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Steps of Customizing the State Georgia Application 2008 2019 Form

well incredible indeed in good afternoon.welcome to Athens Georgia on an overcast.Saturday still a beautiful day for.college football summer 3 Georgia.battles Arkansas State now plenty to.talk about in this matchup but there's.been a bigger story surrounding this.game and it involves a State head coach.Blake Anderson our thoughts and prayers.are with everyone in the red wolf's.program after Blake lost his wife Wendy.last month after a courageous two-year.battle with breast cancer the two were.married 27 years before her passing just.26 days ago leaving behind three.children Colton Kayson and Callie after.a leave of absence that spanned nearly.three weeks it's been an emotional week.for Blake back in Jonesboro also here in.Athens no doubt those feelings are.engulfing this great city today.highlighted by a grassroots movement to.honor Wendy as Georgia fans have showed.up in mask wearing pink this afternoon.the universal color to raise awareness.for breast cancer.and with that we welcome you to our.broadcast position Kelly stopper Lauren.Sisler on the sidelines.I am Roy Philpott and Kelly needless to.say it has been a very emotional week it.really has incredibly emotional and.Blake Anderson told us last night that.his wife Wendy had to teach him that.football is not life but football.creates an incredible platform to.celebrate the things that do matter in.life and that's what this game is here.today well said as we check in with.Lauren.- this Arkin state football program she.was mama Wendy Blake Anderson told us.that they dedicated their lives being.servants of God and using football as.their black hair and spending a lot of.time with each and every single one of.em at Cerrone she would often show up to.practice the snacks for the guys enjoy.between meetings her home was their home.she filled every room she entered with.laughter and love even when she was in.pain she was what senior wide receiver.Omar Bayless called a true fighter and.the red wolf will honor his memory by.dedicating this season to her.[Applause].[Music].[Music].hashtag wear pink for Wendy it went.viral this week on social media tip of.the cap to everyone here in Athens.[Applause].thoughts won the toss and deferred.Arkansas State will get the football.first Red Wolves quarterback by the Lone.Star State native Logan Bonner spent a.couple of seasons as a backup to justice.Hansen he waited for his turn and.arrived it is his third start here today.and Kelly the numbers have been fairly.impressive for Logan Bonner so far and.what was important row is the growth and.maturity out of these young men from.week one a heartbreaking loss at home to.SMU and then last week at UNLV he lit it.up and looked considerably more.comfortable Graham and Murray in the.backfield he'll swing it out the pass.top by Kirk Merritt been battling in.trees he's going to lose a couple of.yards on first down and so what we're.going to see out of Arkansas State is a.system that they certainly believe in.it's an RPO system run pass option has.to be controlled in decision-making by.Logan Bonner.it's a spread it's up-tempo but as you.see right now there's a lot of check.with me which means the quarterback.Logan Bonner will fake a snap count and.then look to the sideline for direction.[Applause].out of the gun on 2nd and 13 Bonner with.time flings in caught across the 30 will.bring up third down and short so a nice.pitch and catch in our first look at.home our Bayliss in Omar Bayliss and.Kirk Merritt both are going to have to.have enormous days today it's a wide.receiver centric offense it's about.getting the ball to the perimeter two.playmakers Red Wolves need three to keep.the drive going Pass is caught across.the 35 that elude the chains second.reception for Bayliss an Arkansas state.told us yesterday Roy if you remember.that it's all about not doing more than.your job calls for and it's just.offensively it simply moved to change.find a little more than a yard to gain.and keep possession of a football early.in this one this is a program that was.blown out at Alabama to start last.season contended against Nebraska on the.road two years ago the inside handoff to.Ryan Graham he'll gain two we talked to.the team this week they felt confident.coming in if they can survive the early.wave of red and black yeah it is all.about early because you get hyped up.given playing in front of 92 thousand in.the SEC so it's not about overdoing.things physically or mentally early in.this one.play-action bottle that comes up.pressure and down he goes Tyler.got there first to acquire the sack.logan Bonner is not in the Sunbelt.conference you're not going to be able.to hold the football very long and.that's the secondaries really have to do.with that that sack it's a coverage sack.a lot of diversity in the secondary in.disguising looks and it fooled Logan.Bonner right there Red Wolves need 16.conservative play call on the screen and.a nifty move by American well short a.first down yardage nice and camel uh.shoot him out of bounds and not a.horrible start offensively for Arkansas.stated state it's not about getting.points it's about getting your sea legs.getting out there getting comfortable as.a group collectively on the offensive.side creating a little bit of build.position and now the pump team has an.opportunity to pin Georgia D first look.at Cody Grace 40 yards per punt this.season.a good start for the dog's defense.wanting to create more chaos this year.and a Georgia bounce caroms on a bounce.near the 40 punt of 21 yards Georgia.football when we come back Blake.Anderson back on the sidelines.here in Athens Georgia you're watching.the SEC on ESPN gorgeous afternoon for.college football Georgia with possession.and quarterback Jake Fromm has made a.habit of getting rid of five star signal.callers from the classic city starting.first with Jacob Eason yeah he certainly.has done that started with Jake Jacob.Eason getting kicked off the ladder and.then Justin fields it's the confidence.of this young man and the.competitiveness and then Alabama looms.down the way and how about that trophy.that this program certainly covets it's.making pay when you can into little.details and that's who Jake prom is this.year going into his third year of.starting and it's about cleaning up the.little details that will allow this.program to take that last big step and.win it all.Arab juniors in the backfield the Andres.Swift flanking prom and a handoff on.first down nice Running Room Swift.bottled up after a 7 yard pickup Jerry.Jacobs got their first 4a state.so James coldly the offensive play.caller for Georgia says that it's a.pro-style offense that features players.in that plays well one of those players.is going to be featured throughout this.season is DeAndre swift he has.everything that you need at the running.back position both running the football.and that entire skill set but also he's.a really good pass catcher out of the.backfield.three opening possession for torches.Swift to the edge and the tuner.compelling into plus territory nice game.that'll move the sticks to take a look.at our impact players speaking of the.Andres well yeah deandre script is.certainly that guy I think this is the.year that he becomes the feature back.and we'll explain more about that and.forced Merrill and Kevin Thurmond if you.want to watch college football at its.finest watch the defensive linemen both.the interior defensive tackles for.Arkansas State's defense are a pleasure.to watch on day dumped off the swept.positive guards first down Georgia and.swept tripped up crossing the 30 the.dogs in business gained 216 yards and.Jake from his you learn to use his.running backs in the pass game a lot of.times the tight ends and running back.can be your best friends and Andres wit.has a really good sense of how to catch.the football square his shoulders and.get yards after the catch a great weapon.in the pass game also now Georgia Kelly.with a four-headed maybe five headed.monster in the backfield.Brian Arian checks in for the first time.35 in red it really is a matter of.picking your poison with these talented.backs problem with plenty of time.delivers his strike Lawrence nature.quickly tackled after short game given.to Jeremy's spent outstanding cub that's.what we talked about earlier is is the.ability for Jake Fromm in starting his.third year as a starter.the progression that was his third look.it ended up being wide outside to the.left he started down the middle and.ended up with his third receiver he no.longer gets stuck going through his.progression it's very rhythmic and you.saw it there for progress a gain of five.[Applause].single pack is area.punishing him Marian burst down and go.Georgia.bj evans thought he got there in time he.did but couldn't wrap him up yeah miss.tackle and we were told that by David.Dugan the op defensive coordinator for.Arkansas State is our secondary are.going to have to be magnificent tacklers.today because there's a lot of running.backs with the ball out on the edges and.BJ Edmonds misses the tackle there at.the line of scrimmage Georgia has scored.a touchdown on its opening possession in.its first two ballgames trying to make.it three for three period churning the.legs towards the end zone touchdown dog.[Music].we were practiced on Thursday and it's a.massive offensive line one of the best.and the biggest you'll see in college.football regardless of what conference.and then Darien is the finisher down.close he's a thick guy we saw those guys.together and you have about every thing.in the skill set group that you would.want and Haren is the finisher of that.bunch his third touchdown of the season.the senior from Douglasville Georgia.finding away in the dogs strike bursts.here at home.Georgia third in the country flexing up.front.ESPN college football won't you bite ice.cold dr. pepper.the official drink of fans Ville and.sling TV the best of live TV and get.thousands of top shows and movies on.demand.newly christened Dooley field just one.week ago named in honor of one of the.all-time greats in college football won.the 80 national championship Vince.Dooley.and rightfully so here at Sanford.Stadium dogs have been impressive.to begin this 2019 season - and oh now -.a 7-nothing advantage here against.Arkansas State lauren Sisler kelly.stopper roy pill pot great to have you.with us and a reminder tonight.Dabo Swinney top ranked Clemson will.head north to the Carrier Dome to tangle.with Syracuse Tigers lost in the dome.just two years ago as the Oren's pulled.off a major upset fact that was the.Tigers last regular season setback 7:30.Eastern ABC 4:30 Pacific and of course.on the ESPN M told it gets a little loud.up with a dome Cal bet it does first.sellout since 1998 is that the bright.it's going to be loud and I think that's.why Cuse has to have a really quick.start to keep that crowd in it all night.long Weber has been Davos kryptonite.we'll see if that continues this evening.inside him to Graham on first down hit.hard after a two yard gain Devante Wyatt.got their purse.Arkansas State wants to spread the field.literally from sideline to sideline even.massive splits on the offensive line of.scrimmage great run lanes but the game.really is outside for Arkansas State.they like their matchups wide receivers.for them against the secondary for.Georgia we're man front for the dogs.drifting back in pepper tech comes the.pressure way locker.shot out of a cannon.can hold the football against Georgia's.defense there will be extra guys coming.quite Walker come brought down the a gap.and it was slightly delay when the.quarterback looks away that linebacker.Walker fired immediately and got to paid.her.Ren Wolf's out of the Sunbelt of one.that leagues championship three of the.last four years they will be tested here.in athletes needless to say.on third down backside pressure bono.releases batted away incredible pressure.mojo lorry got there and Tyson gamble.swatted the football look at Bonner is.getting beat up every time he holds the.football slightly and then Tyson.Campbell was absolutely glued to the.wide receiver so you have tight coverage.in the secondary and you have pressure.on your quarterback but you can't live.in third and long against George's.defense today or it's not going to go.well for you Arkansas State offensively.telling you and I wondered would georgia.be looking ahead towards next week Notre.Dame comes to town it's a night kickoff.a lot of people excited as Simmons has.tripped up at the 45 and so far the.talks have been as sharp as ever 50-yard.punt 16 yard return.dogs have it.like Anderson went through a three week.leave of absence then surprised his team.just one week ago at UNLV.[Music].