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State Of Alaska Bidders Registration 2012 Form Demand Assistance

hey how you doing everyone this is Leroy.Williams the host of the upcoming.podcasts code-cracking government.contracts I'm here to show you all a.tutorial on how to navigate the.government's main contractor database.which is known as the system for award.management it looks daunting and.complicating but it's not all that hard.I'm sorry it looks daunting and.complicated but not all that hard to.navigate so if you'll give me a few.minutes I'll show you how to navigate I.have my own business which is Kai Ashe.Corp doing businesses Kai Ashe.consulting kya SH which is a mash-up of.my the names of my older two children.Kyle and Ashley which is a company my.wife and I created in New Jersey way.back in 1999 as a publishing company but.then we saw the internet so we put the.entity on the shelf and dusted it off a.few years ago as a possible government.contracting firm.we haven't gotten any contracts as yet.things happen that way however we are in.the system for award management and what.I'm going to do here is kind of take you.through my process I'm already in the.system but it's time for me to update my.Chi ashes of registration so as you can.see we are in the system for award.management and again it is a system that.allows contractors to become eligible.for federal federal awards in other.words if.have and if one I'm sorry I cannot I'm.sorry please bear with me I am not.really you know polished at this and um.I don't feel like spending a whole lot.of time editing my voice so if I make a.mistake or two or have to correct myself.please bear with me okay it says here.for my little script that in to be.eligible for a federal award you must.have an active Sam registration and if.you have existing Awards within the.government.you must renew your Sam registration.annually to ensure continued payments so.let's get started here you have your.home your home page where at the home.page of the system for award management.right now search records data access.check status about and help and you can.start by creating a user account which.I've already done.you can register the entity and you.could search your records okay as you.can see I have a username and a password.which I just updated so what we're gonna.do is log in and there it returns a page.stating the terms and conditions of.course you can scroll at your leisure.and read that stuff I already know.what's in there so I'm just going to.accept them okay as you can see it says.welcome Lee Roy Williams see Sam knows.me so what I'm going to do here is just.show you real quick my user roles and in.other words if you have a large company.you can go in here and click on my roles.and here is Kai Ashe Corp here's the.entity and I'll click on that and I.right now and the entity administrator I.haven't approved status but there are.other user roles that you can dole out.within among individuals within your.company you have your reporter entity.registration viewer etc and I've.inherited a couple of roles here but I.can also dole these roles out so as you.can see there's cash Corp I also have.what's known as a Duns number in order.to register within the system for awards.management you must go to dun &.bradstreet.which is another company that contracts.with the government to provide the.government with what would you call them.a unique identifiers and dun and.Bradstreet is also kind of like a credit.reporting agency for businesses but.that's another whole tutorial in itself.so I'm gonna click out of my user roles.then I'm going to go to entity.registrations and I'm going to look ok.let's go back you have three choices.here you have existing entity.registrations register new entity and.BioPreferred reporting I'm not quite.sure where BioPreferred reporting is.again that could be a whole tutorial in.itself but what I'm going to do is click.on existing entity registrations and as.you can see.you can you you have a page description.you can search for an entity using the.legal business name by filling that in.or a Duns number if you know it and a.cage code I will have to the I will have.to explain to you the cage code again.please bear with me I'm just trying to.get through this the cage code is what's.called a commercial and government.entity code validation basically it's.thinking it's the location database.allocation a location type identifier.but again I'll come back to that a.little bit later also you must have a.taxpayer identification number but we'll.get to that in a minute.okay so let's click on cash Corp and we.scroll down and as you can see here's a.registration details for the complete.record and as you can see there's cash.court my Duns number and my cage code.and you have my address if you want to.visit.it's my dresses also my home please give.me at least the days notice before you.show up to Herndon Virginia purpose of.registration all Awards which means all.grants contracts anything that any kind.of financial transaction with the.government other than personal.transactions are what's covered here my.registration status is active as you can.see my expiration date is 10 27 2017 so.what I'm going to do.over here now over here is deep.registration details for incomplete.records as you can see we have the same.entity name Duns number cage code and.address so what I'm going to do is click.update entity and now we're at the core.data page for Kai ash Corp and these are.again here's my Duns number my cage code.and what I'm going to do here is read to.you this if didn't be sent your.confirmation that your updates were.completed more than 24 hours ago and.don't see the updated information.displayed under details returned from.DMV please select the D and B data.button what's going on here folks is.that or like I said before in order to.register with Sam you must first.register with D and B when you first.register with Sam.Sam is going to contact D and B and say.is it like for example when I first put.my business into Sam back in 2013 Sam.asked D and B said the question okay is.are you familiar with this outfit called.Chi ash court and D and B answered back.yes here is their Duns number.Sam says to D and B thank you very much.so let that's kind of how it works you.got computer systems talking to one.another or a database is talking to one.another okay so everything looks good