some companies may not even.realize that by the way I'm not picking.on Americans but very common with.American companies they think that their.laws that say they're headquartered out.of Delaware that the laws of Delaware.are gonna apply in Ontario nonsense and.some of those employers are gonna have a.bit of a rude awakening oh yeah when.they realize I have to pay how much.severance so remember it's the laws in.Ontario if you're working in Ontario if.it's a laws of BC if you were can be C.those are the laws that apply nothing.else matters and because of that you.also have significant severance.entitlements based on where you work.again termination questions calm we'll.get to another one says I worked at a.company that is going through a tough.financial time our manager just cut all.of our arms back from full-time and she.hinted that she may do so again a month.from now what can we do to stop this.type of treatment.well that's a big problem and that an.employer doesn't have a right to change.the terms of employment to to pay you.less to change your hours even by the.way John if they have a legitimate.business reason of times tough times the.problem is there's no actual way to stop.the employer even though it's illegal.there's no legal mechanism to make them.stop the only thing you can do in that.situation is to choose to treat that as.a constructive dismissal so what you can.do instead of accepting it is you can.say I'm not accepting at and even though.I feel bad for you employer I'm gonna.treat or choose to treat that as a.termination and leave with my severance.that happens very often when an employer.changes the terms of employment even if.there's a good reason and the reason you.want to do that if you're gonna be I.call this the good soldier if you're.gonna be the good soul to take one for.the team and take that pick I take that.reduction in hours you've given the.company the right to do it again and the.next time they do that you won't be able.to do anything about it the next time.they do it it will no longer be a.constructive dismissal so you can feel.bad for the company but this is the one.time where you want to look out for.yourself if your employer changes the.terms of your employment in a.significant way you're making less money.it's a lesser role you've been relocated.whatever it is it's time to consider.treating that as a constructive.dismissal and you only have a very short.window to do that I hope this person.could do it because they said they just.cut it back it she's considering doing.it again a month from now so they got to.get on they got to get on this.absolutely she was right now it's.telling her she's gonna do it again.don't let that happen if your employer.is gonna start changing the terms of.your employment it may be the time to.say I'm leaving I'm not accepting that.I'm gonna take another job if I need to.get me my severance and that's it and.that happens before you quit you'd have.to call me that is full service correct.full severance as you can see any time.on severance pay calculator comm you.don't get a discount or the company.doesn't get a discount just because it.has a good reason or financial.difficulties they still have to by law.pay you the full severance at your own.good for another day thank you for.tuning in please stick around and come.back next time we do the show in the.meantime you'll want to reach out 185.5/8 to 150 900 it is help at employment.lawyers' CA employment our TV Dodge sage.I want to find out where you can catch.our radio show and always always always.you know what bye now go to.principai calculator comm see you next.you next time right here on employment.hour and 30.closed captioning of this program is.brought to you in part by severance pay.calculator comm find out how much you.are owed right now severance pay.calculator comm.

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