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[Music].welcome back to the Olympic Club in San.Francisco my name is Dave Vincent.alongside Dave Fink for the women's.fifth place finals here on the show.court as we get ready for some of the.main matches the men's finals Paul Brady.Emmett push out and Katrina Casey and.Jessica golly little later on this.woman's place bonus coverage coming at.you streaming live on ESPN and the ESPN.app which we call watch espn.com.formerly ESPN 3 or however you found it.on your smart device some people said to.me when we're talking about ESPN say I.just watch it on xbox like it was a it.was something that they can find on xbox.Davie it was an ESPN app that was built.into Xbox but I mean there's so many.people deriving this broadcast from so.many different means they of course we.don't want to insult them we're watching.on a monitor provided by ESPN here on in.our broadcast booth has Yvonne August.from Fresno California going up against.Courtney pre-show longtime rivals from.the old days if you might recall yeah.they played in the finals of the.Nationals in 2004 that was a match one.by Yvonne August Courtney was favored to.win that match if you remember Dave and.it was a slight upset when you Vaughn.won that title Courtney has never won a.major singles title she's been in the.finals a number of times she's been.ranked in the top four throughout most.of her pro career which started when she.was about 17.and there was 10 years off for her yeah.I was mostly cardio kickboxing and white.eye and eventually becoming a Maitai now.am I saying that right I I don't know I.you lost me at the first tie but her.husband Edie who was a great handball.player 1991 had the 35 and over national.championship titles we listened to this.announcement so serving first we have.Courtney from Watsonville.Courtney pitcher and reserving we're.serving serve we have Yvonne from Castro.Valley I guess we serving service one.match 25 appropriate you call it.retrieving serve that's what you're.doing retrieving and when I play it's.retrieving everything everything's are.retrieved never heard it referred to as.retrieving them look at that quite.strong shoulder overhand right corner.kill from Courtney push out button.walked it on her response.but we're talking about Edie who also.qualified in 1991 white then somewhat.left hand ball just like his wife did.and became used in the martial arts.himself short I believe heads getting.close to 60 now I don't know 1990 135.seconds I have to do the math and I'm.not good at that I have to go retrieve.that information from my Palm Pilot.at least 59 now I guess about 61.Courtney looks really strong here early.she defeated Sandy Point to advance to.this fifth place final which is a very.good win Courtney nearly made the.summary 4-0 losing to Danielle -.galactus in a very spirited round of.eight match.boy and right now she's just.overwhelming.Yvonne August well we see what and we.know our Julia.Yvonne's daughter who short is a top.tennis player watching handle really for.the first time in this sense she was too.young.thanks mom win that national.championship probably about three or.four years old back then well it's got.to be cool for mother and daughter.because you know Yvonne is at all of her.daughter's tennis matches and now her.daughter gets to see her mom in action.outside of down ball I tie of course.yeah or the kickboxing her yeah zero.serves for or telling her to do her.homework different type of action that's.short I thought I agree with you Wow.just right now and down back to the roof.Courtney big wind up.so out.for sir zero you know Dave you could see.this as one of the local finals of a.northern California tournament and just.be totally in awe.here it's for fifth place and it's still.amazing boy.that was the best ride of the match both.ladies moving extremely well in the.frontcourt 5-0.mrs. really x-factor in this matches.Courtney's served she's got a great.serve you see it there big set up now.for Courtney and Dave you know how it is.when someone comes after you with all.this power just immediately on your.heels because it's not like you can zig.says arrow or turn that power with the.same power you I have to start scooping.the ball and just trying to keep the.rallies long that's what's happening.Yvonne here.Courtney's just attacking them.seven-thirds ero I've never understood.that bouncing around on your toes Dave.short that do something no I I don't to.get the opposite way I don't want to.bounce around or anything I want to.conserve all of this energy not let it.out but then if you are both wired like.the Anna angles or the maybe the Yvonne.August either they want an attack and.serve and shoot and first strike and and.all of that stuff maybe you've got that.energy you want to just keep yourself.out there I don't know I'll get back to.baby Kara Mac knows