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hey guys this is Terry with futures i/o.and is my pleasure to welcome Alex.Hayward for today's webinar diving into.water flow sponsored by jigsaw trading.now doing a webinar please feel free to.type your questions into the questions.box whether it best to answer them at.the end of the event also be watching us.on YouTube please sorts a favor and give.us a thumbs up if you enjoy the webinar.it is always please feel free to share.comment and subscribe to our channel it.really helps us a lot don't forget that.you can now follow us on Facebook.YouTube and Twitter with at features I.own and without further delay I'll hand.it over to Alex great thanks Terry and.thank you for having me for both.yourself jigsaw this is Eve my actually.my very first also my virgin experience.doing a webinar so I'm a rather internet.hermit but exciting to be doing this in.a special on a subject within the.intraday trading community being the.order flow and and ready the slides that.I'll be going through today are all.geared around a collective experience.over many years of you know being with.traders being within the proprietary.training industry and more importantly.when you're exposed within a trading.floor which I have been you know my.entire professional career is is that.collective experience that collective.learning and making sure you open up.your ears you know your your visual.elements and and really these slides are.a are a functional product and a few.Elementor will be touching on today and.we just can be pretty sweeping the.surface I ended up sorry to share your.screen I see you can't share my screen.okay just hold on a sec can you see that.now yes there we go perfect thank you.okay.fantastic and and and with regards to to.what we'll be looking at is ready for me.one of the foundational elements you.know of my personal career of looking.at the price ladder and and also what we.train all our young traders on you know.in our various trading floors and it's.really quite the paramount element in.our training and it's fantastic just to.be on here and and share just a snippet.of some of the elements that we look at.on our on our various training programs.and again just if I had to have a.metaphor this or a symbol if you look at.this first slide you can see this.speedometer and and really the the whole.the whole presentation is built on you.know the the auction exchange on the.market velocity and really prompt that.basis of how to determine when a market.is shifting gears and therefore how to.deploy at the correct and the most you.know you deploy the most appropriate.trading strategy where you as always for.any trader minimizing your risk and you.know the grain out saying minimizing the.risk and exposing yourself ad towards.the upside so just bear with me during.the seminar I do have a habit of the.bearing or per track so that's why we.prefer to other questions right at the.end because I can't I can barrel track.that rather rather easily so I will get.into the zone and game to the focus and.hopefully for any of you at who had you.know heard me before and any of our.internal as stream joining by younger.traders and I do try and painter a a.message with a few assembled so let's go.ahead okay so let's just really start.off what what is market velocity now.it's rare any of the pace of the tape.you know from a price that expense I I.don't know I mean I'm assuming in this.webinar that people have potentially.traded on the price ladder or you know.have tread and actively or on the.simulator so I'm assuming a certain.level of understanding for those of you.who never had a tread on the price.ladder and then then then I apologize.and I hope I can.I just do sparked a certain interest for.you to potentially going investigate.further and then after that potentially.you can revisit the slide and it might.make a little bit more sense for the.view out there so the market velocity.Marco velocity the speed of the order.square thing through the market now I.hope you guys can read it so I'm going.to try and draw in my slide over here.but essentially how you set up a price.ladder so this over here is the price.and these are the author orders and.these are the bids okay and the market.price is this I assume would be the S&P.500 is 2169 and 3/4 if you want to buy.it market and if you want to sell and.market 2169 and a hot now what I'm.concerned with them we don't have the.volume protocol over here but we'll be.I'll be showing you that in a little.moment what I'm concerned with is this.column over here okay and that's the.actual orders that are going through the.market and more importantly the speed.and the nature of the orders going.through the market and therefore how the.market price whether it's on the bid or.not up there how they are absorbing and.how they're taking it and how they.auctioning it and this is really the.crux of this entire presentation is.what's going through the market at what.speed is going through the market and.and and have that determined the.environmental conditions so by.understanding the different market.velocity environments in conjunction.with passive order movement is the.foundation to developing arsenal of.price ladder patterns and really whether.you're trading the market at an extreme.of the day of the low or a high of the.markers trading mid-range is really.going to determine on how fast the.orders going through the market of what.type of strategy that you want to be.participating in you know their type of.strategies where you're trading within.algorithms on the markets are a lot more.lethargic you know define the project in.a little moment but all whether the mark.is moving at exceptional pace and you.can describe pace as you know.a hundred Lots per second in a.particular type of market for example if.it's 2,000 Lots per second on the S&P.500 potentially that's a medium to high.velocity if it's 2,000 if it's a 20 Lots.per second in the S&P 500 or the euro.USD then potentially it is not as high.intensity and is not much intent in the.market so this is how we describe market.velocity is the speed of the orders.going through the market and what we're.looking at is the market velocity is not.concerned with the size of the bids in.the office but rather what is being.traded and how the price is being traded.so again a lot of people when they bring.up the labor for the first time and it.certainly happened with me in the early.part of my career and potentially as.long as the first you know year and a.half of 18 months of my career is all I.was concerned with was hard large these.orders were or half small these orders.were and especially when they're at.market price so when you actually see.the orders that is all I used to be.concerned with but that doesn't tell you.anything because there's so many types.of hedge strategies going going around.in the market there's so many potential.orders they're not real that get cooled.again and so what's really important for.me is not this but how potentially the.market price reacts to the orders going.through so the app market bird or the.app market offer and when the market.when those prices are being traded how.is it it how is it digesting the actual.real traded volume in the market and how.quickly is the real traded volume going.through the market so again a lot of.young people do seem to be fixated.because I know at least I was and I and.we try and show with our younger traders.that they keep a very close observation.of the orders that go through the market.and if I had to show you so let me just.clear up my page over here.so just before I do that I want to show.you something on the jigsaw ladder in a.moment but if you see this so it's about.the speed of the exchange versus buyers.and sellers so the speed of exchange.so how our buyers and sellers.interacting they're not how the order.size is changing but the speed of the.exchange so when the market is good for.605 lots at at 21 69 and half and six.hundred Lots go through there does it.reload itself how quickly does it reload.how often is it happening and that's.what I'm really concerned with is the.speed of the exchange versus the buyers.and sellers then the level of auctioning.activity and the progress of the auction.now this is really important for what.you know some of you who trade certain.type of momentum break up trades when.you look in a certain a technical level.so if you have a level to the upside and.the market has been you know hitting it.multiple times and all of a sudden the.breaches not from a price ladder.perspective what's really critical and.important is well this market continued.handsomely towards the upside what you.really want to see is the level of.objectivity and the progress of the.auction you really want to see high.level of auctioning and what that means.is that every price that trades in this.instance up that you're auctioning the.price know quite concretely and what I.mean by that is if the market just word.because they were stops being triggered.and a triggered a few stops and all of a.sudden the order activity died down and.slowly leaked back then you know.invariably that market could actually.potentially roll over but on the price.ladder if you're actually seeing that.the integrity of the auction and it you.know and you have to know each of your.markets you know you have to know your.pacific marcus personality and every.market has its own speed personality and.its own velocity personality and its own.auctioning personality and in this.instance and in optioning activities for.example every price trades 3,000 you.know say it's a three six hours and lots.before beds over so there's the handsome.exchange between each price and.therefore when it auction ZT price you.know concretely then then the market can.continue without coming to revisit.price and as long as it's auctioning.every price you know really well then.what happens with a brother you know.younger traders is when a market breaks.above level and they don't see a very.fast move then they think the market is.pretending she lost impetus but but.sometimes the market breaks very quickly.it's quite easily to trade back if these.prices weren't auction well so that's.why sometimes you can have a fairly deep.retracement after an initial a break.whereas if the market just grinds but a.high speed high auctioning and it's.actually auctioning every price so the.buyers and sellers are engaging at a.higher than average exchange rate.between each other then the market can.really its protecting itself higher and.higher as of putting its flag higher