so.so far now again we're at the core data.business information page and here's my.business start date my fiscal year-end.close date company division name because.we do we go we are okay again we we are.doing business as Chi ash consultant.Kyra cork is the entity that we formed.in new jersey cash consulting is the DBA.doing business as name company division.number well we're too small to have a.number so we just fill in chi ash as the.as just a placeholder for this space or.field in the database if you will you.have a corporate URL you fill that in we.have a we have a website feel free to.visit it and then we have to create an.enter and mpin and here it says it will.be shared with auto eyes partner.applications including grants gov past.performance information retrieval system.and this is an interesting one past.performance information retrieval system.is the one where if you do have a.contract directly.the government a prime contract your.your client within the government is.going to create an invaluable have to.fill it in put it in elsewhere four.three two one.something real simple okay so we have a.physical address of Herndon Virginia the.address turned in Virginia all this.stuff you'll have to fill in but I'm.just going through it real quickly.because all I'm doing is updating I'm.just trying to give you a flavor of what.you'd be faced with when if and when you.decide you want to start a business or.have an existing business and need to.get your business registered in Sam okay.next is a taxpayer ID number as you know.every business has one of those.that's what appears on your w-2 for any.business you work for as a SN as a.full-time or part-time employee.you usually get that at the beginning of.the following year after the after.December 31st we have t.i n type and.that would be either your EIN or you.could use your social security number if.you are a sole proprietor but it's.probably better to for tax purposes to.be identity into yourself an entity a.business entity rather than an.individual entity for liability purposes.okay here's my ein with the beginning.with the two-two.gives me and where everything looks good.so far so we're going to save and.continue now it's processing okay what's.gonna happen here is you still we're.still in core data now weird something.called IRS consent and this is basically.a consent to disclosure of tax.information by entering my marketing.partner identification number which is.mpin I hereby authorize the IRS to.validate and disclose to the officers.and employees of the system of award.management program office whether the.name and/or name control and taxpayer.identification number provided for this.registration matches or does not match.the name and/or control of the TI in.maintained in the IRS files for pi ash.court in the most current tax year.reporting okay so that's a lot of.gobbledygook unfortunately this is the.kind of stuff I do for a living having.to read to a whole bunch of gobbledygook.within request for proposals to figure.out what the government agency really.wants and the reason for all that.gobbledygook is laws and then.regulations requiring so let's keep.going so we're also a taxpayer kai ash.court now we've haven't paid any taxes.because we haven't had any business if.you know of if you know of a company by.the way that needs a subcontractor that.does technical writing and or some IT.support that would be us keep us in mind.okay here we go so here's my here's my.here's my taxpayer address and here's.most recent tax year again we didn't we.hadn't really filled out.any tax return formed since 2000 at all.because we haven't had any revenue so.again so the name of it and the.individual executing consent would be.mainly Roy Wayans Jr title.vice-president which in this case is.just the title so what we're going to do.here is enter now we're finally going to.enter something and again bear with me.and if you would like please you're.going to see this recorded so you can.scroll through if you're bored with me.stumbling over things okay if you find.that Dolph pudding and I'm if you do I'm.sorry but anyway here's our we're going.to put in the signature which is kya sh.four three two one and then today's date.which is already pre-populated nine.twenty-eight 2017 so we are going to.save and continue okay the does your.entity already have a cage code and that.would be yes this is our this number.here this five digit code here is our.cage code and at some point I will.explain what that is I do recall that I.tried to create an address in another.and another what's the word I'm looking.for.I tried when I updated my Sam's.registration a couple of years back I.tried to use another address other than.my home but the government wouldn't.accept it because they said it was more.like a mail drop and they wouldn't give.me the cage code they wouldn't apply to.cage code so I had to use a physical.address that's something to keep them.keep in mind you have to have a physical.address okay let's keep going save and.continue we'll keep so we're moving.swimmingly along.[Music].as you can see it is processing it is.thinking up here we go and where we're.at ownership details for Kai Ashe Corp.now insulin is asking me does another.entity owner control the entity you are.registering that would be no in other.words kai ash is not a subsidiary of.some big ass worldwide conglomerate I.wish but no we're not.so we could say again this is the number.that I'm sorry the answer is no it's.already populated and again if you were.doing this for the first time you put in.yes you've either click yes or no so.here we're gonna get you a save and.continue okay.are you a six here's another question.predecessor details it asks are you a.successor to a predecessor that held a.federal contractor or grant within the.last three years again I wish but that.answer is no still no so we can leave.that alone and hit save and continue.okay we are at general information again.here's Kai ash Corp done our Duns number.our cage code now here is we have filled.in country of incorporation united.states state of incorporation new jersey.company security level let me take a.look at that that right now would be not.applicable ah you can see here we have a.listing a drop down box of the various.levels of security clearance for once.for for the company that would be not.applicable applicable because we do not.have a security clearance.highest