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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Prescriberdispenser Database Access Request Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Prescriberdispenser Database Access Request Form

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Check How to Enter the Prescriberdispenser Database Access Request Form

the broadcast is now starting all.attendees are in listen-only mode.right good afternoon everybody hopefully.everybody can hear me and I'm projecting.out there okay I'm getting there not.from my team that I that I am welcome to.this subject excess with a quest.these are webinar just call of admin.points before we start just let you know.that all the attendees are muted.throughout this session however if you.have a question you can type it in the.question function which is on the.webinar control panel and then at the.end of the session will allow 15 minutes.there for questions that you submitted.so and also the slides and the recording.will be available to everyone.hopefully tomorrow morning so let's.crack on right I'm Tom Potts I'm head of.deposit sorry the EP Odessa and breach.support incident response management and.data subject rights at GRC I law you see.I've got experience in the law.enforcement sector and across central.government as a data taken officer and.departmental security officer prior to.joining gyasi I law another color for my.colleagues out there listening in prior.to joining Joe Sierra law I was head of.information law and security at the.Metropolitan Police used to handle the.odd subject access requests over there.when I left the organization in December.of last year so at December 2018 they.were averaging about five and a half to.six thousand requests per year so a fair.amount of subject access requests.experienced so who are we I'm part of.GRC I intend sorry GRC I law which is.part of the GRC international group so.various companies within the within the.Vigilant itg high tea governance herself.GOC at national and GOC e-learning DQM.and gdp or dot uk'.so what do we do we are a one-stop shop.if you like for all of your cyber risk.compliance books anything to do with.data privacy we also provide data for.the second substances we do gap analysis.privacy audits.deep user service breach support.everything to do with with privacy on.that side we are resource that certainly.on my sign-on geocell law by experience.DPOs lawyers barristers to say with a.one-stop shop for cyber risk in.compliance we've been at it i think.we're probably one of the first.companies to set up in this arena and.we've certainly got the backing and the.resources to deal with any problems that.you might have so please give us a shout.we're not a conventional law firm.another traditional law firm and as much.as that certainly on GRI law we don't.deal with contentious issues but we do.deal with data privacy issues right into.today then so the agenda for today.what we're going to cover an.introduction to d SARS the challenges.faced by organizations when handling.these ARS how to simplify the processing.of d SARS and then using a case study.the practical steps to manage these are.in compliance with the GDP are those of.you that know me know say I know there.are former colleagues out there will.know that I may wander off the agenda.but I will get all the points across ok.it's a saying.beginning life was very simple a few.subjects paid their ten-pound by cheque.or postal order for those that remember.it.a major request for a good old-fashioned.letter and Along Came gdpr.and with gdpr came social media and all.the sudden things changed we started to.see applications coming in from a.variety of medium media and applications.as we know can be made verbally or in.writing I think it's fair to say that.the day after gdpr came in the 25th of.May 2018 the very next day the Met.Police received two subject taxes.requests by their Twitter account but.more on that later.we've also seen this shift and again the.statistics will show later where we're.seeing more requests from disgruntled.employees members of staff as part of.employment issues employment tribunals.etc and because we're seeing more of.that we're also seeing more third-party.applications we're seeing applications.from solicitors or buyer solicitors so.these are all things that we've got to.be aware of when we're when we're.looking at these ours.some things have not changed though the.right of access whether it's article 15.or the old section seven the right of.access of outdated subjects to their.personal data confirmation that their.personal data is being processed and.confirmation of how and why their.personal data is being processed and.lawful reasons for that processing that.has not changed it's about their.personal data and the thing to remember.here is that it's a right of access to.the personal data not to the document.that personal data is contained within.and that's again that can be quite.destroying for some people or.disconcerting for some people where they.think they've got to provide the whole.document okay a couple of other small.pieces here not real changes as the ILO.has said on numerous on numerous.occasions subject access requests have.been with us since 1998 it's nothing new.we should be we shouldn't be panicking.about learning GDP on how to deal with.them because they say they've been.around for a long time but the.information must be provided within one.month of receipt of the request and as.we'll see in the case study later on you.get it today on the fifth then the.response is due by the fifth of the next.month you can recoup refuse at a request.whether manifestly unfounded or.excessive or particularly repetitive but.remember that the burden