[Applause].back to live action.first down crab by George Pickens bolts.ahead to the 20-yard line after a gain.of 32 when you really see the top of the.skill set for both quarterback and.receiver there George Pickens is all.about catching the football catch radius.his ball skills are off the chart as a.true freshman and one of the best things.that Jake Fromm does is the back.shoulder throat we saw right there on.that play.Jake Fromm told us this week he's going.to be special we all can see it.there's Swift little shake and bake and.brought down at the 15 after a gain of.six you saw the video Blake Anderson.surprising his team last week at UNLV.no one knew he was going to come back.when he did one of the more emotional.moments we've seen in college football.this year.[Applause].throwdown coming up for the dogs Jackson.the stop.[Applause].he told us yesterday his heart was.racing yeah his return it was it was.really life-giving to his team and then.that showed on the field later against.UNLV but it was also cathartic for blake.anderson and he and windy had talked.about that when he would return and how.we would do it but he came back about it.a day earlier than anticipated.and ones need a stop here they'll swing.it out Harry and Scott it and brought.down short of the line needed a game.antonio fletcher jeremy smith to buy to.make the stop.interesting decision now for Kirby Smart.on fourth down yeah and I think Kirby's.gonna play it down the line and Cindy's.kick around there but that was a really.good series for Arkansas State's defense.a little bit of confidence you have a.the team that's driving in a negative.play to put them behind the chains now.Kelly one of the more entertaining place.kickers in college football they call.him hot rod.known for the long effort in the Rose.Bowl.he has been tremendous throughout his.Georgia career starting as a walk-on and.the chip shot is true.dogs off and running here in the classic.city 10-nothing Georgia 528 to go here.in the purse.if El Prat time is back on Sunday nights.marrying exclusively on ESPN Plus at.7:30 p.m. Eastern all season.it's like you're taking me back to my.childhood Tom and boom are back together.again over on ESPN Plus and I'm gonna.tune in I want to tune in tomorrow write.it down you can't either doubt I saw.that in the hotel room what I'm like is.this a rewind or something what am I.missing but absolutely I can't wait to.hear them.rumbling bumbling stumbling Ted napping.Georgia dogs have been impressive so far.and Blankenship will show off that elite.lag once again.Arkansas State what needs to happen here.to get the Red Wolves engaged a little.bit more well it's it's really about one.first down at a time one really good.play at a time and I think right now.Arkansas State has to get out to the.perimeter we talked to them and they.really liked their matchups offensively.outside wide receivers against Georgia's.secondary right now Georgia's secondary.is having their way in coverage against.this really deep explosive receiving.core for Arkansas State Graham in the.backfield along with Bonner Red Wolves.just one first down so far.and no running room no gain on the play.it will bring up second down and the.thing that we haven't seen out of.Arkansas state yet is tempo because they.haven't gone anywhere you have to.possess the ball and have some quality.plays in order to go fast they just.haven't been able to do it early in this.quarter.[Applause].under five to play in the purse Bonner.will change up the play.here comes pressure off the edge merits.got it and a quick screen.will yield a couple of yards Tyson.Campbell JR read ready lady that's what.they have to do Arkansas State.offensively that's essentially an.extension of their run game they don't.have a lot of perimeter runs but what.they have is a slew of different types.of screens to get it out on the edges.immediately but George is up to the task.thus far tackling from their secondary.in particularly third down pocket.collapses and Bonner pleads it.incomplete crossing the 40 Jonathon.Adams could not Corral it.Shannon Tyndall then they are applying.the pressure and so you can see the.theme already I think there are some.matchups at Arkansas State would like to.get you offensive Lee but before you can.get any of that firepower off the deck.you have to be able to protect your.passer and right now Arkansas State.simply isn't doing that Kirby smart told.us this week trying to create more chaos.more negative plays more TFLs that's.been a focal point for this defense.going back to last year so far he's done.that.and confusion on the fair catch attempt.right out the back of an eight-state.defender now blake anderson talking with.his team pregame have a listen if you.lose your mind no matter how it starts.right the way do the little things right.stick together and we're going to be.just fine sprint we want constant.maximum ever let's play one play one.quarter at a time I promise you we'll be.in this thing at the end let's do one.play one play the best we can.[Music].[Applause].[Music].first and ten for the dogs a state.needing that one big play right now.defensively jet sweep action James Cook.the brother of Dalvin cook currently.with the Minnesota Vikings of Florida.State Fame and I tell you what.he runs just like him he's got all kinds.of speed in Georgia offensively likes to.use him in places just like that kind of.a slot receiver an extra back it's not a.true to running back set because he's.more of a wide receiver wings and he.goes in motions just like that and gets.the fly sweet motion right there telling.you look at the weapons after a.nine-yard everywhere yeah prom at.quarterback you have literally five.running backs with unlimited potential.Tyler Simmons swings it around filmer.first down into plus territory abandon.and the 50 by Jacobs it's like an.aircraft carrier think of that analogy.the deck itself the carrier is the.offensive line you have to have that.regardless of the firepower you can't.get any of it launched if you don't.start with the right foundation georgia.has that maybe the best offensive line.in football and then you need the pilot.that's Jake frog he's going into a.magical third years in that position.which is special and then the pilot.powerful or deep and running back and.he's learning to use the wide receivers.as they get used to each other.[Applause].Swift motions out prom with time surveys.fires caught by sevens he'll gain 8.maybe 9 yards to stop by Fletcher can.you talk about the offensive line as.here comes the tempo it's the largest in.Georgia football history 65 328 across.the board Simmons has it 1st down dogs.sent out crossing the 30 down to the 29.so a gain of 12 so it's a really good.mix of veteran offensive lineman and.quarterback and even running back and.then wide receiver position was a crest.question mark the jig frog just needs.more reps with those guys now Simmons.banged up on the Georgia's sideline and.here comes a flag.sideline warning against the georgian.sideline.that's our personal game.[Applause].now Simmons there was contact after he.exited the playing surface.Jeremy Smith a bit physical I didn't.really see anything out of water there I.think that Smith just went down and.happened to have a wide receiver Tyler.Simmons in his grasp.Matt Leffler our lead official today.[Applause].play action for Fromm wants it all going.deep towards the end zone and complete.Pickens the intended target broken up by.Jerry Jacobs a pair of number ones.getting after each other and the tight.end was right down the middle of the.field wide open and Eli Wolfe and then.it's the post outside move to safety.with your eyes and this ball could have.gone a little bit deeper and gone up.just a little bit sooner and in the end.Jerry Jacobs because it was slightly.under thrall has a chance to get that.right hand in the basket and break it up.Jacobs one of the top cover guys in the.Sun Belt Conference preseason first team.All League.on second down swift hazard far side and.tuck down crossing the 25 I guarantee.you on Sunday or even Monday when Jake.Fromm watches that play he's going to.say I needed to get rid of the ball.sooner he could have said his feet and.got the ball in the air and that would.have worked well - George Pickens tempo.on 3rd Town trauma off his back foot.quotes one deep incomplete Matt Landers.the intended receiver.fourth down upcoming for UT a that.Landers only gets one hand up on this.this paint was a little bit outside I.think another foot inside and Landers.can make a play with two hands but we.saw this quite a bit in the practice we.watch Jake fom constantly was turning.around to James boldly the offensive.coordinator and says why do they only do.one hand what happened to the other hand.so a quarterback getting used to the.question mark which is his receiving.core I'm not perfect this season this.effort from 41 on the way and good feels.like a win for Arkansas state's defense.still trailing by two scores.1:08 remaining in a fast-moving first.quarter you think about the dogs this.year and you hate to say it Kelly but it.feels like beat Bama or bust the eye on.the grand prize at the very end they've.lost five in a row to the time yeah and.especially the last two that we're so.close and then look who is looking on.the outskirts of Athens Notre Dame comes.to town and Kirby has spent all week.talking about don't look past this one.now Arkansas State trying to pull off.the stunner has not happened often and.not the kind of start Blake Anderson was.looking for this afternoon but plenty of.time left.but you're right about Arkansas stayed.defensively the last two drives they've.held Georgia's offense to three points.and that's how a defensive game plan.works you start with the offense at.seven on the board how many can we take.off the board on a given Drive obviously.zero is good but even holding an offense.like Georgia's to three is a win for.Arkansas State defensively.[Applause].Blankenship sketch sales into the end.zone as we check in for the first time.with Kevin Conners all right Roy and a.look at today's matchmaker brought to.you by cars.com it's been a clone 42.season thus far for Jeremy food but not.today.gay boring the block punt Braden Johnson.a little scoop and score balls try to.avoid its first Owen three start since.1988 they're up 21 nothing on the SEC.note that's been a rough start for.Jeromy Pruitt in year two up in.Knoxville dreadful start important to.get the win today but also to look good.in doing it just from a confidence.perspective after losing at home to.Georgia State and also an overtime to.BYU last week's red wolves will back up.five yards in Arkansas State jumped.early and what they responded to was.movement on the defensive line for.Georgia and that's a new thing George is.going to do more movement up front play.a lot more games and be more aggressive.in that way on the defensive front for.Georgia Bonner Luke's Wendy Adams.did he come down with it they're going.to say he caught it ahead at the 48 yard.line that ball came out Tyson Campbell.once again was on the coverage in well.thrown by Logan Bonner.give your big receiver 6-3 210 pounds.Jonathan Adams and that ball was never.really possessed hit the ground and.although it was a good bounce back to.Adams but the ball had already touched.the turf.those are the type of plays Arkansas.State needs to make today second down.and 15 same play this time same result.well Adams played a lot of high school.basketball was prolific as decent-size.but a couple of incompletions here yeah.that actually had a chance as well.Jonathan Adams has released well off the.line of scrimmage press coverage got the.defender Tyson Campbell in his hip.pocket and had a chance to make plays on.both of those.another third town bonner back shoulder.toss incomplete three it out for.Arkansas State.[Applause].waiting for a little laundry on the.field nothing doing a nice effort again.for Georgia's defense well bring it out.again because it's been third and 16.third and 15 and third and 15 again you.can't afford to consistently get behind.the chains if you want to move the.football here to the head all of the.contact contested throws and catches.that Arkansas State is being forced to.try to make right now isn't working well.for them busy afternoon for Cody grace.the turn this went over beautifully and.the fair catch made by Dominic Blaylock.now this season for every field goal and.extra point made by participating.universities all state we make the.contribution to the university's general.scholarship fund Thank You Allstate no.Roy if you're Georgia today offensively.so what is it that you're working on.well it's the fine focus the details.they get you in the endzone in the red.zone as opposed to kicking a field goal.and so two out of the three drives have.ended in field was that's not good.enough.if they want to close that miniscule gap.between them and Alabama or them and.potentially Clemson.