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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Application Package For License To Remove Mde Maryland Online

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The Definite Guide to Application Package For License To Remove Mde Maryland

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Check How to Enter the Application Package For License To Remove Mde Maryland

aet is a statewide subscription that's.provided by mailc.and we'll kind of get into the details.for funding and how all of it will work.but the big thing we want to.constantly stress is that the program is.designed to be no expense to your local.program.that doesn't mean no expense to your.school we're asking for school districts.to match.a third of the cost which would be.reimbursed to the levy if that doesn't.work.we have other options and ways to kind.of help this but big thing we want to.stress is that it's no cost to your.program if this is done.correctly and that we're here to support.you with adoption we're going to use.this for a variety of tools.for our membership rosters our event.registration systems will no longer have.a state survey that you have to submit.we'll collect all your data for here.this will help you with your perkins.reporting and the data that you need to.submit there.you'll still need to submit those but.this will give you all the info that you.need instead of you trying to figure it.out on your own.and then over time we hope that this.will be helpful for sae and ffa.instruction but.please know that those are optional.we're not saying that you have to do.aet for your classes or you have to.affiliate your program now because all.students are entered into aet you still.have a lot of local control.about what you do but we're going to use.this for some baseline things that.should make your life.really quite a bit easier we broke these.workshops up into small.fights we think today is probably 15.minutes of content and pretty easy to do.but we know that some people might have.questions and need help with passwords.and stuff and that's really what today's.for.and then we're recording all these so if.you're ever able to not make one for.some reason that's okay.we'll post the links later and there's.how-to guides and so.come as you can and as you need and if.you don't need it don't feel like you.need to show up or if you just want to.see.me and laven and paul that's okay too.for sure so today we're really going to.talk about how to.make sure that your chapter account is.set up.if you need help getting into your.account like resetting passwords just go.ahead and send dr sheehan or myself.a email or a note in the chat if you're.watching this live.and we can reset your passwords um so if.you're able to log.in i'm going to use the association.account which.looks a little different because we.don't have students.but we're going to show you the basics.of how to set up your chapter profile.and then next week we're going to go.into the details of the chapter of the.teacher profile um so the first one is.if you go.under the profile tab.[Music].you're a child it's okay if you can go.ahead and mute yourself that would be.great.um so under the profile tab um you'll.see the first three.little boxes here that you can fill out.um you might not know your numbers for.2020 or 2021.but if you want to go ahead and put in.your total program enrollment so again.enrollment unduplicated that will just.help us as we continue to move forward.on some of that data collection stuff.so you can type that in and then.everything automatically saves.we're going to start under the first.column of about your program and number.one.and under here you should find some.basic information.um your school name so whatever your.school should be addressed as can be.there and then your address.you can click if you're an affiliate.programmer not for ffa membership.you should see your region number there.if you ever see.anything that that has that wrong region.there are a couple that i've caught.and that just allows your region.calendar to automatically show up on.your chapter calendar.um so it is useful and then your ag.department phone number.your school phone number um and if you.happen to have a fax number.you can put that in and then we are in.the central time zone.um so a lot of that should automatically.be filled in but feel free to make any.edits.um as this is where we pull all the.contact information for mailings and.such.if you ever need to reset your password.you can go to under your profile to.password.password reset i would recommend that.you not leave your password as your.chapter number.because it means anyone can log into.your account.um and yeah just for.security reasons i'd recommend changing.it but if you ever need it reset you can.just reach out to state staff and we can.reset it to your chapter number.and then you can log in and reset it and.we'll show you how to do the password.reset here when we're done with this but.if you've never used aet and no one at.your school has ever done it.or chances are you've never changed it.your password is probably the same.as your chapter number so it would be mn.0217.just typing it again we recommend.changing