she's courtside.let's go to her quickly Kara hey guys.I'm Trina Casey who's gonna be the.finals here to talk about women's.handball how is smash going on as well.yeah like this is the fifth taste payoff.and the standard is still very high you.know both are very talented players and.obviously we're very successful then.took some time off from the game and.like they're working their way back into.it now and I'm sure there'll be getting.stronger like with more tournaments a.and I've had them both are very fish.like well here she's getting a lot of.easy setups maybe for white power serves.and then mixing lobs as well for Sam I'm.sure Yvonne will keep fighting to the.very end because she seems very.competitive and I think women's handball.is in a good place and it's only.talking about your match coming golly he.played in the semifinals with us.overlooking anything away from that.match that you're gonna carry over to us.today or like I try am I playing will.you actually have played three times.last 12 months actually sorry.sure.a certain thing.I'm game.work.so do you learn from you more maybe so.all right thanks guys.under one.Taylor who is having a big birthday.today Minnesota State.viewing party and there's a lot of those.viewing parties going on around the.country right now watching on ESPN and.the watch ESPN app so well two things.thank you for watching.Minnesota state but also Jordan happy.birthday.they'll be headed to the collegiates.next week cave in Portland that out they.say they're doing a little film getting.themselves ready for next week.we watched the best of luck at the us h8.collegiate nationals along with all the.other colleges coming from around the.United States and also Ireland in fact.they've Katrina Casey who who just heard.will be attending point worth.consecutive collegiate nationals where.she's won the singles in double 0 in her.first three years she's going for the.unprecedented eight titles.to leave one time and that was Megan.McKee lows now Megan doorknocker yeah.okay boy Martin Mull Kearns is also won.the first three years in the singles 11.doubles okay yeah so he's going for four.in a row in singles which is yeah all.right just kidding that's kind of like a.no-hitter but the eighth is the perfect.game yeah if you can make it to the.round of 8 well that's I mean it's tough.to do that yeah Dave.you went notes for about 18 years of.your life never played in the collegiate.tournaments which I felt was difficult.you're one of the 18 year collegiate.students that never left with a.doctorate degree boy ain't hard to do.actually graduate in four years.but then you went back to DeVry or.Jersey we go to math short hopefully.psychology is actually Duquesne.University Dave I want to give a shout.out to the Dukes in Pittsburgh.thought out there's a sign out being.cold there.Yvonne walking back as if we saw this in.you Yvonne's last broadcast she was down.13 to 0 against Tracy Davis in the.tiebreaker had to fight off a donut and.it looks like she might be doing the.same here wait and that's all edible.hold it and your ball 13 0 stairs 13.short second serve 0 to 13 second serve.little Bob throw back to the backcourt.there from August.down ball boy now you see a little bit.of emotion coming from Yvonne she's.under the court Dave much like you you.point toward the sky and the side walls.when you saw that once yesterday she.actually would say I'm she's very much.like young boots out of Modesto they.will point to certain spots on the court.and call it short ball one agrees but.was their hands in the air yesterday so.yeah yeah you did a multiple time.actually every serve you do it if after.you hit it so you're actually just.letting everybody know where the size.balls are we're making a video with some.really cool sounds when you do that it.can be fun.about this video for six years now where.is it.what it'll happen there's a 14th point.now for Christmas it's gonna happen now.that you said that for teens there's one.fourteen to one one more away or half.time that was short punch fist shot from.Yvonne back to the right side doesn't.push out balances the ball bounce bounce.back in I mean is that the key that the.bouncing no just hitting stuff soft out.- Yvonne I mean we found out that.yesterday Tracy Davis did it now we sort.seeing from here right down the middle.but Courtney's they're a great.anticipate on says shoot it I mean.hitting the ball right down the middle.towards.you.artists in three minutes half time we're.gonna also take that three minute break.we'll be back in just bit for Dave Fink.here on ESPN and the watch ESPN app.stick with us.at shelters you'll discover healthy and.loving animals just waiting to become a.part of your family.why wait you can make a difference in.the life of an animal a person is the.best thing to happen to a shelter pet be.that person and adopt your new best.to find out more visit the shelter pet.project dot org my life is full of.statistics thing is I could have dropped.out of school and become one myself but.I did because I had people that believed.in me here's another statistic 7,000.students drop out every school day.that's one every 26 seconds it's time.their students know that we believe in.them inspire a student and share your.message of support at boostup.org I just.came in just for a second come on man if.it's the taxes still have to leave you.could torch the whole neighborhood it's.good point there smoke key nine out of.ten wildfires are caused by humans only.you can prevent wildfires.