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games killing my goddamn friends.while I move around the map what the. okay I'm not doing that bad.anymore I got 15 cities I'm tie with.Egypt my vassals got five okay open.borders succeed that's cool yep yep so.you guys move here that only shaved off.a partial movement point yeah I should.be able to sweep in check to make sure.she's like not she doesn't have.like a defensive pact or with.anybody she is giving me some gold /.turned exchange for rice as she plotting.war I don't think so she's afraid of.some military might though it's fine.okay she better be afraid of my military.might to let me check my my power score.compared to can I see it so cos no not.yet see babylons though that's spiffy ok.Issie beautiful lovely is a let the.never mad ok so we bounced off here sure.let's go ahead and bounce off and tack.that and then theoretically I should be.able to do this I got a withdrawal I.didn't actually lose a unit that's sweet.and now I do that take the city the city.is gonna have some real culture problems.yeah I think this thing will flip to.Babylon actually that is one regret.about leaving him alive but I wouldn't.get such good angles attacking on is a.as I am now five left oh god damn the.city's on a hill yep luckily.oh well thankfully I have technological.superiority no Hindu on a shame so.I'm going to need some culture I was.approaching to give it your best and you.stop singing granath sometimes I think.I'm like a loan I think I'm alone no.think I'm a clone now ruffle ruffle.ruffle die beach survey says you did.ruffle ruffle ruffle and we'll go ahead.and move in there I'll be fine so I.think this city is some it's on.the hill but she doesn't have that many.units here so I think I got this sweet.why don't you go wow wow culture their.golden AIDS coming in three turns don't.care who it is I'm targeted into.a golden it could be a great engineer.don't care Golden Age golden age begun.as my might one of my advisors and a.Alpha Centauri would say along with.please don't go the drones need you they.look up to you I don't respond well to.pressure game pressuring me go.ahead and fortify this guy's they're all.sweet that guy can move tear to UM press.the press the assault mmm Hills there.going to impede my progress unless I.move here woohoo I forget is he's been.at war she's got a few units on her side.she ain't gonna be a pushover just cuz I.struck the first blow first blood she.she's got a few units on her side.I need with that I want it with it but I.don't need to yeah there's only one path.whips might need some more cavalry.though 38 not good enough especially.since some units I'm sure over streaming.down and you know I have some Garrison's.left back so one more round of whips.yeah oh no my score went below India son.of a okay just one more round of.whips I hope and then I'll be done maybe.maybe maybe I'll need another round.sometimes you got to kill people way of.life maybe I shouldn't have moved those.guys out there yikes maybe I should have.been just a more patient please don't.die mini stack please don't die letter.defender cities okay good that's what.she did now I could lat Oh God.city garrison three that I hate.dealing with that are you.nuts I'm killing that you.goddamn right I'm gonna reach out and. kill that you can stay back.there actually you can rush out here.Chinese Chinese I won't attack them cuz.they're shiny this this. is dead no I will tackle.the entire stack on that crazily I know.but no not dealing with city garrison.three yikes she's got a lot of.inferior units and I really shouldn't.move.those guys out I think I'll still be.fine so long as she doesn't attack with.the catapults maybe okay I should have.these two cities on lockdown.theoretically hello that's on a hill. heat Hill cities except when.they're mine run the AI through the meat.grinder or some but uh otherwise.it's not that Pleasant I'm not gonna lie.just fortifying their for the time being.let's not get everybody my army.killed okay oh and I should kill that I.don't make that much gold compared to.how much I loose mmm true story okay.calvary 3 dude uh should be fine right.right right hahaha yeah i should.prolly retreat this stack no reason why.it's hanging around so well is because.you know its superior tech and I should.have my luxury to be able to play around.with her and not get screwed over so.much what city got hindu is a minute are.you gonna tell me well good Babylon's.been pacified Oh Hinduism's friend to.city i don't give a about Egypt of.course getting tons of cash.from having funded Hinduism I'm sure he.has the shrine over there it's.roffle skating over the entire galaxy.that would be just like him so I think.I'll skip Seville and go right from.Madrid or I might just give both of.these cities ah.I could poach some units out here in the.open I think I'll do that since she's.just going to keep moving around units.where I can attack and what do we got.over here too long bows but they're not.on a hill and the city is not very.heavily defended theoretically that.means i should be able to win.theoretically 99.2 person odds 91.9.score ok this is the confucian holy city.that not to confusion it's Taoist sorry.folks I have difficulty reading.sometimes I'm actually an idiot you.didn't know that did you so you did I'm.sure you've been screaming it at your.screens you're a idiot what the. it's like going batshit insane