employee security level please.select a value again for us that would.be na accrue applicable hold on let me.go back to okay government.non-classified hmm that might be the.best one to use I'm sorry and highest.security level okay.government non-classified for right now.it says here you have categorize your.entity as business or organization this.your entity qualify as one of the.following institution types so we're.gonna hit this drop-down box are we a.community development organization no.domestic shelter no educational.institution no foundation definitely not.no we're not a hospital nor are - are we.a hospital that treats our four-legged.counterparts here or in the planet Earth.so we'll leave at it not applicable a.disadvantaged enterprise is your entity.certified by a state certifying agency.as a department of transportation.disadvantaged business enterprise up.right now no excuse me so we are it this.is No so now the next question Native.American entity type is your.organization of federally recognized.Native American entity choose all that.apply Alaskan native corporation owned.firm of no American Indian owned that.would be no um Indian tribe federally.recognized would be no Native Hawaiian.organizations own firm no tribally owned.firm no so Chi ash Corp is none of those.seeing that Leroy and Cathy who created.this company are not Alaska Natives we.are not American Indian.nor are we Native Hawaiian we are.african-american Tech's.so we'll leave all those blankets gives.me okay organization factors do one or.more of these organization factors apply.to your entity if none of these apply.select not applicable if you are a.manufacturer of goods you may make one.other selection and first select.manufacturer of goods and another.drop-down box will display for your next.selection so in other words if you're a.manufacturer you would you would get.another drop-down box so basically so.basically we are are we flora nodes no.are we a small agricultural cooperative.no are we a limited liability company no.are we a subconscious um chapter s.corporation no are we a manufacturer of.goods no so we leave that at not.applicable entity structure what is the.form of your entity as defined by the.IRS we are a corporate entity not.tax-exempt as you can see your choices.are corporate entity tax-exempt.partnership or limited liability.partnership sole proprietorship.international organization or others so.we are corporate entity not tax-exempt.we'll leave that as it is profit.structure well we're for-profit you have.nonprofit or other not-for-profit.organization as your choices so we are.still a for-profit organization that you.know once we start you know making.getting business obviously hopefully.we'll be making profits and.and creating some generational wealth.for yet to be born grandkids.we have no grandkids then they'll go to.my brother's grandkids would be my grand.nieces right now so anyway like I said.folks bear with me this is this is what.my podcast may sound like if it were.live I'll probably do some editing of.the podcast but this is raw and you're.getting the real Leeroy here okay all.right now we're down to socio-economic.categories and you can see the list.veteran-owned women own joint venture.women-owned small business joint venture.economically disadvantaged women-owned.small business community development.corporation owned firm minority-owned.business I have checked the subject.black American owned is still still.chapter in the radio box radio certainly.take all those things I can't remember.the whatever that dot is it's still.there it's still it's still there so.there's no need to change that so we'll.go save and continue' okay now we get a.little we have to we come to financial.information okay so.what we're going to do here is I'm going.to have to punch in the routing number.from my new bank we're no longer with.PNC we if this would be a checking.account so I'm going to type in these.numbers and going to see how this will.probably the only editing we probably.will do is covering all this up because.you know this is sensitive information.and of course unless you want to deposit.some money into this business account.used if you want to use this data to.deposit some money we'll will gladly.take that okay so we're going to put in.a routing number.okay.you'll be a moment here I'm looking.okay there's my routing number and then.the long ass account number sorry for.the mild profanity like I said you're.getting the real Leroy Williams here.okay there you go now you have an.automated Clearing House number I'm.going to leave that as it is and of.course you have a remittance address.which would be kya consulting in Herndon.Virginia so we're gonna hit save and.continue okay executive compensation.you get executive compensation questions.is your business or organizations.proceeding I'm sorry let's try that.again.and your business or organizations.proceed in completing fiscal year did.your business or organization the legal.entity to which the specific Sam record.represented by a Duns number belongs.receipt both of the following 80% or.more of your annual gross revenues and.US federal contracts sub contracts loans.grants sub grants and/or cooperative.agreements and 225 million dollars or.more in annual gross revenues from u.s..federal contracts sub contracts loans.grants sub contracts land or cooperative.agreements the answer would be.unfortunately no like I said we hope.that changes down the road but for now.it is no end no has been pre-populated.and then we have a question here does.the public have access to information.about the compensation of senior.executives in your business organization.blah blah blah and it's not applicable.you can read that a little bit later so.we're gonna hit save and continue.proceedings questions is there federal.solicitation on which your business.organization is represented by a Duns.number mr. specific Sam record is.bidding that contains far provision.fifty two point two oh nine oh seven or.has your business organization is.represented by the Duns number and this.specific Sam record has been awarded a.federal contractor assistant award that.contains for our Clause 252 209 eight.where the award term and just and.condition describe the 2 CFR 210 Dixon.12 that would be no and of course I.would have to look up that far would be.the Federal Acquisition regulations and.that thing is a