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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Adoption Application Co Weber Ut Online

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The Definite Guide to Adoption Application Co Weber Ut

youtube video

Check How to Enter the Adoption Application Co Weber Ut

[Music].hi guys welcome back to my channel.so today I am going to be revisiting one.of their very very first videos that I.made on my channel and made private.after a conversation with our social.worker back in the very early days if.you haven't checked out the video of why.I had to make my videos private and why.I'm now back again then I'll leave that.linked here for you to go and see what.that little bit of drama was but that's.all over and finished with now so in.today's video I am going to be talking.about the application process so how we.make an adoption at legalised.and finalized if you are new here my.name is Amy I am a UK adoptive mom of.two young children our reductions are.all finalized everything is legalized.and our children are no longer classed.I'd look after children we don't have.any visits from social workers anymore.and the only real interaction we have.with them is with regards to live story.work and later box contact and things.like that if you aren't subscribed.already click my face in the corner of.the screen and that will help you.subscribe and see every time I upload.new videos I upload on Mondays and.Fridays and I'm trying to share as much.of our journey as possible with you guys.and I'd love you to join me here on.YouTube and over on my Instagram account.where I love interacting with you guys.answering your questions messaging you.back and any video suggestion ideas from.you of things that you would like to.hear about the process so let's crack on.it seems like an absolute eternity since.we made our application to adopt Alice.ones and it was obviously much easier.the second time around but that video.was a little bit long so I wanted to try.and cut it down for you condense it down.knowing a little bit more about what we.know now and let's get started shall we.so the process to apply for an adoption.order is the order makes everything.finalized for your adoption it legalizes.everything it removes any parental.responsibility that may have been left.with birth parents and any parental.answer.that still remains with the local.authority or your adoption agency.so parental responsibility is obviously.obtained just after the child is born.through their birth certificate.if both parents are named on their birth.certificate and then both have a.parental responsibility if dad is not.named on the birth certificate then.he/she usually only mom with parental.responsibility but there are some kind.of legal loopholes to that but what you.do need to know is that when your child.moves in with you on their adoptive.placement you don't actually have any.parental responsibility for that child.so the adoption agency or local.authority will provide you with an.agreement a written agreement for.medical permissions so you will be able.to register child with your GP and you.will be able to sort of give.authorization for any medical care.that's urgently needed for that child.if you can't contact social workers or.if you end up in an ambulance or.anything of that kind of emergency.nature however you do not have full.parental slots per se for that child so.you won't be able to do things like.obtaining the passport for that child.opening a bank account that's possible.but that's also more difficult when you.don't have parental responsibility so if.you are at that stage in the adoption.where you want to make this final you.want to get rid of the social workers.and completely commit to this process.then the application process is the next.stage for you an application for an.adoption order cannot be made until the.trials has lived with you for a minimum.of ten weeks so they do definitely.stress that this is a minimum it's not a.standalone application so you complete.in the paperwork and sending it off to.the court is not the only process it.must be supported by the professionals.working with you and your child and they.must also submit a report in support of.this as well so with ourselves while we.were still having our lac reviews and I.looked after child reviews with little.ones after they moved in we each time.set a date so that we knew when the.application could be made by and we.worked towards that date we had regular.conversations about whether we were.comfortable to make the application.whether they were comfortable because.like I say if you are not comfortable to.make the application.and obviously you've within ten weeks.that's not even three months your child.is still very recently moved in with you.you're dealing with attachments you're.dealing with their grief they lost their.trauma as well as all of your own stuff.and so there's no pressure to make that.application at ten weeks but you.obviously do have the option from ten.weeks if you are engaging with foster to.adopt you do not have to wait ten weeks.from the placement order so around about.six months after the care order is.granted then a placement order gets.granted and once that is granted then.that's when new transitions would begin.with your traditional adoption but with.foster to adopt office they already live.with you so as soon as the placement.order is granted and you've been back to.mansion panel for the little one it's.already living with you I'm trying to.remember all it was only last year and.I'm trying to remember it all then they.are clusters on a pre adoptive placement.and they're no longer in a foster to.adopt placement so any sort of payments.end there and you can apply for the.adoption order straight away so as soon.as the local authority received that.placement order and everything's gone.through me much your panel you can make.that application so again you'll have.that conversation in your regular.meetings with new social workers to make.sure everyone's happy with that all.documentation is together and obviously.they're aware of your wishes and whether.you're ready to go ahead yet or not once.your application order is finalized and.you have had your celebration day and.everything it was received by yourselves.little ones previous birth certificate.now becomes invalid and they will.receive an adoption certificate so it.looks very very similar to a birth.certificate it comes from the national.registry office is it just called the.registry