of.demonstrating the correctness of your.decision rests with the controller.manifestly unfounded several areas where.this this might come in if it's just.because it's a lot of data it doesn't.mean that it is and officially I'm.founded so but if a subject makes a.request but offers to withdraw it.if you reinstate them and that's.actually a request that we've seen a.subject but a massive request in and.and said however if I'll be if I'm gonna.be reinstated I withdraw the request.that's obviously manifestly unfounded so.and also we've got this verification of.the data subject identity proportionate.we've got to make sure that that is.proportionate but again we'll go into.that later in the case study so fing.letting the ply of the DSR these are the.latest figures available from the ICO.46% of all the complaints that they.receive or about piece art and about the.timeliness and about how they've been.responded to whether they have been.responded to correctly whether.informations been withheld etc so it is.a growth industry on both sides whether.it says for dealing with them or whether.it's for the ice code for dealing with.the complaints so what are the.challenges associated with dealing with.details I think in whatever industry or.organization you're in we're all aware.that we're gathering far more data than.we used to.are we gathering it properly are we.holding it properly that's where your.DPO would come in and tell you there.hopefully but we are we're gathering it.there's a subjective nature of many of.disclosure exemptions I've had many.discussions with lawyers legal services.about whether an exemption is valid.whether it should be used I've had lots.of discussions quite recently with a.certain director within quite a big.organization who said that a particular.email shouldn't go out because it was.his personal opinion of the person that.have made the subject access request and.now in the cold light of day she found.it quite embarrassing but what she said.well it's that old adage if you don't.want to see it in print don't write it.down but they had it was in the email.and I'm afraid it went out these are an.expensive time.consuming and hard work I have a whole.team that deal with details and even.though they that's what they do all day.they are still a time-consuming issue.they take time within organizations.organizations aren't prepared it still.despite the fact that we've had it since.1998 people not prepared for accepting D.SARS and as I say this shift that we've.seen from the client or the customer now.towards the internal DSR is causing even.more problems I again those of you know.me will know that I'm not making a.surprise to somebody and the three weeks.ago had told me that they didn't think.that GDP are applied to internal staff.so they couldn't do these ours.yep journey for customers organizations.lack an effective process there's no.doubt about it that process is the key.to this if you've got everything in.order then details are so much easier to.deal with employers very often have.difficulty identifying when something.might be D so remember that a D sore.doesn't have to say that's what it is it.doesn't have to say in accordance with.article 15.I want this then you know it doesn't.have to be on a specific form again we.know the ICO advises that if you can put.a form out and to make life easier then.that's great but the applicant doesn't.have to use that form so people need to.know your team your staff need to know.when an a/d saw has been submitted and.that might be embedded in the middle of.a letter right in the middle of a.complaint letter there may be the one.line and I would like to see a copy of.all the information that you are holding.on me so do your customer services.people know how to identify a subject.access request this is for secretary all.the receptionist know how to identify.subject access requests.somebody comes into the reception of the.school the receptionist greets them.hello mr. Smith how are you I'm great.thank you.how's the hitomi Tommy's fine I see.Tommy's file everybody needs to know how.to read how to recognize it these doll.and that builds into the lack of.effective employment employee training.if you've not got that right and you're.starting at a disadvantage already so.the further challenges of being with the.DSR this is survey that was carried out.last year and it backs up the numbers.that I was saying that increasing the.number of employee D sources may 2018 I.don't think the reduction or the removal.of the ten-pound fee has hinted on this.at all as impacted on us at all.again within the Met we actually refused.the two of sorry we withdrew the.10-pound fee about two years propriety.in to introduction of gdpr and we saw no.discernable rise I think this is people.becoming more aware and actually using.the D saw process as part of the.employment regulations whether it's for.a tribunal or whatever as you can see.the increasing cost associated with.responding to these ARS 83% have had to.put in place new guidelines and.procedures and said 27 have appointed.additional staff to deal with an.increase these are requests 20% of.adopted new software or technology I.think that's because a lot of people.have found out that they're just holding.stuff authority long and leaving their.selves open to it so how can we simplify.the D saw process some considerations.here look at the nature of the data that.you're processing consider whether it's.particularly sensitive or contains.third-party information do you need to.be doing that if you don't.to be doing that then you shouldn't be.doing it anyway but these considerations.that perhaps bounce off of the visa look.at the purpose of the processing is it.likely to cause detriment to the.individual