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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Sc Dhhs Application Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Sc Dhhs Application Form

youtube video

Check How to Enter the Sc Dhhs Application Form

[Music].hi my name is Catherine and welcome to.the a IDL help video for tephra through.this video you'll learn about what.tephra is how it helps families with.disabilities how to apply and what to do.with it when you are approved first a.little bit about myself I'm a mom of.three and two of my children have autism.they both have tephra and what I'm.sharing is my personal experience with.applying and using tephra I do not work.for Medicaid South Carolina or anyone.else and they have no control over the.application or a decision process.throughout the video I'll be speaking on.the assumption that you meet the.eligibility criteria so first off what.is tephra tephra is Medicaid for.children with disabilities it is not a.separate Medicaid program but a.different door to access medicaid.applying for tephra Medicaid changes the.application from looking at the parents.resources to looking only at the child's.resources tephra will not qualify anyone.in the household except the child who is.applying in order to qualify the child.must be 18 or younger live at home and.meet the Social Security definition of a.disability Social Security definition it.defines a qualifying disability as a.physical or mental condition that very.seriously limits activities and lasts at.least one year or results in death one.quick note here about SSI if you applied.and received SSI for your child they are.automatically qualified for Medicaid if.at any point the SSI ends your medicaid.will end also and you will need to apply.again if you were denied for SSI you may.still qualify for Medicaid because SSI.does look at the family resources and.making a determination the tephra.medicaid application does not look at.the female and family resources only the.child's assets since the child's assets.do count most parents keep assets out of.their child's name whenever possible you.can consult with an attorney.specializing in special needs to learn.more about how to provide for your child.while preserving their benefits the last.component of eligibility is meeting the.institutional level of care this means.the inner child needs a level of care.that is normally provided in an.institution but you are going to provide.that level of care at home you are not.putting your child in in the Stettin.tephra medicaid exists to help you.provide that level.of care while keeping your child at home.how to apply to apply for a tough rat.you apply for Medicaid which can be done.online or you can print a paper.application when I applied only the.paper application was available so some.of this is new to me but most of their.requirements are still the same complete.the application which is form 3400 for.your child only listing only the child's.resources you will find links to each of.these forms in the description below the.video as you start the medicaid.application look in step 1 for a box to.check that says applying for tephra and.check that box your child's name is the.main applicant there's a place for a.little further in the application to.list yourself as completing the.application on your child's behalf as.you go through the application only your.child's resources count so you don't.have to list any other family members.continue down the application to steps.two and three step three asks about any.health insurance your child has if you.already have insurance for your child.through your employer keep it your.private insurance will be primary and.medicaid will be secondary the two.together give you exceptional coverage.more on this later but for now keep your.primary insurance and listed on the.application it will not affect your.eligibility you will also need to.complete their form 3400 a which is.additional information again there is a.box at the top to indicate you are.applying for tephra this form looks at.income and resources the child may have.only the child's resources account so.you don't have to list anything that is.not in your child's name the next form.you need to complete is the child.disability report form 30 to 18 d this.is where you explain what your child's.disability is and how it impacts daily.function you need to be completely.honest but don't sugarcoat it to qualify.for Medicaid they don't need to know.what your child can do they need to know.what he can't do it's depressing to.complete this form but you need to tell.them all the ways your child's.disability holds him back describe all.the ways you have a hard day because the.purpose of this form is to get you help.for those hard days your child is still.wonderful so take a break when you.finish this form and go do something fun.with them.when you come back the next form is the.authorisation to disclose health.information form 921 complete your.child's name social security number and.date of birth at the top of the form and.sign it at the bottom in blue or black.ink this form allows all of your medical.providers that you listed on the last.form to release your child's information.to medicate for the purpose of making a.decision on your application you will.include this form with your application.but I recommend requesting all the.medical records