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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Arizona Claim Form 39 Online

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The Definite Guide to Arizona Claim Form 39

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Check How to Enter the Arizona Claim Form 39

if you've ever been in an automobile.accident and yet it wasn't your fault or.you're in a struggle to try to get.statefarm to pay attention to your.diminished value claim then stay tuned.I'm going to share my true story on how.I got this check for three thousand.three hundred sixty three dollars and.five cents that was my full ask for.diminished value well first we have to.know what diminished value is when.you're in an automobile accident your.car is worth something prior to that.accident now after you get your car.fully repaired it's worth a different.value usually lower the difference.between those two values is diminished.value and it's the best kept secret in.the insurance industry because they.don't tell you that the insurance.company owes you that difference you.have to fight to get that difference all.by yourself in my particular case back.in October of 2018.a woman was backing out of her driveway.on her way to go play golf and she hit.my legally parked 2016 Audi q5.now the car was empty so obviously the.accident was her fault now she left a.note and her husband behind and when I.later arrived I began to take pictures I.met her husband he was super nice and he.shared her insurance information with me.and he also admitted that his wife had.hit my car now I was a nice guy and I.didn't want to call the police so I.didn't I didn't want to get anyone in.trouble as I look back on it though I.probably should have called the police.and next time I definitely will.the next decision I had to make was what.whether I was going to file an insurance.claim with my insurance carrier or with.hers she was insured with State Farm and.I wasn't when I called my insurance.company they said that they would handle.everything for me they would negotiate.with State Farm get my car repaired and.then they would pay me back my.deductible well that didn't sit right.with me why should I have to pay a.deductible when we know that the.accident wasn't caused by me so I ended.up taking option number two which was to.file directly with State Farm now State.Farm was great during this process.they got me a rental car they let me.select the collision repair center that.of my own choosing and I chose Hananiah.collision center in Orange Park Florida.it's really close to Jacksonville.because they're at an Audi certified.collision center I'll leave their link.below in case you want to use them.because they were excellent they.repaired my car later I picked up my car.and turned in the rental car and then I.began to wonder about my diminished.value if I were to ever go and sell this.car to someone or try to trade it in.well they wouldn't give me what the car.was really worth right before the.accident the insurance company is there.to make you whole so I began to research.how to file a diminished value claim.the first thing I did was I hired an.expert his name is John Hackett from.diminished value of Tampa Bay again I.highly recommend John because he walks.you through the process and he's very.experienced especially when filing.claims with State Farm in fact he loves.to do it and has an excellent success.rate with them so I hired him I paid him.two hundred ninety five dollars and he.came up with an expert report for me it.details out what the car was worth prior.to the accident what the car is worth.now that it's been fully repaired and.what the difference was now I have to.admit I was a little disappointed.because John calculated that my.diminished value was two thousand six.hundred and fifty dollars and I thought.to myself if I were gonna go buy that.same car and there was one that wasn't.in an accident and another that was I.would pay far more than two thousand six.hundred and fifty dollars in difference.for the one that wasn't in an accident.but I went with John's expert opinion.because he's well-known in the industry.even though his opinion was conservative.next thing you do now that you have your.experts opinion in his report is that.you have to send that into State Farm.now John was really nice he went above.and beyond for me and sent the report.directly to State Farm with the claim.number that I gave him and a few days.later in the mail I received a form.letter here it is.it begins thank you for the opportunity.to review your request for diminished.value to your vehicle we have been.unable to make contact with you to.discuss your diminished value claim.however we have evaluated the submitted.documentation let me pause there I began.to learn something about State Farm in.this process even though they're.supposed to make me whole they're really.not looking out for my own interest the.same thing happened as they were.repairing my car I noticed that they.tried to use used parts on my car and.they weren't really looking at.for my behalf so when they said we have.been unable to make contact with you I.thought to myself my phone works you.have my cell number.it never rang let me continue diminished.value they say is the alleged difference.between a vehicle's value before an.accident and its value after proper.repairs are completed we believe that.the documentation which has been.provided to date does not substantiate.that the value of your vehicle has been.reduced