again if you don't need to.process it don't how often is the data.altered if the information is unlikely.to have changed between requests you may.decide you're not obliged to respond to.the same requests twice everything is.down to you making that decision seeking.advice as to whether you're going to do.that I consider there are two types of.in the main two types of data subject.access requests that's a simple request.and the simple request everything's in.the single location there's no third.parties included in the data but you.still might want to involve the DPO to.validate the disclosure so this is.something like this could I please have.a copy of the agreement that I sent to.you six months ago no problems at all.you can pull it out and send it off to.the applicant that's it.job done if of course there's a simple.subject excess request that must be a.complex one as well and already defined.plus one as multiple information sources.and again we'll see in the case study.that I'll show you this can be HR it can.be personnel files it can be grievance.files it can be emails it can be.whatsapp messages it can be all sorts of.things it could be that it's the release.of contentious information information.that perhaps impacts on other people.that's perhaps management forecast.information you might have several.requests from the same individual not.the constitute any any other thing other.than they decided that one day they.wanted this the next day they wanted.that involves the release of third-party.information will discuss the authority.information later but bearing in mind.that it's not just the case of redacting.everybody's name other than the African.if you do get a complex DISA then you.should certainly seek advice from your.dpo.or your legal adviser if they are not.only part and part of the process.okay so third-party data.if you are going to include third-party.data in there then unless it's really.really apparent that the person is happy.with it then you must look at the duty.of confidentiality that third party and.that might not not just be that there's.somebody work in the office it could.well be that there's a whistle policy to.look at a whistleblowing policy to look.at you've got to look at if you can.contact that third party what steps have.you taken Cigna consent are they willing.to give consent are they capable of.giving consent to the information being.out there and remember that just because.they say they don't want that data to go.out there details to go out that's not.an exemption there may be of those.empson's attached but bear that in mind.so when you're dealing with third.parties don't automatically say look I'm.going to take your name out of this.because it's not their personal data.because it may well form part of that.personal data and again contact your DP.or a legal adviser to see what can and.can't be disposed or withheld are you.redacted and again I'll put this point.all the way through but the data subject.should be informed why you've withheld.data and the rationale behind it.so the key stages of the DSR as I see.them let's fill these in step one.as a diesel is this a proper data.subject access request or is it somebody.asking for corporate data and if you're.a public authority is it a Freedom of.Information Act request so recognize.what it is is this a subject access.request validate the request proof of.identity.proportionate and I've put that in there.because I've recently dealt with the.company and the company involved quite.rightly thought quite a high level of.proof of identity before they release.the information the I show came back and.said why are you asking for this level.of information and they were able to.justify it but the ICO is certainly.looking at the moment at keeping the.proof of identity proportionate if you.are an organization that accepts an.email address has been proof of identity.and and some of the organizations that.we deal with they actually do that in.their in the course of their business.then you can't then say somebody right I.now want a copy of your passport with.your driving license the utility bill.within the last six month and your.thumbprint before I release that data so.keep it proportionate handling requests.on behalf of third parties and children.as I say we're certainly seeing more.requests now coming in through.solicitors most solicitors officers now.that are dealing with employment issues.or any other kind of disputes where.there's the start of it is a subject.access request should already be on.board and let you know what proof of.identity that they are acting on behalf.of the data subject and for that our.identity for you but bear in mind that.the decision to release rests with.yourself as data controllers and be very.wary of just sending information out.because it's on headed paper and it.looks like a a valid solicitors address.if you're not happy then wait to get.that proof of identity before you.release it because otherwise you can may.be looking at a breach yourself so you.not only answered the DSR incorrectly.but you've breached personal data as.well first.involving children always a contentious.issue but we have lots of schools and.academies on that we have as clients if.you do have a request made on behalf of.a child or even by a child there's.nothing so children as we know can't.submit and a subject access request then.this is definitely an area we which you.need to discuss with your DPO or your.legal department if they're involved in.such matters so for the reduction remove.the third party data if appropriate and.we've already I've already hopped on.about removing third party data and.remove any of the data that might be.exempt from disclosure and remember it's.the personal data that the