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How Do You Get Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf and Sign It Online?

good morning everyone and thank you verymuch for joining us on this advertisingwebinar we're very fortunate today tohave two special presenters with us thefirst is bob pierce and bob is well I'mgonna let Bob Bob wants to tell youabout Bob good morning Terry how is it Iactually use creditor Associationdirector member services I've done a lotof work with the associations in thelast few years as you know I wasregistrar at one time many many yearsago very interested in this thank youfor the invitation very pleased to bewell we're really actually really happyBob that you took the time to join usbecause you know the UC DA has a reallyimportant voice on these issues and Ithink that you have some importantinsights that you can share too todayand I think this is a real goodopportunity to start the process goingforward of getting this message outthere's been a lot of changes in theindustry in the last five years took tenyears to develop them of course throughthe development of new regulations andmore and more we're seeing through yourefforts and enforcement and Minds fromdoing the audits of the stores we'restill not as compliant as we need to bein the industry and also joining ustoday is one of our Vic's inspectors area mohammed and all that far I alsointroduced herself in that little bitabout your background fire good morningeveryone yes I am an inspector Irecently became an inspector formerly Iwas a business standard representativefor business there dis apartment whichspecializes in advertising and beforethat I was a complaint handler as wellso I've got a lot of background here aton their constant the implementation ofthe MBTA the new MBTA rather Thanks soBob and fara are going to be ourpresenters today my name is TerryO'Keefe I'm going to be your moderatorI'm the director of communications thateducation here at home thing and I'mjust going to try and keep keep thingsmoving along but it's going to be Boband Farah presenting our expertise ifyou will today and just before we starta little housekeeping here you will havethe opportunity to ask questions duringthis webinarand you can see on your screen youshould all have this little box up onyour computer screen right now sinceyou've joined the webinar if you haveany questions please type them into thatbox and we will try to address them atthe end of the webinar if we're not ableto get to your question we'll turn thatover to our business standards team andthey will respond to every question thatwe don't answer at the end of thewebinar via email so I'm gonna turnthings over to Bob and Farah start withthe first questionadvertisements that's what we're herefor what are they well again theinterior if you turn this one over to bethe start and I'm first of all on atotal folks that if you take a look atthe history of advertising and and inwhat's happened it was an object thatforced this on us at allin the early 90s and I'm sorry middle90s I was in with the Ontario in Torontodealers association new cars and wedeveloped then the advertisingguidelines we couldn't enforce them butthey were things that recognized theindustry recognized that we had aproblem when much like the airline's youthought you were buying $100 ticket bythe time you got in there and paid thefees it was a $600 ticket so werecognized that we had to put ouradvertising in front of the people andthis was a voluntary program it it wasreally the precursor to all of theadvertiser you're doing todayand in those days under the oldregulations advertising of anything youdid external to the dealership so thebig signs on the glass and the window1hangers on the cars weren't covered and1the feeling was there you delivered you1you went to the dealership you knew you1were going there and you get this story1when you got there and when we developed1the regs given that that people are now1shopping 24 hours a day it doesn't1matter where you put your message either1billboards or newspapers still or1magazines or internet or social media1I'm gonna turn in social media over the1fair because I'm not I don't have a1Facebook page and so but that's the big1change now it's everywhere you want to1put your message and the person shopping1on a Sunday looking at a window hanger1in a car has to know what that Alwyn1price is going to be so there's no1surprise when they get there and that's1what we're trying to stop1exactly and you mentioned change over1the last couple years we've noticed a1huge change in social media so we've got1advertisements on Facebook Twitter1Instagram Tumblr you name it1if it's on the internet it's still an1advertisement it's an inducement to in1this case buy or lease a motor vehicle1and you must ensure that your1advertisements in any shape or form are1compliant I think well we're what we're1talking about that I think Bob's raised1a really good point though and that is1it's any inducement not just what's in1the paper not just what's on their1website or their social media even those1window danglers I didn't call them then1that's an advertisement and it's1expected to be compliant with the1regulation where do our identification1when you are advertising a vehicle your1registered name and phone number must be1listed in a clear comprehensible and1prominent fashion we do appreciate that1in some cases you may have some space or1time restrictions when you're1advertising motor vehicles with a price1and for that site for example you're1advertising in a classified section of a1local print publication we state that at1minimum you must advertise the fact that1you are a dealer if you cannot fit your1full dealer name as well as your1registered dealer contact number for a1radio broadcast if there is space or1time limitations I will get back to that1further along in the presentation so1here's an example of an ad on Kijiji1and as you can say it says for sale by1owner right not not dealer there's no1dealership name I know that's hard to1read trust me there's no dealership name1there but of you well again you take a1look at this ad and I don't believe that1the dealer is trying to hide anything1we're gonna steaks when you look at this1picture or the next one where the GT has1look with this other salt that the1seller has for sale he's got a picture1of the dealership behind the car1something is any surprise to anybody1that you call that number you're calling1a dealer and Animalia motivation for1doing this obvious is if you call1yourself an owner you don't pay for that1advertising gene if your dealer you do1some really think this this guy really1unless he's not1was knife in the drawer he's trying to1hide anything he's a dealer and and and1you're right if you if you see the other1arrow pointing to viewers other ads1there's seven other vehicles there so1from an augment perspective it but1business standards Department was1looking at this with either pink a this1is a potential Kerber or be it's a1dealer trying to avoid paying kijiji the1fees and not identifying his or herself1correctly in the advertisement and again1if you look at that out as well he1doesn't identify the tax and licensing1or on top of that price in the ad as1well but no because it's doesn't appear1to be from the dealers and he's i'ma1shoot themselves in the foot and then1then you look at the the cost of this1mistake which is $15,000 so this said1the dealer that we used as an example I1was charged fifteen thousand dollars for2not properly identifying himself as a2dealer in his advertisements some of the2the other the other things that the2remembers happy aware oven and in you2know government supply vehicles that the2ex police cars taxicabs obviously our2government but those types of vehicles2are unique in their own way so if you're2advertising those they clearly2prominently have to be identified taxi2limos police emergency services vehicles2in your at not that when you went to see2the car you probably couldn't tell2anyway but but again in the end it's got2to be clear and prominent that that2taxis and police exactly and notice that2calling across phone in the top right2corner that's to indicate that these2disclosures are not only important in2advertisements but on the contract upon2selling the motor vehicle as well2alongside with the past use daily rental2disclosure is very important if the2vehicle has not been subsequently owned2by a consumer you must clearly and2prominently identify the fact that it's2a daily rental and again in this one2this isn't something that's new to these2regulations and I hate like something2like the oldest dog in the kennel but2but2daily your rental disclosures have been2required in Ontario since 1989 so that's2not something this industry should have2a problem with doing we've known this2has been necessary for a very long time2and I think it's fair to say in LS asked2Barra is she's the she's previous from2our business standards team2non-compliance with disclosing daily2rentals in advertising and on contracts2is still one of the areas where we see2far too high level of non-compliance are2too high as well as we take a2zero-tolerance with regards