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the job a slave go hard to the basket.that body-contact great found that's a.second on fourth already breath so the.big freshman's got too early.nice pass cross lane gets away just a.little bit he goes up high he's gonna.try to finish on that's one go hard to.the hold and you see the demonstrative.Ron slay with his reaction let's get.there make some free throws his.career-high game came at the Carrier.Dome last year at 27 in the wind.relatively easy win by Tennessee on the.road at the.checks in early brides tap started the.game and here's holding in the first.3:45 there was the game from last year.in December.83 to 70 and the guy at the free-throw.line 27 points and 10 boards glass and.even plus three to seven let's go to six.on the rebound bars that's that's huge.number discount points off of those.rebounds even come half of them slaves.got four early half of Tennessee's.points and they lead by six let me show.a little bit of pressure trying to.extend the game a game think they're off.it start or thirty feet of the basket.hostage by Syracuse we're gonna get this.out exactly what they want.for eternal hippie faith by Tennessee.stepping in to help.I don't think they've gotten the shot in.those four trips oh you're right that's.exactly right.Tennessee has controlled the first four.minutes of the ball game.gotta move that ball I consider other.side to side you don't want to rush and.take a shot Serkis will give you peeps.and you'll think it's a good shot it may.not ends up being a therapist I'll have.the tough shot right that was a long.ways out you have to transition here.post up on the baseline and that's good.defense.alright Hayslip just smothered that.thing Tennessee saves it.five turnovers in a row really clogging.that Lane up making it difficult to move.basically goes up makes a nice block.little bit short on the three.one thing they've got to get if they've.got their big kids out shooting.perimeter shots got to get a little help.on that backboard for Ron slay.I snuck under by Shulman thought he was.going to get a shot away the good help.by your bro defensively an alley knock.down a three on the outside it's 20.quest came around Quentin way to come.around the corner they've got a nice.little pick got himself squared up off.the basketball look nice and square good.looking boy good shot there just get the.shot off no defender in front of it.bro Swain backed away from behind by.theists and we got a timeout with 14.minutes and 20 seconds remaining in the.first half.Tennessee off to a good start at home.they lead by three five early Tennessee.with the lead at home we welcome you.back to Thompson Boling Arena big grab.little brat having a good time on a.saturday night no you spend time with.your old teammate Buzz Peterson during.the course of the day we talked about.the top finishers hop Tufts have been on.him under coach.well he's had a tough time he's passed.several games but was very positive.individual and he's going to convey that.he wants to convey that positive image.to his basketball team he believes they.can be a good basketball team by the end.of the season and I agree with him.they're one one ball handler away like I.saying that kids got to come out of this.group he's got he realizes that and once.once someone develops into that that.player that handles the ball expresses.they're gonna be tough that's started.quickly here tonight against the good.Syracuse team.underneath knockout Mouse Bill Vol fall.good shot Brendan front made a nice move.into the basket got into the teeth of.his own was able to get a shot up got it.knocked away but got nice and deep see.three out of seven each team's hit one.three-pointer so far in the ballgame.smart shot does the zone does not extend.out to it sometimes as old as 25 feet.fast you got to take what they give in.the last nine games Tennessee's only.shot about thirty percent from outside.the arc still the seed that comes back.inspector there's a good side as well.I like how far they have surgery.starting their off minutes yeah they're.way out that's the way out here that.takes time to work the ball down working.in Shumpert's not getting the quality.position good shot there's only four on.the shot clock they're gonna have to.hoist one in a hurry.waning got it at the buzzer.he's a talented young man created his.old space I made a nice shot good move.hold and almost threw it away Grindstaff.saves it.hi everyone Syracuse really getting.after the basketball a lot of pressure.in the quarters stay away from the court.is going to get deep they'll trap gets.pass out Grindstaff get himself another.free me he stepped into the gap once.again two three zone their spacing on.the sides gets up a little bit of room.no one came to him defender was late.nice job.he's already on his per game average.Brian staff that is with five points it.is a six point lead which Tennessee's.had three different occasions tonight.over the seventh ranked team in the.country Brad Nessler Brad Doorn again.our ESPN chill on a Saturday night in.Knoxville Tennessee.on the floor before the shot it's gonna.go on holding it will be his first place.tonight.but the Syracuse folks that are here.we're a little darker shade it's the.orange men and the big orange get a 1.orange ties that I've gotten away with.it I didn't Baker who just checked in.lose it back right step almost got.another first attempt the trap in the.corner the Brad was talking about and.seven on the shot clock.three out of the corners quick swings.from side to side get a ball handler.with the ball step into the gaps on the.side around the free-throw line getting.the mental kick out a little open jump.shot nice denial there Toby careless the.faster this is so quick leading the club.and steals a little guy he's got he's.got great footwork gets out a little.beat beat guys you gotta always pay.attention to him gets around the pick.guys knocks it out of their hands good.competitor holding look for the shot.clock has it stripped and coming the.other way Syracuse and going to the.free-throw line will be the guy we just.talked about stats will bring it up.Tennessee leading by six under 12.minutes first half they throw it away.again and it's the issue stolen.on the run now Williams on the break.that just shouldn't happen offensively.for