[Music].that really is what it's all about.outside of week to week improvement in.taking care of business first carry.severe white redshirt freshmen battled a.couple of ACL surgeries miss last season.and I tell you what he has all kinds of.explosiveness.yeah he's the bigger back that has some.quick twitch in him he has certainly.straight line speed.he's not exactly shifting a little stiff.still from the second ACL by a physical.specimen nonetheless Cooke writes out.banged up to the 40 which should be the.final play of the first quarter now the.Georgia fans loud and proud on this.Saturday afternoon in the classic City.and the pink out in support of the late.wendy anderson hashtag wear pink / wendy.what a showing by the red and black.nation here at athens.[Music].back in Athens you're watching the SEC.on ESPN.look at Purdy filled fountain.here in this beautiful city on campus at.the University of Georgia all dogs to.start first corner in the books big.drama bass start as expected and UGA.also taking care of business.on the ground Kelly stopper Roy Philpott.Loren Sisler James Cook checks on the.field once again for in red and prompts.pass caught play lock has it here side.Clark stands out and there he goes.this team is so explosive and the bad.news for the SEC is the fact that Jim.Fromm is just getting used to the.receivers outside lost a ton of.production out wide at the wide receiver.position and Jake from told us all he.needs is more time on the field with.these guys there's plenty of talent but.it's all about chemistry quarterback to.a group of receivers that are ultra.talented out wide.[Applause].second touchdown of Blaylock's young.career the freshman from Walton high.school up in Marietta Georgia.the Dominic Blaylock starts out in the.slot and he's just going to run an out.route but consider the timing in ball.placement it adds up to yards after.catch and it doesn't hurt that Lawrence.pager is up get in a block downfield but.it's a veteran quarterback getting the.ball out on time accurately yards after.catch by one of two true freshmen that.can carry the mill when they get the.football in their hands now the mailman.that time was Jake from he delivered yet.again what did the Andre Swift tell us.to about Jake Crump he's a natural-born.leader.he knows what everybody is supposed to.be doing and what he needs to tell you.he will no doubt he's a leader that's.what you have to do you have to be the.voice of that unit and then typically.you also become the voice one of the.voices on the entire team but right now.Jake from is entering a really special.time that firs year is a starter you.just feel like as a quarterback you.always get the answers in advance and he.gets to the line of scrimmage and a lot.of times he knows where he's going with.the football before he ever gets the.snack that was one of those occasions.bigboy football on display here in.Athens so far don't forget to start your.week to NFL Sunday at 10 a.m. Eastern.that's tomorrow over on ESPN with sunday.NFL countdown Randy Moss goes one-on-one.with Peyton Manning plus obj and Jarvis.Landry and you got must of course that.on Monday Baker Mayfield the Browns take.on the Jets on Monday Night Football 8.Eastern 5 Pacific on ESPN ESPN Deportes.and the ESPN M what happened to Baker.Mayfield last week in the Browns they.got blue-eyed home against the Titans I.was blown away by now you talk about all.the hype for little to no return.I assume it's going to be better this.Sunday Georgia native Marcell Murray.check that as a boot game on the carry.maple was picked off three times at home.against Tennessee and they've been the.darlings of the National Football.League's offseason everybody wants to.see the Browns knew something didn't.happen in week one yeah three picks and.he was under duress a lot you know he's.a guy that can move around a bit and he.needed all of that movement and it still.didn't help that team as a whole read.one straight out each of their last.three possessions Bonner on the run.completes that pass that'll move the.chains Kirk Merritt makes the grab now.that he's healthy and a very important.ace tapers down yeah and a very.important play because now Arkansas.State can go up tempo a little bit D.emphasize that pass rush by going fast.and trying to wear that front out for.Georgia.on command there's the tempo and the.tunnel screen Adams probing well first.I'll pick up four and a half yards this.offense is all about the rhythm of it.you know to get in have a couple of.successful place so you can go fast and.that's when this team really feels.they're in rhythm Vaughn are in rhythm.here same play similar results and after.a short game close to first down yardage.and that's the first adjustment we.really see in this game is abandon the.inside run game and get the ball outside.in that screen game to wide receivers.there's like basketball in on turf.rather when this team is in rhythm what.went deep in complete as we check in.once again with Lauren yeah Logan Bonner.had to sit back and wait his turn behind.two times Sun Belt Player of the Year.justice Hanson he had the opportunity to.transfer but stayed the course which in.turn has garnered Bonnard a lot of.respect from his team from his coaches.you've got to talent he's a student of.the game and the coaches will tell you.he's one of the hardest-working guys out.there on this team he and Lauren the.important time for him was the.development he can apply the experience.of the SNU game and go apply that the.following week in UNLV and he did that.really successfully as a bouquet.straight ahead stood up after a one-yard.gain it'll be third down I love it when.you quarterbacks start talking about.quarterbacks I always feel like I.learned something and with Logan and his.ability to stay in Jonesboro not.transferring out I think he's learned a.lot about himself.no question I think that's such a good.point and that's why he had the respect.of his teammates well before he ever got.on the field the SMU in week one this.year like Lauren mentioned Reb Lopes.need nine check that aid as Bonners.flush it'll be fourth down Malik Mary.applying pressure Yavana realized he's.running from Harry who's an SEC.Defensive Player and that's different.than the conference he plays in.typically Bonner would be able to get.outside and he's really good outside the.tackle box on the run but you're not.outrunning herring another guys like him.on this defense for Georgia that's a.defensive end that goes out and runs.down a pretty Swift nifty quarterback.out on the edge and he made it look easy.yeah he's only 280 pounds wobbler.fielded by Blaylock at the 10-yard line.after a punt of 40 the worst starting.field position of the game for the dogs.that's coming up.[Music].extra yard for teachers week is an.annual celebration led by the college.football playoff foundation that honors.great teachers across the country Jake.from takes us back to his high school.days and a teacher that resonated with.him miss Jamie Stewart she was a woman.who not only taught me math but she also.told me how to grow up and be a young.man you know she taught me a lot about.respect and she really helped me grow up.you know not only in the classroom.learning math but how I can to be a.productive member of society you know.how can I go out how can I affect people.in a positive way how can I grow my.faith and how can I be a great student.Allison County High School need to learn.more about extra yard for teachers.follow at CFP extra yard or search the.hashtag extra yard week.there goes Swift farside scramble and.sent out at midfield a gain of 39 yards.on first down there's the speed there's.the elusiveness he's the total package.yet I think 2019 that Deon very Swift.becomes the showpiece in that rut game I.don't think he has to share the.backfield like he has in his first two.years it's that shiftiness and that.burst and that big play ability remember.he split things and actually just had a.cameo role with Sony Michelle and Nick.Chubb and then Holyfield last year and.now it's I think the Swift show.play-action looking gate pickets he's.there and complete Jerry Jacobs with a.PBU as we kick in once again with Kevin.Connors by Roy that's queued up our AT&T.best performance and I'm sure Georgia.dogs fans are gonna be devastated to see.this Georgia Tech is losing to the.Citadel Brandon Rainey Raleigh Webb a.touchdown grab member the Citadel beat.South Carolina back in 2015 their up 7.nothing in the first Roy Devon thank you.very much meanwhile back in Athens Jerry.Jacobs the injured a state player injury.timeout on the field as we step aside.[Applause].ESPN college football wants you buy the.lexus ES a product of mastery experience.amazing at your Lexus dealer.[Music].hello Georgia tradition for 22 years the.UGA paint line 13 students have their.bodies painted spilling out Georgia dogs.and this week John Erwin D Anderson the.students painted pinky.well done to all involved.[Applause].Jerry Jacobs helped off the field during.that injury timeout.Blaylock makes his second graph there he.goes again flag on the field is that was.tossed ahead to the 40 we'll check the.penalty it was a bubble screen and Matt.Landers was the lead blocker the whole.wide receiver out to the right and I.think it's Matt Landers gonna get called.for the hold out on the edge holding on.the offense and that might be a subtle.little difference between Jim Cheney's.offense here in Georgia and he leaves.and in comes James Coley it's getting.the ball out to the perimeter and that.was an emphasis and you see number 5.Matt Landers with the hold and that was.blatant but Kirby smart wanted his.playmakers athletes out in space more.and so that was an offseason emphasis.for James Cole in this Georgia offense.Cooke motions out carrion hits the carry.nowhere to run it will bring up third.down.interesting James Coley very.entertaining to talk to and he told us.this week the standard you walk by is.the standard you set and that has been.something that they have been preaching.to this Georgia offense going back to.the heart of the offseason to understand.that we got to take this thing the next.level if you see somebody not doing.their job no matter what it is Kelly you.have to speak up and say something so.that we can get better collected off.[Applause].on third down Swift in the backfield.play lock motions out six-man pressure.for Arkansas state they'll set up the.screen swept with some real estate there.goes the Andre swept touchdown dogs a.flag back at the 34 after the 48 yard.pitch in catch will check the penalty.there is no self passing her parents a.boy was caught behind the line of.scrimmage.so essentially what that was ROI is that.big offensive line for Georgia was.downfield working hard and Andrew Thomas.was right in the middle of it some call.number 71 may be the best offensive line.lineman in college football but if the.ball was caught behind the line of.scrimmage those offensive linemen can be.engaged in their blocks and that is why.the flag was picked up Darion Jackson.had a chance could not Corral the entree.swift and a career long reception for.number seven and red and black DeAndre.swept the junior from Philadelphia.this might be slightly underrated part.of his game I don't know if that's.possible but donburi Swift is a very.good receiver of the football and the.screen game there's an art to it there's.a symmetry in a chemistry that has to.happen between running back an offensive.lineman and running back a quarterback.and Swift and from had that there's good.news and bad news as pertains to the.andre swift and Kelly's da for the good.news is he made a 94 on his personal.finance measure all right before he sat.down with us the bad news is he's coming.after your job when he's done playing.ball we have an agreement oh you heard.us work that out right yes I said you're.gonna go play in the league for a good.10 years I most likely will want to be.done with this by that time 89 yards in.five plays and Lauren DeAndre awfully.impressive early.yeah he's awfully impressive and you.know what his bowling score is awfully.impressive he wants to go bowling he.even has his own bowling ball and he.makes sure he shows up with the towel.and the spray why why not your job if.you could have your job I encouraged him.to be a play-by-play guy we could do.this together but I don't know why it's.my job in plays football Lauren he plays.on the gridiron and we just do.everything else right so that's that's.Kelly sauce enjoyment.there's a trio here of guys that want to.be broadcasters JRE.to be a broadcaster right and then you.got Rodrigo Blankenship that wants to.also be a broadcaster so tomorrow.it looks like all three of us might be.might be in trouble good point there.