[Music].[Music].welcome back to San Francisco this is.the women's fit place final Courtney.push out de Melo taking on longtime Raul.Yvonne August.Courtney leading 15 to 1 at half time to.put that in perspective that'd be like.the Super Bowl from last year when.Seattle led by about 30 at halftime of.course there's no clock in handball so.you have to score that 25th point in.football you can just sort of hang on to.a lead and let the clock run out unless.you're Green Day playing against Seattle.this year David NFC championship game.and you have no idea how to run a.four-minute offense well they went into.a two-minute offense with 14 minutes.left in the game right down the middle.of the court and Yvonne makes another.hand air here and I don't think this is.nerves I think after playing three or.four rounds of handball you start to.feel it at the age of 46 47 well.Courtney just playing really well right.now.hold it there ball and just not sure.that there's much I can do right now.even if she was fresh boy he serves they.have a reverse that checks up dies in.the left corner 16 stairs one.back to the roof so I like that little.underhand paddle from Yvonne but her.frontcourt play hasn't been bad she's.just not getting there Courtney's doing.a perfect job of keeping her in the back.court boy amazing serve there from.August to sir 16 this is the women's.fifth place final third place playing on.a side court you'd say well why wouldn't.you just put this on the side and yeah I.do say that yeah yeah one of the players.said to me for third do we have to play.it in that tone of voice last night.after the mat yeah well what happens if.we forfeit boy so when you hear those.things you say well maybe we shouldn't.put it on to the show court because this.one might be more competitive well if.this one isn't that competitive scene.just went off of a hunch based on the.players saying that they your hunches.they've really panned out yeah in fact.I'm waiting for one of them to actually.pan out there's a nice dive right there.from August now right back down the.middle though over hits that ball put.your hand up in the air left-handed.roundhouse fist that's rally of the.event so far Courtney is not gonna dive.she wanted to but Dave you watched a lot.of Yvonne in her crime in the early.2000s what was it about our game we've.talked a lot about her intensity but.certainly you have to do more than more.sense than matches what did she do so.well same thing she's doing now but she.had a really incredible first step and I.think mentally you say I'm gonna I'm.gonna strike up front and have that.mentality and she really did have a day.but much like you do when you play your.matches went it was a quick starter.wanted to get the ball immediately and.serve immediately you always had to slow.her down that intensity would get into.players heads very difficult to play.against now that.it passed the mid 40 and making a.comeback after 10 years it's the same.thing mentally it just mine says mine.says go body says whoa hold on you.should not be slain today he need to.take a rest for about two weeks but she.is now slowly starting to warm up and.you can see she trails by ten instead of.fifteen well this is what half time does.shortening it a lot.players go in with a huge deficit at the.half in the second serve they come back.David and some completely different.match in the second half we tell it to.some extent in the men's fifth place.final where Shaun lending trailed 15 to.10 in a really a listless first half for.him and then he comes back and cruises.to victory in the second half nice shot.right there from August shot Courtney is.gonna get it up there but it doesn't.make the front wall I also think that.you've on youth remember this she's been.out for ten years there's the whole flow.of everything you have to kind of recon.of invent again and then slowly it.starts coming back so you think every.opportunity she has to score a point is.just benefiting her every single second.of this match well you know it takes.more than a couple months of playing to.come back from ten years off for most.people 16:37 almost for every people.yeah almost at all but most almost.so out.throwing her feet down from the ground.760 