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How Do You Get Application Authority Form and Sign It Online?

hey everybody Oscar truckers Oh Tory.calm today we're actually go over.setting up a your USDOT & MC number I'm.also gonna go over a few things some.actually I'm gonna go over all the.errors that I see when someone tries.setting this up without the proper.experience and as well as a few other.things because everyone thinks that you.know there's a handful of people that.just think it's just about getting the.DLT hey let me get the d-o-t so I can.get on the road and guys it's really.much more than that really setting up.the d-o-t & MC it's just the basics in.all this there's really a lot more what.you're essentially doing is opening up a.business not just getting your USDOT and.there is a lot more than just running.for someone or being leased out to.someone and then going to apply for your.own deal teen I'm gonna go over some of.those things the very first thing I do.want to go over is what we consider the.three main reasons that we see new.startups go out of business and the very.first one and not in any order but these.are the biggest problems that we see so.the first one that I see is vehicle.maintenance so and even though you know.you're supposed to check your vehicle do.your pre-trip inspection and as well as.go through you know FMCSA FMCSA is a.really actually a really great website.they have actually updated so although.they have a lot of really good material.it used to be a lot harder to find but.they actually have what they go over on.all of these inspection so I'll put some.links at the bottom of this so you guys.can go ahead and just there's there's.they have their own it's called a safety.planner and hundred actually tells you.all the laws and it tells you what they.look over there's different types of.inspections and what each inspections.that what they're going to be looking.for so and this has to do with your.vehicle maintenance like so if your.vehicle is really messed up and you and.you're going through d-o-t and you're.getting these inspections and they're.putting you out of service I mean.I'm gonna get there into a minute into.your DLT putting you out of business.because of the violations but just your.vehicle alone I see some companies your.vehicles your tool and it's really.important to know whether you should.purchase release and that's something.for you guys to do some homework on but.if you grab something that's junk and.you don't have a replacement for that or.you don't have capital I mean your if.something were to happen and you don't.have a backup for that you're probably.going to go out of business and that's.something to keep in mind even if you.have insurance in place and and they can.get you another vehicle it's still gonna.it's there's still a whole process to it.so something to keep in mind you really.want an equipment that is going to last.and and hopefully you guys also have.some mechanic skills if you do it'll.really help you out if not that's okay.but if you do you're lucky yeah right.it'll help you out a lot save you on.some money the other thing which I was.talking about is the USDOT violations so.and this this is for every one bit I see.this happen more when you bring on least.on drivers right you start making your.first couple of runs you're like hey I.got this hey you know what we know this.truck and this truck at this truck well.I've had clients where you guys gotta.gotta know something when you bring.someone on board whether it's a leased.on operator or an employee driver it's.your deal T that's online if you bring.someone on with their own equipment.you're bringing another owner off with.their own equipment and they go and you.know their vehicle they're not up to par.with their vehicle they don't have a.monthly maintenance plan they're not.periodically checking it daily or weekly.scheduling out maintenance well that's.gonna bond your deal T so although.they're the ones who are gonna who the.vehicle is gonna be put out of service.and until it's fixed it goes on your.record and it actually does not go on.their record so if they want to they can.open up a clean deal t after they mess.Jers up so it's something to keep in.mind yeah they're there they are.independent contractors but you're.bringing them on so even though they're.in depend.controversion you you your business.should have a vehicle maintenance plan.in place to go ahead and stay on top of.their vehicle and I I know that they.should do it but again it's it's your.business so if you're not on top of it I.mean it's most likely that they're not.going to be on top of it either right.and yes there are some good some good.people you can find out though they're.gonna take care of their own stuff but.I'm just giving you just generalizing it.that this is one of the things that I.see is being people bring on other.independent contractors and it just.screws up their d-o-t so something to.keep out be aware is your DLT is very.important that's actually going to.dictate the loads future loads you're.going to be getting right brokers are.gonna be looking at this and if they see.all sorts of violation they're not going.to be too happy and they're not going to.give you loads we have clients that.we've seen because so the deal the way.the deal team everyone gets to score.with the OT start off with zero when you.get audits they score you on those nine.you're first on it then you enter an.audit with the very first when you do.you don't you don't get scored on that.you can get shut down if you're.operating incorrectly but you won't get.scored on that you'll get scored on on.everything else your inspection so you.have this corner starts off with zero.and the more inspections you you don't.pass that score keeps climbing well once.you're at is 70% it's gonna be tough for.you once you once you're way up there if.you're basically on the point of going.out of business because you're not.getting that many loads and or your.insurance rate is going to go up by.forty fifty percent so if you guys heard.about these companies where their.insurance rates just one up skyrocket.it's it's always because the deal team.for the most part always because of the.deal team violations so it's not just.because the insurance rates went up do.insurance rates go up obviously you know.you guys you guys will see that a very.very common but as as you go down the.line there's also companies that open up.the door and give you more discounts but.most times why these insurance rates go.up or you can put companies out of.business is because they're do two.scores messed up and rightfully so.basically they're saying there are high.risk they're not taking care.their equipment they're not watching.over there guys I mean we don't want.people like that on the road with these.heavy machines so it makes sense why.they will put your business while.they'll shut it down right you're not as.on top of your maintenance you're not on.top of your employees and when that.happens that's where that's where your.accident exposure increases so so.something to keep in mind then the next.part so we have the vehicle vehicle.maintenance basically not having good.enough equipment and not having a.back-up plan for it.the other thing is USDOT violations just.if you get too many violations you're.going to get less loads and higher.insurance premiums all right something.to keep in mind and then the last part.is loads the other reason obviously.right is is loads not getting enough.work and the one thing that we recommend.is that if you're planning on studying.up your USDOT you're right you're.already getting your stuff ready you.should also be looking for brokers to.work with a lot try to get anywhere from.15 to 20 brokers and you're not going to.work with all of them but you want to.submit all of them alright what you want.to do during this time and so let me go.back a little we see a lot of business.that they'll go out because they don't.have loads so what we normally do is we.we just get him contact we can I'm.connected with with more brokers that's.what you should be doing already like.that's your marketing there's the.biggest parts in business is marketing.and sales so you have to market yourself.out there and then your sales parts.gonna be negotiating the rates that you.might not have to do that because you.can just get connected with brokerage so.you have to market yourself out there.and let these companies knows you exist.my tip would be so this takes some time.if you're getting the MC number I'm.sorry I know we're not jumping into it.yet if you're getting the MC number it.takes 21 business days for four FMCSA to.activate which is basically a whole.month so while you're setting up your.your d-o-t you should actually be.calling out to these brokers going on.LinkedIn Facebook googling freight.brokers near you and start asking for a.carrier packet and guys brokers are.looking for you.as much as you are looking for them all.right so it is very important that you.market yourself and used and you could.get connected with as many brokers as.you can as possible this way by the time.that and all of them by the way are.gonna say we need this we need that and.you won't be ready but at least you can.have the I thinks you can have an email.ready say MIMO right just have it have.it ready to go that way you just start.you you send the email then clear out.the names and another email care up the.name send another email to these brokers.have everything ready to go and like I.said at first I can tell you all you.need your MCMC authority letter we need.this other stuff you might not have.ready but that's okay you're just.getting the contact so that you can go.ahead and start sending it out getting.in contact with brokers should be a.weekly job for you like you shouldn't.stop doing that to see like this it's.basically you're just setting yourself.up to have more loads coming your way so.you and there's no boards right you have.Lord Worth and load boards is really.great too because you can actually make.new relationships through the net well.get their contact information and send.your packet out to them right okay so.those are the those are the three.biggest things that we see again it's a.vehicle maintenance problem right.vehicle going down USDOT violation.basically you're not on top of your.compliance which I'll go over and loads.not getting enough work right so let's.go ahead and actually get started.setting up your USDOT so I mean I think.see it's a actually updated their.website so I'm over here on the on their.home page on their home page just go.over to registration