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[Music].is what what happened I did it did what.I got all the fake em an AMG and s.badges off of the base trim cars no more.lies.it peace you're watching Fatih house I'm.Thomas and I'm James this is the 2019.330 the 2019 a4 and the 2019 C 300 let's.do it.[Music].this is the hero we deserve the new BMW.3-series codenamed g20 this is the 330i.a nameplate with a legacy to live up to.this year BMW has stiffened it given.more torque and more aggressive styling.and they've removed some weight they've.also given it a very high-tech interior.now even though they have done away with.the manual option BMW insists that the.retuned 8-speed transmission will put a.smile on your face but today I want to.find out if the 3-series has gotten its.mojo back I was never in love with the.f30 generation so I have high hopes for.this one and everything so far looks.like good news but who better to stand.up to BMWs new kit than the already.excellent Oda for understated and be.suited it's even had a slight facelift.resulting in a new front bumper and.trapezoid exhausts as a result the b9.generation of the a4 is still incredibly.composed when sitting at the premium.sedan table this particular one provides.sensations to both the eyes and the ears.with its virtual cockpit and a.magnificent 19 speaker Bang & Olufsen.sound system but perhaps more.importantly without a comes a legendary.all-wheel-drive system that goes by the.name of Quattro and yet while it.delivers all of these things it still.somehow the cheaper of the three today.but why spend less when you could spend.a little more and get something really.nice like this the mercedes-benz C 300.it has a lovely design and excellent.levels of comfort James and I have.already reviewed this car so our plan.today is to first take a look at the BMW.and the Audi and then at the end revisit.this C 300 to discuss our favorites so.let's not waste any more time.all right the 2019 BMW 3-series this is.a really important car to me because I.have been building and wrenching on the.BMW 3-series platform for years and it's.the cars that I use as my race cars so.this is the newest version of it and.it's important to me that it's really.good so I'm gonna be hard on it okay.setting off in the a4 we're gonna get to.the interior and exterior bits later.when I talk to Thomas for now we're.gonna focus on performance although.first things first the steering wheel is.amazing.let's start with the engine this has the.b48 engine in it which is a turbocharged.4-cylinder it's part of an engine family.the b-58 is the same engine with just.two more cylinders locked onto it and.that was in the m3 40i but this is the.4-cylinder alright put into the corners.the torque is really quick the throttle.response is actually very good.this has 295 pound-feet of torque that's.like 20 more than the other two that's.actually more than the e46 generation m3.s legendary s 54 engine that's a lot of.torque with two less cylinders.witchcraft or engineering you want to.look at it and I'm sure that everyone's.going to talk about in the comments drop.a small tune in this car and it's going.to be very very quick the transmission.8-speed is pretty quick it's not quite.as sharp as I want it to be.it pulls reasonably well there's a lot.of low down torque but it kind of gets a.little bit like weak up high so it has.that very modern turbocharged power band.all right.flooring it.you know what okay too fast you know.what.these cars are surprisingly fast now.like this thing is fast again it's like.100 kilometers an hour in six seconds or.something crazy and I think Car and.Driver hit 60 miles an hour and 5.2 in.this and a lot of that is down to the.way it puts the power down through all.the wheels but it's also because it has.a lot of torque okay so yes this is an.inline four if you want the v6 you've.got to jump up to the s4 for now this.one has 248 horsepower and 273.pound-feet of torque which is exactly.the same torque numbers that see three.hundred and it hits it about 1600 rpm.which is pretty much the same as the.other two as well I mean they're all.turbocharged they're all four-cylinder.which means they don't sound that great.although I'm pretty sure that BMWs got.some synthetic stuff going on to help it.alright let's do a launch.[Music].so the reason you buy a 3-series because.it does the commuting stuff really well.like with that in a second but then you.can get even the basic one out on a back.road and it's still fun BMW obviously.put a lot of time and thought into.making this car exciting to drive.there's a synthetic exhaust note the.exhaust and the back pops and bangs when.I downshift if you can hear that but I.can hear it so this uses the 7-speed.s-tronic transmission none of these cars.for the first time ever come in manual.tear but before you start crying too.much there's still some cool things.about this car for one thing it has.launch control which we're going to test.in just a second but also the ships are.very very quick ok launch mode for down.accelerator and off.okay that