monster.let me tell you I don't recall what that.is but for now it's known and that's.something we can go over later on those.your business organization is.represented by the Duns number in this.specific Sam record have active current.federal contracts of grants with the.total value including any exercise and.exercise the options greater than 10.million dollars as I said before I wish.that would be not applicable which is.pre-populated here and then another.question within the last five years has.the business or organization represented.by the Duns number in this specific Sam.record and or any of this principles in.connection with the award to or.performance by the business or.organization of a federal contractor.grant been the subject of a state.federal or state criminal proceeding.resulting in a conviction or other.acknowledgement of fault civil.proceeding resulting in a finding a.fault with a monetary fine penalty.reimbursement restitution and or damage.is greater than $5,000 or other.acknowledgement of fall erred or.administrative proceeding resulting in.the finding of fault with either a.monetary fine or penalty greater than.$5,000 or reimbursement rest.or damages greater than 100,000 dollars.for other acknowledgement of pop.fortunately for us that answer would be.no but I guess as you start doing.business things are going to happen now.as far as criminal stuff of course you.want to stay away from that now as far.as civil or administrative I guess.anybody can sue you for anything or.bring some kind of action against you if.they feel like it so I you know lawsuits.and all that crap er.I guess parts a part of doing business.but here the the question is P populated.is not applicable so we're gonna go on.and hit save and continue now we have.the Sam search authorization which is.which what is checked here is include my.entity's non-sensitive information in.the sand public search engine results.and public data file I want to maximize.my business opportunities with the.government and other partners if I.uncheck this box my entities non.sensitive information will only be.available to the public in the Sam.public data file I had that checked and.it says here also Sam never released the.sensitive information such as your.taxpayer identification number or.banking information.electronic funds transfer to the public.you neither a search view or public data.father sensitive information is only.available to authorized US government.officials okay so we have this box.checked it's already been checked.because that was left over again from my.last time I updated this file which was.over a year ago so we're gonna hit save.and continue again and it says you have.completed the core data section of your.entity's registration at Sam please.validate the information present.presented on this page is correct before.continuing what they really mean to say.please validate the information that the.information presented in this page is.correct select edit to make changes to.the appropriate sections if you are.satisfied with the information enter.select save and continue is it this fun.folks and I'm just gonna roll through.what's here you have your business and.taxpayer identification information your.cage code general information financial.information executive compensation.questions proceedings questions and Sam.search arguments authorization all this.is good so we are going to click Save.and continue now we're at assertions for.goods and services we are.let's see it says here please describe.the goods and services your entity.provides by selecting relevant North.American industry classification system.or NEX codes you may also select.products and service codes so what we.have here listed for our for our company.would be these next codes as you can see.computer and peripheral equipment.software merchants wholesalers because.of our affiliation with Dell computer.system design services computer.facilities management services letting.other computer related services.administrative management general.management consulting services document.prep services computer and office.machine repair and maintenance so we're.just going to leave these as they are.and not change those now of course if we.get some kind of work as a subcontractor.doing something else completely.different then I would update this but.we're gonna leave this the same and.can't again depending on what it is your.business offers you would look for a.accompanying next code and those are.available in.in on various websites you can google.that okay add it add product and service.codes we've had we have none products.that service code selected none so we're.going to leave this page as it is and.click Save and continue.okay now we're at size metrics.it says here please enter the worldwide.organizational size information for your.entity this is inclusive of your parent.organization all branches and all.affiliates worldwide and not just the.size data representation rather.represented by the specific Duns number.you are registering the worldwide size.metrics you will enter here will be used.to calculate your small business size.status represented by the next code on.the Small Business Administration SBA.table of size standard mandatory fields.are marked with an asterisk or star.symbol complete all mandatory fields.before continuing to the next page so.what we did here was we created we had a.little bit of business so we put it four.hundred thirty three dollars for our.total receipts average employee average.number of employees for 12 months we.just put in one for the location which.is optional we just left those blank now.again if your business is much much.bigger obviously your you would need to.look at your books and put in probably.what would be a much larger number.again if our if our business were that.this big we would probably put in a much.larger number and as you can this is.partly why some firms charge for this.time to do this for you because as you.can see it is very it can be a little.time consuming now hopefully you're.watching this video as you're watching.it I'm going as fast as I can through.this but you can scroll through the two.various pieces if you would like but.this video is going to be totally.unedited I'm not going to I'm just gonna.show you everything and again you're.seeing the leaf reel.Leeroy as he's doing this so let's hit.save and continue okay your entities