and when you come.over to registration just come down here.to get started and this is basically.saying hey you're not making things up.you're not falsifying any information.yes that is correct okay so the USDOT is.roughly going to take about probably.like 45 minutes to knock out not too.crazy just a couple little things I'll.be pointing out that you know.mess up on the good thing about this.system is that you can actually start.and then you can save it and come back.later if you want to in case you get.busy so I'm gonna be a new applicant you.guys I'm gonna do my own deal t so we're.gonna call it Oscars trucking LLC and.before you come to this part you already.have to have the business structure set.up whether that's an LLC corporation.sole proprietor whatever that may be.this section right here is basically.tell you that on your right hand side.you have your your menu options and.pretty much from here you just gonna be.using previous and the next button I'm.not really gonna be doing a whole lot.but they're just telling that you do.have the options of going through the.menu and also just going back and forth.through here then it's telling you hey.make sure that you have your EIN or your.social security number ready you're done.in bradstreet number and your company.offers it the title and then in brass or.not everyone's gonna have this and this.is just in case you want to go ahead and.start building credit for your business.company offers with titles basically.owners right they say hey get it ready.you're gonna need that import it's so.they're saying that if you need in fact.the end of this you needed insurance.please make sure that you file insurance.with that from CSA and they'll tell you.if you need insurance and I'll show you.guys that as we go as we will move.forward designation of process agent.notice this is actually the BOC 3 that.they talk about and their base saying.that hey you need to have a BOC to be on.file designation process agent notice so.these BOC 3 so you guys know what they.are they are a they are a registered.process agent which basically is this.it's because you guys are crossing state.lines right let's say that you're in.Texas and you go to Florida and you have.an issue there and someone wants to sue.you but you're in Texas and they want to.get and they want to see you in their.state but you don't have a residency.there you don't have anything there so.what happens is you sign up with these.process these these companies via that.half process process agents in all.states and what they do is they is they.file a BOC three for you and say hey if.any instance happen we'll take those.documents on your behalf on the state of.Florida from one of our offices and.we'll go ahead and send it over to you.so that's it that's a BOC 3 no big deal.it cost 35 bucks.at least that's the lowest I've seen I.think maybe some 25 dollars 35 bucks and.you only pay it if you update your name.you only pay it again if you change your.name or change your address besides that.it's a one-time payment no big deal.there so fmcs days is basically saying.hey make sure that you have a BOC to be.on file and I think they they ask again.dumb blind just a heads up just because.you get a deal t is this with saying.applicants may not engage in operation.without registration and inactive UST of.T number the USDOT number becomes active.only after registration and be guided by.FMCSA registration will not be granted.without financial responsibility and.process your file each one required.certification this is a certification.Accenture notices just saying that they.hope this is who's going to sign is it.going to be an employee a partner or an.authorized third party so so this this.one's kind of annoying so and just so.you guys know I'm summarizing this for.you I can read it word for word but.there's really no point I know I know.what these mean and this is just saying.hey I want you to know that after an.hour and 20 minutes your information.becomes public so something to keep in.mind you guys your info actually does.become public and I'll show you guys.what you can actually go and see your.DLT at the end of this that your info.becomes public brokers everybody who's.associated with with trucking knows.about this and they can go and type in.your do t number and they can see your.address they can see your phone number.then you can see the type of commodity.you hog they can see all your DLT.violations pulling out on this side here.let me get it ready so in about after.you set up your deal t if you do it in.the morning.heads up your phone's gonna start.blowing up in about an hour 30 minutes.you're gonna start getting junk emails.what you can do all right so there's.some what I would do when you're setting.up your do T's I will use a different.email however it's not a junkie mo you.need to be checking this email in case.in case you do get something from your.State Department or FMCSA not that they.email a lot they actually mail but this.some of the state departments actually.do email but I would create a separate.email because you will get a lot of junk.email there a lot of people offering.services that you might not even need.and a lot of them are going to pretend.like they're part of the government.especially drug and alcohol consortium.companies and they and what they do is.they call you and they're they make it.sound they're very aggressive which is.not okay they're basically using fear as.a tactic to sell which is not okay at.all.and they make it seem like if you don't.do it it's over there's a ton of drug.and alcohol consortiums to choose from.none of them are mandated by or none of.them are connected with FMCSA in any way.besides sending over informational to.them when you do sign up with FMCSA.you're gonna get you're gonna get two.letters one's gonna be your pin number.your MC pin number save it you're.probably not going to use anytime soon.but when you need it you're going to.wish you had in and your pin numbers.like your password to enter the system.the other letter you're gonna get is a.your letter by FMCSA just telling you to.call an 800 number because they want to.verify that you did create that the.deity is for you that you did create.that you do want it and on their on that.letter has 800 number and then it says.make sure you get your bo C 3 and you CR.which we'll go over that's about it.besides that you're just going to be.getting a lot of junk to your to your.your inbox and you're gonna be getting.phone calls so just a heads up that's.gonna happen that's what this is - this.is that that's what this telling you and.and on FMCSA is website in regards to.people like businesses pretending like.they're part of the government FMCSA.actually wars the public about that and.just something to keep out you guys if.you guys see those family like just you.know all these guys look trying to.pretend like they're part of the.government spam their spam their emails.what is what I would do because Indian.they need not that stuff off so let's go.ahead and move on over so here we are.we're starting the application and what.I like to do is I'm actually pulling up.a notepad alright I'm actually gonna.save I'm gonna create a password does it.ask me to create a password and I'm.gonna save it what to do and it's going.to ask them for services security.questions I picked these out so let's.see I was my high school mascot Bulldog.these favorite vegetables carrot was my.first car Honda what's going on here.good some hit next so I'm gonna save it.cuz now I can come back in at any time I.come back in at any time and moving.forward is gonna save all my information.I have my my username and password to.log back in so let me go and so we hit.oh so very first portion they're gonna.ask you for contact information who's.who's filling out this application and.what's their what's their relationship.is an applicant representative so if I'm.a third party company right that would.be myself right there after.representative in this case I'm opening.up my own deal T alright so it's gonna.be myself the owner I'm the company you.will contact myself applicant contact.title I'm the owner my address guys if.you're in a rural area little of nowhere.you might have some issues with your.address here and you know because you've.already had issues with your address but.your address does have to pull up here.if not you can't move forward so this.isn't my address I'm actually making it.up so I can get through the system phone.number so this is what I'm talking about.the number you put here is the number.that they're gonna they're gonna call a.lot alright so I'm making up a dummy.number applicant contact email address.make you know there.it says a preferred contact method email.or or mail do both both I'm gonna hold.you both ways FMCSA needs to capture.business the business details regarding.the applicant alright do you does that.we can have a Dun & Bradstreet number no.I do not legal business name okay so.this is one of the the first errors that.that we see if you're a sole proprietor.your legal business name is what's your.license shows or what's your ID shows.right so my my license shows Oscar M.Hernandez that's my legal business name.if I'm a sole proprietor if you're an.LLC like myself and up an LLC Oscar's.trucking LLC then you go ahead and put.and put the name of your company there.so if you're a sole proprietor you would.put your name here right so to kind of.show you put your legal name here.whenever your license has it next and.then you will put doing your DBA here.Oscar's trucking alright I see that a.lot a lot so legal business name is the.name of your company if you're a sole.proprietor.it is your this is the name on your.license right how are we down on your.license so Oscar's trucking LLC since we.are doing an LLC do I have a DBA nope is.that African principal place of business.address the same as the applicants.contract address so yes you use the same.address that I prefilled for my contact.information and then it's just saying.make sure that this is your address and.is the mailing address the same next so.in case I went too fast here what I just.selected in with that my mailing the.same as principal place of business that.was it copied it over hit next.so now it's asking for the business.phone over right the first time the.first number was for the contact person.now it's the business number right in.this case if it yourself just use the.same number heads-up not you guys you.guys again this is that number that.they're gonna blow up so just just keep.in mind like.the first couple of is gonna be for the.first couple of months but