moves that's quite a nice.little head throw that so I'm surprised.remember not the s this is an a4 and it.can still do that I can still throw your.head back that's pretty cool and that's.because of Quattro tell us more about.that.big voice James why thank you tiny James.yes this is the mechanical Quattro it.has a Torsen differential and of the.free but keep in mind this is a quick.off-the-cuff test and is not on a.prepped drag strip but the conditions.are all equal.there that's as near as makes no.difference back to the review all right.you can get a lot of em sport goodies on.these cars this one has the M sport.suspension and a net other M Sport.package you can actually option an M.diff the proper LSD in the rear of the.non even m3 43 series which is something.that you really couldn't do up until.recently for a while BMW only reserve.their LSD s for their M cars so it's a.big deal that you can get in this car.this one doesn't have it though it does.have X Drive which tends most of the.power to the rear which is nice so there.is a very obvious performance feeling to.this car when you put your foot down.around a corner BMWs X Drive has been.improved this year it's a rear bias.setup that only directs power to the.front when needed it can stay rear-wheel.drive only for efficiency but in sporty.driving it really feels rear-wheel drive.this also has variable ratio steering.now here's a that I have with the car.already out here as I'll show you in a.second it's fantastic the steering is.heavy it's incredibly sharp and accurate.and the steering ratio feels very fast.but on the highway I actually found it.pretty difficult to go straight even.with the lane keep assist on it just it.doesn't really want to go arrow straight.I think maybe a different alignment.might actually be a better idea.alright so if we already talked about.driving I'm gonna put it into dynamic.mode things stiffen up throttle response.gets faster and everything gets crazy.faces blur.take it round some corners.and it fills plant it feels good for.very lying on its feet know that Quattro.all-wheel drive system pushing us.through yes very confident very.confident around those all right now BMW.this year has stiffened the chassis of.this car by 50 percent and honestly you.can feel it it feels very stout on the.road but the suspension is compliant so.it stays planted and it does retain its.50:50 weight distribution which is.better than the Audi which has a 56:44.weight distribution it's because the.engine is so far at the front it's like.the like the Audi had a big turkey.dinner sitting out there this car is.balanced everything is inboard the.steering is heavy and actually quite.accurate and fast it just bang it turns.in and as I push I can feel the rear.start to come out a little bit which is.what you want.xDrive is known for doing that it will.push more power to the rear and it makes.it feel athletic on a back road but then.when you need a whole wheel drive it's.there for you I was in the sq5 recently.and I think this deserves the same.compliment when even in comfort mode you.still feel like this level of control.and attachment to the car and it's it's.comfortable like you I'm it's so.wonderful to live with alright taking it.back into the corners let's lose some of.that composure.steering feels really great it's light.it's nice and light but in like a way.that feels accurate and controlled it's.not oh it feels great there's something.linear about it it feels super.satisfying.unlike the Volvo s60 we just got off it.feels good I know how he's a guilty of.understeer and I'm feeling it slightly.it kind of wants to stay out but all in.all it's good it's way more fun than I.thought and he would be an A for ya.there's always and I know a owners have.the envy of the esses you know it's like.shouldn't I have got the S you know even.they can see there's an S on the.steering wheel and it's there to tease.you but I'm telling you now going around.those corners on these roads this thing.is really really fun so BMW has done a.very good job as they usually do with.the driving position in the comfort as.well in comfort mode this car comes.right down and becomes a very nice car.to drive every single day the steering.wheel comes out of me seat gets very.very low and I'm in a really good.driving position this car goes from.being very comfortable to quite athletic.for the base model really really quickly.and that is what a good BMW should so.I'm gonna go meet James right now and.we're going to talk about the interior.and the styling alright see ya.it's good so for base cars North.american-based cousin okay sure Whitson.on 340i than on m3 this is so much fun.to drive yeah it is obviously insanely.fun it looks great it shouldn't be as.fun as it is but it's fun styling let's.do really quickly what do we got kidney.grille BMW that's very classically Audi.and that is the best-looking car yeah it.is in the blue I agree in the blue you.see too many of those in grey while.black yes the Bruce fantastic it looks.like it's stolen it from beard Lisa.Cohen fun colors I would take.Volkswagens