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Steps of Customizing the Alaska Work Permit Form

how's it going everybody Tim here back.with another video and in this video I.wanted to talk again about seasonal work.in my last video about seasonal work I.talked about me working in Yellowstone.National Park for a summer and in this.video I wanted to talk about the summer.I worked seasonally in Alaska now I've.always wanted to go to Alaska it was on.kind of my travel bucket list I know.it's on a lot of other people's as well.but I felt that I would never be able to.go to Alaska if I did go it would be.probably years in the future maybe when.I was retired or something like that.because I just knew the amount of money.I was making I never would have had.enough disposable income to pay for a.roundtrip ticket to Alaska and back and.a week or so of accommodations and then.you know the the price of expenses and.all the things I want to do I was there.I just knew I would never been able to.afford that so for most of my life he.thought of going to Alaska was just.dream however once I discovered seasonal.work and I started doing seasonal work I.ran into a lot of people who had worked.seasonally in Alaska and it was kind of.one of those things we'd all be sitting.around kind of talking about other.seasonal jobs we did and the people who.worked in Alaska always like one you.know like you know a life like even when.you're not intentionally doing it you're.kind of always trying to one-up the.other guy and you know the people who.worked in Alaska like always won you.know that that round because where could.you say you worked in the u.s. that.would kind of beat Alaska so I would get.like super jealous and I was like you.know what I'm going to go work.seasonally in Alaska so when the time.came up were they would be hiring for.jobs in Alaska most of the seasonal jobs.in Alaska are in summertime because.that's just when they get a huge influx.of tourists coming up there and they.need people to fill all the jobs that.spring up because of these tourists that.come there when it came time you know a.few months before summer I hopped on my.favorite website for seasonal jobs I.mentioned this in my last video cool.works calm I will leave a link in the.description box below to it and you can.actually search by jobs in Alaska so you.don't have to sift.a bunch of other jobs from other states.other countries you can actually search.by Alaska and I will leave a link.directly to the Alaska page in the.description box but I went there and I.found once again like I mentioned in my.last video there were just a plethora of.companies that need it seasonal workers.like I said they are so many tourists.that come to Alaska in the summer so.many new jobs open up and these are jobs.that are only open for four or five.months out of the year because soon is.fall and winter come around people start.leaving Alaska oh yeah all the tourists.go back home you know there are some.people who aren't even tourists who come.just to work certain times of the year.then they go back to the winter like.nobody wants to be in Alaska for the.winter so a lot of these jobs shut down.for most of the year they're only opened.four or five months out of the year and.what happens here is that these.companies when these jobs come back.available during the summer they need.all new people because it's hard to find.somebody who just consistently wants to.work four months out of the year so very.few of the locals work seasonal jobs.unless it's like something that's right.down the road is convenient or it's a.job they really like most of the locals.most of people who stand Alaska.year-round they have year-round jobs in.Alaska so excuse me there is just a huge.amount of seasonal jobs that open up in.Alaska in the summertime anything from.hotels bars restaurants um ships like a.lot of those you know fishing shows that.you see on television about Alaska those.jobs open up I think they're pretty hard.to get but just any any think of.anything that you want to go to Alaska.and do as a tourist or as a visitor and.probably the people who are going to be.running those activities and those jobs.are going to be seasonal workers.so I mean this ranges from anything from.you know tour guides you know zipline.people amusement park people you know.fishermen just so many different jobs I.can't even think of them all you go on.cool works check it out you see all the.jobs I'm talking about but there's just.a ton of jobs and the beauty of it is.especially when you're working in Alaska.they realize that you're probably going.to be coming from the lower 48 or.another country so they realize you're.not probably gonna have transportation.and you're gonna need a place to stay so.pretty much all these seasonal jobs in.Alaska offer some form of room if not.room and board and they're pretty good.about getting you from the airport to.where you need to go because I realized.pretty much everybody is gonna be flying.in so lots of the jobs like hey you fly.in Anchorage Airport even some of the.more remote places were like flying to.Anchorage.and we'll charter you a smaller plane to.get you out here other ones would you.know just pick you up from Anchorage or.you know but pretty much all of them are.good about getting you transportation to.the job site and when you're there.they usually all provide a place for you.to stay and in a lot of cases there's.some form of your meals or something or.taking care of either you can eat at a.discount in the restaurant that's part.of the place where you work or they have.meals provided for you so I really like.that about Alaska this is kind of.standard in general and seasonal work.but some places aren't that open about.getting your transportation to the place.some places not everyone bored but.Alaska they're pretty sure you're going.to need it so you know all you kind of.have to do is get there if you can get.the plane ticket to Alaska and it's.typically I think it's Ted Stevens.Airport in Anchorage if you can get.there which these tickets aren't that.expensive for like a one-way ticket if.you booked well enough in advance I.think um I booked a I didn't know when I.was going to be coming home specifically.so I just booked a one-way ticket I.think it was like 200 bucks or something.like that.you spend your 200 bucks you get to.Alaska everything else after that is.pretty much taken care of you don't have.to worry about anything but.like working all you have to do is get.to work everything else is taken care of.and me personally I worked from mid-may.to mid-september so I was in Alaska for.four months I opted to work at a small.little roadside lodge called Trail Lake.Lodge there was a restaurant a lodge and.then across the street there was a.little motel I opted to work there as a.head housekeeper I mentioned before that.when I worked seasonally I cleaned hotel.rooms on the housekeeper room attendant.whatever you want to call it so I had a.little experience by then after doing a.couple other seasonal jobs so I got to.be head housekeeper so I was basically.in charge of the whole housekeeping.department which wasn't that big because.it was a pretty small roadside lodge in.hotel I think total we might have 15.employees but I chose to work there I.had some other job offers one of the.things I really liked about seasonal.work is pretty much all the applications.you put in if you if you fit what.they're looking for and most of these.jobs aren't picky like I said because.they have to get these jobs filled um.you're pretty much going to get a call.back from most of the places you put.applications in so I put in a bunch of.applications because I said I'm going to.Alaska this summer and pretty much all.of them called me back or you know.emailed me one to set up an interview.excuse me I ended up going with Trail.Lake Lodge because the owner when he.called me I really liked talking with.him he seemed like a real down-to-earth.guy he went over a ton of you know the.things that were important about the job.and I also liked they explained a lot.about the job in the area on their.website one of the things you'll find is.that sometimes when you're looking at.these seasonal jobs sometimes the.websites aren't very in-depth and so you.have to wait until you go to the whole.process and get hired then they send you.a new hire package and then they kind of.explain lots of thanks to you I Trail.Lake Lodge on the website I pretty much.knew everything I needed to know then.after talking with the owner it.definitely you know ease my mind because.I was traveling all the way to Alaska so.I really want to know everything I could.know about the area um it was a super.cool job really enjoyed it like I said.it was in a little small town called.Moose Pass Alaska.there was even stoplight I think there.might have been a stop