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Tips on completing the Lauderdale Permit Application Form

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Steps of Customizing the Lauderdale Permit Application Form

hello everyone my name is Jim Santiago.from independent title today we're going.to be going over how to look for code.violations and open permits at the city.of Fort Lauderdale's webpage for free no.sign of is necessary with their website.it's a great tool to be able to check.out any of the city of Fort Lauderdale.properties that might have any code.violations or open or expired permits so.that you can confidently purchase or.sell the property and even make an offer.before having to have a lien search done.with your title company and do it.immediately so when you're researching a.property you have it right away right.for you when you can analyze the offer.and the value of that property so the.first thing we're going to do is we're.going to figure out how to tell if a.property is a city of Fort Lauderdale.property the search that we're going to.do today is specifically only for city.of Fort Lauderdale properties I'm going.to be using a property that we have used.that my office has done a done a search.on in the past and it's going to have.some great examples for us to take a.look at so the first way we check out is.we go to the Broward County property.appraisers the proper County property.appraisers is going to give us the best.information so the way we do that is we.go to be CPA dotnet there's also a link.on my website for that on the resources.page as well you can take a look at that.you can go to be cpa net that's for.Broward County property appraisers net.from here we're going to go to the.property search button here and we're.going to search for this property now.this is going to come up and we can take.a look and search for our property if.you are not familiar with this website.I'm going to be putting a tutorial on.the bar code proper appraiser as well.but for this instance we're going to go.ahead and we're going to take a look at.my address which we're going to be using.as 805 South East 7th Street now I don't.typically put in the street direction.street type or any abbreviations when.I'm searching and I take a look and I.hit search and we're going to go down to.our the property that I've been looking.at which is the 805 South East 7th.Street from here we're going to get the.information to that property we can do.all the stuff we normally do on a.Broward County property page this page.but what we're looking for specifically.is what we need to search for that.property first we need to determine.that the property is a city of Fort.Lauderdale property and the way we do.that is that on this site address this.first line on the Broward County.property appraisers page the address.here is going to show us the.municipality now this is not the mailing.address okay this is not the mailing.City this is the municipality that.governs the property that is what's.going to be on this site address is the.municipality now if this city here is.shown as Dania or Devi or Hallandale or.Pompano or any other city in Broward.County other than the words Fort.Lauderdale the search that we're going.to be doing today will not work because.it is not that property is not governed.by the city of Fort Lauderdale.therefore city of Fort Lauderdale would.not be the city or the municipality to.enforce code violations or to apply for.permits at okay so once we've determined.that the property is the city of Fort.Lauderdale property by seeing that this.says Fort Lauderdale we're going to go.and we're going to take another piece of.information just to the right of that.site address we're going to take this.parcel ID now the parcel ID is an.identification number with the city with.the with Broward County cities however.use a different thing it's called a.folio number now this the city of Fort.Lauderdale uses a folio number because.it's more specified within that county.and it can be actually derived or taken.from the parcel ID number the way we do.that is that we're going to take the.full parcel number and we're going to.basically look for we're going to take.the phone number we're going to remove.any spaces between the numbers and we're.going to remove the first and the third.numbers everything else that's left is.our folio number for that property now.we're going to use this later so we're.going to make sure that we're copying.this and that we're going to take that.parcel number now I'm going to open up a.new tab and I'm going to go to the city.of Fort Lauderdale's web page which is.City ww.Fort Lauderdale gov govt so this WWF.Fort Lauderdale gov now the site is a.little bit slow sometimes they could use.a faster server but.don't get to control the cities again.cities always work on their own time and.that includes their website so from here.we're going to go and we're going to.make sure that we are we're going to.look for the online services within the.building department because that's what.we're looking for so we're going to go.to the department's tab here and we're.going to drop down and do building.services this building services page is.going to come up and we're going to.scroll down and we're going to go to the.online services it's just halfway down.it says online services we're going to.go ahead and click that online services.page so this is going to take a little.bit of time to load again their web.their server is a little bit slow but.we're going to