Tennessee I mean you don't leave.your feet didn't look to pass the.basketball it's well the Carmen sends a.basketball take your time.swing your side aside get some cuts go.into middle sent a big screen on someone.if you go down and screen the middle of.the zone it gives an opportunity.somebody to pop out there's always.freedom never lose those feet here's a.three off the mark.battle for the rebound.and the seat comes up with the ball.ranging from most people to master that.is going Stan.big score he's smart he's taken.advantage of what's available he's stuck.into the grooves one time Stefan didn't.get made a shot but an open shot Whitney.the basket from baby shotgun and just.ended up in the the good seats.jumping over the Tennessee bench trial.I've come up with a steal.Tennessee grind it away Jenna's has been.the man so far.he leads the way with seven.four-three is genis grind step in the.ballgame so far got the start tonight.those Peterson says Hayes earns and man.he is taking it and running with it.his Dennis Brown staff having so much.success I'll tell you why when he's.playing hard but he's playing really.smart he's looking for gaps continuous.keep his dribble alive his holes he's.sticking his body in there giving.himself opportunities so what am I.talking about let's see what I'm talking.about here I'm talk about gaps 2-3 zone.or even toning out abound.freeze it right there look at these gaps.on the basketball court even on the.strong side ball side there's a gap all.he's doing is playing off of those.angles defense is gonna be a little bit.late get to him that's fine he's wide.open for three Tennessee doing a nice.job shooting tonight his Grindstaff the.leading scorer with seven and he's.perfect three for three to where he.ducts inside the free-throw line on one.three-pointer part of Tennessee being 6.out of 11 from the floor.we're off to Syracuse come down after.timeout we've had a lot of instruction.come down let's run something we do.every day in practices execute sharp.cuts nice screen could somebody open.whistle it a five-run up williams 15.mister three kept alive though gypsy.fans for box out got a box out the.fences get that fast.got a castles little bit sloppy right.now pregame ceremony will have played.Georgetown's only fitting that it would.be the Georgetown game.obviously quite an honor and I couldn't.be more deserving from anybody other.than Jim been there forever as a player.assistant coach and head souks nice peat.underneath bad Flay's got a chance for a.three-point play good look.great pass inside slated a good job a.given in the middle those one of those.gaps that we talked about posted up go.right in a part of that thing let's look.at this nice pass he's down there.blocking out taking up a lot of space.eating some room there cuz we mill over.the foul nice finish look at slay he's.just hanging around the basket opens up.big and wide takes up some space there's.the foul like a Donovan McNabb pass.there wasn't a lot of space in there to.get that thing in there good Slade.trying to cap the three-point play and.us-iran is the leading scorer as he was.a year ago he's seven points for slay.my staff and slay haven't missed between.them they have 14 of Tennessee's 18.points over at the midway point first.half excellent job coming in give this a.little little fire a little spark.underneath McNeil the mill shows a lot.of a body strength there took two guys.wouldn't be finished he does look like a.tight end he does great upper body on it.young man a lot of strength plays a.little physical basketball that it takes.up some space 6-8 to 57 deal.lobs underneath not a bad-looking play.just couldn't finish Hayslip got a.little too deep couldn't find the.backboard or the rim.Syracuse now with a chance to cut it.down to a two-point ballgame if they.connect.Blainey leaves an empty it is a two.point game and McNeil for the same spot.flushes it again 1860 boy Andy head will.burn come out on him he will boys a.bigger player protein Bale took him into.the lane excellent job heads up stop.probably should it but they do keep it.alive by the time will this clock music.dried stab.I can't call the campus in about 15 BAM.he's just wanted excellent I tell you.what he bought himself that shot by that.little fake it wasn't flashy but it was.effective.he knocks down the three jumper has the.general track yet not at all a good job.keeping the body on the horse he hasn't.scored and I think if somebody would so.buzz they get down and near the.eight-minute mark and Shumpert didn't.have any points you'd say we'll take it.yeah he could quite go he's just not.getting any any space you know he.struggled big-time in the win over Notre.Dame earlier this week 1 on the shot.clock.they got it away and.Wow with two seconds on the shot.that's tough when you play defense a big.job or not give me space.it's another guy y'all bro this a lot of.potential lot of talent and he hasn't.scored either.battle for the rebound sway wanted.Yarborough in place.before the shot says Ted Valentine.I'm gonna go jogger hustling on that.backboard Syracuse has to step in.rebound that ball Tennessee : good job.boxing out gettin em 746 remaining first.half Tennessee hold on they still lead.it here the first half by five.173 Brad hi Dave thank you.here it's 2116 Tennessee with a.five-point lead they have led throughout.Syracuse have the first bucket of the.ball games been all vol since then don't.forget tomorrow morning full log on to.espn.com Brad Nessler and Brad or Lea.thompson-boling arena in Knoxville.there's a lot.that was pretty.great recognizing the bursar is the.least about me and I'll tell you our.biggest lead of the night for the balls.up seven they tried that play from the.other side before as we said he kind of.ran out of real estate and couldn't find.his time underneath for that sound.deal with his good job hits late deep.for hot second day we need to take.advantage today again it's all the way.down to six on the shot clock.reverse layup though put the brakes on.nice job by Deshawn Williams at the shot.clock winding down again 23:18 MC by.five.Tennessee's playing some good basketball.but they cannot shake Syracuse er QC.played the best basketball yeah just.thinking they get hot get moving this.connector ball.bumped as he did show.back-to-back for Tennessee coming up.making things