to2non-compliance in this area so if you're2not disclosing your daily rental2disclosures in your advertisements and2on your contracts we do take zero2tolerance and you will be disciplined2according the other thing that setting2this is more sort of related to the new2car side of the business obviously and2and it's something that is pretty2misunderstood if one of our members for2example has got a demo in 2015 and he2sells it or she sells it that vehicle is2used and there are a number of dealers2I've seen to actually sell them on the2new car bill of sale because that's what2the manufacturers want and we quite2frankly don't care what they want so for2the law that current model year vehicle2or one previous has to be identified as2they used a vehicle and the word used2appears in the ad and I think Tomac is2also tolerated the term pre-owned as2long as it indicates to the abilities of2a previously owned as a demonstrator use2demonstrators so long as you indicate2that this vehicle is not new so what is2a new motor vehicle a new motor vehicle2as defined through the Highway Traffic2Act is a vehicle which no permit has2been issued under Section 7 particularly2we do get a lot of dealers saying well2this vehicle is a new vehicle I sold it2to a customer the customer then2cancelled the contract so there's no2mileage no nothing2the Ministry of Transportation has a214-day clause so if there is a2cancellation that has taken place on a2new motor vehicle you want to ensure2that2that's rectified within the 14 days and2not registered it's transferred back2entertaining at 14 days and of course he2gave me the easy one a huge vehicle2beads any vehicle it's not a new one and2essentially has been registered2delivered and used by the consumer or2our another business to make it a used2car and you really have to be very2careful with the demonstrators and and2what they're being used for in the2dealership so when they trip over that2line for being a used vehicle vehicle2availabilities when you're advertising a2vehicle for sale that vehicle must be3available at the time the advertisement3is published3if the vehicle requires a factory order3this must be prominently disposed in the3advertisements the same factory order3required prominently in a bubble that is3okay if it's an incoming model that you3must be disclosed in the body of the3advertisement and if there's a limited3supply this too must be identified so3how many vehicles are available at the3advertised price this is a prohibitive3term limited supply in our standards of3business practice more so in the sense3that if you're not going to substantiate3what makes that vehicle limited3you can't just a limited amount on the3on the vehicles that are incoming that's3particularly important especially the3Canadian dollar ever gets back to zero3again and we get more of the cars go up3the US some of our members very good3members bring cars up and they clearly3have played the customer know that3vehicles not on a lot and that stops3again that's surprise of many surprises3the consumer tip can get they take the3trouble to go to the dealership they3want to see the car you advertise it and3it will be there for a week so on rumors3have made some very good strides of3saying you know vehicles incoming will3be here in a week as part of the sale3process this is to avoid any consumer3confusion maintance which complaints for3example so I mean you you are looking3out for yourself when you're advertising3correctly as well and Farah if the3vehicle is incoming there would be3nothing wrong with saying vehicle3incoming please contact us for details3exactly3and you're you kind of letting me deal3with the business what this is the big3one they all ran right you know now as I3teach you all the course so last year3this is the one that would seem to have3the most confusion in it and I really3quite can't really understand why it's3confusing at all again you go back to3prior to the regulations a few years of3Dexter3yeah dealer bought a car he knew what it3cost them knew the costs put in his3markup or his lot back in the old days3than he knew what he would sell as far3as a price we we've created any kind of3confusion in the industry with how we3choose to sell some of the options so3all in the word is all it's all there3there's no surprise the customers been3walking the door thing in the cars 14953and finds out like those airline tickets3it's 1695 the confusion comes into is3some of the products we choose to put on3makar and etching or nitro tires or the3the security stuff which is the theft3deterring stuff that stuff we used to3sell we do it now we put them in a lot3because it's good for protection on the3lot and now the customers expected them3we want them to pay for it that's all3got to be in the all in price and if and3if a dealer chooses to sell that and3give the customer an option that it3doesn't have to be me all in price but3if they've pre-installed it if they3pre-installed it and they expect the3customer to buy it and pay them Scott3gave me all in price and we're seeing3some some into your zero tolerance rule3we may not agree with it they're members3may think it's it's a little chintzy but3300 or 400 or $500 over that advertised3price and they're going to discipline3over it and they're paying $5,0003penalties for it and the customer3doesn't need that surprised you told3them it's an all in price it's got to be3all in and I think you've raised an3important point Bob because you know3we're trying to educate consumers about3all in pricing right because you know3all in pricing it's not just about3transparency it's about a level playing3field for dealers and it's about3building trust in the industry too so3that there's no hidden surprises and3that they can believe the price that3they see in that ad4exactly and it's the hidden surprise is4the one we have to get away from and and4we are and this is working slowly and4surely the industry is grasping this4whole concept that that the customer4doesn't get this conversation about4these extra fees that's not going to be4part of the negotiation you still4negotiate the car if you want but this4negotiate this pricing isn't isn't going4to be part of the discussion now just4something I wanted to mention I have4asked Sarah to back us up one slide here4all these fees have to be included in4any advertised price and to go back to4what you talked about earlier that4includes the newspaper the website the4little window danglers hanging from the4rearview mirror that's right don't all4of those have to have an all-in price4except for HST and licensing HST and4licensing don't have to be included in4the all in price but there's one caveat4there and all that farah address that so4long as you clearly impermanent ly4disclose that HST and licensing are4additional often we see that there's a4little asterisk next to the vehicle4price referring that consumer down to4the fine print as the best practice we4always say that it's best that you say4plus HST and licensing right next to the4vehicle price so that there is no4question about it the Act particularly4states that if it does not say plus HST4it's automatically assumed that the HST4is included in the price that you're4advertising so be sure that you4advertise plus HST we are well aware4that in the retail industry you're going4to charge taxes on the items that you4sell but the Act specifically states4state plus HST so that there are no4surprises to the consumers okay and4that's okay and then one of the things4on that list and this isn't obviously4some part of this discussion really is4something in the future we'd like to see4is the on big fee it's part of the taxes4the licensing and the on big fee the4dealer doesn't get that money anyway and4the consumer has to understand that's4not that's not something as part of the4that's mandatory and that's coupling on4Vic for the regulatory we'd like to see4that out as well yeah but just just for4clarification to no it's not I know4in your own brain don't always agree but4this is one of those all-embracing4we often hear it's confusing and in my4mind it's not there's no hidden fees4there's no surprises the advertised4price is the drive away price it's the4price of the vehicle plus HST in4licensing it's really that simple and4and if the industry is going to have4these extra charges that are either4optional or mandatory then the industry4has to learn to adapt to the all in4pricing laws and make them work it's and4that's where I sit on this so what4happens if you're not in compliance with4all in pricings and here's an example4ama can issue a dealer to cease use of4that advertisement immediately this4order can be appealed to the licensed4Appeal Tribunal but it does take effect4immediately so that advertisement must4be pulled at your earliest convenience4so that it's no longer harmful to the4public so here's an example this one4particular dealer Albert I is a vehicle4that the price was not all in the4following week the dealer had to issue a4retraction as part of the cease and4desist in the same publication had to be4the same size of equal prominence and4they had to state what the mistake was4and what the correct all-in price of4that vehicle was and