[Applause].on first down Bayliss his third.reception a gain of five once again.here's Kevin Connors everyone appears.the Ryan de era is off to a good start.in Columbus 7:3 Ohio State late on.Indiana when Justin Fields goes up top.to Chris olav a 14-3 at that point Ohio.State 2400 and one in its last 25.against Indiana yeah you go back to 1988.the last OSU setback to the Hoosiers and.meanwhile Georgia fans are interested in.what happens to the bug guys this year.with Justin fields transferring into.Columbus from here in Athens so we'll.see.Arkansas State needs four.quick toss grab across the 35 Kelly.that'll moved the James after a six yard.pickup Erik Stokes in coverage while you.seven Roy was third and four it wasn't.third and 16 it wasn't third and 15.twice it's third and four and I think.that's where the matchups out wide can.convert and possess the football for.Arkansas State.twenty-seven nothing Georgia pork catch.for bayless on the comeback route.brought down at the 44 and now you see.the tempo again for Arkansas State you.see the rhythm of it you get a drive.going you have to be consistent.offensively if you want to go fast.offensively but at the same time.Arkansas State is trying to have a.chance to get back at it needs to hit a.big play they'll try one here.right on cue it's incomplete Kirk.Merritt in and out of the mitts.Devon Wilson in coverage that should.have been a first down.Kirk marriage got by Wilson just a.simple little post route a skinny post.down the middle.well thrown and just not innocent like.Merritt really anticipated that he kind.of short-armed it into his facemask we.didn't go out and snatch the ball out of.the air to hand it.Brown comes to life on 3rd down.flag on the field they'll do it all over.again.start on the offense everyone except the.center well a little insight into that.penalty when it's everybody but the.center you bet on everybody else and not.the center the center goes to snap count.as well as everybody so I'm pretty sure.that the center didn't snap it when he.was supposed to mine are you taking that.bet I've taken it okay.pressure in the flats Graham has it.first down Arkansas State a nifty play.called on third down and eight Keller.Jonathan Adams was out wide to the right.the wide receiver came inside on a slant.route but really what he was doing was.trying to pick the coverage on Ryan Ryan.Graham coming out of the backfield.you're right it was really well designed.into Georgia territory is Arkansas State.Bonner floats one deep looking for.Bayless and complete coverage by.Stephenson you almost look like the.intended receiver in the end it was when.Moore Bayless was on.the out router scuse me that vertical.fade route and it was well covered by.Stephenson and Bayliss in the end makes.a nice play your quarterbacks have to.have confidence that you will do that.plays in as well if there's a chance for.an interception.big afternoon a college football on 2nd.down and completely check in again with.Kevin Connors android penn state had an.85 yard run the next play Sean Clifford.threw a pick but it was called back on a.pass interference call and then two.plays later Devon Ford from a yard out 7.nothing Penn State on ABC I just love it.when those two teams tangle because it's.fierce and it's kind of an underrated.rivalry.yeah it's a physical bloodbath is what.that is both of those physical.reputations on those fans third down.flag on the field pass sails wide of.Jonathan Adams.offsides on the defense number 11.five-yard penalty they're down and.that's one of those things that Logan.Bonner the quarterback can use in his.arsenal is use your snap count you know.try to get that defensive line if they.don't jump get them off balance.don't let them anticipate the snap count.a lot of times quarterbacks especially.in this type of environment will get.into habit of using the same snap count.and essentially the defensive line can.jump.red lips three of eight on third down.Bonner clutch heavy pressure it'll be.fourth down and you wonder if Blake.Anderson will roll the dice and go for.it here as Bonner took another tough.shot.well Bonner has been on the ground after.almost every pass that he's thrown other.than that great screens out to the.outside and he's taking a beating crack.sessions but the reason that Georgia.continued up and bring it for people is.because Georgia defensively feels really.good in the secondary with their.matchups and we've seen that there have.been a menagerie of guys on the back end.for Georgia just glued to Arkansas State.wide receivers late flag the pass.interference penalty gives Arkansas.State the first down of the 29 of the.dogs anyway you can get him right.in desperate need of some points on the.road in the SEC we'll swing it out as a.bouquet nowhere to run bottled up sent.down by take router the former running.back without standing instincts as a.bouquet is a slip screen or a swing.screen you have their wide receivers.blocking they can engage the balls pass.behind the line of scrimmage the.difference is the speed that comes from.the inside of Georgia's defense Arkansas.state doesn't see that in their own.conference they're seeing it in bunches.here today that's a loss of four.as a boot game on second down nowhere to.run gonna bring up third and long.michael barnett from his nose tackle.position the first stop you talked about.the sec dominant against the Sunbelt.look at the record 152 wins just ten.losses yeah and there's a difference in.dudes that's that's the difference.Georgia and SEC has them in bunches and.you see that speed and athleticism and.the difference in this game.Bonner across the middle and incomplete.looking for Reed Tyler is tied in it'll.bring up fourth down and likely and a.state bill going to get the cover off.the rim if you will and try to get some.type of points on but Logan Bonner has.been under duress from past number one.to that one and when Georgia can match.up on the back end they will bring dudes.on the front end.Blake grupe a sophomore kicker this.would be a career long.perfect so far this season.pick the yarn attempt plenty of distance.on the way in Arkansas snake fails to.get on the scoreboard.Ruby missed it timeout on the field.fast-moving first half all gone.[Applause].[Music].let's season Taco Bell celebrating.student sections and passionate fans.like these by awarding the live ma.student section of the year the towards.a bulldog student section already on the.watch list go to espn.com slash Taco.Bell to see how your school can compete.or get the committee's attention by.using the hashtag love Moss student.section contest nothing like the old.spiked squad the paint line all kinds of.great traditions for the door jokes.students love it all and a lot of it.pink today which is even obviously more.meaningful.dogs have the football off the miss.the 50-yard field goal attempt by Blake.grouping from back on the field and.herion pick up a couple you look at Jake.from his potential at the next level.how would you frame what Jake prom could.be in the NFL I think you'll play in the.NFL for a long time I don't know where.he'll get drafted he remember he's only.in his third year of starting beginning.that year he's 20 years old he has more.starts here at Georgia and so there's a.lot of growth to take place but I think.he has great feet and he's elite at the.line of scrimmage at figuring things out.defensively so that's a really good.place to start quick delivery there.cager the transfer from Miami brought.down at the 40 will be third down and.three.BJ Edmonds the stop Jake does not have.the strongest arm in the world but what.he has is really good anticipation I've.played with guys that couldn't throw the.ball across the street but they could.anticipate and that makes up for a lot.of flack in terms of arm strength and.that's one of the things that Jim Cooley.is trying to get him to do is anticipate.deep throws better haven't come down 42.to 45 yards instead of stroll arming it.down there he gets out of his sweet spot.a little bit.braum on third didn't shorts gonna throw.it.just off the fingertips of Matt Landers.that's a really good example of what.we're talking about Matt Landers had a.step punch more air and drop it in the.pocket instead of drive it past they out.reached hand of the wide receiver those.little subtleties Jake from still has.time to work on first punt of the.afternoon for Georgia.Jake camarda in fact I still have time.to work on those things that I've been.done playing for decades well it's.interesting to listen to you and Jake.and James Coley talk about it this week.because there is a magical corridor.between the 42 and 45 yard potential.completion more on that as we go through.less than five to play here in our first.half dogs out in front.[Applause].giorgia leading arkansas state by 27.Brian Harry and got things going scoring.scamper right through the a gap made it.seven nothing before the dogs took to.the air Dominic Blaylock second.touchdown grab of the season.the entrees swift next with the honors.for 48 yards out a career long reception.on a nifty move for number seven from.Philly and Georgia in command over 300.yards of total offense back in Athens.Kelly stopper Lauren Sisler Roy Philpott.Arkansas State ball and Graham will.Rumble ahead for a gain of poor.take Crowder is one of the most.explosive linebackers that I've seen in.a long while just sheer speed that kind.of catches you by surprise from the.interior of the defense he's running.everything down outside the hashes well.you love his story - he came to Georgia.as a running back realized pretty.quickly he wasn't gonna see the field I.said let's try you on defense and he is.really stuck at linebacker and you see.his instincts 30 and red and black with.a silver britches we should say on.display today.[Applause].third down.plenty of time for Bonner flings it.caught and a short gain on third and.five bring on the punt team for Arkansas.State Erik Stokes the tackle of Jonathon.Adams and that was the mirror image of.the play that Ryan Graham caught on the.previous drives an Arkansas state.appears to be going for it right here I.wouldn't advise that if I'm Arkansas.State things could spiral out of control.rather quickly under center Bonner is.going to try to draw him offsides.and he nearly did timeout red Wolf's and.the problem with that is Bonner doesn't.go under center often and so something's.often when a quarterback takes a.traditional snap and Georgia was very.disciplined they're don't forget coming.up tonight Tyson Fury defends his title.against autobot lien on ESPN plus in.english and in spanish that's headed.your way at 11:00 Eastern 8:00 Pacific.from t-mobile Arena in Las Vegas to.order the main card go to ESPN Plus comm.slash top ranked as we check in once.again quick Kevin Connors wrong we look.for that and we look forward to the Army.National Guard halftime report coming up.we've got a bunch of Big Ten teams and.actually we will show you there.we got an upset brewing in the ACC that.you'll want to keep an eye on as well.plus we'll look ahead if the other ACC.matchup Syracuse home to number one.Clemson tonight all coming up on the.Army National Guard halftime report Roy.Kevin thank you very much 7:30 tonight.up at the Dome on ABC the Cuse and the.Tigers you recognize the irony if the.Citadel handles Georgia Tech today the.triple option coming back to beat the.old school triple option team that's.just delicious especially if you're a.Georgia fan Georgia Tech has enough to.think about before you throw that on.46-yard punt Kelley stopper Roy Philpott.Loren Sisler the Georgia fans wearing.pink today to honor the late wife of.Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson.Wendy lost her battle with cancer back.on August 19 hash tag wear pink for.Wendy and a tremendous turnout today by.all in attendance here at Dooley field.[Applause].come first down frog quick slant Blalock.first down.[Applause].[Music].gain of 14 yards here comes more tempo.Crom feeling it in the zone there's.pickets and the talented freshmen races.ahead that will move the chains once.again gain of 15 yards tackled by.chambers and the true freshman George.Pickens made a really good adjustment.initially he was covered in zone he slid.inside and showed his numbers to the.quarterback.FRA pump fakes delivers Pickens Lawrence.Esler he has been impressive just like.his teammate the Andres well this is an.extremely talented guy the team says.he's fun to be around he's not arrogant.he just needs some experience and really.needs to become a student of the game.Kirby smart references blocking.abilities he's not afraid to go out.there and block but sometimes he goes.for those knockout blocks that Kirby.wants to see a little more control the.effort though is certainly there and.he's receiving high praise from all of.his teammates James Cole he told us this.week he's gonna bake you right if you.throw it to him he's gonna make you're.right because the catch rate is for.number one is enormous.Swift.laso tackle from behind a short game and.roy you mentioned this earlier in terms.of the standard is we're going to see.georgia.hurry up again but we can talk about how.I think this veteran group offensively.is making sure that Pickens takes care.of business prom delivers Pickens again.on cue shoe scream grab right at the.sidelines give it to us this is what it.looks like to make the quarterback right.and when a quarterback can have.confidence in that that's when things.get pretty special SportsCenter top ten.here we come on first down there goes.frog Titan has it transfer from.Tennessee Eli Wolfe with the grab the.body control the ball skills the.awareness of not only one foot but two.that's good on Sundays right there.ladies and gentlemen that's pretty.special and he's just getting started.yeah he's good we watched a couple of.offensive linemen make sure that he was.taking care of business in practice.there was a ball thrown to Pickens he.dropped it in the end zone the offensive.lineman made him carry the ball back to.the official don't throw it carry it.back like you're supposed to take care.of your own business the standard you.walk by they say all kinds of time for.prom towards the end zone.touchdown dr. Lawrence cager his first.as a dog and UGA pouring it on here in.our second quarter.