happen.dear Kunz does seem a little sleepy but.I think it's Tennessee's defense more.than anything else maybe and there's a.foul somebody's just lobbing it to you.yeah yeah six and a half to go first.half Tennessee now Joseph's off good.idea.searching said made a lot of out shots.put pressure on Joshua Williams missed.the three they pulled it off the.backside here comes Higgins on the run.Tennessee's what an excellent job on.that Bank just boxing out every.possession that's that's one that's well.talk basketball slay got an open look he.can hit it from there missed that one.though and the rebound comes off the.Thea slate could make that shot.hit a couple big shots from jindo place.who nice drive on the baseline but he.didn't finish.staff gets a rebound in his file joining.with quit waiting with the bass pretty.hard I thought he might've got hit on.the old that's why they're out there.referee pretty easy with the moms right.over here Bernard there's a three that.goes for.because he is lighted up and so is dry.staff those two guys already well over.their nightly averages and Tennessee is.hot they're up 10 John Higgins is coming.off and hit two real big buckets here.pass three possessions nice pass by.Grindstaff once again Dwayne he got.picked down couldn't get around the pick.left Higgins wide open and uh most of.these kids can make those shots and with.as well as Grindstaff has played Higgins.has been able to play some of that to.guard which is a natural spot because he.moved back to the point tonight that.starts again Higgins is a catch and.shoot player that just freeze him up and.brown stuff to handle that rock tomorrow.join ABC Sports for a final round.coverage of the Bob Hope Chrysler time.for Grindstaff hasn't missed he's four.for four and get you two guards working.like that hey you got something going on.will come a little pressure here.way up to try to throw it down that's.nice elevation by the freshman who warg.took off right outside the dotted line.means he was a turtle it is Wow - high.rises right there.Hayes looks a heck of a leap oh those.two guys you had to see that court level.like we did they were up there.Luke patients here but Tennessee hey.take a board to be pass on the night.chip and keep chipping behind the cracks.don't force anything don't take a bad.shot get the clock down get a good shot.in your offense to make it great miss it.you can get up - lets get out - here's a.get out grab that ball - hands on man.and they're gonna get it anyway because.Shumpert.and step down to baseline payslips such.a great leaper wanna see him got two.hands grab that basketball he stands in.one hand it gets away from he could have.finished that part that shot if he.brought it down he's right out of the.basket fresh shot clock now under five.minutes in the half Tennessee with a.nine-point advantage.OOP tastes good patience I like this.looks good for oh nice.I keep paying these hope that's all it.is.sure is.trainer coming out as they help slay up.he's he's one of toughest kids on this.team so I'm just standing back trying to.wait and see if he's hurt he's he's.really hurt I think he tried to make a.jump stop in the in the lane you know he.had injury problems or he of the year he.sat out the first two games and that was.a stress fracture in his right leg and I.think it's his left leg that's bothering.him right now so a stress fracture up.high and is right yeah he got banged yep.you're right bang on that leg and bone.on bone he'll be I think he'll be fine I.hope so yeah he got pop hard that left.leg right there.my pulling pressure on that knee so he.can't stay out there to shoot the free.throws so it's gonna be Brandon crumple.that gonna be okay well they need this.young man he is the part of this.basketball team as you said the.emotional heart - that's right.so krump the red shirt front but goes to.the free-throw live event from the.strike Rose get the rebound off the Miss.and have a jumper like Hayslip knock it.down on the baseline and that's a.11-point lead down good job Tennessee I.got I gotta say hello to cindy pearcy up.in beautiful North Carolina celebrate.the birthday day old home girl up there.in the mountains of North Carolina my.hometown folks coming over from talking.to you before the game buzzes wife is.from your third in Marshall North.Carolina and we're off of Western North.Carolina prettiest prettiest place in.the world and like a wake for you not.too far so we just proved over here.today you saw a lot of home vote nice.nice booth missed it come ask Rita.Higgins any knocks down a tree.they submit a heck of a move.14-point lead over the number 17 in the.country this shows you what Tennessee is.capable of just explosiveness right.there is what they're capable of it it.just springs from Anna block John.Shepard tone Anna charge.everything going well right now for.Tennessee they lead by 14 322 remaining.in the first half a couple of old.teammates ones a broadcaster ones a.coach will look back when we come back.hi Dave 33-19 our score in Knoxville.Tennessee playing a great game so far.for Coach Buzz Peterson who indeed.played with my partner Bratz doll in.North Carolina there they are there's a.I pass a nice look down to Matt Thornton.man good feed brother that was a good.why don't we settle score though oh yeah.there you go.that's what's all about there you go you.gotta shoot got a suit nice little sweet.charm from 15 I said you never missed.from the free-throw line that one was in.the normal flow of the game and the kid.223 kid went play where he shot way too.much yeah he did wouldn't pass ball shot.all the shots but he's guy you won't you.yeah that's true and Buzz was Michael.Jordan's roommate and Michael was in.buzzes wedding and Porsche guard on the.national championship team 82 I tell you.what old buzz pings take the basketball.Clara County he could just flat shoot.that basketball good fundamentally sound.player anytime he caught that basketball.within 20 feet he was all tomorrow did.you think when you were playing with the.buzzing and Matt that they both end up.being coaches it made your program.Remini had that feeling or they both.were very very astute basketball players.but I never thought they would you know.you never see any or your peers is doing.something right you know that used to.something grown-up exactly no way