BC of on yelling and pumping herself.up to let's go when she's down 13 to 0.and it seems kind of silly but you know.she is in this match I mean maybe that's.what you need to do when you get down I.mean I get down 13 to 0 and it's just.how quickly can I get my stuff into my.trunk.Danielle Daskal a kiss just now defeated.Tracy Davis by the score of 25 to 12 for.third place so Danielle advances 1637.Daniel who had never defeated Tracy.before in any match the feeder in Vegas.and the one wall big ball doubles and.now beats are in four walls white small.ball singles we have to say for a while.small ball David do we have to I think.when you say four ball it's implied as.small ball unless a for a while wouldn't.you say.I know Tony he's watching he does he.hates the fact that we would have.differentiate between the different.forms just call it handle short and you.talk to the guys that play team handball.which is now called handle and a lot of.them they hate the fact they say this is.wall ball so you're are you skyping with.them on from Europe or how social with.those yeah players and as a big setup.here Yvonne she doesn't let it drop.though so this hits it in the perfect.spot seven serves eighteen.it feels closer than this Dave maybe.because Yvonne has scored seven in the.last 12 points she got herself way.behind.well the bigger thing is that she didn't.give up I don't think that's even in her.blood should be a big setup for Courtney.goes down to the toilet so that's a nice.shot from Courtney push Oh say what you.want to say but that's a great shot.what would I why would I say anything.different great serve there from.Courtney Dave I know you've seen this.Courtney's is on the outside side wall.at the Watsonville three wall courts.which are named after her it's called.Emmitt Park courts after her brother and.of course the pun over three on the.weekend.also included full-on humblebrag.just about 45 seconds ago that went.undetected by most not by about one.minute it was such a unbelievable.humblebrag that it actually bordered the.all-out brag I just ignored it yeah only.because I didn't want you to bring it up.but you did anyway which now I've.learned another lesson yeah this is.three when you put those humble brags.out there I just need to recognize them.at the moment yeah as opposed to wait.because it will come back again this has.now become the double brag yeah but.nonetheless let's go to Cara who is.courtside Cara what's going on hey guys.I've got Jessica collie with me warming.up for her next match coming up up.against katrina casey for the finals you.played her before she's talked about it.that you guys play the few times this.past 12 months she told me that she was.taking some things away from that those.matches are you taking away anything.have your strategy coming in today yeah.absolutely i've played her four times in.the last year and every time she forces.her opponent to make mistakes and so my.goal today is to take the shots that i.have and try to make it least airs as i.can.what's neat right now is you have great.exposure the spinals is gonna be aired.on this ESPN watch ESPN I know you have.seven siblings is that right and they're.supporting you watching you from home.yeah it's unreal they've all got.together at my brother's house they.bought the beer and the chips out and.there's like Super Bowl for them so some.of them haven't seen me play since I was.young and they haven't ever watched this.high caliber of handball so they're.really they're all together they're.watching on the big screen and they're.loving it can you hear them while you're.playing do you hear the support and the.cheers when you have that good shot you.know what I can hear my dad because my.dad coach when I was little so I can.hear things that he'd say to me.throughout the years and then the girls.is here my sister Sasha that has always.been a really big supporter behind so.definitely that's elected a thank you or.fax you guys thank you very much Cara.yeah you know that's one great thing.about those that the players and the.game of handball so personal and the the.family members are all gathering this is.a really big thing right now across the.country some of these players first time.seen on TV even the live broadcasts.whether it's ESPN or just a regular.feeds.so why it's exciting to see those those.big viewing parties.Minnesota's having one Jessica Dawley.and her family having it but shouts were.having them but they're here courtside.and then literally every single one of.the families here is there in my nephews.my dad had a big one yesterday yes yeah.I saw the pictures from your father.seven man cave and that was actually my.sister's man cave oh really.yeah well I thought you played good in.that match but actually they gather to.watch the other players play which is.interesting but true yeah if on August.her husband 81 we're