just before we go4the dealers actually named in this ad4and I want you to know that this was4we're not using this to try and4embarrass this dealership this is4obviously a public newspaper and that's4why we're showing it but this was the as4as far as hey this was the the4correction that they had to have to4publish to it to address the non hauling4price if a dealer is found in breach of5the advertising rules and regulations5they may also have to submit all of5their advertising to Amun for5pre-approval for a period of up to two5years so your window danglers your5online advertisements if you want to5paint a price on a vehicle in front of5your dealership that all has to be5approved by avec if you're not income5with all in pricing dealers may also5face charges through the Provincial5Offences you might be sent or issued a5notice of complaint which triggers the5disciplinary process or you might5receive a proposal to revoke or suspend5your on Vic registration period I think5it's fair to say currently the5discipline processes is probably most5often used to address advertising5compliance issues and then this slide I5think is an enticing way and a lot of5our members simply don't understand or5don't realize that when you run afoul of5the laws and you are non-compliant and5you run before disciplinary or any other5thing you do it's going to be made5public and I know laughs I'm teaching5the class there's a sort of a surprise5you mean they're gonna tell everybody5about this and they are in the after the5MBA makes it very clear that it's a it's5a mandatory release to the public if5it's in the public's interest to know5and I know you do it in in some very big5cases because the public have a right to5know as to what's going on in the5dealership and we have the Matis or5north of the city was one of them but5but again our members understand it if5you run a file what's going to be made5public and Bob I think that that's a5really good point and thank you for for5bringing it up because sometimes dealers5think oh that's object being5mean-spirited that we are making this5information public5all these disciplined decisions are5posted on our website but we must the5law applies to us too in the motor5vehicle dealers Act section 27 tells on5the that it must make all this5information public mm-hmm so a little5bit about the discipline process the5discipline process is used when in this5case of dealer or salesperson is in5breach of the code of ethics regarding5advertising particularly section four5and nine of the Code of Ethics were5referring to disclosure and marketing5and professionalism so you want to be5sure that when you're advertising it's5in line with our code of ethics5standards and business practice practice5and our rules and regulations so5something that I'd like to talk about5here we I mean we've talked about all5the advertising regulations now and5and I know not everyone likes5regulations and sometimes sometimes we5hear from from from people that you know5this is all all about consumer5transparency and yes it is about5consumer transparency it's both no5hidden fees and surprises and and5building trust in the industry but5that's not the only thing that the Alim5pricing is about it's about creating a5level playing field for all dealers who5advertise and so here's an example that5I'd like to use to try and demonstrate5this before unitary and I think it's5interesting you've got this this this5illustration up and I spent a long time5with the auctions so you're gonna5portray this as it's two cars are5relatively same and I look at the5auction unless there's a major5disclosure made these cars are going to5sell if Honda for example puts these two5on a lease return lane at the auction5they're gonna sell within hundreds of5dollars of each other there's no good5reason two cars are going to be two or5three thousand dollars apart in pricing5in in in advertising these cars unless5there's a reason or unless the dealers5got some other ideas and you're gonna5see that now yeah how's your man yes5well here's the example about creating a5level playing field so Bob and Farrah6they're both dealers and they both go to6to the auction today and they both by62009 Honda Accord the cars are nearly6identical same mileage same color6equipment condition both paid $8,500 for6their Accords and both Farah and Bob are6going to advertise these cars in this6weekend's paper so Bob advertises his6car at 12 250 he paid 8500 for it but I6mean he's a business he's got to turn6profit he's got staff to pay he's got it6he's got to pay for his building he's6got to keep the lights on so he's6advertising his car for 12 to 50 you got6to recondition the car you've got6expenses and this is what you're gonna6advertise it for and that's Bob's price6you can see an all in price 12 250 fara6advertises her car for $8,500 that's the6price she paid for it so where do you6think consumers are gonna shop when they6see those two ads in the same paper and6and this is a complaint not so much in6the last couple years but early days and6the regulations we would get all the6time from our members I'm advertising6complying with this and down the street6they're not doing it and this is what I6routinely said is the surprise the6consumer gets when they walk in the door6they respond to the $8,500 car that's6the one you see every person or mines6gonna say okay they're two cars I'm6gonna go see the 8,500 right right but6what the consumer didn't know is this or6though they find out they've got when6they get dead sorry when they get to the6store they find out that Farah had a6$1,500 administration fee we're not6encouraging dealers to have $1,5006administration fees but Farah had a6$1,500 administration fee she charged6750 for a safety even if the car didn't6need a light bulb she charged a $1,5006pre-delivery expense whatever she had6come up with for that and the total6price of the car was 12 to 50 it was the6same price as yours Bob but the consumer6didn't know that when they saw that6non-compliant had because it wasn't an6all in price and that's not fair the6consumer and it's not fair to Bob's6dealership who's advertising correctly6and I think it's worth noting that yes6these are pretty astounding numbers that6you're seeing here but these are6actually taken from a dealer here in6Toronto in 2009 before all in pricing6and these were some of the charges that6they were putting on Bills of sale and6and whether we think that they're real6is here and they're not realistic6numbers that is the issue that's the6surprise you get in and find out that6that $8,500 car is and $8,500 anymore6and again with a sonic tubers like the6airline's used to be and they've had to6bring theirs into compliance the same6way as the car industry has you get the6picture of what the stick is really6gonna cost and this dealer has an unfair6advantage if he publicizes there she6publicized $8,500 and then you get there6and you get your you know your two6thousand and three thousand dollar6surprise absolutely and we got to stop6that and we are ending6often what I do get come from dealers6when I am informing them of their6non-compliances but ferret the consumer6knew the consumers find the sales final6knowing that they were charged they were6paying this this price but sometimes6consumers are not aware of all in6pricing when they are able to6protected under these legislation hmm6and I think fire that's a really good6point and we've done actually some6surveying and we know that 75% of6Ontarians still don't know all and6pricing is the law we're trying to6address that through some of our6consumer awareness programs because we6hope that if consumers are aware of it6and they may encounter one of those6theatres who is not compliant with all6the pricing that they will help address6that issue right then and there but we6still have Onix still has a lot more to6do to educate consumers about this Harry7don't don't feel bad we got a7compensation fund in place for a long7time the average consumer doesn't know7that if they buy a car from a dealer7they are correct up $45,000 you have a7long job to do to educate the public on7this stuff and the complan came in in 867this is all when you're advertising a7constant credit we've gone through all7in pricing but what about when you're7advertising a credit offer or a lease7offer when you're advertising a credit7offer the interest rate or the amount7and the cash price must be prominently7disposed in the body of the7advertisement the term APR cost a boring7and cash price must be identified we do7appreciate that7sometimes you advertise more than one7offer if that's the case in a7representative example of the cost of7boring will suffice so long as it's7listed in a clear comprehensible and7prominent fashion and it is acceptable7to have that cost of borrowing example7in the fine print of the advertisement7and just for purposes here the cost of7borrowing was included in the sad but7we'd crop the ad to make it fit on our7into our presentation here so if you're7wondering why it's not there it was we7just had to make it fit and with regards7to lease offers you must identify the7term the payment the APR any amounts of7upfront payments and if there are7kilometer