and.higher into new priced territory and.therefore it can continue and continue.higher so that's what I mean by that.level of walking to be in every market.has its own level of auctioning activity.it's a really important so for example I.trade the Bund which is a German.ten-year bond most often and and I know.the market breaches new territory and.it's a and there's really nice pick up.and volume and every price is being.optioned I want to see between two to.three thousand Lots you know for every.price until it finds a new value zone so.so for example the market moves up its.auctioning two to three thousand Lots.then there's what's called an area of.interest a high high exchange area so.there's a lot of volume activity going.on and then fraught on that face this is.the market has built another base to.launch itself to the outside but as long.as it's auctioned every price then.there's a greater probability in your.trading plan for in this instance a.breakout trade for the market to.continue towards the upside okay and.then the next point with regards to.market velocity is the relative.auctioning speed of the day now this is.really one of my favorites and if I show.you what I mean and let me actually just.pull a ladder for you here.let's only get a tricks or letter over.here what I've got share is the bond and.this is actually the Bund.today we're using the replay technology.which is such a cool.rape a learning tool to to go practice.your you know anything interesting you.notice on on the price and added in the.day any so you know any patterns any.order flow patterns any sculpting.techniques or anything that you.potentially lost money in it's really.great to go back look on the replay.functionality and fix or supported by.you know wonderful repay technology that.we actually use in-house in our land and.training pool and we'll be we'll be.branching it out and you know if you're.in a few of our other flaws but if you.look over here this is actually today.during the ECB event after the 12:45 and.this is at 1:05 British Standard Time.and the Reddick of auction speeder what.I'm talking about over here now if you.see here ok so hopefully you guys can.focus and try and make this a little bit.bigger so you can have a look ok so the.market is trading bird one sixty four.sixty two now the most currently traded.price Epis prices thirty one hundred and.two Lots has just been gone through at.sixty two that the current traded.lobster have gone to 60 100 two lights.now another one lakh went down at 61 as.you can see over here and we watching.now this pace at this current moment the.market at this areas on the low balance.of so-called the value area volume.valley area so again I'm assuming some.people have to understand what a volume.a value area of it is at the lower.extreme the pace of the market at the.moment is fairly slow and lethargic.so the auctioning speed is you know this.256 lot so that's a little bit more.tense Oviedo 154 62 and what I when I.talk about the relative auctioning speed.is if the block is trading at the lower.bounds of this range at around you know.20 you know 25 lots every two seconds or.you know say 500 Lots every five seconds.but then that starts trading towards the.upper bounds of this range or this value.area if all of the sudden the auctioning.speed is picking up you know a lot.higher relative to it was at this range.and this is classic you.I seek market profile Tyrael your.classic auctioning theory is if I tell.everyone you know if I want to sell.everyone in this webinar a brand new.iPad 20 for two dollars who's going to.put their hands up and everyone's going.to put their hands up there and I say.five dollars everyone will put their.hands if I say ten dollars until I get.to a price we all of a sudden the.auctioning as speed and the velocity of.hands going up in the air really starts.throwing down if I start getting to 300.dollars I'm going to have less people.putting up their hands if I start going.to 600 dollars I'm sorry having even.less people putting up their hands and.it's the same concept of the market the.market herbs and flows in a direction.until it doesn't find any more.participants who are interested in that.price area so that's why you're relative.that's why the relative auctioning speed.of a priced surprise zone it's so.important you know as you watch the.market on its day so it's relative.auction on today or on the week if you.have really good price memory of these.ranges and you can see that the market.is really quite slow and lethargic and.I'll it's only slow and lethargic.relatively to what it was what it will.be potentially later on and that's why.what I'm going to show you a little bit.later when we look at the ECB example.where the market starts trading at one.sixty four seventy seventy three in.today's European Central Bank event and.all of a sudden the rate of nuts.of all is going through the market.really start increasing and when you.start observing that and he's seeing the.the the buyers start holding the bid.then all the sudden you can have greater.conviction to enter in at a trade find.that buying opportunity and potentially.being protected by the velocity of you.know of a lot of participants in our.agreeing in this new area when.participants are agreeing in this in.your area you're therefore the market.will continue auctioning and to the.stocks finding participants that are.interested in the higher zone or the.higher area and and so if you understand.relative or King speed or the price own.if down here when when the market.started skating towards the upside and.it starts increasing you'll say well I.do recall that will in the rock was.trading done here it was doing it about.say for example you know 100.lots per per second when I talk about.100 law specialists picking random.numbers at the moment a lot of the time.is as you observe and watch the ladder.consistently your eyes are amazing your.eyes and your cognitive skills start.picking up relative speed of the market.you know through screen time like riding.a bike like practicing your forehand in.tennis like practicing your swing in.baseball you know that repetitive action.but a conscious repetitive action you.really start to you really start to pick.up these subtle nuances or what what.high speed is for your market on with.low speed is so all of a sudden when the.market starts auctioning back up towards.the upside and the speed really does.pick up rather aggressively then all of.a sudden you saying well compared to the.upper balance rent capacity has the.auctioning and the exchange and the.auctioning speed relatively to this area.was a lot higher so therefore the.balance of probabilities the market has.a greater chance to start maneuvering.towards the upside so I hope I haven't.lost too many people I mean that's.that's a little bit you know of a mid.level to an advanced you know analysis.of market velocity but you know just.watch what I was talking about again and.more importantly you know go back and.you know put up the ladder and and one.day you know just pick your your range.area and this is a nice little practice.that we use without with our younger.traders is pick you know watch the.market in array inch later on see where.the market breaches outside the range is.the range you know is in its compressed.state and then it moves and revolves.into its expansion state as it shifts.out of out of its most recent value and.look what the auction go replay back.your ladder look at what the auctioning.speed looked like said the market beats.towards the downside look at what the.auctioning speed looked on the upper.bounds of the range and then look at.when it breached towards the downside.and what that auctioning speed look like.and the market always gives you a clue.before it starts moving a direction for.me a compressed state to an expansive.state and and it's just whether you had.that you know that focus of pins.especially as an intraday trader.it's it's rather critical to have that.ability to understand so I hope all have.you been watching the pace of this area.over here and we're not sitting at about.you know 10 minutes cost one British.Standard Time this is again a replay.from earlier today and you'll notice.that about the family threes the market.all I was thinking of today is noticing.that's really slow or CH activity is.once a market approach the 73 if I saw.and remember its condition if I saw the.relative speed start picking up.substantially more then it was down here.then the probability of a break is a lot.higher and I'll start going with a.momentum move towards the upside okay so.that is really you know the first you.know slide on you know what is market.velocity and it's the speed of the.exchange between the buyers and sellers.and what is actually being traded as.opposed to just looking at the size of.the bit or the offer okay and and what's.really rather important and and again.it's just to find what its market.velocity it's the energy and the health.of the market is measured by sales so.the energy in the health of the mark is.measured by the level of activity now.when the market when the VIX level is.really low or the any volatility measure.of the market is extremely low well then.what happens is you don't have many.participants in the market and when you.don't have many participants the market.it's very hard to see where the buyers.and sellers are located or if it's a.very quiet day if it's the Monday often.on payrolls or if it's one of those.weeks of sandwiched between a big.central bank events and a couple of key.data points well then sometimes it's.very difficult to see the underlying the.underlying action in the market and.that's why I you know for us and our.training for what's really important is.is we always know regardless of of as.long as the data point and what we.always say it's long as the data point.or the macro event causes volume and.volatility as long as it creates volume.and for.attila t it doesn't matter the data.point you know is a big beads or a big.miss and and doesn't mean the market to.move the direction of that directed you.know of the beats or the most of the.data point what's important is when the.market its tested with the news data.point or all of a sudden you can start.seeing the activity in the marketer we.just want to be able to see where the.buyers and sellers located what do they.look like at the extremes of the daily.range and so forth and and and the and.you know i use the higher level of.activity and market participation the.easier to introduce market engagement.and the battle between buyers and.sellers