person's.entitled to their personal data not the.document itself that there might be in.there and the third thing what I will.say is maintain a record of everything.that you're doing make sure that if this.if this subject access requests just go.any further if it just goes to the ICO.because beyond the ICO then one of the.things that the ICO last for will always.be show me a timeline show me when you.got this how you dealt with it what you.did etc so very quickly some practical.steps to manage the compliance make sure.you've got effective data governance.practices this all boils back to your.article 30 record your record of.processing make sure you've got these.practices and processes in there make.sure you've got policies and procedures.for handling subject access requests.have a clear record of the data held so.you know where it is again your article.30 Europa evaluate the data all these.are contained within the principles do.you need to hold that data is it.accurate is it up-to-date reduce the.amount of personal data you're holding.again we'll see on the case that a the.applicant they wanted data from 2011 you.have to wonder why the company was.holding emails back to tooth.in 11 make sure you erase data in line.with your retention policy if you don't.need it don't hold it trained staff to.be able to identify these czars again.I'm sure we've all seen those that are.involved with these czars.I've seen the email that came in.somebody looked at it.oops don't know what that is filed it.away and it was until the second or.third one went to the director or the.headmaster somebody realized that there.was a decency in there and the top could.be the clock been ticking for a long.time ensure staff understand what their.roles are when handling these ours.there's no side here once you get the.DSR and it's all the information is in.play as we know going back to the.director that I spoke about.they didn't I asked them to read quickly.but once they've got the D so one of the.things they wanted to do was to go.through and he raised all of the and.delete all of contentious emails or all.the ones that they thought were.personally incriminating and as much as.what they said about the applicant so.make sure your staff understand what it.is about it these are and how they.handle it create a template response.this is not say this I'm not saying use.a blanket exemption far from it what I'm.saying is to make sure or if you've got.a if you deal with a lot of details make.sure you've got a template in place so.that you know you fill each section in.when you've dealt with that particular.part of the of the subject access.request so keep that template keep your.DPO informed nothing a DPO hates more.than to be told that we had a dese are.in and I think it was due to gun.yesterday but we've not done anything on.it so keep your DP inform keep a central.log of all your D SARS okay.the timeline details this is a se Aiye.I've seen so many times I've been in.several court cases on subject access.requests several hearings discussions.with the ICO call them what you will and.it's so important that you maintain.Taner centralized records of your d.czars when it was received details of.the request that you've confirmed the.identification when you fulfilled it and.any issues or concerns that you had.around the DSR itself so but to say.these are important to think beyond the.DSR filling the subject access requests.or the DSR is only part of the issue you.should be looking at if this is an.employment tribunal or we think this is.part of an employment tribunal then what.will be the next stage the next stage if.we've got a disciplines with employee.and we've sent off the subject access.requests next stage is that that.applicant is going to apply to the.Information Commissioner and complain.there it's not being fulfilled properly.this timeline this record will help you.to answer the ICS question properly okay.into the case study say this is an.actual subject access request request.case study that we dealt with so for.this case study you're the director from.medium-sized retail outlet and you.receive a request from a former employee.via a solicitor requesting all emails.between all members of staff that.mentioned her by name initials or pay.number since you joined the company in.2001 and just adding to that in her.request.she did say sometimes I'm known by the.letter C people call me see sometimes.they call me C B so I want the search to.include C CB.my name.as you can imagine try to do a word.search and put the letter C in yeah it.was a big old task she wanted a copy of.her personnel file she wanted a copy of.all email social media files notes memos.or recordings that mention her dismissal.or her grievance copy of a grievance.farm and a copy of her each our file and.she put that in because she was under.the impression that management kept a.separate personnel file away from HR.they didn't by the way but she was under.the impression that they were linked to.bear in mind there is that sometimes.when people submit subject access.requests they are disgruntled employees.they are looking for what you released.but they're also looking for what you.might not release if they know something.is there and you don't release it or if.they but a friend still in within the.organization who says you want to put a.subject access request in and ask for.all the emails between a and B because I.saw one a couple of weeks ago that.wasn't very complimentary to you so they.were looking for that particular email.that was in there okay continuing the.request is data today so we've got a.month from today to to complete it yeah.the coming was recently dismissed for.overcharging customers at the.point-of-sale new aware that she'd.already