allowances this too must be7clearly and prominently identified in7the body of the Leafs advertisement so7the difference here is that you don't7see the requirement for the cash7purchase price really so when you are7looking at advertisements and you're7trying to distinguish whether or not it7is we'll use our finance look for that7cash purchase price and7continuing against with extended7warranties then if an ad says an7extended word is included that was7consider looks of that and says okay I7got a 12 month warranty they don't7really get the terms and conditions of7the warranty until they get this to the7dealership to see the car so the7regulation clearly states you have to in7the ad disclose the term of the warranty7and any claim amount so that you might7think you're getting a warranty that's a7really good deal but it's only got7$1,000 claim amount and the deductibles7a hundred and so in fact you're only7getting nine hundred dollars on your7four thousand dollar engine job that7sort of separates out the good better7warranties from the less sort of7comprehensive ones again on as is7vehicles another another issue changing7the regulations on this to this7Ordonez's vehicle is and it really does7separate the two cars between the car7solo safety and what it as his vehicle7truly is under the regulations and they7are not vehicles that just need a safety7so the average consumers got to7understand when they see this term in7their advertising these vehicles are one7step away from the boneyard I mean they7are buying it they have to understand7they're buying these as fixer-uppers7they're not roadworthy they're not7mechanically sound they're not7guaranteed they're it's going to cost a7lot of money and the after understand7it's going to cost a lot of money the7term used previously as oh yeah we're7selling that one as is that terms no7longer allow them yet well I mean if a7vehicle is being sold as is that entire7disclosure statement that you see there7is very similar to the one on the7contract that has to be included in the7advertisement verbatim and again it has7the consumer has to understand that when7they get to the dealership yeah you to7me that's as important as that you can't7simply state that it is that's right if7you're looking for the verbage you can7look at I believe in April 20107bulletins and you will have the exact7verbage that we're looking for to be7disclosed when you're advertising as is8vehicles and just remember that when you8are selling and as is vehicle the8important disclosures must still be made8on the contract and I should8something that until recently we just8haven't sort of understood the industry8that car sold as is advertised as is8sold as is does not escape the mandatory821 disclosures under the disclosure8regulations so it didn't know it was the8class yesterday was explaining that you8sell a car as is you have to tell them8now specifically why it's as is the8mechanical repairs some could be safety8some could not but right down to the8holes in the frames and that's why this8cars and has this car it's a specific8disclosure requirement so that's8something we need to learn in the8industry that's got to get out there8better than it is right now and again8that's the confusion of saying that8sizes vehicle all you need to do is put8a safety on it and it truly is two8separate cars this isn't something needs8to really sort of I don't particularly8like this not much but that's it is a8disclosure requirement this verbage if8you're selling a car without a safety or8any tests clearly has to be specific8this verbage and and not the exits the8dollar values actually have to be there8okay so so that they because it8understands this car hasn't yet8undergone its safety doesn't mean it's8unsafe it's not drivable right now or it8maybe shouldn't be but but it's not and8as is car they are distinct separate8interesting that's that's a really good8point these are this is not a vehicle8being sold as is this is a vehicle that8is being advertised without the cost of8the safety and eat est'8and again if you're going to advertise8vehicles unfit this exact disclosure8statement this exact wording has to be8if the vehicle is not drivable not8certified and not e tested certification8and eat testing available for and you8state the price it can't be arranged it8has to be the actual cost it can't be8from $1.99 to $7.99 it has to be the8actual cost of certification e testing8and again all the disclosures have to be8made so that car being sold in this way8still does not escape for the scores8requirements under VI that's great the8use of stock photos and advertisements8we issued a bulletin I believe last week8regarding this exact issue if an8advertisement includes a picture but the8picture isn't of the actual vehicle the8picture must accurately reflect he makes8model trim level and model year and the8condition of the vehicle this is with8regards to used vehicles of course if8you do have the actual image of the8vehicle we do say to use that actual8image rather than get an image online or8from the meeting factor but what about8new vehicles often we have dealers who8pay into a program to have8advertisements placed buyer on behalf of8them and the the use of the image is for8a sport model in the price that your8advertising is for a base model we8appreciate that sometimes you when it8comes to new vehicle advertising you8can't get your hands on the physical8it's a physical vehicle to take an image8so we do state that if you're going to8advertise an image of a higher model you8must advertise the all-in price of that8image right next to the vehicle it8doesn't have to be more prominent than8the base model price that you are in8fact advertising however so just in this8particular example you can see the 19958prices there but just beside the vehicle8that actually says 2015 Chrysler 200 C8shown twenty-nine 790 so that it's very8clear this isn't the what the car for81995 is going to look like so quick8question is this advertisement compliant8only if you have really good eyes we8kind of read horizontal though in this8oh yeah the funny thing is it's actually8a trick question because the question of8compliance doesn't come into it this is8not a dealer at this is an advertisement9placed by the manufacturer and9manufacturers are not bound by the motor9vehicle dealers act so the it's not9there's not even a question of9compliance and this causes a lot of9confusion for consumers because9consumers are slowly learning about all9in pricing than these these regulations9and they see the manufacturers9advertisement and it might not9necessarily be an all in price and9go to the dealership they're asking the9dealership why are there all these9additional fees and the dealer and I9import dealer and I mean that the board9dealer now has to try to explain to the9consumer you're right about all in9pricing but that wasn't my advertisement9that was placed by the manufacturer so9we recognize that there is confusion9sometimes for consumers in this area and9we're trying to educate consumers as9well that you know manufacturers aren't9bound by these regulations many do9voluntarily try to include some of the9fees that the PDI things like that in9their advertising we're making some9strides that way but they're simply not9bound by our regulations and this is one9issue that I think the book should9understand both the association's the9new they use and on Vic agree we have to9put as much pressure as we can on the9government to remove that exemption for9the manufacturers to the purse with9advertising it's too confusing the9customer walks in the store with the9manufacturers ahead for 1995 and the9dealers all in prices 21,000 and that's9the confusion and and you know you turn9it back to the ad words of stock photos9we've got routinely new car dealers that9are using the manufacturers advertising9they put their names at the bottom of it9and Pacific they can't use that stock9photo because when there's two prices9and two that truck when I saw one9recently and I told the person who said9it but they can't do it because the9truck had all sorts of features that9didn't include we're included in the9price and she said what I got it for 959sure so we've got to continue that force9and effort to get that government to9change that exemption for the purpose of9advertise and and you did mention that9sometimes dealers do tag their names to9these manufacturer advertisements but9what they aren't aware of is that the9fine print to those manufacturer9advertisements sometimes say once on Vic9feet plus admin fee plus your firstborn9child9you know sometimes dealers don't read9the fine print to what they're putting9their name to so be sure that if you're9gonna tag your name to an advertisement9that advertisement is compliant and I9agree fair because in that vertical9disclosure and that Maggie9factors that in there are all the9details that nobody can read and nobody9does bother it's lost third pretty9advertising so if you are utilizing9marketing company if you're paying into9an advertising program through the9manufacturer at the end of the day the9dealer holds hold responsibilities the9advertisements that are being placed by9or on behalf of