and if i you use a little.metaphor it's like a stagnant pond that.gets brought back to life when a stone.is tossed into it you can start seeing.the sea life as activity is awakened and.i associate that little stone being a.data point or macro event you know like.the ECB central bank you know the ECB.central bank event today is at the.moment as a little stone is dropped into.the water and started to up then you can.start seeing the sea like below or you.can start seeing the buyers and the.sellable you just need that trigger to.awaken the market to see where all the.positions are caught and that's why you.had the power of the price editor.because before a chart reaches its.extremes you know a lot of technical.analysis a lot of charting landscape is.always you know being defined by lines.and just remember the the price ladder.is the rawest form of the market.everything every line every card every.oscillators deduced from this raw price.action that's going on and sometimes you.seeing activity lid range approaching to.water area and that was the case today.you know when the market breached the 73.is within a good option activity good.speed good velocity all of a sudden the.Mocs not in the range so if you're a.technical trader and you just waiting.for the 85 you've missed effectively 70.to 85 15 ticks avenue that leaves you.leveraged up you know 10 lakhs 20 lakhs.hundred lots thousand what you can start.counting your own numbers and and and.and working out you're watching missing.articles because of almost the static.nonlinear and dynamic nature of just a.purely trading.you know off-the-chart levels whereas.when you see that change in your chang.purity you know when that stone is being.dropped into the price ladder you really.can start seeing the market awaken from.the abyss as it as it moves to new to.new frontiers a new price discovery.zones so that's what a really plan and.the more velocity and energy going.through the market and when I say energy.the more orders being transacted the.more you can actually start designing.your trading strategies because you can.start seeing the underlying buying and.selling activity okay next slide this.this is a quite a quite a novel.experience I'm always used to speaking.to our traders only on the trading you.know on the training for or in our.training room and I can always see the.visual cues of of eyes and you know if.I'm if I see a couple of traders falling.asleep in front of me or a couple of.trainees and I know I've got it you know.maybe pick up the turtles no one's.understanding and it'll give me awkward.faces so it's a little bit of it of a.challenge you know hopefully all of you.are not being completely lost so I hope.the questions at the end item if any of.you confuse hopefully I can onto those.in a little bit more detail maybe paint.a clearer picture okay now how market.velocity defines the type of auctioning.environment so as we mentioned the.previous slides the greater the level of.all the intent the easier to see the.true nature of the market okay now you.can you know as you as you embark you.know if you are already a price at a.trade or if you're embarking your career.trading on the Dom and having direct.market access to the exchanges which is.one of the most critical things with.regards to making your counting your.your numbers by the end of the year as.opposed to being a spread unless you.know the great when you have direct.market access is as you develop and as.you generalize your experience as you.have a very concrete ability learning.framework you know you'll start defining.your own types of environments and each.type of input environment will require a.different type of.deployment of a different type of price.data training strategy so if you have a.you know I would how I would define a.lethargic you know mark there's when the.orders going through the order book or.you know 20 lots every you know say 10.seconds and there's nothing going.through the market a lot of times that.is just you know it can be dominated.just by market makers you know people.just passively waiting on the bidding.list so hardly ever you know any world.is going through so therefore you're not.going to be engaging with the marketers.and you know you know it in a logic.nature and authority being defined by.you know a low degree of lot or a lot.per second going through the market you.know depending on what market you trade.and how you define what is high and what.is low and that's the process of.observation and consistently watching.your market and you're not going to.deploy a very hardcore momentum breakout.trade and you know those days can you.know that they can sometimes these.lethargic days can just be liquidity.operations where the market is just.jumping around but slowly finds a little.you know a little pain point for people.are participating picks up some.liquidity before rotates towards the.other side then you get to those.so-called stop start days where the.market looks like the back to break out.or it's broken in new heights made a new.high and all of a sudden the velocity.was really good you know you get on the.you know stay on the buy side that.speech towards outside of the mall of.said I just iced down very quickly again.market rolls over.you know picks up again and and those.days are sometimes potentially the.trickiest of days the stop start days.you have a mixture of participants you.know you have your locals you have your.algorithms you have your market makers.you don't really have your large.institutional time frame page you might.have one but you might not have as many.orders to get away in the market that.he's trying to upload in his orders but.those stops are days can be tricky days.where's the lethargic days well if you.can it's fairly easy to observe them.once you gain experience and it's even.easier to search in your hands whereas a.stop-start day that's at the extremes.you know you need to have the ability to.identify what a stop-start.is very quickly you know when it keeps.on preaching you know twice or three.times a new high and then it rolls over.every times just making sure that you.know you're not going to be caught up in.this you know you know this level of.into the Einstein insanity of repeating.the same mistake multiple times and and.getting involved and every time see a.new higher bias and enrolls over four.ticks a time makes new heart rolls over.a coupla ticks and those soft are states.or sometimes you know for younger.traders are the days where you actually.see the greatest pno lot then there's.the high-octane days you know where the.market starts breaching or you know you.start seeing the velocity levels at.picking up spots seeing the volume.levels as you know picking up you start.seeing the activity in the auctioning a.picking up and also you can be more.aggressive at the extremes at the new at.a new low or a new high because it's.consistent auctioning it's consistent at.you know activity but the most difficult.part of that is if you've had a.lethargic day for four days in a row and.or a stop-start day for four days in a.row and all of a sudden on the first day.you have a high akhtar a higher octane.day or on a dress a day it's just being.aware of the mental inertia of tearing.through your experience of three.previous days or say buying you know.higher or selling lower and always you.know paying down a couple of ticks and.therefore you know having that scar.tissue of the previous day's and instead.of you know looking back in the previous.days is having that objective approach.where you're actually acting on a pure.objective analysis of the order velocity.and the auctioning speed going through.that if you can see a concrete change in.the transactional speed or the market at.these you know new levels then if the.ability to shift gears you know met you.know have that understanding that the.the true nature intent of the orders.going through the order book have.changed and therefore be able to execute.your more types of you know you you're a.scholar momentum type strategy that you.might have at your disposal and and and.really you know and I'm just giving you.know you know just as you know ask you.you know the deed that the the types of.environment in.to find them in you know in periods of.the day you know precache session post.cast session you know with regards to.you know the market midday ranges you.know lunchtime arranges us open during.you know us open session or the european.session.so these argue no you can have multiple.sub components of these you know types.of environments i'm just giving you some.of you know my own ones of our how i.define it how it makes sense to me and.every one of you as you gain your own.experience you'll start developing your.own techniques of identifying what type.of environment that you understand so.then you get to a so-called.shape-shifting space where you get all.seasonal participants you know the.market breaks up in the morning you know.aggressively it's a high-octane market.then it finds a range then it becomes.rather lethargic you know for the next.four hours then it makes perhaps a new.high rolls back for the next hour so.stop stop start and all of a sudden it's.you know it's consolidated for good six.hours and the late afternoon or after.the morning move it finds another.momentum move so during the day you.might have to deploy multiple price.ladder strategies at depending on how.the market shifts through of various.phases within a day and not only within.a day there within a week within a.season and at the moment in this.cyclical period of this year we've.really in the markets you know within.the equity markets within the bond.markets we've had little spurts of.volatility but the cyclical nature is is.really low objectivity where we're.extremes are being absorbed where where.where the market approaches a new area.where you'll see perhaps perhaps high.volume area activity but there's just.someone sitting on the other side and.therefore to be able to observe that and.the moment that auction committee starts.slowing down on the buyer side and so in.spending 10-15 minute over there then.the moment it starts tickling back down.and the auctions except again then just.trade back into the range so you know.cyclical nature of the the order flow.volume environment or polarized you know.six months as has not been you know it's.been more your stop-start.type of sessions mixed in with a bit of.lethargic nature and the occasional high.you know high octane day when I say.occasional I mean.Cato at this moment so so therefore you.have a lot of trading price