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youtube video

Advice of Fulfilling the Faa Form 8130 6

what's going on YouTube man I know it's.been a while that I haven't posted.anything but today finally I decided to.record this video and what I've been.noticing is that a lot of students.sometimes have trouble with knowing how.to interpret the maintenance logs and.you know also showing it to the.examiners so that's why I decided to.create this video so I can show you how.I go through a lot of books and how I.teach my students to go through all the.maintenance inspections and all that.thanks for all the subscribers that I.got maybe I mean it's been it's been.crazy I have been getting like I think.like 50 subscribers a day or something.at the peak so I really appreciate all.of you that have subscribed I would try.to do better on posting a little bit.more regularly I know I've been slacking.a little bit but you know it's been I've.been pretty busy so here we go so.without any further ado let's get right.into it.alright so most likely you guys already.familiar with the acronym ABS so these.are all the inspections that the.aircraft needs to be up-to-date to make.the flight legal so up here we have.Amy's obviously mandatory inspections or.whatever the ad says that they need to.do we have a viewer check which needs to.be performed every 30 days.oops and that is only for IFR we have.inspections.okay and that is an annual has to be.performed every 12th calendar months and.a 100-hour inspection and that is if the.aircraft is being used for compensation.or higher we also have an altimeter.check and that's that's every 24 months.okay and again is only for Hyatt far not.for VFR transponder again also 2400.months ELT.that's every 12 months and there's also.other aspects of Nod you know if you use.more than 50% of the battery or the ELT.has been used for more than one hour and.also you have to replace the battery.because there's two aspects to the ELT.inspection so you have the inspection.itself but you also have the battery.replacement by the way quick fun fact.the only batteries you can use in an Ald.are Duracell you can now use energizer.and that is because Duracell is improved.by the FAA and finally I don't know if.you can see it yep you can see that we.have the static system.[Music].okay and that is the feat of static.system pretty much so we have a pitot.tube in the static system and that is.every 24 months okay so just so you know.the pitot static check the transponder.in the altimeter okay are done at the.same time okay they it depends what.equipment they're using but I know.there's this thinkest coal and I have.four six thousand as a machine that.pretty much do all of it or maybe even.have a different system and usually in.the logbook you're going to have one one.entry okay that tells you that they done.the altimeter check the transponder the.static system I had some people pretty.much try to find each of them.individually when they're all in the.same entry level entry alright so now.let's go ahead and locate all of these.inspections into logbooks hey what's up.alright so here's again I don't know if.this is a good angle hey again I'm not a.videographer so just bear with me I'm.pretty sure after you do a lot of these.I can get a little bit better but I.thought this was a pretty good angle.here so we can go actually let me change.that a little bit that's gonna work.alright oh please leave a comment below.if you think this is not a good angle.that way I can work on it in the future.but here's the logbooks for a Cessna 172.November and we're gonna go through them.okay all right.okay let's see what we got here okay.here's the log votes okay I like this.I liked you when they have it in a nice.binder okay all right so just so you.know there's three different log books.you have the airframe log loop you have.the engine log boot and you also have.the propeller log book.okay so first one here is the engine log.book and we're going to go through those.all right so first here I'm actually.gonna change this I'm gonna put it a.little bit closer I think this is better.but pretty much we have a little bit of.information on the engine so this is a.lycoming o-360 the model and just.remember that because that's gonna come.into play a little bit further when we.start going through through the locks.okay so as you see over here date April.7th 2020 okay that's when the 100-hour.inspection was performed now the.difference between our 100 our.inspection and a annual inspection I.mean the inspection is the same thing.the differences who signs it okay so a.100-hour inspection and a and B can sign.that that's in an annual inspection you.need to have an ia or an inspection.afforestation.Oh before I go any further.also remember that an annual can be also.done in place of a 100 our inspection.but a 100 our inspection cannot.substitute an annual all right so let's.go through this entry see maybe I'm.gonna put it a little bit closer over.here.so obviously up here we have the date.okay and then we have TS MOH what that.means is time since major overhaul okay.so what this is saying.actually you've got right here well this.is saying is that this engine was.overhaul 709 hours ago.okay now I'm actually gonna go ahead and.put a service bulletin for lycoming.probably somewhere in and the screen.here and why this is so important well.lycoming recommends that you overhaul a.lycoming o-360 hey so how long before.you have to overhaul this engine so.that's when you're gonna have to show.them well the time since major overhaul.is seven hundred and nine hours well let.me subtract that from two thousand and.that will give you how many hours left.before the engines got to go to an.overhaul now a lot of examiner's won't.even take a check right if it's past tbo.or time between orbital then the rest of.the stuff is pretty straightforward you.have the registration the tachometer the.engine serial number and then also the.time since new TSN that means that this.engine has three thousand eight hundred.and fifty nine point nine hours since it.was new okay so we have once an engine.runs out of time there's pretty much.three options you can do three things.either you can overhaul it you can.rebuild it or you can buy a new one.obviously if you buy a new one this time.will be zero correct.if you rebuild it you can actually zero.this time because the inspections are.more strict and then when you do an.overhaul you maintain the time seems new.but obviously