EDI.electronic data interchange information.the system defaults to know for this.question so if you wish to enter EDI.information for your non government and.at Eastern sweida we have we're not a.non-government no we don't have a TI so.we're just gonna leave that as no if.there if we did push in yes then we have.to fill in all these um all these fields.so we are going to leave that as no.okay we're at disaster response.information do you wish to be included.in the disaster response resident.registry we're gonna say no because.we're not this is more like my.construction if you will and of course.you'd be bonding which is sort of.insurance against you screwing up on a.job and you know they and your client.has to find somebody else they're called.I've seen them in the past or call bid.bonds I've had to include many a bid.mine with a proposal especially when I.worked at the environmental company in.New Jersey about 10 years ago so anyway.here's the bonding level and you've got.all these fields they're bled for us.geographic area served again we've kind.of left this one blank and we're just.gonna hit save and continue all right so.now we go back we're going to go back.and refute review whether our assertions.here's our Duns number our EMP legal.business name the next code selected our.size metrics EDI information and.disaster response information.it all looks good and we're going to hit.save and continue.okay now we're at representations and.certifications this is the really fun.part where you have to represent and.certify various to various regulations.in order to do business with our federal.government and the first question here.is who are the persons with in cash.court responsible for determining prices.offered within bids or proposals under.far 52 points.three-point-two I guess that would be me.Leroy Williams jr. and here's here's my.name and title and that's been.pre-populated then the sky scorp have.other plants facilities at different.addresses routinely used to perform on.contracts right now no although we are.we do we are registered or incorporated.in the state of New Jersey we are also.authorized right now to do business.within the Commonwealth of Virginia but.we're going to just leave that as this.question as no TI n is on file so.there's nothing to that's just an.assertion and for products designated by.the Environmental Protection Agency and.provided by chi ash core this is a.percentage of recovered material content.meet the applicable EPA guidelines and.let's see let's see.please select a value yes no vendor will.provide information with specific offer.so if we ever you know put in a bid this.is something we would have to include.but for now we'll just leave it at.vendor will provide information with our.specific bits or offers to the.government in other words if we submit a.bid we'll talk about that then so we'll.hit save and continue okay far response.to Federal Acquisition regulation.response to please answer the following.questions related to the Federal.Acquisition regulation there are four.pages of questions this is the second.each question is designed to complete a.specific far provision the direct link.to each provision follows the question.selecting the far reference will open a.new wind.and take you to the full text of the.provision all questions are mandatory.you will review your answers in the.context of the far provisions at the end.of this section what's happening here.folks is with each proposal when you in.the past with each proposal you had to.sort of check off these representations.and certifications with each you know.bid you submitted what this does what.Sam basically does is have you do it.once and then when you you big to the.government you can say hey all this.stuff is in Sam everything all your rent.your your our response to your reps and.certs questions within this request for.proposals is already in your central.database Sam and you'll be able there's.there'll be a a choice if you will in.the art piece allowing you to state that.so anyway well keep we're gonna keep.going basically we're is we're basically.saying that your your your company meets.the Federal Acquisition.regulations say like I said this is the.same this ain't no joke okay let's go to.number five this ties corporate small.business concern it wishes to be.considered for status as a surplus labor.area and this deals with far this far.number I put down no okay.it's cash Corp control under control by.a common parent that filed his federal.tax returns on the consolidated basis.like I said I wish that we have know if.there were if the answer were yes then.we we would pray that we would be able.to fill in these fields company name and.ein for our common parents for a pair.our record indicates there's not an.exclusion an activist exclusion for Kai.Ashe Corp are there any of Kai Ashe Corp.or its principals currently debarred.suspended proposed for deep barment or.declared ineligible for Awards of.contracts by any federal agency thank.God no you really don't want to be.disbarred suspended proposed for.disbarment or otherwise declared.ineligible that's that would probably be.a whole nother podcast in itself because.there are companies out there that get.debarred for doing you know in a running.afoul of the regulations because you.know government doesn't particularly.care for that so we can answer we have.answered no for the past three year.period as Chi Ashe Corp or any of his.principles been convicted or had a civil.judgment rendered against it for.Commission of fraud or criminal offense.in connection with obtaining a.attempting to obtain or performing a.public federal state or local contractor.subcontract.violation of federal or state antitrust.statutes relating to the submission of.offers.or Commission of embezzlement that.forgery bribery bribery falsification or.dr. destruction of Records making false.statements tax evasion violating federal.criminal laws or receiving stolen.property and these are addressed by.these to far regulations or far.provisions we can easily answer no okay.in the last three years has cash corp.been notified of any federal delinquent.taxes in an amount that exceeds $3,500.for which liability remains unsatisfied.thank god no okay.here and again here are the two far.provisions that are addressed that this.question addresses nine is cash Corp or.any of its principles.presently it itíd are otherwise.criminally