ah.you're nuts I at you.nope you die and I'm fire that.sounds pretty harsh bro I'm a machine.cloud oh I have no difficulty amusing.myself folks zero and go ahead and leave.him behind and yet i move the only.injured but the is wrong with me.might as well just not do that then.don't leave him behind oh my god attack.madrid run like an attack barcelona bro.bro bro man bro what's the policy dude.huh you know do you know you don't know.oh and yeah this can use a good whip.good whip as opposed to a bed with bad.touch moving on.let's see if I can escape this.relatively undead uh-oh what what what.what what oh you lucky oh you.lucky what the where do they.go be like vanished what did he like.attack units and they vanished I like. vanished / means if I.call here they are you you son.of a sorry I flicked them like.again excuse me why the was.that pikes those units over.there are too damn damaged and this I.don't know how this is seen as an.effective he's like uh she's blocking.that's what she's doing she's blocking.with the catapults that prevents me from.attacking Madrid not that bad hmm are we.looking here in Barcelona ok actually.looks like a better city to attack.except for the fact that I don't have.that many attackers who are healthy hmm.problem problem go and leave these two.behind I'll actually go ahead and help.out with this sitting 45 there sorry god.damn it my nose cute itch and I keep the.goddamn it stop that girl a--the pissing.off the people i'm sure like you.stop a microphone ok let's go.ahead and attack i suppose kill those.guys before they can attack my stack.caused me a reparable harm.and I'll move all my units here I think.yeah I'll continue to threaten both of.these cities instead just one so if you.guys please that'll be fine great.scientist I spent like building.Academy it's too late for that Academy.we started Golden Age now free market.theocracy and ninth I throw bureaucracy.under the bus it'll allow my cavalry to.start with nine experience points but I.mostly I tell you what I'll switch in.like vassalage for now and if i remember.i'll switch out later I got the.mausoleum too so it'll give me an even.longer Golden Age that'll be fine oh.yeah the city is still starving hold on.hold on guys I got this whatever you.need whips you got it Bank I can't with.that I costume it too much population.for a hard whip Harbor we got that.problem solved all right now you.stop this crazy kill me now you. quit that shits dumb so you.know it's dumb nobody likes you.nobody likes dumb people okay there I go.I just alienated half my force no guys.I'm just kidding really oh I'm a.terrible person alright Emma Rompuy is.getting involved in this and I.approve I approve and against again the.a ice-like to be fair the.human player would be in.this situation too because it's pretty.difficult to respond to this uh divide.tactic here.oh I lost a unit but I game nope I game.sitting victory settlement captured this.land is roaming are you sure are you.sure this lands Roman I don't believe.you we should build culture in front of.that culture in all the cities they're.gonna be done a help so what are we.looking at here 123456789 defenders.versus 123456789 okay well some of these.guys are nights so they are not going to.get the full defensive but it's as the.city whereas all these guys well pikes.no pikes don't don't think this.takes rocket science here to determine.which city I feel like attacking no.rocket science required sweet I wanted.seventy percent hot battle Oh Mike well.I yeah I should I did holy oh my.god i 1 370 fish doesn't battles in a.row in a fourth home by science.and I 90 oh my god could I possibly win.all these battles without taking in Los.what the I did oh my god Scotland.Yard in a settled great wow I'm not used.to winning these things to see her.losses this feels weird and yeah I got a.huge Treasury now I think I can afford.to research that no I can one more turn.then I'll give it all she's got okay go.ahead and move into this hill with the.silver and the puddin pops and the.hello so how are you feeling over there.Spain things like this I'm done uh.no I don't want a vassal her if somebody.wants to be crazy enough to.peace vassal her sure but she's.universally hated I mean take a look.here cautious cautious annoyed cautious.what furious what what ahsoka.man it's a good thing that I have good.relations with these folks too maybe I.should give maybe I should uh asked Oh.coop know he's only cautious with me I.wouldn't be able to get a bribe from him.easily nope only cautious you traded.with our worst enemy you refused open.through more time so I guess that he.could accept the peace vassal agreement.that could be interesting war with.Tokugawa just toke of got no Tokugawa.doesn't even have printing press okay.well if toku declares war on me because.of a piece vassal agreement that's not.my fault and I would have to quickly.rear out troops there is no question in.my mind that is what i would have to do.i should move a second defender in there.just in case she tries to retake that.sitting move guys there and back.actually the rest of you can just hang.out there not a big deal you three can.also join the fray you to stay back stay.back stay back okay yeah she's more like.a pitch late but I don't want to accept.the capitulation not that her land down.here is great but if I accepted her.capitulation everyone else would still.be pissed off at me they would be