the dealership so if9you're using an advertising aiding9agency if you're advertising online9through a DAA through manufacturer be9sure to exercise due diligence you know9have have your marketers time into one9of these webinars call on that call our9business standards department if they're9ever in doubt before publishing an9advertisement buyer on behalf of your9dealership pop quiz9ah no are these ads compliant well snow9with this one once again this goes back9to order when we started out the9presentation today on the on the9dealerships grounds does this vehicle9somebody pulls over takes a look at 309to 80 80 what they don't know is what9exactly that admin fee is it's a legging9range between three and six or seven9hundred dollars perhaps I don't know and10which changes that price thematic10dramatically and that's the surprise and10that's what makes this ad illegal that's10right it can't say plus if men even if10it's spelled out what the administration10fee has to be included and that's why10this isn't that complicated there and it10really can't be that complicated for our10industry to see this10okay Farah how about this one is it10compliant have to say no I don't see a10cash purchase price so I don't know if10this is a lease or a finance offer I'm10gonna assume that it's a finance occur10it is been you're right it's missing the10cash purchase price10okay Bob we're back over to you for this10one all this one just as a good shot I10love the size although I do license fees10all prices are valid until November10whatever vehicles noted with as is are10sold as is10kind of like saying vehicles sold as10blue vehicles will be sold as blue10vehicles and again it's what a friend of10mine in our industry and he said one of10the rules he has is if you can't put10something people understand hire a10writer so so it's not compliant you10would require the entire as is10disclosure identify the vehicles that10are as is and and again that full10prominent disclosure uh NASA's vehicle10this is someone who didn't get the memo10and and this one this goes to exactly10what both of you were talking about just10two seconds ago this is a dealer we10blanket the dealers name in the white10there but this is a dealer who has10chosen to use the manufacturers template10for their ad and as you can read far10alternates over to you to pick up right10here prices do not include do not10include fuel filter edges of up to $10010it's admin fee of 399 security package10$2.99 or PDI of 399 license or10applicable taxes moving back to the fuel10fee I do get a lot of questions with10regards to that that is not allowed you10must include the cost for fuel in the10price that you're advertising ability at10all is that fair that's a thousand10dollars I personal vehicle that's right10I know about you but thousand dollars is10enough of the surprise to me to walk out10you know and this next one oh that's me10pick it up right here all today all10pricing seeds fall for my little you10know administration and licensing and10taxes and again it's not clear prominent10in the ad what's included and not10including that administration Bryson in10the cars women it's gonna question10that's right you can't exclude the10[ __ ] fee you can simply state plus HST10and and you can't have it that's month10and I think this one is for far up10another cash purchase trace where is it10I think the cash purchase price is in10the tiny tiny print down here can we do10No so I'm gonna say this isn't clear10comprehensible and prominently disclosed10again you've got your payment10you've got your APR you've got your term10but the cash purchase price isn't10prominently identified in the body of10the advertisement and here's the last10two that we're gonna have a look at Bob10will go to this very this one on the10left for you all includes the pricing10just add the tax licensing and the fuel10which bear is already talked about so10the fuels got to be in that all in price10and we've got one on the right here10Facebook advertisement prices prices10exclude taxes and transfer on the10regulations state that we must declare10vehicles sold I fit as possibly unworthy10for the road or may need extensive10repairs to meet Ontario certification10requirements you don't go to enough time10to tell you how bad that is I think10there's just don't have enough time10exactly if it is unfit there's a10specific unfit disclosure that has to be10used if it is as is there's a specific10as is disclosure that has to be used10both of those disclosure statements if10you don't have them are available on our10website we're going to show resources11for that in just a few minutes but it11has to be the effect written exactly so11if this was an unfit vehicle this11vehicle is not drivable not certified11not attested certification any testing11available for X amount of dollars11throughout this presentation you've11heard both bother myself refer to the11code of ethics the code of ethics the11section 4 is particularly to disclosure11and marketing in states that dealers and11salespeople must be clear and truthful11and describing a vehicle products11services programs and prices advertising11must be legal decent ethical and11truthful so if you were to be in11violation of the code of ethics11regarding marketing you would probably11receive a notice of complaint which then11triggers the disciplinary process11our standard standards of business11practice section four again also gives11you more of an in-depth understanding11real-life examples of our code of ethics11or regulations what our Vic expects of11dealers and we've got a list of11prohibited terms as well they're11restricted and prohibited so not to say11that you can't use all or any of these11terms but if you insist on using these11terms you must be able to substantiate11why you're using these terms so for11example all-inclusive you can state that11but you must be able to substantiate11that you are in fact advertising an11all-inclusive price if you're11advertising a limited supply11like I said beforehand you must indicate11how many vehicles are available for the11advertised price if you insist on saying11limited supply and I just have a point11on my last one that's an example of11where that slide came from the11advertising guidelines developed long11before by the industry we developed11those guidelines of things we recognized11couldn't be said in the industry and put11that in that the booklet long before11this became law some of those terms are11cool by the way if they're advertising11something free I'll be over to get one11I'm going enforcement we are enforcing11our advertising rules and regulations11constantly so whether it be through11provincial offenses and dealers find us11to twelve twelve thousand five hundred11dollars for non-compliant advertising or11if it's through the disciplinary process11and being fined eighteen thousand11dollars and upwards11for not being in compliance with all and11pricing we did a contagion sheeta's11sweep as well in 2013 we're 85 dealers11were charged for non-compliant11advertisements under the Provincial11Offences Act I didn't really want to11talk about that fines embracing I think11one of the jobs that I enjoyed the most11is teaching the class and going into the11dealerships and the easy fix for11everything you've seen as we've gone11through this presentation in the11industry is that the managers who are11responsible for the advertising and that11manager who's signing the bill of sale11before they sign it and accept the deal11as a valid sales final they've got to11take a couple of minutes to take a look11at that price that the vehicles selling11for to take a look at the disclosures on11the bill of sale before they starting11the bill and don't say unless it does we11can fix this problem without the the11fine-structure we gotta stop that11revolving door in the industry of fines11then they take the course then they11learn it they go back somebody changes11moves to another dealership and they get11another inspection they get another fine11that door has to stop we've got to take11the time in the industry to check this11stuff before the car goes off the line11and we can place all anybody before the11ad gets published11well over foot well it's before the car11gets sold now you put the price in if11somebody's good things look at bring up11the add-on on whatever site you're using11there's the price there's a subtotal11that's wrong we're not delivering this12car until the little sell match is that12we can fix this and we have to so12throughout this presentation you've12heard some bottom myself space CCP or12clear comprehensible and prominent so I12mean you can read this slide and clearly12it really maybe maybe you can't fly I12think it says vertical fine print is not12CCP if you look at the right-hand side12of this slide you can see that we have12given you an example of vertical fine12phrase vertical fine print is not12considered clear comprehensible and12prominent so don't utilize vertical fine12print when you're advertising especially12in print publications when you're12advertising and your disclosures must be12clear comprehensible and prominent it12must be easily readable if you're12thinking