setter.strategies that are very effective with.certain pipe or sculpting tactics intra.range looking for various types of you.know you know price letter patterns of.it or the coupler ticks and those.momentum pipe price letter volume breaks.aren't the ones that are paying or.paying your your P&L at the end of the.day so really important the moment you.can identify your environment is helps.with your ability to deploy the right.trading strategy okay so let's go on to.the next slide I hope everyone's still.in there and still doing well and okay.so let's just I've really covered a lot.of these things you know just through my.my rumblings but let's just go over it.again so the importance of market.velocity it helps determine the nature.of congestion or trend characteristics.of the market you know a marker when.it's on the congested stake whether it's.in a weekly congestion a daily.congestion outer congestion generally.that's dominated by low wall.connectivity low volume activity and and.and really that's that defines you know.the nature of a congestion so just as.you know as I'm talking out what I'm.actually doing this is a kind decided.you know on during this webinar is if.you've been watching this market trade.you know if some of you've been glancing.you know you know after said this is now.we approaching UK time you know 126 and.you've been watching the auction.interest you know the the lots of going.through minus 120 is just gone through.and we haven't traded off the last five.three six seven seconds cuz the lots of.just gone 380 and I just want you to.understand that relative speed and when.we start trading up here we want to see.if we see that difference a little bit.later and there will be literally in.about nine minutes time and so just keep.an eye on how this market is trading.before we trade at all.you know the other extreme of this you.know this volume value area okay so it.also helps determine the potential.market participants and strategies being.executed and as we mentioned before you.know when the market is fairly lethargic.is morally dominated by your algorithms.normally prices aren't really real you.might get a couple of large orders but.these God's orders get cooled they don't.get traded both on the offer and on you.know on the burden you know it looks.potentially aggressive by the size of.the orders but nothing's being traded.through and those are generally you know.your your liquidity operating you know.algorithms or seeking liquidity and and.potentially you know the market gets.dragged one way and the other way but.just really understand that helps.identify the potential market.participants and Australia's being.executed whereas when you see large.orders at the extreme or light all this.approaching extreme and the large orders.are being traded out and they're being.auctioned and buyers and sellers want to.engage and there's a lot of volume a lot.of activity well then you know you know.your so-called momentum your technical.momentum strategies whether they.automated or discretion you're being.executed there's a lot of hive of.activity there's a lot of interest for.the market to continue auctioning ire.because it's fine a level of strong.intent and level of strong interest and.it's the ability to terminate the market.ideal for certain types of price ladder.patterns and really just you know almost.summarizing you know what we said learn.and one of the actually go and one of.our order flow at training of courses as.we operate acts here.yo we look at a whole myriad of.different types of order flow patterns.and strategies around the various types.of environment and you know your Google.key high level ones or you know your.type of absorption high patterns your.Philippine card patterns and your.momentum type patterns an absorption.type patterns is to a quickly described.is anything that's a very you know.high-level there is the various you know.sub absorption patterns you know you.know it's just a high-level description.of certain reload but what that reload.it looks like when.when it's more you know a stronger.reload pattern than a weaker reload.pattern and the same people flipping a.momentum but for an absorption type.acting that's for example at 62 s if.every time someone sells you know into.into 62 s and you know the market goes.down to 1 watt and then they put another.100 Lots again and then they sold back.into it and they keep on reloading this.price that's going to either call the.read load or someone absorption sitting.on the bid there's a whole bunch of.different trading lingo that you can use.for four types of absorption patterns at.the moment there is actually a little.bit absorption going on I mean you know.it's a very tiny bit to but someone is.you know just sitting on the bird at the.moment every time they do offer it done.and then a flippin type of one I there's.a whole Sony top the activity that you.get others you know get in the market.and there's so many different types of.flipping strategies that you that you.can execute and always the seasonal.change of these always change and what I.mean by that is is effectively when.orders are being pulled you know he's on.the sell side or the buy side and the.market just gets you know hunting you.know at a price area where it gets as a.it gets as liquidity also in the market.I trade up six ticks whereas said is a.79 lot as you can see a hundred to one.hundred seventy eight fifty eighty nine.the market trades up but it only traded.twenty Lots so it only so it went from.66 to 70 so effectively all of these.orders weren't really real and the.market trades up towards the 70s but.everything gets everything else pooled.and all of a sudden there's a bit of a.liquidity hunting operation and then the.mark you know potentially roots you know.rotates back down again but you know.again this there's a whole you know a.whole universe of strategies which you.know isn't the objectives talk but it's.all it's it's all through practice.diligent and conscious practice as that.you can that you can develop their these.order flow price ladder skills when you.identify the velocity and auctioning.environment that you locate it in and.then we have your type of so-called.momentum place and your momentum plays.are really rather go.those used to be great plays you know.financial crisis times two thousand.seven eight nine eleven during European.2011 European crisis when news and trade.in the market trading new highs or new.lows momentum as momentum trades with.where the trader of the day being.aggressive being stream when the order.velocity was consistently high every.single day if you then continued with.this type of strategy when the order.flow environment changed in 2012 in the.you know the bond universe.all of a sudden impact momentum type.play in a market that lost it its.activity level lost the exchange where.they're also the participants we're.almost you know almost exhausted I would.say from you know after was you know.five years of fairly intense volatility.or momentum play stock being stopped.being a you know the sweet of the day.although or the fashion of the day and.therefore it's having the ability to.maneuver between your type of different.type of price ladder strategies okay now.as you can see we're slowly starting to.approach as the SMP you can see we just.came down now to all 62 s but we came.down hardly on anything you know would.we this was I think this what time was.this analysis a 1332 this was lhasa.spike that we had down and you can see.you know 60 lakhs 70 lakh twenty lakhs.hundred I really want you to observe.this 10 lakhs empty like that not much.it is moving a market quite a few ticks.okay so I want you to really observe.that rare is so it's hardly anything.that's movie the marketer there's you.know moving 20 lakhs tomorrow a little.bit brittle there's not much on the on.the bed or the office then dark this is.because you know ECB stroke is speaking.but you still want to be observing.what's the nature of the order flow.activity so we came below this range but.we hardly trade it we've come back into.this arena so we're seeing a 50 lakhs.moving the market you know five or six.pics so there was low this is low.liquidity on the better myself there's.not much auctioning activity there's a.bit of a speaker and it's not much size.being contacted every price so this is.why the market hasn't been.really hold the Silvano on cell sites so.we are watching this closely now and let.me go to the next slide as we.practically go watching this what if.Miss and thus Marcus approaches of the.area that you know then I was keeping an.eye on you know all during the press.conference this afternoon is that.because I know it hadn't been there a.lot of what I wanted to see one of my.you know one of my strategies of all.this play was was there going to be a.relative pick up in in volume going.through the market auctioning activity.and speed great through market and the.size getting to the market relative to.the other side that the market was.trying to auction okay let's go to the.next slide.okay just lost my ladder there so let's.just put it up again okay so hub market.velocity can help structure your trades.now what's really critically important.is and I'm going to try and oh I have a.few more slide so I'm gonna go a little.bit quicker now because I don't think I.have much time I have about 70 minutes.and we want to get to those QA as we.want to get to the Q&A session so I'm.going to go through this as you know a.little bit quicker our market velocity.can hold struck your trade it really.helps reconciling the technical.landscape of the level of market.velocity and thus the conviction of your.trade and what I mean by that you might.have a five minute model level idea that.you've identified at the 72 and I'm.going to keep on ramming the same point.home but you have now a level over here.and if you have just a technical level.and all of a sudden the market starts.approaching this table or you have a.technical level at the highs of the day.of the eighty-five and you're just.executing on the chart.you might just buy one uncertain sighs.now what separates the greatest of.traders I love you know the our top.traders are actually a futures you know.what really makes them is their ability.to shift from a very small clip sale you.know say to five lot and move into a.hundred two hundred three hundred four.hundred lot in in the moment they see.that shift and that shift in the.personality of the market.and that what really helps where you.can't do that you know well you know it.becomes more challenging on their chart.when you