qualifier in 91.he's watching Fresno it looks to the.right going to go to the left go in the.middle.misses on that serve second serve Clips.the side wall goes around the revolving.door if some of the players talking.about having troubles with this back.wall here it was designed so you.wouldn't have troubles did you have.anything wrong with it when you play I.thought it was the best background I was.like well it's interesting because.different players have problems with.different courts I find it impossible to.play off the back wall at the US Open.but I've never heard anyone else.complain about.we might see some pointing after this.rally Dave hope so.pointing occurs whether you win or lose.to Alec well a lot of times it comes.from either executing the way you wanted.to or not executing and Yvonne had a.chance to win this rally earlier she's.really keeping Courtney behind her here.but Yvonne's not laying the ball drop at.all in the front court well there's some.pointing right there really quick and.some talking to I want to put a.microphone on you Vaughn just so we can.hear what some of those sensors 21 it's.like a PowerPoint that's going on where.she's narrating what she's using with.their little laser pointer and that just.clipped in and she puts her hands up.like that sorry about this but she gets.another point here at 11 to 12 21 well.this has been sorry to interrupt you.Dave I do apologize really yeah I.thought you were nearing the end but now.I realize you want no guy I don't.remember I was gonna say Yvonne has.outscored Courtney 11 to 8 short in the.last 19 points but she was down 15 to 1.at one point so it really does need to.make that instead of 11 8 more like 15.to 8 boy well Courtney's biggest.weakness has always been her.conditioning for some reason Dave she.just seems to wear out during matches it.was 25 point matches a lot of people say.well it's so quick well not when you're.in there it's not it doesn't feel quick.at all well it's not quick it's it's the.opposite I think the 15 point games are.quick in my opinion.unless it's one of the Pisciotta matches.that's a big setup for Yvonne goes down.the right walls of slider Oh Courtney.hits the ground there stays down sort of.back again look at what Vaughn's doing.to Courtney here side to side left to.right first big setup for eight and it.could be replayed Courtney's got a great.left but she tried to drive that.straight down the left wall but ended up.drifting back towards the middle and.that was the reason for the well she was.21.that's an amazing serve how does.Courtney dig that out and she's in the.rally now just misses the roof big setup.for Yvonne up front goes down to the.right Courtney just barely gets a hand.on it another point and we should see a.timeout and we got it from Courtney.fa'sho to her very first one of this.match you can see a turn here as Yvonne.is pushing Courtney literally left right.left to right very Muhammad Ali dish and.she is wearing down Courtney for that.big final blow that she is hoping to put.on her now Courtney can call this.timeout come back with some fervor I.think Muhammad Ali was more of an.in-and-out guy Pacquiao is more of a.side-to-side guy I was talking about the.wearing down with the punches he's.punching to the right punching to the.left trying to make Courtney get her.legs weary then to try to put out the.knockout punch let's talk about I know.that you're a huge boxing fan but yeah.George Foreman yeah just your your.impression of George and what he brought.to the sport of handle of the sport of.boxing was why are you laughing I was he.and of all the weird periods of time of.having champions in in box is it just me.is that somebody who knows nothing about.it a complete novelty to even mention.his name well was he a good boxer or was.a great boxer he was the greatest boxer.I think in the 1970s but Ali just.mentally broke him I was talking about.the one that at 50 when he 20 title more.1994 yeah.he knocked out Michael Moore after.losing basically all the verses but I.see his commercials now and he looks.like he's only fifty years old but it's.probably like 90-something how does that.happen.I think he'd still be one of the top ten.heavyweights right now sadly they said.that George Foreman threw his punches so.slow but if it ever got there it was.lights out and most of the time it did.get there but showed only four points.away that's a great shot that's how.Kourtney started the match with the.right corner kill walk-off 42:13 those.that don't like to take timeouts that.right there was the one may be reducing.all timeouts to 30 seconds Dave could be.the answer I mean what can you do in 30.seconds that you can't do it or what can.you do in a minute that you can't do in.30 seconds you're just trying to catch.your breath run it back out there and.make sure that somebody's watching your.kid 32 that's that's