[Applause].warrants cager does a really nice job of.coming back for the ball the first.question is does he come back too far.actually I think that is good the ball.has to be in possession beyond that.endzone line and I think cager had.exactly that working back to your.quarterback when your quarterbacks.moving around and replay booth I think.is going to take a further look at this.as blake anderson calls a timeout on the.other side hoping that this ball came.out of the end zone before it was.possessed.[Applause].[Music].possession behind the plane of the goal.line firm control and a body part in.bounds after possession and time to make.a move common to the game which in this.case is simply going to the ground but.where was the ball possessed it had to.be beyond the very front of the goal.line check those two looks.simultaneously this will tell you this.story that's a touchdown where I'm from.yeah that's good buy a good 13 and a.half inches now Ford our replay official.should confirm I love it when you put on.your officiating cap - it's remarkable.vernacular.[Applause].and Arkansas State has no more.challenges remaining in the game.not a bad use of the challenge or the.timeout by Blake Anderson you don't get.to carry the timeouts with you into the.locker room and the challenge is going.to be irrelevant if Georgia keeps.rolling like they are currently.[Applause].blankenship on for the point after on.the way and good Jake Brahmas throat for.almost 300 yards and three touchdowns in.these first two quarters in Georgia.looking like one of the top teams in.America today yeah in Georgia really.offensively has everything that you want.a veteran Jake Fromm going into his.third season if not the best offensive.line in the country one of the best that.can run it that can TAS protect even.though I think early in the year I think.Jake Braun was taken too many hits even.though he wasn't being sacked and then a.diverse an explosive skill set at the.running back position.the only question mark and I put two.question marks beside this on my board.after we watch Jake Fromm interact with.his receiving corps in practice I'm.talking wide receivers there were.question marks there were some things I.could tell he wasn't comfortable with.when we talked to him yesterday he said.I simply need more playing time with.them and all will be well.will will sit down.notre-dame comes to town next week what.a scene it will be in Jake Fromm's going.to be in rhythm when that game begins.under the lights here it happens.we were at Jorge's practice I had to.hide you a little bit I was afraid I.would lose you in and amongst the.offensive linemen there were about 16 of.them that are 330 plus and all of a.sudden you would just disappear I had.some times I had kind of the dread of.maybe you wouldn't reappear again their.massive massive that's a good thing in.this game and that's what's needed with.all these other weapons on that side of.the ball at least and that's what's.needed in the sec when you play against.the out defensive lines that you have to.play to to win this copper miner back on.the field on first down as a bouquet.we'll pick up a couple Arkansas State.out of timeouts score tells the story in.this one if you're just tuning in on a.very busy day of college football we.honor.Wendy Anderson the late wife of head.coach Blake Anderson at Arkansas State.it has been an emotional week and a.great show of support here in Athens.today with so many Georgia fans wearing.pink the color to raise awareness for.breast cancer.[Applause].second down far side it stopped about a.yard short by Monte Rice.[Applause].[Music].no time a wind down and Kelly the dogs.have been dominant during their second.home game of 2019 what you would expect.for the nation's 3rd ranked program then.no question it's been surgical for.Georgia offensively in a defense for.Georgia that simply hasn't given Blake.Anderson's offense breathing room at all.and pummel Vulcan Bonner time and time.again in his first half.[Applause].[Music].almost 400 yards of total offense as we.check in with Lauren coach when you look.around these stands and you see paint.pink for Wendy describe for me the.emotion right now being back out here on.the sidelines coaching this football.team this word that comes to mind just.you know really overwhelmed just.outpouring of support and just people.that are you know paying attention to.what her legacy means and way she live.it's fun to be back out with the guys.not playing very well but you know we'll.keep working at it your team continues.to fight through adversity what has been.the constant message to them you know.it's life that's the way life goes and.you don't get to pick and choose your.battles you just you just got to step up.just pull together as a family trust in.God and just do the best you can get the.best up for you again thanks so much.cutter.Lauren Thank You coach certainly.thinking about you as we'll send it back.to Kevin Conners for the Army National.Guard halftime report right after this.quick break.[Music].[Applause].[Music].here in Athens Georgia you're watching.the SEC on ESPN Sun starting to peek.through the clouds here in the classic.city how about them dogs look up in.command 34 nothing to start our third.quarter the lead over Arkansas States.and the dogs will receive to begin our.second half Red Wolves out of the Sun.Belt they've won the championship in.that conference three of the last four.years they are struggling on the road.today as the opening kickoff salesmat.abounds dogs will get it with a touch.back and also the penalty yardage great.to have you with us Lauren Sisler Kelly.Stouffer Roy Philpott here in our.broadcast position at Stanford Stadium.Dooley field dogs almost 40 yards total.offense in those first two quarters.yielding just 82 to the red wolf's.awfully impressive really machine-like.on both sides of the ball to be honest.with you I would expect business as.usual in this second half Blake Anderson.used the term overwhelming and.absolutely in every facet of the game.Georgia was locked and loaded certainly.no look ahead to Notre Dame game next.week yes.hand off the Swift at a 48-yard pigeon.catch for a touchdown in the first half.a career-long 48 yard scamper on a nice.screen pass and putting up big numbers.as you would expect really all of.Georgia's backs boast the 10 yards per.carry this season.and Kelly have to think probably.business as usual for this first.possession provided Georgia get a couple.of more points on the board and then a.chance to get some backup some.much-needed PT Pickens plus territory.the first down.gain of 12 yards and pickins a talented.freshman been targeted seven times today.has caught five passes for almost 90.yards.[Applause].braum across the middle incomplete as we.check in with Lauren.hey guys Kirby smart said that he really.liked the way this team came out they.were coming out with energy he was very.concerned about that coming into this.football game against this Arkansas.State team but he really liked their.energy.he felt that some of the offensive.series that got a little lethargic so he.wants to see more of that coming here in.the second half he wants energy he wants.them to play fast and physical.yeah and Kirby smart needed something to.kind of find not necessarily negative.but something to work on in the second.half and that is it I think this offense.can be a little more efficient at times.sweat bounces off a potential tackler.leapfrogs out of bounds near the 40.let's see the new trend in football to.try to hurdle the defender going back to.Lamar Jackson some three years ago and.Swift is perfectly capable.yeah that's a trend that I don't want to.participate in in in football or in life.just simply run out of bounds I think.you expose yourself more when you get up.in the air if you don't cool the.defender you're going to get a helmet in.places that aren't that Pleasant out.don't want me to name them no I don't.third down and five frog clean pocket.surveys not known as a runner does a.nice job here across the 40 it'll be.pork in less than two and this might be.a situational opportunity for this.offense to keep them on the field.convert in this fourth and short.situation but when frog runs a football.it's a good decision because typically.he runs the football when he doesn't.want to put the throw in harm's way and.that's what you saw in that play so get.in a fourth and manageable here with a.massive offensive line the biggest in.school history.most 330 pounds per man upfront they'll.use all that beef here for brian herion.check that prom straight ahead needed to.he's right at the marker and I think.they're gonna give it to him.[Applause].what do you do with forth in a yard and.a half behind that offensive line I mean.they're heavy dirt moving equipment in.the country that wouldn't be able to.prevent that offensive line from getting.a yard and a half on 4th and to fourth.in a one and a half.dogs will get notre dame next week.a lot of people around these parts have.been talking about that matchup for.years.here comes Cooke farside there he goes.James Cook to the house for the.touchdown.[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Applause].James Cook is somewhat the x-factor not.really used as a traditional running.back yeah because they're so deep in the.back.but this is the second time we've seen.number four put carry the football in.plays like that wing position go to the.short motion or in this case it's a zone.run inside and hand it behind the.quarterback to cook on the outside and.then it's just all out the lead speed to.the end zone an extra point is good our.new score 1202 remaining here in our.third quarter 41 to nothing in James.Cook from 37 yards out reaching later.that time it was too easy.[Applause].[Music].NFL prime time is back on Sunday nights.marrying exclusively on ESPN Plus at.7:30 p.m. Eastern all season ESPN plus.calm that's where you need to be.primetime returns rumbling bumbling.stumbling say that again prime time.prime time right yeah I can't wait.7:30 tomorrow meanwhile here in Athens.41 not big dogs James Cook scoring the.touchdown to start our 3rd quarter.[Applause].big afternoon and evening of college.football don't forget later tonight Dabo.and dino number one Clemson heads to the.Carrier Dome and take on Syracuse Tigers.lost in that same venue two years ago.7:30 tonight 4:30 Pacific on ABC and.also the ESPN app interesting to note.Clemson has really had a tough time of.Syracuse last two matchups but Syracuse.has knocked out the Tigers starting.quarterback in both of those tilts so.keep an eye on Trevor Lawrence tonight.if he goes down god forbid Syracuse.perhaps has a chance but Dino's done a.great job matching Davo Dino Babers head.coach of the orange Merritt on the quick.toss he'll pick up five with two.defensive ends for Syracuse it's been at.the center of that last graphic we saw.Pelton Robinson and Kendall Coleman edge.rushers you heard nothing from them.against Maryland last week why.Maryland's offensive approach was to.mute their presence by getting rid of.the football quickly I think Clemson can.do a little bit more than that but if.those two defensive ends for Syracuse.doesn't don't show up in a huge way.Syracuse has no shot tonight.[Applause].stunning loss last week and Maryland are.the Terps for real.Graham straight ahead on second and five.right at the marker they'll give him the.first down here they call it the Carrier.Dome after an air conditioning company.but there's no AC in the facility so I.think it's going to be hot.I think Clinton's been hot from war so I.don't think that's going to really be.that big of a factor but that crowds.going to be first sellout since 1998 and.is up to Syracuse to keep those folks.invested.backside pressure Lauren Sisler Kelly.stopper Willie Philpott here with you in.Athens dogs have been dominant here this.afternoon in one of the emphasises.emphases emphasized yes that for.Georgia's defense has been not only.getting pressure but getting the.quarterback to the ground and they've.done that this year thus far play-action.Bayless has it dropped down at midfield.that'll be a first down for Arkansas.State DJ Daniel on the field making the.start here at home and after battling.injuries he's a late scratch last week.due to a hamstring tempo for the Red.Wolves Bonner off the back foot out of.bounds and he was literally off the back.foot that's why that ball sailed high.outside to Omar Bayliss not a lot of.room on the back end with this Arkansas.State receiving group Norman was out.state was blunt about it they thought.they had a really good matchup against.Georgia's secondary we haven't seen that.today mainly because the quarterback.doesn't have time.