or civilly charged by.governmental entity with Commission of.any of the offenses the numerator in.question eight though within the past.three years as pi ash been terminated.for cause or default no this is so much.fudge.please list the name of any hubzones.businesses participating in a HUBZone.joint venture with chi ash Corp HUBZone.is a HUBZone refers to historically.underutilized business zones these are.businesses which generally are in the.hood as we like to call them or in rural.areas although I know of hub zones that.show up in surprising places like K.Street in downtown Washington trust me.on that because I've worked with the.company that was talking about working.with one and when I saw their address K.Street HUBZone hmm but yeah they show up.in some surprising places and.that's an SBA determination based on.census data and it probably changes like.every ten years so but that's a hub zone.and hub zones have some incredible.regulations as well and that's another.podcast topic okay let's continue if.there are any okay we okay going back to.eleven I'm sorry.we checked none because we're not we're.not participating in any joint ventures.if there are any small disadvantaged.businesses participating in a joint.venture with cash-poor please list of.the names of course we check none our.records indicate that cash Corp is not.is not participating in a small business.joint venture so we leave that alone.there so they're bait the government's.basically saying yet we don't see you.participating in such a joint venture so.that's an assertion on their part our.records indicate that kai ash Corp is.not participating in an economically.disadvantaged women-owned small business.joint venture okay and now we that's.another question we don't have to answer.and here's number 15 we've just gone.through this 11 12 13 14 now we're up to.15 does cash Corp providing data to the.government that qualifies as limited.rights data or restricted computer data.we just left that as no.okay so we're gonna hit save and.continue.[Music].not quite sure what happened there we're.back to the login page so we're going to.[Music].hit accept let's go back to entity.registrations existing entity for some.strange reason although what happened.here.let's go through these again I'm gonna.might have to edit this a little bit.later on PA let's go back to okay we.let's go back to reps and certs for.response to.let's go got two reps and certs.I don't know but I really don't know.what happened here.[Music].let's go back let's go back through this.real quickly.[Music].from.okay says the MPI ending entered okay.let's go back real fast.[Music].hi ash 4 3 2 1 okay continue.let's say them can she get sorry folks.like I said I usually don't have a.problem with this I don't know what.happened give me a moment you can.probably fast-forward through this.because right now it reps and certs and.this thing is forcing me to go through.we're just going through all the pages.again.I apologize for this I'll probably have.to edit himself.[Music].just popped up one page from our good.friends at Dell.okay I think we're back to far response.- sorry about that folks.my not quite sure what happened we hit.save and continue' let's see what.happens when we hit save and continue.for far response - okay we're back to.spar response three for some strange.reason the system took us back to the.initial page the overview page and and I.kind of had to kind of fast forward back.through everything apparently I must.have put in the wrong data so anyway.that happens anyhow let's keep going.alright so it's asking okay it's here's.far response tree where it questions 16.our records indicate the cached corpus.selected the structure of not tax exempt.that's okay that's that we don't have to.change that are we a small disadvantaged.business and based on all these next.codes week we put in yes and here.there's you saw a pop-up box pop up okay.18 reserved I'm not quite sure what that.means.this Kai ash Corp deliver any end.products from the corresponding country.of origin or listed in the list of.products require federal contractors.certification as to force toward venture.child labor under executive order number.one three one to six.that would be no okay.if yes it's cash based on good faith.effort to determine whether forced or.indentured child labor was used not to.mind producer manufacture any such end.product determined that is not aware of.any such use of child labor Phil I guess.if you're if you're mining something in.another if you're if whatever you're.producing is has ROM is made of raw.materials mined from some country.elsewhere you want to make sure that.you're not benefiting from forced or.indentured child labor AKA s-- child.slavery so yeah that's that yeah this is.god keep yourself you gotta you gotta be.careful about this one so okay here's.number twenty as pious corp health.previous contracts of contracts some.subject to the Federal Acquisition.regulation equal opportunity we can say.no are there any and products delivered.to the government by cash court by.foreign non-domestic end products no can.we that again these are pre-populated.from my Priya prior prior updates has.ties court filed all required equal.opportunity for quantum compliance from.yeah.as Kai Ashe court filed all required.equal-opportunity compliance reports no.we don't need to wear small business or.small disadvantaged now when we get to a.size where we're we're we're that big.then we would have to do that and it.says 23 please choose one of the.following statements that applies the.Caius Court - Court has developed it has.on file form in action programs required.by secretary of labor regulations kai.ash Corp does not have developed and.does not have one file affirmative.action programs required by the.Secretary of Labor regulations pi ash.Corp is not had previous contracts.subject to written affirmative action.programs for climbers freeze the.Secretary of Labor regulations we have.this this circle checked so we will.leave that it will leave it as is.number 24 you just did number 23 number.24 we just answered number 23 I'm sorry.those cash Corp provide maintenance.calibration and or repair of information.technology scientific and or medical and.business equipment will say no and these.are a couple of other questions that you.can check out on your that are not.applicable to us these are some sub.questions we're