started proceedings for wrongful.dismissal you're already dealing with.your own legal counsel regarding the.impending employment tribunal and her.grievance was not upheld so that's the.subject access request and that's what.you know about it so what are your.considerations is it a valid request.yeah it's information about her personal.information it's a request for her.personal information so not a problem.their identity verified yep because she.sent it from the email address that.you've got on file with within HR that.you've used to communicate with her in.the past.you can of course obtain further.identification if you're not happy but.if you've already been using that email.address to discuss other matters related.to dismissal grievance excetera are.suggesting will be a bit churlish want.anymore.but you're not happy verify that is she.fishing to obtain information of an.employment tribunal you bet she is.that's exactly what she's doing does it.make any difference now several cases.certainly that I've been a party to and.I'm aware of regarding abuse of process.and there have been rulings they've been.overruled and there are several cases.going through at the moment as to when.the original subject access request was.put into section 7 of the 98 Act I think.what their what their Lordships envisage.what they will be used to let people.know if data was being held incorrectly.about them or there's no lawful reason.for processing that's gone now I think.successive cases have proved that and.say I've certainly been to court twice.and tried on the abuse of process but.each time the judge has found in our.favor on a different matter and and not.ventured to go anywhere near the abuse.of protest but there are cases in in.train at the moment the armored Dahmer.is one certainly that is going through.is it excessive it may well be seen to.be excessive it may be excessive because.you've made it excessive.you can of course go back and ask that.the applicant narrows down the search so.you can to help with your search but the.I show is recently stated that you.cannot stop answering the request where.you ask for a redefinition of time so.nothing should stand in the way of you.getting that information together notice.when it's got to be completed by so.that's the day you've got to work back.from.so that's your considerations what are.your immediate actions log the requests.and start the timeline I really can't.emphasize enough how important that is.consider consider putting a hold on the.deletion of files CCTV the request may.will be I want to see the CCTV that.shows me going to work on these days now.if you've got a 30-day retention policy.on your CCTV and you receive this on day.2020 of time you to put a hold on there.and the same with files stop them being.deleted stop people deleting them start.the searches the way that we certainly.the shift now in emails office 365 and.similar software and what-have-you.make it easier to search for specific.emails between specific people but it.could well be that you actually start.the search by saying okay dear a we've.had a request from B can you please make.sure or can you please copy all emails.that you have that talked about her.that's her personal data that may will.be what you've got to do and knowledge.the requests tell the applicant that you.received the request and that you're.going to deal with it and that you will.deal with it by the date shown contact.HR agreements and the HR files an.identified third-party data as you're.moving along because this is an.employment tribunal there was lots of.things involved in in this particular.case including as I said the.whistleblowing policy and also those the.involvement of a cast their legal.professional privilege doesn't.necessarily cover a cast documentation.but a cares have their own legal.framework that they have to work under.so there are lots of things to consider.in this one in this case file which is.why I've used this one because as I say.there are.lots of issues that go in there so the.additional actions the initial search on.this one revealed 70,000 plus documents.and initially there was something like.50,000 emails but then obviously there.was the attachments that went for that.again I've highlighted excessive that.will be you're going to have to have a.look at that and see exactly why it's.excessive so we were able to narrow it.down and we didn't just go for the C and.C B as she was known by but we did do.that per se consider asking the.applicant to narrow down the request but.we've already discussed the the pitfalls.of that consider extending the response.period which is what we did in this.particular case but remember must be.done within the first month you cannot.leave it until two weeks into the second.month and think oh gosh we're not going.to get this done you must do it within.the first month the same as any other.piece that you use if you're going to.use excessive you're not going to answer.it whatever you must do that within the.first month software to deduplicate I.spoke to a similar company to our own.Knox long back and they were saying that.they dealt with the requests that had a.million documents in it and they said.what I said about where you've got an.email chain and it's only the last one.that you really need so from that.million documents they were able to.bring it down to 12,000 once they.deduplicated as they call it I'm not as.you saw that's a word but deduplicate.was what they are they used then you've.got to manually review the third-party.data and everything else that you've got.in there apply the exemptions notate all.the redactions and the exemptions that.you use and the reason I say that is.that when the inevitable ISO complaint.comes in the ishow will say or