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Steps of Customizing the Hub Cmbl Application Texas Form

good morning everyone thank you so much.for joining us this morning this is our.hub Talk series webinar and today we're.very excited to have Tim Lake with us he.is our expert and will help us master.the centralized master bidders list Tim.good morning my name is Vincent lake and.you can call me Tim I'm with the since.embl program coordinator and I'm.involved with the program for about five.years now today we'll be covering let's.go to the next today's topics we will be.covering how to find and register for.the CBL password issues the nigp codes.electronic state business daily vendor.performance tracking system and how the.CBO is beneficial to the hub vendors.next so what is the seen Bo seen Bella.is a part of the statewide procurement.division we fall under the Texas.Comptroller of Public Accounts SPD is.the central authority for the state.procurement in Texas and the CBL is the.master database used by the state of.Texas to develop a list of purchasers a.list of vendors received bid.opportunities based on the products and.services that they provide the state.next there is a cost for registering on.the CBO $70 per year begins on the date.of payment and ends on the anniversary.of that payment the registration payment.helps to cover the cost of both the CM.BL and hub programs so they get it.everybody gets a slice next so we're.real easy to find on the CBL just go to.the comptroller's website wwm trailer.Texas gov right up there in the upper.left-hand corner.and we are if you're a first-time user.just go down to the register heading.inside the business in her box and we're.listed there.right on the front page we're turning.user login returning users that I've.already set up in this an account can.usually get to the returning user login.page by hitting the web file systems.login button also located inside the.business center next and you can also.get there by clicking on the purchasing.tab let's look at it at the top of the.seam of the come towards web page and.then we're located under vendor.resources and you can select us by.hitting the centralized master bidders.list.you also notice that historically.underutilized business is located there.as well as the electronic state business.daily link is that bottom option next ok.the reg like I said the registration fee.is seventy dollars it tells right on the.centralized master bidders page and on.this page it has a lot of good.information I highly suggest reading it.reading it through especially this.frequently asked question as it does.have what you all ask most of course and.then I'll pay special attention to the.related links there are these links come.in very handy especially the nigp.commodity book link that takes you to.where you can do a search of the.existing commodity book and we'll get.into a little bit later so you can.develop a list of commodities before you.go in and actually apply because some.systems do time you out when you're.doing your application and it's easy if.you have to exit to get the list who.lose everything and it gets kind of.frustrating for you all we also have a.link to the highway district so you can.determine which highway districts that.you are located in and can do business.in and then we also have a link to the.cmbr application right there in the blue.box for you next.all right for first time users you once.you hit that application sign a single.application box first time users you're.going to hit first-time users sign up.this is will take you to e systems menu.where you can start getting set up and.if you're a returning user of course.just login and for those of you that.have user ID and password problems there.are recovery functions at the bottom of.the login and if you still have problems.just give us the contact call at the.scene BL help desk and then number is 5.1 2 4 6 3 3 4 5 9 next first time users.will be asked to set up their own unique.credentials set up a user ID password.and security question please note that.there are user ID guidelines and.password guidelines these are set up for.your protection and you will need to.follow them next you'll also be asked to.set up a security question just and.there's several options so you can hit.the drop down and then put an answer.next.you don't have to agree to the terms.accept the Terms of Use just by hitting.that little box there and create user.profile next and this takes you to the e.systems menu if your is your first time.on the system and you're applying for.seeing me help CM BL or hub you will hit.the state payments and vendor systems.link that says apply for seen beyond.have if you're a returning user and you.already have an established CN BL or Hub.account hitman is CN BL and hub now here.if you've already have either one this.is where you'll go just to if you.already have a KUB account and you want.to add this email hit manage seen beyond.hub next.okay unlocking the code finding the.energy because that will best describe.the goods or services your company.provides this is we're gonna get into.the meat next you can find the link to.the commodity book by going to the.purchasing tab at the top of the.Comptroller's web page and going down to.procurement resources and selecting nigp.commodity book weight once you click on.that next it's going to take you to the.National Institute of government or.purchasing commodity book web page the.search functions are located under.resources you have three options you can.do a commodity book download this you.can download it but it does stay static.and there are frequent updates to it so.if you're gonna download it make sure.that you download often there is a.commodities listing by class code and.then they have a search on eBook by.alpha keyword search next come on bucket.is set up with class and items the first.when you're doing a class search this is.what you're going to see it'll list the.class and the description of that class.then that's each class can have up to 99.items listed under it so when you click.on it there will be listings under that.next and here's what it looks