you zero the time since.overhaul okay I hope that makes sense.then the rest of the logbook goes.through you know different 80s that they.complied with the compressions actually.compressions look pretty good and at the.end of the day it says that I certify.that this engine has been inspected.accordance with the 100-hour inspection.and was determined to be in airworthy.conditions so this will take care of the.100 hour inspection if you're renting.the airplane it needs one because it is.for compensation or higher now let's go.ahead and find the annual inspection.okay so the annual is right here again.it goes through all the you know all the.80s that they complied with the.compressions all that good stuff and at.the end is signed as an annual.inspection and just remember annual 100.same inspection the only difference is.that Yangon needs to be signed by an eye.okay so that's pretty much it for the.engine side of things and always.remember okay so you have an annual in a.100 hour inspection for the engine for.the airframe and the propeller so we.have to find those two in all three.logbooks okay so let's go ahead and.proceed here's the airframe lock okay.and I always ask my students you know we.took care of the 100 our inspection the.annual but what about the altimeter and.the transponder and the static system so.I always ask them you know what what.logbook and what law would you you know.look for those inspections you know.because is the the transponder in the.engine is is the transponder and the.propeller obviously the answer is no so.the only place you could find those.inspections is in the airframe log okay.so let's dive into that also I always.like going I don't start it from the.beam I just go to the end and work my.way forward because that's how you're.going to be able to see the most current.entries okay alright so here is the 100.hour inspection for the airframe and it.pretty much just goes through all the.different things that they did you know.corrosion acts different 80s that they.complied with okay so that takes care of.the 100 and specially nothing special on.it now let's go ahead and hunt for the.annual oh here it is okay well it's not.stick to it but well I guess that's.better because I can zoom it up a little.bit so this is the 100 hour inspection.entry and as you see is signed right.here as a as an annual inspection and.here is the battery of the ELT battery.replacement date it also says that they.perform the ELT check so we already.taking care of the 100 annual inspection.from the for the engine as well as for.the airframe and we also found where the.ELT check was and that is usually in the.annual entry on the airframe logbook.perfect now let's go ahead and look for.the IFR certification that's what it's.called which covers the pitot static.system the altimeter and the transponder.and like I told you before that is all.gonna be in one entry that is this entry.is usually a little bit smaller ok and.what it pretty much says is I certify.that the altimeter and the static system.test required by 14 CFR ninety-one 411.and transponder test including data.corresponding required by ninety-one 413.have been performed and found to comply.with table so you pretty much get the.point.all right so there's only one entry.okay that covers the altimeter.transponder and Peter static check also.remember it's gotta be performed every.24 calendar months and when it comes to.the B wire most flight schools have a.log where you can go and see when the.checks were performing.also as something that I didn't mention.and the nav aids is the every 28 days.you also have to check that your GPS.database was updated that's also part of.making sure that the airplane is legal.to fly in this case and I have fair.conditions all right so we thought we.conclude pretty much everything that we.can find in the airframe log and we'll.proceed to check teeth propeller log and.that is right in here usually it's.always a little bit smaller because.there is a nominee stuff going on with.this one and I like going to all the way.to the end so as you see here's the.propeller.tag for the 100-hour inspection okay and.here is the tag for the 100-hour.inspection I remember when I was.training I was pretty much taught.whatever I'm showing you right now but.like when you look inside the logbook I.mean you're gonna notice that there's.you know more more documents more.paperwork and in the beginning I did.feel a little bit let's say I'm.comfortable like I just didn't know what.all those documents were so I just want.to go over what else you can find you.know in a.and a bag here full of records okay.let's do that.for example here's a book that says.three three sevens and SDC's so three.three three sevens are records of any.major major ultimate alterations or.repairs and the SD c stands for.supplemental type certificate so pretty.much if there's a modification that you.want to do to the aircraft it needs to.be approved by the FAA and this is the.document that approves that the SDC okay.so if you see something like this it is.simply documents that show any any.repairs major repairs that were.performed to the aircraft okay so here's.for example you know form three three.sevens alterations and back here we have.all the supplemental type certificate.stay they look just just like that okay.also a lot of times you're gonna find a.lot of eighty-one 30s inside of the.records this are just pretty much you.can't just put whatever you want in an.airplane okay it's got to have a 8130.especially when they're overhauled you.need to keep record of all the of this.which is the authorized release.certificate so if you see these that's.that's what it is is a part okay that.was installed in the airplane and.they're keeping record of it this one is.a new one so you can actually get rid of.it but it is always good to keep track.of them.so pretty much this concludes going over.the log books again there isn't much.more in this particular airplanes bag.but if you ever come across something.that you don't know what exactly it is.please feel free to drop a comment below.or maybe you can I'll provide my email.so maybe you can contact me through.there and also I am offering online.classes so if you ever want to you know.talk about any topic related to flight.training I will provide a link below.where you can schedule a ground session.with me hopefully you guys enjoyed this.video and I'll see you guys in the next.one figure.

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