if you're referring to a local12publication at minimal your disposal s12than the classified font in that local12publication now we're just getting12towards the the end of our presentation12this morning um and what we'd like to do12is just to run through some best12practices these are not this is not the12way you must do it and the regulations12don't say you have to do it this way but12these are some ideas from from12awesome from Bob that will help you12ensure compliance with the regulations12that we've been talking about exactly so12like I mentioned before although you can12say a plus h STM licensing in addition12to the price that you're advertising I12don't put it elsewhere on the page put12it right next to the price that you're12advertising so that there are no12questions about it especially with12regards to issues for getting prominent12right and if you are advertising a12credit offer prominently displayed the12cash price and interest rate in the body12of the advertisement right next to the12vehicle that you're advertising for as12is and unfit statements put them in the12body of the advertisement like you can12see in this image right here it says12special as in vehicles - arrows pointing12towards the two vehicles that are12considered as is and the appropriate as12is statement prominently disclosed right12below and here you see that this vehicle12is a former daily rental and it's12prominently disposed right above the12cash purchase price if you look at this12kijiji advertisement on the left hand12side it says placed by a dealer that's12what we want to see you're paying your12Kijiji fees good to go and the purchase12price must be there but here you see12that it says please contact that is okay12you do not have to advertise a price for12a vehicle you can say please contact and12if you're advertising a used vehicle of12course try your best to use the the12actual photo of the vehicle rather than12getting an image from elsewhere and just12just to mention to to those of you12watching I also want to point out that12we've cropped this at the dealers full12name was included and phone number was12included in the body of the12advertisement12and if you're advertising a vehicle for12a price that price must be available to12everyone12often what we've been seeing I'd say12within the last three years is internet12price or get an e price or internet12price versus a price that one that price12that you're advertising must be the12price that is available to everyone12to suggest that there's another price12out there is misleading so you want to12advertise one price we do appreciate12that sometimes there are rebates in12place so for example a thousand dollar12Costco rebate if you insist on showing12the price for Costco members that price12cannot exceed the font size of the all n12price that is available to everyone and12again if there's two prices then it12really complicates the issue for all in12prices back so that's the two price12advertizing is something we have to stay12away from in this industry I don't think12I've ever seen an ad that says click12here for an e price on a car I don't see13they do so few reminders you cannot13guarantee your trade-in allowance so13when you are inviting the public to13bring in their trades you can invite13them to bring in their trades but do not13put a dollar amount to those trades13I affirm that to be candid I don't think13I've seen a guarantee trigger but that13was a common term 10 years ago but again13that's where the industry has shifted13gears out of that standards of business13practices and terms like guarantee13that's that's all we've we've involved13past that anyway if it doesn't happen13it's not you're going it's not on your13as common as it used to be and we're13hoping that the device with all line13pricing is going to go that same that13same lion sinteres your next 2.0 on MSRP13advertising and comparing it to other13new cars compared to self selling price13for new and MSRP or selling price to13used term SRP aren't covered by13obviously the provincial legislation13borrows covered by the federal13legislation and are completely13prohibited in our industry simply put13the MSRP is not what we sell the13majority of our vehicles for so you13can't make that comparison and and13that's been around again since as long13as I was pretty to register there's13nothing new dawn back on that13and we still sort of I had a question13yesterday on the why can't we do it well13the MSRP doesn't include all of the13dealer's specific fees right when you're13advertising a vehicle and you want to13show savings and in comparison to the13MSRP you must be ready and willing to13also identify what the average selling13price of that vehicle is as well because13comparing your savings to the MSRP13unnaturally inflates the true savings13that a customer will enjoy13so again if you're gonna advertise13savings you want to show game SRP and13the average selling price that your13dealer would regularly resell that13vehicle for with regards to radio13broadcast but at the beginning of this13presentation I said I'd get back to it13and I will be radio broadcast we do13appreciate that you sometimes have13significant time restraints to get all13of your disclosures out there we13recognize that and we appreciate that so13we do say that if you do have13limitations13you're faced with limitations you must13have a 24 hour reference that a customer13can refer to to get the important13information so a website is something13that I often advise dealers to utilize13because rather than a phone number to13call a consumer can access a computer13and just visit WWE see motors flash13specials to get the additional13information and I guess that's what I13wanted to sort of make a comment on and13that's on the warnings and and having13read the litany of disciplinary charges13that are on the website and I see how13they're laid out and our members can13understand that a warning from our Vic13isn't a bad thing that's a good thing13and it's an imitation that they go take13a look at the processes in the store to13see why why that happened13the next ones not going to be a warning13and I just had a conversation with a13with a dealer principal and he it just13finished off his disciplinary hearing13and I said and we were negotiating to13try and see what better things he could13do to bring in compliance and they said13it's not this one you have to worry13about it's the next one13because if we don't sort with the13warnings and starts with the warnings13when all of it gets the disciplinary13hearing out to you it's going to have13all of the Bolton's they've sent out to13- - for you to read then they're going13to put any warnings or inspections13you've had the past and then they're13gonna make a list of all the things13you've done that's caused this13disciplinary hearing we've ignored the13warning and that's got to be a sort of14an opener to say I have a problem14and if you want to call the you city and14we can chat and I do the visits of the14dealers to try and fix it at that14warning stage because it gets expensive14after that and and you do that you will14help but the other put processes in14place to try and mitigate any of these14these other things that's been very14successful for us in dealing with our14members that have gone through the14process is what we call the delivery14checklist and it's only not about seven14points on it and you go down and check14them off and the manager would do this14before the car is approved for delivery14before they sign the bill that says I'm14approving this sale to be a final sale14and one of them is to check your14practices your advertising if you ticked14off those simple seven points you14wouldn't have to worry about any of this14that we've talked about today or the14disclosure requirements that I hopefully14get to do another time just on the14disclosure requirements because they are14misunderstood as well even after five14years so this is it's a good opportunity14you get a warning that's a thank you and14yes I'll fix it and I think the point14that Bob is made is important to14remember is that if you if a dealer does14find themselves going through the14discipline process as you said every14bulletin about that subject then every14dealer standard story about that subject14every TNT email about that subject is14going to be listed and they are14considered by the discipline panel to14have been warnings to the dealer to14ensure compliance about a subject read14the publication go to our website there14are at your fingertips you want to14ensure that you're reading the messages14that we're relating to you on a regular14basis going back to that we do have14these resources readily available on our14website so if you look here and you go14to WWE MX o nga and you click on dealers14/ sales persons14like on NVDA requirements and you'll see14that scroll down and advertising14requirements is the first on the list14very easy to get to and you'll notice as14you go down that list advertising as is14vehicles advertising unfit vehicles14that's where you can find those14mandatory disclosure statements if you14don't already have exactly and our14window hangers as well