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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Joint Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage Minnesota 2013 Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Joint Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage Minnesota 2013 Form

youtube video

Must-knows concerningJoint Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage Minnesota 2013 Form

hi my name is Amanda Swanberg I'm an.attorney in st. Paul Minnesota and today.I'm going to go over the joint petition.agreement and judgment for decree for.marriage to social about children that's.available online for free on the.Minnesota Courts website.first of course you have to do the.disclaimer as this video can be accessed.by anyone nothing I'm telling you today.consists of legal advice unless you've.signed a retainer agreement with me I do.not represent you I don't know the.details of your situation so I cannot.advise you as to whether or not this.form would be a good fit for your.situation.this form and the information I am.providing is valid for Minnesota only.the laws are different in each state if.you are considering using or have.decided to use this or any other free.court provided form for your legal.action it's up to you to decide whether.or not it is the best form to use and it.is also up to you to decide if handling.your case on your own is a good decision.as a side note it's not an.all-or-nothing.choice if people may not be considering.that you can do most of it yourself and.then just just make an appointment to.speak with an attorney and you will have.to pay an hourly rate for that most.attorneys aren't just going to hand out.advice for free in-depth advice so you'd.have to pay for it but it would still be.a lot less expensive than hiring an.attorney to handle your case from start.to finish.including all the paperwork and all that.there is a a medium ground then you need.to be aware of in this video I will go.through the Minnesota courts pro se.forum for a joint petition for.dissolution without children you can.find this in other forms on the.Minnesota Courts website because I'm not.gonna it's a long link I'll just say you.can find it you can google it to.Minnesota courts a joint petition.without children and you probably get.pretty close to it I'll put a link to.this form on my website Swanberg law.offices car.on a resources page and this is the form.that you will use if you and your spouse.agree on all the issues and if you don't.have any children you do need to agree.on everything if there's any any.disagreement at all what do you think.well the judge could decide that then.this isn't the form that you can use so.I'm just gonna kind of go through these.sections to begin with you know what's.pretty self-explanatory.you know what's your name address date.of birth I'll go over that confidential.form 11.1 later it's pretty simple again.it's just kind of a there's a big header.on it the same header you can cut and.paste from this one header being this.part up here where it says your name and.then it's just basically your name and.then your social security number that's.to keep it confidential because these.forms are available to the public once.they're filed so you don't want to have.that personal information on there it's.it's housed in a separate file that.cannot be presented to someone who just.asked for a copy of your divorce decree.again same thing with the wife children.now if you have any children as part of.the marriages is not the form you should.use obviously you don't want to get the.appending a little sarcastic while.you're using your own forms if you have.any adults children that are dependent.upon you because of a physical or mental.condition especially if it's a joint.child you really need to talk to an.attorney there that as a you know that.there could be a lot of issues there you.need to protect yourself about child.support child support goes on until.they're able to support themselves if.they're never going to be able to.support themselves it goes on forever.you need to be aware of that you need to.be aware of how to maybe protect the.money that you're going to leave for.those children so it's any media a.special needs trust there's just a lot.of issues you need to be aware of if.you're getting divorced and you have a a.child with special needs.going on here if you have if there was a.child that was born since the marriage.but it's not the husband's child again.that's a touchy area you just want to.make sure it's handled properly.especially if you're the husband.because you're the husband you're the.father unless there are some steps taken.and you want to make sure the right.person is responsible for paying child.support so if you have any question as.to whether or not that's your child you.might want to get a DNA test you might.want to you know discuss it but I.wouldn't I would recommend figuring that.out before you go through with a divorce.so here's more information about if.you'd like if you're sure like let's say.you separated years ago and she you knew.that she was as the husband you knew.your wife was with another man and.they're kind of building their own life.you can just go through this process.here the NA paternity statement and.things like that again it's just another.level of detail okay four five those are.pretty self-explanatory Armed Forces if.you're an active member of the Armed.Forces then you can there's some extra.protection for for military so people.can't file accident legal action against.them when they're serving because they.probably aren't gonna get the paperwork.in time.there's none retrieval irretrievable.breakdown of our marriage just standard.no-fault divorce your physical living.situation sometimes due to the economy.people are still living together even.though they want to get divorced you.just want the court just wants to know.about that it's best to not have other.proceedings going on by you when you.file this divorce courts don't like it.when you have multiple actions going at.the same time for the same issue it's.kind of a waste of resources.so if you've started one I would look.into just finishing it there but for.maybe talk to an attorney about it and.see what your options are if you have.any domestic violence in your.relationship if there is an oil P or an.HR o in effect you want to make sure you.acknowledge it here the courts just want.to make sure if there is an imbalance of.power that the abuser isn't.strong-arming the other person into this.agreement so it's kind of just an extra.warning heads up that that they need to.look closely at the details of this.agreement to make sure it's fair and now.you know one party wasn't taking.advantage of the other if you have are.on public assistance you definitely