mark say.hi there thank you for that we've noted.that this is the information that.released the client we're looking at.page 995 paragraph seven nine five why.is that being redacted.when my team dear redactions every.single line is annotated with the.exemption that we've used or refused it.so you've got that you've got that in.there and you don't have to go back to.the ICO look at your unredacted copy.then almost conduct the review all over.again with legal for the use of legal.privilege if you've used legal privilege.make sure that you've used it in the.right context.check with legal check with the company.that you've used check with your.in-house counsel but they are happy that.you are using legal privilege in the.right manner because it's one of those.things that just because there's a.lawyer in the room doesn't mean the.conversation is legally privileged so.make sure you're happy with that.exemption and just because you're a law.firm doesn't mean that you can use LPP.okay drawing it all together then once.you've done the DSR check and check.again that you completed the request and.what I say to my team is look at it from.the point of view of the requester.imagine that you are the requester what.is it have you answered that question to.your own what you wanted have a look at.it and if you haven't then you need to.look at it again explain any exemptions.that you've used within the covering.letter it could well be that everything.is third-party so you can say whether or.exemptions used they are all under third.party.but if they're not then you may have to.explain or certainly give a list of the.other exemptions used provides secure.access again it's so easy to complete.the dese are put in an envelope putting.in the post send it out breathe a sigh.of relief and then four days later the.applicant comes back and says don't got.my D so you say but we sent it out so I.got it.and then you've got a breach so we write.back then so look it's a secure access.setting up something like egress to move.secure files around is cost-effective.find a secure space when we move files.around whether it's from the applicant.or whether it's from our client we use.secure share file so make sure you've.got that in place prepare the files for.the ICO complaint that's coming your way.make sure you've got a copy of the.request on your time line you've got a.copy of all the information that you.prepared that you've got back from.everybody make sure that you've got a.redacted copy to show the difference.because if you're fighting an employment.tribunal for disgruntled employee then.the last thing you want to be do is.fighting on two fronts whilst you fight.the ICO because you have the opportunity.of completing of these are and for some.reason or whatever you've messed it up.and you can't say why you've done it so.don't be caught out fighting on those.two fronts okay.is help at hand I can gr co law help you.with your D SARS we provide and one of.the teams I head up provide a service.called privacy as a service purposes our.service really fell out of client needs.we used to provide DiPiazza service and.you so dude you provide DPO as a.standalone service if you need a DP oh.we can act for you but more privacy's.our service does it gives you access to.your own BPO as we will be your DP oh it.gives you a breach management service so.if you have the inevitable breach at.quarter to five on a Friday afternoon.then invariably I'm still sat here or.one of my tears and will advise you.whether it is an actual breach whether.you need to report it whether there are.other implications if you are part of.the news regulations do you have to.report it there if you're a health.service provider do you need to report.it to the Care Quality Commission so.we'll advise on that if you do have to.report it will help people to form.together to make sure that you give the.ico enough information to act upon.without opening yourself up to further.investigation so we can look at that so.that's what the breach management.service does you want to get D saw as a.service now the D so as a service I'll.come back to them when x slide but we do.data privacy manager for organizations.that need an experienced professional to.help manage the data put the protection.and data privacy compliance program best.link really with the DPO support service.where you've got a less experienced.in-house BPO well this gives them the.support of having somebody to call on.and it's not just somebody because we.provide you with ADP oh and then we.provide you with a second so if the DPO.is not about you've got access to that.dpo second which means of course they're.our DP o--'s are never on leave okay.we're not here Christmas.and make holidays but in the summer.holidays and things like that then.you've got a DP oh and a second.and we also provide EU representative.services now obviously as we're in this.period of transition and we don't know.where we're going to be with adequacy.but that's something worth bearing in.mind that we can provide representative.services within the EU once we run.spreadsheet is complete and contract and.legal as I said by the very beginning we.don't deal with contentious legal issues.but your contract and legal service is.part of this package then we provide dpi.a support policy support we will look at.your contracts to make sure their GDP R.and D pay 18 compliant so it's a.complete data privacy package and as I.say on the D so as a service from the.easiest way of summarizing this slide is.to say that what we do is if you are.you've got a one-off complex these are.like the case study that we've done.which was to say a company that had.never had a de sel before then we dealt.with that if you will from cradle to.grave and if you