like you.have the abrasive code remember zero.zero it's just a title holder.placeholder for the title so it's not an.actual code anything with a 0 1 through.99 will be an actual item code and their.items are numbered in numerical order as.you can see and there are skips because.there have been changes so don't be.surprised by that next.all right this is the keyword alpha or.alpha keyword search you can search by.keywords of your industry buzzwords you.can also do partial searches if you're.not sure the spelling of a particular.word or if you think that it'll bring.more results so if when you get next.slide so I did a partial here just to.show you how that plays out if you.notice it goes across multiple classes.and then it will list a specific item in.each class that goes with that.particular description with the word.construction in it they will be listed.numerically please make sure you read.these very carefully to pick the best.ones there's no limit on the number of.commodity codes that you can pick we.just ask that you pick the ones that.best match what you can provide and that.you can actually provide them next just.be aware that the identifying automated.information system codes which are.basically your computer and tech related.codes denotes are denoted by an.asterisks and these are assigned by the.Department of information resources dir.and they'll show up in the description.not in the code numbers they show up in.the description as shown here next.here's a little tip all class codes.under 900 starts with 898 right now our.commodities that means you're selling.commodities everything above 900 are for.services funeral services.so if you're providing the commodity to.make sure you pick ones that match that.if you're actually doing something with.that commodity or service make sure you.pick the 900 series next so how does the.CBL work for you it develops brand.awareness and market share in Texas this.makes it easy to find potential.purchasers find you and it gives your.ability to give make a business.description on our web page and.highlight what goods and services you.provide for those purchasers to find.potentially receive bid opportunities.from government entities and.institutions fire AAK higher education.by email obviously this is the meat of.the program emails bid opportunities to.you where you don't have to go and look.for them they're actually looking for.you it is a state requirement that state.purchasers are required to use a seen be.able to notify vendors of potential.procurement opportunities and we have a.dedicated vendor program support and.resources for you you have our help desk.which you'll you can email and/or call.you have the vendor forms tracking you.have the commodity book access and we'll.get more into that a little bit later.alright next so this is what this is.what the where you're gonna your hard.works gonna pay off the see maybe I'll.have directory here's the link to it I.don't bore you with these long details.this is what the purchasers are gonna go.to when they're looking for a vendor for.goods and services please be aware that.they can search by skin be only hub only.hubs on CBO and all vendors it defaults.to C and B only but also prime.contractors use this when they're.looking to fill their hub subcontracting.plans and they'll do a hub only search.and find vendors for that next please.note the bid posting requirements under.5,000 there's no competitive bidding.required so competitive bidding may send.out purchases may send out a bid they do.not have to note University thresholds.are slightly different from state agency.thresholds on these numbers but they.have to match the nigp codes and highway.districts procurement opportunities of.five to twenty five thousand dollars.they have to send out a minimum of three.bid opportunities with to those vendor.vendors being hubs certified they can.send out more but they do have to send.out those minimum of three then over.twenty five thousand state agencies are.required send notice to everybody listed.on the CBO with the matching bids.highway districts and kodos as we see.here they all must match the codes and.how-to editions next okay and this is.how the is usually how a vendor are.purchased I'm sorry we'll do a search.they're gonna put it in the class code.they need the item and a highway.district like I said it will default to.the C and B only option next this is.what they get they get this is what.they'll see when they do that search.they'll get a search review overview.search results overview and it tells.them how many vendors we found how many.our hubs if there's any inactive vendors.included and it'll reiterate what they.search for vendors listed with matching.nigp and highway districts will show up.in a list by V ID number and by company.name they are in alphabetical order.and then the purchaser can make a.selection to contact.out of that list next once they click on.an actual vendor page or link they will.see the vendor details come up there are.three top tabs at the top you have your.scene be I'll have vendor detail page.their combined description page and the.vendor performance report search or vie.pts that's where you get your grades if.you'll knows your V ID numbers here your.company information your how to contact.you all your business information is.here your business description this is.your area where you can describe what.you do in a little bit more detail and.then at the very bottom there's a list.of highway districts selected so it'll.show where you can provide those goods.and services next and then on the.commodity description tab of course it.shows what commodities you selected as.being able to provide to the state some.are very extensive some are short like.this one next today we're going to also.cover the electronic state business.daily public bit postings next ok the.electronic state business daily is an.online bulletin board for state agencies.to post bid solicitations by statute.bids over 25,000 by state entities are.required to be posted to the US BD.there's no login to view the bids used.for information purposes only and it's.the public awareness tool