[Applause].it's called a check with me pulse.cadence look to the sideline let the.offensive coordinator essentially play a.video game picture play give it to the.quarterback quarterback gets it to the.line of scrimmage.punch sets both sides Marit on the.screen nowhere to run brought down at.the line by JRE jr. read the son of Jake.read the former NFL standout his.sister's been a all-american track.performer Texas A&M and we talked with.it this week I don't know if I've been.more impressed by single player we've.spoken with this year more than kre yeah.he's been brought up well in in life but.also in the game of football and he.absolutely gets it on every level.they state needs nine.dog show pressure.drop back in coverage Bonner flings it.incomplete double coverage Stokes was.able to bat it away.well Jo Reed had a chance to go to the.NFL after last season wanted to come.back to school Kelly because he's ready.to win a national championship in the.bloodlines are certainly there if you.look at his family yeah no question.about it and the theme there is speed.all of those people are faster than most.human beings on the planet but it's also.the coaching from his dad always be.aggressive as a safety and then there's.no such thing as a dumb football player.watch video and do your work in the.classroom and junior is all of that.[Applause].[Music].well our thoughts and prayers continue.to be with Arkansas State head coach.Blake Anderson after he lost his wife.Wendy just last month after a courageous.two-year battle with breast cancer the.two were married for 27 years before her.passing leaving behind three children.Colton Kayson and Callie Blake has been.courageous since her passing and has.been transparent about how all of this.has unfolded what his wife meant to him.and a courageous show of support as well.today from the Georgia fans hashtag wear.pink for Wendy a lot of the stadium not.only in red and black but in pink.[Applause].Stetson Bennett the new tour cook.quarterback as we check in once again.with Lawrence Isler yeah Roy I asked.coach Anderson about his transparency to.this entire process of Windy fighting.for her life and ultimately losing her.battle with cancer he said he feels he.has a platform as a head coach and.wanted to use it as an opportunity to.share that he and Wendy's favored the.good times and the bad he felt that he.was calling to see how his family walked.through tragedy and I've got to tell you.it has inspired me in so many ways and.his moved me throughout this entire.weekend and will continue to do so to.the rest of the season David Hale wrote.a great story on espn.com chronicling a.lot of their ups and downs before her.passing and Blake really utilizing that.to try to speak to others Bennett right.side picks up a Georgia first down you.haven't seen the article I would.encourage you to check it out at.espn.com.[Music].this week has really been one of the.most glorious and gut-wrenching weeks in.this business for us and Lake Anderson.and the strength and the courage has.been unreal he talked about his wife.winning taught him to appreciate.football don't make it light far side.cook will pick up a first down into must.territory.don't make football light but let it be.a platform where you can really.celebrate the things in life that do.matter and she taught him he was.actually on his way out of coach and.actually was out of coaching for two.years and then got a call to be an.offensive coordinator because she.basically said you know what this isn't.gonna work if you're gonna treat the.game of football like that so it reset.him he told us that the transparency.Lauren was just talking about he came.back into coaching with a new attitude.wanted it to be the platform where they.could share their faith and and serve.people in the game of football and this.has been a day to celebrate that and.that's what Wendy meant to so many.people I think that message for coaches.around the country you get so absorbed.so involved in your day to day job and.it requires so much that sometimes you.forget about what's most important and.Wendy reminded her husband of the.importance of family before he returned.to coaching and they agreed we've got to.do things differently the second time.around Blake did it it was a better man.for it.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].third down and one.per gallon all gone.23.[Music].sameer white the carry come down to the.spot we'll check the market.[Applause].I was a mere white story one of.inspiration as well after a 21 month.layoff between high school and his first.game at Vanderbilt two weeks ago couple.of ACL surgeries Kelly you think about.it he's lucky to be alive after he was.born premature way back when.[Music].[Applause].Bennett down the field play lock has it.first down back to the studio we go in.Kevin Conners.hey Roy the Citadel lost to Towson and.lon in weeks one and two but they're up.on Georgia Tech right now Donte Smith 12.yard touchdown run the Citadel is 153.yards on the ground a 14-6 at the half.meantime Virginia Tech upset issues of.their own they were trailing Furman.until Ryan Willis finds Trey Turner 1714.Roy Kevin thank you very much back here.in Athens another touchdown on the board.for the dogs Trey Blount from 13 yards.out let's just see.[Applause].detsen bennett getting the ball out.quickly and then the effort by flaunt.right at the very end is a knee down I.think that's going to be reviewed and.brought back to the rollin on the field.right hands down down playas on your.further review I think the right knee of.Blount was down before the ball.penetrated the very front portion of.that goal line.he's down he's clearly short while.should be spotted around the one yeah.just outside maybe the one yard line.great effort and Stetson Bennett gave.want the chance by getting the ball out.quickly and that right knee I believe is.going to be determined to be down before.that ball cross the plane of the goal.line now Ford our replay official today.I'll pose the question to you as we get.deeper into this blowout how good can.kirby Smart's club beam.dominant today dominant in their first.two games don't look don't blush over.here the players of 32 six we tickets.baylor but that's what's great here you.can match it up in georgia.[Applause].and they call reverse correctly we might.add after the review.so I'm weak go ahead I'm teen you up.your tuned me I've sent you out here.and I want to kind of paint you into a.corner at some point because this team.with the coaches I speak with this team.in Georgia is poised I think to make a.significant run not only this season but.I think in the years to come.have you painted me into said corner yet.I haven't noticed it I'm getting closer.okay old school I formation for white.near come Zeus left tackle scamper into.the end zone touchdown and the crowd in.unison Zeus.[Music].[Applause].sameer white you can call it juice as a.nice job of just being patient as long.as there's no quick penetration which.there isn't there be patient wait for.softness and then just find the goal.line and for a young runner who hasn't.had a lot of touches even something like.that is significant.Georgia Bulldogs third in the country.530 yards of total offense pick your.poison in the backfield this time it's.white.ESPN college football brought to you by.Duluth trading company tough ingenious.work we're designed and tested by.tradesmen.[Music].well going back to the very first ayah.1956 the blood bulldog mascots have made.their home in Savannah and magazine.covers alike and I get the sense hug.attends nice and cool when his it is in.his abode there I've heard that there's.a little AC going on there a little bit.more than we have in the booth here.although we do have an icebox fan.underneath us that is went well today.I think ugga has a bit more than that.forty-eight nothing dongs third ranked.Georgia living up to the hype in this.win against Arkansas stayed out of the.Sun Belt back to the studio we go in.Kevin Conners hey Roy former Georgia.defensive coordinator melt Tucker s.Colorado off to a to a no start but.Ralphie is struggling to the air force.right now Donald Hammond the third that.Benjamin waters off he goes into the.wild blue yonder 22:10 air force leading.at the half.meantime Maryland struggling with temple.today but Anthony McFarland finds pay.dirt nine seven Terps lead this game in.the third Roy Kevin thank you very much.with Kelly stopper Lauren Sisler Roy.Philpott we saw Colorado and head coach.Mel Tucker up close and personal two.weeks ago in their win against Colorado.State former Georgia defensive play.caller has Cu pointed in the right.direction but obviously rivalry game.today against here for the first time in.more than 25 years untold ya and Mel.Tucker started his college football.career as a head coach in an interesting.way because he had Colorado State then.he had Nebraska then he has airforce up.the way running this flexbone.triple-option offense that's really.three rivalries to begin his career.that's not easy to do but so far so good.but he's having a little bit of trouble.against Air Force today I'm Trey Harris.needing assistance off the field is.starting left guard for Arkansas State.rev Lopes out of Jonesboro Arkansas one.in one coming into this game today.destroyed UNLV on the road last week.lost against SMU back in week one.and that's the one thing obviously that.you don't want if you're plagued.Anderson a lot of lessons to learn and.come into a place like this and play in.a team like Georgia but you don't want.to get beat up going into your.conference play.you want I mean that's the goal if still.for Arkansas State is to win their.conference you don't want to be losing.guys in a game like this.on third down.miners got a hurry.fires a strike Bayless has it it's going.to be about four yards short to keep the.drive going Devon Wilson with a tackle.that's another way that I think.Georgia's pass-rush has influenced this.game is even when Georgia doesn't get to.Bonner they affect the accuracy on the.other end that ball was a little bit.high to Bayliss.he had to leave the ground didn't get.the yards after the catch that Bayless.potentially could have needed to convert.[Music].laylock back deep to receive this cody.gray spot.[Applause].familiar formation for Arkansas State.today fair catch of the 22 two and a.half to go here on our third quarter in.Athens.[Music].let's see if slinging it today brought.to you by sling TV well gin Fromm is.entering that place where he could do so.much of the line of scrimmage he.typically knows the answers to the test.sees the pressure laughs the audibles to.the right side rolls out and gets away.from that pressure and then there's.pressure coming inside the defenders.left inside on the coverage as well a.good throw will meet that coverage and.then a guy that can carry it to the.house and one of those young freshmen so.Fromm is learning how to sling it to.guys that are still proving themselves.and that's the last piece of the puzzle.I think Roy with his offense is from.with some newbies out of that wide.receiver position.we met with Jake yesterday and I told.him right out of the gate we know you.like to hunt we know you love to fish.but we want to dive in a little deeper.with Jake kromm and I talked to one of.the longtime beat riders covering.Georgia earlier this week Dean Leggett.he told me he's the most competitive.player I've ever been around he'll rip.your heart out and show it to you and.that really struck a chord with me.because that level of competitiveness.could be what is needed to get Georgia.back to the national championship game I.think you're exactly right.and you look at that fire he sent some.pretty talented signal callers elsewhere.already in his Georgia career you go.back to Jacob Eason a five-star signal.caller that left UGA to go to Washington.justin fields now to Ohio State and you.look at some of the other notable names.that we're all watching this year Kelly.Bryant Jalen Hertz it's been kind of a.merry-go-round of sorts at that position.in college football and the quarterback.transfer portal or the transfer portal.as a whole and quarterbacks are.certainly used in it if you can't get on.the field then you go somewhere else and.you've already mentioned that but these.are guys that are gonna influence the.landscape of college football across the.board Easton and fields used to be here.as you talked about but Fromm got on the.field and just simply out of his.competitiveness just said I'm not.leaving and that's exactly what happened.well a targeting call will prompt a.pause in the action here and of course.targeting and emphasis