Viper green on that car and.it would be awesome it doesn't need to.be a boring sedan none of these do.because they're not okay I have issue I.take issue with certain aspects of this.front end why what do you say she has.very high standards for BMW looks this.is too much Chrome it's fine you have to.remember they reserved the sportiest.stuff the blacks and the I will Plasti.Dip and immediately you've busted.is a little bit over styled in the front.these headlights are amazing though and.they say there are lasers even W laser.they don't change much the designs of.these no none of these do well yeah he's.that kind of saying speaking of things I.don't change much yes yeah this is the.this is the S line it is the most muted.looking of all of them it is even though.it being the S line it borrows design.cues from the s4 yes but it still looks.pretty muted with new for 2019 that we.have these funky new this new situation.yes situation these are the best looking.headlights out of all three Audi will.have always crushed it with LEDs.absolutely always crush them and this.fun end is the best-looking in fact this.is in my opinion the best proportioned.of these vehicles yes it honestly is.this has bigger brakes those are proper.fixed caliper double piston I believe.these are fixed caliper double piston.and this in its current spec yeah only.has the floating caliper single piston.which is not as that's rubbish let's.take it back yeah no it's okay you can.get you can get the upgrade on that if.you want should we do the interiors yes.let's start with the BMW then and I sue.to the end well if you're worried about.that things brand news oh let's just do.a c-class first okay just do it all.right all right.all right we've reviewed this before we.have this has something new though this.has the digital dash and it looks good.it looks absolutely this is the bigger.screen as well it really does yeah look.at that.so the one we were in recently had had.the beige interior with the wood.paneling in that looks better this one.has so much piano black this is in this.is an insane amount every car we get.into now seems to have it it's like it's.like great the manufacturers went from.the LIVESTRONG band convention to the.fidgets video convention so then the.piano black yeah it's like what shall we.do no this is absolutely insane it is.way too much but you can get this with.wood and then what is nice it looks.really nice looks so premium actually.brings the whole vibe of the interior.we're gonna make this brief we're gonna.tell you what you need to know about.this interior right now we have the.coolest system for navigation.I have you been a long time the best all.right so this these two buttons right.here will navigate through the entirety.of both of these screens and it is the.most intuitive thing it's fun it's so.easy to use yeah the one thing I don't.like is it did your fault no a little.bit of creaking to this plastic that I'm.not a huge fan of push test on all of.these cars so you can get this is that.is not awesome however it looks really.good ergonomically when cleaning when.clean yeah however I just wanna go back.to this for just one more second this.screen is the longer one yes and it's.excellent like it's so easy to navigate.this yeah and you and I would get the.burmeister sound system yes it's okay.it's okay.okay we got some cool ambient lighting.there seat adjustment things are on the.door is the usually are visually this is.a fantastic looking even with the piano.black like visually this is a lovely.looking it's great confidence there's a.great cup is really good anyone that.that digital gauge cluster absolutely.makes it how D howdy howdy.okay welcome to an Audi into this is.just crisp isn't it it's just everything.is just so nice there's this is nice and.bright the brushed and iminium push test.yeah zero noise okay okay okay utiful.steering wheel also a great this is a.our DS virtual cockpit and it's.excellent it really is yeah this zone.right here this so so good issues though.I don't like this infotainment well.something about it I don't know you'll.BMW bias shining through well we'll talk.about that in a minute but basically a.second okay so this is fine but it just.feels a little bit 2010 for me I don't.know why anyway this is this isn't it's.not as you hover over it it combats.graphics that's this these are good yeah.and guess what this comes with the.banging Olufsen sound system.and they're so good family speakers are.in this car a zillion 19:19 this could.buy alcohol in Canada this is.comfortable in the back.okay well we'll put some footage of.Thomas testing out the c-class in as.well yeah no it's good I've got all the.Headroom I need Wow I'm good I'm good.back here honestly.it's good actually in the back of the.c300 is a similar amount of Headroom and.legroom but I have my own little sunroof.which is really really nice can we do.the BMW we can all right I have things.to say about it yeah okay.there's a lot to unpack here yes we're.probably to spend more time on this.because this is the all new 3-series.but were gonna