it's really.the first week words were like you're.gonna probably get seven five seven a.date and you could just so you know you.could put a dummy number there and.update it in about three days just so.you know it's really up to you with the.USDOT pin but if not then just leave it.as is so in here you can use a tax ID or.social security number we recommend a.tax ID you're gonna be getting all these.carrier packets right they're gonna want.you to fill out the w9s and all that.stuff you really don't want your Social.Security flying out like that just get a.tax ID use that instead I know my cause.I'm surprised a little bit more but why.have your social if you don't have to up.to you though um I would use my tax ID.instead of having to put myself give my.social out all the time so make.something up in here you can't see it if.you have it right.keep um if you put it in correct but you.can't see it up ahead I'll show you guys.oh this is something cool okay so the.actual site has which I say anything.that's highlighted in blue you can.actually just scroll over it and it'll.tell you what it means so is the.applicant and you know government.basically you know military mail are you.one of these type of equipments no not.if you're hauling mail right the rather.you're you're a come you're a vehicle.you know from from you know it's.counties halls vehicle or the city one.of the city vehicles right so no work.for hire work for hire and we're not.part of the government then it's asking.you for are your sole proprietor.partnership which one are you if if you.answer like it's going to ask you what.state did you incorporate in so mines.Texas.owned and controlled and it's gonna ask.you who controls it only controlled by.students in the United States you know.it company contact so this is actually.the owner right so if you're doing for.somebody else it'll be there for me.whoever the owner is in this case is.just myself so just finding out basic.contact information here nothing crazy.and then my number that's my information.as the owner now I wants to know the.business address which it's gonna it's.the same thing you're probably inputting.the same thing like three times in this.system any guys I do not live here do.not try to find me here cause you won't.catch me ok so now it's just showing you.hey this is all the information this is.where I was talking about the ein like.if you can't if you can't see it just.come here make sure that it's correct I.made that one of you guys so you come.basically it's asking hey is this.correct.every section is gonna do this hey is.this information correctly you filmed.out if so good hit next.now we're actually going to the juicy.stuff that was just basic contact info.now they want to know if you're gonna be.a household good mover you're gonna be a.broker freight forwarder cargo tank.facility intermodal equipment provider.these are the different type of.authorities we're going to go through.and I'm sure you guys have seen other.YouTube videos of guys saying like they.messed up and they they select it too.many authorities it's because they.selected more than one of these um and.I'm gonna go over them so that way.you're aware of which one you should.that you need that you need choose and.most likely we're all gonna fall right.here alright unless you're a broker well.the most of us are gonna fall right here.in fact the majority of us will probably.I'm sorry.right here sorry sorry I meant this one.this is passengers the majority of us.are going to fall right here we're a.motor carrier of property whether you're.a private carrier or for hire and I'll.go over that so let's go ahead and move.forward so well the applicant operate as.an intermodal equipment provider so.there's some people out there that.actually provide in a model like the.chasse the toe right here the chassis.and which is the Bob which is basically.the the bottom trailer part when they.put these these type of containers right.here so the chassis is actually right.there that equipment back here and they.actually have in it they have to have an.authority for that so just hit know this.isn't going to be you guys you guys want.to go in going to more definite the.definition by all means figure out what.in the model provider is but basically.they provide equipment for intermodal.container haulers and because they.provide this type of equipment that that.touches that deals with federal a.federal e regulated cargo they need an.MC number and I'll go over that in just.a minute but are we in a modern.equipment provider no you wouldn't know.if you're one with an applicant.transport property yes right regardless.one that's we're doing we're hauling.cargo so the answer is yes.well that applicant received.compensation for the business.transporting the property belonging to.others absolutely that's that's what's.called the for hire and they have a.picture here that you're picking up at.Acme Inc but you J&I LLC is actually the.company you're being paid by acne Inc so.that's so that's an actual for higher.definition right there and if you're.getting paid to haul you it's on a for.hire basis you're being hired to haul so.yes we are being paid to transport other.people's property if you're transporting.your own property you're no longer for.hire you're actually private carrier and.I'll go over that in just a second.what type of property will the applicant.transport so you um so right now is this.going to go abroad hazmat.cold goods exempt commodities and we're.over here other non-hazardous right this.is where flatbed general freight dump.trucks all you everybody else but these.guys are gonna go in all right we'll the.African transport non has non hazardous.material cross state lines other ones.otherwise known as interstate commerce.so they want to know are you gonna do.you require an MC number because you're.gonna cross state lines.remember non hazardous although they're.putting on hazards here we're talking.about general Freight flatbed dump.trucks everybody else that's not has.about household good movers or exempt.commodities are you gonna be crossing.state lines now here's the thing about.your MC number and and actually another.picture is gonna come up in a minute to.help explain this it's not about if it's.not about whether you're crossing state.lines or not you're gonna notice a like.a lot of you with box trucks that you're.under the weight limit that you still.require an MC number even though you're.not crossing state lines it's because.most of box trucks are dealing with.commodities that are crossing state.lines so let me give you an example.let's say that the commodities coming.from Florida to Texas okay and from.Florida to Georgia Florida Georgia and.what happens is the commodity starts.let's say in Miami and it goes all the.way right close to the border of Georgia.you're in Georgia now and they drop it.off at a warehouse.now this warehouse right this isn't your.your warehouse where you're storing and.you save for days no this these type of.warehouses basically the loads just.there for minutes for hours maybe 24.hours but for the most part the loads.are gonna go aren't gonna be added and.those are called freight forwarders.alright so if this commodity is coming.from Florida and it goes into Georgia.and it gets delivered at this warehouse.right and then a box truck comes and.picks it up picks up that commodity from.this warehouse and takes it all the way.to Best Buy they have to carry an MC.number because the commodity that.they're hauling is an interstate.commodity the commodity is being if.if anything crosses state lines or comes.in from from the ports from another.country that's a federally regulated.commodity and so it's not about whether.you're crossing state lines rather if.that commodity came from a different.state or from a different country so.it's not so much whether again whether.you're crossing state lines right so you.guys know you guys when like got people.to have to go into the ports that's why.they require an MC number it's because.they're they're hauling commodities that.are coming from a different country.right different regulations and FMCSA.has to be involved in it right they're.federally regulated commodities so.anything that across the state lines.requires an MC at all so again it's not.whether you cross state lines or not.it's actually whether the the loads that.you're going to be hauling if they're.gonna be coming from either overseas or.from a different state if what true.intrastate operation is when you stay.within your own state is if you pick up.a load within that state that originated.from that state and you're taking it.within that state to another to another.destination.that's your interesting interstate.normally people see when they cross.state lines but like you guys notice.like your box trucks working with Amazon.what do they do they make you get an MC.number why because they're packages are.coming from all over the place so just.something to keep in mind and don't it's.okay if you don't know just ask your.contracts that you're working with go.ask the brokers like what do they.require an MC do most of those require.an MC and you'll see and some do some.don't I mean that's just really homework.for you to find out you can always add.the MC let's say you say no I don't.think I'm gonna cross state lines but.I'm not sure right now you can always.add it later one thing that's great.about the DMT is that you can always.update this information it's really um.there's a process right but it's not a.big deal if you messed up on some of.this or you start off and you do it.wrong as long as you correct it before.you finish before you you get your.insurance and you know go through the.finish line make sure you have it all.done correct but in the beginning you.mess up here and there no big deal let's.fix it let's fix it and make sure that.by the time your your.you're complete it's all right so I'm.gonna cross state line because I'm gonna.drive with the in my region so I make.some money alright so yes I want the MC.number and I don't want to confuse.anybody if the kamati crossed the state.lines then I also want loads to deal.with those type of commodities so yes.we're interstate father's were dealing.with property that's crossing state.lines and we would like to take those.type of loads so yes will the applicant.transport their own property so this is.a private carriers and they have a.picture here you see Acme Inc is hauling.and it's being hauled by Acme Inc their.own product that's a private carrier so.a manufacturing company who delivers.their own equipment to somebody that's a.private carrier.they don't need an authority they just.need the deal t they still have to obey.you know the drug-and-alcohol consortium.laws vehicle maintenance driver.qualifications all that good stuff they.still have used as a private carrier you.still have to obey that you just don't.need an actual Authority we just need.your deal T number so another person.that fits into this let's say to maybe.hope simplify as a landscaper a.landscaper glass their own dump truck.right there they're grossed over the.twenty six thousand pounds have to have.CDL all that good stuff right well there.they have a dump truck bit they're not.paid to haul the dirt they're actually.they're paid to put up a beautiful yard.Holly the dirt is just a product of.effect of what they're doing so removing.that dirt they're not being paid for.that necessarily the main painted to fix.the yard removing the dirt this is.something that comes with a job they.have their own dump truck put the dirt.take it out that's a private carrier.that's someone that's hauling their own.commodities our own equipment their own.cargo right so with the African.transport their own property no work for.hire we haul other people's property.with a African transport any passengers.not transporting any passengers you guys.transporting any passengers you also.need your MC 5 million dollar liability.