one thing you could.do in 60 seconds I don't even think it.takes it might take two minutes to find.out where he went that's a nice shot.from Wow Yvonne Kourtney goes down to.one knee Kourtney back with a fist again.down the middle though yuvan fist back.Kourtney hits the corner Yvonne digs it.out all of it and that's gonna be.replayed and now you hear the family all.trying to get the referee to call.unavoidable love it I love it I mean.hate it it's actually the worst well now.that you said that I actually love it.I think I love it I mean love it.I think there's a stigma attached to.unavoidable that shouldn't be I mean if.you'd cross the path of the ball it.should be unavoidable it's not a reason.to be offended or a reason to hate the.ref or the players no it's a part of the.game I mean would you be offended the.ref called your serve short it's just.the way it is thought out hearing that.come from you is amazing you have really.grown up mr. Fink well I don't argue.with refs not since January of 2014 I.was there for them yeah I mean getting.it chewed coming up in just a second.will define what it means right down the.middle.Devon goes down low finally though but.because she was off balance why is it.that sometimes when we get off balance.and we allow the ball to get lower we.hit the best shots we've ever hit.Thursday is that's an indication we.should probably let the ball drop a.little more 35:12 I think when you go.down to the ground diving anything can.happen you can flip the fart up in the.air you can hit it in the ground I mean.it's just a kind of a crapshoot unless.you're Chapman and you do a pre dive.dive float it right in front of yourself.and lay there.second serve want to say hello to former.NFL quarterback Jake Plummer watching.this live broadcast with his wife.Colette and his two amazing kids I also.want to second that hello Dave I was.thinking about Jake the other day meant.to email him to say hello and this now.you don't have to babysit erase it.because I jumped on your bandwagon so.know you'll ask us a question we'll.answer it and then it's like we're.having a real live conversation well I.do want to say hello to Jake you listen.to your family I do listen to snake.steaks yeah they're amazing I loved.hearing your 1 hour and 30 minutes.interview on Jake asked one question and.they when I finished the answer they.said okay we're over by about 30 minutes.but I think it's time to go ahead and.wrap this segment up.sorry we didn't record this we're gonna.have to do it over mr. Vincent in.juicers snakes takes her amazing.watchers listen to the podcast just.waiting for the W P's podcast it's gonna.happen I have a look at that revolving.door flat rollout from Courtney.Pisciotta.22 stars 14.kortnee per show really playing good.handball times in this match I mean she.looks like she could be a top two player.I'd say throughout about 75% of this.match Dave yeah her shots today are.amazing.look at that get right there wow that's.unbelievable.I mean she's flying all over the court.here that was amazing date she got that.ball on her knees this is remarkable.this is one of the best shots we've seen.at the whole tournament here's where.Courtney died did she like she.anticipated what she had to do slid in.on her knees flipped it to the backcourt.got back up this pump and just the.perfect angle to catch the side wall.because if she doesn't catch the side.wall there it's gonna come off the back.wall and the rallied probably continues.but what can you say about it though.that was that was truly inspiring I.thought you've honored won the rally.with a dump shot down the right in.Courtney sensing that had already taken.off before you Vaughn even hit it.that's just 20 years of on-court.experience yeah that was remarkable now.we're just seeing one level here Dave.yeah I know this club has yeah multiple.viewing Saturdays and we're just seeing.this little slice yeah what about the.overflow room with the big so yeah.that's fine too but we have for some.reason our wireless camera doesn't get.the signal back here through all of this.iron and steel after that newly.renovated multi-million dollar remodel.they had yeah fourth one actually in six.years wow I didn't know that some other.clubs that could use one of those.remodels instead.resuming play 23 sirs 14-point and.Courtney now just one point from fifth.place and that's a big accomplishment.double match points there's 14.being set up here for Courtney.and Cortney just came to everything can.you believe that right there and now.Cortney push shouting on the ground.there amazing I mean that was just an.incredibly impressive performance from.Cortney push out the mellow speed power.offense great serves Yvonne August.actually played quite well Dave.particularly in the second half of this.match but it wasn't enough as Cortney.just too strong here today and and she's.crying