it though.we don't want someone to go in and.delete all your members on you.um and capitalization does matter so.make sure you capitalize the m.and the n and then the third tab under.number one.is the total i get enrollment um all the.way back to 2010..um if you know that data and you want to.keep track of it it is.uh beneficial i think as a teacher to.know some of that data to be able to.back it up.if you need to show to your.administration for example how you've.grown the program since you started.that's an important thing that i would.recommend filling out what questions do.you have about tab 1 under profile.i haven't i got it i got a quick.question.so it will pull for the 20 20 21.school year as all of our students get.in there this.the tab for co-program enrollment will.automatically fill in right.i think you have to type that in.do you have numbers under the under.other two no.i don't but i'm just i mean if we have.all of our students in there shouldn't.it just pull from that.yeah i just i'm not sure because i'm on.another school that i know is using this.right now and it doesn't show i think.it's.uh it's something you might put in uh.but you could easily go to your accounts.thing and see the number.and then just type it real quick once.your students turn so you might not know.your 2021 numbers until later.when students are actually in it and if.you need me to pull back yours i can.help with that like if you don't.remember what your school was in 1819 i.can.see if you ever told us and tell you.what you wrote well and i guess that was.going to be another question like.the mars data right would also have that.so i shouldn't.have to go and print out all my class.lists and sit there and count and cross.off duplicates i.should be able to go get that.i would think that would also be turned.into you guys like what class of.students were in.and stuff like that yeah it's it's tough.i.this piece here is probably not as.important for tracking the membership i.think this is for.for your records we're going to pull.member the data from your your student.profiles.gotcha okay that's good.zayn we used to have to send all that to.joel to do our stuff.okay if we just emailed him he could.just get it to us.yeah and our goal is to be able to use.aut to stop having to do all those extra.fun surveys that we send you.when you put all your students in we're.able to just look at your accounts and.say.you have 113 accounts that means you.have 113 students and then.we can stop the duplication of all of.those reports.and i just i just if if it can be.possible through zane i think that'd be.easier because we've.had changeover of office staff and i'm.going to be lucky if she can find the.last three years i mean i'm sure i can.in an email.but i'd rather just check through you.guys to.see what's going on right here.um i think if you have it and you know.it please put it in and if and if you.don't we'll collect that over time.it'd be helpful for us to know it but.please don't feel like you need to go.back to.2010 and figure out who is what your.enrollment was two teachers ago.um i'll try to see what i can find from.mars data and paul and i will talk more.on that though.all right um under number two as i said.we're gonna look at the teacher profile.next week.um but make sure that all of your staff.are here so for example if they're not.we can go ahead and click add a new.person.um and let's say that we're adding dr.sheehan.to our account.and so now he's able to go in and clear.or fill out all.of these different tabs we're going to.look at those next week.and know that aet is adding individual.accounts for each teacher but those are.not.accessible yet so right now we just want.to make sure all of the teachers are in.there.if you have old teachers that are listed.please don't delete those.um they are tied to student membership.records and things like that so just.leave those there and just add any new.staff members.i'm hoping that that gets cleared up.with their new system but for now just.leave those old teachers there.they've said in the next four to eight.weeks that'll be fixed.so we're just kind of in this weird.period where they're you already see.they have the user accounts and.passwords set up they just haven't.flipped it on the login yet.so it's coming real quick.all right and we'll do the rest of that.one next week.um the other one we're going to look at.is number five.if you want to start setting up your.courses that are taught at your school.so for example if i am a teacher and i.know that i am teaching a new course.in 2020 2021 um you can just click new.course.let's say i am the teacher for that.course and i'll just set.august or yeah august 1st i guess as the.start date.and june 15th as the last date um.let's say that i'm going to teach a food.chemistry class.so that's under food products.i can type in.my course name and then just hit save.so then those will show up for students.to be able to.select those courses um so we would.recommend that you go ahead and add all.the courses that you know that are being.offered this year.um assign those to the teachers that are.teaching them and then we're going to go.into more details about those courses.later.any questions