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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Krs Form 6000 Online

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The Definite Guide to Krs Form 6000

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Check How to Enter the Krs Form 6000

thank you for attending Kentucky.retirement systems general information.webinar my name is Ashley Gabbard and.I'm a retirement benefit consultant.within the division of member services.joining me today is a Karis.representative that will manage your.questions within the zoom chat room we.expect the presentation to last.approximately 25 minutes but we will.stick around as long as we need to to.ensure all of your questions and.concerns have been addressed.please keep in mind that Kentucky.Revised Statutes 61 point six six one.does require K RS to administer accounts.in a confidential manner during the.webinar today we ask that you do not.submit questions that are specific to.your account and ask that you do not.post sensitive information such as your.member ID your social security number or.your pin number if you do have specific.questions at the end of the webinar.please contact us at one eight hundred.nine two eight four six four six.during today's webinar we'll have a.brief tutorial on how to use the tools.on your zoom toolbar will discuss how.Kentucky retirement systems is.responding to the kovat 19 public health.threat we'll review all of the features.on member self-service and retiree.self-service as well as review how to.apply for retirement online and then.we'll do a quick demo on all of the.website resources that are available to.you.at the bottom of your screen you'll find.your zoom tool bar with two icons chat.and raise hand in the right hand corner.you'll see leave meeting if you're.unable to stay the duration of the.webinar click leave meeting at any time.of course we encourage you to sign up.for a new webinar if you're unable to.stay through its conclusion.the chat function is used to ask general.retirement questions for a kr s.representative to respond remember to.not include any confidential information.on your account the raised hand function.will not be utilized during this webinar.in response to Cova 19 Karras has.temporarily changed some of our business.practices to protect the health and.safety of our members and employees.Karis always encourages our members to.go to our Karis website for the most.up-to-date information and announcements.also there's no better time to take.advantage of your online account if you.haven't already done so member and.retiree self service allows you to.access information in real time just.like you would if you were with a.counselor in office while in-person.appointments have been temporarily.suspended we are scheduling phone.appointments with our counselors for.those members that meet the criteria.specified online in order to schedule a.phone appointment you must meet one of.the following criteria have a valid 6000.on file with legible date of birth.verification be within two years of.retirement eligibility or you must be.eligible to purchase service credit if.you wish to schedule a phone appointment.to discuss a service purchase we.strongly encourage you log in to member.self-service and use the service.purchase estimator once you've.calculated an estimate of your service.purchase you will need to contact a.counselor in the call center to request.an official cost be mailed whether.you're requesting a service purchase or.you need to speak about your retirement.in general there have been no.interruptions in the services our call.center counselors offer to our members.at the end of the presentation we'll.give you a list of ways to contact our.office unfortunately we have temporarily.suspended our outreach efforts and.canceled our pre retirement education.programs we are looking for alternative.options - in person meetings and hope to.announce more information soon to ensure.you are notified of any outreach events.or other important information regarding.your retirement log in to member.self-service and verify your contact.information including your email address.this is the quickest way for us to reach.our members Karis is so excited to.announce that our members no longer have.to submit a paper application but can.apply for retirement online as well as.upload documents that are required to.member self-service.this is a simple way to initiate the.retirement process and we hope you'll.take advantage of it.to register for member or retiree.self-service you'll need four pieces of.information your social security number.date of birth your four-digit personal.identification number and your email.address if you do not know your PIN you.can request a new one in the second step.of the registration process by clicking.need a new pin if you have an email on.file you have the option to request the.pin be sent being an encrypted email if.you do not have an email address on file.with k RS you may still request the pin.be mailed and expect it to be delivered.between five to seven days via the US.Postal Service while we will not go over.how to register for member self-service.in today's webinar I do encourage you to.go to our website ky re t dot KY govt to.watch our how to register video by.clicking on members outreach and.programs videos and webinars.members self-service allows the member.to access real-time information on their.individual account by clicking on.account at the top of the home screen.you can update your contact information.view your account summary and account.history as well as access your member.annual statement account summary allows.you to view your service credit.contributions and beneficiary.information while account history is an.overview of your contributions and.salaries through the previous fiscal.year-end.annual statements are available to view.or print from 2012 by clicking on.services you can calculate your first.eligible and first unreduced retirement.dates by choosing the benefit estimate.calculator this calculator uses real.time information and is typically within.pennies of the calculations or.counselors prepare an office use the.service purchase calculator to estimate.the cost to purchase