you.know both of these guys if as I think.back about the personalities.yeah I can see why it's happening but I.couldn't see that right and that.struggling this year that I know he's.thinking straight now he's having a.tough time but he's tough he's.competitor and don't get it figured out.I was talking with buzz earlier when.Tom's out that talked about well he you.know the one thing is you inherit.appropriate I new basketball coach so.gotta live with some of the ills that.are there and move on so both of these.guys go through a little bit.Tennessee played good defense again.Shumpert still is on the shot has a.score and we're at the 215 month so the.number to turn around he look nobody.came to him once again I'm sure coach.Playhouse but beyond his guys pretty.hard about that the defense is just.collapsing so one step it up getting.into anybody's chance Thursday on takes.a look go visor shoot basketball 55.Tennessee's 57% panel.less than two minutes to go Ron slay by.the way Carly hit it at the Tennessee.locker room to get that leg looked at.we'll give me a couple extra minutes to.head in there and we'll try to get a.report as well actually we can find out.who wore high riser the freshman knocks.it down to the paint boy his shot looks.so much different than his free throw.when he's in ripped yeah and that's what.happens from all basketball players.people say why can't God make free but a.lot of Jason windows missed free throws.it's a rhythm thing commmunity it's hard.to get on that free-throw line sometimes.get a good rhythm to get confidence.first missed shot by Grindstaff he.missed a three more active we were just.talking about clears the glass not keep.this point this court in grass that.sheet there ball tells he's done such a.good job making big shots didn't take.one of those down he knows you come back.we gotta get some size.solid job defensively good enough that.the issue at recalled time out that it's.good and he comes back on the defensive.and does that so he's got some latitude.Jim Boeheim talking to his star player.who still has not scored look at this.it's been a great first half for.Tennessee basketball 800 egg for jobs.and they've looked good all you want the.big goal on it long hopper to finally.Shepherd with 51 seconds to go in a half.scores he'll be the difference for them.in the second half.yes as I said he went only one on a.seven against Notre Dame in the first.half and then came back and finished.with 15 and helped them to that 5 point.win earlier this week so they know he's.their man and Tennessee's well aware of.that too same way from the ball here.nice pick right there but that's what.I'm talking about scrub off a big fella.that's what you gotta have is those nice.big bodied screens give him a little.space man they're in his jock he can't.heavy ESPN has followed members of the.NBA Developmental League North.Charleston located about 18th in the.country and second in the Big East in.scoring.got one deuce tonight on the last trip.Brad they say that sleigh is sprained is.me not return enjoy so it isn't knee is.not the lower leg and that'll take a big.part of the offense and the emotion away.from Tennessee maybe they'll rally.around each other as they're rallied in.a huddle right now after that foul was.called they know that one of the main.guys is gonna be out there whether.they're aware of it or not they may not.know yet he's got a hooker down gotta be.mentally tough 14-point leap final 35.seconds to the half.for their efforts in this first one.minutes you're gonna answer if you want.to get the last job keep the ball moving.or getting the last shot made a good.shot so you feel good about what's going.on it's a good opportunity to fire.behind-the-back block shot by Haslett.Tennessee with a chance for the last.shot of the ballgame for the half rather.there.a chance to make it a three-point play.and that could become a five-point swing.here in the last ten seconds of the.first half.mo give a lot of credit to Vincent.Yarbrough great up look on the floor to.the good job begin to ball up.see the drive good defense partial block.there Yarbrough with his head up Singh.the floor get a ball leave it up get.home a chest no the basket biggest lead.of the ball game comes right before the.half Tennessee at home looking.like a great basketball team not an.average basketball team here's that last.play and lofted it in was holding and he.caps the three-point plays yeah we're.playing alright aren't we.they sure are halftime 4023 a 17 point.lead.SportsCenter in game Dave bruss and.standing by David many years working.with those guys and hey you got.contribute this is what you do best.get in there and do it Grindstaff picks.up quick foul and there's Ryan with the.rap on his left knee and obviously.disappointed we hope that's only a.sprain and nothing worse I really think.going with circus had good chance to get.back in this ball game he's got to have.a big second half and he's very capable.that's what he did against Notre Dame.after a 1 for 7 first half against the.Irish in their last outing he's excited.oh man he looks calm after going through.the prostate surgery and missing three.games and having your team go one and.two in those three games and not losing.since you came back I guess maybe he's.just decided it's Calm it's good.everything's good.it's all relatives Williams knocks down.the deuce nice job soundwave gets into.Blaine their nice little jumper good.little flow going down there make some.things happen Williams has a he's their.leading scorer right now you can tell.Syracuse is trying to pick up the pace a.little bit defensively here in the first.minute of the second half job row double.team.nowhere to go Oh ball handle where's he.going where's a slit going with the.basketball I think dribbled out first.two dribbles get rid up the guards get.back in blood so now 16 on the shot.clock.picking time side-to-side basically a.tree guard offense right now for.Tennessee Holden 5 on the shot clock.trying to leave its baseline for Haslett.didn't get it pin and possession arrow.stays on Tennessee side pace it's going.away from the basket cook bus Peters.he'll go up sprawled finished your HECO.he's got 30 ideas vertical jump he goes.away from the basketball goal tries to.keep a tip alive this stuff quick swing.quick swing quick swing fourth