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Tips on completing the Boca Raton Building Permit Application Form

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Steps of Customizing the Boca Raton Building Permit Application Form

[Music].Oh spirit his first building permit how.around so I can see me again.there's our development Resource Center.years ago we decided that we were going.to move all of our planning and.development services to one building.they used to be spread out all over the.town in your bed well not all over.downtown all over Chattanooga yeah so.there what do you think cool was that.the second time you had been in there or.the first a second I forgot what you.can't want you in to get the first time.first time I went to the rock whatever.that services listen was that - was that.the address that's when we were.requesting the address supposed to be.anyway.trying to chain Berendt kind of gonna.fit how to pull a building permit the.process has gotten a little more.complicated over the years thankfully we.can now download the forms and fill them.out and email them back in so that if.everything is in order all we have to do.is just go in and pick it up and pay for.it but as you've seen that the emailing.system doesn't always work yeah it's a.little there's a little bit of.bureaucracy you have to deal with.there's several different desks so you.have a land disturbance permit which.allows you to disturb the grounds.because the concern there is erosion.control they want to make sure that if.when you excavate for footings or.basements or any grading that you have.the proper sill fence around the.property.and then you have your building and that.permit was around was it two to three.two or three hundred bucks hundred two.hundred some-odd bucks for about a three.hundred thousand dollar project and it's.based really also on the amount of land.you're disturbing we were only.disturbing about five or six thousand.square feet so it wasn't you know.quarter of an acre or whatever those.permits get more involved if you're.clearing over an acre in our city and.this is true and a lot of a lot of.municipalities where if you're.disturbing more than an acre of land you.would have to do a hydrology report to.see the effects of the clearing drainage.and that kind of thing so then you have.your building permit it's not a.complicated process it depends on what.city you live in the like our tender.gives one a lot more progressive cities.in in Tennessee so we have you know.environmental issues that we have to.deal with if you're in the rural area.most likely all you're gonna have is a.simple if you have anything at all it.will just be a one-page form that says.you know here's the address tax on that.number and I can remember bearing in.Chattanooga when I first started.building in 1980 it was just a one-page.thing job address tax map number you.know contract value and you basically.just paid the city enough money to have.the building inspector electrical.inspector come out a few times you know.now it's fully blown you know blower.door testing and I'm going to get into.that a little bit later but the.inspection process is a lot more.complicated now.you'll have you know footing inspections.foundation inspections framing.inspection insulation.you know pre drywall you know course you.got all your systems electrical plumbing.HVAC and you know all that so I was.trying to get you a good view of our.development Resource Center here it is.in Chattanooga Tennessee very beautiful.building and years ago I remember when I.started in this business in 1978 and we.had all these different offices and.places we had to go to get building.permits and plumbing permits and sewer.permits and thankfully now we all we.have all this stuff at one building for.the city and the county actually.planning zoning building inspection.everything here and so what I thought I.would do is just go over some of the.information that might help other people.when pulling a building permit we call.it pulling a building permit when.applying for a building permit and this.is going to be true most a lot of cities.are modeled after you know each other.there's not a lot a whole lot of.reinventing going on with this kind of.stuff so every decent sized city or.county will have a building permit form.that you will fill out if I go back this.is our website here in Chattanooga.Tennessee for the city of Chattanooga.that has the forms and permanent page.and I bet if you do a search in your own.City for building permit forms you will.probably come to a similar website and.this seems to be a lot a lot of stuff.and it is if you were actually.gonna have to do all of this but for.residential it's pretty simple and.starting out you would just start with.your residential building application.that's why I was on earlier and it's.just a few pages the bulk of the.information is right here you would just.place your street number and address.here and your zip code your tax state.tax map number you can get that from.your local GIS your geographical.information system or your it would be.on your deed or on your survey there's.plenty of different places you could get.that information you can literally.probably just call your city and say hey.what number got called you've given them.the number your address and they could.they would probably just give you the.taxman number it's like they're there.typically would be a number like 127 a -.e you know - 0 1 1 something like that.that kind of format those are like book.numbers page numbers and so on and then.you would have a lot number again this.would be a part of the subdivision and.the plat information on your deed and.then you go on down to the property.owner now most states allow the property.owner to pull the building permit.themselves so in our case we typically.have an owner here that we're listing.and then lien list ourselves right here.as the contractor but for residents.typically an owner and this is what this.really