- well that applicant provide property.of household good so this is this is.where.people start selecting and getting other.authorities so when you're selecting yes.to these you're gonna pay $300 for each.one so no we're not a broker we're not.and I'm not doing any household good.movie with the applicant provide freight.forwarder service guys that was the so.freight forwarder is right here right.and they're basically a company that.holds cargo for a moment and then sends.it off right so and it was in that in.that example that I was teaching in.regards to the vehicle coming from state.lab from Florida into Georgia dropping.it off at that warehouse at that.warehouse that's where your freight.forwarders are at so because they're.holding onto federally regulated and.commodities they also need an MC number.right so no I'm not afraid forward I'm a.motor carrier with the African operate a.cargo tank facility you guys wanna know.what that is just any of these items.just go over I light it over in blue no.we're not a facility right we're motor.carriers this one's a no-brainer it's.where motor carriers just like know what.the applicant operate as a driver way.the answer is no again because the motor.carrier but at driveway is basically.someone that hauls units from point A to.B most of these point a and B are from.the manufacturing company over to the.dealership or manufacturing over to.whoever purchased it that's what a drive.away is two wheels have to be on the.floor just like they showing here and.yeah that's pretty much it you can cover.it between a vehicle manufacturing.facility between a vehicle manufacturing.dealership or purchaser to drive away.different they're basically just pulling.vehicles are being purchased and sold.right drive away operation so no we're.not driving away operation with African.operate as a Tollway so just when I when.I send vehicles let me go back here I'll.come out semi trucks all right I'm not.talking about auto Holley that's that's.a different that's something else I'll.show you guys at the head well the.applicant applicant operate as a drive.away so no well the African operate as a.tollways so this is you tow truck guys.right so that's different right driver.way is for semi.Halling semi-trucks tollway is for is.for people that are broken down vehicle.as Neto now they're asking us for our.commodities I'm gonna keep mine simple.and just I'm gonna choose general.Freight and I'm gonna I'm gonna get a.fifty three footer drive and keep it.like that.but let's say that your flatbed right.you'll probably want to select leave I.was if you're flapping I was lucky I'll.leave general Freight choose some.building materials what else do you know.you got got to look at your contract.right some machinery you can fit on.there that's about it right so you got.to look at what you're hauling and.select your commodity the commodities.that you're gonna haul and again you.guys if you messed up and down line I.just shopping through insurance or you.know dealing with targeted brokers and.they say oh no this is what we're gonna.be doing you just come back and update.it no big deal right if it's not on here.let's say liquid asphalt just put other.type in what it is or you dump truck.guys dirt and gravel in fact I'll leave.it like that I'll leave it like that.I'll select other dirt sand and gravel.and that's gonna ask you hey are you.sure.all these are correct yes they want to.know they want information regards to.the vehicles we kind of operate so just.so you guys know in this in this example.semi truck is is what is what I'm.operating with and I'll select it as I'm.doing the power only okay.that means no no trailer please provide.the number of non-commercial vehicles.that that applicant plans will operate.zero the semi truck right so and I know.it starts off like why are they asking.that question non commercial vehicles.and it's they're gonna want to know.things like do you require a drug in our.consortium so they can keep an eye on.you for that do if you have CDL drivers.do.but if you pass over hundred miles do.you need eld so they're these this is.why they're asking these questions so.not commercial vehicle no mine's a.commercial vehicle alright so right here.did a little bit of confusion and that's.because of FMCSA they should have add.some extra things here but basically.they wanna know what you own or what you.lease okay and in this case I own one.semi and then everything else is zero.okay and then trailers I don't own any.on the lease one on the term basis right.if you're a dually a cargo then a box.truck all you other guys are gonna fit.right here alright under straight trucks.FMCSA doesn't have another option for.Dooley's pickups or anything else that.doesn't fit under truck tractor.I've seen your tandems just put them.right there.super dumps put them right there as.truck tractors but the rest of you guys.are basically going to go cargo van.pickups box trucks you guys are gonna go.under straight trucks right and then.just choose the trailer and it doesn't.this isn't it doesn't matter if you have.one or not and if you get one later down.line again guys no big deal just coming.up TT the way you're sending up your do.t is how you plan on starting now.cuz I see some people call like eight.vehicles eight drivers and that's what.they want to get to know you put what.you're gonna apply for is how you're.gonna start and once you start growing.then you can add those other things.next wait did I hit my train there yeah.okay next.please provide the number the number of.commercial vehicles that we operate in.Canada or Mexico so none not that you.can you have the international.authorities but I'm not doing that.please provide the number of commercial.vehicles the number of commercial.commercial motor vehicle that will.operate solely in interstate commerce so.even if you guys are gonna do.interesting as well so basically I'm.saying is if you plan on crossing state.lines only those things so how many.vehicles then what I'm saying is that if.you're in across state lines and you're.staying within the state you're doing.both that's fine just hit one on.interstate all right let me go back here.if you're crossing if you need the MC.number make sure you put one here or.however many vehicles are starting off.with please try the number via.commercial the of commercial motor.vehicles the a plan operates solely in.interstate commerce so even though it's.not solely in interstate commerce.this is the way that you're going to do.it because there's the I'll show you.then the question is please provide the.number of commercial vehicles the.applicant will operate solely and.interesting we're trying to find out if.you're an interstate driver or.interstate driver so if you're if you so.let's all the interstate it covers.interstate and also interstate within.your own state if you're not interstate.crossing state lines and your intrastate.meaning you're you you let's read this.transportation of passenger perty in.entirely within one state that's not.part of the three movement that.originates or terminates in another.state or country basically they're.picking up a load from point A to B and.that package is not a through movement.from a different state or out of out of.it from a different country so that's.interesting from point A to B within.your own state and they're not federally.regulated commodities and again.federally regulated commodities is.commodities that cross state lines or is.coming from a different country so is.this off direct sure is FMCSA needs to.capture some details regard the type of.driver the the companies will utilize.okay basically same questions was the.number of drivers will operate as.interstate within 100 mile.No beyond under Mouse the one are you.doing eld or paper logs we're beyond.right I wanna I want to I want to target.my region why is the number of drivers.who operate solely in intrastate 0/0 um.interstate if your interest state that.you're adding your stuff here and zero.and interstate so I can intrastate.you're staying in your own state inter.PR is where you're getting your MC.number intrastate Authority is different.you don't get an MC number with if.you're staying within your own state now.if you're staying with your own state.and you're hauling regulating.commodities you can you can still get.the interstate Authority you can do that.it's not a problem we're the number of.drivers with commercial driver's license.and it's gonna be one system it's just.myself.I'm the owner up why the number of.drivers will operate in Canada or Mexico.to zero not going there is this all.correct so they want to ask us a couple.of questions to determine the insurance.that we need and so the question is will.any of the basically are you gonna be or.you know are you gonna gross over ten.thousand in one pound I'm gonna.semi-truck chocolate yes I'm gonna show.you guys if you hit no for you cargo.vans that requiring MC maybe because.you're working with Amazon or another.contract that requires an MC but you're.under the ten thousand pounds that's the.amount liability you're gonna have to.carry you the rest of us is actually 750.so I'm gonna go back here so I selected.yes right box trucks Dooley's everybody.right you guys are going to go here so.you select yes we're gonna be grossed.over the ten