can't see the level of intent.and the level of interest when you're.auctioning environment was the moment.that auction environment changes and.becomes you know certainly when it.becomes you know as obvious as that you.know problem from your observation.points is the moment that picks up an.activity picks up it's the ability to.get in really really aggressively.leveraged up because you've been.protected by the volume and the auction.cavity of the market which you can not.see on the chart in you know that.real-time as you as the market starts.printing per timeframe but when you see.not when you're seeing it on the ladder.you're seeing activity picking a you.know starting the activity picking up.and that's when it's really start.becoming as you know important now what.I want you to just observe here quickly.is the size of these authors at the.merger you know between mine Petera on.the large scale 400 Lots and over here.on the buy side between 100 you know to.the extreme of 300 lot I was still going.through the markers between 20 to you.know between 20 to 30 Lots you know that.are going through the market at the.moment so so still quite quite a.low-level velocity but we are starting.to approach this area via now.understanding the velocity landscape to.determine the level of engagement so.again I've repeated that so you know the.velocity landscape so when you know if.you know it at certain regions the.orders that are going through your you.know have been slow so all week every.time the market approaches the 85 it's a.you know you're only seeing about a.hundred two hundred Lots trade through.or the market or the prices start.slipping so it's not really much.activity there's no really bids that are.holding up but the moment you start.seeing the velocity you know area change.and it completely alters the last time I.visited visited this zone then your.Christ memory if you can recall but.you're taking you to know to taking your.your your consciousness and then all of.a sudden you can sort active greater.conviction because the velocity.landscape you know in this Pricer and.it's completely changed okay so the.market is starting to breach up a little.height so you watching 200 lots of our.new code through here okay at the moment.so you.this bar 8500 monsters opposed to the 50.and 20 lots they were going down here.you know sort of things different to the.most they're still sporadic you know.these 100-200 rotten eggs answer 30.lights but once we start seeing more.consistency in the in the size being.traded through on the bit in the outfit.and then all of a sudden you can start.being a little bit more intense on the.bike so you can start seeing very.hundred four hundred watts five hundred.we had to know you know hundred Lots.over here so the marketers all of a.sudden starting to wake up this activity.over yet.and when I say where captivity not buy.the business up but what's going through.now so you're starting to see you know a.lot more hundred Lots going through.we've hardly had any hundred Lots going.through over yet so you're starting to.see the activity so if you effectively.you know putting some some biocide.trades over here and you know you you.know you're entering the market in this.region you're now starting to say well.I'm being protected by the level of.intent and the level of the auctioning.activity in the market we see five.hundred Lots being exchanged a six.hundred Lots almost 200 lots you can see.it substantially different now at the.moment as you enter you know on the buy.tax a really really you know a change in.the nature of the velocity the change in.the or connectivity the bids now the.offers and the bids have ricotta started.chunking up in fear six hundred a Quebec.I've taken you can see all of a sudden.the marketers work like it's moving to.its so-called more high-octane.environment form too lethargic in nature.so this is really rather know critical.you're observing this change and are you.listening since once you sort of.noticing that you potentially got a long.you know in you know between you know.the seventy two stirs the seventy five.area and you know you looking for the.market what you want you don't want to.stop start yet you want the market to.continue to accept but you can see all.of sudden the people who want to iPad.everyone's putting their hands up now.there is we now in new price discovery.zone there's a lot more auctioning.activity you can see what's going.through your handle sixty five two.hundred Lots so the relative difference.will be speaking Iran we were only.having fifty lakhs 10 lakhs $20 going.down here it's all changed up here and.this is the big difference and this is.where if you have priced memory on your.priced edit you really start you really.start understanding it almost sound like.a horse commentator as.the describing you know the the relative.speed but it's really this is so.clicking points well we really drill.into our young trainees and our young.traders on our training pool is really.being able to be so cognizant so aware.so it looks so focus so in the zone to.be able to know when that market shifts.the skiers you have the ability to shift.your gears and your the ability not only.to shift your gears but to get sides in.the market when it counts and this is.the difference between someone who is.you know your typical daily trader who.isn't a high-performance athlete in the.financial market as opposed to someone.who knows how to really step on the gas.when the market is showing you it's time.to step on the gas and it can just take.a very brief moment and a brief.opportunity and you can see over here.the markers all over us and all of them.in this area's being highly protected.there's a lot of trade going to here the.78 you know before so I think there's.about 4,000 lots over yet but it's still.being protected still being auctioned.slowed down a little bit but this is all.certainly someone protecting this little.Sonja between 77228 ends it's such a.great replay to watch on how to develop.your central bank you know order flow.skilled as well okay before I get too.excited let's move on to the next slide.okay and thank goodness I've been.talking about this this whole time so I.actually jumped into this example you're.ready from the start of the webinar and.I'll doing a jump into it over now so I.think that actually worked quite well so.this is the example of the European.Central Bank today's meeting on the.velocity and I call it the velocity.development mid-range and when I take.but you know this is the high of the day.over here at 85 this is a lower days.below of the day at 50 that you can see.and and all of a sudden where you won't.be able to see that on your technically.be just traded on chart all of a sudden.you saw the velocity development shift.from you know 20 lakhs a second all of a.sudden you know you know 100 200 300.Lots you know a second and and the.market I remember this year the market.came back one more time just to test the.73's over just to see if there was going.to be any more you know people want to.step in on the sell side and also came.back to tester.it then went higher and actually if you.look at this replay logo later on the.velocity sort of increasing even more.once a brief say tweets and this.continued all the way up to you know.stand to be corrected about twenty-five.or fifty in on the day I should just I.to believe the training for at that time.but after cassia and started reaching.towards 83 is any force the velocity.intensity started picking up a more you.know you know a lot more intensity in.either side and then you could start.attacking you know higher prices again.and be more active and when you notice.that first velocity you know pick up all.the intensity of the orders going.through and you went on you could go.along with a core position and.potentially skill part at some what you.sort of noticing it sort of slowing down.that you know a little bit while still.holding core position if you thought the.market viewed over start reaching higher.because you really did like the activity.that went through at the 73 and 72 so.really worth going back and and looking.harder the smoker to know ships and move.moves towards as the upside I will.briefly very briefly because I think I'm.running out of time here and just.combining market profile and water flow.you know one of the tools that we use.and we've been using for well the whole.screen part you know the screen based or.proprietary trading winner went to the.screen walk when I saw my career back in.you know in in London you know almost.almost 13 years ago this is the first.you know charting tool I was introduced.to and it's what we all use our training.ports are most where and we really.combine our order flow without market.profile with our market profile tool you.can see the market now you know starting.to move up towards higher ground and and.what I really like what you had yet is.what we call a big ledge pattern and.what what I really like to do is when.the market breaches you know this is the.next training session this is the.profile that is splits effectively.hotmail patterns so I'm not going to.explain too much what a market profile.is now so I'm sorry to those who haven't.seen this before but just look at this.as a level over here and when you have a.very big anomaly ledge level and the.market breaches it by you know.what we call substantial market is about.five T POS what each letter is called as.the TP oh and you have fire EFTPOS and.the market breaches Lola and it breaches.over three times the calculate PBS and.the since until about 15 ticks and the.last comes back to test this level when.I really have the conviction on the sell.side is when a market purchases level on.a retracement if a volume and the.activity picked up all of a sudden okay.so if all of a sudden said there's good.volume of a Down move and then when it.came back up again and the volume and.velocity intensity picked up even more.than down here I'll be careful of.selling this level back down what I want.to see is if it retraces back in all of.some of the market starts you know not.auctioning anymore.starts flipping around so stop showing a.lot of world transacted orders or orders.going to the market and the velocity.you're not really going through the.market intensity and all the time I.almost we start becoming building a.short position because I'm not seeing.the volatility and the velocity.environment that I like for a.retracement trade towards a key level.that I like so that's the current.conditions that I'm looking for on the.prices now you can see the activity