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Tips on completing the Anne Arundel Application Electrical Permit Form

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Steps of Customizing the Anne Arundel Application Electrical Permit Form

all right today we're talking about an.electrical sub-code permit application.in order to fill out the application you.need to have certain information known.when you purchased the house you would.have been given block and lot number so.the block and lot number are used to.identify your house within a series of.within a series of maps that are.maintained by your city or Township so.typically the block would be something.like a twelve point zero six and a lot.number could be like 20 to the worksite.location you would put your address so.we could put one two three let's say if.here this is where the work is gonna be.performed the owner is you and then.you're gonna have your telephone number.this is where they can reach you because.they need to call you and tell you that.your permits ready your email address.some townships don't email the address.now this could be the same address.contractor so you're doing to work.yourself and you just put self real easy.you don't need to fill in any other.information none of this is applicable.because you're doing to work yourself.now let's assume we're doing some work.within the residents let's take my music.studio as an example so the music studio.that I'm working on we have.approximately twelve outlets they.originally expect twelve lights but is.it away everything was laid out worked.better with ten lights and we have five.switches now we do not have to count.existing switches there was a closet in.that room and there's a switch in that.room we do not need to count it cuz this.is rehab work we're rehabbing.those switches are going to say yeah.five switches receptacles we're gonna.say twelve lighting fixtures we're going.to say ten detectors yes we are going to.add smoke detectors because the the.previous the previous homeowner did not.have wired smoke detectors the house was.built 1972 the requirements then or that.you only needed a smoke detector I don't.even think you needed to smoke detector.10 but because it was built 1972 the.requirement is that smoke detector be.present for a CEO just certificate of.occupancy but the smoke detector needs.to only be battery-powered so I am.wiring it up or I did wire up detectors.and the number of detectors I did one in.the hallway and one in the studio just.for safety purposes and they are.hardwired to a dedicated circuit and now.we have a sub panel that we added we.have one sub panel it's a hundred amp.and we added technically this was added.for another permit that I pull it but.I'm just doted on here just so do you.see yeah it was the fixture is.receptacles switches detectors cell.panels now we need the estimate of the.work us of the estimated work it's me.doing it so there's no labor involved.but there are parts and the switches and.outlet outlets are cheap.get a ten outlets or about a $10.so we'll say $20 for the outlets just do.some quick math here you know you do not.need to fill in this area I don't to use.this just for a scratch bed there were.$20 for outlets probably about in.dollars for switches wire $56 used 20 20.amp capable wire which is 12 to 12 to.wire 56 dollars and we have two sub.panel itself which was about $70.breakers I mean with.and AFCI GFCI they're about $45 though.that's $90 because I have two of them.and we have romex connectors.miscellaneous clips wire nuts etc I'm.gonna say that's a $10 in those.materials so you can see we can add this.up so we got sixty one twenty and thirty.that's two hundred sixty dollars right.so this is all you have to do for the.electrical filling out a permit but you.do need to describe your work so I had a.couple of steps here the first thing was.it's a it's a rehab of the steam room.you bring to code aren't code so the.code for a room is the 612 wrote the 612.rule is that there could be no more than.six foot between an outlet and a corner.and another outlet if the wall is two.feet or greater and no more than twelve.feet between outlets on any one wall so.if you have a 30 foot wall you will need.probably three outlets and then adjacent.outlets on.or outlets on the adjacent wall so so.you'll say see drawing and the drawing.I want to save this document so I don't.lose what I created here drawing is real.easy I'll show you how to do an.electrical drawing thanks now what.happens is you submit this permit in.this permit as a certain dollar amount.associated with it there's academic and.then there's reality so academic is this.process right here you are estimating.the amount of work and based on this.they have a threshold for a permit.depending on the type of work it is so.no matter what even if you said it was.two outlets you're at and they're.probably going to charge you hundreds of.dollars for the permit maybe there's a.certain threshold that when you say.you're adding 20 outlets that may go up.to 120 or 130 so you tell them what you.think you're going to do and then what.happens is when they come through a.final inspection they're going to assess.what you have and I bring it record it.and then the way that it is is what's.going to get submitted to the ear city.or county or final assessment and it's.the final assessment that will determine.if your taxes will go up or not because.they need to be fair and it depends on.the township I know that there's some.states where no matter what you do to a.house your taxes will not go up your.property taxes will always remain.constant in New Jersey at least in our.Township that's not the way it is.you make improvements to your house you.will be taxed accordingly.so the electoral permanent what you need.to do is you need to draw the layout.with will do that now.though this is the room about the.doorway it's the doorway we have this is.the music studio I'm working on you can.see it on YouTube Norway so you need to.mark the location of lights.oh look lights are drawn in this fashion.is the way we installed the lights this.was not what was on plan by the way but.what's on