thousand one pounds because.of that than FMCSA says hey then you're.required your liability is 750 thousand.now that's for dump trucks well if you.if you require an MC the liability that.you need is $750,000 state might require.a different limit right most states.require five.thousand as their maximum and your but.your brokers however so you guys looking.at this like Oh with that but I hear.that you have to get a million dollar.liability most of the contract probably.ninety percent of the contracts that.you're gonna get required 1 million.dollar liability so even though FMCSA.require seven hundred fifty thousand.most of your contracts are gonna require.the 1 million dollars and again look.into your contracts but if you're a semi.truck it's a million box trucks you.might be able to get away with this dump.trucks it varies on the contract it can.be five hundred or 1 million so just.check but for the most part everybody's.getting the not everybody right but a.good handful are gonna need the 1.million dollar liability now your.insurance company is only gonna file.what FMCSA requires so cover you for a.million but they're only going to file.what FMCSA requires if you're an auto.hauler you require a million dollars in.liability widely switch up the.commodities and do it to water hauling.you're gonna require a million dollar.liability hazmat 5 million and also if.you're carrying try transporting.passengers 5 million okay so hit next.they want to know if I've had another.d-o-t in the past before this is what.they're saying and the question is does.the applicant currently have or has had.within the last three years of date of.the finance application relationships.involving common stock common ownership.common management common control four.million ship or any other person or.applicant for registration have you had.another DLT know if you have what's.going on are you trying to do a new one.I'm just gonna take moments this talk.about this if you've had another deal t.before you can't run away from it your.deal T is like your social you need to.fix the other one the only time I see.someone opening up a new do T's because.they were partnering another one and.they're doing their own thing or because.they're trying to run away from the mess.that they they got with all the d-o-t.violations and if you do set up another.deal T they're gonna link it they're.gonna link it to you it's just a matter.of time and the reason they were gonna.link into you you can open up another.deal T but FMCSA what they're gonna do.linked into to your do T once they find.out that it belongs to you and then.everybody is going to see that you're.related to that do T and they're going.to look at that deal T violations what.happened with them and even the.insurance company so in ticket they're.actually gonna take a look at the other.deal T and see what happened and rate.your new deal T based on the old one so.really if you've jacked up your deal T.the best thing you can do is clean it up.and you can clean it up but it's gonna.cost you that's why you guys for your.nutrient you guys be proactive stay on.top all your maintenance it's you have.to do it anyway it's just just it's part.of business are the guys I see they're.on top of compliance.sure enough have at least amount of.problems I mean it's because you're on.top of your business basically so if you.have another deal T you gotta let them.know if not you're falsifying.information so I don't have another.Quixote next you must certify the.everything you're talking about it's.true and correct that's what they're.saying here and this is I read this.bottom part I further serve so this is.saying hey you're not lying we're gonna.find you and send your butt to jail.alright I further certify under penalty.of perjury injury under the laws of the.United Stated after September 1st 1990.any federal or state offense involving.the distribution or possession of a.controlled substance.I make excuse me or of a controlled.substance or that I have or that have.been so convicted.I'm not legible to receive federal.benefits either by court order or.operation of law pursuant to code so.forth if you have if you have any issues.you you do have to let FMCSA know it.doesn't mean that your your account it's.not going to be a process however if you.had any trap and type of traffic issues.that involved any of these items you're.not gonna get a deal team right.should've done that but in some cases.you can actually if you know something.happened it wasn't right and you.corrected it you can actually continue.with your do t and then file.the information over to FMCSA it's not.that you won't get approved it's just a.different process okay so I don't want.to say that that you won't get it but.just if if you know that you didn't.basically if you have things like Europe.that can clear you up in court you're.fine.take it over to DLT and then they'll go.ahead and work it out with you the rest.of us yes we understand don't like all.right let me get my password here this.saying that everything we have spoken.about is true and correct and this of.this next part let me read this and I'll.explain because the Africans certified.is willing and able to provide the.proposed operations or service and to.comply with all pertinent statutory and.regulatory requirements and regulations.issued or administered by the US.Department of Transportation including.operations operational regulations.safety fitness requirement motor vehicle.safety standards and minimum financial.responsibility and designation and.process agent service they're basically.saying hey if they ask you we're and.it's gonna actually pull it up in a.couple of minutes of the next couple of.slides if that forms the FMCSA can ask.you for your compliance documents and.within 48 hours you have to provide it.and you are aware but you have to be.within good standings within their.operational regulations safety fitness.requirement motor vehicles so make these.down operation regulations basically.we're talking about insurance.having the right permits having your.ethnic tags and and all that in place if.that's what it means.safety fitness requirements make sure.that you're properly licensed medical.card so forth.drug and alcohol consortium program.motor vehicle safety inspectors.basically means for you on top of your.vehicle maintenance and then financial.responsibility do you have insurance in.place and designation of proxies agent.do you have your BOC three so.anytime that they ask you you have to.provide those things within 48 hours.don't worry in the beginning they're not.gonna bug you while we're getting all.this setup in fact we should be doing.during this time is getting those things.set up is having a vehicle maintenance.plan in place and and you guys leave.forgot to mention on the bottom of this.link on the bottom of this video my.party's on the bottom in this video look.for it'll be a link over to our website.if you scroll all the way down there is.a new entrant checklist and this new.entrant checklist actually goes over all.these all these requirements and FMCSA.also doesn't have a checklist but they.have their own guide as well so I'm.gonna post I'm gonna put a link on there.as well and this will help you stay on.top of compliance compliance isn't all.that crazy it's just really being on top.of your on top of your paperwork that's.really uh that's obviously vehicle in.Spain there's some physical activity to.it like the vehicles inspections but.stay on top of it weekly stay on top and.monthly and you won't have to worry.about it there is for everybody.obtaining an MC you will have what's.called a new entrant audit and I was.going to tell you guys this at the end.business we're talking about it the new.entrant audit this is an audit that is.done by dot4.every new motor carrier that applies and.it's done in between the they say three.to nine months I've seen a more like.nine to twelve months but they're gonna.go over these items and they're gonna.act they're gonna ask you to submit all.this information over to them and it's.actually it's a big deal it's not that.hard and it's actually really great that.they do this service and and for the.public right like as as a business owner.you don't want to do more you know what.any bit we we also have to look at the.public which is ourselves right where.the consumers were the citizens and we.need to be protected as well and so what.they're doing is making sure that hey.that this Motor Carrier that they're in.good standing to operate these heavy.machinery these heavy machines on the.road right and the first audit with the.new entrant audit you actually don't get.scored on so.that's a that's a big thing you don't.get squirted on every audio after that.you will get scored on in the audience.or huge if you're being audited it's not.a good thing but the first audit it's.more like a slap on the hand it's okay.if you have a couple of things wrong.they're not going to grade you on it but.if you fail any of the big stuff if they.see if they come and they see your.vehicle's just jacked up if they see.you're not rolling to drug in our corner.or if you don't have the proper licenses.BAM suspended done all right not that.you can't activate it if you're do t get.suspended.you just new do opposite what you didn't.do get your permits get everything.correct refile it and boom we'll get.we'll get the deal T back on but yeah so.the new entrant audit is actually really.nice because they can also even tell you.what you're doing wrong so we prepare.our clients that you got your honors all.that I said it's a big deal as incense.for your company but it's it's not hard.because all the items you should have.already in place you should have it we.should just be uploading it over to.FMCSA so get that checklist download it.it's a good guide to go ahead and get.you started and goes over the the items.that they're looking for the checklist.does is a little bit more detailed than.what they asked in the first audit but.the checklist is about being compliant.not about trying to pass the first audit.because if you guys if you follow the.checklist you'll pass the on it no doubt.so yes I am aware that I have to do that.I have to have all of these things in.place all right and that the deal and.that deal T can ask me for these items.in I have to submit it over to them and.actually it continues that part and this.is the section where it says within 48.hours that you have to submit all those.items over to them.no problem again you guys in the.beginning they're not going to ask for.it while we're setting up the deal T.however just so you guys know if there's.ever