service credit as.well as approximate your monthly payroll.deduction if you choose to purchase your.service fee an installment of purchase.service agreement you may also request.an account balance letter apply for.retirement online and upload documents.to your retirement account I will demo.how to apply for retirement online later.in the presentation.once you have successfully completed the.retirement process your member.self-service account converts into.retiree self-service so there's no need.to re-register.log into retiree self-service by using.the same credentials from your member.self-service account by clicking on.account in retiree self-service you can.still update your contact information or.view your account summary account.summary for retirees provides a snapshot.of your retirement benefit information.like your retirement option your monthly.benefit amount and your beneficiary.information you can also view your.payment history and update your direct.deposit and tax withholding information.by clicking on services you can request.an income or health insurance.verification letter or upload required.documents to your retirement account the.health insurance roll mint link is a.live hyperlink used during open.enrollment which allows retirees to.enroll for health insurance online.once you've logged in to your member.self-service account it'll take you to.the home page and you can scroll down to.see all of the different features that.are available to you today we're going.to look at apply for retirement so you.can click the blue link apply for.retirement or you can go up to services.and click on apply for retirement there.it may take just a minute so the top.part of this screen is going to be your.instructions on how to complete the.online retirement application if you.scroll to the middle of the page you'll.see that there are certain things that.you'll need before you can proceed but.to get started go down to the bottom.type in your four digit PIN number if.you don't have your four digit PIN.number you can click on need a new pin.and request a new pin that way otherwise.you can click get started.so the online application is structured.just like the paper application so the.first part of the form is member.information and so it's going to pre.populate that information that we have.in our system now all of these fields.that are required they are also editable.so if you need to change your address.you can do so at this time otherwise you.can scroll down and click on confirm.email and then it also is asking for a.phone number you'll notice under date of.birth there is an error message that.says date of birth is not verified.please upload your birth verification so.in order for K RS to process your.retirement application we do have to.have date of birth verification on file.which the previous screen will will let.you know that you don't have to.necessarily upload the information while.you go through the online application.but you will receive a notification from.k RS if we don't have data birth.verification on file so if possible I.would suggest that you go ahead read.over these different data birth.verifications that we will accept and.then you can always click upload.document throughout the entire.application online to upload that.information otherwise you can click Next.and submit that information after you.apply so the next part of the form is.the retirement information so you'll.need to indicate whether you're applying.for normal or early retirement or.disability retirement for today's.purposes we're going to apply for normal.or early retirement but for those.members that are applying for disability.retirement you will have additional.information that's required for you to.complete just like if you were doing the.paper application your termination date.must be prior to your retirement date.and it's usually the last business day.of the month preceding your retirement.date so this member is going to retire.August 1st and so notice that your.retirement date must be the first day of.the month.and so we're going to scroll down click.on the Retirement System in which we.participate if I have service in.multiple systems I will need to indicate.that here by clicking on multiple.systems also if you have service outside.of Kentucky retirement and another state.administer Retirement System I'll need.to indicate that as well so for teachers.retirement that's certified employees of.the Board of Education legislators.Retirement is state senators and.representatives and then judicial.retirement is judges so if any of those.apply I would need to indicate that here.today we're going to click que ers and.then we'll scroll down again you can.upload any documents that you need to.there or you can click Next the next.section is retirement account.beneficiary designation so I need to.choose who I want to name as the.beneficiary of my account.now I can name a person my estate living.trust or testamentary trusts but do be.aware that you can only name one person.or entity at the time that you retire so.for today we're going to choose a person.you do need to enter their social.security number now if they are a non-us.citizen and they do not have a social.security number then you would click.that box above enter their date of birth.their gender and their relationship if.you are naming a legal spouse you'll.need to indicate that by checking the.box and then if the beneficiary does.have the same address as you then you.can click this box otherwise you'll need.to manually key their address again you.can upload document or click Next now.it's giving me a warning saying that the.beneficiaries date of birth is not.verified so again we do know that we.require date of birth verification for.both the member and the beneficiary so.I'm going to click OK again if I had.that verification available to me right.now I would go ahead and upload the.document otherwise I can submit that.after but again Karis doesn't have to.have the date of birth verification to.proceed in processing the retirement.application the next section is death.benefit from Kentucky retirement systems.so for any member that retires with more.than 48 months of service you will name.a $5,000 death benefit beneficiary if.you wish to