so once you go.there all yet do search you don't have.to sign in or anything all right.next and here's what the website looks.like it looks like it falls under smart.by com so it's www Texas smart by comm.slash SP that'll take you to this one if.you if you forget the SP it's going to.take in this more by once again this we.are.signin-box in the upper right hand.corner and here are your search fields.below you can search by any of these.data fields most most people I've known.as either search by the class an item or.keyword but feel free to search by any.of them and then you'll get search.results below next as you can see this.is what the bids look like when they.come out and you would click on the blue.highlighted area and open up each bid.this should be attachments in each bid.directing you how to respond to it and.what they need as you notice this.website does require google chrome to.navigate next the vendor performance.tracking system for add state.procurement canary with a comprehensive.tool for evaluating a vendor report of.performance to reduce risk in the.contract or warning process so they were.going to cover VPT s as we commonly call.it next okay here's that tab again where.you can click on it and it will take you.to where you can search what the vendors.report card is make sure that you do.have the vendor ID number eleven digits.of it because the first eleven digits.here so because it doesn't autofill in.the next page next.alright the vendor for search page it.looks something like this you're gonna.put it in your vendor ID a contractor.named Pio number CM BL vendor number or.you can select by grade or even.debarment status you can click on that.once again it's an another site that.needs chrome to be used thanks.and then you'll see that the there's.results contractor results then there's.get a letter grade based on how many.reports they they have received and as.you can see this one has an A and then.you can click here on the blue box or.says view contractor and as you go into.it you can actually read the results.other reports next all right.the website references these will be.available in the handout these are all.the websites we covered today Texas.Comptroller of Public Accounts website.the centralized master bidders list.website the hub website I'm a GP e SPD.that directory where you can go and look.at your own vendor account whenever you.want to and the VPT s where you people.can see there if there's any reports on.them next how to get ahold of us we're.located at www.texaslatina.com backslash.c NB o backslash or just e e dot c + BL.at cpa Texas gov and of course you can.mail out anything to us at CBL program p.o-- box one thirty one eight six one.seven one one san jacinto austin texas.seven eight one one next and how to.reach me I receive it's a 10 Mike I'm a.program coordinator and you can reach me.either at five one two four six three.three four five nine or my direct line.five one two four seven five five three.seven zero the email address is tim lake.at cpa dot Texas dargah.next thank you Jim there's a couple.things that I'd like to go back and just.remind everyone to keep in mind with the.CM BL is an important tool for vendors.wishing to do business with the state of.Texas anyone can use the CM BL any.business that is hub certified.non-certified in state out of state any.business wishing to do Texas can.register on the centralized master.bidders list to be listed on the state's.vendor list so that's an important tool.everyone should keep in mind the nigp.codes just as important the nigp.profiles provide a picture of the type.of the goods and services that your.business provides purchasers need to.know who you are and what you're.providing when they do their searches to.include on the notifications for.solicitations hub coordinators will.supplement those lists by used by going.to the CM BL and the hub directory to.again provide supplemental notices of.procurement opportunities so those.profiles are extremely important the.other thing I had to mention is those.vendor searches again for have.subcontracting plans the vendor searches.are important because they list the.vendor number for the class and item.code that you're searching it provides a.list of the hubs that you are notifying.those are important to print and submit.with your HSPs as supporting.documentation so please keep them in.that in mind the electronic state.business daily.it is a tool another tool that is.available for any vendors that are.looking for procurement opportunities go.to the SPD learn how to use it search.for it if you are listed on the.centralized master bidders list the.purchasers will search the centralized.master bidders list as they're required.in the procurement by the procurement.process.since day those notices are posted on.the ESP D and the purchasers will send.the notices to the CMB l vendors of.those procurement opportunities for.those that are on the hub directory you.can go and search those on your own but.it's important that you think about.doing the centralized master business.it's a good tool to have available and.it makes life a little easier.so again Tim thank you so much we.appreciate all of this excellent.information and let's go to the next.slide.I think yeah I'm turning over to you.Tracy or Lynne yeah in Tom song so Tom's.gonna read out the questions for the.audience and then one of us will go.ahead and answer so Tom if you want to.take it over and which one are we on for.sure Lynn is this the one for the.