be as quick as we can now.first things first visually the design.is very very good it is why this patent.is immediately hard do you know what.it's better than being a black all right.push yeah pretty good that's pretty good.that's solid right and these very well.made okay very very stout interior let's.start the car push buttons down there.okay first things first this system.right here I'm not in love with there's.a weird learning curve to it also.disclaimer this is probably a me problem.but excuse me intelligent safety yes.this is a touchscreen this has an.excellent backup camera over that's true.this is a touchscreen this is a very.electronic car I found at the the Auto.hold and the parking brake will turn.itself on whenever it wants it seems.anyway this might be a me problem but.I've been in really hard time with apple.carplay in this car like it doesn't want.to stay connected and every time you I.use a Siri it boots me out of it and.then it will say that I'm in a call or I.can't answer a call a lot of weird stuff.has been happening and I hope it's just.my iPhone anyway so from the main screen.we've got a drop down menu okay that's.weird.these buttons on the side and I've got a.variety of information screens which are.very cool right.it is today it looks very smooth you.know but the response is excellent I pad.levels of good right it's really really.really good.however it's not super obvious how to.use it I'll say that ok it's all there.it's a basic one of those things where.once you learn it you're fine I would.think so yes it's long but it's not.altered the reason this is the iDrive.used to be very simple I do it yes ok no.you know what.there's too much going on and I do not.like this outside kind of yeah I can.change different things in it right I.can much I can make here over here.this makes the stuff happen I got a G.meter pound torque torque and horsepower.entertainment it can show me what gear.I'm in all that stuff it's all there.it's just that you know what I miss is.classic dual BMW gauges the previous.digital when it like on the m5 it looks.better I just I don't know I'm not I'm.not a fan of this I think it's it's too.over-styled they try to do is it's.modernizing for the sake of modernizing.right yes instead of improving usability.this section right here is hilarious I.don't know why we went with the most.futuristic we can gauge cluster of all.time but then like a Casio clock that's.my these buttons down here so the.climate is their car is actually fairly.intuitive and I've got a heated seats.that are buttons I've got a heated.steering wheel there's a button right in.the centre steering wheel is excellent.just in the back I do yeah I did know.that ok this is really nice it's like.the m5 steering wheel on the Audi well.it's true but this is stitched looks so.good right and bad doesn't need to be.there now so why is it has an M package.okay so being a bit cheeky little while.they've been doing that for a while but.I'm being lighting ambient lighting.looks good I can change the colors I.love the purple the lilac I think it's.fantastic it's also one thing make sure.it would you try to say it you just.sound like you're dragging a lilac I say.I would say.wha-hey BMW i need a burger it's just.wait just wait.hey BMW I need a burger I can also for.it you don't this is works it works I.swear it does maybe I need to be in.Drive.hey BMW I need a burger I am W I think.he's about to kill himself oh my god so.I'll be honest there's a little there's.a few quirks with the interior there's.because this totally this totally worked.last time I was sitting in the car in.drive or whatever in park these are the.microphones right here for that anyway.there's a function which we're clearly.not gonna show you on camera now where.you say hey BMW and you asked a question.I said last night hey BMW I want a.burger I said it exactly like that and.it just served one immediately of their.yeah yeah I was a hero burger so it was.really messy this this feels like the.most well built in modern interior out.of the three of them but it is not the.nicest it is not the most interesting it.feels more modern than the yeah it does.right it does yeah it's more futuristic.and new right alright you wanna drive.this yeah let's do it you're gonna like.this car I promise you're gonna like.this car alright 3-series now I know.Thomas claims that this car is close to.his heart but I grew up in a family of.three series in fact I was very lucky.that they took me in seeing as they are.inanimate objects okay.hey the turns there is immediately a.stoutness to this car the reality.doesn't have the Audi felt lighter on.its feet than this feels so that's just.a preference thing all right in the a4.I'll give you my quick impressions of.this car let's not waste any time we're.gonna go into dynamic mode mode S mode.ownership with the paddles.all those down shifts are fast as.impressive very minimal leg power comes.on right away.not very much noise though in the noise.that does come through isn't very good.okay so Wyman's when I floor.that feels very similar