wait for it and it should.pop up any second and we're there we go.so we're going to get to this page and.we're going to go to the left and we're.going to say property search we need the.full property search you can use this.page you can play around a little bit if.you'd like and you can see that the.property search page comes up and from.here we can search through four.different criteria typically I like to.use the folio number which is what we're.going to paste from our property.appraiser's page on this different tab.that I had and we're going to go ahead.and we're going to paste that.information in there or again we're.going to get rid of all the dashes or.all the spaces okay any dashes we also.get rid of and we're going to have a.flat number then we're going to get rid.of the first so this five and we're.going to get rid of the third number and.that is going to create our folio number.so this is our folio number what we have.from the city taking it from the.property ID number and from here we're.going to be able to search and we're.going to get our property search results.I'm going to use this as an example we.can see here that it comes up with two.different items that we can choose from.you're going to recognize that the.current person on title is usually I.wanted prop usually the last person on.title is on one if they've owned it not.that long if they've only owned it for.I'd say five or six years there could be.a second one but if they build it for.longer than that typically it's just one.of these items where you matter either.link is going to go to the same.information um I always like choosing.the current property owner but it does.not.matter what matters is that this folio.number matches and you can see that it's.the same numbers that we're using so.you're going to go ahead and click on.the link next to the blue part and we're.going to see here that we're getting a.property information page it's got four.blue tabs here and from here you're.going to be able to take a look and see.all the different items I typically like.to click all right away because what.that does is bring up all three so we're.not going through each individual part.the first part is for property which.just gives your property information.that the section stuff everything you.can find on the property appraiser's.page as well the legal description which.is going to show the legal description.exactly what the property appraiser in.the tax bill would show you and.realistically what we're looking for.during this search is for the activity.for the permits and the code cases so if.we hit all it'll give us all this on one.page and that's what I like to have just.in case I want to print it out I have.everything in one place I don't need to.print out four different pages so from.here we've got our permit search history.on the property it's got four columns.with four different items including your.permit number the type of permit that it.was there the issue date of that permit.and what the status is from a closing.perspective all we care about our open.or expired permits an expired permit is.just an open permit that has been left.open for too long with that city and has.gone through its exploration point it's.kind of like having a gallon of milk in.your fridge rater and it's gone too far.so the grocery store takes it off the.shelf because it can't be sold anymore.it's kind of the same thing with a.permit if you've left the permit open.for fence and somebody hasn't closed.that permit within within a few years.that permit gets expired because the.conditions could change for that permit.to be in that permitting inspection to.be done or the terms of that permit to.be completed so once we see expired on.here or open and we want to see what.that permit is about we're going to go.ahead and click on that permit number.that permit number is going to load and.it's going to give us all that permit.information again we have these tabs on.the bottom here that state permit plan.reviews inspections fees contractors.it's going to give us all that.information in one tab if we click on.the right here on the top of this page.we can see if there's any money due for.this permit if there's any fees.status what the property addresses is.part of again the permit number that's.on there and since we've clicked all.here we're going to scroll down and we.can see the permit information we can.see the property that's on the owner of.that permit who applied for it if there.was a general contractor that applied.for it his name would be here which is.great to use to contact them to see if.they'll close that permit or if the work.was ever actually done on that permit to.see how you can get it resolved and then.you can see what it was for.miscellaneous notes information and.notes is really what the inspectors used.to leave notes on there which are very.useful for us for trying to cure those.items if we're trying to resolve an.expired permit and close it before.closing plan reviews all this great.stuff about the permit and the property.of who how the how the permit was.applied for what was reviewed on that.permit and the all the great stuff that.you need to apply to do work on a.property another part is the fees fees.that were paid and if there is a balance.due it'll tell you if there's a balance.due typically balances you're typically.permit the fees are paid upfront so.there's usually no balances but you need.to make sure you check it out.the contractor whoever pulled that.permit is going to show up here if there.is