$25,000 we can start there okay so the.question is for the $25,000 required for.all C MBL is that also valid if the.product is on a dir contract No so there.are different requirements for.procurement when it comes to di are.purchasing thresholds so those are.different and you can refer to us Linda.I can get you those thresholds if you.have any other questions okay what next.question what are the university.purchasing thresholds does it vary by.university besides the thresholds you.purchasing protocols also very different.rules for different monetary tiers.question yes so the universities all.will establish their their minimum.thresholds for using a procurement card.to wear and that means they can go.directly to a vendor and make a purchase.and they will establish their thresholds.for vendors they need to depend on the.doll value of that contract all those up.they have ability to be a little.different from state agencies so what.you would want to do is if there's a.university you're interested in selling.your service or product to contact the.hub coordinator for that University and.ask those questions find out how they're.letting out therapy opportunities.because they're not required to use the.e SPD they may choose to but a lot of.them will post their.opportunities on their own website so.you'll want to contact those you know if.you're looking at doing business at.University of Texas any of those schools.are in their system for Texas A&M.University your system Texas State Texas.Tech any of those lamar university.systems sam houston you want to contact.those hub coordinators for those.entities and they'll be able to guide.you through how they let out their.procurements okay next question if you.aren't sure of the exact class slash.code.how can you narrow down your search.findings on the commodity code on the.commodity book so I'll take that one.this is Maya the statewide hub program.is happy to help and assist you in going.through the searches and talking it out.to make sure that we are listing you.correctly so just contact the statewide.hub okay next question what is the.difference in hub only and hubs on si.MBL on the CMB l flat of directory which.is the better one to search so the hub.directory when we have vendors that are.certified and approved they.automatically go into the hub directory.list for any vendor wishing to be on the.centralized master bidders list there is.a seventy dollar fee and you can be hub.you can be non hub you can be in-state.or you can be out of state but the hub.directory is a listing of all hubs that.are certified through the statewide hub.program okay next question what if you.want more information on the description.for the code on the commodity book some.are pretty big how can we determine.which is the best one the salaat so.there's a couple of different ways of.finding the right codes that fit your.business type one is either working with.the statewide hub program you can call.the centralized master bidders list and.we'll also help with that your hub.coordinators can help you find that.and sometimes it's also good to talk to.the agency hub coordinators because one.purchaser may view one commodity with.one code and another one can use it with.another code that's similar so it takes.a little understanding search by the.Alpha and see which codes come up and.then as you list read the class and item.numbers they provide you a pretty good.description of what they're asking for.with those class and items so sometimes.you may have to use a couple of the.codes to completely describe what it is.you're providing okay this is a question.or a statement my apologies I missed the.first ten minutes I gather it would.benefit all vendors to sign up for this.correct this presentation has a lot of.excellent information so if you missed.the first 10 minutes I'd go back and.look at the slides and read them and if.again if you have any other questions.contact statewide hub we'll be happy to.help okay next question does the ESB be.posting applied to dir contracts or s.OWS under dir categories can you read.that again please.sir does the ESB be posting allow up I'm.sorry does the ESD posting applied to.dir contracts or s Oh W under dir.categories okay yes and what you will do.is contact our office so if an agency is.writing a statement of work they will.contact dir prior to letting any of that.out and we will help walk them through.what their requirements are.okay next question.where do you get the vendor ID the.vendor ID is a taxpayer number so for.hugs you will get that from the.comptroller's office actually for any.vendor you'll get it from the.comptroller's office but it's based on.your tax ID number and then there are.certain changes that the CPA will make.so that they're they're not identical to.your tax ID number but they still.identify you for payment purposes right.that should eat your federal employer.identification number that you have the.evening you get from the IRS you will.get that number and it'll be issued to.the comptroller's office and typically.what they will do to make it at the.state of Texas VD ID they will add a 1.to the front of that and a three-digit.number to the end and I believe that.three-digit number typically indicates.location but it's something that the.comptroller's office will assign back to.you but they is based off of your EIN so.if you don't have one go to the IRS.website it's very easy you can register.and get one and they will mail you your.own AI n for your company you can do it.within a day just to expound on that the.v ID number when you up when you apply.for the CB o it's gonna request that you.or the Hub online it's gonna require.that you put in your EIN number and at.the end it's gonna have a page and it.says print this for your records and.it'll have that v ID number on there for.you so buy it by the if you register.online by the end of the process you'll.have your v ID number okay next question.we get a lot of bounce back emails when.sending out bit notices of upcoming bits.how can that list be updated.that list is updated by the vendor so.it's really up to the vendor to take.care of their own I don't know Tim you.might have more information I don't know.that there's anything really we can do.about the bounce facts that's furet.vendors are responsible for updating.their contact information in the system.we have over 10,000 registered vendors.right now so when we do catch them we.get notified we will try to reach out to.that particular vendor and let them know.that they need to update their account.but it is like I said once again the.primary responsibilities of the vendor.and I'd like to recommend everybody do.that if they have an existing vendor.account just go in and verify that.everything is accurate ok next question.how do we find