so.do you know you know 150 lights to 20.lakhs look how it's different this that.is 300 watts compared to it was when is.dunya and that's when I talk about.understanding your relative range.difference on your order flow price.activity so this was just a quick little.strategy that that I train and play when.I take in a key ledge break and the.market rotates back if the volume and.velocity level starts picking up I'm not.going to try and pick a short seller.Jason even though classic technical.masters says well this was a former.technical this was former support now.it's breached should turn into.resistance it only becomes resistance.when I see a certain type of order flow.activity and more type of flipping type.of action in this zone and that's when.it's really really key for me okay as.this is just a marker the lossy matrix.that you know that we use the most to.trade something that I've that I've.created you know for your various types.of price data patterns you know your.momentum your absorption your flippers.the large auto reversal zones.and and its really Marge you know the.brain always works really well when we.start creating a template of matrix when.you have that template matrix in your.head you can effectively really start.designing and that you really start.putting your brain in certain.compartments where you can start putting.in various locations on your in your.matrix or internal conscious matrix of.different types of price data patterns.and what I like to see for as one.example with this little ketchup isotope.or momentum plays I like to see a high.velocity high or connectivity high.volume and the market vicinity and needs.to be near the highs or the lows and for.example you know when the market you.know for your type of absorption to see.the absorption really clearly I also.want high level high auction activity.you know high volume level markup.affinity is not important and this is.really you know when we look at the.optimal environment for the price ladder.pattern instead there's a high-level.summary of price data patterns optimal.environment conditions and exactly it's.like a plant you know like to you know a.plant that you're watering or it's in a.certain plant breed better will not.breathe but grow better in certain.environments you can't you know go to.you know the Costa Rican rainforest I.love Brazilian Atlantic rainforest or.the Amazon and grow you know those those.exactement desert plants and vice versa.you know certain plant and it's the same.thing in you know and trainer price that.as in sport give you a great cricketer.if you're great you know it's your.ability to work out environment if you.go play on a bouncy a cricket pitch in.Australia and South Africa you're going.to be ready playing you know potentially.more if you're back with your more.tobacco player you play in the.subcontinent you and the ball is.spinning a little bit more you're.working you know be working a wrist so.different environments result require.different types of training strategy.same if you're Formula one driving in a.drive with different approach on a wet.track as opposed to a drive fast track.and and this is you're ready critically.important as you deploy different.strategies given a different market.velocity or order flow environment.so again this is just a matrix you know.you know have a look but you know this.can really go into quite a level of.subtle detail as the penny or to know.what again this is just a high-level.approach and I'm not going to spend 30.seconds of this you know this is just.example of some of our traders who have.have developed you know their own.individual unique order flow style and.it's really understanding you know your.game you know as you develop as you have.a really good learning technique and.skill you're reading develop really well.what's what's there for you for example.dimitra's is incredible when when the.the the order flow tivity in the risk or.themed environment really changes.intensely and that's the type of order.flow environment he wants to see you.know spend love seeing when the markets.closed on you know when the algorithms.thought you know dominating and and and.he likes to do you know rapid tear you.know or you know high-frequency at.sculpting training simon is another type.of momentum mid-range trader to you know.extreme it you know extremes using the.profile and and the order flow then you.have Gabriele's with Lud's your certain.types of you know he's evolved from a.from a you know or observing large.orders on the order book seeing you know.seeing some type of them you know a.price actions from algorithms to being a.great momentum commodities breakout.trader but shifting his momentum type of.strategies around what the order book is.doing if he's trading an apt right big.momentum commodities trade midnight or.you know in the early hours of morning.they have a very different approach to.that because a volume environment is.very different compared to doing us a.cash session and the same is true you.know with a branding and probably a lot.of unit out there no no no Brannigan he.loves certain types of currency plays.when the market during certain stops.getting triggered and and what he's.looking for on the ladder and a defender.all Bonavena really great a golden oil.swing trade he is always looking for.certain types of slowdown of auction.activity when the marketers has lost its.momentum in in one direction okay and.just wanted to end up there I've.literally hit the hour mark the most.important thing is what's your skill.based protocol and the most important is.your power of conscious observation.you know everyday don't just sit there.and and and not have a conscious you.know in the beginning when you're just.watching the letter you put not.understand anything but the brain is.phenomenal at you know the ability to.put the puzzle together over a period of.time as long as you you observe.something in your eyes resolve the.questions and you have a really concrete.framework of learning or a methodology.and sometimes to develop a methodology.it's great to learn from someone and all.oh it's great to learn from a great.mentor who is a great you know priced.out of trailer or you know affirm who.who does specialize you know in that.space it's a really important there's.your skill you know was autistic let's.just scale back the better of a protocol.allow for developing different.strategies you know what is your.methodology to learning skills or to.pick up various types of price data.skills does your learning environment.activate all your centers of learning.you know sometimes that's why you you.have traders that are either within a.very good you know you know if you're in.it or on it if you're aren't flexible.being on a training for the being of.career then just make sure you're in the.right community where you can enhance.your your learning your activating oil.sensors your human being learns through.the activation of multiple sensor that's.why a lot of times young traders to.develop a lot better when we're in a.group of experienced successful traders.and you know how professional how.professionals you're approaching who do.you benchmark or performance against you.know elite order flow traders and just.remember cognition evolving with your.environment you know your symbiosis are.learning development doesn't mean if.your methodology of learning is one way.you know one week it you know your is.constantly evolving and changing making.sure you have a methodology to learn the.skills all your articles hoping at the.end of the day you potentially kind of.momentum type strategy you order the.observed certain types of ordered flows.or all is contacted on the ladder but.then at the end of the day you're.actually lost money on something that.you thought you identified well then you.have to go back and see where you lost.money why you did it what were you.observing them all what was your self.talk during that during that trade and.then rectifying it but don't just go.home and say I lost mine today and the.beta because what happens in level that.Russ will hunt you down again.if you don't rectify and see why Russ.was it because maybe the mock was.actually flipping more than the orders.were being contacted at that extreme.and just remember skills breeds.confidence confidence does not breed.skills a lot of people say I have a.great psychologist all those books out.there on psychology and which is it's.para marketing is important but if you.don't have a great skills protocol or.development doesn't matter how much.confidence you have you're not going to.be a great trailer you have to have a.great skills protocol to develop your.price ladder as you know to do to.develop your strategy where this price.data or however other way you transact.for the market or you trade with the.market you know if you have a greater.goal protocol you don't develop the.confidence and it's not really the other.way around you kind of come to the.market and they're armed.I feel so mentally strong I'm tough on.through but if you don't know how to put.a trace Reggie when you see something.doesn't matter how confident you are.you're going to consistently lose money.okay well really that's you know that's.me I want to thank all of you who.stepped through this entire hour just.you know I'm I run on London train for.you know foxier futures and we have a.wonderful team there so if you go we.have some great you know learning.resources go to our YouTube channel.there's a lot of stuff we also do some.live trading once a week or our.Instagram actually our futures and and.also you know just I also wanted to say.with regards to you know the the jigsaw.couple we're actually using it a lot.while our replay training skills it's.really a great platform so I really.recommend those who are trying to.develop this skill and just want to.thank everyone for for your time.otherwise go visit us on our website at.see Peter's calm and thank you for.listening guys okay if you have any.questions please type them into the.question box and I will start trying to.go through and ask them to Alex.let's see what is the easiest way to.visually decipher absorb absorption.versus consumption of a liquidity okay.and that with regards to that depending.on what market you're trading and that.you know again a lot of that becomes.when you're your skill set and a lot of.times I believe in you're going.intuitive skill set through through the.car that we're talking about it on the.powers of observation is sometimes you.don't know if it's phone is absorbing at.all you know as the person asks a.question