this course is all about is us.owner being able to pull your own.building permit or to apply we use the.term.pull a building from.I keep using that but this is an.application here applying for building.permit now you will have wanted to do.all of the things that on our checklist.that we had stated earlier in some of.you in the planning classes because at.this point you're basically ready to go.with construction and this is typically.involved with fundable feed so you want.to make sure that you've done all the.things that we've talked about in.checklist prior to this before you this.this building permit is actually fairly.far down the down the road down the list.you just want to get this permit when.you're literally ready to start even the.same week because you'll only get this.permit for twelve months and I've.literally been pushed for time before.all these things in most cities if you.if your billing permit expires you will.have to pay this fee all over again so.you don't want to get this permit until.you're absolutely ready and you have.your site clearing and sometimes we will.cheat actually do a little cleaning and.have everybody lined up and ready to go.although we don't disturb any ground.until I talk about this next permanent.probably like for this one so then this.is it seems like a lot of complications.you know complicated things here but.basically you're just going to check new.construction right here and then.single-family because that's what we're.talking about single-family detached and.the basic dimensions here don't worry.about all the offsets just do the gross.basically widths and Heights and here.what frame is typically what you would.list for the construction type and then.your front setbacks most of the time.it's going to be around 25 feet you just.want to check that the rear would be 25.and the left side and right side would.typically be around 15 feet but again.these are restrictions that are.in your subdivision or where were you.know wherever you purchase your property.the deed the you know you would have.deed restrictions also this is something.that the developer would set up and and.it would be for the most part peace.based on the zoning requirements that.your local municipality has then you've.got your number of bedrooms and.off-street parking typically is two and.then here it says what has to be Bill I.usually just say you know 2,800 square.foot you know three bedroom a.single-family home or something like.that.nothing too crazy there this just a.disclaimer page basically saying that.just because the city is giving you a.building permit doesn't mean that you.have the right to do whatever you want.and then you just sign here and that's.it and what I do is I basically download.these forms I'll fill them out if I want.to use a scanner on my phone and I'll.scan them and then send them back to the.city.typically there's gonna be some kind of.question they have and this saves you.time what you want to do is try to get.your permit to the point where it's.approved and ready to be paid for then.you can just go down and basically pick.it up and pay for it as far as costs go.let's see I need to do calculation here.I think it's about what was this last.permian our house was let's just say.$300,000 for this contract and it was.around twelve hundred so twelve hundred.dollars divided about three hundred.thousand equals 0.004 about a half a.percent that's in our city here's me.maybe different now that's that's the.building a permanent now what you're.going to want to do is in most cities.you're gonna have a land disturbance.permanent and then right here you can.see there's a simple resident.intial land disturbance application now.what this is dealing with and so for.some reason it's downloading instead of.opening it okay so this looks like a.building permit and our city is.basically just become lazy and decided.to reproduce this and cause us to have.to actually fill out basically the same.information over again but what you.would do here is your contract of the.work this would be your grading your.clearing work not you wouldn't put the.entire contract amount of your house or.the value of your house here again you.would just put contract value of work so.if it was going to cost you $5,000 worth.of work to get the lot cleared you would.put that here not the entire amount of.300,000 so then you basically have the.same information as your building permit.you have the property information of the.owner contractor and so on.and then down here it's basically the.same - you've got new construction.residential and then this little box.right here you'll see this is the kicker.and you'll you'll see that the point of.this land disturbance permit is to make.sure that well mainly that you are.preventing erosion let's just type in.silt fencing this is probably the.easiest way to show this you've seen.these before on construction sites so.this isn't the best picture but you can.see basically it's just a filtration.fabric that is has these stakes that you.can drive up and keep it in place and.one basically what it does is keeps the.silt the.mud from migrating from the construction.site to the to the log construction site.areas and water wire can fall through.this fabric but the mud will get trapped.the silt will get trap.on the other side and that's why they.call it silt fence now they have.different types of silt fence the one.that I like now is the it's basically.like a sock here we go it's this stuff.trying to find one that was installed so.where was this it is in again a little.tiny picture but you can see here it's.basically a filter a filtered fabric.it's like a netting that has straw in it.okay in it that's the same thing but.it's easier to install let's go back.here if I can get a better picture and.sometimes you will see it in conjunction.with the other type of silt fence like.here it just it you can use depending on.you know how how bad you're helping the.slope you have and how much water runoff.you