on courses.so the first couple steps are just real.basic we want you to be able to get in.um access the account feel free to play.around and if you're working ahead and.you're like don't i don't need to attend.that week um you don't feel free that.you don't need to.hop in there might be some random terms.like under the teacher tab lavin if you.click on that.um this is used across the country so.some other places use.words that we don't use like single.subject credentials versus an ag.specialist.credential we'll talk through some of.those things next week so there might be.some things that you don't.quite catch on like in minnesota we have.combination licenses you don't just have.a horticulture license that would be a.designated specialist so.there you might look through this and go.i don't know what that means but we'll.help.explain it and and in our schools.usually everyone is the.advisor and the department head so we.know that there's a little kinks here.and there that'll take us a bit to work.out but.right now we would just want you to get.in be able to add teachers.add your courses so that as we move.forward you start to feel comfortable.with it.um question so like i'm in on mine and.i'm back at.2012 and then like 2013-14.i just tried to add a year and i.couldn't.is there a reason okay so i went yep i.went there.and i did new course but did i miss a.spot on there.um so if you.i just want to know how do i get that.school year 2021 because.i don't have that so if you type in the.date it automatically assigns it to a.school year.so like if i go a new course and let's.say i forgot one last year.i can just type in.2019.okay okay it'll look fine the school.year.okay never mind i was i was looking.and okay i went to type it in and maybe.i.typed it yeah that's a good point so.we've we've done the pilot a couple.times so lavin set up a course in each.of these years but you're right if we.didn't have anything in there it would.not show a year.okay and then if you put the last day do.you want it if it's just a semester.course or should we put like the last.day like the end of the school year.i think you probably want to put the.semester day because your students.your second semester students then you.don't want them to accidentally pick the.wrong.you know if you want animal science.those semesters they might actually.enroll in the wrong class.nope and that's that's why i'm asking so.i know.okay all right no thank you that's.excellent other questions.all right well that's all we have for.today um we knew it was going to be.super short but like i said if you have.any troubles getting logged in.or setting up your teachers adding those.to your accounts.or setting up courses just let us know.otherwise next week we're going to.tackle.our teacher profile and as we said we're.gonna share these we'll be sending out a.recording.shortly um and you can watch them.anytime that you need them so.thanks for joining us uh let me walk us.through resetting passwords.so if i'm gonna take control of the.screen share that's okay.so here is when you're not if you're not.logged in at all or if you just go to.aet for the first time you would hit log.in and rada me any of the staff can.reset passwords julia we all can do this.but if you'd like to try it yourself you.would just.students will log in here you would go.here and hit forgot password.and you would enter minnesota.and then what's someone's chapter number.mn0151.so then judging card and aet are linked.this is what we'll use for event.registration we already use it for some.of our cds it's saying that.miss tim is is the teacher on file and.if we reset password.it's going to send it to your address if.it's something that.isn't here and it's like an old teacher.or an email address you don't have.access to.should one of us know and we can.manually submit it but you're able to do.it yourself.if this info looks right uh i don't.remember what offices.is but if paul what's your chapter.number.or someone that has two teachers zero.two one three so there's two instructors.here if it was just paul forgetting he.could unclick steve.and hit submit and then it would only.send it only reset paul's password.if that makes sense so.you can try that first or if it's giving.you trouble or you don't want to try it.just shoot us a note and we'll help you.um we recommend changing into once.you're in it because i'm guessing i.could like.try a random character right now and it.would probably take me.into there yeah so like i just hacked.into a chapter.so we know we want to fix it.if you're a new chap or a new teacher.that isn't in the account just let one.of us know and we'll get them reset.any other questions as we're reading.through things are there things people.are.are it doesn't have to be related to.just the teacher or the chapter profile.either general questions you have about.aet about adopting it.concerns thoughts happy things.okay well i think that was appropriate.teacher wait time.if not if feel free to send us an email.and.and tell us how you're feeling about it.we know that there's probably going to.be small hiccups along the way but.really the goal of this is to take work.off your plate i i'm excited for when.you register for convention.and