plan was full of lights here.we only have ten lights alright so the.next thing we have switches so you have.to share the switches switches are shown.almost like a dollar sign and in Markham.is three four and we could say this is.controlled by s1 they it's built here.here on a different color for this - -.from here and here so what this shows is.that esto is responsible and of course.you need electric to go to that switch.and they understand that when they're.looking at your application let's go.with green will say s3 and why these two.wired up change this to pretty bit with.yellow these two all this for change in.total for all right then.we have to show outlets one of the.things we need to do is document the.length of the wall so we can say that.this to 17 feet from here there that's.17 feet ear living by foot just the.indication for the width of the room.today you know you have 17 feet now what.I did was I put an outlet center it was.only one outlet on this wall that was.the way that the code was at the time.and then I put another outlet down here.one outlet here but because this is.going to be where computer equipment is.I did a double outlet same thing over.here.it isn't a lit here here.now here we do not need mallet here.because this is a closet space and.technically I should draw at this closet.and this is an open doorway episode airs.the existing closet so just kind of.draws a picture so that they can.understand what you're gonna do now the.other thing you need to do on the.drawing is you can indicate what the.circuits are so there's a requirement.for a smoke detector alright so the.smoke detector.we have close to this area here it's.square box st and we can say that this.is a hallway but we have bevel hallway.and we control the smoke detector vector.and we will choose a different color.[Music].description new.the elicitor circuits of 120 amp four.eyelets on the amp leading.on.smoke detector now the township can have.additional rules beyond what the NEC.guideline States but the NEC guideline.does not state how many receptacles you.are or not allowed to have oh you can do.you're gonna have as many as you want I.wouldn't and so what I do is I limit it.to a room so now that we have this.drawing this is a drawing that we would.submit with the permit so this is one.part of series that I need to explain.for the permitting process but now I'm.going to go a step further and talk.about the electrical so that you have an.understanding of capacity and the.requirements associated with it so the.service that I have is what's called 150.amp service all right so my service on.my panel I have a 150 amp panel and that.150 amp panel has a main breaker main.breaker that's rated for guess what 150.amps that guards against two things.overloading we're short and they're both.similar overloading would mean the.divers there's some fudge factor maybe.it can exceed 150 amps maybe by 5% or so.so let's say it requires 155 or 160 amps.to trip the main breaker so if you're.pulling 151 amps first off you're.probably gonna notice a hum probably.gonna hear your electric but a 60 Hertz.hum and it's a very unique you'll you'll.definitely hear it it let's say you go.to 170 amps because everything is turned.on in your which it's not impossible but.it it's rare but it could happen.depending upon what you're running that.will trip the main breaker so that's an.overloading condition you could have.another situation in which the panel.itself fails and line 1 and line 2.the 240 volts come in contact with one.another and create a dead short in that.case that's going to be an instantaneous.mother lode of current coming through.that breaker and I break a better trip.because otherwise you're gonna have a.definite fire so there are the two.things that discards against now your.breaker your load center it's called a.load Center a panel a main panel or.breaker panel we used to use fuses some.places still use fuses or if you've ever.seen a screw in fuse and therefore the.individual breaker so then you have.breakers and breakers are typically 15.amp 20 amp you might have a 30 amp you.could have more I have a hundred amp.I'll explain why I have a hundred amp so.your 30 amp is typically going to be for.an oven heater electric heater like one.I just installed you can see that one of.my videos 20 amp is going to be for.bathroom.typically but I like using 20 amp.anywhere throughout the house I'd rather.use 20-amp in these 15 emperors I don't.mind spending the extra two to three.dollars for a breaker and the extra is.six to ten dollars for the role of 12 to.water then you have 15 amp breakers and.this is typically lighting.and outlets.so the panel I have is a twenty slot.panel.oh nice Lance.and in that panel there's.definitely a couple of 30s.right there were at 60 we have to.bonnie's.this is 60 amps this is 40 amps 40 inch.total but.we have a series of 15 amp breakers that.I'd say that we have at least 10 15 amp.breakers so that's 150 amps right there.so let's add this up so we're at 190 to.50 amps so you're going to ask yourself.what house as possible how can I have a.panel where I have the number of.breakers with total amperage exceeding.with the service.the main breaker provides.well now we have to talk about loads so.yes.each breaker is capable of providing its.maximum plus maybe a little fudge factor.amount of power at any given time.consider your own house what are the.chances of you overloading everything.hey let's say you have a party and you.have every light on in the house well if.you're using incandescent lights okay.they're 100 let's say that during.contestant or how to I posed right and.let's say do you have five bulbs per.burn it's really counting let's say that.that's the case that's what you have a.times five and let's say you have three.bedrooms.