consuming the liquidity but.that's when you start using your ability.to to shift your your conviction levels.of the size that you're prone so for.example at the market is trading you.know say at ninety four and someone.keeps on you know selling into ninety.fours and they and they bidding it up.and they're holding it and eventually.he's observing a real odor and then.eventually he loses the battle and the.market trades you know the other side.but what the guards to that skill you.know it individual to each person I.could I could go to our entire trading.floor and their moments on the training.pool when we think there's a buyer via.and you can see it's you know it's.completely you know you can't serve it.very clearly and the clearest skill that.I personally uses is the nature of the.order going through so for example at.one sixty four ninety five there is a.five hundred locked OPA if originally.the pay set of the market was selling.into the 95 was and I'm just picking a.number was you know two hundred Lots per.second and it keeps on reloading the.ninety five then all of a sudden shift.on to 100 Laxus 100 Lots per second and.when you start noticing the sulphide.activity so I just slowed down and the.speed of the transactions hitting into.or heading into the bid and the bit of.store reloading then your convictions.levels start rising.so for me personally what I look for.first is is you know the it could be.very aggressive in the beginning you.don't know if they're you know that you.can notice that there's a potential.iceberg or reloader or some are.absorbing the patent but what happens is.the moment of transactions speed starts.slowing down well then you start saying.well the buyer is potentially winning.this battle okay let's see.and there's a long list I'm trying to.work my way through the questions I say.question is this Alex's account number.shagged on the thumb no actually as this.is our replay and this is a replay.platform.okay Peter Davies mentions iceberg.orders often can you dive into that.topic our iceberg stop action where.absorption is occurring so just that.last word whereas stop so I only hear.that our iceberg stop action where.absorption is occurring I spoke stop.action okay thank kindness I hope I.understands as the context of a question.we stopped all those so when the stop.orders are triggered and then there's.and then there's an iceberg let me.assume that this oh I can give you a.couple of I can give you a couple of.scenarios so for example and sometimes I.mean you know the the the landscape of.new synthetic type of orders the the.entire the entire of the last of the.last two three years you have so many.new types of synthetic orders new types.of you know the time sliced orders you.know volume slice orders different types.of iceberg you know and ice there can.exist within a you know within a certain.price zone at one specific price and.we've seen the nature of where.fundamental events where a market it.stopped higher or lower or gaps gaps.higher on a fundamental standing like.event and on the Monday morning all of a.sudden as the market is opening up and.in the pot it would stop up you know 50.20 you know 60 tics whereas now it.actually reverse to the other way.without even triggering a without even.trickling stops and on the back of that.you know even when you get these big.iceberg orders on the open where the.market opens and if someone just keeps.on reloading as you know potentially you.know 5 2 to 3 takes and that iceberg.could either be programmed for 4 M for.every hundred Lots that goes into the.market it reloads itself or for every 2.seconds that 100 bucks.it goes through at reloads itself and.that can happen on on the back of.on the back a lot of stock orders that.go through the market so I might not.have answered Peters question there if I.didn't understand it for what it what.the question was but I hope I gave.something else okay let's see.do you even let your traders look at.charts before they've mastered the.ladder.no we do it the other way around.they we feel that charts can create many.biases and as so we actually for all of.our young guys we actually don't give.them charts in the beginning at all and.clearly the price data we feel we have.some traders who don't look at charts at.all we actually have some traders a one.phenomenal trader who actually doesn't.even have price so all he has it just.has the disulfide and the biocide so he.just has the distal orders no biases.rocky actually does not have this middle.column here so he doesn't have a price.at all and so so that's one extreme very.and all he's looking at this certain.types of sort of you know order flow you.know patterns and that's how he trades.and executes but with regards to if you.if you were to if you had once you start.gaining greater price memory and your.price memory expands you know the more.time you devoted to the price better and.when you when you watch the market you.can watch the market entire day by.looking chart and you can actually map.the chart in your head and what's even.more effective with that you know when.you map the chart in your head is you're.also mapping you know the where the.order flow areas or the buy or sell.zones or the various types of orders.that were transacted where they occurred.of what prices so you have you have a.more in-depth understanding or that.level you have a second third dimension.of that level of supposed if you just.look at a chart you don't know how.orders we've been contacted by that at.that level so that's yeah so for us it's.it's all it's all it's all added meaning.and then we start then the next stage we.start stepping in the market profile.okay can you give a brief explanation of.flipping um yeah I you know not giving.too much when he in the public at the.managers is a this is a sharing space.but effectively what that is is is when.for example and we actually have we have.some examples in our in our order flow.training program there is a pre there is.a free element inside there but what.essentially it is you know just a.high-level summary is say for example.looking at the o5s over here and you see.400 watts 100 258 500 months essentially.is when the markets has these orders and.the marketing trade here five say 100.watts goes through and all sudden the.office just thought the office just.thought putting these orders and the.next thing the price of training on.minds as none of these prices were.really traded guests own minds.all of a sudden anyone who was.potentially short over here because they.saw better size and the market starts.getting a you know the market and all.the short sellers sort on liquidate as.the position but then someone is.stepping there on the offer takes it on.that side so keeps keeps the by side.fairly chunky and thick and it pulls.back the other day no other way so.exactly the market can pulled one way.and then the other way with what the.orders not really being a true.representative of actually what's being.traded through the market okay let's see.in your matrix for reversal zones.how come velocity level is low okay.so if we did let me just get it back to.that slide quickly so a lot of the time.and we're talking about that example.earlier on about the the Apple iPad.version 20 and when a market the market.can you know have extremes either where.there's a stop hunt and that's the fun.that's the final ride you know the.so-called body impression der and and.all of a sudden you know it stop ends.within the market retraces back very.quickly because there was not much much.activity and now a market when I say to.you again you know how many people want.an iPad for $1 you know everyone's going.to be you know putting their hand up.until I get you know say fifty hundred.dollars and then all of a sudden when I.start getting to you know $600 $800 and.all of a sudden I'm going to have left.less people putting up their hand and.the same thing with the market of the.market reaches a certain area where.they're not many participants what to.engage at this new price all the sudden.you see the transsexual nature of the.speed where people buyers and sellers.aren't wanting to accept that these new.levels so archives reversal zones are.defined in the molecular volume.crescendo but but that volume crescendo.is actually can be met by you know it.can be met by some high intensity and.known velocity but when the market.starts reaching ickiest starts reaching.extreme and all of a sudden and the.transactional nature start slowing down.in the market starts turning back down.to auction find new participants.engaging at a better price that people.want and engage in an exchange so so a.lot of times you know the best reversal.zones are the ones where the markers.reach the next.and all of a sudden the auction.activists are slowing down relative to.where it was on the other side but don't.I'm not precluding the fact and you know.it's like becoming a definition.challenge when you have a market that.blips up or trigger some stops and when.it triggers those stops you do see a lot.of activity and volume but at that area.that there's a lot of activity and.volume well it could be a nice verb.order or you know some some sell side of.you know algorithm but the order is just.above that there's a whole load volume.node when no one transacted it at that.area so a lot of times as the extremes.on a crescendo move holy anything court.went affecting your seizures and get 300.log three and lock and you can see why I.mean if you look at chair most the.chunks of the orders are being done IV I.know we've been trending on making you.news but we've lived away from you.because maybe the market stocks it's not.of slowing down so if you started noting.over here.the market probably would start slowing.down and that's on the reversal zones is.when the market no longer what's the.transact in that territory awesome thing.our different market sorry our different.entry order types market versus limit.appropriate for different patterns ie.our market orders most often used for.momentum plays where limit orders are.for reversals so another thing I mean.with regards to us in the proprietary.trading industry we actually you know.we're discretionary based firm we have.we have a few system traders but as.discretionary traders and training no.you know our younger traders on the.price that and looking at various order.flow patterns we don't use many you know.auto types we use them a few for our you.know momentum breakout and in certain.less liquid you know less liquid markets.but you know in the day rent we rarely.have.you know unless we get away