a specific contractor that pulled it.for like an AC company or a paving.company their name would be here and you.can look them up with Google to find out.who and how to contact them now really.at the very bottom we're looking for the.inspections because we want to see if.there has been a final done if there.hasn't you can go on to these things and.check out the different the different.things that have happened on that case.the inspectors notes at the bottom here.it's a really useful page figure out.what's going on with your permit so.we're going to go back I'm going to hit.the back button a couple times and we're.going to go back to this permit.information and then we're going to go.back to the full property's information.with our all tab again we have all the.activity here so once we take a look at.all the closed open or expired permits.we can just neglect the closed permits.because really we don't care about that.stuff unless we want to see a history of.what's been done with the property that.is useful but in our case for closings.we don't care about that because we.don't we don't care.about what happened past we only care.about what's currently open on that.property now after we're done with your.permits our code cases or what we're.going to look at we're going to see if.there's any open or open code violations.on the property these things are.basically the same as the permits here a.code violation is obviously different.than a permit but in the same way that.this is disclosing the permits in the.top of this cot the higher on this page.this page is showing that there's code.cases so since we can see here you can.see the status see means closed or.complied with the city of Fort.Lauderdale so we don't need to worry.about any closed cases what we need to.care about is any open Oh open cases so.anything with an O is what we care about.anything with a C we do not care about.but with an O we do care about so we're.going to go ahead and click on that case.number it's going to load up this code.enforcement detail for our case number.okay so this is really what you're going.to look for you know you need to find.out what the violation is for which is.that origination the real result and.then the fines on that violation now.this amount is not a final amount due on.these fines you need to contact the city.of for a lot of those finance department.or your lien search company to get a.final amount um that lien search company.is going to contact the finance.department and you can do that yourself.as well the city has an obligation to.speak to most people in regards to in.regards to how much is due on a property.there the city of Fort Lauderdale is.very helpful they will give information.by email so you have it in writing it's.wonderful and just go ahead and give the.call a city or Fort Lauderdale's finance.department specifically in the code.Department when we're looking at the.code enforcement detail we can see the.the the the code enforcement number the.what the what the case is titled we can.see the description of that case here.the following permit was left to expire.so this is this violation is for an.expired permit but it could be for any.violation uncut lon a illegal fence all.sorts of good stuff that violations come.from we can see what codes this the.property violated to get this violation.in the set in the Florida in the city of.Fort Lauderdale Building Code and then.really we can see down in inspection.details report about when the data that.inspection was done is there what.happened.what is their lien law leaned you know.when we're fine started so we can kind.of get an idea about um when and how you.know what is due and what what happened.with that violation this is a great page.so you can really know what happened.over the course of this violation and.you can really explain it to a homeowner.or your buyer if you have any questions.about that specific violation now we're.going to hit back again so we're going.to see that there's no other code.violations open this site is great if.there's multiple violations you will see.them all listed if there's multiple open.or expired permits you will also see.them listed I appreciate you guys so.this is appreciate you guys following.and taking a look at this if you guys.have any questions you can always go to.our website our website is WWE Title FTL.comm here we have a great resources page.with links to all this to the property.search right here for the city of Fort.Lauderdale building search page you can.click this link and it will take you.right to the building page search site.which is this page right here you can.take that folio number and just post it.right there or bookmark this page we.also have a ton of different links on.this website for different cities and.over the course of time we will go ahead.and go over some other tutorials on how.to do stuff the also our web page has.the title quote calculator which is.great to get a cost estimate of all your.closing costs by just putting in a city.and a purchase price and loan amount and.you can see how much your title.insurance and your closing cost is going.to calculate you in less than five.seconds it's great so guys please.subscribe to my channel and if you have.any more questions please don't hesitate.to reach out to us at independent title.and that's WWE title FTL com thank you.and have a wonderful day.

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Lauderdale Permit Application Form FAQs

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