[Music].family room living room kitchen two.bathrooms so you're talking ten ten.rooms right.I was 10.so we're talking 50 we're talking.5,000 watts am i right.just for the bulbs now what is that.what's convert to their Zone B equals IV.a rave.that's power so we're going to convert.watts 5,000 watts divided by voltage.which is 120 that's what the V is equals.our current which this is going to be.wet so let's say it's a 40 40 amps.that's roughly 40 amps it's actually a.little bit more but it's an approximate.now so.consumer for TMS just in lighting now.let's talk about eater let's say you.have your heater on.and your heater is you know it's on a 30.amp breaker but let's say that the.heaters only pulling 20 amps the.network's 60 amps.and then let's say you run to your oven.and let's say that's running in 15 amps.you have to clean up something so you're.running your vacuum or somebody's.running the vacuum right let's say that.that's a 10 amps at the same time you.got your air compressor kicking it on.because it just happens to be that it.ran out of air overnight and it just.decides to fill up right when you have.this big party and that could be like a.10 amp a draw and that's an air.compressor in a workshop um at the same.time someone's running the microwave and.say that's a 10 amp drove and the.refrigerator is running so that's a 10 a.up show let's add this up so we have 40.amps 60 right let's round this up to.2011 80 90 100 110 120 so we're getting.close we're not there yet but you know.we're at 120 amps of 150 so yes it is.possible that you can completely.overload the panel but that's not.reality.let's talk about now with LED lighting.so this hundred watts is no longer 100.watt bulb it's equivalent of 100 watts.of incandescent lighting lumens but.let's say you have the LEDs which pull.about 10 watts of bulb and let's say we.do have 15 bulbs so if we multiply this.up we're talking 150 what.being consumed which is.practicing which is less than two amps.so just to say approximately 2 amps.however as we divided 150 by 120 and.it's less than 2 greater than 1 so look.two amps compared to 40 amps right.so that's where we have receiving so.that's one case right there we have a.reduction of let's just say this 40 amps.goes away so now we're down to 110 eight.that's our new number all right so now I.want to add a subpanel.so we have our main panel 150 amps I.want to add a sub panel right next to it.it is sub panel here the main panel here.is 20 have two free slots open I.put in a 100 amp breaker here and I run.that wire over here and this also has a.100 amp breaker I really didn't need to.do it this way I like to have to switch.in both places now I also have 20 slots.here I could completely overload this.with a bunch of circuits if I put in.ten 15 amp breakers due to math then 15.amps that's 150 amps.I already exceeded the capability of.this but not everything is going to be.on a row at the same time.she's rude.so your inspections you have.Electrical you have to inspections for.electoral you could have more if you.fail you have what's called a rough.and then you have final.this is electrical.you're so building.building consists of framing.let's assume you do not have to deal.with plumbing I did not have to deal.with any plumbing so I'm not going to.talk about it.you were framing of insulation.issue.then they are final.the insulation could also talk about.fire blocking.and it should we're not covering that.here.so we're only really talking about the.electrical here.so before you get to the final of.electrical and final of building you.have to go through a couple steps so.this is step one you have to do two.rough like to go first.and the reason why is because after you.do the rough electrical the inspector.may have identified that you need to do.some additional wiring and that could.result in moving of studs cutting.drilling and it's basically changing.your framing that's why you do the rough.electrical first and then you have to.have the placard available that the.inspector signed and show that to the.next inspector as proof because.depending on the size of a Township or.city one's not going to know the other.the department could be so large that.they may only talk to each other maybe.once every month or once a year they.might even see each other so the next.step is framing so you would do that if.you're lucky like I was I had the.framing and insulation done.I even documented in my video what I.which I didn't publish that video yet.where I fire blocked everything I used.rocks a little everywhere I used the.fire blocking foam everywhere and I even.used the 3m fire blocking caulk through.annular openings so then you would have.your insulation and fire blocking then.you would have final electrical.inspection which I did not do yet does.it still work in progress and then you.would have your final building.inspection now these two.or what gets sent to your.essentially the tax assessor whether.it's something that is managed within.the township or city or if it's.something that's managed at a county.level so for us the tax assessments.managed at the county level so the final.results of this and it could be that.they look at well your number of outlets.so number of outlets number of lights.type of lighting is a factor.fits like if you literally spend $5,000.on a light fixture.you could probably tell them it's a.thousand but they're gonna see that and.they're gonna say yeah that's not a $50.light fixture it's more like a thousand.so they would they would say that you.just upgraded your lighting for a.thousand dollars.so a type of lighting at the room layout.any improvements that you made so the.fluorine you know wallcovering the.fluorine could be hardwood carpet you.know carpet would obviously be the.cheapest if you did a laminate wood.versus hardwood you know that may have.an impact for what they send to the.county.so these final results are tallied up by.the inspector and paperwork is submitted.to the township or city and that goes to.the tax assessor and the tax assessor.takes that and determines if your taxes.are going to increase at the at the.beginning of the the next year and you.may see a tax increase because of this.or you may not I hope this was helpful.to I you do have to be aware that if you.do work without only in a permit and.something were to happen let's say that.there were a fire and it that fire could.have been traced to the improvements.that you made the shortest companies are.really good at not paying the insurance.company would.essentially