you just type in the kid's name and.it pulls all the stuff over and.you don't have to look up anything we.think that'll make life.a lot better so it's going to take us a.bit but.overall more than half of our schools.are using aet already.based on the data that aut gave us so we.think that this will be.more useful than it probably will be.slight hiccups along the way but if.there are things that are hard please.tell us and we'll.be happy to reach out and give you the.things and we can add more topics if we.need or.provide more support and the only.communication that our districts are.going to get is what we're.going to give them or is there something.that's going to come from mde directly.to the districts.that's a good question is how would you.all prefer to handle that would you.rather.walk down do you want me to email.business managers then.i i don't i can do principals.superintendents i'd like some guidance.from you all because i know.um i preferred when stuff went through.me.versus my principal telling me so i'm.i'm happy to but.uh i want input from you i was just i.didn't know if this was something maybe.we were going to.talk about during business meeting or.something tomorrow because i know i'm.kind of on the fence i got a new super.so um i mean my principal understands i.would think with a lot of it but i was.just curious what everybody else was.thinking.i would think that coming from you.um and if you can email.administration i mean you can always um.just send.you know whether it's the letter that.you've already sent to us or whatever.just say hey i'm sending this to.everybody's administration.so that gives us a heads up so that then.when they come and ask us what is this.we know what it is but.i think coming from md directly from mde.is going to be more effective for most.not all but for most.than us walking it down there.you can do that i have uh so business.managers and.your site principal probably not super.yeah i would say that might be good it's.fair.okay i'll maybe if everyone's okay i'll.wait another week or so before sending.that just so that you guys have had time.to review it i don't wanna.and they'd actually have time to.probably read through it better.and like get them off of their vacation.time and stuff but before we.find out what's all coming from md for.uh foliage.instruction to be fair i don't totally.know yet so.no i but i'm just thinking maybe in.these next.couple weeks they'd actually have time.to read the stuff and maybe be well.informed so that we can maybe have a.nice informed discussion with them.okay.i guess closing messages would be like.we said it's uh.it it's designed to be no cost to your.programs we don't want this to be.something you're paying for if you find.yourself in that situation please reach.out because we can help you.either a lot of schools don't levy.everything they don't know that they can.we can alleviate that some schools.choose not to and that's good for us to.know because then you can do other ways.of doing it.um so we'll figure it out and then this.isn't.mandatory for sae and ffa instruction.you don't have to implement this in your.classes i think it might be valuable.but please know we are using it for ffa.membership we won't do it through.ffa.org anymore this will be how we do.our event registrations it's how we.collect data so we don't want to come.across as if it's.mandatory because we're not forcing you.to use it in your curriculum but it is.how.t-mag ed is going to do a lot of things.from now on so.um we'll need to find ways to use it for.the things that we have.decided are kind of all or nothing.already but as you run in the barriers.please let us know how we can help you.um so the goal is this is easier not.more work.and a couple of people had questions.like do i do i put all my students in do.i just put ffa does this mean we're.affiliated.the goal is that all of your students.create a profile ideally that works best.if you're using it as an instructional.tool it's easier to explain like.we're using this as our record book too.but.the goal would be all of your ag.students not just the ffa students.because otherwise we can't do program.data.if it's just the ffa members so we'll.talk through student profiles but it's.not very much and it does.create some useful things you can do.career exploration in it you can do sae.explorer.it can make a resume so paul might.decide i'm going to use it in my.classroom just to make a resume and.that's all we're going to do while.you know miss arseville at wilmer might.decide that she's going to.use it for sae because she grades essay.in her classes so.it's kind of what you find value in but.all of us are going to use it a little.bit no matter what.all right well we'll stick around for a.little while if you have individual.questions i know i got a couple messages.for password resets.so continue sending those our way if.you're not able to reset your own.password.and otherwise we will see you next week.when we talk about teacher profiles.thanks everyone.of getting your teachers info set up.

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Application Package For License To Remove Mde Maryland FAQs

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