pricing information on.previous purchase orders so if you want.specific information for POS that have.been issued out by other agencies you.need to do an open records request to.those agencies per that Pio and every.agency will have a process on how that's.handled and so you'll want to make sure.you have the Pio number or you want to.make sure you have the B if it was a you.know a dir rfo you want the rfo however.they let that solicitation out you'll.need that specific number to refer to.and then if you want to get pricing.information you can request that and.work with that entity.yes pedia also has some award.information available for I think a few.years after the award has been made.you just have to on the status hit.awarded okay Jim you get a shout out Tim.like this amazing super helpful and.professional guy congratulations thank.you these kind of go hand in hand is the.presentation available for download and.where can we get a copy of Tim's.presentation with all of the links this.morning a handout was attached if you.look over on the right-hand side in your.panel you'll see a handout section and I.see it as the second attachment there.and handouts mastering this the MBL it's.in a PDF so you can download that now.for your use and then we will be posting.this presentation to the dir program web.page we will get all of the answers to.all of the questions we will have the.slides and we will have the recording.and it will be posted with the other HUD.talk series that we have conducted okay.question if we the next question if we.expand our product offering can that.list be updated yes you can update your.nigp codes at any time just by logging.in and managing your account okay next.question.under the working challenges we face.today how long does it take to get me to.get on the CM BL if I may on my.application and if you mail it in.depending on where you're located if.you're here in Texas it can be about a.week depending on when we receive it.we'll put it in the same day that we.receive notification the application.it's easier to do it online though since.most of us are still teleworking from.home.the process has been you know slowed.down just a little bit to do that okay.next question our contractors / primes.state agencies required to submit a vp.TS report for the vendor after contract.completion it is recommended that the.contractors when the contracts completed.provide that under performance not all.agencies are quick to do it some are.better than others.but it's it's really.it's encouraged okay next question is no.way that vendors are able to search both.the current and historical records of.bids by nigp codes through the ESP D I'm.told you can do those kind of searches.so you can do some of those searches.through the ESP D and there's also the.lbb contracts that is also available for.searches right okay next question how is.the best way to approach the type of.services / products that we can provide.if for example we are a woodworking shop.we could do tablets furniture display.racks or offer woodworking services in.general just trying to figure out the.best way to portrait who we are and how.to be found that's a great question.I think the first thing you need to do.is look at your profiles make sure your.nigp codes list you correctly and if you.do an alpha search you'll find the.different options you can use after.you've got your profiles completed I.suggest you go to the hub coordinator.list on the statewide hub web page.resources identify which agencies you.might work with the LBB contract search.will also be a tool for you to use it'll.tell you which agencies might need your.services and your products so that's.another tool to use and then contacting.the hub coordinators that are identified.in the lvb list would be a way to start.introducing yourself to those agencies.okay next question.we're registered on the CM BL and I log.in and edit my n IG e codes at any time.that's correct you can you have access.to your vendor account.for seven through the portal and next.question can you please cover what is.can you please cover what is cooperative.purchasing Thanks okay so dir is.cooperative like we are a state agency.so we have a collection of contracts.that our customers can utilize to.expedite their procurement needs for IT.services or products universities will.also utilize cooperative contracting.programs so by board is an example of.one of those some of the regions have.their own cooperative contracts programs.and there are some other national.programs that they will use and so there.are cooperative programs that will bid.out different types of bid opportunities.from playground equipment to turf to.food for cafeterias to electronics and.paper and pins and products so they'll.have a variety of of contracting.opportunities again what you want to do.is contact the hub coordinators that.those entities you want to sell your.products to and ask them how they're.buying their products and services ask.them how they're getting to your service.or products so you know what cooperative.programs they may be using so you can go.and apply for those opportunities as.well or bid on those opportunities as.well so to add to that the controller's.also has the co-op type ability for.local governments nonprofits and service.centers to purchase through the state.contracts there is a fee for them to.participate in the state's co-op.purchasing program through Texas smart.Buy.and and use the state's purchasing power.and contracts okay next question.can you speak to highway districts more.if the service based business limited to.the areas as well even though it may be.professional services done remotely on.the highway districts we've broken Texas.down into 25 geographical highway.districts they're number 1 to 25 you.pick the area that you can provide goods.or services in so if you can do it.online across the state or you can do.shipping across the state you can pick.every last one of them if you can only.do in a certain area based on the.commodity or service that you provide.then you would just pick the.geographical area that you can actually.provide that good and service in