they.be even angrier isn't that more vassals.the equation I should kill her.she's not worth vasila ng Hammurabi was.worth vastly that piece feast.vassal agreement happens though oh boy I.could try to demand something from toku.queer seer goddamn it again.pikemen just gone out of the goddamn.would work I mean it's the best counter.she has but God if puts what the is.that like she pokes at me and retreats.and I didn't even do any damage to it.and she's on a Hill son of a. that shit's not cool you're not.gonna let you beeline for that.sitting actually won a close battle.there to spite favorable odds I hate my.life ok so i should be fine now to try.and go for this i got enough money.theoretically I should be able to wing.it city is gonna be unhappy for a long.time notice how much I care gotta kill.her production cities oh god these guys.are so injured that's gonna be fun all.of you how long will it take the heel in.enemy territory three turns factoring in.another one for the fact they just moved.oh I can't reach dick hmm yep oh hey hey. do you think you're doing you.should the down that is totally.uncalled for and unacceptable ok so.these guys you know they got some tags.but I still got some text on the AI.that's a good thing another reason I.don't want to trade anything to hammer.Rob I despite him being my vassal is I.just don't want him to give that up.so quickly because he will holla oh I.trade right right right right right.right long you'd be like oh I'll.trade for that forgive me a banana up.I'll give you a banana justice you give.me that fur bro how much cavalry do I.have 38 hircine force well I know she.has more than that still living in the.straight you put the lime in the coconut.no that's don't put the lyman.right yep she's continuing to move units.from seville there I can't say I blame.her that would heal quicker if I you.know wasn't where I am so if i move my.stack here i can attack seville next.turn but the problem with that is i.wouldn't be able to attack madrid next.turn all those hills are in the way.sabotage sabotage what I need to see.then is what she's fielding there and I.can't not have to like a risk.some what if I move this guy here.oh yeah she's really got that city.lightly defended now I should probably.take medic with one of you guys for.additional heels because my team needs.it they needs it I know you guys need to.heal you know what I need to do more.split the yeah two three four five.six seven eight nine you guys go there.injured stack stay here hopefully if she.doesn't get any bright ideas.that would be a shame to attack this.whatever you do do not attack the stack.I will hate you forever for all of.eternity um I love this mean this.is all Babylonian culture here but the.reason why I get the border expansion is.because he's my vassal so his borders.will automatically flex to accommodate.me.still funny to look at though let's go.ahead and do pop with that you never.know you might need to to pop with some.day zar been to pop whip gotta catch'em.oh do pop whip oh I should probably stop.doing that press you probably stop.starving the city I don't know I could.get another great person I could finally.work on accumulating great people I.probably want the city to grow more.though so I'll let them go under normal.control I'll be fine what the city grow.more I should feel I have more farms.around for that though and then and then.then cool things can happen so how are.we looking here in terms of happiness.you guys are pissed and since this is.epic speed it's gonna take a long time.for that anger to wear off oh well.life's a and then you die okay so.let's see if this properly divided her.army or she's got a fro Seville to the.wind here no I'm not giving you all that.cold are you nuts you that's my yep.yay move stock stock maybe I should have.moved the injured guys how about that.yeah that city's culturally it's.probably gonna flip the Babylon.unfortunately cities can flip to your.vassals it's just not the cities that.you took from him can't whip cities like.he can't culturally flip cities that you.took from him militarily he can flip.other cities bastard I just have a.ton of workers there work work that's.cool least they're doing something right.so let me let me see what he has in here.now oh no he's still got on he still got.a decent stag in there make no mistake.about then that's a lot of pikes no it's.the best unit he has the counter me.there than longbows actually I'm okay.with seeing.compared to longbows fortify in a city.like that city garrison to could be.pretty ugly one two three four five six.seven units one of my odds they'll be.able to win that with this guy pretty.low so let's go ahead and attack with.these seven okay so I didn't sustain.that many losses I only lost what two.guys that's not bad look of it worse and.I got attacked with the guy who has.century and then I can attack with you.too so I can properly fortify that city.with two units you know I'd like to do.that at the beginning you know more than.just like a one unit as otherwise get.screwed and taken over again pretty.easily and then I would have lost units.ah now another thing you can do in this.situation which I don't end up doing a.whole lot unless it feels necessary it's.like taking a city and then moving your.army out of it or like not moving in a.whole lot of army so that your opponent.can move in her stack of doom and retake.the city and then in that