to the Audi in.terms of speed very very similar it.sounds a little bit better but I think.there's some synthetic news coming.through that it feels really similar.types of power to everyday turn the.traction control off left foot on the.brake start/stop off and that is.impressive.no fuss just puts the power down I am a.Quattro fan I'm a BMW guy but I am a.Quattro fan this is an impressive car on.roads that are a mixture of gravel salt.sand dirt snow mud and ice that's seven.things that it can deal with so.switching to spool mode paddle shifters.downshift a nice and quick but they also.quick in the Audi.yeah it's good it's great off like I.said in the a4 it's surprising how well.these base models don't make you feel.like you're in a base model which for me.is a I think that's the highest.compliment you can give them all right.dive into some corners Quattro puts more.power to the rear because it's proper.Quattro.but the inherent design of the front end.means that it likes to push a little bit.more grously you know what though it.actually feels really good unless you.really really lean on it it feels really.sharp actually this like the steering is.too light for my taste but very accurate.okay time to hit some corners I'm going.to as they say deliver it where's that.right it doesn't matter here we go.Oh losing the back end very easily that.doesn't happen in the Audi yeah where.the Audi understeers.this oversteers.I feels good though this is a different.beast different beasts to the Audi.that's the main difference it over says.where the Audi on the stairs choose your.method of going into a tree all right so.these are both very good cars but the.Mercedes is maybe the more premium.feeling one on the road so we're gonna.both jump in that car right now and see.what it's all about.okay see 300 this is right away the most.subdued and potentially the most.comfortable.why because steering is light the ride.is softer it's quieter it's less.dramatic I think it's similar to the.Audi in that way it is but the Audi is a.little bit more this whole spa 255 the.power delivery is very good it says how.many speed transmission nine speed nine.speed he's a 7-speed so out of 10 in.transmission world know this I think.actually has a really really good.transmission I could say that.confidently doesn't have the most.aggressive down shifts like the BMW or.the Audi yeah but off the line it's.geared really really well so it feels so.brisk oh they're really smooth it is.like that's good and going around a fast.corner right now and he seemed to.bolster but the nose narrows the other.ones so I know I find myself that better.if you're a bigger man that better if.you've got more going on come here.I'll pit yeah yes then it's better okay.anyway pushing it on the background in.dynamic mode right now.you know why it understeers a little bit.like the Audi I feel so relaxed but.honestly as a passenger there's no fear.it's so controlled it feels really.planted I've done some of the gardens.aplicar it's the most was the most.planted for sure.this is got an all-wheel-drive system.it's 4matic I would if I was gonna have.an all-wheel-drive only car probably the.howdy because this Qualtrics is Quatro.Quatro season chorus elastic season are.still quick fall.in gear torque is okay it runs out of a.little bit of steam as you get near the.high base they're all they'll have that.turbocharged torque this so similar the.torso same point on Olga right so within.a couple hundred rpm yeah that's.different and it in terms of horsepower.torque they feel so similar the only.differences of the BMW is a little more.torque and it's a little bit better.sounding but if you can get over that.then they're the same in the ended.Department absolutely so let me guess.you take the BMW I would take the BMW a.well guess what what let me guess the.app what what listen I appreciate no you.just took it I appreciate the Audi oh my.god the Audi is super livable yes it's.composed it's understated it's good if.you want to be in a car you love at ease.I - I love the car I do but and and that.might change if you jump up to the next.group of vehicles so the s4 the c43 and.then 314 that yeah that opinion might.might change because I know the C 43 is.bad awesome.they all are really cool but for the for.the fun factor at the base level given.that it almost has everything else the.3-series would be my pick this is a bit.of an older older aimed car than I feel.to grownups and so on so you're honestly.choosing the BMW right now I'm so.excited I'm so happy it warms my heart.yeah you're here simple man that way.okay so the Audi delivers Quattro.confidence in a compact understated.package the c-class is a looker with a.sublime ride and handling and the BMW.engages you with a little bit more.torque and rear-wheel drive bias yes it.might be a cliche but all of these cars.are excellent to drive and to live with.but the new 3-series has shown us that.BMW is back in business with a proper.driver Focus sedan happy driving and.thank you for not smoking but no James.you fool thank you for subscribing yeah.