name the death benefit.beneficiary the same as the retirement.account beneficiary you can click this.box or you can choose a different person.you can choose your estate living trusts.testamentary trusts or the funeral home.today we're going to name the death.benefit the same as our retirement.account beneficiary so it's.pre-populated the information based on.the previous screen again if I needed to.upload a document such as the funeral.home license I could do that here click.Next this screen is the authorization.for direct deposit so while we do not.require that you submit a letter from.the financial institution or a vorded.personal check we do require that you.enter the routing number which will be.verified and then also you'll need to.key your account number and then key it.again to confirm that.so to verify that you've keyed the.correct financial institution it should.repopulate the correlating financial.institution name if not you'll receive.an error and then you're going to key.that deposit account number twice you'll.indicate if it's a checking or savings.account scroll down upload any documents.that are required and then click Next.the next screen is your tax withholding.form so you can choose not to have any.taxes withheld you can file single.married or marry bit withhold at the.single rate for today we're going to.file married and we're not going to.claim any dependents but I suggest that.you speak with your tax advisor to.determine what would best work for your.situation additional amount for.withholding so if you wanted to key an.additional amount you would do that here.and then the last part of the form just.like on the paper application is a.certification of bona fide separation.from service so you will need to read.over this we encourage you to read over.the information here and it won't allow.you to scroll down until you have.scrolled all the way through that that's.section and then you will click I have.read understand and agree to the above.policies and procedures again you can.upload documents here or click Next and.that takes you to the last screen so you.can review and submit your online.application so this is going to pull in.all the information that you have keyed.previously in each individual section so.you'll want to go over each one of these.to verify that everything you has have.keyed is correct.there's no spelling errors there's no.issues with your deposit account.information once you have reviewed that.information and you agree that.everything is correct you'll key in that.four digit PIN number again click Submit.I just want to remind you that you are.applying for retirement online but this.does not finalize the process you still.have to choose a payment option as well.as complete your health insurance.application so this initiates the.retirement process just like the form.6000 does when you apply on the paper.application but you can expect a second.retirement packet to be mailed to you.following the receipt of this form and.the date of birth verification so you'll.see here the employer certification of.lis balance a boxes pop up box has.appeared on this screen and so just to.read over this quickly in order to.ensure the most accurate information for.your retirement calculations our office.must receive an employer certification.of leave balances and final salary so.this is also known previously known as.section h so we will email the employer.certification of leave balances and.final salary to your employer and then.once we rehab once we have that.information we will calculate your.retirement benefits and mail you that.second retirement packet so we'll click.OK and then you will see in this last.screen that you have successfully.submitted your retirement application so.you will receive additional instructions.through your email and then if you.wanted to view or print the form for.your own purposes for your own copy you.can click on that and that will show you.the completed application.once you've keyed the website address.KYR ET kygo v it'll take you to the home.page of the k RS website scroll right.below the navigation toolbar for.important announcements below the.announcements as popular topics for our.members retirees and employers and you.can scroll down to the bottom of the.home page for news and updates as well.as tiles for quick links regarding board.meetings and forums to initiate the.retirement process we're going to scroll.back up to the top of the page and start.by clicking the member tab each tab.within the navigation toolbar will be.broken down by topic so for example.benefits here based on participation.date insurance for those members that.are ready to start the retirement.process and want to know more about.their insurance you can also click ready.to retire for those members that are.ready to apply and want to know more.information about that process outreach.and programs is going to have.information regarding pre-retirement.education programs as well as other.webinars and then managing your.retirement account it's going to give.you step-by-step instructions on how to.register for a member self-service as.well as navigate online features click.on retirees and you'll see that it's.broken down by topic once again.reemployment after retirement just to.touch on that that seems to be one of.the more popular topics and it changes.fairly often so you can see here we have.an update on the executive order that.was issued by Governor Beshear on March.31st so that's in regard to suspending.statutes and regulations restricting.participating employers from reemployed.retired members if you click on.employers you'll see information.regarding contribution rates and there's.information specific to reporting.officials and human resources as well as.training and resources available click.on investments and that's going to give.you information regarding our investment.team it's also going to give you so.terms that are frequently used in the.investment world click on publications.and forms and that's where you're going.to see a breakdown of forms they're.listed by the type of participation so.whether you're a member or retiree if.you're filing for disability retirement.those forms will be listed there we have.books and guides that are