yourself before you send.in your application take the list of.providers on your disability report and.request medical records for each one to.be sent directly to Medicaid there's a.link below the video for a sample fax.form to use we're going to work on that.don't forget to include the.authorization to disclose health.information with your request if you.request the records yourself you will.save a lot of time processing on on your.application table out of processing time.on your application because they won't.have to request the records and wait for.them if you include the records with.your application they will still request.a copy directly from the provider so.have them sent directly to Medicaid this.also demonstrates to the decision-maker.that you are serious about your.application make them note next to the.list of providers to indicate that you.have met Eric requested the records and.the date then send in your application.with all of the forms you've completed.at some point while processing your.application someone should contact you.to set up a nurse visit to your home a.nurse will come out meet your child and.determine if he or she meets the level.of care to qualify medically for.Medicaid again be honest talk about.activities that your child needs help.with safety issues mobility challenges.whatever is relevant to your child this.is another time to not sugarcoat they.can't give you the help you need if they.don't know what your challenges are you.may also be contacted to follow up with.any provider for records that haven't.been received or additional forms stay.on top of it and remember that the.person determining your child's.elaborate eligibility is your best.friend and you need to give them.whatever information they need or any.help that they need.be patient this process takes months you.have given it a good head start but it.does still take time.good news is that once you are approved.the coverage is backdated to the date.they received the application and.sometimes up to three months prior to.your application date so you can consume.continue to receive therapy services as.long as your provider will wait with you.and most of them do if you are not.approved and believe you should have.qualified you can appeal the decision.and if you are approved on appeal the.coverage will go back to the original.application date so go through the.appeal instead of just reapplying later.so now what let's fast-forward to now.you're approved and your child has.Medicaid as I said earlier keep your.primary insurance and then and if you're.asked to choose a plan for Medicaid.choose fee-for-service if you do not.have a primary insurance they will want.you to choose a plan read everything.they send you and pick the plan that.best matches your needs check the.paperwork they sent you to see how far.back they dated your child's coverage.and communicate with all your providers.that you saw during the time frame if.you paid co-pays you can request that.they refile with the new insurance and.you may get a refund providers most of.your doctors hospitals and therapy.providers are experienced at filing both.insurance and Medicaid your insurance.will pay whatever they will pay.according to their benefits and Medicaid.will pay the balance meaning you have no.out-of-pocket cost for your child's.medical expenses the portion medicaid.paid applies to your deductible so this.is a really fantastic resource for your.child.dentists are a different story many.dentists will take either insurance or.Medicaid but not both.and if you have dental coverage through.your primary you cannot file the.medicaid instead your insurance must be.filed first so you might not get a lot.of help from Medicaid on the dental.front but you're still coming out and.coming out ahead everywhere else your.Medicaid will also work out the pharmacy.but there are tricks here as well most.insurances will pay for short term and.short term medications and a limited.number of fills on long term medications.at your local pharmacy after that they.usually want you to get a 90-day supply.from a mail-order pharmacy your Medicaid.will only work with a 30-day supply at a.local pharmacy so you will need to not.use the mail-order pharmacy.this normally works smoothly as your.Medicaid kicks in and pays even when.your primary declaran denies the claim I.did run into a few headaches with this a.couple years ago when my pharmacy.insurance was switched to Med impact and.the long term medications were no longer.getting denied at the local pharmacy.allowing them to be filled with Medicaid.we were being redirected to use a 90-day.supply through midday impact or their.partner I had to contact my insurance.company and the employer who sponsored.the plan and get an exception granted.for my child to use a local pharmacy and.get 30-day supplies this took time but.once I explained the situation they were.very helpful don't be afraid to call.your insurance company or your.employer's insurance coordinator when.you need help all right.mileage reimbursement so now you have.your Medicaid you're all set with all of.your providers what else can I do how.about reimburse you for your mileage.when you go to all those appointments.mileage reimbursements are done through.logistic care in any Medicaid eligible.appointment including pharmacy trips can.be reimbursed mileage is reimbursed at a.rate of 32 cents per mile and to