going to hit save and.continue.okay we're far response for does Kai ash.provides services is described in far.22100 three i cannot remember what those.are but the first time i did this i had.to open up each one of these far.regulations to make sure they didn't.apply to us so this would be no and.again these are things that you would.you know if you need help we could I can.help you roll through that if you're a.small business a lot of this stuff isn't.going to apply but if you're a large.business then you could probably afford.to pay somebody to do all this for you.okay number twenty-six you have not.entered any federal supply clasp for.manufactured and props in the PSC listed.assertion so you're not required to.answer this question wonderful is cash.come Corp and inverted domestic.corporation Lord I can't remember what.that is but that's something we can look.up I can't remember what it inverted.domestic corporation is I'm sorry but we.have no is cash a subsidiary of an.inverted domestic corporation no let's.go let's look up and forget domestic.real quick.okay.inverted domestic corporation means for.an incorporated entity that meets the.Dement the definition of an invested.domestic corporation under this law and.basically it's a foreign entity and we.are not a foreign entity so we're just.going to leave these it know number 29.that's I guess that's safe for a future.provision does number 30 fish or entity.have any unpaid federal tax liability.that has been assessed for which all.judicial and administrative remedies.have been exhausted or have lapsed and.that is not being paid in a timely.manner pursuant to an agreement with the.authority for collecting the tax.liability we have know you've answered.no has your entity been convicted of a.felony criminal violation under a.federal law within the preceding 24.months thank God no dick I at 32 we just.answer 31 32.nakaya's Corp either received 7.5.million and put a little more in federal.contracts during the previous fiscal.year requiring it to publicly disclose.greenhouse gas emissions and reduction.goals or receive less than 7.5 million.in federal contracts during the previous.federal fiscal year but still want to.publicly disclose greenhouse gas.emissions and reduction goals so we must.select a value that would be no that was.simple and so we have a couple other.questions.that are not applicable go rule.applicable to us so we're gonna hit save.and continue now we're at architect.engineer response our records indicate.the cache Corp is not selected make.these following Nate's codes so SF 330.part two information is not applicable.SF 330 is the architect engineering.federal form that I have done in the.past for the engineering and.construction environmental the.environmental company I have I worked.for in the past so these snakes codes.are probably related to the and those.areas engineering and construction so we.wouldn't have to fill out SF 330 part.two and you know I remember a lot of.these there are a lot of references to.other regulations cross references and.you you just you have to kind of look.those up if you don't know them so we're.gonna hit save and continue okay we're.at defense response this kayak Corp wish.to bid on or currently hold any DoD or.DoD funded contracts of course yes.alright so we we would be part of the.military industrial complex but I think.we all are in some way shape or form.this kya Corp anticipate the supplies.would be transported by seeing the.performance of any contract or.subcontract resulting from this.solicitation at this point no.does that was 35:36 the sky ash Corp.represented the prices set forth in this.contractor based on wage rates our.potato prices established and controlled.by foreign government do not include.contingency allows us to pay for.possible increases in wage rates or.material prices that would be no as you.can see if we had yes we'd have to.select the country number 37 is cash.Corp effectively owned and/or controlled.by a foreign government no ok number 38.is cash court before an entity in which.the government of a covered covered a.covered foreign country as an ownership.interest that enables the government to.affect satellite operations no as high.as core for foreign entity that's 3839.is cockeyed corp a foreign entity that.plans to provide or use or launch other.satellite services under the contract.from a covered foreign country no number.40 is cash Corp offering commercial.satellite services provided by a foreign.entity in which the government of a.cover for a tent country has an.ownership interest that enables the.government to effect satellite.operations that would be no number 41 is.cash Corp offering commercial satellite.services provided by a foreign entity.that plans to or is expected to or.approve to provide or use launch or.other satellite services under the.contract from a covered foreign entity.no.told you this was deep folks we're gonna.hit save and continue.okay represent certain we're almost.finished.these are read-only provisions the.following d f-- R and D forest.provisions are provided for you to read.they do not require completion of any.data select a provision number to expand.and read the full text with certifying.to the information on this page you were.also certified that you've read each one.of these provisions ok again when I.first filled this out back in 2013 I.opened up each one of these and read.them okay we have certifications of.disclosure regarding payments to.influence certain federal transactions.fancy term for lobbying prohibition 'el.and contracting with entities that.require certain confidentiality.agreements or statements prohibition on.contracting with inverted domestic.corporations which we addressed a few.minutes ago contract terms and.conditions required to implement.statutes or executive orders / -.commercial items compliance with.veterans employment reporting.requirements veterans employment route.reporting requirements combating.trafficking in persons slavery.certification regarding trafficking in.persons compliance plan bio-based.product certification prohibition on.conducting restricted business.operations in Sudan prohibition on.contracting with entities engaging in.certain activities or transactions.related to Iran.presentation is certification royalty.information Reserve Officer Training.Corps and military recruiting on-campus.representation regarding combat.combating