yeah I mean she really put it out.there I think this there's a lot of I.would call it baggage but not in the way.that most people would use it there's.there's some baggage here in the sense.that you have an individual who lost a.national championship went final when.she was favored to win 2004 she was very.young at the time she just put.everything out there to win this match.and she did and you can see that she has.tears in her eyes right now and I think.she's saying I just did what I needed to.do I against the same person yeah her in.2004 I think the monkey in that sense.would be off of her back but you know I.can't speak for her hopefully we can get.Cara Mack to get an interview with her.but you can see there's.it was emotional for her to get this win.and I think it's for a major reason I.mean you can still see she's crying and.what they've any match you win is.incredibly emotional when you come out.here on this tour and you're able to.beat anybody it's emotional because.everyone's putting so much into this and.to be able to come away with where the.win you know particularly against a.rival.I'm described but I think the tears.really say it all and we're now do have.courtney Pisciotta and Kara Matt Kara.now you did everything to win that match.you're on the floor I can't say how many.times winning those points though to go.with it it's amazing I feel like ant won.anything and so long I just I don't know.I thought I was washed up but I feel.like I played good feels amazing feel.like crying what does it feel to I mean.you went out there and feel that way.that you are done what were you telling.you making a weak effort at it you were.going for every little point that you.could I mean it's my last time playing.in it for a while so I just wanted to.give it my all I mean I'm dead tired but.I just wanted to win I want to feel good.again you know just inspire you to keep.on going well not right now because I'm.going to take it easy and just be.pregnant and fat but but yeah I mean in.the future hopefully great way to go out.right yeah congratulate thank you Dave I.mean okay so we didn't want to say it.before but we do both of us didn't know.that she was pregnant prior to the match.and also even the event even happening.but she finally let it out and said that.she she is expecting but you saw how she.was throwing her body around the court.there huh but she did it in a way to.protect the child you saw that she would.dive to her knees and you and I both.would look at each other like wow this.is really amazing what made some of.those amazing shots there were the fact.that she was able to protect the bun in.the oven while also rolling out the ball.at the same time well fortunately for.Courtney's she has a way of diving onto.her back anyway so it wasn't that big of.an adjustment as we've seen in the past.but Dave I mean that was a 5th place.final and I think there was more emotion.attached to that then maybe even a.player's championship.you see how much that meant to Courtney.and she really earned it Dave she played.just a phenomenal incredible match it.was just really an honor and delight to.watch that yeah that was I was.intriguing also just the conversation in.itself just watching her emotion and you.know we always want that in sports.anyway but the see her say that you know.I'm not gonna be playing for a while but.I it was finally nice to win something.and just to quantify the fact that how.important it is to just get a final and.you know this is fifth place and you'd.say well it's fifth place you didn't.really win but yeah you did you actually.played a match to win a title and you.got the title and there is something to.say about that it's really more in these.events about who did you beat because.you know in your mind who the guys or.the ladies that you're gunning for the.people that you really want to beat that.are great players that have beat you in.the past and you come to event and you.knock one of them off and you feel on.top of the world you just beat somebody.that you've been trained to beat it's.never easy to get a win against them and.that's when you see all that emotion.come pouring out you don't have to win a.tournament to feel like you're been.successful we're gonna take a break we.have the women's finals coming up right.around the corner Jessica golly from.Canada going up against Katrina Casey.Ireland but it feels like Katrina Casey.is from San Francisco they've really.embraced her and they love Jessica golly.here so this is a really cool feel for.the local crowd and those.internationally that are watching across.the oceans and here in the United States.on ESPN and the watch ESPN app will have.more handball action on the wph world.players of handball race for eight.professional handball tour from San.Francisco common op stick with us.

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