we have window14hanger templates that we do refer14dealers to so if you ever want to14advertise a price and hang it in your14window you can use our template you14don't have to use it you can just use14the verbage that we're using but it's14there to assist you again if you go to14our web site and click on news and14publications our dealer bulletins dealer14standards and campaign resources are14readily available there as well14and you can also if you bribes any14advertising questions comments concerns14about another dealer if you want our14team to review your advertisement if you14have any question before you click print14or publish we'd be happy to work with14you to achieve compliance so by all14means you can email marketing underscore14standards at on Vick oh em see a and one14of our business standards14representatives will be happy to assist14you if it is an advertisement that needs14to go to print the next day give us the14benefit of the doubt we need some time14to work with you in case Corrections14need to be made so we always encourage14dealers to if there's time sensitivities14to at least give us 48 hours to review14and work with you and further that for14just if in for members out there14obviously if they've got questions or if14they want us to take our me to take a14look at what they're doing and stuff14that they just calling office we can set14that up especially if they've had14warrants so that's the time to put an14end to this and you you have your14publications as well that you send it on14a regular basis so what we're gonna do15now is we've gotten quite a number of15questions from participants of the15webinar we're going to go through some15of them but as I had mentioned to you if15we don't get to your question in the15five minutes or so the business15standards team will follow up with you15and and send you an email with response15to to your inquiry so the first one far15I'm going to send this one over to you15the question is what is considered a15limited supply what is considered a15limited supply would be how many15vehicles you have available at the price15that you're advertising so if you only15have three or two vehicles available at15the price that you're advertising that's15a limited supply you have as soon as you15publish that advertisement you're going15to get traffic you're going to get15leaves on that advertisement that you15published so you want to make sure that15if there is a limited supply you're15you're stating three or two or five15available at this advertised price the15next question I think some of these15questions we did eventually grow within15in the webinar15the next question is on a window dangler15if that's the sign that's there and it's15offering a finance bi-weekly or monthly15payment what other information has to be15included on that window dang so you're15gonna have your payment your cash price15and your interest rate on the window15dangler but you also have to have your15cost of borrowing your all all of the15financing requirements for advertising15must be on your window because the five15specific ones that they have to be there15that go with 0% financing means or or 7%15dealers do utilize so and and you must15save plus taxes and licensing obviously15right this has to do with vehicles that15are being sold unfit and the question is15what if the cost of the safety hasn't or15can't be determined then don't advertise15it unfit or advertised it would be all15in price too to determine what that15that's a P P is and at and included in15your all M price we're doing if you15don't know don't ever does the price and15then none of this15but don't advertise the price with with15an IO with an xxx on the right I've15actually seen yeah that is just a15placeholder exactly with there's another15question asking if the on Vic price15signs are available and the answer to15that is absolutely yes you can download15them if you go to on Victo and see a15click on dealers it's right there on the15dealer home page they're downloadable15there fillable PDFs with all the15appropriate language on them whether15there's one for unfit vehicles there's15one for as is vehicles there's one for15an all in price vehicle there's even one15for a monthly payment and you can simply15download it fill it in print it out and15do it for the next vehicle it's15absolutely free for you to use and the15toolkit is is there okay15Bob I'm going to send this one over to15you this has to do with the as vehicles15that are being advertised as is and the15dealer is asking what if we can't15determine why the car is as is you have15to determine why the car is as is so15obviously you've made a decision that15you're not going to safety any tests and15sell it retail you've decided this car15is not something you want on your lot15and an inspection of the car which is15the most important is going to determine15why you've decided to sell that vehicle15if it and it meets the definition of as15is so you've gone to the engine and said15yes the engines got this head gasket15leak or you've seen the exhaust system15and it's gonna have to be completely15replaced or the so you have if you're15going to use this phrase as is and get15the customers to sign this term you have15to know what made that car as is and I15can't believe a dealer wouldn't know why15they've decided to make this and as is15sale and not a retail sale or just a15strict wholesale sale I think it's15because there still might be because16there's still some misunderstanding of16what as is means well as previously you16know before 2010 when the definition of16as is was enshrined as you simply meant16there was no warranty comes to some16consumers and to some dealers but that's16not the case today16not and and I'm the one who wrote the16article and I said it to our members if16you're selling cars as is to the public16what's in it for you16you're selling a car between three five16six or whatever it is as an as its peace16you still got a wrinkles the the16mandatory disclosures under the Act16you've have to find out what the car16needs for repairs because it has a16specific disclosure and there's no money16in it so what's in this for you one of16our cases a customer came in made it16clear what she wanted the vehicle for16they used the oh yeah we're selling that16one as is and we'll get it over so you16can have your safety needeth and long16story short the dealer responsible put a16four thousand dollar engine in the car16because they failed to disclose the16engine was not going to be working very16much longer with with with a blown head16on this thing so it is for that why are16you selling it as a public anyway we'll16take a couple more questions here16because I know we're running out of time16so this one's specific to the on Vick16fee on the the the listener said that16you know we have said that the fee can16be passed on which is absolutely true so16there was some confusion then about16including it in the all in price and I16think that it's important that if you16are passing that fee on to the consumer16then it needs to be included in the16all-in price if the dealer doesn't pass16that biography on to the consumer then16it doesn't need to be included in the16advertisers right if the dealer isn't16passing that on and it doesn't need to16be implement in industry we'd like to16see it as an external display or16additional disclosure with taxes and16licensing but we'll see what we get what16we like want to see happen anyways okay16we'll take two more quick ones Farah16do you have to put the amount of16kilometres on the vehicle in the act16it's not a requirement but as a best16practice we always urged dealers to16identify the kilometers and/or mileage16and let's take one last one here if you16advertise an all-in price and show a16specific stock number would you need to16show quantities16that's a good question no you wouldn't16have to you know if you've got the stock16number it's clearly identifiable to that16particular vehicle well we've come to16the end of our time I first let me thank16Bob and the UCD a thank you very much16for joining us really enjoy I hope you16do more yeah fara thank you and a16special thank you to all the dealers and16salespeople who are listening in I hope16that you've you found this information16useful if not just a good reminder and16if you do have questions that resource16page are going to Sarah if you could16throw it back up for me one more time16please write that down if you have16questions about an ad before you publish16it give these folks a shout they're16happy to help and as I'd mentioned if we16didn't get to your question today16answered we will get back to you with it16and have a good career Alliance we'd16like to know whether this has been16beneficial to you it could it could lead16to some some ways of delivering this in16the future so please if you're on right16now make a comment tell us what you16think of it from both the industry side16and the Amish side we'd like to see what16you think of this type of presentation16thank you because that's exactly when16the webinar ends you're going to get a16little pop up please provide us with16your feedback we need the feedback thank16you all