due to the damage sustained from.the auto accident an appraisal must show.the fair market value of the vehicle.immediately prior to the loss and after.proper repairs they go on to claim that.the appraisal failed to prove the fair.market value and that's why they denied.the claim interestingly this forum.letter is one that after doing research.State Farm sends out almost a hundred.percent of the time obviously I was.upset by it so I picked up the phone and.I called State Farm and I told them I.received this form letter from them and.I wanted to get some more information.there customer service representative.began to explain to me that State Farm.really doesn't believe in diminished.value they believe that they've paid me.my full claim and so there's no way to.prove to them that they owe me more I.thought to myself wow they really don't.care it's obvious that if you look on.the CARFAX report that my car has been.in an accident.that accident was not my fault before.the accident it was worth much more than.after the accident so I tried to get.them to acknowledge that diminished.value existed this customer service.representative put me on hold he went.off and he must have done some number.crunching he came back and he said I.tell you what even though we don't.believe there was any diminished value.in this particular case we'll offer you.1,500 dollars.I thought for a minute maybe I should.take it but then I asked a key question.and I really encourage you to ask this.question as well what methodology did.you use to come up with 1500 for the.diminished value for my car immediately.the customer service representative.declared it's not the diminished value.of your car it's just simply a number.that I'm allowed to offer you in order.to settle this particular situation so I.rejected his claim I hung up and I.thought to myself what are my next steps.I contacted John and he said why don't.you call him back and see if they'll.come up in their offer to a number.somewhere in the middle so I decided to.do that it sounded reasonable and I.called them back spoke with the same.customer service representative and I.said I think it's two thousand six.hundred and fifty dollars according to.my expert you think it's somewhere.around fifteen hundred even though.you're claiming that's not the.diminished value of the car and so I.said how about two thousand one hundred.dollars pay me that and we'll settle.this issue and it will be resolved the.customer service representatives said.I'm not authorized to give you any more.than fifteen hundred so we reject your.offer I thought to myself Wow.so I said to the customer service.representative you're leaving me no.choice but to take your insured to court.I'm going to have to sue them he said.sir you're very welcome to do that and.our conversation ended I thought to.myself is State Farm really looking out.after they're insured really what.they're doing is they're taking a chance.that no one would take them to court so.immediately I began to research and came.up with.I'll take them the small claims court.now our accident happened in Volusia.County so I went to the Daytona Beach.courthouse after doing research can.filed a small claims court suit directly.against the defendant I didn't name.State Farm in the suit at all because.she was at fault she hit my car I filed.that suit for two thousand six hundred.and fifty dollars plus two hundred.ninety five dollars which was the fee I.had to pay to get the experts report at.that moment I also started logging all.of my expenses and that really helped so.I filed the small claims suit I send a.summons to Oklahoma.she lived in Oklahoma even though she.hid my car in Florida she was.vacationing at the time and visiting a.friend.and so I I sent a summons to Oklahoma.and the Oklahoma Sheriff's Department.and they tried to serve it but she.wasn't there it turns out her and her.husband were back in Florida on a.vacation on a cruise and the person they.were visiting helped me to know when.that cruise would conclude and when I.could serve the papers to them directly.here in Florida so when the first.summons doesn't work you get an alias.summons the people at the courthouse are.very helpful and they help you fill out.all the paperwork and it's pretty simple.so I paid the fees to get an alias.summons and the Volusia County Sheriff's.Office served her when she got off the.cruise and came here into Volusia County.again as you can imagine they were very.upset now I tried to work with them I.went to their friend's house.that they were visiting and I shared.with them that State Farm left me no.choice but to take them to court and so.I had to sue them but all they had to do.was give the paperwork directly to State.Farm and State Farm would assign an.attorney and fill in for them it turns.out that's what they did even though.they were very upset with me personally.they should have been upset with State.Farm and not with me when you file a.small claims suit you go get a.pre-conference trial date that's the day.that you go there's no arguments given.but you appear before the judge and you.meet the defendants attorney and you try.to negotiate things out and then you.declare before the judge whether you.were able to work things out or not well.I met the attorney from State Farm and I.gave her all of my expenses because to.file summons to file the small claims.court my expenses kept adding up and so.she asked what would it take to salt.settle this today I told her three.thousand three hundred sixty three.dollars and