need.to hear it says to contact either the.county collections and support office.you need to make sure that they know.about the divorce because they have an.interest in making sure one or both of.you are self-supporting and can either.get off the assistance for example if.you would split for a long time and.you've been on public assistance but.your spouse makes enough where they.could provide spells low maintenance and.like calm you might step in to help you.again here's an employment number 12.just a lot information here about your.job this is important if you're going to.be doing anything with spousal.maintenance they want to make sure you.can support yourself and they want to.see you know you know I'm really.imbalanced there's husband then there's.the wife okay health care.you know who has what spells a.maintenance now spells a maintenance if.you if you need spousal maintenance if.even if you're going to agree on it.you should still talk to an attorney.even if even if they aren't gonna handle.your whole divorce you really need to.talk to an attorney to find out what.would the courts probably do what are.they gonna look at what do you think is.fair how should you structure it is.there a way to do the asset distribution.so you don't have to have the spousal.maintenance there's a lot of questions.that you need to look at and these you.want to know that you're agreeing to.something that is fair under the law of.course you can always do whatever you.want I mean sometimes people give more.than they need to or would be required.to that's totally fine but you should.know what your what the law thinks.before you decide what you're going to.do you don't want anyone feeling you.know betrayed later when they find out.you know I could have paid a lot I.should have been paying more I should.have been paying less sir he's really.shortchanged me things like that name.change totally fine for the most part if.you have a conviction that's a few extra.steps now this is the agreement the.first dorkus all the facts these are.this of the agreement real estate if you.have real estate attachment C is at the.end of the document how real estate is.divided can cause some really big.problems down the line and it used to be.easy back in the day when your house was.actually worth more than you paid for.and so if someone was gonna stay in the.house they could just refinance it get.the other person off the mortgage no.problem well now maybe your house is.underwater.maybe you just refinance it and you.can't do it again for you know a certain.more time maybe one person can't afford.on their income to qualify for our.refinance you need to know what what are.you gonna do and what are you gonna do.with that falls apart maybe or say I try.I trust my husband to keep making the.payments so I'm gonna move out in my.name is still on the mortgage but I.trust that he'll do you know he'll keep.up oh he lost his job and you don't have.any kids so you really aren't in touch.with him and before you know I don't.guess what no your credit is taped.because he you know went foreclosure or.you want to buy out your own house down.the role in a year or two and he still.can't refinance it even on his current.and you can't qualify for your own house.because this mortgage is still eating up.your your credit how are you gonna work.that you need to know beforehand you.don't want to just agree to it and then.have this be sitting here with an.agreement that doesn't leave you or that.leaves you unprotected non-marital.property you know this again is another.issue that people don't really.understand that well non-marital.property does not mean it's just an you.know it's in Bob's name and so it's not.mine no if he bought it during the.marriage and if he bought a motorcycle.during the marriage it's half yours it.doesn't matter that he bought it said he.it's his name on it he's the only one.who rides it if he's marathons to buy.that's half yours there's a it's it's a.really complicated area if you have.stuff that can be things that can be.both marital and non-marital for example.if the wife owns a house before they got.married and she lived there she bought.it you know what with her own down.payment and she lived there for five.years.and then she got married and he moved in.with her and now they've been making.joint payments for ten years you know.they're gonna get divorced well part of.the house was non-marital and part of.its marital and the may have to try to.figure out what that is can be kind of.difficult sometimes so you it depends on.home on how well you get along for one.thing but you that would be something.you would really want to talk to an.attorney about because it's no longer a.50/50 split.it can it can get really get complicated.the same goes for things like if you got.an inheritance from your family and you.put it in a savings account or like a.money market account and you just left.it there that's different than if you've.got that same amount of money and you.put it in your joint checking account.and you bought things with it so it's.it's a complicated area you need to.check in with an attorney to make sure.you're you understand what is marital.and what is non-marital in another area.that people get confused about is like.401ks and retirement accounts and if.again Bob let's say you know Bob works.at three Emin and Mary's a stay-at-home.mom well if I was making contributions.to his 401k while they're married was.her half mary's she's entitled to half.of that she doesn't they don't.necessarily need to like take the money.out of the 401k and give it to Mary but.Bob have to maybe she would get a larger.portion of the savings account or the.better car that's paid off something.like that to balance that out so even if.it's in just his name it still have hers.again you run into the problem with the.part marital partner on marital if Bob.worked at 3m for five years before he.got married and then worked there for.ten years now you've got to figure out.what portion is was contributed after.the marriage what portion was of his the.balance is due to an increase in the.value of the first five years to try to.figure out where you know what what's.the real number that we need to divide.so like I said it can get confusing you.can't I mean as long as you I would say.try to stay on good terms because the.evaluation of Bob all this stuff can eat.up.and you bet any money that you have to.you know pay for experts to do tracing.the money.so marital property again almost.anything you and your spouse home or.receive during the marriage now there is.a sheet in the back which really looks.obnoxious and like your I do not like.fellas out I would say you should split.up as much as you can as far as just.basic household goods you don't wanna.you don't need to list you know pots and.pans