this.just allows you to set up your own.footprint so to speak of where you can.fry your goods and services right this.is the tool for you to tell the state of.Texas purchasing individuals where you.provide your your services or products -.so you dictate how you know if it's the.entire state if it's a piece of the.state if it's only one County or one.highway district you identify that and.please include that because when.agencies or universities or other prime.vendors are looking for hub vendors to.partner with they're going to take that.into consideration and something else to.keep in mind when you're modifying your.profiles and adding your class and item.code numbers go and look at some of your.competitors profiles that are out there.you see what class and item codes they.may have listed when you get procurement.opportunities to bid on look at all the.class and item codes that are included.in that solicitation make sure you have.them on your vendor profile I always.tell my dir vendors my IT related.vendors if you're gonna be bidding on.any of our our fos.we already have contracts in place for.those services or products go to the.contract pages and look at the class and.item codes we have listed it's a cheat.sheet so it helps you figure out at.least where you need to start when.you're identifying those class and item.codes so make sure those are out there.so that the purchasing entities can.identify you the prime vendors can.identify you and we know where and what.you can sell to the state of Texas okay.next question may I get the dir.thresholds as well yes what we'll do is.when we ant post the questions and.answers I'll post that little chart out.there for you so you can see what those.purchasing thresholds are and and their.relative to the purchasing contracts or.their relative only they're only.applicable to state agencies so not any.of our voluntary customers and that is.specifically when they're utilizing dir.contracts to fulfill their product or.service need okay next question this.kind of may have just worked into the.previous one but the question is if I.search by highway district do I get a.list of vendors with addresses in the.highway district or will it be a list of.vendors who want to work in that Highway.district.so I believe if you do a highway.district search you're gonna it's going.to populate businesses that state they.can do business in those highway.districts now Tim correct me if I'm.wrong but I think they can do a county.based search which will identify what.County those businesses are in or does.it get down to that level of detail they.they can't do searches like that it's a.little bit further down on the search.directory where they sort their output.options we didn't get into that today.but if they want to contact me I'll walk.them through it yes they're going to get.the addresses they will get the B ID.number the name of the business the.address the location of the business.contact information by phone number and.my email in my address and if they've.listed a highway district or our.location they will get that as well in.that search list okay next question.using an nigp code in our CMB l slash.hub profile with the last two digits.being zero zero is not recommended.correct that is correct that is just a.placeholder for the title of the class.when you put that in there it doesn't.really it just shows it's not going to.show anything so to add to that the.class number is kind of a general.classification and the item number is a.specific description within that class.okay next question.is there a list of hub coordinators that.we can get yes the hub coordinator list.is listed on our hub resources off of.the main page.the webpage and will show the all that.information here in just a minute.okay I think we may have touched on this.but the question is how do you propose.to make sure the vendor community keep.their emails current and up-to-date so.it's up to the vendors to go into their.profiles to make sure that they're.keeping their information up-to-date the.contact information the email.information vendors are primarily.responsible for that if CM BL does.notice that there is something that is.bouncing back they will reach out to the.vendor or try to reach out to the vendor.but again the primary responsibility is.up to the vendor okay next question if.looking for hub vendors is it better to.search hub only or all vendors so if.you're trying to use hub vendors for an.HSP it is best to use the hub directory.but you can also use the CM BL search.and it'll tell you which vendors are hub.certified and which are not.but if you're using this for an HS P.again make sure you're contacting the.hub vendor and copy the list and include.it in your good faith effort supporting.documentation if you're just looking for.hub vendors to network with then the hub.directory would be the best place to go.okay next question is the hub.application still submitted manually.through the mail and not electronically.unfortunately it still is but.fortunately we are in the process of.working to transition to an online.system that system will probably be up.and running completely 100% by April or.May of next year 2021.okay next question we may need a little.further clarification on this the.question states what if a dir is.required for the bid I think I know what.they're asking Tom so let's just dispel.this rumor dir doesn't issue a there's.no registration there's no list there's.no sign so if a agency or university or.one of our other customer entities is.requesting maybe quote information from.you or maybe you've engaged in talks.with them and they're interested in.maybe buying your services of product.and they ask you for a dir number what.they're asking you for is that contract.number so you actually have to go.through the competitive bidding process.but dir and be awarded a contract or be.listed as a subcontractor or resell.under a dir contract so there's no.budget no registration sign up of any.kind you have to go through the.procurement process so if they're trying.to ask you about your dar number they're.asking for a contract okay next question.look hopefully