the.freshman center back in the middle of.that zone right now he had two early.fouls in the first half which cannons.the gated his play inside of the ball.movement by Tennessee bench by Syracuse.comes free to Higgins he got an open.look.you'll get a second chance Tennessee.good hustle oh you got four shots that.trip huh Barbara couldn't quite get the.finish but they kicked the ball out.their sister Chancellor there's a guy.that seems like he may be the holy for.Syracuse tonight 20 that's what you want.to see if the Syracuse taking advantage.of any opportunity which all this in.Tennessee had several opportunities can.get it dogs go down the other end you.got to take advantage to knock off it.and you see is not score in the first.two minutes and 15 seconds of the second.half so they've had opportunities just.haven't had them drop : got it right the.face from Thea Synod virgin but we got.him pretty good I think this go go make.sure he's okay.nothing if there's got to man standing.around.don't try to throw the ball up make him.go get it cuz we force him to go get you.can't go back up and shoot the.basketball too much pressure.still Tennessee ball knocked out by.Syracuse there you get an opportunity.he's only taking one bad shot.Grindstaff but after he missed that he.forced a timeout I'd rate these fences.now let's see what he does after make.him back to safety find an open guy.reverse layout he hung just long enough.I mean I got to see him to basketball.but he's just too agile too athletic.around the basketball some catches.basketball quick spin move right past.the guy he's got that ball in his hands.but he's got a ball shot off to talk.about he's just too athletic just get.the basket either there's no.continuation there so and now he gets it.on the inbound will give it to him.anyway no job.Serkis comes in I'd like to see to get.that final question good ball these guys.got it.he's only hot hand jumper inside postal.shop this game just kind of matriculates.just happened she gets different angle.different shots the opportunity usually.can take good advantage of holding for.an open guy and found him it's holding.all alone but it's blocked right step.underneath he'll try it.nice defense by Syracuse back-to-back.block shot watched out of the year.blocked winding down Yarborough just.check back in task to hoist one off the.front of the iron appeals have cleared.for surgery.this pushes out think it's the.transition basket that may be their best.bet they're really struggling I just.made a man says drop it.that's why for three that melt the gauze.17 to 10 I'm tell you I think Syracuse.about publish off his game right now.well blood water he's holding air Baltic.your guns he refused chance to get it.down to single digits.pull-up jumper by William Higgins the.long carom he's going the other way.again Sheppard.oh man.please explain is that Valentine's gonna.happen.possession I think they might have got.the possession era would have been.oh good hustle by Syracuse get the.timeout there's Ron slay with a nice.brain is all their diagnosing it has for.now but you can bet I think I've seen it.for five years and Duke has the best.one-two punch Jason Williams Mike.Dunleavy he could be the best player in.the country I know everybody says Jason.Williams press agent Mike Dunleavy.unbelievable Maryland played great Juan.Dixon was a little off.I can't wait they go to cold Phil hell.man it'll be something and the ACC with.two Premier teams and here one of the.premier teams in the Big East is down.ten lines to Tennessee Shumpert the.leading scorer on this club has only.four points to this point we have 15 30.to go tests Tennessee's medal and.resolve right here.Grindstaff explain why both those guys.you can get me to my table see somebody.step up great opportunity to play right.staff is probably on his way.a couple more shots to drop via ten.points in the first half and only wisp.on field goal.so Buzz Peterson running away or anta.coach has gotten help from a lot of.different corners of the globe I've.gotten so many books from so many.coaches in this country just this enemy.letters from encouragement letters to.please read this book please read this.pamphlet and this this has helped me I.hope it helps you also and that is.something when I see that it keeps me.encouraged and keeps me going Peterson.his words the tough times in a so far.nine loss season but tonight seventh.ranked Syracuse keep the nail and down.two of these starters they getting there.today I'd say you thought in books and.pamphlets what you need to get you a.rabbit's foot get you a lucky qualifies.lucky underwear together.that's luck okay buzz tell us he's.talked to her roy williams dan just.don't shoot one another big ones today.Kansas feed Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.in the same week that ain't bad bad boy.likes her do good how I picked you.tonight play to get to see him a week.from Monday.as Wayne teams works inside he's got.nine good well coach basketball team.obviously I think Dan's is fun to watch.play that get after hopefully inspire II.have a great year again nice touch pass.inside.there is.and now the battle for the rebound ago.Syracuse way come back in something sit.little to knock people off lawful get.stiff starts getting even tighter sets.still be tough had to come back the koi.has his horse.okay before that shot right there.Tennessee's only 2 for 12 sir great you.filed out of the care dude last year.missed that free throw.here's a wide opening shuffle.he's got him he's only got gym you don't.want him bother ya somebody's got to be.with that kid cuz he a kid held him down.he's got a good job kept in check it was.a mistake right this is my mr. Simon.next time daddy can't happen here single.digits Bradley they're coming they're.coming.didn't expect some lay down and go home.nice defense underneath you pace it.don't get in a hurry.here comes bride step back in and we'll.get a round of applause we're coming.back in lamb chop Holden goes out good.crowd tonight for this Saturday night.encounter between the Big East and the.SEC over here got an awesome football.team I need to be coached some football.bill farmers become the highest paid.coach in the SEC now that Steve Spurrier.is the highest paid coach in the NFL he.deserves a four on the shot clock.Crump got a little hook away