reject payment because you.did not follow the law that's a legal.standing that insurance companies use.over and over again so you need to make.sure you apply for permits and you.follow code properly so if a fire does.occur even while you're working on your.own property or some major catastrophe.happens or bluer caves in or something.that you didn't anticipate long as you.had the permit kind of demonstrates the.insurance company that you were doing.everything legally that the insurance.company can't pull the rug from under.you at least in any case I hear.something else to consider let's say you.did all this work and you know ten years.go by and you didn't you didn't do this.without a permit.I mean you you did to work without.pulling a permit say a fire were to.occur and it had nothing to do with the.work that you did it just was a fire in.another room and they deemed the cause.because of a faulty appliance or.something like that the insurance.company has the right to restore it a.house to its original look it if you.didn't pull the permits.so that means potentially thousands tens.of thousands of dollars of materials and.not labor but it's your sweat would be.lost as a result of that so if you pull.a permit and you make the improvement.they're likely to build it including.that but there's one other caveat you.have to tell your insurance company that.these improvements have been made to the.building so that they can adjust your.premium according to the improvements.that you made when you sign up for.surance you're paying for a premium.based on the property the way it was.when you purchased it any improvements.that you make to the property along the.way if they're minimal it's not that big.of a deal.oh I'll come along for the ride but.otherwise you need to inform the.insurance company that you made certain.improvements and they'll determine if.your rate or premium needs to increase.or not based on those improvements.let's say - you added in addition that's.a forty square foot addition that's not.practical so you added a hundred square.foot addition oh so to wrap up here.playing for a permit covers you and.locks you in to the code the time that.the permit was filed so if the code.changes which it does from year to year.could change if you were to apply if you.were to do to work now and then ten.years from now apply for the permit you.may have to rip out a lot of stuff and.redo things the other thing applying for.a permit does this helps ensure that the.work is done not entirely because the.inspectors truthfully don't have a lot.of time to go through every inch of your.work but they have a good eye and they.can spot meticulous work and they can.spot crappy work if they see that your.work is meticulous and they're looking.at it and things look good they're.probably gonna give you a pass on the.rough inspection and then in the final.but you want to have that rough.inspection you need that rough.inspection first bylaw that allows the.inspector to say you fail and some.inspectors won't even bother telling you.why and my opinion they should you can.then go to their manager and ask for you.know a reason why but it's real easy you.need to follow the NEC guidelines and.the ICC which is the international.construction code that was adopted by.your city or town it's literally not.rocket science you just have to read.spec you can't undergo any of this.without understanding the spec you can.definitely consult somebody you know.who's in construction to get an idea.about certain things but you need to.read standards so do you know what to do.by the law once you are approved at the.rough then you can go through with the.final and everything along the way as.long as you're going through the permit.you're going to be okay with the.insurance company don't skip on any of.those items make sure that everything is.approved and done properly and along the.way you want to make sure you do things.safely so I go through a lot of things.and it's.really an academic exercise what I just.did here executing this it's a different.story because you have to drill holes.you have to cut things you have to.install wiring you're dealing with stuff.they can shock you electrocute you you.know you can lose a limb you can fall.off a ladder there's a lot of hazards so.keep all that in mind when you're.working and if you'd like this video and.you want to see more of it which I am.gonna do more of it anyway.but if you want to see more of it and if.this was helpful to you please leave a.comment and if you think I missed.anything definitely leave a comment and.we can address it in the comments I can.have an overall comment where I have.addendums to this and then perhaps make.a second revision of the video give me.your thoughts and your experiences did.you ever finish a room or do any work.without an inspection and it hurt you.later I know in my Township they look at.the paperwork based on the way that the.house was prior to sale and they compare.it to what it is now at the time of sale.and if they notice a significant change.or something that stands out it's give.an example finished basements you can.finish a basement in your house and.nobody would know you're bringing the.materials at night well when you go to.sell the house the finished basement is.something that's gonna stand out because.guess what when the house was purchased.did not come with the finished basement.though they would get you at that point.and that could alter the sale and you.would have to have them in your.disclosure whether or not you applied.for permits so you would want to get all.that straightened out prior to selling.your home go through an inspection.process and I can take you through that.and and I will take you through that.because that was an experience that I.had in my previous home it went through.the inspection process prior to listing.my house at a house that I literally.thought I was going to retire at but you.know we be moved into a smaller room so.again give it a thumbs up if you liked.it thumbs down if you didn't interact.with me leave a comment and make sure.most importantly you subscribe and look.for a new content so thank you for.watching.