are a company that.experiences lots of details again the.service all we need is a single point of.contact within your organization to help.us get the information out once we've.got it then we've got the software we've.got the expertise so you can get on with.running your business and we can take.the hassle out of subject access.requests using the experience and the.expertise that we've got to make sure.that they are answered correctly timely.and we will liaise with the Information.Commissioner or any other authority that.we need to to assist you with that.should we be pleased to hear there's a.free guide to dese ours.that you can download and as I say.tomorrow this will be this presentation.will be out there so you can if you.really can't.you can listen to me all over again as.I'll go through it okay any questions.okay I've got a couple of questions that.I come up with me while I read them and.I'm going blind here folks so make sure.I yeah I can't answer them okay the.first one is we're an education.establishment what happens if we receive.a request from a parent and there are.safeguarding issues this goes back to.handling requests relating to children.again actually dealt with this with this.kind of request and without a doubt what.you need to do is to contact the.safeguarding officer within this within.the school every school has got one they.go by various titles but everyone will.have a safeguarding officer and he needs.to make sure that you're not releasing.information that's maybe detrimental to.the child just because it's from the.parent seek advice.it's my it is my response to that either.from your dpo in the first instance and.then let your DPO contact the the.safeguarding officer okay this is.obviously from a school.I suspect the same question Krishna do.we need to cover school holidays for.subject access requests short answer is.yes the clock is ticking from the minute.that request comes in that clock is.ticking so you need to tell it covered.you need to make sure that somebody is.covering your email address whether the.requests are going into so on your.privacy notice you should say in the.event of you wishing to submit a subject.access request use this email and make.sure you monitor that email if you're.using Twitter Facebook or anything else.like that during the school holidays.make sure that's monitored so that they.can't picked up nothing worse than.coming back after the summer holidays.six weeks seven weeks with Ariana leis.and finding out that you've got a whole.batch of desires that are way overdue so.yes definitely okay the next question.sorry.some of the data has been requested is.buried within a large spreadsheet.do I have to redact all the other data.well goes back to writer Dre beginning.when I said that people entitled to.their own data doesn't mean they have to.have an entitlement to the document so.what you can do in a situation like that.perhaps is to cut and paste the relevant.section don't change obviously don't.change the data that you're releasing.but cut and paste that into a separate.document it may be as easy to reject the.whole document but then you are sending.out pages and pages of redacted blacked.out information just a a word of caution.there if you are doing your own D sauce.then be very very careful if you are.operating in Word or Excel because if.you simply black out the data and think.that's a redaction there is a way if you.send it electronically or the person the.other end can undo that redaction so be.very very cautious of how you're doing.that but yep in answer to your question.what I would suggest is cut and pasting.the relevant information into a separate.document and the next question we use.whatsapp instead included in a D saw yes.most definitely brings it back to what I.was saying about the basic principles of.into protection whatsapp is a really.really good piece of software people.good social media all over you all.to any encryption really good and lots.of companies use it for moving.information around what I would say to.you is and this is an again in the light.of an actual case what I would say is.that if you use whatsapp for discussing.personal data then as soon as you get.back to an office environment that data.should be stored in the proper format.whether it's in the personnel file or.whatever in these storing in there once.it's still there then delete it from.whatsapp so therefore you've only got.one source because again go back to the.applicant that I was talking about they.knew exactly what they're asking for.when they wanted social media they.wanted those whatsapp's.they know because people have said.there's something in the group about you.you need to get there so that's what.they were looking for and that's the.fighting on two fronts again fighting.the employment tribunal I'm fighting the.DISA so what's that really really good.get it on to a proper file and delete.the watch that and make sure that is in.your policy otherwise which what sir.have to be screenshotted and then.produced and redacted and everything.else that's in there so that's what.you've got okay.I have no more questions and there if.you do think of any questions then then.please I think you can still submit them.or if not submit them to my email my.nose on there but it's John pots at GRC.our law calm and we'll get those.answered for you then that I think I can.all.10 minutes of your time back.just looking no further questions that's.great can I thank everybody for for.being here thank you for your time.I hope it's been informative.and I look forward to seeing you all as.clients those of you are not already.clients and thanks again to all my.colleagues that are out there thank you.

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