trying to.tip it Syracuse comes up down 813 to.play in here come the Orangemen pushing.it up push it up put it in the main.man's hand press the shop and see then.make something happen.all right stats back out on him a little.tough do.those down picked find a pot here's big.deal he's gonna live off of him he's.looking for shot Jose he got the role on.a three that's the shoes touch I.recognize that to the right thing run.him off a big McNeil who comes down.since a 250-pound screen the scrubs and.all scrubbed Grindstaff all keep enough.room nothing like you got a sheet of.your favorite drugs the last seven and a.half minutes the lead has gone from 17.down to six.Tennessee has on his five points in this.half see their two big guys cropping.hasten let too close together he throws.the Hayslip above his head all he's got.those turn to shoot can't throw to him.is a chance for his boys under that.basket.can't get it up otherwise he becomes.average size.Tennessee is 2 out of 14 from the floor.and they've been outscored 16 to 5 here.in the first 8 minutes of the second.half and it's getting danger time for.the volunteers and their fans you can.just feel it.Syracuse putting on a big push here the.second a good job good job.Buzz Peterson seen it off right here be.a cheerleader he can only encourage from.afar with that sprained knee but the.lead has been sliced and diced out of.for what is law basketball of.Tennessee's not playing their best.basketball I got get some good things.head it's game bro take that fastball.let's go to look get in holes there you.go dad kicks outside rim down a three.job row tried to fly in there with one.hand.holding his face again Shepard.it's down to three they pressed except.you can't give you.so like a broken record but weakest link.is coming calm.the heck was that he got a great shot in.the lane and kept telling us about a.hika junction to show to Shumpert misses.Grindstaff clears it off up until that.slams ditch backed a moment ago.Tennessee still only 3 of 17 from the.floor this half and scheffers got an.easy one on the baseline whoa 3 of 17.for Tennessee have to shoot 58% the.first half when we call them right now.we got to get it going.wonderful basketball just did though but.Tennessee as well as Serkis get back.transition getting good tuck there's a.block shot finding Neal.a lot of potential ism is a superstar.that Biggie's that was for the lead.nearly 746 halfway through the second.half wide open Higgins.mr. three backside rebound.when he comes in there we really fail.because it gives us the toughest yeah.not afraid to put that body in there get.a rebound for going to watch mr..peaceful feeding this is he misses the.shot 38-inch vertical he used it all.everything 16 reminiscent of Larry Nance.he is built lightly yes he is 16 to 30.jump out of the gym and the Clemson stop.longtime NBA stars will will pass the.midway point of a half acre.back in there Hayslip again time to go.up one hand.people I'm starting to flash that's it.thing that water's brackish how suppose.how many official shot attempts.Tennessee got on that last trip was.there shooting horrendously was half.after being so hot and Brad said the.birthday opportunity that's what I like.this drug let's eat the Bob Smith.here comes up he kicks it outside he's a.wide open three and there's Syracuse in.the lead for the first time since it was.tuning up my spaz good job.times Williams in the forum wild food I.wrote a book pass inside there's a good.look to get it back to her.now underneath Tennessee a seducer get.out there a little funk shoot the.basketball.no other panic it's time for him to.shine as well.Shumpert starting to heat up this is.only 1 for 10 from the floor but he hits.those.I came for the first time all night.i-i'm Dorey with you the SEC against the.Big East.Tennessee a goal 3 for 25 in the second.half they had led by 17 of innovation.to tagging.Shawn Williams made a great move on that.baseline over there he's hate he's.heating it up they got to get to him as.well he's almost 19 a game so he's.bringing it got a nose for that fast.really once again around him will of.shoot fast autist ago.good spotting assistance we're two.points here accused leaves.Hayslip this shotgun.almost lost the ball when he went.airborne kids himself up at the back.we've got little to pee oh nice boot.whoo he had it he had his got it out.here Shumpert his man in the air was mr..shott good possession circus well they.just come alive although such the.inability to make shots patife cease.help of feedback dry staff nice.alaya they like they try to finish.Tennessee Tech it is hard but can't get.anything to go down like there's a lid.on it.Shawn Williams really got hot he's hit.two a three big baskets here minutes the.other night in the loss to Mississippi.State so he's have to see a lot more.court time Kuta nice job on the boards.but he missed the free throws man leaves.sheriff Hughes with a two-point lead.he's working hard practice shoot those.shots got all the fundamentals and any.co.he's got 33 rebounds are there 24 but.they picked up this circus took about.six before him last year.Williams mr. three and now here's.Grindstaff for a triple.first half just matched his career-high.Brad knock down his third three of the.night he's got 13 points but the last.time he did it was against.since take not number seven Syracuse.by Tennessee Grindstaff pushing it.just keep you know break it they should.stay down go back down to they get the.files let's see what happened the grass.Steph goes in tries to shoot over that.body I'm gonna cook block breath could.be.right staff has a nuclear hi.tough kid who transferred from Virginia.Tech lost both his parents who passed.away prior to the 99 2000 season so you.can imagine what he's had to go through.in the last couple of years and as Buzz.Peterson told us you know what he's.deserves to be the starter man is he.playing like a starter tonight 15 for.Jenna what a game he's put Tennessee.back in front by three he's hit some.threes tonight that have been big.howdy with Quattro all-wheel drive track.one down in a dealer near you.courtesy of Jena strives death 54:51.just under 7 to play here in Knoxville.reminder tomorrow morning football time.everybody who's going to survive this.one it looked like it was going to be a.walk but we knew that Shumpert