damage sitting.you can like retake it again you'd want.to do that if you had like siege weapons.to bombard the city down so that she.didn't get her defenses so you can.constantly week in the city you're not.plotting or are you bro that would suck.Japan are you plotting war over there I.wouldn't be surprised if you were nope.not that i know and i'm pretty sure.Egypt's not flying war Egypt's only.please now with me yeah chlorine war on.friends practically everybody's mother. friend just glad off we still.share the same faith because of these.guys drop Hinduism hey I got a serious.problem it's another reason you know.like i like i stated before I don't want.to trade away liberalism just yet want.to make him work for it and they tend.not to go they did they tend not to.pursue that quickly.if somebody else has gone deliver ilysm.first now I predict a soca will flip.into that let's take a look at our good.old tree here yeah his favorite civic is.free religion so i presume heelflip than.that I I expect Ramses to stay in to.Hinduism but he switched out he's.switching to free religion before.sometimes it depends on what the AI is.pursuing the situation um if soaked is.going after a culture victory he's.really far behind in that so that's not.too big of a concern for me do I want to.attack into that narrow rifles.got gunpowder you pitch how close is she.to the stuff she's got a printing press.she just needs her place for parts and.she'd be good to go that's not a good.thing I've certainly seen better things.than that situation maybe I should start.a like take paints with this guy you.know take pinch with this guy to that.would force them to you know they would.have better odds against the muskets.Santiago will shrink where's that ad.well it's the city ok whatever was.gonna happen I whipped I can only do so.much that's Augustus Caesar he's got.queer Sears spiffing means he has.military tradition and it looks like I.finally met the Persians through some.sort of devilry that's cool so long as.she didn't like vassal I'd piss.me off like him oh there we go alright.let's go ahead and open borders and yeah.he is backwards as thought go ahead.and accept that gift I'm gonna go and.sell you music now yeah Cyrus's that's.that's what happens.he is backwards as no.chance no chance really did she really.just suicide another unit cut damn game.I mean I should be happy that the AI is.that but you know you know just.saying not saying just saying okay how.we looking here how close are we to.being fully healed one turn okay how.close are we to be fully healed here one.turn sweet I should probably take medic.with one of you guys thinking that could.be useful i don't think i have a medic.over here I think my other medic unit is.down there so uh yeah all of you guys.except for you go and attack that your.damage though so I'm gonna move the.other guy out see what we're looking at.here yikes so yeah go ahead and heal in.the city they'll take a few turns though.not exactly desirable situation I've.seen better I've had better not doing.that bad in terms of score but it's just.cuz I got so many cities now purchases.got a ton of cities but he's. technologically crippled so his.effectiveness is a very much in question.okay really really what did you like.landers offic are you really I.mean I know I'm injured but I got.favorable odds but I don't want to risk.attacking that's the sad part.like afraid I'll lose my units.it's terrible it's like 75 percent odds.aren't good enough in this game chicken. cuz I've been burned so badly.before that that's the problem just been.burned too many times by this game it's.like me over it pisses me off.okay you guys ain't like going anywhere.for a while but I did kill those guys.before they could flex their.trebuchet hacks that's a good thing.right and I'm gonna go ahead and move.one of these dudes out of there I guess.man it my defenders we got in here.that's too many that you get in.that City you fortify the rest.of you are gonna go party think I'll go.for a walk out no no singing Griffith I.keep forgetting stop Frank ok so the.guise of pinch yep should probably have.taken on some cavalry withdraw to get.better survival odds but I'm an imbecile.and I don't think things through that.well oh yeah by the way courtesy of.building the heroic epic I now get.points towards generating a great artist.we sustained of me being food so.do I I dare attack this do I dare I've.got 10 of 10 of 10 attackers here one.two three four five six seven eight ten.defenders not good odds this war is.taking forever it's because I won't whip.more units ah promise why you no use.with it takes forever for reinforcements.to get down here.I got a whip I garden I don't have to.really choosing to a quicker I in this.war the quicker I can return to piece.all right captain oveur structure garden.for some reason I don't feel like the.whip actually achieved much this turn.what do you guys think I don't think it.did oh I can save all this population.from dying so quickly though where's.that theater ed yay if you're going to.die die for a good cause those are the.words of wisdom I bring your tape if.you're going to die die for a good cause.ah what if I like threatened another.city with this stack like what if i.split in Madrid and Cordoba here could.have some merit toledo in valencia yeah.they're both got a shrink I know.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Civ 010 online