an accident involved the first.thing that they look for is vehicle.maintenance log and Driver file driver.qualification and that's why you have to.be on top of your stuff because if.something were to happen and you don't.have this ready and you're waiting for.the new entrant on it they call you guys.and you have an.I mean how is that going to look when.you're trying to say it wasn't my fault.that the company that is not on top of.their stuff you know I mean as a company.it's your responsibility to be on top of.these items and you're gonna look good.if you have all this squared away and.actually were to happen and hey it was.just an accident we did a through Z like.we were supposed to you know that's the.outcome is gonna be different okay.that's how you certify does African.certifies not currently disqualified for.operating commercial vehicles in the.United States if you are come on you.can't get the DLT all right does the.applicant certified understands the.agent for service of process nation will.be deemed the applicants official.representative in the United States for.receipt filing noises and administrative.proceedings but as I was telling you.about the process service agent they're.gonna take our legal items on our behalf.and then they're gonna mail it over to.to myself because I'm in Texas right so.yes I'm aware that they're gonna.represent me they're just gonna grab the.items and send it over that's as much of.the representation they have this is an.applicant certify that the carrier is.not prohibited from filing this.application because FMCSA registration.is currently under suspension do t.suspensions we vote or whatever excuse.me on you or voice revoke less than 30.days before filing an application yes my.for all you new guys right you certify.everybody else make sure that you.correct it and if you have then you can.go ahead and continue on to the next.step if the applicant registration is.currently revoked is the applicant.certifies that deficients cited the.deficiency side of the revocation.proceedings have been corrected let's do.it my signature.it's all this correct yes it is.applicants oath that's myself.whoever's processing this application of.asking the same questions not falsifying.any more information and I'm not.convicted with any of this stuff that is.correct password title the owner you can.put member as well president whatever.you want that's fine FMCSA required.applicants have access to FMCSA portal.okay.these next logins you're going to need.for the clearinghouse all right or the.new actually when you set up your DLT.you're gonna get logins there's two.different sites you have your FMCSA.portal and then you have the back end to.the DLT where you can make changes like.address change and items like that this.is for the portal you're not gonna use.this a whole lot you do have to update.it in case any things like you change.your address change name you do have to.update it but for the most part you're.not gonna use this portal a whole lot.however as of January 2020 FMCSA.clearinghouse in order to sign up with.them and I'll put a link under there so.everybody who's nice every motor carrier.with commercial vehicles needs to sign.up with the FMCSA clearinghouse googling.it's as easy as as applying with.registering for netflix if you guys need.help give us a call we're more than.happy to help you guys out but you do.need these specific logins to get that.job done okay so your logins are very.very important to all this stuff please.save them somewhere so the company.official role be assigned to the company.contact Oscar Nuys sorry they're.assigning a role the register user for.this portal I'm the owner yeah assign it.to me and I'm going to use the same.password same login information.verify your information I don't want to.be contacted both always select both why.why not.would you like to use the same security.questions I sure do and now it's telling.you hey don't falsify anything don't try.to hack FMCSA if so ten years buddy.got it I'm trying to do that yeah I got.time for that I gotta work alright so.same thing yes I'm gonna play by your.rules I agree with you right we don't.have time to mess around with this stuff.right here they're saying hey you as the.the portal registrant it is your.responsibility to make sure that the DLT.stays updated if there's a new contact.person that comes in that that stays.updated sure that's me so you do have to.keep your portal up-to-date once a year.basically but not a whole lot you're.going to do with it except for the.Clearinghouse information I was talking.about yes I'm aware that if any making.changes I'll go ahead and update it and.I'm capable of taking care of the portal.so this is your FMCSA logins okay save.them save them save them okay right then.here so FMCSA has German African will.operate as for higher property carrier.general Freight all right to proceed.with submitting the applicants.application and application application.fee of $300 is required and you guys.this because I selected the other just.so you know it'll just populate that so.the base saying hey you applied for your.motor carrier application it's gonna be.300 bucks got it that is how much it.cost if you're getting a deal t you're.interesting.only you're not gonna pay for anything.you're just gonna get your deal t at the.end this is telling you that that there.are some fees the three hundred dollar.fee you can use credit card and heads-up.FM C is say does not do any type of.refunds if you selected multiple.authorities you messed up then you pay.more than $300 no refund and to remove.the authorities believe it or not.there's like a two-week process alright.so it can be a pain in the butt so yes I.am aware no refunds the whole shebang so.then after this you guys after we enter.so I'm not gonna continue right I'm.making a dummy do t but after after we.continue right here something I'm gonna.go back so I didn't go forward after we.make this payment you're gonna get your.your do t is gonna show right here like.up here somewhere alright and then your.MC you won't see it you won't see it.until tomorrow and I'm going to show you.guys where you can actually view that so.you want to see your MC numb rental.tomorrow however you're probably you.know the emos I told you and after an.hour and a half those guys actually see.the MC before you so they so you so.there are some people say hey here's.your MC number and then that's when.they're gonna pitch you the rest of this.stuff right so I mean that's pretty cool.you'll get a emailed to you if not.that's okay you what you can do is come.over to this site let me pull it up here.and you can drop in your deal t number.now I just pulled up a do t number right.just to show you guys fit so let me go.back here you're done after that you get.your deal team and then your em CEO you.can come and pull it up here the next.day you don't get any type of document.just so you know what you want to do is.print you want to hit print on the very.last page once you get your deal do T.and hit print all summary HTML you know.you know print the entire application.for you save it right after that once.you print it to make the payment and.your print it you're done what I want to.show you is safe for signing right or.safety and fitness and ekron electronic.records I'll also put the link on on the.bottom as well.this site is where I was telling you.where they can actually pull up your.information so I just grabbed a random.deal T guys have no idea who this is.okay so and I punched it in there so I.go back you punch it you can you can put.it put in your do t number the MC number.of the name so let's say this is the.next day you punch in the do t number.and of course now it's going to go slow.and right away you can see that this is.an active carrier the name of the.company their address their phone number.how many units they have they're.authorized for hire we scroll down we.can see their interest state we'll need.and their Harley construction equipment.you see they selected other and put.construction equipment right you can see.how many inspections they've had they've.had a total of one inspection how many.times will they added service zero so.this is your safer this is this is safer.or what they call snapshot this is what.brokers and insurance companies use to.rate you guys they're gonna go through.here they're gonna look at your deal T.violations they look at your score or.and your guys case they're gonna look at.the new do t that there's nothing there.it's a bad new deal T on the top right.hand side I'm just gonna right click.this open but on the top right hand side.to SMS result which is called safety.measurement system in here you can.actually see all the DLT violations.they've had so they've only had one.inspection right well you can actually.come to that inspection and look on that.inspection operating a commercial.vehicle without proof.of the periodic inspection and they got.they got a violation of one point on it.so they got toilet inspections and you.can actually click on the inspection I.select this the inspection down here.and you can actually see the vehicles.that were inspected right and the date.and where it was inspected that's what I.mean by your information is public like.it's like you know I mean you they can.even get your email information there's.a whole nother process to get to that.but they can also get your email.information and that's how they start.sending those those junk emails out but.yeah but this is yeah so this is safer.you can come in here and take a look at.your d-o-t and your DLT information and.same information that's public you can.even pull up the insurance information.right here so that's it guys that's it.sending up the your own DLT I do want to.stress the fact that that is that it's.very important to keep your d-o-t clean.be up-to-date on your maintenance if.you're hiring people on think about it.they're not gonna care as much as you.are about your usdot it is important to.have vehicle maintenance plan in place.even more so when you're hiring other.people because they just don't care.they're not gonna care I've seen.companies go out and you know some.business owners say well you know they.didn't have their vehicle and AAA but.it's your company it's your company at.the end of the day you guys any.questions at all please let us know I'm.hoping this this helps you guys out.hopefully we can eliminate some of the.some of the issues all the links will be.down on this video any questions at all.please let me know thanks you guys.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Application Authority Form online