trafficking in persons hmm.don't know what the difference is but.I'm sure it is a little subtle.difference between that and what what's.up above report of intended performance.outside the United States and Canada.submission with offer secondary Arab.boycott of Israel authorization to.perform disclosure of ownership or.control by the government of a country.that is a state sponsor of terrorism.okay tax exemptions Italy representation.tax exemptions Spain representation.special construction and equipment.charges transportation of supplies by.sea alternate one and two these are now.user completed provisions the fire.DeForest proves it provisions shown.below have been populated on data you.provided earlier in Europe edged astray.ssin please open and review each.provision before you repeat per lift.proceed from this page if you need to.correct any data a link will be provided.to the relevant page for editing.none of this has changed in my opinion.I'm not going to open that up for now.because the tutorials are the thought a.little long already as you can see there.are a bunch there as Derrick quite a few.more and I'm just going to kind of.scroll up slowly so you can see them I'm.not going to read them but we can just.check off here that I've read each of.the D far and far provisions prevent.presented on this page I have read them.in the past nothing's changed and get.this and that nothing has changed at all.so I'm gonna check this and it's save.and continue.now we have our we have our mentor our.points of contact and here's my name.my name is.email address phone number.same again.hi babe.trust Center account okay accounts.receivable.I'm the accounts receivable point of.contact I'm the electronic business.point of contact the government business.point of contact so I can hit save and.continue.[Music].okay register or update your firm's.profile I have already done this we've.we've already done this I won't go.through all this if you need help with.this I can help you with it but for now.we'll just hit save and continue.okay so we're going to scroll through.everything business t.i in information.general information financial.information executive compensation.questions.perceiving questions assertions size.metrics EDI information Disaster.Response information.representations and certifications.scroll through all those mandatory.points of contact alternate points of.contact we have my son Kyle easy.government business alternate point of.contact we have a past performance point.point of contact and and Kyle would be.the past performance alternate point of.contact Kyle's the electronic business.alternate point of contact we'd already.put him in so at now we're now we're at.the almost at the end by submitting this.registration who are certified the.information is correct and app and.complete knowingly providing false or.misleading information may result in.criminal prosecution under Section 1001.title 18 of the United States Code.criminal penalties could include limit.could include imposition of a fine.imprisonment or both you may be subject.to other penalties as well including but.not limited to administrative remedies.such as suspension and debarment.debarment in eligibility to participate.in programs conducted under the.authority of the small business act or.civil liability under the False Claims.Act now with all this regulation you.wonder why people want to go biz.naissance want to do business with the.government but.it's a lot it's a lot but the rewards.can be great so we're going to hit.submit it is processing and we get a.confirmation page congratulations you.have completed the registration of your.entity print the summary button below to.be directed to the entity record page of.the entity dashboard this page will.allow you to save and print a copy of.the completed registration for your.records so now what happens next.well first of all I have come I have.been successful in completing the.updated registration of Chi Ash Court.and what will happen let's see.we will okay.there's I have an instructions page that.you can't see it says complete your.registration update by following the.on-screen instructions.then it says select submit at the very.end you'll see a congratulations message.on the screen when you submit your.renewal and now what's going to happen.is this registration is going to go.through the taxpayer identification.number validation and it's going to pass.through the IRS is also going to go.through the commercial and government.entity or cage code validation I believe.that's done by the Defense Logistics.Agency because.I had heard from them once before when.trying to do this together these.processes can take up to 12 business.days after you submit your registration.while the average is much faster allow.time for these external processes and.begin your renewal now so at this point.I basically have to wait for Sam to say.okay Leroy your company Thai ash Court.does check out with the IRS and the.Defense Logistics Agency in terms of.your cage code you're good to go you can.apply or bid on jobs with the United.States of America and folks again thank.you very much for staying with me if you.have stayed with me through all this.it's likely I'm probably going to you.know what I may just leave it as it is.in terms of what happened with that.glitch with that earlier glitch I may.just show that to you to show what can.go wrong rather than edit it so this is.pretty much raw as I said you're getting.the real Leroy here I appreciate you.staying with me through this half hour.or 45 minutes ahh how long it is.this exercise and if you have any.questions holler at me keep in mind we.are I still have this podcast plant is.called code-cracking government.contracts you still have the go fund me.page up we will if you feel like.donating something to the cause we're.still open for donations you can go to.my page on Facebook which is.code-cracking government contracts and.that's about it I hope this little.tutorial helps somebody and again you.got the real Leroy the Riddler the raw.uncut Leroy doing this with it with all.my own oz and what not to get I'm I.ain't the most polished dude in the.world but I try so anyway I hope you.enjoyed this I hope this was helpful to.you and with that this is Leroy Williams.of code-cracking government contracts.saying deuces and God bless.

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