in recent years.to try to make this game as safe as.humanly possible you're looking for.launching you're looking for forcible.contact you're looking for all of that.in the head or neck area.and it can also be with the crown of the.helmet and as a ball carrier that's all.that one could be is if the defender led.with the crown of the helmet and.initiated and attacked to initiate.forcible contact and I don't think.that's it.he's a ball carrier so he's not of the.defenseless mode and so if the defender.is not leading with the crown in this.type of potential targeting it's Monte.Rice that will linebacker then this.can't be targeted and I believe that's.going to be the ruling the only question.would have been could the defender lead.with and it's actually chambers led with.the crown of his helmet and he certainly.did not.clearly coming in with the shoulder.right and it's not a defenseless player.so the category has to be the crown of.the helmet which applies to anybody.anywhere and the crown of the helmet.could actually impact the player.anywhere it doesn't have to be in the.head and neck well the big change this.year is that final spot on the graphic.the ruling on the field either has to be.confirmed or overturned and in this.situation they will overturn that call.in the field.Taji chambers did the right thing he led.with his shoulder after review there was.no targeting on 32 he will remain in the.game second power and at the end of the.day that's how the process should work.it can be initiated by the booth and.then the entire targeting has to be.reviewed from the beginning or.officiated from ground zero once the.replay booth gets in that was well done.all the way around cuz that certainly.wasn't targeted you're batting a hundred.and so far today or a thousand and the.replay booth is as well our official al.Ford Stetson been at the quarterback the.new running back Kenny McIntosh he'll.get to carry on second town a former.4-star prospect into 13th ranked running.back in the country according to ESPN.it's brother plays for the Giants RJ and.he's just another in a long line of.Georgia greats I mean it all starts with.Herschel in these parts but Rodney.Hampton garrison Hearst Robert Edwards.most recently Todd Gurley Sony Michel.Nick Chubb the list goes on and on and.on we mentioned Zeus beyond race WEP.couple more years in McIntosh will be.the next great plain pocket Bennet to.blunt and in the plus territory the.junior from Atlanta will pick up a first.down there is a penalty flag back at the.36 holding on the offense.number 73 that's a ten-yard penalty from.the previous spot replay third down.xavier truss.[Applause].and savior trusts in at that left tackle.position in for Andrew Thomas one of the.best left tackles actually the best.offensive lineman in the game and call.it football and Trust just gets beat.quickly to the outside.which should be the final play of our.first check at our third quarter.[Applause].and Stetson Bennett.barking out instructions one two third.quarter line down time-out on the field.48 nothing dogs.[Applause].Kevin Conners in studio we just showed.you Maryland going up 9 7 on temple but.then the very next play from scrimmage.about Anthony Russo to Jade and blue it.covers 79 yards temple retakes the lead.on the 21st ranked Terps 13 19 times.Citadel was leading Georgia Tech 14 to 6.until Lucas Johnson found Jalen PAMP 33.yards the ramblin wreck would go for two.and get at 14-14 game early third Roy.great stop Kevin thank you very much.back here in Athens Georgia to start our.fourth quarter the dogs 3rd ranked team.in the country leading Arkansas state by.40 a little Where's Waldo on your.Saturday afternoon KS.[Applause].steps had been at the quarterback Kenny.McIntosh the tailback and on third and.long gain of about three maybe four.that'll force a rare Georgia pun.George's defense has given up just one.touchdown through more than two and a.half games with the big one coming to.town next week Notre Dame here in Athens.under the lights.BJ Edmonds mustered out near the 20 take.a look at this week's college football.rankings brought to you by Playstation.Notre Dame's seventh in the land Georgia.number three you could argue that.Georgia has been the most impressive.team in college football at this point.the schedule has not been difficult.Notre Dame UGA what do you think I like.what I see out of Georgia there's any.doubt about that I think Notre Dame has.to prove they can stop the wrong I.didn't like the way they're run defense.looked against Louisville will start the.season so we'll see how that plays out.and I think with this vast and.aggressive Georgia offense against e'en.books run ability is going to be the.matchup that I think to cites that game.Kelly stopper Lauren Sisler Roy Philpott.a calf charged by DJ Chapman gain of 10.on first down that'll move the chains.I'm not a believer in that top 10 either.a Florida and Michigan or top 10 teams I.don't I don't know what people are.seeing but I'm certainly not there.Florida at Kentucky tonight that'll be a.test over on ESPN 7 o'clock start people.still sleeping on big blue to a certain.extent Adams in a Georgia Territory.Jonathan Adams makes the grab over DJ.Daniel.Clemson and Syracuse later tonight up at.the Dome now you wonder if Syracuse can.refined its mojo without Eric Dungey.Chapman bolts across for a short gain.meaning he really was kind of the DNA on.that side of the ball just a physical.presence charismatic leader and he could.throw the rock yeah and he could run the.rock and he ran physically well he.stands in that department but the Vito.can throw it but you can't win every.game by throwing a football especially.his Stevenson's going to be whistled for.an infraction here right over the back.of Omar Bayless.[Applause].[Applause].pass interference on the deep banks.number seven that's a spot sow with an.automatic weeks Stephenson gets cold for.the pass interference here Omar Bayless.matched up outside the press coverage.the SCC corners that are long and strong.and physical and it's hard to get off of.that press coverage especially if you're.from the Sun Belt Conference and you're.not used to that aggression out wide.Arkansas State came into this game.loving their matchup I won't say loving.liking their matchup between their wide.receivers and the secondary of Georgia.and it just has not played out that way.Chapman tried to get outside could not.he'll lose a yard and a half Robert Beal.[Music].a lot of people have forgotten about.Notre Dame after the semi-final blowout.last year at the hands of Clemson Ian.both for a while was really one of the.darlings of college football managed the.game for Brian Kelly defense was solid.weapons at running back Notre Dame's.going to come to Georgia next week as an.underdog make no mistake about that I'm.curious to see if that team has improved.since the playoff loss well the thing.that I'm interested in is can this.Georgia defense make in book throw the.football to win because he I think he's.a much better runner than it is a.thrower he said throw her to open looks.open receivers I don't see him making a.lot of contested throws I think based on.what we've seen out of this George is.secondary today they're gonna be a.boatload of contested throws and catches.in that game and we'll see how he and.book holds up in that environment you.love the experience in the Georgia.secondary on third down passes carpet.well short of the line needed I mean you.got Mark Webster jr. TR reads his senior.DJ Daniel now gaining help.lecounte feels like smitten happens.forever you have outstanding talent.being developed behind those.upperclassmen the best safety due in the.country might be junior read along with.Richard the count I mean we will start.there and then you have shutdown corners.outside even though the Andre Baker is.in the NFL now he was there shut down.guy but I see two or three or maybe four.shutdown guys in this secondary Blaylock.is going to get away from that punt that.will be down at the one-yard line.punt of 40 yards Georgia football when.we come back.[Music].you're watching the SEC on ESPN Sanford.Stadium Athens Georgia dogs pouring it.on against Arkansas State out of the Sun.Belt and a reminder you can help those.people affected by Hurricane Dorian your.donation will support rent costs.preparation response and recovery.efforts in the United States and the.Bahamas go to redcross.org slash ESPN or.call 1-800 Red Cross to donate now we.encourage you to do so as so many people.their families their lives impacted by.that terrible hurricane just over one.week ago.Stetson Bennett from his own one inside.give as we check back to the studio with.Kevin Connors embroil you know the.Citadel wants to run it and run it and.then run it some more that got 237 yards.on the ground on 46 carries Brandon.Rainey he's run for one and throne for.one the cadets leading Georgia Tech 21.14 you know it was just three years ago.the sitter to win on the road upset.South Carolina and what was Steve.Spurrier's final season in Columbia by.that time he had already resigned that's.a program that can be a difficult out.Georgia Tech finding that out the hard.way.[Applause].Bennet launches one day towards midfield.and complete jaylen Johnson the freshman.from Duluth Georgia covered by Nathan.page and very well thrown by steps at.Bennett receiver certainly had an.opportunity did jaylen Johnson put.exactly where you need to do that and.Bennett we saw in practice does a really.nice job of throwing on the walk and.this was picture-perfect and jaylen.Johnson obviously doesn't finish but it.gives you a little insight of who sets.and Bennett is he's a slinger he loves.to throw the football a six of seven off.the georgia bent 74 yards today.rafer Hudson the Georgia running back.Matt Johnson records his first career.reception the walk-on receiver as we.check in once again with Lauren you know.coach James Coley said this is a guy.that was an area quarterback back in.high school he likes to step up let it.rip and rely on his receivers to just.make those catches of course that was a.great throw there there's been a.learning curve though for Stetson so.Coley is really using the film room to.teach him to be more deliberate in.formulating and sticking with those.reads.yeah Bennett played in an air raid.system it was all about executing some.concepts and it was grip it and rip it.type of mentality and yeah now Lauren.you have to have a plan this is a pro.style system that features players not.plays and Stetson Bennett is forced to.have reasons for his decision-making now.Willie Earthman makes the reception as.you see Stetson Bennett walked on it.Georgia was a scout booth quarterback.was a legend on that Scout team and that.run to the national championship game.left the school went played junior.college football and then Kirby smart.called in one day and said stats and we.want you back we're gonna give you a.scholarship come back to Athens and.guess what he did that's about when.Justin Fields left at that same time and.then it's not a real big dude so if you.think of transposing that into it SEC.defensive front that's going to be.getting after him it's a good change of.pace in an emergency situation for prom.but not the same type of quarterback.Prather Hudson with the reception and a.first down for the dogs only 511 190.pounds at a Blackshear Georgia in Pierce.County originally I love the scout team.legends a lot of times they emerge in.spring ball and you hear people get.excited about somebody that's never.going to be an impact guy hey one play.would make Bennett an impact guy in a.potential championship run this year god.forbid it Jake kromm went down McIntosh.flashing the ability McIntosh for.Georgia touchdown 62 yards.[Applause].