sign maybe maybe.one oh it was like of an hour and a half.out of Anchorage and the biggest thing.in this town was the lodge in hotel.there was like a school and a library um.and the post office in a store across.the street and the hotel and lodge that.was pretty much it and uh you know I.spent four months there really enjoyed.it just some real down-to-earth people.the other 14 or so people who worked.there most of them were pretty cool we.got along good and one of the things I.really liked about working there and uh.as well as working seasonally in other.places in Alaska I'm sure it's true as.well there was a list on kind of the.bulletin board and a lot of the.activities that people do when they come.to Alaska just normally a lot of things.people want to do in Alaska we were able.to do these things at a steep discount.because the people who run these.activities wanted us to be able to go on.them and talk about them to to guests so.for instance I got to go on a five hour.wildlife cruise um where we went out.into I forget which Bay it was but you.know went by you saw glaciers and this.beautiful scenery.um and I saw whales and seals and all.these different birds and and goats and.just all this wildlife and then we had a.all-you-can-eat buffet on fox island it.was just great experience.um typically it's $150 per head we got.to do it for 20 bucks so that's one of.those things that that would have been a.big expense for me if I just was on.Alaska as a regular tourist hundred.fifty bucks.um but 20 bucks boom I was there and it.wasn't like we got kind of a diminished.package no we were on the boat with.other people who had paid 150 bucks we.got the same experience that prime rib.buffet all-you-can-eat prime rib buffet.we had on Fox Island like we grubbed.out I think I think those of us who with.who paid 20 bucks ate way more than the.people who paid 150 we groped but uh.just things like that actually right.next to the launch.was a floatplane on place and a lot of.times they would come over we are.working be like hey we got a spare seat.any of your employees want to go.I personally didn't get a chance to go.but some of the other employees went and.for free they got to go on these float.plane trips around to see you know.sceneries and mountains and things that.were typically a hundred to I think two.hundred dollars per head they got to do.it for free and so on this list there.were just all these activities on that.you know just going on fishing boats.other things like that and then also to.the people who the locals you'll meet.know a lot of the people who run some of.these things a lot of times of like oh.hey you want to go out fishing or do.whatever let me call my let me call my.guy let me call my friend and they'll.set you up to go out on these things.sometimes for free so that is definitely.one of the perks of working seasonally.in Alaska um not only do you get to.spend a lot of time in Alaska and just.really feel immersed in it and do a lot.more but a lot of these activities you.do you get to do at a discount or you.get to do them for free and I just.thought that was super cool you know I.tell people all the time if you're.thinking about going to Alaska try to.work it out that you can get a week.that's good you know a month or two or.if possible the whole four months of the.season and look into going there.seasonally and working it's the best way.to do it like I said all I had to pay.for was my ticket there and my ticket.back I ended up when I left I went to.Vegas I treated myself to Vegas I blew.my whole bonus yeah you got where I.worked.Charlie glad you got to end the season.bonus I went to Vegas blew my bonus but.uh so my return ticket I think my plane.tickets at all we're like we're hundred.fifty bucks total um that's pretty much.the only thing I had to spend other than.the little money I spent on activities.and hanging out and things like that.love was there and so basically I got to.spend four months in Alaska and I got.paid for it you know I got to do all the.things I would have done if I traveled.to Alaska and I got paid for it like you.know in the employee housing where I was.at it was connected to the hotel so um I.would see these people come in and I.know how much money they were paying per.night for a room in the hotel and me I.had my own room.employee housing it I just marveled at.the fact that they charged I think it.like ten dollars a night for for room.and board where I was working.I just marveled at the fact that for $10.a night I got pretty much the same.experience that these people were.getting paying 100 or so dollars a night.you know I'm at the same location which.the location was beautiful it was on a.lake there was mountains all around I'll.put some pictures at the end of this.video she got to see us where I worked.and some of the scenery but I was just.like you know for this small fee that.they charge me for employee housing.which they take out of my check so I.never even really know and if you don't.even realize that you're paying it I got.to have kind of the same experience at.this beautiful Lodge as other people had.they were paying all this money so I.definitely recommend if you're thinking.about doing Alaska and you have a summer.off or you have a few months off you.have some vacation time doing seasonal.work is a great way to do it and I.promise you I know a lot of people you.know as I mentioned in my last video you.don't do seasonal work to get rich the.money is typically somewhere around.minimum wage or just a little bit higher.um the thing is once you get there and.you realize that you're doing it just as.a way to go and experience a place you.don't think about the money yeah I.wasn't making much money and I was.making beds and scrubbing toilets but.this never bothered me I like clean.hotel rooms anyway but it never bothered.me I never looked at it that way because.if anybody came there and kind of looked.down on me I could I just knew like okay.you're spending all this money to be.here I'm getting paid to be here.I'm doing all the same things you want.to do um you know when I get off work in.six hours.I'm gonna go hike you know take me a.couple hours hike and hang out with my.friends you know a beautiful occasion.top of a mountain a lake you know just.it didn't bother me one of things about.seasonal work you know if you're afraid.oh I don't know if I can do that type of.work it's kind of beneath me or whatever.you won't think about it.you'll just enjoy being in the location.you're at especially somewhere beautiful.like Alaska and you know you'll look at.the people who you know travel the.normal way as just weird you'll look at.you always look down on them like what.you spent 4 grand to come to Alaska for.a week.I've been here four months didn't cost.me anything and I didn't want to say.like real quick like I just mentioned.the workdays really weren't that long.where I was at I work six six and a half.hours average something like that I.could stretch it to eight if I wanted to.but I mean all I did was uh you know.clean hotel rooms water flowers dust.rails super easy work some painting a.little light maintenance um pretty much.all these jobs you're going to get.seasonally none of them are you know.hard labor intensive really jobs like.these are jobs that they're pretty you.know pretty easy you know jobs and.they're great for just getting in there.doing your job then going out and.experiencing Alaska for the rest of the.day and on your days off you're free to.do whatever you want to do um you know.there are some people who drive there.there's typically some locals you'll.meet around there they have cars a lot.it's and they're more than happy to take.you you know out or show you some of the.Sunday look you know this is what they.live for new people coming in and then.showing you them showing you around and.showing you the sights so once again if.you're thinking about going to Alaska.look into doing it seasonally if nothing.else jump on cool works click the link.in the description box and just check it.out see what you think about it and if.you have already been kicking around the.thought of seasonal work maybe the.thought of going to Alaska and some of.the cool things you can do you know will.will really iron that ideal into your.head and make you want to take that step.further so I've been talking for almost.20 minutes here I'm going to stop if you.have any questions about seasonal work.please ask me them in the in the comment.section and I will get back with you had.a couple people ask me some questions on.my last video I thought that was super.cool I've mentioned before seasonal work.is something that really changed my life.and has allowed me to see places in.America that I probably never would have.got to see so I recommend it to anyone.anyway I'm Tim thanks for watching talk.to you later.you.