was a hub for Texas but.it has expired what's the process to.recertify so the process to recertify if.a hub is still active they receive a.packet of information requesting them to.resubmit the documents needed to.recertify if your certification has.expired and it's more than probably two.or three months old then you need to go.ahead and submit a new application once.it it'll take about a month or two for.it to it'll show that you're expired but.it'll take a little bit to drop off and.go into a different vest that will be.there so a new application and the.supporting documentation would be best.next question how important is business.category so this category again sorry.this is important because it describes.who you are the business category in the.class item would be the best way to.start and the item number is a better.description of who you are next question.do all state agencies report performance.on V pts or dooming do municipalities.have been doing business with state and.local entities for years and maybe PPS.record does not show anything at all yes.they're supposed to if it's over $25,000.for state level purchasers and then do.municipalities report no they're not.required to but state like I said state.only state level purchasers are required.and that would be on our system they may.report it somewhere a local government.may report it somewhere on their own.system but this is on the CM BL so it's.a state system.okay question a small company out of the.states can participate they cannot.vendors from Oliver can apply for CBL as.for hub I'll let mine speak to that hubs.education requires a business to be.located in Texas okay next question does.the state ever envision standardizing.the bid response process some purchasers.have different formats and I find it.difficult to complete all the necessary.paperwork completing all the paperwork.is a business itself standardizing would.allow vendors to have pre prepared.documents speeding up the bid process.we're gonna have to see our CPA we'll.have to get back I will have to get back.on that to give you CPAs response yeah.and I don't know that it I don't know.that it'll ever be so cookie cutter.because remember each of our agencies.each of our universities has a specific.purpose and they're tasked with.different unique jobs and services that.they're required to provide back to the.state of Texas so there's a fine line of.what are our requirements or our basic.level of requirements are and then you.have to keep in mind the uniqueness of.responding so they're gonna have.additional requirements they're gonna.have additional knee specific to.fulfilling their in goal okay next.question we've answered yes the.recording will be accessible for.everyone later on.yes we've discussed that up next.question what is a dir contract Oh for.those of you that are unfamiliar the.texas department of information.resources is the IT agency for the state.of texas.Mette mannitol IT related contracts for.the state for our customers to use that.we have mandatory customers which are.agencies and then voluntary customers.which include higher ed k12 looking at.how these hospital districts or just to.service districts private schools and.dir our main mission is to have.contracts available for our customers to.use to fulfill their IT products and.services needs okay next question.this SPD show all opportunities.including HHSC and they're required to.post anything over $25,000 to the e SPD.but I'm gonna encourage that you contact.the HHSC hub coordinator group they are.developing I think their own bid portal.system where they may be displaying it's.under $25,000 so if you'll reach out to.that hub coordinator group you can find.their contacts on the hub coordinator.contact list you will reach out to them.and they will be able to explain to you.their procurement process where they.post information and if they have any.other portals or sites that you need.okay next question is a validation yes.the B ID number is actually their.federal employee ID number yes we.previously answered that one as well.excellent.next question what is the best way to.find primary bidders if you wish to.become a subcontractor for specific bids.for services might be eligible for so.there are several ways to start with and.I think once you've got your profile.done again go to the hub coordinator.list contact those agencies ask about.networking opportunities ask about.future procurement opportunities any.forecasting and the.procurements that they might have coming.up and also ask them to be put to put.your business on their supplemental list.so that they know who you are and what.you provide and they will also include.you and notify you potential.procurements next question how can you.review a rather can you review how to.delete or add your nigp codes list you.can when you log in to your profile you.would go in manage your CBL hub profile.as you go down the list there's an edit.and it'll say class codes you'll hit.that edit button it'll ask you if you.want to add or delete you can add or.delete and then you if you're adding.classes you'll select the class then oh.I have a list of items you'll select the.items and you'll add it to the system.that way it's all through the profile.okay that's question I have a new hub.whom do I speak to to get the bare.basics to get me started.I'm sorry repeat that one again for me.here it says I have a new hub whom do I.speak to to get the bare basics to get.me started I would contact the statewide.hub program and visit with myself or one.of the hub staff they can provide you.with some training and some review on.the resources available to kind of get.you started and going in the right.direction.okay next question.what if vendor performance reports.search determines no results found but.we know a vendor exists.I'm having trouble with my intersect.would you repeat that sure the question.reads what if vendor performance report.search determines no results found but.we know a vendor exists there may have.not been a report made on it especially.if it's under twenty five thousand and.there are only a couple years worth of.records on the vendor