CocoSign is a browser based software and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the most useful method to e-sign their Application Authority Form .

It offers an all in one package including safety, low cost and easiness. Follow these tips to add a signature to a form online:

  1. Ensure you have a efficient internet connection.
  2. Click the document which needs to be electronically signed.
  3. Click to the option of "My Signature” and drag it.
  4. You will be given choice after selecting 'My Signature'. You can choose your drawn signature.
  5. Create your e-signature and drag 'Ok'.
  6. Select "Done".

You have successfully finish the PDF signing online . You can access your form and save it. Except for the e-sign choice CocoSign provides features, such as add field, invite to sign, combine documents, etc.

How to create an electronic signature for the Application Authority Form in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most welcome browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of a large number of tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

Follow these basic tips to generate an e-signature for your form in Google Chrome:

  1. Direct to the Web Store of Chrome and in the search CocoSign.
  2. In the search result, select the option of 'Add'.
  3. Now, sign in to your registered Google account.
  4. Click the link of the document and drag the option 'Open in e-sign'.
  5. Select the option of 'My Signature'.
  6. Create your signature and put it in the document where you favor.

After adding your e-sign, save your document or share with your team members. Furthermore, CocoSign provides its users the options to merge PDFs and add more than one signee.

How to create an electronic signature for the Application Authority Form in Gmail?

Nowadays, businesses have altered their mode and evolved to being paperless. This involves the completing tasks through emails. You can easily e-sign the Application Authority Form without logging out of your Gmail account.

Follow the tips below:

  1. Download the CocoSign extension from Google Chrome Web store.
  2. Open the document that needs to be e-signed.
  3. Select the "Sign” option and generate your signature.
  4. Select 'Done' and your signed document will be attached to your draft mail produced by the e-signature software of CocoSign.

The extension of CocoSign has solved problems for you. Try it today!

How to create an e-signature for the Application Authority Form straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones have substantially replaced the PCs and laptops in the past 10 years. In order to solved problems for you, CocoSign helps finish your task via your personal phone.

A efficient internet connection is all you need on your phone and you can e-sign your Application Authority Form using the tap of your finger. Follow the tips below:

  1. Direct to the website of CocoSign and create an account.
  2. Then, drag and upload the document that you need to get e-signed.
  3. Select the "My signature" option.
  4. Put down and apply your signature to the document.
  5. Take a look at the document and tap 'Done'.

It takes you a short time to add an e-signature to the Application Authority Form from your phone. Get or share your form the way you want.

How to create an e-signature for the Application Authority Form on iOS?

The iOS users would be pleased to know that CocoSign provides an iOS app to help out them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the Application Authority Form , utilize the CocoSign software with no doubt.

Here's guide add an electronic signature for the Application Authority Form on iOS:

  1. Download the application from Apple Store.
  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Click to the place where you want to sign and select the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Write your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can save it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the Application Authority Form on Android?

The large popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can download the software for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can add an e-signature for Application Authority Form on Android following these tips:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Click your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by selecting on the "+” icon.
  3. Direct to the place where you need to add your signature and generate it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by selecting the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Get and share your document, as desired.

Get CocoSign today to help out your business operation and save yourself a great amount of time and energy by signing your Application Authority Form wherever.

Application Authority Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Application Authority Form are:

Need help? Contact support

How much time does it take to get the US passport for a newborn to Pakistani parents in US?

You will first need to obtain a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, which (in most parts of the US) is issued by the county or municipal health or vital records authority having jurisdiction over the place where the child was born. If the child was born in a hospital, the hospital will have already initiated this process, and you would likely have been asked by a hospital clerk to fill out the necessary paperwork to do so. If the child was not born in a hospital, you may need to go to the health or vital records department to fill out these forms yourself (and in fact, are required to do so by law in many states). Once you have a certified true copy of the child’s birth certificate, you can apply for a passport. The application for a first-time passport for a child typically takes about six weeks to be processed. It is irrelevant what the nationalities or immigration status of the parents is.