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Alaska Work Permit Form FAQs

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How much does Alaska pay people to work out there?

work out where ? all depends on what you do period the high wages of pipeline long gone , there is a boom in the Dakota's making major money here average is 12.00 hr again depending on what you do, how needed are you.. I used to work as a chef have watched wages drop because to many people were accepting what ever wage so more business started dropping them .

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I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

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How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How old do you have to be to get a job in Alaska?

14 with parental permission and 16 otherwise. Child labor laws are nationwide.but kids have been mowing lawns and cleaning up yards, including shoveling snow for ages. There is no condition for ambition. And nobody would ever try to suppress someone learning a good work ethic.

Can you make good money in Alaska?

Back in the 1970s I know people who did this while the pipeline was being built. Unfortunately you are too late. I got a high paying job in Alaska in 1984 and the money was good all over Alaska. I left in 1996 and the situation in Alaska is not good now. The oil revenue is way down and the politicians in Alaska are gutting education, human services and the University of Alaska. You might be lucky and get a job as a welder but the pay will be comparable to,what you can get in the lower 48 or worse.

Can I work in Alaska?

its not right to guess that she’s cheating just as it’s not right for her to guess that you’re cheating. Ask her what her reasons are for wanting to work away from home. Discuss with her what other options she has and make decisions together as a couple.

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