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How do I fill out an application form to open a bank account?

It is very simple and easy to fill up this form. If you are in a difficult situation ,get the help of related Bank officials and they will help you to submit the application form.

How do I fill out the IIFT 2018 application form?

The IIFT application form process is in online mode only while to make the payment, candidates can opt for the online as well as offline mode. The end date to submit the IIFT application form has also been extended till September 15, 2017. Check the steps to register for IIFT Application Form 2018 .

How do I fill the JEE (Main) application form?

Hi Folks. Since NTA is about to release the application forms for JEE Main exam to be conducted in the month of January 2019, many of you must be wondering how can you fill the application form for the exam. As the application process is going to be online, it is advisable to all the aspirants to fill in your details and make the payment carefully. Keep your documents and required details beforehand so as to avoid any kind of delay later. Also, keep your scanned images of photograph and signature ready. All the best!!

How do I fill out the CAT 2018 application form?

There is a detailed instruction on how to fill up the form on the CAT website. Both written and a video format. The instructions are easy to follow. If you still find it difficult talk to a faculty if you are taking coaching in any institute or anyone known to you who has already filled the form.

What is the procedure for filling out the CPT registration form online?

You are asking for cpt examination or cpt registration If for registration then sorry but now you can only register for CA foundation If you have registered yourself for cpt before then for filling exam form go to icaiexam.icai.org and you will find all details there. Best of luck

How much does a building permit cost?

Don't consider it a cost think of it as an investment. The permits are to assure the work is done correctly. A lot goes into permits and there ain't nothing free. So yes there is a cost for permits.

What do you need a building permit for?

Hire an architect who has an experienced structural engineering consultant. All load-paths will have to be engineered and calculated, and a foundation at least will have to be certified along with a site plan and all zoning building form requirement met. Local jurisdiction may vary. Also climates vary a lot and snow loads, roof design and insulation are very location specific.

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