How can I unblock my SBI ATM card?

Hi All Im suffering because i toke ATM from RT Nagar sbi branch and my ATM card has been blocked requesting you to unblocked Debit card Regards Mubarakpasha

Is it a good idea to hire a consultant to help me apply to immigrate to Canada?

It is definately very important to have a consultant to guied you throughout the process. Also as Express entry is becoming tougher day by day an expert will only help

Can I fill out the form for the JEE Main 2 still? How?

No! You cannot fill the form now. The official authorities allowed candidates to fill the JEE Main application forms till 1st January 2018 and submit their fees till 2nd January 2018. Now, as the last date is over, you won’t be allowed to fill the form. As you would not like to waster your whole year, you must try other Engineering Exams such as BITSAT, VITEE etc. Go for it! Good Luck!

In the US, is it illegal to pretend to be a minority group for the sake of a job/university application?

You could possibly find yourself charged with some form of fraud. If you misrepresented yourself you could have to payback something like a race based scholarship. You also might loose a job if race was somehow a factor.

Is WWCIS a legitimate immigration group or a fraudulent one?

I had never heard of this company, so when I got your request for an answer I googled it. It seems that there are a lot of people who have complaints about this company. I don't know if their complaints are legitimate or if the applicants are actually at fault. Honestly, I don't know why anyone goes through an immigration agent. What do they provide that you can't do for yourself? The Immigration web sites of most countries are fairly straightforward and tell you what you need to qualify and how to apply, as well as the cost. I'm not saying it's not a lot of paperwork and it can be time consuming Continue Reading

How do I fill out the MHT-CET MBA exam application form in detail?

DTE Maharashtra has discharged MHT CET 2018 application form as on January 18 in online mode, can be filled by competitors by following the means said in how to fill MHT CET application frame 2018. Applicants who need to enlist themselves for the selection test should take after the means as given in how to fill MHT CET 2018 application form to maintain a strategic distance from oversights and entire method to go smooth and bother free. The means to fill the application type of MHT CET 2018 incorporates enlistment, filling of required subtle elements, transferring of filtered reports, instalment and affirmation page download. Hopefuls are required to fill the application type of MHT CET 2018 painstakingly to stay away from dismissal by the specialists. It is essential to take the application shape filling methodology of MHT CET genuinely on the grounds that exclusive those hopefuls who will present their structures effectively will get concede cards. Such applicants who will have legitimate MHT CET 2018 concede cards will be permitted to show up in the exam. Competitors must read the means offered underneath to fill and submit MHT CET 2018 application frame in a sorted-out way: Stage 1 – Registration Applicants should enrol themselves and give the required details. Candidate should concur whether he or she is an Indian resident or not. Proceeding onward, they will be required to fill the accompanying individual subtle elements: Full name (as showing up on the announcement of characteristics of SSC tenth or proportional exam), Father’s name, Mother’s first name, Last name, Gender, Contact Information, Address for correspondence, House No/Street, Area Name, Town/City , State, District, Pin code, Country, Mobile Number, Primary Email Id (Email will be sent to this email ID), Alternate Email Id (Parent’s Email ID, if accessible), Contact Telephone No. (with STD Code), Permanent Residence in Village/Town/City, Domicile of Maharashtra/Disputed Maharashtra Karnataka Border (MKB)/Outside Maharashtra, Reservation, Category of competitor (Caste perceived in Maharashtra state), Candidates having a place with SC, ST, VJ(A), NT(B), NT(C), NT(D), OBC and SBC classes must have their individual standing authentications, Candidates having a place with Non Creamy Layer (NCL) should create substantial testament upto March 31, 2019, Other Details Regardless of whether the candidate has a place with – PWD class or not (competitors qualified who are qualified under this classification ought to have under 40% incapacity), visually impaired, low vision. Orthopedically debilitated and competitors influenced with Cerebral Palsy and Dyslexia, who are not in a situation to compose, can benefit a copyist/author for the MHT-CET 2018 exam Regardless of whether the applicant is a J&K vagrant or not Religion Other placement tests that applicant has enrolled for (JEE Main/NEET/None) Add up to Annual Family Income Aadhaar Number Financial balance Details Name of the record holder according to Bank record Name of the Bank Name of the Bank Branch Kind of Account (Savings/Current) Financial balance Number IFSC Code Points of interest of HSC (twelfth/Equivalent Examination) Regardless of whether hopeful has passed/showed up for confirmation in Pharmacy (just for Biology applicants) Place from where hopeful has finished HSC (twelfth)/proportional exam showing up/Passed from school/Jr. School arranged (Maharashtra/Outside Maharashtra) Subtle elements required for MHT-CET 2018 Subjects for CET examination (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) Dialect for the exam (English, Marathi, Urdu) Enter secret key Competitors should make a secret word (least 8 and most extreme 15 characters and should have one capitalized, one lower case and one numeric) In the wake of entering the secret key, competitors should affirm it. This secret word will be utilized for future logins. Statement by the hopeful Applicants should read the revelation composed and after that tap on “I Agree” Applicants need to enter the security key as gave and after that tap on “Next” catch Stage 2 – Confirmation and Submission In the wake of filling the previously mentioned subtle elements, hopefuls will have the capacity to check the data filled and alter certain things in the application frame. Applicants can backpedal and change or alter the accompanying particulars (as noticeable in green shading) before accommodation: Exam focus Subjects picked Dialect of the exam Individual with handicap choice In any case, there are particulars (as unmistakable in blue shading) that can’t be altered at this stage once submitted: Father’s name Last name Date of birth Versatile number Email ID Subsequent to rolling out the improvements, if required, hopefuls should present the shape. Stage 3 – Application number got Applicants will get a message on the screen in regards to effective enlistment for MHT CET 2018 with their application number. A similar number will be sent to them gave email ID. Competitors can see and check their entered data in this progression. Stage 4 – Edit and Upload photo and mark Applicants will have the capacity to alter the points of interest they have filled in the application frame. In any case, regardless they won’t have the capacity to alter their full name, father’s name, last name, date of birth, versatile number and email ID. In the event that candidates would prefer not to alter any points of interest, they can move to the subsequent stage of transferring their photo and mark in the arrangement recommended by the experts. Stage 5 – Uploading photo and mark Applicants should transfer their current identification estimate shading photo and mark in the configuration given in the table underneath. On the off chance that, applicants are not ready to transfer the right photographs/marks, they should reload the right records and afterward transfer. Stage 6 – Verification Competitors will get a message on their screens with respect to fruitful transferring of photo and mark. They will likewise have the capacity to see a connection saying ” Click here to make payment “. Applicants should tap on the connection to enter the instalment entryway. Stage 7 – Payment gateway Hopefuls will have the capacity to see every one of the subtle elements filled by them alongside their transferred photo and mark on their screens. The application expense sum will likewise be noticeable in this progression, which they should pay in the wake of perusing the revelation. It is to noticed that competitors will have the capacity to change their subjects they are applying for. Applicants will have the capacity to influence application to charge payment through credit/check card, net saving money, plastic (ATM PIN), wallets and then some. They should influence instalment of the application to sum with comfort charge and expense. After instalment of utilisation charge, competitors will have the capacity to see a message on their screen with respect to accomplishment of exchange. Applicants must remove a print from this page. Stage 8 – Acknowledgment page Competitors must take a print from the affirmation page and keep it securely for some time later. Hope this Helps!!

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