would.come to play in the second half he has.he has 12 of his 14 points in his half.Deshawn Williams has 16 to lead Syracuse.this each is gonna shoot the basketball.4:47 is there Serkis heated up well to.23 different to the ball game when he.kicks that side Jeffrey got three from.the elbow and knock it down he's tough.he's shown us now why he's a 21-point.game sport came first half guy left the.game he tried let the game come toy they.had so much pressure on him couldn't.quite get open to help start to show why.he's man I can't believe Yarborough's.not somehow more involved in this.Tennessee situations like that least.hit the face a few times but he has been.non-existent as a scorer.why don't we get back down to the lead.rimmed out for their welcome.as he fought for the rebound wide open.shot but Williams in the corner I don't.want to get him down one give him that.again.Wayne he's got four files now so two of.the guys that started the game actually.three of the starters for Jim Boeheim at.four vials Sid knocks all four of his.down this hat though six points for the.game.well approaching 1503.put his team back in five three was six.to go the big stop here got my little.defense Serkis hefty little ball.movement couple screens get some guys up.like a little get some for some of the.basketball.slipped a little bit we've got very.future Oh somebody fell asleep on.defense front made a mistake ran out to.the quarter should have stayed at home.this is where you'd eat some poison.Higgens brings it backs at the top so.restart the Tennessee engineer offensive.catastrophe it's a bride's day.he tried to pretend that it was last.touch and it wasn't Oracle had a good.view of it Jim Boeheim can't believe it.was.pretty much right to our left and.you're gonna see right there.it's to go get the big bucks human I.can't even see we got a happy Monica's.monster right here's Grindstaff the.rebound off the twin off it short ball.off the front of the iron by Shumpert.finish that basketball he he got the.ball just kind of stopped when he got in.the building you don't stop books troll.make them fail you.so he gets basketball here right back up.right back up I don't care if they're.holding your hands arms what there you.go right back up put the pressure on the.official to make the call don't stand in.he'll take it from you give those little.guys a chance to get the hands on the.ball.try to maneuver the goaltending.obviously Shaw is on McNiel and it gives.Haslett 15 points.waiting.bad shot by the way I liked what he what.he was looking at he came off a month.which fit sprinkle Higgins.good rebound the Yarborough opportunity.he said the good news on misses that.that badly Yarborough is the only person.on the backside.or the air ball.- 10 on the shot clock.Yarbrough knows that I think face.nope offensive file charging before the.shot.the shoulder in there 55 Tennessee.leading number 7 Syracuse 337 left will.be another one of those fantastic.finishes or will be a heartbreaker.that's what we'll find out Tennessee's.had a lot of boat against Louisville one.point eight left Reece Gaines hits the.game-winning three against West Virginia.4.2 seconds left Jonathan target then.blown as Brett Nelson with 3.1 left and.finally Ezra Williams of Georgia would.point to four losses nine point three.seconds are you kidding me and then they.lost to Mississippi State.Timmy Bowers hit one of two free throws.with nine seconds left in overtime for a.92 to 91 win on Wednesday night and.right now it's 58 to 55 can Tennessee.hang on I guess that's the question and.that's what everybody clad in orange in.this building wondering with three and a.half to play I think there so there's.Pitt because obviously in those losses I.mean they're here to everybody ball game.this would be a huge confidence booster.though if you can beat the number 17 the.time jumper dropped in a three and we're.tied.shot had to defender jumpin Annie nice.little pup Bank he's just real hesitant.we're real calm Michael.Jamal will be real smooth doesn't change.spatial relations everything does so.that's good Tennessee to make some happy.staff nice look inside.talking to the air here krump both you.guys got to get those hands ready get.him ready to catch it best part what.store with a big listen didn't hear you.do 60 58 feet inside hold on.yah bro before the pass see Grindstaff.what's in getting in those seams why I.don't get too big guys why doe woman's.on the receiving end.yeah thanks yet little guys and man.thank you for that easy money here's the.guy jumper the second half.anticipated and predicted contagious.have two points and a half and I'll.expect him to go awful if you dance that.will gather and go dunk.two minutes to play such a long shot.sequester but it's in his a dangerous.pass dry staff was able to keep it away.from these nice look on the baseline of.Yarborough he missed it.got it back and then lost it again he's.got go that bastard stole that's a good.pass by productization get it down deep.that was a crazy she has balance.that when he took the deal ecstatic.135 to go tennessee flinging.ever since he has to hear this.brick that let's break fit momentum for.balls faith will all come to their feet.they want the offense that's rads.calling for if they get a bucket here.they looks pretty good.tip.big fella remember the two guys at Buzz.Peterson got in the face up.will born they bolted stored here in the.last minute.62-58.30-second timeout right here with 1:12.remaining she's gonna go to the wire and.would we expect anything else at a.Tennessee game I guess not.several minutes ago coach Peterson.pulled will board and Crump these two.big guys together and he really got.after me challenged him front does a.good job keeping that basketball up nice.tip and good activity you and I were.laughing during that break is Jimmy.Moore our director gave us that shot of.buzz getting in the face of those two.guys and you and I looked at each other.start laugh and said you know buzz is a.little buzzed right now we used a.different word but I think he got the.message across absolutely absolutely.Yarbrough is 1 for 14 from the floor the.leading scorer for Tennessee.he's run a struggle until he stayed in.there.besides a separate riders.mr. spine himself and opening in.step out and that pig takes place have.stopped to guard for a second you