the blue couch or whatever it on.here it's best to divide that up as best.you can and this is really used for.bigger items another thing you might.want to consider doing is paying down.debt that you can if you have enough.cash on hand that way you don't have to.worry about dividing the debts as well.so here you know stocks if you have a.business get a lawyer.that's that can be a mess make sure you.agree on what things are worth if you've.had one person filling this form out and.he's like oh hell I always say we'll.take she this time she says I want the.snowmobile and so I think that's worth.Oh a thousand dollars and he's gonna.take the four-wheeler well that's worth.you know at least fifteen hundred even.though they're worth the same you know.what say they were both worth twelve.fifty you know that's just kind of human.nature a little bit especially when.you're seeing how little you're gonna.have after the divorce is to say like I.need more I should get a little bit.extra cash too because that four-wheeler.is better than the snowmobile so you.kind of have to make sure you agree on.what things are worth so it can be as.equal as possible and then I'll just.there's more things on here life.insurance if there's any cash surrender.value here's the depth better all your.debts that can be depressing.go back.so when you're done with that you fill.out the debts and how you're gonna.divide that and that's another thing you.know if someone's gonna take on a credit.card you make sure you get your name off.of that account you don't want to have.it you know we're tied to you still and.just trust that he's gonna keep me he or.she is gonna keep making payments you.want to get those steps into the each.person's name as quickly as possible.after the divorce here we're back at.spousal maintenance again definitely you.need to talk to an attorney if you're.gonna be getting spousal maintenance if.you feel like you should get smells the.maintenance but your spouse I'm gonna.say a husband coats normally how goes.the husband says you know we're not.gonna do that it's really not fair I.don't I think you're being unreasonable.and you're kind of on the fence make.sure you you talk to an attorney because.when you do this care and waiver Karen.vko that's why it's called the Karen.waivers because of this case you can.never change it in the same way thing.goes for if you agree to pay spousal.maintenance at a set amount you can.never change it I'll make sure we talk.to an attorney before you agree to that.because that is something that can't be.changed so anyway that's pretty detailed.insurance coverage if both people have.insurance availability through their.work then you know what's the best for.you just each be in charge of your own.however you can still maintain the.spousal insurance through your your.former spouse but you really need to.look into that and make sure you.understand how that coverage works and.especially if you the spouse is going to.be providing insurance is employed by a.city a county or the state of Minnesota.it's critical that the employer is.notified of the divorce within 60 days.of the entry of decree another attorney.just hadn't sent out an email about that.but there was a they have this 60 day.window and if you don't notify them.yeah that's it so you need to make sure.you're really on top of that the person.I.if it were me the person who's going to.be getting interest under my former.spouses coverage I'd be the one say I.need the phone numbers and I will take.care of that myself to make sure you get.in there and it's covered and and you're.not just hope assuming that they're.doing it I would make sure you're on top.of that here's your last little.paragraph to add whatever you want to.your agreement pretty much there's just.the two of you so you mean we don't have.any maybe of a pet really anything you.can pretty much say but anything you.need to say in there but that's about it.I mean it's pretty self-explanatory I.would hope for the most part they try to.make it easy and this is just all yadda.yadda yadda and you have to sign it in.front of a notary things like that and.then you submit it to the judge now.there are up here was the real date form.you need to add if you're gonna do the.real estate like I said it worth it and.the end of the form you have to do one.of these for every single piece of real.estate you own definitely make sure you.use a full legal description exactly.okay it's pretty self-explanatory but.you know it's a checkbox type form so.and there is there are instructions that.are there with this form online but you.can you should also read this then if.you have any questions you should.definitely contact an attorney.most of us offer a free consultation.although we're not gonna get into.in-depth answers if you call us for a.free consultation to be more like what's.going on.maybe a little advice about what the law.states but we can't really get into.details about applying the law to your.specific facts because then we're.putting ourselves at risk and.really can't do that unless we're gonna.be representing you so if you have any.questions on you can feel free to.contact me my number and email address.there is on the side and I would be.happy to speak with you and I do offer.kind of just advice only services in.addition to full representation if you.just want someone to look over your.paperwork to answer you know these you.know helped us figure out how we're.gonna divide the house help us figure.out what's marital what's not married or.you know might take a few hours of my.time you know maybe we'll do a couple.meetings you know that's a lot cheaper.still than paying someone who I don't.even know if you agree on everything you.know even that could be a couple.thousand so you just need to really.figure out what it is that you want what.questions you have and you can just go.to an attorney with just those limited.areas and say I just need help with this.question I just need you to review this.and and that's all I need I don't need.to go to court I don't need you to.complete the document for me I just need.a few questions answered and many.attorneys are willing to do that.nowadays it's really becoming a newer.newer thing to do so again if you have.any questions feel free to contact me.otherwise good luck with your divorce.

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Joint Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage Minnesota 2013 Form FAQs

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I missed my hearing on a petition for modification of maintenance and relief from judgment of dissolution of marriage and now have $200 month spousal support. How do I go about trying to fight this? Is it possible to do it without a lawyer?

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