five cents her immediate.response was there's no way if we.weren't giving you twenty one hundred.we're not going to give you that she.told me she's authorized to still extend.the same offer of fifteen hundred to me.I bit my tongue and I was able to not.laugh in her face at that it turns out.that she didn't have the authority to go.up any higher she called her appraiser.she texted him but he didn't get back in.time to her before the judge came in so.the judge comes in to small claims court.and for she gives about a 15 minute.dissertation that's very informative the.judge claims that you must prove two.things in order to win your small claims.case the first liability the second.damages you have to prove that another.person was at fault for your damages and.then you have to approve the amount of.your damages well I had the second part.taken care of.expert his opinion he was willing to.come to Daytona Beach and testify on my.behalf.so that was covered what wasn't covered.was the liability but remember she lived.in Oklahoma so on the way out of the.court after we set the trial date I.spoke with the farm attorney and I told.her I said I want to be a nice guy this.is really between the two of us me the.plaintiff and you State Farm it's not.really with the defendant although I had.to sue her because she's the one who was.at fault I don't want to have to summons.her again.and make her travel all the way from.Oklahoma to Florida in order to appear.as my first witness the attorney said.something interesting she said why would.you have to summons her why does she.have to testify and I said because the.judge said I had to prove liability and.unfortunately if you remember I didn't.get a police report she said well you're.welcome to do that but you don't have to.I'm not gonna argue against liability in.this case well State Farm honestly at.this point I didn't trust them for all.the things that they went through so I.told her let's put that in writing I did.a little more research Google is a great.resource for this on a joint stipulation.the two sides can stipulate what they.agree to and the facts in the case so I.told her please send me a joint.stipulation she did her joint.stipulation simply stated that liability.would not be discussed in this case I.thought to myself that's not what the.judge said so instead I responded with.an edited statement and I said in that.statement that her client was liable for.all damages due to this accident this is.a fact and it will not need to be proved.in court and I send it back to her on.the joint stipulation it turns out that.as she was doing that she also got a.call back from the appraiser and so she.replied.not to the joint stipulation she replied.with an offer of $2,000 I told her.that's unacceptable to me I need the.full amount if you want to come down the.five cents I'll spot you that you can.write me a check for three thousand.three hundred and sixty three dollars so.I sent her that and the joint.stipulation edits and I said please.respond.in the next few days otherwise I'm gonna.have to go to the courthouse and start.to fill out the summons request to serve.her in Oklahoma well a few days later I.received this mail in my email inbox she.says I am now able to offer you the full.amount of three thousand three hundred.sixty three dollars and five cents that.you were requesting they sent me a check.a release statement that I also ended up.tweaking a bit and I had to file a few.papers with the court to dismiss the.case but that's how I got the full ask.him out now you might be asking three.thousand three hundred and sixty three.dollars and five cents that's different.than the two thousand six hundred and.fifty dollars that was your diminished.value from the expert and that's true.the difference is about seven hundred.and thirteen dollars the reason for that.difference is I had to come out of.pocket seven hundred and thirteen.dollars to actually file the case with.the court send the summons send the.alias summons all the postage that was.needed to do that.I kept good track of those expenses.that's what I shared with the attorney.as to what my value was that's why the.check I received was for the full amount.that's what it took to get my full.diminished value asked back from State.Farm I hope that in some small way if.you're ever in a David versus Goliath.situation like this especially if you're.facing State Farm that this video has.really helped you but now that I've.helped you help me a little bit I'd love.to hear your thoughts and comments why.do you think it took all of that work to.get that cheque from State Farm and what.do you think made the difference was it.the wording of the joint stay.halation was it the fact that I had to.summons someone from Oklahoma to Florida.was it related to the fact that I didn't.name State Farm originally in the case.or was it that john hackett my expert.that his stellar reputation I really.don't know exactly why they settled my.guess is it's likely because the amount.was so small but if that were the case.why waste all the expenses are for me to.take them to trial help me out with that.in your comments below as always.subscribe and like this video so that it.helps others.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Arizona Claim Form 39 online

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Arizona Claim Form 39 FAQs

Check the below common queries about Arizona Claim Form 39. Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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