available to.you and we strongly encourage that you.go out and take advantage of these.publications we have information broken.down again by topic so tier 1 tier 2.tier 3 guides there is a pre retirement.education program book there's retiring.handbook under retirees non Medicare and.Medicare insurance vision and dental.plans so again all of that's broken down.so that you can easily access that.information we have our comprehensive.annual financial report as well as a.summary of that financial report.available we have FA cues available on.the publications and forms as well as.newsletters and articles so all of that.information lives there if you click on.the about page that's going to show you.our six mandates that we have in order.to offer the best customer service and.provide the best work environment for.our employees.you can meet our administration our.board of trustees as well as a meeting.schedule all available there on the.about page the Karis fYI page is going.to be the most current information.that's available to our members and.that'll bring it up just in second so.it's a direct connection to current.information it's relevant information.but most importantly its factual.information so anything that you've.heard could potentially impact your.retirement I would visit the fYI page.first you can see there's a tool that.toolbar there for retirement counseling.appointments so you can expand that to.get more information about how those.business practices have changed during.kovat 19 again the executive order that.was passed on or issued on the 31st of.March that information is available to.you how to apply for retirement online.document upload as well as information.regarding the cares Act so all of that.is available to you and that does change.as information and topics change so you.can expect that that information will be.updated on a regular basis legislative.updates our 2020 regular session that.ended on Wednesday April 15th there were.some bills that were passed that impact.retirement benefits whether whether it.be directly or indirectly so we've given.you some quick links there as well as.information in a summary and those links.will take you to the legislative.research Commission website contact page.is pretty self-explanatory that's where.you can go to find information on how to.reach a counselor or someone at the.retirement system regarding any needs.that you may have we have a search tool.bar if you know exactly what you need to.look up it'll pull up any information.that's relevant you can click on the.login button at the top right hand of.the screen and that'll take you to our.login page for a member login retiree.login and employer login for today's.purposes we're going to click on member.login just to show you what that page.looks like if you don't want to go to.the web page you can go directly to my.retirement KY gov and it'll bring in the.login page you can enter your.credentials if you don't know your.credentials or haven't registered yet.click need to register or forgot user ID.or password also if you don't have your.credentials with you or you don't have.your pin number in order to register.from member self-service or retiree.self-service we do have some online.calculators for our members so you can.click on public benefit estimator the.service purchase estimator or the.installment of purchase service.estimator these three estimators do.require you to key in the information.whereas member self-service will will.pre-populate that information from our.system so we do encourage you to use.this site as there's so many great.features out there that are available to.our members.you.members of the county employee.retirement systems commonly referred to.as CERs that are interested in.nomination for the Board of Trustees.election may apply now through July 31st.2020 go to KY re t KY govt and click the.About tab to find more information under.board elections KS will also be offering.online voting in future Board of Trustee.elections to cast your vote online you.need a valid email address for your k RS.account you can log into the.self-service web site by using your.current user ID and password or register.today to access your account online.so again we encourage all of our members.to go to my retirement KY govt to access.their information on their online.account you can go to our Kos website at.KY re t KY govt and you'll find.up-to-date information and announcements.regarding your retirement benefits some.members may prefer to email us at KS.mail at KY re t KY govt just keep in.mind this is not a secure email address.so please don't send any confidential.information on your account you can call.us at one eight hundred nine two eight.four six four six two either speak to an.experienced counselor or schedule an.appointment for a phone appointment and.then our mailing address is 1260.Louisville Road and that's in Frankfort.Kentucky for ou 601 we encourage you to.take advantage of our callback assist.feature so for those members that need.to speak with a counselor but don't have.time to wait on a counselor you can.always leave your callback information.and a counselor will reach back out to.you at their earliest convenience.our legal notice concludes our general.information webinar we will stick around.as long as we need to to answer.questions within the chat room this of.course is intended for general.information reference only so if you do.have specific questions regarding your.account please contact us at the 1-800.number listed on the screen.on behalf of myself and the other k RS.staff we thank you for attending today's.webinar we wish you well and ask that.you take time to complete our brief.survey at the conclusion of today's.presentation thank you.you.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Krs Form 6000 online

An all comprising solution for signing Krs Form 6000 is something any business can benefit from. CocoSign has found a way to develop a easy, low-cost, and secure online software that you can use.

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Krs Form 6000 FAQs

Check the below common queries about Krs Form 6000 . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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