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How can I fill out the BITSAT Application Form 2019?

Hi dear First You have To sign Up Registration On BITSAT official website, and then fill up all of requirement they have to Know after registration successfully you have to fill login detail on the official website to process application form for different course you have to become eligible , for more detail all about you can Click Here

How can I fill out the COMEDK 2019 application form?

Go to homepage of COMEDK go to www. Comedk. org. in. then go register and after getting registered u will get a application number then u can proceed in the application form.

How do I fill out the NEET 2019 application form?

Though the procedure is same as last earlier only the dates has been changed (tentative) yet to be announced by cbse u can fill form in October for the exam of February and in March for the exam of may if u r not satisfied with ur previous performance. All the best

How do I fill out a CLAT 2019 application form?

How do I fill out the college preference form of the CLAT 2019? If you are AIR 1 and eligible for admission to all 21 NLUs, which one would you prefer? That is your first choice. Your first choice is not available. Out of the remaining 20, you are eligible for all 20. Which one will you prefer? That is your second choice. Your second choice is not available. Out of the remaining 19, you are eligible for all 19. Which one will you prefer? That is your third choice. Repeat the process till you have ranked all 21 NLUs. All the best.

How do I fill out the JEE Main 2019 exam application form?

Hi Folks. Since NTA is about to release the application forms for JEE Main exam to be conducted in the month of January 2019, many of you must be wondering how to fill the application form. As the application process is going to be online, it is advisable to all the aspirants to fill in your details and make the payment carefully. Keep your documents and required details beforehand so as to avoid any kind of delay later. Also, keep your scanned images of photograph and signature ready. All the best!!

Do churches pay unemployment taxes in Texas?

A church can deduct charitable contributions from its tax liability if the church qualifies as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. http://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Charitable-Organizations/Exemption-Requirements-Section-501(c)(3)-Organizations And, some other IRS resources for churches: http://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Churches-&-Religious-Organizations

What is tx C 3 form?

There are some opinions that I have written already, so I’ll elaborate on one of my own original opinions not listed in this question. I like China run as a one-party state by the Communist Party of China. And to some extent, I like(d) Singapore being ruled by the People’s Action Party (PAP) (but not lately). This is going to be a controversial opinion for many people who cherish democracy, freedom and human rights. However I believe that the reason is because one-party states can be super efficient and get things done, provided that there are the right leaders in place. I’ll give the fact that M Continue Reading

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