office it comes from the.registry office and it states your.child's full name as you have chosen it.on their application order it states.your name as parents and where the child.is born all that kind of jazz and.there's just no more information for the.earth parents on there and it states at.the top that it is a certificate of.entry into the adoption register so.rather than in the births and deaths.register it's the adoption registrar.this is an official document it can be.used to obtain passports to open bank.to register at the GP or to re-register.once the name has changed and most.importantly a transfer horn parental.responsibility to yourselves so that.means that no longer resides with the.local authority or birth parents or.anybody else that is on there with.yourself in terms of actually completing.the document or personally downloaded it.online I went to google UK and searched.for it.it's called application for adoption.order and I think well when I did it.anyway it was a 58 to the form and I.liked side paper as you've probably.heard besides 600 times so I downloaded.the form online I completed it online as.well so that I could go through and.amend anything and serve I didn't have.reams and reams of paper sitting around.the house and then when I was happy with.it I could then print it because you.need it printed in order to submit it.there is also a guidance notes document.which goes alongside this application.form I would highly recommend that you.read that before reading the application.for and then keep a copy of that to hand.whilst you are completing it because.there are although it's a fairly simple.form and it's a lot shorter than I was.expecting it to be there's a lot of.sections a lot of sections that you will.need to discuss with social workers.always confused sometimes whether it was.talking about me whether it's talking.that birth mother and whose addresses.and things that it wanted so you'll need.to look back through all of the.documentation that you've been given.from the adoption agency with regards to.birth parents last known addresses and.all that kind of stuff to fill that in.if any if there are any siblings for the.little one that moves in with you and.they've been the subject of any court.orders or any care proceedings that.information also also has to be.submitted as well and other than the.specific sort of case numbers you should.have most of that information so again.that's something that you're.coordinating with your social worker.we actually downloaded the form quite.early on after this one moved in just to.see what the form entailed how long it.was going to take to complete I was.quite eager to make sure it was done for.that ten-week mark but obviously you.also want to know what information you.need to put in there some all you need.to be asking of your social worker and.it just kind of helps you to kind of see.what you need to be ready for really or.whether you are ready for it and as I.said earlier we disk.our lack reviews with the professionals.a date that we would submit the.application we then took it into their.offices they checked through it all for.us and added all of their documents and.then they sent it off for us with our.check our adoption agency reimbursed the.check to us but from accounting purposes.it was just easier if we sent it with.the check and then I said they're back.to us I'm not complaining they did that.and over time when we made the.application it was 170 pounds as a say.financially that didn't actually matter.to us but that's the cost that you'll.need to sort of have a long side of your.application there are some evidence.documents that you will have to send off.alongside the application form so.because myself I'm a husband are married.they wanted obviously a proof of my name.change so we have to send the original.documents of passports a marriage.certificate of little ones birth.certificate which you then obviously.don't get that birth certificate back.because it becomes invalid we already.had quite a few copies so that's.something to think about as I'm actually.you've got a copy enough a little one to.look at if they want to as they age each.court is very different on their waiting.times and how big their team is for.dealing with trial butters like that so.we waited approximately one to two.months before we found out the date of.our celebration hearing I'll leave my.video linked above the talks all about.the wonders of the celebration day and.what that looks like one to two months.after the application is submitted you.should be called by the court to agree a.date for celebration hearing that means.that everything's gone through after the.application is made one final attempt.has to be made to contact birth parents.and to make them aware of this and.obviously give them the option to appeal.so generally you will receive a letter.in the post which lets you know that the.application order has been received and.a date has been set for birth parents to.attend a final hearing that's not.anything that you attend.it's just when the court has that final.opportunity to contact birth parents.give them an opportunity to appeal in.any way you will then get a letter after.that court date letting you know whether.they attended whether they didn't attend.what happened and the final result which.our instance was that an application.order will be made and then you will.wait again and you will hear from the.court again about the day for your.celebration hearing if you don't hear.back from the court within sort of a.month of applying it's not out of your.emic to just give them a call so feel.free to give the.to call just see what's going on and.they may not always want to talk to you.but it definitely can't hurt honey and.sometimes they will be in touch with.your adoption agency as well if there is.anything to kind of finalize or anything.that needs amending to get in touch with.your agency so if you haven't heard from.them.I'm definitely way too impatient or not.to make any phone calls after sort of.three or four weeks but yes I hope that.was helpful for you guys a little bit of.a shorter video that I made last time.about the application of process for an.adoption order we are done with all of.that now and everything is finished if.you've got any questions let me know.down below hit that notification bell.next to the subscribe button and that.means that you won't miss my next video.on Monday or Friday see you soon guys.bye.[Music].

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