go.over guard the guard got picked a chance.to cover.they finally win one of these close.games me my trip down to goal post it.man.tough pass cross-court those long he.goes swing it swing it 13 on the shot.clock 37 on the game clock.staff lobs it Wow bro now sit limit cry.staff deep ball short on the.and Raj test file.most of the ball John Higgins makes a.huge play right there.huge points.boy Higgins who was big in the first.half with his offense but nothing bigger.than this rebound coming up we're going.to step in and step into the old spot.nobody there heads up basketball to pick.from two big free throws right here we.need to both drive staff is 2 for 2 from.the line tonight he is a 79% free-throw.shooter career-high night could be the.night of his life for his young fellow.he's played a great ballgame he really.has 16 points.what about.don't you love to see it a kid that has.worked.to become a starter and he's being.repaid for that starting role as buz.Peters.he says he's earned it by golly he might.be the player of the night he is easily.at the moment who free throws with 25.seconds to go.sixty four sixty Grindstaff with the two.big free throws we talked to Buzz.Peterson about why number 24 was in the.starting lineup tonight.Jenna's Grindstaff as earnest starting.role he is really giving a nice game.probably their best game combined.together and I just felt like the young.man deserves it he's worked hard he's.paid his dues I just want to have the.opportunity it was their best game.combined together until tonight and now.it's 27 points between the two of them.Higgins and drive staff.there's the reset Syracuse with one.timeout left.this would be a big win pianist a huge.way though they've gone through the past.several weeks such close games such.competitive games the losing basically.all is it wears it's disheartening so.this would be a huge shot they all go.forward from here now they want to play.tough defense they're gonna pick up a.little three-quarter court pressure here.no foul go stop the thought there's a.quick-fire today up front up front.Boldin picks up a second.I'm a big component always let that ball.stay alive as long as you can till you.have to be uptight they had a foul to.give that clock to tick but they didn't.chew much clock for seconds as all that.came off the clock rights - good load.offense on the field and almost to steal.but haste look for the fine.they still have another foul left to.give so they're playing it smart they're.trying for five seconds elapsed and then.play for a steal if you found somebody.five Shumpert and it's going to be.Tennessee's game.good job defensive that will give the.kilos to Grindstaff he was all over the.place real indeed up playing aggressive.good spirit about a team good good.recognition by the team to get everybody.in the past way everybody on their feet.including an injured Ron slay.a very appreciative tennessee crowd.tonight they have waited and struggled.with this team to see something good.happen at the end and there.the ballgame as well he grants that both.those guys there's those ball handlers.buzz Peter's been talking about he.needed these two young men both have.stepped up he's giving them opportunity.and they're taking advantage of how.about Higgins with nine.the free-throw won't have him old guards.come back get a few loose balls gives.you a chance to run big guy can get out.court I tell you what if there was.player of the game awards to be given.out I think Higgins and Grindstaff.should take it home together and riddle.it up this one will Ison to the goes it.comes out still a two-possession game.though and Syracuse running out of.opportunities that almost wid Williams.threw them from right in front of us and.it hit the net it was right on moon a.crazy could that have been was look at.your look coach could have been a.four-point play had that thing dropped.down it almost went this piece of Watson.oh no man come on get what are you doing.oh my goodness guys yeah you almost.jumped out of you see you thought that.thing I know we do it was on line we.were right behind it official stepped in.front on this can.got the role on the first 17 for Deshawn.conveyance team has lost only twice both.the ACC Club.the Carrier Dome and Georgia Tech in.Atlanta during which coach paid off his.absence Tennessee takes a timeout Bernie.fine was right behind Jim there with a.glass this longtime assistant is the guy.that took over for Jim as the interim.head coach when Jim was having his.surgery they have not lost since beyhive.came back but now they're down three.with 6.5 seconds to minutes this has.been a well the ball game it has.Syracuse this deserves a lot of credit.they got right back into a ball game.they were completely out of it half and.made a game here but I just couldn't get.shots to fall early Shumpert didn't get.anything going earlier they struggled.with that Tennessee hit everything 58%.the first half put a lot of pressure on.them and second half they went cold and.they've regrouped.but here's the file six and a half.seconds after the third free-throw.upcoming.and invested right staff got the rebound.and was fouled.the Chatelet had stepped up his play.headed by 18 points tonight another good.jobs move a little too late.that's the last foul of the night as.well for Dwayne he falls out on that.play ends up with nine points I like.quick I like what he brings to the.ballgame more fine shooter good hustle.once again that young man were talking.about.Grindstaff looking at going boxes him.out he comes and gets he goes in the.backboard look on now got to get a body.on it yeah nobody got a body well this.whole staffs been grinding to try to get.a win like this and our Grindstaff is.one free throw away from assuring it.this one would make it a two-possession.game was not.if he hits it just about do it.although Turkic use gets their time I.called down for.18 points tonight for Genis Grindstaff.and he and Higgins had the two biggest.rebounds of the night on the last two.missed shots by Syracuse ever wonder how.your favorite athletes occupy free time.during off days here's a chance to find.them beat Florida today.here's Drive staff of the steel that.ices the game.Tennessee is upset seventh ranked.Syracuse a huge win.and the student section decides.

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