CocoSign is a browser based application and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the best method to e-sign their Civ 010.

It offers an all in one package including validity, convenience and efficiency. Follow these instructions to put a signature to a form online:

  1. Confirm you have a good internet connection.
  2. Open the document which needs to be electronically signed.
  3. Select the option of "My Signature” and click it.
  4. You will be given alternative after clicking 'My Signature'. You can choose your uploaded signature.
  5. Design your e-signature and click 'Ok'.
  6. Press "Done".

You have successfully signed PDF online . You can access your form and email it. Excepting the e-sign alternative CocoSign proffer features, such as add field, invite to sign, combine documents, etc.

How to create an electronic signature for the Civ 010 in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most handy browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of a lot of tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

Follow these easy instructions to design an e-signature for your form in Google Chrome:

  1. Navigate to the Web Store of Chrome and in the search CocoSign.
  2. In the search result, press the option of 'Add'.
  3. Now, sign in to your registered Google account.
  4. Access to the link of the document and click the option 'Open in e-sign'.
  5. Press the option of 'My Signature'.
  6. Design your signature and put it in the document where you pick.

After putting your e-sign, email your document or share with your team members. Also, CocoSign proffer its users the options to merge PDFs and add more than one signee.

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In these days, businesses have transitted their way and evolved to being paperless. This involves the signing contract through emails. You can easily e-sign the Civ 010 without logging out of your Gmail account.

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How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

Who can be appointed guardian ad litem?

Would also add that ad litem told respondent she was respondent’s attorney, then said no, she was the guardian ad litem, and the respondent was pro se. Ideas?

How should one fill out the DAF form for the UPSC civil services?

While filling the Detailed Application Form (DAF) you have to take care of many things like your service preference, cadre preference, hobbies, interests and other questions. Other answers have dealt with many subjects. But I want to tell how you can choose a right preference of services while filling up the DAF. Please see the below video to choose a right service. It will clear all the doubts regarding choosing a right service.

What are the qualifications for a guardian ad litem?

Yes. Being a guardian ad litem is the single most rewarding volunteer position one can have. It takes an individual with motivation, determination, commitment, and resilience. It is not for everyone, but those who can handle the position should absolutely do it and stick with it.

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