from my desk.with democracy and move another 30 years.or politics but when everybody in the.market and we're sending out this.you know we generally go in and we you.know we strike at market or we get out.of get out of market but if we're.looking for for example if I if I buy so.say if I you know get up and say I've.soul over here and I'm short now 165 SS.and then the market keeps on as keeps on.trading trading higher and it comes back.I might coup to get out of my order but.that's also sophisticated as we are with.regards to a discretionary proprietary.of training us and potentially unity on.a market order or limit order for.potential breaks of markets we generally.hit that market or we might cure if we.if we going offside on a trade and and.waiting to get full or we just strike.out of market we don't really use many.sophisticated and order types okay.psychologically speaking is this silo.trading better suited for younger brains.and more responsive nervous systems in.other words can older traders learn and.perform competitively with younger.traders yeah that's that's really that's.really very good question you know it is.the it has been the may be the thought.process or the mind states or the.prevailing wisdom that you know when.you're a young 20 year old or 23 other.university and then you know as a prop.trader.those are your you know years where.you're Google you know you develop and.your cognitive abilities to pick up.patterns or extremely well but but I've.seen I'm seeing the same transition in.intraday proprietary Prai started.trading happening as you see in a tennis.world where you seeing guys or occupying.the top five positions or top four.positions all all in xx of you know a.sec years old and where it'll just a.young man's game you know you.you're considered old after 27 at 28 so.with regards to - you know price setter.and being responsive I think the most.important part is is developing 8a you.know having a concrete skill based.methodology to develop your skills to.understand what type of strategy one.employee that works for your unique.personality profiles and that's.regardless regardless of age and because.because I see some of our older guys you.know when I say all did I forget oh I'm.talking about guys saying they started.with a twenty-two twenty-three on are.they by 38 39 40 and you know they.change and evolve so much but I but I.know a guy who started at the age or.within our team store at the age of 34.and he has just become bigger and bigger.and bigger and he's now he's are back to.40 42 years old now and he's completely.as you know he is priced out as in a.pattern completely bald completely.changed and his his brain is more more.think knowing what works for me doesn't.maybe watch as much screen time now but.he's more effective in the screen time.where is the veiny part of his created.he was putting a lot of screen time.where as a knowledge basically nobody.knows when to work the market the same.you know him I suppose as you know some.of those great tennis players such as a.you know Federer knowing when to select.to play tournaments and went to when to.step out but he's got experience on his.side so so I I would tend to think that.I think I just just pure observations on.you know in the training proprietary.community is is that as long as you have.a strong methodology to consistently.improve it is you know it doesn't matter.the age okay what is the difference.between velocity and auction activity.okay that's that's a good question so.what when I get asked a lot so so.velocity so if we look in this example.the price webinar at the moment if you.look over here velocity is the speed of.the orders so the speed of the orders.that are.going through on a price so if there's.you know like you mentioned earlier on.studs.so if a toe 630 lots have gone through.in the last five seconds then it's like.you know thirty lots of purpura five you.know heard that five second period so.that is the velocity of order so the.higher the velocity the more active the.market is now the auction is you can.have high velocity but the market is.just you know you'll have a 500 load say.a two hundred lakh go 306 is bio sixes.and a hundred lakh biospecimens and.eternal bio a 200 or 500 nine so just.turn what turns out to be going through.the market but what hasn't happened it.has an auction so if for example the.market goes a tournament goes to is 6.then 200 watching the bid and turn right.lot so it's still going at the same.speed potentially but the market is.auctioning a price and they're going to.go to the next price is 200 lakhs that.goes through turn Lots are so operating.at the same speed but staying at the.same price and therefore the Mach is.actually auctioning the area and and if.and that's why it's user at one example.Iran as long as there's there's good.speed and good auctioning then the.market can continue towards the outside.dependent on every individual markets.profile characteristic as long as the.markets being auctioning say you know.3,000 watts on the Bulls here at a.certain velocity and 3,000 watts the.transit of the mark and revisiting back.or lower competitive or market had the.same speed but hardly auctioned any.price so it could go 212 lot then the.left market has a greater propensity to.come back because these prices have not.been auctioned.I hope that makes sense and that takes a.lot of time to you so yeah yeah are the.price ladder patterns easier to read on.a thicker market as compared to thinner.markets like CL or 6e.on our trading floor it's becoming.easier to read it on CL as opposed to as.opposed to you know the S&P 500 euro.stocks you have sometimes when you have.such chunky markets and such you.wendelien as one of the things we're.talking about market velocity and an.activity of a market the great for the.activity of the market the easier it is.to potentially see where the buyers and.the sellers are located at the moment.we've had a lot as you know a lot more.volatility in oil the last you know the.last month or you know last couple of.weeks and sometimes you can see in.obvious eyes Google or someone you know.sitting on the offer or sitting on a bid.whereas you know when you have very.algorithmically dominated thick markets.such as euro stocks women with no.volatility and pull that volatility.awakens it becomes quite difficult to.actually see that you know the.underlying tension of the market so so.so that changes that you know the.seasons change so it doesn't matter if.it's a thinner or thicker market some of.the thicker markets you would think are.a little bit easier to see but they're.easy to see if there's volatility within.that market okay I'm going to make this.the last question and I'm going to.credit reward this little bit arm how.does a discretionary trader move beyond.scalping and survive I guess what can.what can a discretionary trader do to.survive in a ever competitive market.especially in short term day trading.you know competing against algos and.computers yeah that's that's evolution.airy processor if you if you started and.we have that luck we actually have a.will be em we were in partnership and.we're partnering you know with a with a.hedge fund or or but that has quite a.bit of capital under under management.and we actually ship some of our senior.traders we're shifting so much senior.traders onto that book and it also the.natural evolutionary processes when when.you watch the market also a micro level.perspective and and and you had that you.know that great learning approach and.that great methodology of understanding.of how you develop daily you know all of.our traders on our floor you know have.to at the end of the day.execute you you know there's a.debriefing structure but a debriefing.structure that that really gives them.great informational of where they went.wrong on the day and where they could.have enhanced their skill set and when.you when you're doing that approach.every day what's actually happening what.you're simulating is not only the better.thing your micro understand because you.could be there all day buying you know.you know the marketing you buying it.they're all down the market just can't.find a good view you've seen the.correlated markets or moving you seeing.the other bond markets leaving you.buying the buns and the buns is just you.know kind of stacked on a fire stick reg.and you actually lost a few ticks but.though all of a sudden you come in the.next day and the market ramps up and you.know you're buying the previous day.you've been exhausted mentally and also.in the market ranks up or what's your.brain has done there is also something.to take a snapshot of that experience.and because you've done it from a micro.level then you see what's happened the.following day and if you have a really.good learning structure you actually.start seeing how the micro evolves into.the macro element or how you know you.training certain type or price set of.patterns that then evolve into some.larger type of as you know type of.pattern so it's sometimes just a natural.transition if you deploy a really good.learning strategy where you can move you.can actually move and I and I see some.guys who you know and after all we're.just taking you know one to three ticks.for the first two years of their career.now they're taking 32 to 40 ticks and I.said you know once or twice week leave.it up to 80 ticks in a move because.they've seen that whole evolution of of.themselves and of the their own personal.technical landscape so for me it's not.having to having to make almost the.contractor this is you know how hard if.you have a really great ability to ask.yourself questions at the end of the day.and I just have concrete questions away.you went wrong and where your skill set.was letting you down you then have the.brain start thinking the actual market.together from a micro to macro.perspective and then it's like you.exposing yourself to potentially new.time frame cuts and that's what we we.actually do with some of our senior.traders are all shifting for more micro.scalping into you know you know into the.the border technicals I know some.incredible traders.who started from a very micro level and.and and not know how to see the market.evolve and shut this gear into you know.you know bigger larger patterns okay.awesome thank you armed.thank you pretty excellent information.and the webinar today and most.importantly thank you for your time.great thanks so much and thankful thanks.for having me on your on your webinar I.really appreciate it absolutely thank.you okay.

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