get.started you can call them or get set up.and get set up or there's a link on the.website member logistic care comm to.register you will need the Medicaid ID.number name and date of birth for the.child you will also need the address and.the phone number for both your home and.your appointment they will ask for the.name of the doctor being seen the date.the time the purpose of the appointment.and you should schedule your request at.least three days before your appointment.whenever possible if you call they will.give you a trip number over the phone if.you request online you will have to wait.a day or two for them to complete the.request and then log back on to get your.trip number you will have to keep a trip.lock which is available on their website.I've included the link below the two.forms that you will want are the mileage.reimbursement letter in the mileage.reimbursement form on the form you will.list the date of the appointment the.trip number at the location the mileage.and have the doctor sign the form.verifying you were at your appointment I.recommend getting a folder to keep your.trip log and a list of your appointment.addresses and phone numbers for quick.reference when you need it another thing.to keep in mind if you create the online.account for submitting your requests the.password changes every three months if.you go to a lot of therapy or.their appointments especially if you.drive a long way the miles really add up.it is worth the effort.next health insurance premium payments.another trick your Medicaid can do is.help pay for your private insurance.premiums this is the health insurance.premium payment program there is a link.below to qualify Medicaid has to.determine that your insurance pays more.than your premiums cost they will.perform a cost benefit announcement and.assessment every six months they will.only pay for the employee plus the.children so may not cover your entire.premium you will need to submit the EOB.s you get from your insurance company as.well as documentation of your premiums.such as pay stubs showing the deduction.every month you meet things to watch.with this one or when you hit your.deductible and staying on top of your.paperwork I requested my insurance.company to mail all of the EO B's to me.and then I stick them in the envelopes.Medicaid gave me for this program and.send them on to Medicaid it is a lot of.paperwork but again it's worth it.alright.keeping your medicaid now that you know.all the wonderful ways Medicaid helps.you get your child the support that they.need you want to keep it.Medicaid generally sends an annual.review form to check for any change in.your child's assets like everything else.with Medicaid staying on top of your.paperwork is the name of the game you.will also experience a periodic review.every 4 to 6 years this is checking to.see if your child still requires a level.of care that qualifies him or her for.Medicaid not fund paperwork but be.honest and descriptive if you do not.complete everything they ask for they.will stop your medicaid but they are.actually very nice and very happy when.people send everything in to them and.are nice to them there are people too.and you need them to be your friends.other resources finally there are other.resources that are not necessarily.connected to tephra Medicaid but can be.good resources for families with special.needs dd SN eligibility is done through.the county and grants you access to a.number of programs your server service.coordination is funded through DDS n to.get your DVS and eligibility you can.contact your County DDS and office and.evaluation or you can contact a service.coordination provider you need a service.coordinator to get access to waiver.programs early intervention services and.summer support funds if your child is.under age 3 they will refer you to baby.nut for an evaluation which can help pay.for therapy and further evaluations if.you are approved for baby net you can.choose a provider who will help you with.early intervention services and service.coordination after Age 3 baby net ends.but you can continue early intervention.and service coordination until age 6 at.that point you will switch to just.service coordination and may have to.change companies.I recommend promising futures and Easter.Seals for early intervention in our.Carolina for service coordination for.older individuals there are links below.another resource I mentioned earlier is.SSI disability this provides income to.help support the family child and family.for individuals who earn under a certain.amount you can check the website to.determine if your household into income.is under the limit that was a lot of.information to cover but I hope you.found it helpful I'd like to thank the.advanced Institute for development and.learning for providing a platform to.share this information if you have.questions about anything in the video.and you are a client at a IDL or.advanced therapy you can request my.information through your therapist and.I'll try to help again I cannot.influence the decision made by Medicaid.I can only offer my recommendations on.how to work with them thanks for.watching.

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Sc Dhhs Application Form FAQs

Check the below common queries about Sc Dhhs Application Form . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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