would use these in combination with.each other but I have basically just use.this top before by itself it's easy to.lay out and stake down and but the whole.point of this is that the city wants to.know basically the area that you're.disturbing if it's over an acre you.would end up having to do of hydrology.report which is typically not done.excepting like small commercial.commercial projects okay so typically.this is going to be an O here which this.application if you can see this these.are these would be hydrology top reports.and you just click no here for.residential project completion date here.proposed starting day proposed.completion day you want to give yourself.a year and again.don't apply for this per minute until.you're ready to start okay I had a job.one time where I was excited about the.project and I went and closed the permit.and it was freakin three months before.we could get started because of the.owner and the person they wanted to hire.to do the clearing and you know we I.could have took my guy.and got it cleared in a couple of weeks.but anyway it's long story.the point is is that they used up three.months of our 12 months then we got it.done but it was right the deadline so.you don't want to apply for your permit.so - you're absolutely ready to start.and that's kind of the point of this is.that basically what your municipality is.going to want you to do is just show.them on a site plan this would be the.blank page that you would draw on your.site planning on but I will show you how.we do it at artisan construction so.being a design-build company this is not.this is actually the fact diversion I.have an action a better version of this.but we do our own design-build work so I.actually did a site plan and this is you.can do this yourself though when you go.to pull your building permit you'll have.to have a site plan like this that just.shows the property lives which would be.these dashed lines and you would draw.the rough and outlined in your house you.would draw a few of the dimensions and.then show the setbacks you can see here.from this right-side property lines 15.feet 7 from the front it's 28 feet here.in the corner and they don't laugh we've.got 13 - then in the back this long is.very long so we've got over 190 feet but.this this here this dash line here is.indicating the Silvius now you can do.all this by hand but they know we're not.going to require you to have an.architect or an engineer or surveyor do.this I just do this because.I've got experience in the drawing work.I worked in architecture for seven out.of the 40 years of being in this.business seven to ten of it that's been.in architecture so I'm familiar with how.these site plans work but going back to.the actual application you can see here.on this land development this land.disturbance permit you can take this.blank page and draw out your site you.can actually use the same site planner.for your building permit to it so it.looks like a lot of rigmarole and it.kind of feels that way but it's not that.big of a deal honestly it takes about 10.minutes to fill this form out and take a.little time to draw your side plan one.thing I did want to mention is that if.you need help with your site plan we can.do that's one of the services that we do.provide you know we provide design and.build you know consulting drafting.planning and you know consulting that.you would need help with it's not.honestly not that expensive to help you.get a site plan done if you have all the.information like an old survey that type.of thing and but if you need any help.with this type of thing you can contact.us at you know 18 drafting voqal it.would be the place to contact us oh the.land is purpose permeate was a little.over it was around $250 so it's a small.amount and basically that just pays the.city it gives the city of F of a fee to.hire someone to come out and they'll.check your to make sure you're still.fencing is done properly and then if you.don't be ready to get a letter that says.nasty things because there's one thing.about the municipalities that have.gotten a lot worse and that's the.environmental stuff you don't want your.mud they don't want your dirt from your.side getting on you know migrating to.streams or ditches or.anybody else anybody else's property so.you need to make sure your cell fence is.properly you know you'll keep the peace.with the local inspectors the Gestapo no.main thing I want to stress here is to.go through the checklist that we.provided earlier in the course and just.make sure you've got all your ducks atro.the main the other thing is to just call.your local municipality and ask them for.a checklist there's usually there's.typically if I went back to that forms.there's typically a checklist that's.seen in construction yeah I think this.is like an express form Express.information form but you can see here.here's a checklist for your site plan.and then I'm sure it goes on to talk.about one to family dwellings and don't.be intimidated by this stuff it's really.not that bad and don't be afraid to pull.your own building permit it's something.that you should be free to do and it.keeps people it keeps our government.kind of in check.and as long as people are showing the.demand for the ability to do to pull.their own building permits it keeps the.whole system honest you know and it.keeps our government in check that's the.way I look at it I'm in the business of.building homes so I have to have a.license and insurance and all this and.so when I got to pull building permits I.have to show all this extra paperwork.but you as the owner have a right to.build your home to hold without too much.intervention so you're gonna pay you.know these little fees for these permits.but exercise your right in our free.society and.they're build build a house thanks guys.[Music].you.

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Boca Raton Building Permit Application Form FAQs

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