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You have successfully finish the PDF signing online . You can access your form and save it. Except for the e-sign choice CocoSign provides features, such as add field, invite to sign, combine documents, etc.

How to create an electronic signature for the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most welcome browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of a large number of tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

Follow these basic tips to generate an e-signature for your form in Google Chrome:

  1. Direct to the Web Store of Chrome and in the search CocoSign.
  2. In the search result, select the option of 'Add'.
  3. Now, sign in to your registered Google account.
  4. Click the link of the document and drag the option 'Open in e-sign'.
  5. Select the option of 'My Signature'.
  6. Create your signature and put it in the document where you favor.

After adding your e-sign, save your document or share with your team members. Furthermore, CocoSign provides its users the options to merge PDFs and add more than one signee.

How to create an electronic signature for the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf in Gmail?

Nowadays, businesses have altered their mode and evolved to being paperless. This involves the completing tasks through emails. You can easily e-sign the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf without logging out of your Gmail account.

Follow the tips below:

  1. Download the CocoSign extension from Google Chrome Web store.
  2. Open the document that needs to be e-signed.
  3. Select the "Sign” option and generate your signature.
  4. Select 'Done' and your signed document will be attached to your draft mail produced by the e-signature software of CocoSign.

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How to create an e-signature for the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones have substantially replaced the PCs and laptops in the past 10 years. In order to solved problems for you, CocoSign helps finish your task via your personal phone.

A efficient internet connection is all you need on your phone and you can e-sign your Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf using the tap of your finger. Follow the tips below:

  1. Direct to the website of CocoSign and create an account.
  2. Then, drag and upload the document that you need to get e-signed.
  3. Select the "My signature" option.
  4. Put down and apply your signature to the document.
  5. Take a look at the document and tap 'Done'.

It takes you a short time to add an e-signature to the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf from your phone. Get or share your form the way you want.

How to create an e-signature for the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf on iOS?

The iOS users would be pleased to know that CocoSign provides an iOS app to help out them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf, utilize the CocoSign software with no doubt.

Here's guide add an electronic signature for the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf on iOS:

  1. Download the application from Apple Store.
  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Click to the place where you want to sign and select the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Write your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can save it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf on Android?

The large popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can download the software for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can add an e-signature for Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf on Android following these tips:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Click your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by selecting on the "+” icon.
  3. Direct to the place where you need to add your signature and generate it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by selecting the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Get and share your document, as desired.

Get CocoSign today to help out your business operation and save yourself a great amount of time and energy by signing your Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf wherever.

Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Ucda Bill Of Sale Pdf are:

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What happens to all of the paper forms you fill out for immigration and customs?

Years ago I worked at document management company. There is cool software that can automate aspects of hand-written forms. We had an airport as a customer - they scanned plenty and (as I said before) this was several years ago... On your airport customs forms, the "boxes" that you 'need' to write on - are basically invisible to the scanner - but are used because then us humans will tend to write neater and clearer which make sit easier to recognize with a computer. Any characters with less than X% accuracy based on a recognition engine are flagged and shown as an image zoomed into the particular character so a human operator can then say "that is an "A". This way, you can rapidly go through most forms and output it to say - an SQL database, complete with link to original image of the form you filled in. If you see "black boxes" at three corners of the document - it is likely set up for scanning (they help to identify and orient the page digitally). If there is a unique barcode on the document somewhere I would theorize there is an even higher likelihood of it being scanned - the document is of enough value to be printed individually which costs more, which means it is likely going to be used on the capture side. (I've noticed in the past in Bahamas and some other Caribbean islands they use these sorts of capture mechanisms, but they have far fewer people entering than the US does everyday) The real answer is: it depends. Depending on each country and its policies and procedures. Generally I would be surprised if they scanned and held onto the paper. In the US, they proably file those for a set period of time then destroy them, perhaps mining them for some data about travellers. In the end, I suspect the "paper-to-data capture" likelihood of customs forms ranges somewhere on a spectrum like this: Third world Customs Guy has paper to show he did his job, paper gets thrown out at end of shift. ------> We keep all the papers! everything is scanned as you pass by customs and unique barcodes identify which flight/gate/area the form was handed out at, so we co-ordinate with cameras in the airport and have captured your image. We also know exactly how much vodka you brought into the country. :)

What tax forms do you fill out to bill as a consultancy?

You will report your gross earnings and itemized expenses on schedule C of your federal form 1040. Your net earnings will be subject to not only income tax depending on your bracket but also self employment tax.

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