performance.tracking system okay next question on BT.PS my entire vendor ID number will not.enter make sure you enter the first.eleven digits and then we're gonna Tom.will read out one more question and then.if you're if you have entered in a.question and we haven't gotten to it.today don't worry we're gonna send these.out and we're going to populate answers.and post them with the presentation so.your questions will be answered.okay the final question that we have.time for today would it be helpful if.you sent out and would it would it be.helpful if you sent out an email to all.the vendors and then follow up with.those that have a bad email address.seems like we could do something more.helpful such as this to resolve this.issue.so again CMD L will when they notice.that I had that a vendor has a email.address that is not valid they will try.to reach out to them but that primary.responsibility falls on the vendors it's.the vendors responsibility to make.themselves available for procurement.opportunities if anyone's looking for.networking opportunities go to the hub.coordinators ask them who to talk to you.ask them who their primes are if they.have solicitations coming up so that you.can network with them so.vendors may drop off and not go in and.change any of their information so it's.really primarily up to the vendors right.and remember this the MBL is a vendor.managed system or vendor managed.database so that that responsibility.lies on your shoulders and if you have.or had an old profile associated with.your EIN or your VIP can't get in there.you can always contact him and his group.or contact the hub office the statewide.hub office at the comptroller's office.they'll assist you with getting that.corrected and getting you access to your.profile but you know stay on top of that.I know I know players and actors changes.at companies and they do at agencies as.well so you know just do your best to.manage that make sure all of your.contact information is up-to-date and.Tim do you have anything you want to add.to that like you said everything is on.tumblr on the vendors but when we do get.notified either by a purchaser or.through our email system that there is.invalid emails we try to contact that.vendor and let them know that they need.to update it so like I said we're gonna.follow up and when we post this.presentation to the website your.questions will all be answered and those.will be posted together on the dir hub.program webpage and you will see that.there with the listing of other.presentations so go to the next slide we.have one more hub talk series coming up.and that's going to be on June 24th at.10 a.m. we're gonna do our second round.of construction opportunities so as you.see there we have the registration link.active and up so if you'll go out there.if you're interested in participating go.out there and register it we'll have a.new group of agencies and universities.that will be participating on this panel.so you'll be hearing new construction.opportunities.new tips for interacting with their.entities go out and register make sure.before you hit that submit button that.you include your email address that's.how we communicate to you that's how you.receive the link to participate in the.webinar so if you're interested in.attending that go ahead and register.today and then on your next slide we.want to remind you or we want to let you.know that typically we have the Senator.West doing business Texas style spot bid.fair typically that's held in May and do.do the Ovid outbreak it had been.postponed and postponed again but we.will be holding that on August third and.fourth it will have a different feel.this year we will be doing that event.virtually so there will not be an.in-person event and I know we are.working in conjunction with the Dallas.Fort Worth minority supplier development.council Andrew Nash and his group to get.those details ironed out but we do have.the date and we will be posting some.additional information you can find all.of that on these statewide hub programs.web page when additional details and.additional link are confirmed they will.post those to their web page maybe and.that will be a virtual it'll be.something different that we're trying so.if you have the opportunity to.participate I know in the past we've had.close to 80 agencies and universities.that have attended we will continue to.have a spot bid fair dir again is.hosting that spot bid fair portal and so.I want you to be on the lookout because.about three weeks prior to the event.we're gonna hold a webinar just going.over the spot bid portal how you can.extract those bid opportunities looking.through those requirements and how you.need to submit your bid responses so.keep in mind it will be different this.year there will be no in person.receiving of bids in one location.they'll keep an eye out for that we will.be planning that but and participate.with us virtually we would love to have.you on August 3rd and 4th next slide and.so again we just like to remind you that.our previous hub talk series recordings.questions and answers presentations are.all posted to the dir hub program.website and you can see the past series.that we have posted we're working on.some will get this one posted as soon as.we can again with all the questions.Lancers presentations recordings extinct.so I think that'll that'll wrap it up.for us today again if you have any.questions regarding this the MDL please.feel free to reach out to tim and his.group we'd like to thank him for coming.out here today with us and providing.some additional information I know we.had vendors on the line I know we also.had agencies and universities on the.line asking questions interested in how.it all works so if you have additional.questions for Tim and his verdict please.feel free to contact him if you have hub.related questions you can always contact.my engram in her office or you can.contact myself Lynn Hadi in our office.always happy to help you it's our job.we're here to help you and support you.so have a nice day thank you everyone.thank you everyone.have we base.

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