[Music].boy there really aren't enough footballs.on the field there touches in a game.plan to give it to guys like McIntosh.but you talk about the credibility put.your right foot in the ground and you're.to the left four feet before the defense.can react try to tackle this Roy put.yourself in their eyes in the defense.right oh yeah that's that's quick.Brothers plays on the New York Giants.you gotta think Kenny's thinking about.the next level at some point in his.career just a freshman has a long ways.to go out of Fort Lauderdale the former.four-star prospect it's one of the.reasons why where do you put these.reminds me of Pete Carroll at USC at one.time when he had like 60 at the running.back position and he talked about they.still keep coming because they want to.measure themselves against the best I.think that's what they're doing here in.Athens currently double nickel and play.here in Athens it is all Georgia ESPN.college football brought to you by.autozone get in the zone he drives off.five yards 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Herschel.there goes Herschel cuts down he is just.broken the all-time my god a freshman.Larry Munson one of the all-time greats.here in the deep south and Herschel.Walker one of the best running backs to.ever play and of course Georgia claiming.that Nash.championship one of the very best behind.a microphone as we check in once again.with Kevin Connors a boy second straight.year k-state Mississippi State are.squaring off Kyle and Hill ran wild last.year Malik Knowles is running wild light.here 100 yards on the kick return after.the Bulldogs have just gone up by 7 it.is now ty 24 all fourth quarter on the.way a lot ESPN boy SEC big 12 there.we've got Sun Belt SEC here the score.paints the picture in this one new.Arkansas State quarterback Lane Hatcher.three in white and black as the handoff.goes to Chapman dogs will get Notre Dame.next week and I want to ask you - a lot.has been made about Georgia getting.Alabama at some point later down the.line this year maybe maybe twice for all.that we know but certainly the.possibilities there in the SEC.championship game somebody's got a beat.Nick Saban at some point and when I say.that I mean one of his former assistants.going against their former boss we've.got one of the sidelines today in kirby.smart I want to pose the question and we.encourage you to check out our Twitter.account at ESPN cfb and you can submit.your vote which former Nick Saban.assistant will be the first to beat him.as a head coach right now Kirby smart by.far and away the runaway leader I tend.to think it would be him because Kelley.probably should have beaten him twice.already third down and short that should.be enough to move the sticks yeah and it.is I'm with you I think that's a keen.grasp of the obvious.I think Kirby Smart has the team right.now that may do it this year Jimbo.Fisher doesn't seem to be that close.after the whoopin he got from Clemson in.Death Valley I think Kirby Smart has the.pieces right now that they could very.well do that the explosive play.potentials there on offense the defense.creating more chaos Adams Corral's it.and brought down to the red zone for the.first time.well his dad is one of the best to ever.play in Arkansas State as a running back.that game is a 44 yards matched up on a.mere speed and shall I say its speed.wasn't fast enough right there against.Jonathan Adam Jonathan Adams is a big.physical receiver got a little way with.a little push in the back and created.some separation and up from Hatcher.the Chapman run down by Jermaine Johnson.the press coverage outside term that.corners loose out on the edges and Adams.gets away with the little push at the.end wasn't called for it's a loose.separation and well thrown by Hatcher.redshirt freshman had a Little Rock.Arkansas wheeling and dealing off the.bench for the red walls.and that pass Pat it down Dave McBride.able to swap that one away so the areas.that I think Georgia can close that gap.I mean I don't know how much of a gap it.is they should have potentially good up.one the last two outings against Alabama.so I'm not sure there is a gap I think.it's who shows up and does the little.things right in the big moments in that.in that potential matchup and Georgia.has every reason to believe it's could.be them just as much as Alabama a fake.punt and a second and 26 otherwise who.knows what we're talking about today as.pertains to success on the field for UGA.first short timeout.Georgia dogs take a timeout fifty five.point lead.[Music].now coming up later tonight on ABC in.the ESPN app 7:30 Eastern 4:30 Pacific.Saturday Night Football Clemson and.Syracuse number one on the road last.time they were there the dome clemson.exited with a big fat loss but BYOD has.a way of working magic for Dabo Swinney.they've been one of the best in the.business the last five years yeah I.don't know that there's anyone that can.argue with that it is there anything to.some type of a mental hiccup that they.have with Syracuse currently I don't.know that if you're that elite that you.have such things but Syracuse has played.them in a way that not many people have.in the recent past.that filters down from the head coach.port down here for a snake.and a timeouts gonna be gone first.charge once again with this Potter over.on ABC the 100th meeting between Pitt.and tensed a look at Noah cane bust off.at 13 yard touchdown run Penn State had.the third best point differential in the.FBS coming into this one that they are.locked up in a rock fight 1710 over on.ABC meantime Maryland hanging tough.battling back to take a 1513 lead on.temple 1310 to go in the fourth quarter.Roy Oh Marilyn only scored about 7,000.points in those first two games finally.held in check here in week 3 that's an.interesting team in College Park yeah.schizophrenic maybe the word maybe they.use all their points last week against.Syracuse in that that's a good word that.Kevin used with Pittsburgh ins and Penn.State a rock fight and they might be big.rocks in that one fourth down.Hatcher towards the end zone double.cabra tenets picked off Luis.with the interception to preserve the.shutout.[Applause].Georgia football when we come back.[Music].I don't forget coming up later tonight.after Texas Tech Arizona will have.SportsCenter withstand Andale they'll.have the latest on the Antonio Brown.drama is status for tomorrow's game.against the Dolphins also Tyson Fury's.heavyweight title match can't wait to.see the update their SportsCenter after.college football and ESP and also the.ESPN app a very busy day and of course.which ranked team is going down the last.time we had a weekend where there were.no ranked teams facing off against each.other seven ranked programs loss to.unranked teams it's going to happen the.question is who and when Nathan.Priestley the new Georgia quarterback.and Sivan Clark with this first carry of.the afternoon dogs in control just how.they have been since the opening kick.[Applause].I would have thought before last week on.our Twitter poll that Jimbo Fisher would.have garnered more votes because he's an.offensive mind to combat Nick Saban's.defensive philosophies we're talking.about the first former save and.assistant to beat Nick Saban who will it.be.and now Kirby I think is the leader in.the clubhouse and they've been close you.go back the 2017 national championship.Lua to score advantage lost in overtime.on second twenty six in the SEC.championship last year again led by.fourteen fake punch some issues you end.up losing by seven they've been close.Kelley is this team good enough to get.over the Bama hump well if of course.they aren't good enough but the thing.that they're missing as you see it right.there in that graphic the last two games.against Alabama is they just haven't.done it Alabama has been there done that.and that matters when it comes time to.close out and win a game in some fashion.and Kirby smart steam just simply hasn't.done that here at Georgia that's the.only thing left to have happen I don't.think there's a lot of difference Talent.why.Priestley's pass incomplete looking for.Johnson I mean if we if we had a bunch.of boxes to check talent in every.position in every unit I think it would.be fairly even by the time you check.boxes and so quarterback wise you have.Jake Fromm and to uh I think to us still.wants it all every time and he's a big.play minded guy he gets him in trouble.I trust Jake from in those moments and.so what else doesn't this team have wide.receiver wise do they have the big play.guys that will match up well against.Alabama's back in in big moments and go.up and make plays can the newbies George.Pickens and Dominic Blaylock wide.receiver position grow up fast enough to.impact a possible matchup against.Alabama Pickens is the one player you'd.think of with his size that has a chance.to stretch the field against the Crimson.Tide defense I mean it really is beat.Bama or bust they've lost five in a row.to the Crimson Tide and Notre Dame comes.to town next week it was the win against.the Irish two years ago on the road the.start made by Jake from that really.catapulted Georgia on this different.trajectory back towards national.prominence police having a chance to win.a national title and so Notre Dame.returns the favor in the home at home.next week under the lights here at.Sanford School what a what a setting.that's going to big I mean people were.talking about that game.when it was announced years ago and what.the atmosphere would have like they're.bringing in additional seats next week.to make sure that they are at full full.capacity in Kirby smart had to harness.that from really for the last few weeks.looking forward to this and now they can.turn their undivided attention to the.Irish in I think Kirby Smart has a team.that will match up well in that game.against Notre Dame give this staff.credit to in Athens there was no looking.ahead.Master Arkansas State they talked the.talk during the week they've walked the.walk on the field today yeah I agree.I think that's a great point champions.take care of business even when it's not.easy to do that in games like this.that's the true Adams the catch.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].they're down.Oklahoma State in Tulsa headed your way.when we're done here in Athens GA Blaine.Hatcher straight ahead they did three.will pick up poor that's a first down.[Applause].dogs are gonna be heavy favorites you.bigger just about every game the rest of.the way new Bama for potentially LSU.looming in the SEC championship game a.lot of people think that LSU is poised.to make a run now that Joe Burrell has.given that offense life for the first.time I won't blame ya I would agree with.that I think at Auburn in November is.going to be a tough matchup because of.the way all BER can run the football.boat Nix the truth true freshmen can you.put him in tough positions I'll go back.to what you said earlier 9th ranked.Florida that may be a little high until.proven otherwise they should be ranked.at night in the country maybe a little.high that game will be played of course.in Jacksonville the Texas A&M Aggies.come here late in the year before the.road trip over to Atlanta to close down.the regular season epital e after notre.dame someone on that list other then I.think an Auburn or a Texas A&M is going.to give a game.to Georgia that we didn't expect.somewhere in the season with 18 to 22.year old you and Emma tably have.something like that show off the.maturity on this team I think we'll.overcome that moment and then it's all.about closing out and trying to get to.whoever comes out of the wax.Kirby said it we want to create more.chaos they've done that defensively in.their first three ballgames more sacks.more TFLs they've been more aggressive.it's been a common theme throughout the.offseason.and that's a that's a new thing.even with the reserve players Jermaine.Johnson on cue a loss of six and another.sack for the Georgia Day.Jermaine Johnson is one of those junior.college infusions of more speed off the.edge and Georgia is going to do more.movement up front and kirby smartest.sent out the memo member or excuse me.memo to the defensive staff that we're.not going to sit back and wait for.people we're going to be aggressive in.dictate the terms to an offense well.that's something new move the defensive.line of scrimmage a little bit more play.some games up frog and it's not just.getting pressure it's having the.pressure translate into tackles for loss.and turnovers that's what they've been.missing Arkansas State they were 84.30-second timeout in sacks per game a.year ago and they're obviously on pace.hasn't haven't really been tested in.that category but certainly look.different now yeah the numbers last.season tell the story not what you would.expect for a Kirby smartcoach team and.because if you know who you're chasing.Alabama and potentially Clemson and.they're in the top ten in all of those.categories in fact clemson is number one.and most of them a year ago so that's.what those are the little things that.will matter in a big moment you take the.ball away tackle for loss get the.offense behind the sticks in an.important time of the game for sap on.or possession all of those numbers.translate into that in a big moment.31 yard punt and the dogs.Daniil this went down and celebrate a.300 start to their 2019 season with big.bad Notre Dame coming to town next week.under the lights here at Dooley field.what a scene and that will be and let.the party get started.soon as this one ends.[Music].[Music].[Applause].with be remiss if we did not mention it.one more time our thoughts and prayers.remain with Arkansas State head coach.Blake Anderson and the Red Wolves family.the passing of his wife Wendy last month.after a two-year battle with breast.cancer coach thinking about you I know.Kirby's saying the same thing right now.we wish you the best the rest of the.year stay strong dogs win it 650 yards.of total offense they'll pitch a shutout.for the first time this season as well.55 to nothing is the final score for.Kelly stopper Lauren Sisler Conroy of.Bill mind saying so long from Athens GA.dogs win at their 3a no Notre Dame comes.to town next week for now we send you.back to the studio.

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